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    Love the work the team is putting into harvesting but I feel like Thomas skipped over an important point about harvesting that Ralph was trying to bring up. Exploration Two things make harvesting exploration fun over the long term Not having the same re spawn point that just replenishes over time Allowing only skilled prospectors to see the resources While the one arm bandit mentality is logical for rewarding the allocation of training points. What makes me feel like an awesome harvester is finding the spawn point that has the rare ore. If anyone can identify that point it kind of spoils my fun because now I just need an alt to log on and go harvest with instead of having to run around with him to find the good stuff.
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    For when you're feelin' FIERCE!

    Now available for a limited time only. #TigerPUNCH! Read up more about the tee shirt shop on the forums HERE!
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    Suggestions wanted: Twitter hashtag

    #crowcaine for life....
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    Looking forward to what should be some fairly constant PvP generated by the group gathering and caravaning of resources back to town.
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    In my opinion, nobody "needs" a Legendary drop. Sure, you may want one, but that is different. If you really want Legendary Unobtanium, and it only drops from motherlodes that require groups to harvest, then you always have the option of buying the stuff from other players. Or kill someone and loot it from them. I don't think ACE should try to design their systems so everything can be done by a solo player. In fact, I think catering to that mentality is one of the problems in today's MMOs.
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    1) When alloying a metal or combining another resources types, are the quality levels of the product an average or do they take on the higher of the two. This is an important factor in balancing the surplus of low tier resources as well. If you average them (like in SWG), players will intentionally NOT combine them because they will lose value. I can understand the low tier resources having a built in sink with things like walls needing thousands of stone etc but, that doesn't necessarily apply to different stone types unless all stone types are equally easy to acquire. Also, if each resources type effects an item in a different way, players will min/max the outcome over using what they have available. Any crafter worth a damn isn't going to just randomly slot metals and try to sell an un-optimized weapon on the market. 2) My problem with the system so far is 2-fold. -The first problem is that you're deciding ahead of time what makes the game interesting for people. The idea of forcing groups for harvesters by creating a gating mechanic (nodes that are impossible to harvest alone) or designing an entire skill tree around requiring a group (leadership) limits the potential interactions that you will have over the course of playing the game. It is the crafting equivalent of requiring players to run an instanced dungeon to find a particular kind of resource. Yes, instanced dungeons can be fun if you have an easy way to find group members and everybody has the same goal but, now you're forcing people who don't care about dungeons to put up with them because there's something that they need inside. In the harvesting info drop, they noted that even in the highest difficulty band, you have a 0% chance of getting a legendary quality resource unless you're in a group with a person who has leadership buffs. What that means, is that the people who care about reaching the pinnacle of harvesting are required to either train leadership themselves or find another person who has it who is willing to let them take the rare drops. You're basically saying that, in order to reach the top tier of this activity, you must be socially extroverted and have the ability to make people like you. - The second issue I have with the system is something McTan touched on above. Players that enjoy harvesting do not necessarily enjoy pvp. The pvp aspect of this type of activity has always been from emergent gameplay. In Ultima Online, you would venture outside of the town guard area to get to the mining area and because it was an area of high value for PK'ers you had to be careful when you went out BUT, it wasn't a part of the game system, it was a players choice. It's one thing to have a random chance of encounter and another to force it with mechanics like "Motherload" nodes that become beacons to surrounding players. This feels more like a way to drive pvp encounters than a way to spice up the harvesting system. It feels different than the idea of POI's which spawn dynamically but, are permanent for the duration of the world. What about instead of making the nodes beacons, you make it a tracking skill to find those kinds of nodes? This is an active choice instead of a forced mechanic. 3) I'm a huge fan of the concept of a player driven economy and I think that player interdependence is an important feature for the strength of a community but, as stated above, I'm not a fan of creating hard dependencies in a sandbox environment. Sure, you need a group of people if you want to siege a castle because that makes sense but, it seems silly that you'd need a group of people to chop down a tree. Will this system spill over into other crafting like skills such as farming? Am I going to have to get a buddy to help me pull a carrot out of the ground if it happens to be a VERY difficult carrot? I sense a meme incoming "Very Difficult Carrot" TM I'd like to apologize if any of that came off unintentionally rude, harvesting and crafting is obviously the system that I care most about. In general, I think the system in it's current form will be very successful but, I'm just playing devil's advocate here. I'd like to see a full design break-down at some point.
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    Behind-the-scenes look at designing the harvesting system FULL STORY
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    Suggestions wanted: Twitter hashtag

