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    Yeah, I can't wait to see it, either. I like to imagine Blair having one of those crazy conspiracy walls somewhere in the office to keep track of what connects to what in the Crowfall economy design. Those first few campaigns are going to be very interesting since the only way to know these values will play out is to throw a bunch of players at it and see what falls out.
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    MMORPG Update: Harvesting Reveal

    I think you may have misunderstood the point. Dedicated crafters, harvesters, and explorers will be just as valuable as dedicated combatants. The Devs didn't gamify harvesting because they thought combatants would find it boring and would want to spend the least possible amount of time harvesting, but because they wanted harvesting to be a more group-oriented activity, and mini-games would detract from that.
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    This is silly, MMORPGs are supposed to be interesting because of the social elements. A solo player should never expect to see 100% of the content if they don't want to participate in the social aspects of the game. The whole point of crowfall is to make sure that you have some sort of reliance on other people to experience a lot of the game. Can't take a castle by yourself.
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    That was an interesting watch, Thanks.
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    While I'm sure this is possible, I don't think ACE would design the individual values so poorly that it would actually happen to any serious degree. In their old alloy chart, you have two wildly different alloys that use the same metals, but in different amounts. People may not care at all about [Rose Gold] for LIfesteal (copper + gold), but a lot of people will want [Crown Gold] for Critical Hit Damage (copper + gold + gold). Still, the information we don't know about crafting could fill an Imperial Palace, so I acknowledge your concern.
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    Idea for Gamifying Harvesting

    I've never liked the "emergent gameplay" that comes from anti-pvp flags, safezones, or forced fair fights.
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    This is actually a big concern of mine from what I remember from back in my eve days most miners remain in high sec space but here that's a whole different ring of existence without economic connection to the lower rings. While group mining will still be in the dregs I worry many of the smaller mining groups that would go after lower tier of mineral copper lets say, wont risk it and remain in higher rings. This is equivalent to Eve Veldspar which makes tritanium a large part of for ships, is primarily mined by high sec miners. I wonder if there is enough incentive to get these miners to the dregs to mine the copper we will need.
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    MMORPG Update: Harvesting Reveal

    I think the only question the crafters have needed an answer to is: do the pvpers even need us? No one's 100% pvper and 100% carebear. You'll need resources to siege and someone's gotta get those. Just like in Shadowbane, you need gold to run a city. In Reign of Kings, you have to farm stone to make trebuchet balls. The EVE comparison makes it seem like you could just pick a role and stick to it. But in EVE, your ship has to be outfitted to be a harvester, or transport, or PvP. But for Crowfall, your build will choose your role at the account level, not the vessel level? So everyone's a pvper but also everything else except where the skill tree takes them. So your ship is more versatile I guess.
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    Idea for Gamifying Harvesting

    ACE already plans to make it "noisy" to harvest resources. Here's a quote from the new harvesting article: I'll be curious to see what sort of mechanisms they come up with to make it "noisy." I hope they strike a balance where generally harvesting draws attention, but it is not impossible to be discrete.
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    Idea for Gamifying Harvesting

    Why would you use a ward if you had 50 people there already? I think you're missing that this is an optional thing meant to aid smaller groups... If you mean that you have 50 people outside the ward, waiting for them, well assuming they scouted and didn't see your zerg running around before they lit up a giant beacon saying "come kill us please", they kind of deserve to die lol... I'm not trying to make the game carebear, I'm just trying to balance certain situations a little.
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    MMORPG Update: Harvesting Reveal

    How would you make gathering resources more fun?
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    MMORPG.com Exclusive: Harvesting

    I believe the biggest reason they won't do this is to force player interaction... if you can do everything somewhat well you don't need others. The way i see it, having multiple accounts(and i mean owning, playing all at the same time is irrelevant) is a advantage over other individual players, but it unnoticeable in the big scheme of things, for duration of a campaign for example, becuase if you don't have a crafting alt, all you need is a crafting friend or a freelance crafter(hit me up ) Edit: grammar pls
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    Hello Zenopo and welcome to crowfall
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  15. 1 point
    Welcome Destrin and Dreaden to Sugoi womp womp -fuzz
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    Ailean Acheo

