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    Pretty much this. Believe it or not the game, in it's current "pre-alpha" state can be fun. Unfortunately, as you stated, I imagine it can feel quite empty for players not in guilds. ACE, despite what some may say, has never "sold a bill of goods" to the community about the project or it's development. They have been quite transparent in fact. If you look, they implicitly state; "Early Access" is a process that allows players to get a look at a game while it is still in the early stages of development. While games in early access are often very "buggy" and lack much of the content they need for launch, it can be quite an interesting (and educational) experience to see the behind-the-scenes development of a video game over time. Right now, almost all "content" is player driven, or guild driven I should say. If you go to the Crows Of a Feather section you'll find plenty of videos. The latest one being "Seige at Archenstone", which had rather large participation. This event was coordinated between guilds of competing factions. Maybe if more guilds would participate there would be more content? Who knows. But that's not really the point. This is not a game, it is a testing environment. Any real "game play", or content derived, is largely dependent on the community to provide. At this point at least. For a better experience, I would highly recommend finding a community to run with, unless you're hell-bent on running solo.
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    This is why when anyone who has been here a while is asked about the game most people will say: "There is no Game yet, no game loop, it's just a murder, crafting and harvesting sim on a tiny map. If you are unsure about testing please wait till it's further along in the dev process to purchase.
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    Should Crowfall learn from PUBG?

    Many of us have no interest in arena play, we are mmorpg PvPers... we want persistent world with persistent skills and builds. That is not to say that there couldn't be very short duration CWs but the rewards would need to be very minimal since the commitment is minimal. My question "what is the role of a gather trained player in a 30 min arena battle?" i.e. no role for gatherers or crafters in match play leaves a lot of players saying sorry, no.
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    FWIW... I think we will see soft launch in 2018. Crowfall was also listed in 2017 by a number of MMO sites as most anticipated MMO and things like that and I haven't seen any backlash of it not launching in 2017.
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    I would like this embellished, emblazoned on the forums, and stamped onto each page of the store. The team hasn't been subtle in saying that it will be buggy, but I don't think the point is really being driven home. People think it's a buggy beta, not - as you said - a testing environment.
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    The Internet in general has an opinion for all of a week or two before it forgets what it was so opinionated about and moves on to the next fiasco, so I'm not certain this is something to fret over.
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    maybe they're trying to build a base of approach-ability for new players before they fire off the sick-ass marketing campaign that floods us with players it's like the calm before the storm they're giving us cozy graphics settings to stay warm with over those cold January days actually maybe Jack was the only one working over the holidays which is why we got this post Jack are you okay we love you
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    MMORPG.com Player's Choice Awards

    Crowfall has been nominated for "Most Wanted MMO" in the MMORPG.com Player Choice Awards. We'd appreciate your vote! https://goo.gl/eFjbv7
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    Someone this flighty and clueless will quit anyway when they lose all their gearz, get wrecked with consequences and get wiped right off a campaign. You gotta be pretty tough to hang with the crows, alls I am sayin.
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    CF has the proper scope to not get huge delays to the schedule now that we have the tech and engineering for the race/class split and its relates skill trees... we will have late Q1 alpha and probably Q3 beta with soft launch late/end of summer. Fully reasonable at that point for a Nov-Holiday release in 2018. As with every year we will pretty much know as players whether that pace holds.
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    Point of reference; we crashed the server over the holidays which exposed a nice bug, and they rolled a fix for it really quick. That was a legit issue with something that was quickly locatable and fixable. So things can (and will) happen quickly when they can. Part of the bug -> fix slowdown is that when dealing with untrained testers one person's end of the world the game will never work abandon all hope showstopper bug is another person's minor annoyance. And some "bugs" reported are due to systems that aren't implemented yet, other "bugs" are simple misunderstandings of game systems, and yet other "bugs" are so poorly documented that exploratory surgery has to happen to figure it out... This means that things we see have to be analyzed and prioritized by someone inside the dev loop, and that takes time. Crowdsourced QA is cheap, but slow for this reason. You get a ton of data for no real expense, but then you need someone to curate it into actionable intelligence.
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    None of those YouTubers or websites rarely have accurate information around this kind of stuff. Crowfall will be release when it's ready and done to be released. That's all anyone should ever expect. I also take MMORPG.com with such a grain of salt in anything related to video games. If the information isn't coming from a direct source from the game company, then it doesn't really matter.
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    Should Crowfall learn from PUBG?

