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    What’s more bannable?

    Hehe. There might be some people, if we’re taking names for real message me. I’ve gotten to the point where I take it quite seriously and if I’m in a group, I have to kindly let them know I intent to spend the foreseeable future following said player, and implementing the “choices have consequences” plan. Like the new troll yesterday who thought he could just 5 finger discount everything from several people (we weren’t the only victims). Then kite me around, went into a house and realized when I stand in the door, he’s in an adults version of time out.... I offered a /trade for him to “post bail” but then wanted to cry in global that he didn’t care he was locked in a house. He tried to act like he didn’t care and logged out for about 20 minutes and upon logging back in he realized I had started a 2 hour crafting session in support of my guild. There was some more crying and a /trade was offered to him again. At the end of the day, he tried to talk the big game but ended up logging out a while later. I got some crafting done and had a series of nice screen shots to pass along to my guild so when our members are around they can be aware of any repeat offenders. P.S. I might have found a bug/exploit. ACE may want to implement a /stuck function, or add back doors if they don’t condone collision detection blocking of doorways.
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    What’s more bannable?

    So you kill boars and gut them in their habitat, then you strip the hide off their carcass and leave them to rot in the sun. BUT when YOU need to murder one of your own, and YOU can't get the job done, you have the boar do it it instead. Can you not see your own immorality? May your pack pigs slip their chains of servitude and gore you in your bed in the middle of the night and scatter your doobers all over the manor carpets. Suggesting that in-game stealing, and training mobs, or griefing for that matter, requires Dev action or interaction, should be the ban-able offense. Did ya ever consider that the doob-stealer was the Alt of one of your friends or party members?
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    Community Skirmishes 27th of January

    Hey everyone, we're back with more community skirmishes!Great turn up last week! I think we ended up with like 35 people? It was amazing! We'll try to pick it up again as a weekly event, with all these new players we thought it was a good idea to start up again.We do this because we want to spark some life into the european community, but US people are welcome as well.This event will take place Saturday the 27th of January.We will try and host this every week, in one of our EKs (hosting 40 people max atm).Our guild, Caldera will host the event, and we'll make sure everyone that shows up, gets to play. NOTE THE TIME FRAME HAS BEEN MOVED 1 HOUR FROM LAST WEEKIt starts at 21:00 CET/CEST till 23:00 CET/CEST. (that is central european time)If you're in doubt of your timezone compared to this, use worldtimebuddy.com.SIGN UP HERE: SIGN UP SHEETEveryone is welcome, no matter your experience! Simple rules:- Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/B25r2nr - We will use voice communication for the event, if you can't be on discord you can't participate.- Be on time, preferably 5-10 minutes before! We have 40 spots, but it's always nice to start on time.- Bring your own gear. (Some people use advanced, some basic, whatever you can afford to lose).- Do not loot anyone in this practice, if you loot you get kicked.If you want to stream the event, let me know or comment on this thread, then I'll add you to the list.The event will probably be streamed by multiple people, (I will stream the event for sure):Yumx(Guild Caldera) - twitch.tv/yumx Flex player Shadiz(Guild Soultribe) - twitch.tv/shadiz_live Flex player Scorn(Guild Winterblades) - twitch.tv/scornoflife Flex playerArawulf - twitch.tv/arawulftv Knight?Cozmo - twitch.tv/cozmoplays Cleric playerDMentia - twitch.tv/dmentiatv Templar? Let's have some fun again guys!Highlights and VODs from last week:Yumx(Myrmidon point of view): Video: 16v16 Fight! - Video: Multigroup Fight! - Video: Stack up C with our fists! - VODShadiz(Duelist point of view): Clip: BANSHEE FEST! - VOD Anthrage(Druid point of view): Video: 16v16 Fight 1! - Video: 16v16 Fight 2! - Video: Multi group Fight! DMentia(Templar point of view): Video: Multigroup Fight! - VOD Arawulf(Knight point of view): Clip: Ghost Army Opener! - VOD Cozmo(Cleric point of view): VOD
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    Crafting Tools - Feels bad

