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    ITS ONLY GETTING WORSE! Crowfall: The Fight for Apples.
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    The differences in crafted weapons is insane. Crafters will be a necessary component for any group of pvpers. The sword on the left is an amazing success, the middle is an avg success, and a basic was added to illustrate the difference.
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    AOT: An Odd Thought. Subject: Too Many Soldiers, Not Enough Coal Miners. So, gals, guys, I assume this topic has been tread or covered in some manner...somewhere in this games alpha history, at least, I can only hope it has in some manner; because I see a future problem on the horizon the more I think about this. Sadly I have been unable to find anything about it. And this thought process has been sparked by a single sentence in a single thread; "Right now, skills are training at a 10x rate. When it drops to 1x, things will change dramatically. " @ Is that really the case? Are we training at 10x the rate? Does this also apply to even basic skills? Or is it just the ones higher in the skill trees? If so, there is bound to be some extreme issues coming down the pipeline. Not in the usual bug-manner; but that of player choice. Whom here can say they have EVER played an MMO that had more healers and support members (Harvesters, Crafters) than combat focused classes or jobs? What even incentive is there for the crafters? Are we hoping campaigns that benefit and directly are affected by crafters/harvesters because of win conditions, would fix this issue? (Hopefully the later is not the answer, as it will mean the small numbers being spread out further) The war on self-sufficiency will help this issue, sure, but we are going to see such a huge focus disparity at the beginning, that its going to create a massive demand with so few to fill it, that will be ONLY feast or famine for whatever side gets the majority of the players whom WILL take those thankless classes/functions. Thus we have the Captain / Coal Miner issue. You got more than enough people to fight, but not enough people to outfit those people TO fight, and it creates a vacuum that either gets filled by someone whom doesn't want to do that (making the experience unfun and more than likely to hurt player retention) or those whom already do it, gimp (even if argued its only a 'tiny' difference) themselves from playing any other way for months and months due to the skills coming so slowly. This is a PvP game, people are gonna wanna be doing THAT over spending time hacking up flora and fauna in general. Am I just kinda overthinking this or has this been addressed in some manner and I have been unable to find anything about it? This all becomes moot in time though for players that stay, since over time people will unlock more and more on their crow. But the beginning may be...very rough due to this, and hurt the population to such an extent that it BECOMES a bigger problem than it actually is in turn. People like to complain and negativity sticks far more than positive things, just take a look at all the 'pay to win' stuff still floating around about CF (simple youtube search brings up a lot of stuff). Had even a coworker go "oh, you mean you are in the alpha for that pay to win game?" when I talked about this topic to him even before posting here.
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    No clue whether ACE reads this particular forum on a regular basis or not, but here it goes anyways: - I'm not a big fan of discs in their current form (for various reasons I won't detail here), but something Todd said this week in the Q&A made me think they should be tied into the Sacrifice system, NOT gear slots. Here's why: -Todd has stated this week they want to promote and upgrade their active progression system a little more, the Sacrifice system as it's currently called. I think spreading out the disciplines in the form of thematic trees (support, offense, defense, utility, etc) and allowing you to acquire and access them through the Sacrifice system would be a great way to make this system meaningful and impactful. -As gear slots, I think discs have a huge potential for hard snowballing inside a campaign (they're the most important and impactful part of our builds) and add even more to an already exhausting gear grind. NPCs that were intended to drop disc materials can still be around and provide Sacrifice points instead. Sacrifice provides more variety in gameplay in how to acquire them (or at least has the potential to): capture POIs, pvp, harvesting, killing NPCs, exploration, etc. Plus it reduces that snowball potential of discs as gear. -If the devs really want disciplines to be something you can swap during a campaign, they can have a system in place where once you max out your Sacrifice/disc points, you can acquire more points to swap things around later on. That gives players the incentive to keep engaged in the Sacrifice system for more than a weekend. -Since discs would be scattered in the form of power trees, this also has allows the devs (if they want to) to limit a little more how players can progress and access discs. More powerful discs could require pre-reqs to balance things out for example. One of my beefs with discs for example is how it waters down class identity and class roles inside team comps. Or how it allows "do it all" builds that have virtually no weakness. This system could further limit which class can access which discs, or how you can stack them for example (again, only if the devs want to). @jtoddcoleman
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    Ok I'm sorry, my bad, might have been sloppy (and incorrect) from my part to clump the entire proposal under the term "Sacrifice". But yea, it's exactly how you described in your previous post, that's the idea at least.
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    It IS clear, but you are not understanding what I am saying, nor what the word sacrifice means. Capturing forts has nothing to do with sacrificing, the examples you cited - killing other players, killing guards, mobs and ToLS - none of these things have anything to do with sacrificing, which is specifically putting items into a brazier, to sacrifice them to the gods. You continue to conflate the concept of sacrifice with the system of Vessel Leveling or generating XP. It's not that we're stupid and don't understand your clear OP, it's that your use of language and terminology in this regard is sloppy, incorrect and bizarre. That may be due to a language issue, which is fine, but my point is, it would help your case if you stopped using the term sacrifice - which has a lot of associated baggage as it very specifically relates to the collection of items, which relates to particular activities that some people find unappealing as they can involve an unnecessary grind etc. What you are proposing is A ) New/more ways of generating Experience B ) New/more ways of using those Experience Points, to do more than just get Attribute Points by leveling your vessel... It's an incredibly important distinction which I think it would be very helpful for you to make more clear, by not misusing the term sacrifice.
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    Yeah I wasn't telling any fibs. Its really a problem that fixes itself fast because people see dollar signs.
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    Not a fan of mobs becoming hunger versions at night and then vanishing during the day. I much prefer the older idea of all mobs gradually becoming hunger versions over season progression. Alternately, controlling the mob version based on the spread of hunger shards would be good, all the way to indestructable humger shards when the world is near the end, which would necessarily make all the mobs in the world hunger mobs. Swapping them in and out of hunger mode every day just by existing makes the entire concept of the hunger feel less important and way more gamey.
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    [BLiK] Blacklight Knights

    ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 「Welcome to the Blacklight Kingdom!」 Looking for a guild? Not sure where to go? WANT TO HAVE SOME HECKIN' FUN?? Not only will we help you out if you're just beginning to adventure through the wonderful world of Crowfall, we'll continue to help you out with whatever you need! I can't wait to become the best and most fun community in the univer- I mean on Crowfall! We are going to have so much fun mah doods. You like to have fun, ay? Well then just join BLiK! Here's why you should: ~ ~ ~ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Oh, you wanna join us? It's pretty simple. Here are the requirements! Friendliness: This is a necessity. We can't have fun if you're hella rude, right? Fun: I know it seems like I've said this a lot, but this is sooooo impooortant! We like to laugh and have a good time, I hope you do too. Interest & Activity: Despite the fun atmosphere, we'd really appreciate some activity. We want you, as a member, to have an interest in playing Crowfall on a semi-regular basis. As well as enjoy playing the game. Discord Account: Although not necessarily a requirement, we would love to have you in our Discord server. It's a sort of public server about a lot of different topics, but we have a corner specifically designated for Crowfall! Hope to see you there! Community: We want people who enjoy helping out, and are willing to contribute to the guild in any way possible! ________________________________________ If you're interested, please reply to this post with the following format to apply! _______________/\_______________ Hope to see you in-game! I'll message you if we accept your application. ~ May your crow's wings find their vessel ~
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    It will only be a problem if they don't get the balance right. There are definitely players that enjoy full time crafting or harvesting in games where it's possible. However, if the CF playerbase focus is split like 50% combat/30% crafting/20% harvesting (example I made up!) then that 20% needs to be able to supply the other 80% or the game loop won't work well.
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    They did remove the slider some time ago. I believe the plan is to add scale to individual UI elements instead of the entire UI at once (which is what the old slider did). Unfortunately this is probably one we just have to wait on a for a while longer.
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    let's not turn Crowfall into 7 Days to Die.
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    The next fun fact is in Albion Online you had 2 Ingame currency's, Silver you got though killing mobs and Gold from buying it with real Life Currency. But also you could switch Gold to Silver and Silver to Gold, in the early stages of the Game the conversion factor was quite low. So you could invest all your Silver into Gold, and after some Months you made a huge amount of Silver if you sold your Gold. (I dont know if there will be a System like that in Crowfall too, like switching between Currency's.)
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    I like the idea you proposed and I think it could be a good compromise to make the active progression very important while leaving discs untouched as they are, I just happen to think there's already soooo much other stuff that crafters have to experiment on and make in the game. Gear is extremely important, and soon we'll have even more stuff for crafters like building cities in the Dregs, and siege equipment. Removing discs from the equation wouldn't have the effect to make crafters obsolete IMO. Instead, it would just put more agency in the player's hands when it comes to their specific character progression (we're not talking about which armor and sword you choose to use, but which powers you want your character to have); avoid a potential snowball effect that character progression as gear can have; and make active advancement important and worthwhile throughout the course of a campaign all in one go (not to mention to possibiity to rebalance discs as trees and limit how you can stack them in different classes/builds).
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    Sorry, maybe I haven't been explaining this part of the idea very well (although I thought it was pretty clear in the OP). There's already capping forts on top of material donation. And there's been talk in the past of expanding the system to include other activities. This is a main part of my proposal, that the "Sacrifice" system as a whole be expanded to include a bunch of different activities that can earn you points towards leveling up in this active progression system. I cited several as examples, like killing other players, capping forts and keeps, donating materials, killing infested mobs (or whichever mobs), exploration activities such as map making/discovery, etc. Just stuff that you'd normally be doing on a daily basis.