    I disagree. I think crowfall should be like.... well Crowfall. It's a unique game already. Scratch that, it's a unique idea. BECAUSE ITS NOT EVEN A GAME YET. People are asking for a complete shift in gameplay design before the gameplay design has even been fully implemented. Plus this is not a great idea in a full loot game. You can't have low health pools, people getting two or three shot, and losing all their stuff. That's a good way to lose players. I don't think crowfall is fine as is...because it's not even crowfall yet. It's just a glorified arena fight at the moment. Give some time for all the gameplay designs to be implemented and look at it again then -edit- not to mention a big part of the game, sieging, would be impossible with very low health pools and long CD defensive powers.
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    I don't think you understand what he's getting at. He's not saying aiming sucks, as in it's too hard. He's saying aiming sucks because it's too easy / forgiving. Right now, it's not even really aiming. You just point in a general direction at a person and you're almost guaranteed to hit them. It's like aiming for preschoolers. It's not just the aiming that's wrong with combat, there is some else definitely missing that makes it feel quite bland.
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    Dang, it is almost like the game isn't done. There is fun to be had but it really isn't a solo level. I know we've had several pugs wandering around with us pvping. In terms of actually playing it like a game, the players have to make that bit for themselves. Obviously the game will have to help support that more in the future but seeing as it is a play test, it isn't super surprising. I'll admit I wish they were further along with some of that stuff than they are but I would also rather they take their time and get it right rather than releasing something that isn't complete
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    Should Crowfall learn from PUBG?

    I've been working on a new Fortnite/PUBG style Battle Royale Campaign Map and Game Mode for a couple weeks now, which uses the old Hunger Dome mechanic to constrict the map. This is what will happen in release with campaigns, over the course of a seasonal progression - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - that could take around 3 months. The map I am working on, and that I plan to propose to ACE to run as alternate campaign in testing, much like they do with the Bloodbath map, will be like an extra-long Fortnite/PUBG round, or a very short Crowfall Campaign, taking not 30 minutes or 3 months, but 7 days. The map's configuration would be something like this: On day 1 of the weekly campaign, everyone has access to every part of the map and everything on it, which apart from what is shown above, would include isolated resource nodes spread around the map. The map would start in Spring, and after 2 days, the Hunger would close in, constricting the map, cutting off the Beach-head areas, as the season changed to Summer. It would be summer for 2 days, then the Hunger would close in again, cutting off 3 of the Forts and 3 of the Dragon Statues - which are isolated respawn points that all 3 factions can spawn at, similar to the Ruined ToLs in Shadowbane. Each season would constrict the map more and more, cutting off more of the spawn points and resources, until the 7th day of the week, which would be Winter, lasting only one day. The faction that is in possession of the Keep at the very end, wins. This would be a great new game mode with a clear win condition and a somewhat more heightened gameplay experience than the Tug of War campaign currently provides. It would also take advantage of the popularity of games like Fortnite and PUBG, and maybe bring some more attention, and players, to Crowfall. I will be doing an 'open house' test runs of this Campaign Map in my EK, simulating the Hunger map constriction by removing the outer ring of parcels over time. Not all the mechanics can be tested of course, but it will give people an idea of what the map layout could be like, with it's equidistant Beach-Heads, Forts and POI, and what the gameplay could be with a smaller map and clear objective. EKs were wiped yesterday so I'm de-doing the map now. If anyone is interested in checking it out, let me know and I'll give you access to the EK. Hopefully someome from ACE, maybe @jonnycab, will give it a look as well and consider doing a trial run on the test server. EDIT: NOTE, I am proposing this only as an alternative or companion to the Tyranny map, much like Bloodbath is, and ONLY during testing. Has nothing to do with release.
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    You are also probably a LIVE server player which will not see the latest content that will drop on TEST first with invites by account level pre-alphas day 1, alphas day 2-3 Beta 1s day 5-6... etc the high level backers are very excited for 5.4 which will be testing crafting benches in the faction world forts and castles. Most players will be locked out of advanced recipes and the crafting unless high level trained... they will have access to benches in the beachhead for basics and a new set of intermediate level recipes. Forts/Castles will be essential to hold for crafting the good gears so the game loop gets enhanced by this too. We are all excited to test this, well the testers and crafters are... combat focused players get ASSASSIN! in 5.4. Crossing fingers for this.next/week.
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    Contract support@crowfall.com since you did purchase in 2017.
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    It's uh.. Well, testing. Like, legitimately testing. I personally enjoy testing and bughunting - but I also enjoy tedious work related to software and games. I'm sorry that you don't find it exciting, but in reality it's not supposed to be. The (pre)alpha servers aren't supposed to be an engaging and thrilling game, they're supposed to be a framework for us to poke and prod and find holes in, while getting a peek at what's to come. If you were hoping for a gamey-game-funzies experience, you should wait for the beta at the earliest. They aren't advertising the alpha as being phenomenal, because that's not the purpose it serves. QA/Bugtesting is expensive, and time consuming. Alpha tests like this are a nice way to bridge the gap and get them "free" (save the cost of maintaining the servers) bug testing and stress testing, while letting people who are excited about the game get a peek into the innerworkings and behind-the-scenes. Behind-the-scenes is rarely pretty. Alphas are rarely riveting gameplay. Testing is only fun if you enjoy it.
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    Apology accepted. Ironically, I am a religious person, and most likely understand better than any atheist exactly why someone would feel that way about sacrifice. Look at my stance, ACE should refund without delay if the game causes unexpected moral constrictions. That wasn't because I want them not to play, but because I know how it would rub on my conscious if I had found myself accidently funding something I was morally against. My understanding of the scope of the issue It is one of the primary reasons I don't want ANY religion accomodated in the game. That type of thinking leads people to try to push for the accomodation of secular ideas and behaviours in churches, and leads to the attempted forcing of others to accept what they don't find morally acceptable. Separation of Church and State, but more like Church and game, is the safest and most sensible approach. That requires zero attempts be made to accommodate any particular belief system.
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    Champion builds.

