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    (Read the bolded parts for the short version.) This issue has been discussed a bit, and I know it's already on the dev's radar, but I think it is important it be addressed soon, what with crafting stations in EKs now being usable by other players, and 5.6 due to be pushed to the Live servers soon and how negative an impact on gameplay and testing little to no crafting in the Campaign World would have. Obviously both some players and the devs want crafting to be done in the EKs. This is how it will be in release, between campaign cycles, when the spoils of war and taken home to better your EK infrastructure and your equipment as you ready for the next campaign. Crafting in an Eternal Kingdom can and should also be a social experience, seeing not just a vendors but crafting facilities being used by large groups of players in a single EK is something that needs to be tested and will help cement the social foundation of the game, paying dividends in it's other areas. That said, there is a real downside to a reduction or even a total end to crafting in the Campaign Worlds. Taking Forts and Keeps, defending them and the Crafters that use the stations there, is a significant part of the gameplay loop right now, and one of the few reasons for conflict, given the lack of any real functioning win condition system. By allowing people to craft items in the EKs, even with Import/Exports limits - a mentioned method of possibly addressing this issue - you reduce the need to craft in EKs and at the same time reduce the sources of conflict, and ultimately, activity in the Campaign Worlds. I have a suggestion for a simple solution to this problem, which would be the following: -Cause every Fort Throne and the Keep Tree to generate a field that buffs the crafting stats of those people in it's faction, similar to what the Leadership buff does, calibrated as needed in terms of range to cover all of the nearby stations -The strength of the buff could be equal to or greater than, as well as being stackable or not stackable with the Leadership buff, depending on what exactly you want to accomplish If the game is able to treat players in a faction and proximity to the Throne or Tree for this buff, similarly to how it treats players in group and proximity to it's leader for the Leadership buff, then I think - based entirely on ignorance of course - that this should be do-able and fairly straight-forward. It would restore value to taking, holding and defending strongholds once again in the context of crafting, and depending on the values used, may even make it better than crafting in an EK with Leadership buffs. I am not inclined to punish or destroy the possibility for an activity, such as crafting in EKs, but rather reward the competing activity - keep player choice intact, but restore the circumstances that support the overall gameplay and activity in the Campaign Worlds. Thoughts?
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    Final Combine for Vessels is a winner!

    Wanted to say thanks to @thomasblair and team for their change to the final combine for Necro Vessel crafting. The feedback form many was 'how can a Necromancer better fine tune their output by more than just a Philosopher Solution' and the change has really opened up our choices. Eliminating Sheen and giving us access to a by the line adjustment by Pip usage (if we don't Flawed assembly) will now increase the dialog between crafter and customer 2X. @Gradishar does not need a Half-Elf Vessel he need a Half-Elf that pushed Dex as he is an Assassin and a Crafter both of which leverage that stat as a primary impact. @srathor does not need a half-giant vessel he needs a half-giant Vessel that pushes Strength as it will be his Black Smith Vessel, and if I can push the Crafting Basics on it then all the better. great change
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    Themed Buildings

    I can't remember if this is in the plans or not, and I know there are different styles of the fort throneroom, but what I'm talking about is alternate building types. Instead of having a house and placing a blacksmithing station in it, what about having a building that actually looks like a forge and limiting it to only blacksmithing stations? There could be a tannery, an alchemist's lab, a carpenter's shop, a mason's shop, etc. We have themed vendor stalls. Adding themed buildings I think would add a lot to the immersion of the world. Maybe we could name the buildings, even if it's only seen when a player targets the building. You could also have a market building which isn't really a building like the others. There is no interior. Maybe it's a ring of vendor wagons that has 4-8 slots for vendors. Kind of like a kiosk. The "base" of the building could be a circle of cobblestone around the wagons. There could also be something in the ring inside the wagons, or it could be left empty. Maybe players could place the market around a huge tree. It would also be cool if we could have street peddlers. Imagine having a vendor that you attach to a building, but the vendor can actually move up and down the street and cry his wares. How about adding other building types like fountains or gardens. Maybe some statuary to slot into those gardens. How about allowing us to build our own wells? Obviously, some or all of this would need to be post launch, but there's no limit to the types of buildings they could add.
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    Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    I'm really glad to see there's no gender lock on the Centaur race. However, with the addition of the new female I still find the appearance a bit manly. I've discovered a great salon on the outskirts of town and here's the results! Before: After:
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    I am not proposing making it impossible to Craft in the EKs, and I AM proposing greater reward for the risk of crafting in the CWs - better crafting stats = better items. No particle effects needed, just better end results. This gives people a choice - they can craft in safety with less risk in their EK, or they can risk crafting in a CW and be rewarded with better items. Simple, elegant, effective.
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    Final Combine for Vessels is a winner!

    wanted to move up the change in image form shifting from a 'sheen' to a targeted spend' ... no need to test to see the change in sheen versus targeted value ... as with this split I would think I should lift a targeted value far more with the same roll versus the sheen.
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    Is this game launching this year?