    You soon will not be able to craft your own weapon in this game without at least 3 accounts or 2 accounts with VIP and then in only a limited pipeline. If you don't join a guild you will have no network or pipeline for all the gear you will need... most accounts will be combat/gathering and you will be using what you get looting your dead and grabbing harvest-ables here and there or doing harvest runs when combat activity is low. If you are here to just PvP you will probably be poor with all your gear broken pretty fast, this game is heavily about teamwork in every aspect, PvP, gathering in hostile territory, and crafting in hostile territory (even crafters will be required to leave the faction beachhead to make advanced gear.) In 5 hours a good crew could gather and make a dozen good weapons and armor if they have a plan, a shopping list, and access to necessary crafts... and in 5.4 you will need to stand near a crafting bench of the proper type. I am sorry you feel that real mmo's are hard, they are a time sink... if your attention span and care for long term goals that are far more difficult to achieve, is no larger than a 15 minute arena timespan, then this is probably not a good fit for you.
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    Doober Mechanic for Player Looting

    Also, when you drag an item out of inventory it should pop out as a doober rather than being instantly deleted.
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    Thank you!!! I am amazed and humbled!
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    Congratulations @Lasko & @ultrviolet Fantastic work. Well DONE everyone else. You guys are a very talented bunch and I was impressed with every submission.
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    I still think we need a graduated system. The loosy goosy wide beam does some damage. Like a third. The tighter single pill wide beam does 2/3rds and the tight right between the eyes beam does an additional 3rd. Yes that adds up to 133% Extreme Skill should be rewarded not just a binary on off toggle. Melee should have the wider beams on wide swings and skill shots on others. If they had the ability to make a stat change the size of the beams I would love to have something that I could spec into to help make life easier for old man hands. Healing should also have this effect. Wider splash hits, a you get average for targeted hits. and for really tight targeting a bonus. At least for some skills.
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    What’s more bannable?

    I did all griefing possible scenarios in pvp games as well as other persons did with me some of em also What can I say? I like it. No griefing - no hate - no pvp. Pvp just for pvp has no reason And nothing from and for griefing should be bannable. Hard griefing = mechanic abuse. So, broken game mechanic's should get fixed. It is developer's fault, not players
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    What’s more bannable?

    Doobers not being bound to the harvester is a game design decision which fits into the basic design goal to raise conflicts. You had a conflict. Misson accomplished.
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    What’s more bannable?

    I don't think either are bannable offenses and I also think this situation plays out much better on a full FF server.
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    @JudeSaint VikingNail is the community frowner. He dislikes nearly everything, so I would take anything he says with a grain of salt. This game is very fun with a group of people. Watch PvP videos, crafting, gathering.. see what you like. Playing this game solo will get you bored fast, but playing with a group increases your fun by 10x's. Every new player that I bring into our guild says how much more fun they have with a group of people. @VIKINGNAIL also says that there aren't any good PvP'ers, but I haven't ever seen him in game in the last 5-8 months for him to make that assumption.
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    Since you started with EQ, perhaps you tested EQ Landmark a bit? If so I'd say CF is slightly behind where landmark was when it officially "released".
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    Sounds like i should hold off a bit. I do like testing. But i dont like testing if there isnt much to test yet lol. Thanks very much for the input and i will be keeping my eye on this. I only just stumbled across it. Ive been keeping an eye on some others but had not heard of this yet.
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    Crafting Tools - Feels bad

    With a white tool rune from only a modest runecrafter you can gather hundreds of high materials with a single pick but you have to train all of the durability nodes and run the villain discipline... One tool lasts me two 30 minute potions on R10 ore... for the cost of 4 ore, 1/5 of a wood and 3 stone you get several hundred ore. You guys are either doing silly things or are untrained. Tool durability is fine, you MUST train for using them or yea... duh, they break fast.
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    Crafting Tools - Feels bad