    Try it on a Centaur. Uses one of the old Legionnaire animations and is quite badass. Centaur best Champion IMO. That 20% armor break, plus the group attack power buff, plus trailmaster out of combat....better than the MIno stun immunity and Berserk, IMO.
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    Haha, this made me laugh. ACE pay attention to these kind of threads. People have being asking for a more fun campaign for a while now. That said, i think the last introduced mechanic was action harversting so if i had to guess this is what ACE consider as this build testing focus. The problem is that this build has being around long enough that focus has being lost and any fedback is a good as any other. Most posts on the feedback thread are tied to old mechanics.
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    Speaking as a games QA guy IRL - testing is pretty boring... You don't know what fun is until you're on hour ten of negative testing the same broken assets in Barbie Dream Castle, on a Saturday, with no building AC... Or on step 500 of 2300 for an XBox certification pass and if you have to look at a config menu one more time you might just jump out a window. We're testing/stressing everything 'new' in the patch notes (race/class split, new harvesting systems, new race, new class, changed skill trees, combat tuning, etc, etc.) ... And it's clearly netting some input given the 200 odd posts in the bug thread. I think the re-do on the 5.3.4 Tyranny map is just because there was a couple of weeks of holiday mixed in there where not a lot happened at ACE... If I'm guessing.
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    Sorry man,i didnt imply that trust me. I know the original context of the text is dark but i didnt expect people to get hung up on that. I take it as a example of "speak up for others because some day you might need people to do the same to you", just like now where i was trying to make religious people feedback heard even though i am an atheist and wouldnt be affected in anyway. So, this wont go anywhere good so it is better to let it die out.
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    there used to be this thing in very early pre-alpha called the hunger dome, this is more like what you want and I hope they make one of the campaign worlds like it. If you don't know what the hunger dome was, it was a short campaign world with a border that kept shrinking to the center of the map, some chests with loot scattered around the world and lots of groups of players starting in different locations, last person to survive would be the winner, I don't know PUBG cause I never bothered playing it but it sounds exactly like that and what you want. The big campaign worlds are good great but sometimes you just want a short game of killing ppl without having to start up another game, so I really hope the hungerdome comes back at launch as minor campaign worlds that won't have an impact on the crafting or items obtained
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    Overwatch - You respawn close to the fight and can reengage. Crowfall ATM You respawn “closer” to the fight than I expect u will in a campaign. If you have 10 sec of combat and 30 min of travel time I think you’ll get disgruntled about it. Till the map hits the actual size and the respawn mechanics are in place in their finale iteration as well as TTK, then personally I think that changing anything is rather pointless. As for it being stale.... I utterly disagree with you. Combat is as much about knowing what you can do, vs what others are capable of. That takes research and testing. I like that. What I dont like is the search for instant gratification and being able to global anyone.
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    Please, no advantage for $$$