    Release it when it's well polished, even if that's next year or after. This game will lose a ton players if they claim its finished and still packed with bugs and performance issues that need to be worked out. Dont buckle to impatient players, if anything... keep releasing new content to keep the testers intrigued and stay in alpha as long as needed while you fine tune everything that needs to be addressed.
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    Whilst registering my account, I noticed that when filling in your name (both first and last), spaces are not allowed. I'm sure many other players experienced this issue as well. Though it might be a trivial detail, I thought it was worth mentioning.
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    just watched the vod have to say removing sheen is soooooo nice hope we see the sheen split up also in other final combines awesome change designers
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    Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    yea baby
  11. 1 point
    3 years is a long time for a millennial.
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    I nominate "Collection" to go with the other two "C"'s. You collect people through leadership, collect single resources through harvesting, collect mounts/pack animals and use them to collect and groups of harvested resources. To a degree, that makes some sense. It would be very hard to be a leader without at least some level of insight into the basics of the relevant subject matter (sometimes even more than that). Leadership skills make sense to me as a branching of choice and the addition of other skills on top of the basics. I would, however, concur that leadership in the crafting area makes little sense to me. Crafting seems to be the application of expert and minute skill and the expert doesn't seem to require a superior or supervisor but may instead require logistical support which is provided by leadership in the harvesting area. This would also avert the issue of a dedicated crafting character being unable to make the best stuff without someone else simply sitting in group providing a set of buffs and not providing any actual tangible support (unlike a group of harvesters who would all be presumably harvesting at once and might benefit from a leader pointing out how to coordinate their efforts).
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    Exploration skills aren't just about harvesting, I have been calling it the gameplay track for a long time. It just so happened that harvesting was the first gameplay we built outside of combat. Expect when we add more gameplayesque skill trees for features like like Animal Husbandry (pets/mounts/pack animals) they will end up in Exploration. Now that I have removed Leadership skill nodes from the Profession Basics skill trees, the trees are roughly balanced around 30 days of training time if you want to 5 pip every skill node.
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    I sure think sitting for hours and hours at your table hunting for that perfect blue print is not something you want to drag your "leader" friend through. (Hello leader ALT and multiboxing). "The next screen is where we think people who are really serious about their gear are going to spend a lot of time." Hotori Honzon didn't need no "leader" watching over his shoulder to be the best swords maker in Kill Bill. I actually can't think of a single master craftsman in fiction that had anything but a helper. Certainly not a "leader".
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    Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    So that's what she looks like after 14 beers
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    Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    I enjoy creating ugly characters from time to time. I've been bored of female monsters in games for quite sometime because they're never half as cool as the male monsters, because they don't do enough to make the sexual dimorphism anything interesting and they're just like humans with a few exaggerated features, because people want their female monsters to be vaguely custardable from a human perspective.
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    Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    She's looking kinda hot...for a horse that is
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    Killing people with the guild Oathsworn. I just want to stab people in the face, gather resources, stab some more, gather some more, maybe help the faction we'll be a part of win a campaign, and hopefully stab some more people in the face. So yeah.. lots of stabbing.
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    Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    There's something you're missing about the design of a game like crowfall specifically. In any given RTS or MOBA there are purposely very few players in a given matchup. Most RTS games top out at 8 players total, but in a competitive space they are generally head to head 1v1 affairs. The typical MOBA, as inherited from DOTA is a 5v5. The same is present in CCG games like magic. These are designs primarily built to serve a very large number of players at different levels of skill by segregating them in to extremely small ranking bubbles. This design is present in fighting games and many other types of competitive games where you can see clear design intent and balance to design elements of the game for various skill sectors. There are some great blog posts by designers of MTG and LoL on this kind of thing specifically. Stuff like why they don't nerf pubstoming champions or why they deliberately design cards or champions that are objectively bad in high level play. What it comes down to is that the concerns of high level players in a system like that are irrelevent to the vast majority of their player base, and that their first responsibility is to create a game that is as enjoyable to the low ranked newbie as it is to the super diamond whatever tier pro. That's why you only ever see the same 15 of so heroes in high rank LoL or DOTA matches despite the game having, maintining, and continually balancing three times or more heroes. A game like Crowfall is built specifically to avoid segregating players in to extremely small skill brackets. The entire function of the design is to throw as many people as possible in to extremely large servers with extremely large numbers of adversaries and allies. The "skill brackets" are so broad and the number of players required to perform at a sufficient level of competancy necessitates a somewhat different design approach. In general, systems that reward too high of a skill ceiling don't work for mass combat because on average the number of players that can reach and benefit from that ceiling is so small that it becomes an unfun scenario for both the highly skilled player and the average player. The highly skilled player is so unlikely to encounter anything that constitutes a threat that they get bored and eventually quit. The average skilled player, when faced with the reality that players exist (and often these players seek one another out and roam in groups) that are virtually unassailable due to pure mechanical skill become frustrated because they're heavily outclassed and a small group of players is winning what seems like an disproportionate amount of victories compared to what they "should be" Because the required player numbers are so large, the distance between the skill floor and ceiling has to be much smaller than in a MOBA or fighting game or CCG to actually make a competitive experience that is fun for everyone involved. Your BEST players still need your AVERAGE players to present some sort of challenge because by and large they will be fighting average players, not players at their own skill level. Your AVERAGE players need to be not completely blown out of the water by your BEST players because your entire game design isn't about being the best player, but the best massed army of players. A system that allows someone with exceptional skill to cut down 20 average players as they could in a perfectly good FPS design creates a pretty frustrating dynamic for open PvP. While there's merit to a "by pros for pros" design in more structured games with less players in a given match that sort of design ethos doesn't serve the core goals of a competitive MMO in the same manner. I'd also argue that a game designed in such a manner may be a hard sell to the general public, who may be enthusiastic about the genre of game and enjoy playing it but are by definition mostly average players who are going to have the most fun in systems where average players have systems with which they can achieve a largely even win/loss record against the hundreds or thousands of potential opponents of wildly different skill levels on their servers.
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    Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    I'd ride that.. Wait, can centaurs take a passenger?
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