    I agree with you, and have played around with this method as well. It still feels like too much of a "grind" for something, that for me, does not feel worth it. I do not plan on focusing on crafting as a specialization, I am here to PVP. If it takes me 5 hours to craft a mediocre sword for battle, I will not feel this game is time well spent.
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    so much this, alot of people play/will play crowfall because of the social aspect, ACE meddling with that will mess it up for lots of folk
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    Harvesting will probably end up the way it did in Eve in 0.0 space. Your guild got together and ran an Op. You had the biggest ships that you could manage mining. You had the biggest haulers that you had running the ore to a safe place. You had fighters scrambled and ready to engage if you had contact with the enemy. In small scale mining you took your lumps if you got jumped, but you were in protected alliance held space. Dealing with stealthers will be handled much like you handle any problem from large numbers of attackers. Get tracking. Get some friends. The battlefield is a lonely place all by yourself. The problem with stealthers isn't permanent stealth, it is your inability to deal with the problem. If it only takes 1 Scout to bring 11 Assassins/Rangers out of stealth, maybe someone in your alliance should play a Scout?
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    where is my mage assassin?

    One of my favorite SB builds was shade mage Assassin wyrmslayer shroudbourne!
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    What’s more bannable?

    Have you forgotten thieves in SB??? Most of you here are coming with some experience with that game....it’s all fair in love and war in my opinion. I can remember farming mobs with a whole group and some thief came in and ninjas our whole group. Sometimes he got away sometimes we’d find him and kill him and then hunt him down for days lol... That was the fun in that game. I had commander runes stollen for me that took me a week to farm sometimes lol...risk is what we asked for to come back in mmos and in this game specifically so I’d say meh..looks like you guys got him good, congrats. Maybe next time he’ll think twice or maybe he’ll come back with more friends and retake it and more lol edit: if it’s someone on your own faction that’s a tougher issue...in that case have it flag him for PvP by everyone or put some kind of bounty on him or possibly a ban but I think what you guys did by body blocking him is fair justice.
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    I'm actually very curious to know how building and city ownership will work on a faction server.
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    Given the intent of the Faction system, it is a game design problem. I just hope that whatever ACE does to ensure Faction play works as intended doesn't negatively impact Faction-less campaigns. I actually like doobers and I'd actually like to see them used for looting of players as well. Explosions of doobers on the battlefield would be hilarious.
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    It is far too easy to hit your target with both ranged and melee attacks with the current system. Previously, the game had much tighter rays for both melee and ranged characters, increasing the level of skill required in combat. The current system allows players to disregard aiming to such an extent that it may as well be tab targeting. That's not totally fair, as you can still miss, but you almost have to try hard NOT to hit something in a reasonably sized fight. There is still a learning process involved in the game, but after a few weeks of continuous play most players plateau at a reasonable level of effectiveness, after which, practice and experience will yield diminishing returns. I'd like to see Crowfall reward more skill and effort on the part of the combatant. If many of the game's newer players can't hit their targets, then they need to git gud. If this means we need to lower cool downs on some ray powers so they can be used more frequently, fine. This will also help dampen the effectiveness of having a numbers advantage over your enemy.
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    Huh, maybe they are just spawning colliders? That seems like a strange way to do it in this game, but its not uncommon for say, fighting games. Idk it would be enlightening if a dev could clarify. It would just be nice to know how our attacks are making connection. Confusion to how that works can make the "game feel" come across as sluggish. You have spiked my curiosity as to what they are doing. To me it looks like a simple raycast to a collider. Well hopefully they reduce the size, I agree with that!
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    We call them twix bars in these here parts.
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    Get rid of the passive skill system.