    but you're an investor backing the game dont you care about our opinions i care about your opinion also my take on the situation is that like. look okay the game is gonna let you buy gold, officially. that's basically a done deal, the boat has sailed the pack has pigged whatever. but how much is that gold really gonna buy you/??? can it buy you happiness? no I really doubt it, only you can bring yourself happiness, okay. plus like. are people gonna bring VIP tokens into the campaign worlds n trade them? can you even do that? that seems like a good question actually can you bring vip tokens into campaign worlds? cause if you cannot, then all you can do is trade for poorly made socks in your EKs, and really what are you gonna buy that truly matters, maybe like a fancy chair, or like pay some guinecian EK prostitute for a couple hours or something, but none of that carries with you to the campaign worlds, probably. I mean. I guess we don't really know yet in closing it's really hard to say what being able to pay to win cash shop loot boxes will do to the in-game economy / gameplay because there's no game yet I think it'll be alright though
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    La nuova campagna è startata. Ho creato il pg in Balance, pls fate altrettanto così proviamo tutti insieme
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    I think, given that only some of the farm parcels I got with my kickstarter pledge are marked "tax free", that even real-money EK assets will have upkeep fees - if only to cover the server instance costs... Being as at the end of the day it's all about making a real dollar so that employees can eat, I'm guessing that EK asset taxes will be paid either via in-game assets (campaign materials) or via real money. This will allow people like myself with spare cash but not a lot of spare time to contribute just as well as people with a lot of spare time but not a lot of spare cash. People playing is a very valuable resource in an MMO, so it's only fair that their time nets a monetary reward - even if it's only covering their subscription cost or building upkeep in Crowfall's case. As for me personally? I'm okay with paying real money for EK upkeep as it's not having a direct impact on campaign PvP - and someone has to pay for the server/bandwidth costs for that EK instance... For example, I pay ~$300 a month to SecondLife for the "land" I have there, which is mostly to cover server/bandwidth costs - so Crowfall won't be too terribly different in that aspect if EK assets can be paid for with real money. Ultimately entering (and winning) campaigns will still be the fuel everything runs on though. Even if I can just pay for all of the buildings each month, all of the materials needed to make, well, anything must come from the campaigns. Which is why Vigil has a pretty amazing combat and crafting team.
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    Question for you. I am on board with all the ideas regarding EKs in this thread. What I want to know, however, is: Do you think you (and others) should have to enter and win Campaign Worlds in order to build or maintain the parcels and parts that you have bought with real money? That is, should EKs have upkeep, including real-money purchased EK materials?
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    Please, no advantage for $$$

    Wildstar lost population cause of balance patches screwing with the pvpers that wanted to play. That game was mostly populated by pvpers and because their balance patches were more tailored to pve raiders, the decline in player population followed it up. ESO, it didn't really pick up much a population to begin with cause it was competiting against a lot of other games at the time. As new stuff came out it pulled players from it. Plus the whole combat (dodging or avoiding damage) and questing system (the terrible compass garbage at the top of the screen) of ESO probably is why people tried it out and then left. It didn't feel fun enough to them so they quit. Tera coming to the EU and NA markets was already setup for failure. If I am not mistaken it was a game that was already years in after a release in the Asian market. There for it was already behind the times by the time it hit EU and NA markets. I can't comment much on AION other than it failed to get enough of a hype for it. People were already playing other MMOs and games by the time this thing hit the market. You want to say that a subscription model means the death of a game. It doesn't necessarily mean that. What kills MMOs more often than a subscription model is how the developers behind the game fail to actually listen to their monthly regular customers. You don't make balance changes to certain classes that are so radical that it makes them dominate for the next 3-6 months (this happened to Rift and caused over half the players to leave) and then wonder why the game has a declining population. Poor game management is why these games start dying in population, servers get merged, and resources to support the game get tightened up. Albion Online is another great example of a game that started out strong in full swing but has lost a lot of its presence in the market because of how Sandbox Interactive fails to communicate things with the players, fails to listen to them, and continues to make content and balance patches nobody wants cause they don't make the game better. What I am tired of seeing is MMO devs that have a game which has pve and pvp content and they only balance for pve. It sours the experience for the other pvpers and if that's most of your game's players then say goodbye to a lot of that revenue. That's honestly one of the most common things I've seen to cause the decline in MMO populations. Balancing for PvE instead of PvP cause PvE can be tuned up to accommodate PvP a lot easier. This is only going to become more apparently as MMOs tailor more towards a pvp focused game design than pve.
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    Crowfall should feel like Overwatch