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    Just a quick Story about Albion Online and its start. In Albion Online you have weapons from "Tier 1" to "Tier 8", at the start of Albion Online i quickly leveld to craft "Tier 4" Daggers. I bought ressources from gatherers, crafted them to Weapons (Daggers) and sold them, for like 250% of the normal Price... Just a few others could craft them at this moment, few Offers / much Demands. Like you sayd a lot of People are Pvp focused and thats the Jackpot! And this exact thing will happen to in Crowfall, and thats the Reason why i will be a crafter/gatherer at the Start. "To earn a golden nose" (Like we would say in Germany)
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    I am curious, as to what evidence formed this conclusion. If anything, this is only going to keep people from playing in the dregs, as playing in this zone as any guild is going to require a lot more strategy compared to playing faction v faction. My understanding is this is going to be a guild reliant game for the dregs, which means that people are going to have to work as a team and this could be in the form of mandatory harvesting ops. I already expect when the game releases that the 3rd skill I am going to have to train for the first couple of months, is some form of mining to help contribute to which ever guild I decide to join.
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    Good conversation, guys. I don't envy the devs for the decisions they have to make.
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    Day/Night cycles and creatures that only exist at day or night exists in many other games. For example lotro had it 10 years ago... doesnt sound new or cool in any way to me. 40m day&night sounds really short. I feel, its weird that night is time of hunger and that it goes away when the sun goes up... I thought of the lore in other ways... but thats not on me to decide... seasons coming will be a nice change, though.
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    I don't like the idea of inventory items like discs being tied to the active leveling in the sacrifice system... it would put an emphasis on the leveling grind that upsets the entire balance between hardcore and casual. The whole reason for the passive skill system. That said.. there are other things besides stats that can be a choice or an unlock from active vessel leveling and not also destroy the livelihood of the Runecrafter. Selling tools is minor compared to selling discs. What would make more sense is the disc slots being unlocked on a vessel as you level it... all of the disc slots are locked initially and unlock in progression from 1-30 every 5 levels. you get a minor at 5, then a major at 10, your weapon mastery at 15, another minor at 20, second major at 25, and your final minor at 30... This would essentially make disc powers a progression that you have to plan for and work on actively. This doesn't give you the discs like some crappy PvE raid prize... I want to see how discs are crafted and what experimentation does to a discs stats, powers, etc... including the recipe unlocks and the rarity of mats needed before we start giving them away as PvE loot... imo only the thrall and additives should come from PvE, the material goods from harvesting. Minor discs and Harvesting Major discs should come from fairly common thralls and basic premium materials, the more valuable and sought after discs should require pretty rare thralls and need better materials to get all of the active powers and stats as we know them now to be on the disc at all. This kind of balance between active play and crafting to obtain high end build needs makes good development sense. Having discs vary from experimentation would be a big deal...
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    I think material donation is pretty much the only method possible to 'level Sacrifice', a phrase which makes no sense. Do you mean 'Vessel leveling'?
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    You could say that about anything harvest related lol. Botting as an argument could be applied to all sorts of different systems in the game. You'll need teamwork and skilled plays (or maybe just a zerg who knows) to capture forts, keeps, POIs, to win campaigns as a whole. Whole game will require that. Disciplines is a progression and character building system. You could say it's the core of it. There's already lots of other stuff to craft (maybe even a bit too much at this point). And the devs already stated they want to put a bit more emphasis on active progression. That's because you are taking Sacrifice for just its material donation aspect, the point is that it can be expanded to include all sorts of activities (as devs said before). As long as material donation doesn't end the absolute most efficient way to level Sacrifice, and you can gain sacrifice through capturing POIs, killing other players or npcs, exploring areas and so on, then no, it wouldn't just be the same thing as harvesting/crafting. I mean, I understand that "this is not how it was in Shadowbane", but honestly, there's been other good games besides Shadowbane over the years. If what matters for the game experience is that contested territory fight over the special mob spawn (and I agree that's a really cool feature), just make those mobs drop something else, like the seeds needed to plant bane trees, or something related to bloostones, or anything important for the CW win conditions, really. There's different ways to achieve the same fun experience, it doesn't need to be an exact copy and paste of Shadowbane.