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    Healing Fatigue

    Couldn't the same be said about DPS? More is better and organized teams are bringing multiple DPS characters? If you make it so healers lose effectiveness in a sustained fight, but DPS don't, then you will simply encourage people to stack lots of DPS. And if support is boring now, I don't think making healers lose effectiveness during a fight will make them less boring.
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    Exploration and DISCOVERY are a big deal to me. "The unknown" and not knowing what's around the corner is, to me, a key catalyst agent for longevity and maintaining "spice" in a game that can be plugged into almost any area. Once stuff becomes routine that's when you start the downward spiral into stagnation. I strongly agree with #1 while also recognizing exceptions will exist. However, generally speaking, I feel doing everything we can to eliminate static, predictable, map-able resource spawn points is a good thing. Again, common sense tells us there will be exceptions (e.g. A cave system/tunnel mine, or something like that). #2 doesn't seem unreasonable. If my Mining ability is X, but to find Y it needs to be something more, why show it to you to begin with? Part of the DISCOVERY dynamic to me is having the requisite abilities to make the discovery.
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    Oh and another thing. I think swg missed a big oppurnity by not allowing crafter to create mission on a public terminal where they could of pay other players every time they bring X amount of salt.
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    I'm not saying that harvesting should be done alone necessarily but, let's look at it from the opposite perspective. Everybody expects Crowfall to be a group game and pvp will be done in groups of multiple players. Solo players have a major disadvantage because they just don't bring the same overall stats to a battle against more than 1 person BUT, if a highly skilled player is alone and runs into a group of two people, even though he is at a major disadvantage...he can still choose to try and outplay those people. Now let's assume that they design an archetype that has SO MUCH REGEN that a solo player cannot kill it (*cough* minotaur) but, instead of having that regen on a skill cooldown, they just have it permanently. You're a pvper with the best gear and vessel that's possible in the game and you run into this archetype that no matter how amazing of a player you are, the game is designed in a way which prevents you from killing them...EVER. They can just stand there, AFK and you will never be able to kill them. Sounds like cheating right? You'd be mad right? Why would you design an archetype that was impossible to kill? That seems like poor game design right? That archetype that can't ever die, is a top tier resource node. You can find it in the world, you can engage it in combat and damage it but, no matter how much training, gear or skill you have the game is designed to prevent you from harvesting it. Then you say "but, what's the difference between that and killing a boss mob?" and you're right, it's the same style mechanic but, I thought this was supposed to be a pvp based sandbox. I can understand maybe like a combination node that required you to have a minimum skill in multiple ore types, like you can't harvest it because you have master iron harvesting but, you suck at gold harvesting. That makes sense to me because it's a level of progress that you can achieve at some point and for the first year of the game, you'll need your friends to help you harvest it because you simply don't have the training. Even in a game like EVE which this system seems to be based on, you can still solo harvest the hardest nodes and transport them yourself, players just created mining teams to make the process safer and more efficient. Now imagine if you just spent a fortune on the best mining ship imaginable and you had the best mining skill in the game and you flew up to a random node and the game was like SORRY, BUDDY SYSTEM ONLY NODE. I'm definitely over-reacting to this but, it seems like the threat of being killed and looted should be what keeps you from soloing and not the game itself.
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    Healing Fatigue