    Year 3 of claiming Pre-alpha on a game that was supposed to hard launch a year ago? ha.
  33. 2 points
    Say no to a bunny hopping mess. That said, a lot needs to be tightened up in CF combat to make it feel better.
  34. 2 points
    While I absolutely love a number of the elements of the new Campaign Worlds...I greatly miss the diversity in resources of the old maps. With higher populations and 24/7 servers I'd really like to see a return to those old maps (in terms of resources). It used to take a LONG time figuring out where and how many resources were found on those maps... here's a reminder (just in case folks have forgotten)... Replace the old temples with Beach Heads...replace the old keeps with the new keeps...add 4-6 forts...and give us a counter system for the campaign win conditions (10pts for every 10min of control of a keep and 1pt for every 10min of control of a fort...winner is the faction with the most points at the end of the campaign)...and you've got one hell of a campaign world IMHO.
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    I'm just going to say what's on my head right now, no editing or planning. I am a Chinese born, American-Chinese and I visit China every year, usually staying there for about a month. I know Crowfall's vision is that they don't plan to cater towards everyone, but I just want to let this out. In China, very few people owns a home PC, yet they have a profound esports culture. How is this possible? Internet bars. I've visited various internet bars before, from the luxurious ones with massaging chairs to internet bars that were extremely unsanitary, and reeked of cigarette smells. The bosses/managers of these internet bars, aren't gamers. They're only in it for the easy money because of the Chinese people's addiction to games, they do not care what games are on their public computers besides popular titles. Here's the catch though, Tencent is basically Steam but for the Eastern world (China anyways), and it pretty much publishes every big game titles from the Western world (DOTA, LoL, WoW, Hearthstone, Starcraft, Tera, you name it) All these PC bar owners have to do, is simply have TCP downloaded (Tencent's Steam is called TCP I believe, I can't recall what it means or stood for) and wait for the money to roll in. With this in mind, I find it very hard to see that Crowfall would gain a significant playerbase from China without Tencent being their publisher. It's even possible that Tencent will never even consider publishing Crowfall, they have a history of only investing into games they see huge potential in (for example right now: PUBG, they already released two mobile versions of the game just recently.) Edit: To sum it up, the people in China plays their games on internet bars, but the owners of these internet bars only use games from Tencent. Perfect World is a Chinese publisher, but I have never recognized any of their games in any of the internet bars I've played in.
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    I'm just looking forward to Crowfall getting most Anticipated MMO 2019.
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    What We Want

    As of now, proximity buffs / heals are OP. If Crowfall launched right now, the group+ size battle meta will be clumps of overlapping buffed zones and attacking from range. There is no answer for it, besides charge with a meat-wall which you can only afford with zerg.
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    nice to run into you last night Soulein...and by running into you, i mean you running into me...with that shield
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    Community Adressen (Ts/gilden/...)

    Bitte hinzufügen: Eleague.group TS: ts.eleague.group HP: http://eleague.group Öffentliche Community
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    Should Crowfall learn from PUBG?