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    I could see them doing it for generic disciplines that are valuable to every class like Juggernaut. The more specialized discs I would like to see on specific monsters or locations.
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    If the guy is an enthusiast apple harvester, yea sure. Why not. It'll give him access to the same builds everyone else has. Except he'll be doing his favorite thing in the game. Point is, doesn't have to be apple harvesting, but anything allowed by the Sacrifice system. Which should be varied enough. Rune droppers would still be there from how Todd described how the mechanics currently work. And other than rune droppers, as I already said before, there's mats POIs, forts, adventure zones, and more to come with future stuff like bloodstones.
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    When the question asked. "Do we need more things to do and more content?" The question is always yes. In shadowbane we had PoI mines seiges leveling and boss mobs. But some of the best solo fights were over Rune Droppers. The Rune dropper locations actually aided the smaller guilds and solo players with gorilla tactics and timing the drop points. It made it more of a living world. With Crowfall they can even make it MORE alive through this. Grinding endless sacrifice points seems like you could just buy the rune drops with trading in tons of harvested apples.
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    I mean, I get that, and I agree with you. Something that generates a point of conflict and pvp is a great thing. However I think the game will already have plenty of that when it comes to forts, keeps, bloodstones (when bloodstone campaign or something similar comes online), materials POIs, etc. And while one more in the form of disc "bosses" would be cool, as you said it yourself "regional control" just screams snowball to me, for the amount of power discs currently grant. Imagine being the underdog guid/alliance, that would already be challenging enough on its own to fight the other guild/alliance that has more people, more access to better materials, crafting tables and spawn points, etc. Now imagine fighting them in vanilla builds vs their optimized disc builds. I just think discs are core enough to the combat and progression system that tying them to the Sacrifice system just gives you a lot more agency in how you build your character. Plus it gives the Sacrifice system proper weight and keeps players engaged in it throughout the course of a campaign. Why do you always discuss things through rethorical questions?
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    Who said you need a ton of materials to craft discs?
  30. 1 point
    Getting disc from regions created regional control and huge amounts of pvp at the locations of commander ect. Its okay while i respect your idea i just disagree with using sacrifice points as currency or even a lottery.
  31. 1 point
    It's not a grindfest, or doesn't have to be. If the ways to acquire Sacrifice points are robust and varied enough, you can be doing the things you'd normally be doing on a daily basis and be acquiring them. Capturing forts, pvp, pve, harvesting, uncharting new map territory, etc. I mean, how is that a grind, as opposed to having to camp the disc mobs and harvest a ton of materials to craft the discs? I'd rather have more options to get discs through different gameplay other than harvesting.
  32. 1 point
    Im not sure . Yes we need something more to work for in game. But, A lot of stuff is not in yet . Like capturing the disciplines from creatures like shadowbane. The entire body creation is a minmax char design gamers wet dream. Sure increase the levels you can reach if you want . Add in more ability to grind on monsters and sacrifice. Possibly short term buffs for chars from the sacrifice system. But, PLEASE don't turn this into a forced grind fest.
  33. 1 point
    Thanks for the reply Todd. Yea, that would definitely work and have the same results as the idea I proposed.
  34. 1 point
    Always have preferred games that focus on play interaction over NPC's and quests. Where you may get super basic stuff from crafting for yourself, or buying from a vendor, but to get better things you needed to work with someone to get them. Be it through monster hunting or through crafting. That social dynamic I felt has been missing from MMO's for a long time, at least in general.
  35. 1 point

    PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Your right, but the draw to blend is an achiever trait. I know, I have it. There is this unspoken, often not even consciously registered draw to the idea of progress in one thing being applicable to another. It sorta like how Pokemon Go tried to bill itself as a exercise thing. Ohh, two birds with one stone, yay. The draw to use your Open world training to also excel in an arena with the exact same skills, reflexes, and even equipment is a rather big one. That's what the fascination is. You wouldn't see it with people to play PUBG/CF, because there is no achievements in PUBG to speak of. But take a MOBA with even simple leveling like League of legends, and suddenly the idea you could redesign an arena game that utilizes the existing CF progression, and you have to spend zero time grinding levels in the MOBA version, while still benefiting. Arena is about the only variant of CF I simply don't agree with being workable. I've played LoL, and tried to even climb the ladder, (never broke into gold), and I know how absolutely critical the balance in the game is. Just go look at the change log on powers. .25 second nerf here, .10 second buff here. It's absolutely crazy how important every single microsecond and every single half of a percentage point in stats is. No way do I want ACE to have to worry about that. Players making a few wall cages and arenas for others to watch what would basically be gladiators beating the stuffing out of each other is about as close as I think this game should ever come to "Arena" sports. All the rest of the options I have seen like short term campaigns, raid adventure style worlds, one and done death worlds, hungerdome and others can work. But an arena where balance is absolutely critical because of the nature of the game, nope.
  36. 1 point
    Just from reading the forums a bit and looking at the active members (and searching for threads about player population), it seems like a really healthy game. An has a lot of the same sort of crowd this game is really meant to cater too. I may give it a whirl even as well to see what its like, since it seems there is a 7day free trial! That is good to hear actually, quite a lot to be honest!
  37. 1 point
    Guess then this fits more of a niche crowd, more like MWO does for robot sims. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I know I won't be able to pitch this game much then to most of my discord buds or coworkers, it doesn't fit what they would want. This game then is meant to appeal to a different mindset than what is usually considered the 'norm' in the mmo industry. Kind of refreshing, looking at it that way. Depends on if you luck into killing someone whom WAS a crafter and had hold of a weapon you can use, or a plethora of other variables, but yes, the win conditions make sense. What then is the benefit of winning a campaign outside of transferring gear/items out from said campaign then to make the win worth it? Ofcourse bragging rights is a given. "WE WON YOU LOST! YAH!" kinda dealio. This is actually really useful as a sort of graph to see the differences. Interesting. And reinforces my own choices, but also means that even IF you are a crafter and are not spec'd in combat-you can have a good advantage with powerful gear alone of your own making to give you a slight edge in that manner. That was a smart move on ACE's part to make the differences so great between crafters and non-crafters basic weaponry. That is a very useful perspective...kinda eases some of my own thoughts on this a bit more. Their really trying to create a symbiotic relationship between the players themselves in order to create a ecosystem in earnest. And I agree, the first campaign I believe will be a...fairly drawn out one. Probably will be one of the more grueling ones for everybody till some semblance of power is built up, and the economy settles. May take several of them even to actually get to a 'situation normal' for the economy. That is good to hear! Means that it may not be as much a wait, and as harsh a 'your choices are your grave' feel to it then. Thank you guys for your responses and info, btw!
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    PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Here's my thought: I like to play other games, go for walks, etc. I don't need basketball to also be football any more than I need this whole throne war simulator to also be an arena pvp game. It absolutely takes development focus to implement and update such things, and creates community fracturing in a game that already has by design a high degree of community fracturing due to campaign bands. What is so wrong with playing an arena game when you want to experience of an arena game, playing a battle royale game when you want to play a battle royale game, and playing a throne war game with farming and thievery and your gear breaking when you want that experience? Like, what's this fascination people have with only being able to play one game even though they clearly actually want to be playing two or three different games? If the game you're playing is boring because people aren't online or whatever, what is gained by playing a watered down version of what you could be playing if you just logged out and played a game entirely centered around that? That's what I don't get about these kinds of suggestions rooted in 'accessibility' or 'retention' or in a broader industry sense making "live services" out of games poorly suited for that monetization model. You're basically adding separate games to the one you're already playing for no good reason other than to bring in and retain customers that don't want to play your game anyway by either entrapping them in a skinner box or offering them a version of a thing they already sort of liked but got bored of that still isn't as good. You just end up with fractured products where most of the parts are simply never as good as they could have been if you simply focused on being one game and not one game and two or three crappy mods for that game.
  39. 1 point
    As Jah referenced, there will be a NEED to have people that want to craft and explore. Simply roaming and trying to "gank" for resources simply won't cut it, especially considering seasons and scarcity. Your guild/community will need to be well rounded, especially in the Dregs. If you are a Guild that wants to engage in PvP exclusively, you will not fare well. This designed symbiosis is integral to their planned design. Need for interdependence to succeed. JTC came from Shadowbane. The game, as great as some of its concepts were (and many find here again in Crowfall) had a giant flaw (besides SB.ExE and the brutal Launch/Rush to Market). The sheep were devoured, there was no outlet for them, no place to go. There were no cyclical servers, they were semi-permanent, only closing as population waned. Then the wolves started eating each other, because there was nothing else. The game's population bled out, cannibalizing itself. Eventually consolidating from 7 or 8 servers down to two. What they have created here is an inherent need for "sheep", which is a good thing and cyclical servers or campaigns which is great as well. No stagnation, no entrenchment. I probably didn't directly answer your concerns, I just wanted to lend perspective. To succeed, you better have people willing to put time and investment into things other than PvP if you want to play in the DRegs (Guild vs. Guild). This will be mitigated somewhat on the faction rule sets. All that being said, given the rate of training, I expect the first campaign to be tedious, and that's being kind. Though I'm bought in, sold on the game, I too have concerns about "new" players leaving in droves due to slow progression once the game goes live. I guess we'll see.
  40. 1 point
    To win.As a crafter you can't win without someone using your weapons and as a pvper you can't win without a weapon.
  41. 1 point
    Yes, the current training rate is sped up 10x. However, they have mentioned speeding up the early nodes. I think they are still working on finding the right progression rates. If people don't want to play a game with harvesting and crafting elements, Crowfall might not be the right game for them. In Crowfall we'll fight over who gets to hack up the flora and fauna. Its part of the game loop.
  42. 1 point