    I mean, numbers? Give us some in-depth numbers showcasing the difference from a green character with basic gear and a veteran player with basic gear. You have to back up claims like that with factual proof. Post it here if you do crunch the numbers. Doesn't matter where design comes from. That is the beauty of game design is that all things can inspire the design.
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    Bow users require more precise aim, spell users/healers get some splash damage, melee attacks are frontal arcs/cones. Bows have the longest range, spells/heals have medium range, melee attacks are short range. These are the trade offs for each. The longer range the ability is the harder it should be to aim and vice versa.
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    They are taking a design aspect from an MMO, not an MMORPG, and an MMO that plays vastly different from MMORPGs. MMORPGs = active progression when you talk about X time for Y reward. Passive training is not that. The passive system won't give veterans a slight leg up, it will give a significant one, not through power necessarily, but through gated content with crafting and harvesting, which will translate directly to power by the ability to make more advanced stuff faster.
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    Look I'm no FPS god either and I can say with certainty this game is too easy to aim. I primarily played melee in Darkfall because my aim wasn't good enough to hang with the elite FPS players. If you can't aim in Crowfall you should just play a Templar or something melee oriented. As you said @yianni there are other skills needed in combat other than just aim and those skills can shine playing a class that doesn't require as much aim.
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    Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Even if the concept comes from another game how can you tell that they have not been thinking about it for the long term? It is not uncommon for design of systems in other games to find a home in a new game. I guess you speak so matter of fact without actually knowing what the developers "are thinking". Are you friends or associates with them talking to them on a daily basis about their designs? I can give you credit for being able to make predictions or use contextual information but I just don't see it as black and white. I agree that day 1 player will have an advantage but the skill trees are not infinite so the advantage falls off after so many months. The issue is that a new player may find investment to be difficult because they know it will take a lot of time to get to that "level." Honestly, you can think of the passive system as gear grinds. In GW2 you cannot just buy ascended gear, you have to craft it. That crafting can take time because there are gates of "daily" resets for specific components. In most cases the gear upgrades are small amounts of stat increases which can take a player a few months. It is literally a passive increase for the player being apart of the game that they would have to do otherwise. The difference is there is no convoluted system of grinding + crafting to get those. Look at it as a glass half full, it is a bonus to the game not a detriment.
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    Welcome to the forums. If you are not sure wether you should join or not, i would recommend to wait a bit longer, too. The exciting days, when nobody knew what and how the game would be at all, when every single news was just mindblowing, those days are over. And if what you can already see is not enough for you, the current testing most probably won't be either. Doesn't mean that the game will be bad. I am sure it will be great. But Crowfall uses some kind of focussed testing for it's pre-alpha tests. Meaning, even if a system has already been tested, it might not be in the current test (or degraded to some degree) because the current focus is something else. Which is useful to get specific test data, but don't feel like the progression you usually have in an alpha or beta (the old stuff + more stuff in the next patch). So it doesn't feel "round". This will surely change during alpha, which should come within the next few months. Once the gameloop is in, it should feel far better than right now. And create enough hype to get enough people into testing. If you tested Landmark, you might be interested in checking out Dual Universe. Landmark in space. Basically the same (partially less) building possibilities, but with the ability to create movable buildings (like space ships and so on). Currently in Alpha.
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    I would call myself and old school MMO'er ... Started way back when on my ps2 with Everquest Online adventures and have been absolutly hooked ever since. My biggest problem? ... Nothing has changed (its gotten worse i think) since like original wow (Final fantasy 11 was awesome until it wasnt) ... I played all the big boys for a time. Wow Swtor Ffxiv Archage (and let me pause here and say that ArchAge was one of the most fun games i have ever played until that fiiirrsssst really big patch that opened up the new land that got insta snatched by the hackers ... and they P2W with their store) ... ok enough of that ... I would LOVE to get into this. Ive watched a few youtube vids and such and i would just like some honest Yes jump in or No stay out a bit. I understand the concept of early access and have played my fair share of them so for the most part i know what im getting into but like i said i would really just like some of your guys opinions
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    +1 I'll be there.
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    New player looking for guild!

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    Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database

    We've released a major patch today containing updates based on flags the community has thrown on several powers, disciplines and classes. Head to https://malekai.org and check out the full list of changes on the front page! Keep flagging anything that doesn't match exactly with whats in-game. As a side note, we are using the most recent versions at all times. That means for now, we are focusing on TEST data. Still, flag it to be safe if you're not sure!
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    [-W-] Winterblades

    This was such a fun video to watch @Xarrayne
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    What’s more bannable?

    a setting for faction pick up permissions could solve this particular issue (self only, group only, any from faction) but just one of many faction issues
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    What’s more bannable?

    One time toward this person and it's sweet revenge, if you proceed to constantly do it then you are grieving them. however... i'd prefer if ACE kept their hands off of it much like CCP does with Eve Online. I want to see scams being ok so long as there are systems in place for a person to realize it's a scam (again it's ok in eve online). if a person wants to clean a guild out it should be OK so long as there are roles and systems in place that could prevent it. if you promote a person to a rank and they now have access to you bank it's on you to make sure it isn't cleaned out. CF should have bank role along with tiered ranks so a player could be a CFO/Treasurer but not have a high officer role.
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    Get rid of the passive skill system.