    I dont know about that. Ignoring people losing all their stuff in a 15 secs fights, which would probably kill this game real fast, i am of the opinion MMOs should have a long TTK. A long TTK doesnt mean slow fights. Higher TTK means more time to think and that to me is a key point in strategic games. It is kinda moot to create all these powers and different effects only for people to go full DPS and be done with it. I prefer to play as a field controller. I am the kind of player that ends with low kill/death but is at the top in assists. A low TTK game for me would be incredibly boring. You cant exactly plan anything if the fight ends in 30 secs.
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    EKs should have upkeep. But... Trade and Craft is meant to be a fulltime profession, according to the advertisments and game descriptions that ACE has put out previously, and the skilltree backs that up. I think MOST people will prefer campaign world battles, but SOME will spend all their time in EKs making a living on trade and craft, and funding their EK assets accordingly.
  44. 1 point
    Yeah, most of what I have planned is based on systems that have either been announced or heavily hinted at already... For example: Already shows the granularity needed to do everything I want to do at a kingdom level. The crafting system allows/will allow custom text fields - so if I want the players to find a specific object in some ruins, I can (in theory) just place a manufactured item with the appropriate text in a box somewhere - and if they survive to get to the box, they can bring me (the NPC) the item to prove it. Thralls also play into this as some sort of basic interaction will be available - so i can leave "quest items" on them to be acquired as needed. Things I've not seen but would like: The ability to place guards of various (user-defined?) abilities anywhere I want. I know the forts spawn faction-aligned guards in defined locations - but I'd like them to be furniture I can place where I need them to be in the EK. Hell, sell them in the shop to cover the server-cost of running scripted agents. Scripted agents in general. I'd like thralls I can fill with flavor text that respond to keywords - think old-school Everquest. Just some basic interactive text would be good. The ability to spawn / define MOBs. In keeping with the EK idea of them not being useful for campaign power, limit the EK variety to not being able to drop anything we don't load them with in the first place. This way any "loot" an EK-MOB drops, was gained though the campaign loop anyway. That's pretty much my wish-list.
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    Something similar was already discussed, but it was more in a line of players creating scripted battles like raid bosses and so on where other players could try to complete the challenge you have created for them or prevent other players from completing it.
  46. 1 point
    PVP flag in EKs must be area-specific, not EK global (cell-by-cell?) Access control lists for locking out players (I'm pretty sure this is a firm deliverable already) EK market places (I'm pretty sure this is a firm deliverable already) Supply carts (I've heard of these) EK player housing (vassels, this is supposed to happen) Hmm.. When I initially read the post, I thought it was going to require a hell of a lot more that wasn't already planned. I guess I need another coffee.
  47. 1 point

    Please, no advantage for $$$

    So..failure to imitate the longest-running MMO means that there is something wrong with the model. Also, there is a difference between "killing the game" and "forcing the game to change its monetization model" that I feel is significant, here. ESO is doing gangbusters, and the other three aren't really what I would call dead, but for those three, it's semantics. Maybe we should first clarify what we consider "dead" for an MMO if we're gonna have this debate, because ESO has multiple millions of players across three platforms and is still releasing regular content updates, and apparently that's an example of a dead game, here. Edit: but if your argument is only "subscription-based models are not reliably viable long-term," then I will once again say I agree. Not the same thing, though...
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    What We Want

    Greetings Crowfallers. I read this entire chain with all its replies from the start. Ok. I want to try to show a little game theory. I want to show how un-enamored, uninstanced land can add to an army's power output. Take 2 sides in a battle. 50 melee tanks and 50 aoe mages apiece. Let's say that the mages' aoe produces above-average results if it contacts 3 enemy characters (or more, of course.) The way to taking less damage than your opponents is to spread out. If your opponents can only contact 2 of your allies in their aoes, while your aoes contact 4 of their characters, you can see that with exactly the same amount of players per side & the same power aoes, your side is effectively outputting x2 the damage as your opponents. Here's the tricky part. In order to spread out for the win, yet still maintain casting distance, your army must begin surrounding your opponent's army. If your opponent's catch onto your plan to surround them & they contest, then there will be fierce battles at the fray - as both armies attempt to surround the other. So one might argue, forget about trying to surround them, let's just charge a wall of melee / tank at our opponents and follow up with our mages in the backline. If this "wall" of charging tanks are shoulder to shoulder, they might be vulnerable to 6 or 7 contact per your aoe. Also, if you can AoE slow, snare, root, etc... Now you can multiply your output. So what if the opponent doesn't charge their melee inside a tightly-packed wedge, but instead charges across the span of the entire contested line. Now we have a splintered battlefront. And this is what mmo war is all about, in its best form. It's designed to produce dozens of small yet meaningful encounters across a large area. Battle of this sort has infinite replay-ability, because unlike standard zerg formats that end in one of two ways, the splintered battlefield contains a host of potential win-conditions. The key is finding a suitable power output for aoe's for use in large-scale battles. The lower the power of your aoe's results in more tendency to clump. The higher the power will result in more ground used. I would be interested to speak with another game theorist - whatever your level of experience. Game theory and the dynamics of mmo combat is cool.
  49. 1 point

    Disappointed in the direction

    Have to agree. The skills system is by far the worst I've seen for a long time. You practically have to train all of each tree to get to the next skill tree. Where is the individualisation in that?
  50. 1 point

    What We Want

    Equipment repairing tool with just few of the ressources we need to craft new items. I explained here: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/19085-item-durability-lost-with-death-maybe-too-high-solution/
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