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    Reason to play with passive Skillsystem?!

    Not from my perspective. As a member of a guild I could play less than some people, or take breaks, without falling behind on training. In a traditional level-grind game I would have to spend as much time as my friends to keep up with them. All the active progression stuff can be distributed to me by my guild. So I can be on completely even footing with the people who actively play 5 times as much as me. There is a big difference there compared to traditional level-grind game.
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    I understand. Unfortunately you may have to accept the fact that even as an adult, sometimes you have to eat your vegetables before you get dessert.
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    I wish you only had to train one pip. It makes no sense to force people down a path. Think about how slow training is going to be. - Why should I have to put 4 pips into Ice armor to get to Max out Lightning armor. - On a Cleric for example, Attack Control Defense is not near as important as Movement and Hard Control Defense, but I am forced to 4 pip it to get to what I want to train. I can see having a threshold where you have to complete a designated % of the tree to move to another, but the current format seems to be really restrictive. Not a fan.
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    Basic Wells

    Grey only level 1 boars, fine... Big, Fat, NO to white materials dropping in EKs... I think with 5 pips I would get an occasional white hide from lvl 1...
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    You have to train in necro but you can be any race or class... IF you are half -elf you can get to crafting max cap in assembly/exp/exp pts perhaps a little faster/easier but you can still do it as an elf or any other race by the gain from the stats Str/Int/Dex in skill or from a quality vessel and from leadership, crafting discs (not in yet) and slotted thralls in your workbench. Half-Elf is the easy way to necromancy top crafting but not the ONLY way.
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    Not sure where the final skill is going to land, I think ACE is still sorting out the details and plans on another pass. The message in the final is "one of the previous", so it's uncertain if it's a language/message issue, or a logic/code issue that is causing the disparity.
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    People play MMO's for fun for different reasons, and I know exactly what Bartle type is feeling the lack with these complaints, because it's my type as well. It's the achiever type. See us achievers are not daunted by grinding for things, whatever they are, and one of those big things, and the big draw for achievers in MMO's is the "achievement" of leveling. Setting it as a time only model really rubs us the wrong way, because we expect that leveling should be an achievement of some sort, and being an achievement something you can catch up and be better at someone else in, not something ladled out to everyone equally. But that's the core problem with historical leveling, that the achievers doing what they do, and achieving far more than "normal" players. With power and ability being tied to that specific achievement, that means that the hyper achiever will forever be ahead of any other player type. What we don't have in play yet is the achievement set planned to satisfy the achiever because of this lack in the historical "skills" or XP earning department. Achievements are coming in the form of winning of campaign worlds and collecting victories, artifacts and heads, the building of your eternal kingdom into something meaningful and not reset every couple of weeks, the entirety of the "throne war" as it were. It's just a bit jarring for us achievers to have so many of the usual achievements found in these types of games stripped away so deliberately and completely. No XP grind, no permanent special items from rare loot drops you waited months to find, etc. Sure sacrifice covers some leveling, but unless you ARE the crafter, the best crafted gear will be "achieved" by somebody else, and you will just be purchasing it, and because it is subject to decay and loss, it is more tool than achievement. As long as ACE replaces the achievements of XP gain and unique/special loot with equally interesting achievements of another kind, and I really think they will, everything will be fine. It's just now, without what some would call a "reason", which is just another word for "permanent achievement" to people like me, it feels a bit off.
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    Basic Wells

    When I watched that stream I laughed at Blair's reasoning. "We don't want to have them in the EK, but new players can get them in the beach head!" Oh man, you're gonna need a WAAAAAY bigger spawn of boars. Putting r1 boars in the EKs seems like a good choice. Putting wells in the EK seems like a bad choice. There's a reason wells aren't in the beach head, and I'd wager that reason is to force people to risk getting killed to gather water so the wells are PvP hotspots. Allowing them to end up in the EK short circuits their reason for existing. They aren't like grit or other such mats because they can't be acquired in the beach head. The rule of thumb should be "If its in the beach head, you can also get it in your EK, if it isn't, you can't" as anything you can gather in your EK becomes without value in the campaigns. In addition, if wells are updated for release to have actual looting cooldown timers, they help answer a very important new player question of "what can I do on my first day?" Wells provide water that's in constant demand all the way in to the end game because the water the provide is rapidly consumed via potions. This gives new players a very important economic purpose that seems implicitly designed. Established gatherers aren't going to want to go click wells for a living. They might hit them on the way to and from more valuable nodes but its going to be the new players under this system, or the combat focused players who broke all their gear that are the primary source of water. Allowing people to gather water in an EK or beach head removes that economic relationship. Well water is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it, and if you're brand new that's a job you can do with literally nothing but your naked character.
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    Basic Wells

    A. I totally agree on the wells being an EK parcel item since they are non-quality affecting materials. B. Man, I would totally love to have my own Boar/Cat/Spider parcel, even at Rank 1-3 lol
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    Reason to play with passive Skillsystem?!