    Unfortunately, this is not the reality we live in. Healing makes or breaks teams, and in CF this is no different. Because of the watered down nature of healing, more is better as shown by the fact organized groups are bringing 2-3 healers for a 6-8 man group. Now I don't want to see healing or supports become irrelevant or even optional for that matter, quite the opposite. This isn't an arena game or shooter and group composition should definitely factor into whether you win or lose. The hard truth is that "supporting" in this game is boring, whether it's using the life bar on the druid or playing your healbo...I mean legionnaire. I'd like to see more support options and more potent healing (but with a counter mechanic, MORE healers shouldn't be the answer). Basically what I'm suggesting is this: Stronger heals that can INITIALLY save people from being trained or burst to death but get gradually weaker (down to a reasonable cap) the more that person gets healed. Basically the more you heal the target the weaker they get.Example: You have a legionnaire with bellow, his teammate johnson is getting pumped, the legionnaire hits him with a respectable burst heal which saves him from getting blown up. Johnson now has a debuff, every proceeding heal on that target will be less potent for a certain duration. Each heal while the debuff is active will decrease the next heal potency. Eventually the debuff wears off and the "healing fatigue" drops off. Imagine this scenario with the legionnaire C and you'd get a better idea of how this could keep bringing multiple healers in check. Obviously this idea would need to be tweaked, but I think it could be a good fit for CF. So in conclusion: Higher scaling (more potent) heals with more "oomph" that drop off. Maybe more "thought" put in to it since healing fatigue will need to be considered. Stacking healers will still be an option, but it will be less overbearing since the potency of healing will drop off faster. Also, gordon....DON'T FORGET THE DOLPHIN MOUNTS.
  14. 2 points

    MMORPG Update: Harvesting Reveal

    I like some of what I see, but not others. I play games to be a pure crafter. As a pure crafter in most game, much of my time is me out hunting resources and managing my incoming materials and selling outgoing product. Sometimes, it is the guild who sends me stuff where I don't make much money as a courtesy, or I use my own materials as a way to further develop my character. This system of group based harvesting puts my character development into the hands of other players primarily, with my own harvesting providing secondary development. I understand the want to have non-combat characters interact with combat characters, but there needs to be an aspect of non-social development as well. Some players won't want to have to gather a group of guards to do anything, and I'm sure plenty of players are not going to want to be involved in being a harvester guard. Consider these scenarios: if no combat players are attracted to harvesting, harvesters are generally screwed; If harvesters don't gain significantly more value from harvesting than combat characters, there is no reason to be a pure harvester; if combat characters become forced to help harvesters just get the material flow going, you have bunch of players playing in a way that they dislike and are likely to want to play less. But basically, I feel that non-combat and combat characters and activities should overlap in only a few ways, such as rare materials and some advancement, but not day to day activities. This worked very well in SWG. Harvesters, surveying, sales, and workshops were solo, creature based mats and armor bonus materials as well as some other things were group based. Crafters and harvesters as people are typically less social and more solo grinders(having played them for almost 2 decades and knowing at least 500 top tier crafters in dozens of games). Forcing their progression into a social thing will likely deter career noncombat players, rather than draw them. Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling here a little bit, so I'll end it. Hopefully, you get the impression of what I mean if I started to not make sense.
  15. 2 points
    Legend Gaming still plays ESO (Vokundein), but we are much more casual now, the game did not support hardcore gameplay of any sort. People still raid and do some PvP there, but I stopped 8 months into launch, couldn't handle the screw ups in PvP balance and lag in Cyrodiil.
  16. 2 points
    It looks to me like Blair has recognized pillaging as a potential problem for the macroeconomy. If an individual or small group finds a fat resource node in territory they cannot expect to defend, they will harvest it if they can, even if they just get poor ore from it.. When this happens enough, the epic and legendary ores become even rarer than planned. If you don't like how this system requires large, coordinated groups to exploit high-quality nodes, propose an alternative that keeps CF economy working as devs intend it to work.
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    Any other Elder Scrolls Online players?