    Das 1x1 der Festungen

    Alles Wissenswerte über Burgen!
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    Reminder for those who want to participate. Community night is on the 30th. We will be watching Planetarium
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    Der neue Community Manager EU, Faelan bringt uns seinen Bericht über die gamescom 2016. Und wir sagen: Herzlich willkommen an Bord, Faelan! PS: Texas BBQ ist wirklich nur schwer zu toppen!
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    Congratz Uya! That is impressive!!!
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    I hear Attack on Titan might finally be getting a second season...
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    Yes assassination classroom was great :3 leaving it sad >.> Hero Academy is getting a second season, probably a lot more content inc
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    Welcome to our recent recruits, hope to see you in testing soon!
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    The core Sugoi group will now be in SP
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    It's been a while since we got a suitable member but I'm glad there's still sensible players out there in need of guilds :3
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    Successful launch on BDO, we are playing on Edan server
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    Do they plan to populate the Singapore server? Not entirely sure why that one exists. Guild website updates for all members!
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    Thanks! Sugoi is based off an EST calendar, I also dont recall who the 3rd D is, always thought it was Destrin, Degan, little S, and rufio. Which group is yours?
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    Big news , Sugoi is now open for alliance talks and more! Please see our first post for details. If you would like to contract with us please fill out this form here http://sugoigaming.enjin.com/sysmodule/m/36767991. You can also access this form by going through our main website.
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    Guild news has been updated for all members and allies 12/20 on the front page
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    Watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it it's amazing.
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    Hooray new years themed pic for winter :3 we r set till spring
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    Website updates so nice. Mmmmmmmmmm...
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    Don't think we were in Monday's test too long, we'll definitely add tags next test its just some of our members have too many characters in their names Q_Q. I think I asked before but I forget, which server do you guys play on?
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    Finished Gangsta. - 4/4.5-5 so far Ending was like "koo-koo-ka-choo..." The anime had a very Cowboy Bebop-esque feel to it. Best
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    If you havent seen noragami, the monogatari series, or K (anime)... go watch the first season. Recommend all the sequels for this season.
  38. 1 point
    Whats a "Rules of Conduct"? Also currently watching: Monster Musume - MEHHHHH Prison School - Just starting Gangsta. - Will watch after -fuzz
  39. 1 point
    ty our site is currently under construction though and we are moving to enjin with the rest of our group on the 23rd. Check us out then
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    Wir zeigen zum ersten Mal ihre Fertigkeiten, Animationen und FX. Wir werden das komplette Konfessor-Paket an dieser Stelle noch nicht vorstellen, aber dieser Preview wird euch einen ersten Eindruck unseres Ziels vermitteln, und was und wie ihr im ersten Kampf-Meilenstein spielen werdet. Zum kompletten Artikel (Bitte die deutsche Flagge in der oberen rechten Ecke benutzen, sollte Euch der Link zur englischen Seite führen.)
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    I saw a few shows that caught my eye for this upcoming/new season. Haven't looked to hard yet though. Still want to finish some of my other series before I start another one. -fuzz
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    You have to watch certain arcs if you have the general idea of the characters start from 200 and i guarentee youll enjoy it
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    Just started Assassination Classroom. I'll stop once i get halfway. -fuzz
  45. 1 point
    Since its new I have not. I hate waiting for weekly episodes so I let the series finish before I even start so I can marathon them. At the earliest I will wait til the series is half over; watch half and wait for the series to finish afterwards. -fuzz
  46. 1 point
    I thought it was "meh" didn't really have a conclusion -fuzz
  47. 1 point
    Ill likely give it a 4/5. Still have the last 3 eps to watch -fuzz
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    Bump for my forum badge. -fuzz
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    How are rewards handled? Is it cumulative on entire history of a member's membership? Or is it more based on a time frame? If I donate 5,000 units one month and then only 100 the next month then go back up to 10,000 units the next. Do my "rewards" fluctuate or is it an average?
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    I'm sure their guild will fold in this game because the Crowfall GMs actually ban people for exploiting. ArcheAge's localization team was notorious for their laissez-faire attitude, which killed the game along with it being even more pay to win than even the original Korean release..
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