    I'd just like to interject some common sense to the OPs post title. If you need a reason to play a game, you are doing life wrong. Games are a form of entertainment, not servitude. If anything the Crowfall model reinforces the idea that you are a player, and not required to spend X time in a game to be competitive with other players all at different places in their lives/careers/etc.
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    Another episode in my Crowfall livestream edit series. For those unfamiliar I edit together the livestreams for the month and cut them down to the brass tax. I try to only highlight moments where key game features are talked about and cut out any extra fluff or redundant info.
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    Or go find another restaurant that will let you buy just the dessert. We are not kids without entertainment choices, and this is a VERY competitive market. Too many helping of vegetables, and ACE's game will be as devoid of customers as a vegan food booth at a BBQ festival.
  13. 1 point
    I don't mind the slow training as much either, but it baffles me that there is not a linear scale. No one in their right mind will be training a 5th pip that gives the exact same bonus the first 4 gave in less time. They should definitely rethink this, and take a look at allowing us to use less pips to advance.
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    I feel like they did think about how slow training is going to be and purposely designed it that way. I am happy that I only have to put 4 pips as opposed to when it was 5.
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    Need some helpful tips..

    I really don't think champion has problem with getting kited ,you have the 2 leaps plus if you are a centaur you have the charge, and when you get in range you can use hurlbat so you can slow them.Aaaaand if you still have problems scarecrow is the way to go.Other melee classes have problems with fighting vs ranged but champion is really ok against ranged, that's why in the groups i run with i'm(champion main) the one putting pressure on the ranged players.
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    Client login/update issues

    No server status monitor is available yet. You can send email to support@crowfall.com so they know what's going on, sometimes they can just restart it remotely. If it's more serious, they'll need engineers to work on it.
  17. 1 point

    Client login/update issues

    no, i wasn't serious, sorry
  18. 1 point

    Client login/update issues

    Tried just now and getting the same issue, I can login to the launcher then it errors at checking for updates.
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    New Player Gameplay Loop

    Lol. I am one month into the game and haven't even used dust once. i am still confused by the gear tiers. I always thought Basic was the one that you can build right from the start. The one that does not require you to have anything except for some Basic materials. After that you Need to skill the mastery trees to go for the intermediate gear. Which is basically an upgrade to the Basic gear. I think the weapons are craftable by Default. The harvesting Tools are definitely not and Need two different trees to be skilled (wtf). I don't even know about the intermediate Amour because i have not found that one yet. (but i think there are 3 kinds of it, the disciplines are proposing that) I am not dumb. i have not spend tons of time on this game (more like 60 hours or so) and i was not able to figure out anything above that by myself. Compared to other games this is very slow learning curve. I think that is dangerous. And even if i would have learned about them i probably would have forgotten it by the time i would have been able to master them. On the other Hand, the discipline System is neat. (except for that you cant see what you get before you alreadycommited the materials) Was one of the first things i really had the Feeling that i got a hang on it.
  20. 1 point

    Useful UI Idea(s)?

    Welcome back Nakawe? Sorry at being off-topic
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    This is a big concern of mine as well - I've seen too many sandbox style, open-world pvp games end up like this. I do feel that the current "on-ramp" experience for new players can be frustrating, although I don't agree that it's all about passive vs active training. My feeling is it's more about a steep power and learning curve that gives so many advantages to veteran players, and makes noobies feel useless. I know the Developers will continue to iterate and improve on this aspect of the game over time (with things like adding intermediate gear, sacrifice system, and economic loop), they are too smart and experienced to risk the game's success on it.
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    Reason to play with passive Skillsystem?!

    Activities you can do in the first month of the game after making intermediate gear: Getting discs, scouting terrain, building forts/keeps, taking over POI, pvp, setting up a shop, leveling, farm for advanced weapons/armor, etc. Keep in mind the game isn't balanced around the first month of play. The idea is to create a long term interdependent economy/social system.
  23. 1 point
    The funniest bit about this thread is how those who admit to having not been testing very long or frequently will tell those who have that not only do they not know what issues this software currently has but that their testing experience hinders their ability to see the issue/s. You think the lack of training is what's holding you back? Okay, well 5.5 is about to hit the Live server in the next week or two and will more than likely be accompanied by a wipe of all items and skills (as it was on the Test server). I would suggest you re-read the advice given to you in this thread (and other threads, not that newcomers tend to read much of what's been written by people other than themselves) in order for you not to end up right where you are now, getting consistently rekt, a week or so after that wipe.
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    Reason to play with passive Skillsystem?!