    The open PvP of TESO was so promising, I was so hyped for the game, and then it was such a disappointment. I went back to Guild Wars 2 WvW afterwards. Where I am till today. I hope Crowfall wont be the same... Well it is totally different, from open development and community involvement and crowdfunded and all.
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    You know what happens when a majority of players start to complain about an alloy being useless? They change the stat that is buffed... Oh look no more useless alloys! Why does every alloy have to be clearly useful again? every metal will be useful because each metal buffs a different attribute(I'm assuming each different attribute is useful for at least one archetype) , not every variation of alloy is going to be useful and if one alloy is really useless, all they need to do is change it! One of the key features they have been stating about the crafting system they haven't revealed yet is that experimentation is going to be important, finding weird solutions to problems with seemingly useless materials is part of the fun. -edit just removed quote can't even do it right
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    I was playing on the EU server, so we wouldn't have crossed paths. Don't ask me why I picked the EU server, still regret it to this day. Our version of Legend was called Arena, which started out pretty fun until it devolved into a toxic pit of QQ, salty tears, bloated egos and trash talk. Combat was fun, performance was garbage. I quit after Thieves Guild. I feel most ESO PVPers who quit the game are looking forward to Camelot Unchained, not CF. At least the ones from EU server.
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    Random thoughts, When it is more profitable to harvest the harvesters than to harvest for yourself, expect small scale harvesting as a play style to cap out. If a clever gatherer can mitigate his losses, he will accept those losses, as long as there is profit left over. An emotionally invested person cannot do this and may ragequit the game without ever looking for solutions. Can Crowfall provide alternative solutions for solo harvesters and stay within it's core philosophy. Here are some of my terrible ideas. Crafted Pack Pig Padded Boots, make your pack pig 60% quieter, Crafted upgraded bag, one locked inventory slot per bag Skill 'Silent Harvesting', makes harvesting 30% 40% 50% 60% quieter Skill 'Hidden Node', find nodes others can't see I liked the idea of camo pack pigs too I'm sure ArtCraft can come up with better ideas that cost less.
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    Until the crafting is 'rolled out' it is difficult to judge how effective, enjoyable or complex the harvesting system will be. The two game systems 'harvesting' and 'crafting' are different but they are very inter-dependent. The only concern I have, at this stage, is how 'in practice' the low quality resource types will be used - will they just be used to dump into castle walls etc. or will they be more usefully used in high quality recipes. I agree the system may be geared around the group effort but depending on how the resource nodes are distributed in the CW I think will make a difference to how they are gathered. Indeed different CW may have different distribution models.
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    The major dilemma to my mind of building harvesting or crafting as really an alternative game-play style is the interaction between those players and those of us more interested in the PvP/PK side of things. There seems like a pretty simple loop in supplying a demand, but I am talking more in line with: if harvesting is built around players who are relatively uninterested or even discouraged by PvP, then they will play a different game, right? And if it's built around players who are interested in PvP, it will likely be shallow and become a source of tedium and, ultimately, burn-out. I'm thinking, for example, about Albion: a game where, in my experience harvesting has got to be one of the most boring and unrewarding systems conceivable. With the increase in frequency of chest fights (FFA PvP on Points of Interest), our guild essentially logs on for that in order to get any resources. If there are players out there who truly love the harvesting system in AO, good for them. The developers, however, have chosen to essentially gate most of them behind a "you can't kill me" rep/flagging system, and therefore removed a great source of interaction for PvPers. tl;dr If harvesting is fun only if you are a "harvester" personality, then will that personality quit when they interact with PK and lost materials?
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    Article intéressant, qui parle enfin d'un des systèmes qui va incorporer le côté "mmo" A voir quand on pourra réellement le tester ingame, espérons rapidement prochainement parce que le Hunger Dome ça commence à être long
  24. 2 points
    It never ceases to amaze me the conclusions people draw reading between the lines of what we say. (rather than just the things we say) VIP won't be right for everyone, we never expected it would be. Some people will get multiple accounts, because that is conducive to their play style. Some people will play one archetype, because that is their play style. One size does not fit all.
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    Healing Fatigue

    This may be the first suggestion in the suggestion forum that I've actually liked.
  26. 1 point
    That game certainly looks promising. Can agree with what Pang is saying as well
  27. 1 point

    Just pledged and got a quick question!