    EK SUBMIT MESSAGE - Submission failure

    While that error has been seen in the past, it has not been a persistent problem. It resurfaced again recently. I think it has been happening for a week or so on the LIVE server. Best place to report bugs is the appropriate bugs and feedback thread for the current build:
  43. 1 point

    Stealthed Magazine

    Your points about knowledge being power in this game were also very salient; I kind of wondered how that was going to work once the game went live. It was nice to read for testing purposes at least, helped give me a basis of understanding of how some of the systems worked (or at least, what their aim was.) Sorry to see it go but glad to hear that this isn't going to mean an end to you or your guild as a presence in Crowfall proper, and very glad this isn't the end of Malekai and your other projects, very much looking forward to those. I strongly suspect I'll just be another corpse in your guild's wake but good luck all the same!
  44. 1 point

    Stealthed Magazine

    Yea, part of me has been wanting to take streaming more seriously and give that a go. Lots of games to play, and putting all of my free time into one game has really been stifling in some regards.
  45. 1 point

    Stealthed Magazine

    I am very saddened to see this blog going away. Your format and approach to sharing Crowfall news and design concepts was well thought out and the written format was extremely refreshing to see. However, I understand some things get cut when you have to reprioritize your own limited time. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Will continue to follow your work on Malekai.org, cheers!
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    Stealthed Magazine

  47. 1 point


    As a new player it can take 30 to 45 min to make that killing Boars which is what I had to do to get my vendor out of repossession. I plan on catering to new players and the 480 a day were talking about is going to be a huge burden to make any profit from a new player standpoint. I also don't see the harm of using a vendor as a very expensive storage unit however if there is actually harm in it they could come up with another way to discourage it like making it so you cant retrieve the items once you put it into the vendor system but only delete them or change the price for a cost. Anyway 1 of the great things about the USA is we can disagree about stuff and still be friends. I assume it't the same overseas.
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    This post is probably the single most short sighted, and ill thought out post I have ever seen on these forums to date. That's really saying something. We harvesters are not asking for "something for nothing", we are asking that the road to victory be FUN, not tedious. It's a freaking game, FUN is supposed to be the goal. Notice I used the word "tedious", not "work" in this context. Sometimes "work" can also be fun. The "effort" and time playing the game to get ahead is not the question, it's the enjoyment of the process of that effort is. If it took us a week to get enough material to make our first weapon, and that week was intensly fun and entertaining, nobody would complain. How long would the PvP players participate if the PvP was tedious? If all you had were stationary, rooted targets, and the "game" devolved into a strike timing and rock paper scissors type of play, like the console games of old. Would I be just as justified in telling you to stop your "damn whining and grow up" because you thought it could/should be better? Every aspect of the game that is not focused on "how is this part fun", risk's losing people and players to other games that have more fun. Almost everyone on the forums is here to make the game better, ALL OF IT! So stop belittling people as being whiners because we happen to want our entertainment to be entertaining.
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    Accidents do happen.
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    Ill trade you 4 tons of apples for a commander rune?
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