    I'm new to the game. I would have started 5 months ago when i got the game... But discord told me not to even bother logging in because the game wasn't fun or playable or something like that... I just came back to see if thats changed. I logged in, gathered and crafted everything I could.. Then while chopping a level 1 tree I got shot in the back by someone doing 20x more damage than I could to them... So from a new players point of view, you know what? This game sucks. Your suggestion to "just play and learn..." Very self defeating when there really is no point in playing without skills, of which this bastard will always be stronger than me because I started later than him. When do I get to have fun? When do I actually get to play for fun? The reason people play overwatch and things like it, even though they dont earn anything, is because its competitive, its fun, its balanced.... Where is the balance in making older players gods where you literally have to wait extreme amounts of time to actually have fun? I can see the future of this game... And with the skill system it has now, it will be about as popular as Salem was by seatribe. I got this game for everything else... I guess I must have not seen the whole "passive skill" system mention somewhere back when I bought it. The idea is solid, but the waiting game is crap. They could cater to both, allow u to skill up in game OR passive train, good for both sides right? Those who prefer not to play at all... Or those who have plenty of free time on there hands, you know, encouragement to actually be active and play when your new? VS being forced to wait to be able to actually not die when moving around... *You will still suck because....* Thats what guides are for, and tutorials, and videos... There are 3 types of people. 1. You look up everything, practice everything, and then share your findings. 2. You follow someones build. 3. You don't read anything and 90% of the time you lose, because the top people are makers, or followers, and you for whatever reason never use walkthroughs or guides. So no, this skill system pretty much says "Hi, did you die? Stop playing for a month and skill! Try again later!" Of course not many people are die hard fanboys, and its a proven fact in the gaming industry that diehard fan boys cannot keep games afloat, it needs all the types of players. The fanboys, The sheep, and The whales. The diehards keep things hyped and are loud as hell, they usually are the top players and know all the secrets. The sheep pad the games population, they come and go but typically they are fodder for the other two to step on, but that doesn't matter too much. The whales keep the servers well fed, they throw money around so they can beat the diehards and crunch yummy sheep, they like to feel important. These are part of the triangle ecosystem of online gaming. If the diehard fanboys vanish, the whales won't feel like they need to spend money. Without the whales, the servers will dry up and turn off. WIthout the sheep, the diehards or whales (depending on the cash shop p2w model) will crush the otherside, causing that side to complain and eventually leave, resulting in one of the other two scenarios. Plus without the sheep, new sheep, whales, or diehards, are less likely to join. I know you say the niche system is "not for everyone." How long are you hoping this game to last then? Right now its geared solely to scare sheep away. The population also, only goes down.. Infact statistically speaking, the population of a new mmo drops within the first 2 months... by 77%, and from there that number is influenced by many things... But if it hits a certain population, its all downhill from there, because new players like to see other players, and hate being alone in the first moments. Alot of sheep players quit and never look back based on the first 15-30 minutes of gameplay.. So if their experience is bland, or bad, they just quit and refund. My experience was run around, gather, craft, learn that I can't even damage things above level 7, and that at my best I could be completely turned to ash and that advancing in this game is done entirely passive... Meaning I will never truly enjoy this game unless I wait a very long amount of time... (For those who can't quite get this through their head, login to rust and handicap yourself to only being able to make cloth armor and a basic gathering tool. Do this for 5 hours straight. Was it fun dying 100+ times and getting nowhere? Would you do that again, every single day, 5+ hours a day, allowing yourself to build 1 additional thing per day? No? Then what reason does a new person have to even bother playing this game for the first few months? And why do you think that is an acceptable mechanic in a game?) This game has amazing promise... With one very bad system ruining the fun, and the population, which in turn will kill the game. I wish I could play the full game and tell you how much fun it was, but with the skills I have...it was more of a limited demo, in which I rate it 1/5, would not recommend to anyone interested in having fun immediately.
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    Much anticipated notes from Race/class split? Are these notes of things that have happened or that will? Tell me more about 5.3.1 on Live server or soft launch unless the aforementioned notes are about assassin, frost weaver, or factories.
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    I think Grey top end is around 110. I have a 102, looks like Srathor made 104. I know that white 58 blade + white 38 grip with 5 pip (all) good roll on damage = 80-107. I am still trying to confirm the math.
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    Seems Quiet

    You are on the live servers everyone is on the test servers
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    Based on the Dev's intent I would focus on Group v Group. 1v1 in important for understanding your class but may not help you when game is released.
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    State of Melee In Crowfall

    Says the Wood Elf Ranger
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    Would be awesome if they lived in nests in trees. Start whacking away at the wrong tree and multiple spiders drop down on top of you. They look awesome
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    lol @ untrue.. I said "for me". I also stated that "when all is said and done it could even out". Thanks, sometimes I get confused and believe I can view things differently from others
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