    Alrighty then, gonna choose to trust what you said...though I gotta say that they should totally have an "Amazon Pay" option like Humble Bundle e.e.
  28. 1 point
    It's spend 1k minimum to compete.
  29. 1 point
    shameless bump
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    I'm actually curious about the different kinds of harvesting in general. They talk a lot about metal as a resource but, they haven't mentioned wood, leather etc systems. It doesn't seem like wood and leather would be thing that you could combine to get an "alloy." Also, it seems like the danger involved with killing a high tier animal for the higher quality skin would be significantly higher than harvesting a metal node or chopping a tree. I wonder if there is a balancing mechanic between different harvesting types or if leather will just be a more difficult profession. Small details like that are far reaching when it comes to the style of gameplay people employ. For instance, I would say a majority of people in the tests currently prefer leather armor but, if leather is harder to get than plate, it may promote a tanky game meta with longer fights due to the lower damage and slower movement speeds. Tweaking a balance knob very slightly can have big effects, I can't wait to see the full system.
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    I think this comes back to breaking down materials (lossy vs. lossless). You may have to drag huge chunks home to break them down in an efficient way - chunks too big to fit in a player's inventory. At least I hope that idea is still on the table!
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    Think of pack animals like extra storage slots but when they get killed the loot they have is taken. You inventory, which generally is pretty safe ( this will vary based on the CW though) place to hold stuff is very limited in size and can only hold X amount of things. If you want to hold more you summon out a pack animal and give it a bunch of stuff to transport over to a warehouse/shop/guildmate/safe spot etc If you need more about pack animals look at how Archeage does Trade packs and that pretty much is what a pack animal will be.
  33. 1 point
    Thanks for all the likes, JamesGoblin. We really appreciate it.
  34. 1 point

    Combat - Root Animation - Etc

    I'm hoping some of the promo/runes add more in the "ooh that's cool" factor and incorporate physics and whatever other tech they have. Aim wise, wish it was more useful across archetypes and not only range and or a power or two on melee bars. Most of it seems raycast or whatever it's called and not real "aiming."
  35. 1 point

    Greetings, I am Jodh

    Hello fellow players, I am on (un) official crowfall discord server. You might have seen me, maybe. Very happy to finally get into the "official" forums. Hope to make friends and rivals.
  36. 1 point

    Am I the only one?

    Basically a "trigger warning" before that was an actual thing.
  37. 1 point

    Chronicles of Elyria

    So far it looks good enough we are going to spin off a chapter and see what happens. Lots of elements of the game are pretty exciting and new. But time will tell the tale:)
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    Ye still be me favorite oooodle lubber, Ginks! But Hillbilly be gainin' ground!
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    Shokar can't handle rum bro
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    Ahoy to me boyo, Hillbilly !!!!
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    Nice try since you're still living that's your problem....eventually you'll die by our hand or not...you will succumb and when you do....we'll be your lords it doesn't work the other way around....what cha gonna do...beat us to life? again we win
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    souls for myrkul!
  43. 1 point


    I would like to see a GVG between The Undead Lords and The Lords of the Dead Who's dead enough to win?!
  44. 1 point
    Looking forward to going up against you guys again.
  45. 1 point


    Is Crispy still around? Great Guy
  46. 1 point


    Tell me Rallic is still playing with you guys. His rage is pretty legendary.
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    Written by one of our knights. A lone Tauren hunter sits on a ridge overlooking a large abyss of snow littered with roaming frostwolves. The sound of crunching snow echos in the distance and with every step draws closer to him. Three Trees smells the wind and releases a sigh. "Greetings old friend" "Its been a long time" answered the looming darkness growing behind him. "How many realms has it been?" "Too many" "You feel it too" Three Trees asked "yes" Hillstalker rest the head of his greataxe in the snow next to the hunter. "Our enemies are gathering" Three Trees turns to the warrior "can they be conquered there? For here they cannot. The magic of this realm forbids it" "I believe so" Hillstalker groans "And there I will cut down every elf I see, burn their homes, their children, all they hold dear and the Lord of Bones will drink from the crimson river of crying souls that I leave in the wake of my vengeance" The Old Grey hunter gets up and pats the warrior on the shoulder "Not yet old friend...not yet...but soon we will leave this realm" Hillstalker picks up his greataxe and turns to head back down the ridge muttering between his clenched teeth. " not soon enough"
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    I was usually on the other end fighting UDL back in the day. They sure did dominate Mourning server. Heard they did well on test also.
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    Ginko ye rum chugging sack o' bones
  50. 1 point
    Good Soul Ginko... Good to see you guys awake and ready to rock! -R
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