    In my opinion, yes but I can only speak for myself. The vessels will definitely provide a level of attachment especially since players can customize the look but ultimately they're fleeting, which leaves the player with nothing permanent aside from their skill progression. I can see this working as a band you can join that negates all your skill training for the duration of the campaign so you can train from scratch; that would work to satisfy your point of view while allowing others who want it to maintain a trained "legacy" account from CW to CW, which more in line with ACE's current vision. I see the idea of a "zero-day" dregs CW as a constant and popular CW, tbh.
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    Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    Had a friend that didn't know he had a keylogger. they had his password but not his email. it wasn't until he told someone his email via chat that his game account was compromised. I can agree that email is hidden from display but if you don't know my email and you need my email to change my password then you can't get my account unless the game and email password are the same. it's 1/4 of your login (account name, password, email address & email password). with 2fa it's 1/5. you need the email address and email password to change your pass. people who stream can have their email shown which is no different. personally i believe they should mandate 2fa.
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    Its an MMO ... You have to have people to play with lol. I would never try to go at it alone. Ill watch some more videos and go from there.
  44. 1 point
    I did test Landmark. It had so much promise imo. and then .... just nothing. Very sad about that to be honest.
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    It's too early to say. We're missing disciplines dropping in the world, sacrifice system to level vessels, and being able to craft and equip vessels. Once all that time/effort is put into building a vessel there will be a lot more attachment to it.
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    As a matter of fact, cheats run on PCs of some (so-called) players and surely are not allowed on a server, whichever MMORPG we have. Then cheating is due by the ability of a client to change server knowdledge of the world. Meanwhile since the beginning ACE invested on client predictive power and reading a post by blair about how engeneers work: "To avoid easy cheating we're calling the thing the server does the state of the world and anything a client sees an approximation. To improve look and feel on your client, we pretend that your client's view of the world is the right one and correct when we learn otherwise." While I agree a concern about cheats is critical before launch, I trust the problem was addressed since the development of core system of Crowfall.
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    the Division, Overwatch, Darkfall, Counter strike, and such - they all have an one main common - non target. I can call it "skill" based. (overwatch actually not coz aim also pretty easy) This is main reason why ppl download cheats for this games. 100% accuracy, radars and such - dramatically increase "skill" CF is not a game about "skill". In Darkfall I need to spent weeks in duels training, party training to be success. In CF I need 1 evening and read skills. Not sure CF cheats will be pay off
  48. 1 point

    Gathering is not real content

    So i take it that you dont like gathering? Other than that all i got from your post was "i dont like it. I dont like it. That is dumb. And i really dont like it...". I dont even get what was you point here? Gathering is a pretty big part of the game. It is as much of focus as combat is. Unfortunely not all system are online and there is no form of trading which means everyone must fight, gather and craft wheter they like it or not. PS.: I am not really trying to be rude but your post was pretty much just a rant...
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    Crafting Tools - Feels bad

    Hey all, I recently purchased the top package available and started my way into Pre-Alpha. I like just about every aspect of what I have experienced in 5.3.5 with one exception. It feels really cumbersome to have tools that break. I don't mind grinding mats for metal bars, which can be turned into sword pieces, which can make a sword. I do find it a HUGE turnoff that I have to grind a bunch of mats just to make tools that break, seemingly way too soon. This in itself almost makes me regret buying the game to begin with. Is there any talk of having tools that won't take durability damage?
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    RIP Obs LoD

    Heard the news a few day ago and what an absolute shock. First met him while playing on the Death server in Shadowbane, as part of the DOM crew. Obs was definitely one of the gaming community's best and bravest, and his loss will be felt by many. He was the type of guy that could make a game more fun to play just because you were playing with him.... loved by friends, respected by enemies, I don't think that any online game will be the same without him. My condolences for Obs, his family and friends, and his online family, LoD. We lost a legend this day...
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