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    The life-blood of a player-driven economy is competition for scarce, regionally-distributed resources combined with specialization. Too many game designs forgo this concept for a more uniform resource distribution. In a game where players literally pick a place to settle, the player-driven economy will work if that place has precise, predictable and rigid economic consequences. In a simplified scenario: if Mithril Warhammers settles in a cold biome near a mountain, we should have a relative surplus of ore and stone, and a relative deficit of lumber and hide. Of course, there are more than one type of each of those things, so it could be even more excellently designed. Unfortunately, it seems like CF maps follow the classic setup where all types of ore, lumber, and stone appear randomly in every corner of the world. In this kind of set-up, when I am running randomly, I cannot predict what the next resource I will see is. I should be able to. So, you do not have any sort of economic network, you simply have a contest for who can do it faster. This is simplified, I know there are some groups successfully locking down the highest tier of these things, but that is an elite scarcity economy and does not sustain as well as a regionally-distributed one. Let MWH, in the above scenario, corner the market on essentially all tiers of ore and be completely shut out of harvesting lumber and hide. This is a brilliant way to organize a player-driven economy because our economic interaction is driven by need. It also lowers the demand on individual guilds to cover all their needs in terms of trained harvesters and crafters, instead encouraging us to specialize and then trade with other specialists. Yes we want some high quality lumber and hide and equipment made from it, but we should not commit to training ourselves as lumberers, skinners, tanners, and carvers. Then, let us market ourselves as ore and metalworking specialists, with tags on our EK. tl;dr I'm not on twitter, but if I responded to JTC my simple suggestion would be: Do not distribute any resource uniformly.
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    Public EK Marketplace Inventory

    There are now at least four public market kingdoms, so wanted to share some research. Each kingdom has niches: Kitten's Shop has three vendors, two to the SW of Temple and one North. It has leather (crafted products and materials), the finest bows, products and materials of various kinds of corpses, and the least expensive rune tools available. It also offers all crafting tables and leadership crafting buff free to all. Srathor's Lawn has a bustling trade centre consisting of six vendors and a bounty hunter. Here you'll find the best and least expensive weapons available, as well as jewelry, the least expensive gathering potions, quivers, crafting stations and vendors, and more. BabaYaga is doing a great service by providing new players affordable weapons, definitely scope out this shop if you're in the market. The Arkadium has two vendors, carrying some of the best rune tools available, alchemy products, and sometimes shields and jewelry. Ravens Nest has three vendors and is the only kingdom with a multitude of armor. Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQMZZ_Zzrn3IQwVT-Gll0WHU_YBsEUHaE0kqwMxcDQGAFJh8U-nA22nh9jT_4hhP9_7zOZnrYeCPCIS/pubhtml#
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    The Russian company has the exclusive right to all Russian/CIS customers, with the exception of the customers who purchased from ArtCraft before they bring up their website and registration. Those early customers get their rewards on both services and access to both services (subject to accepting the terms and conditions for the services). This option that we offer the prior Russian/CIS ArtCraft customers is not transferable to other accounts. It is normal and reasonable for a distributor/publisher to get exclusive rights to specific territories for games. We don't have issues with sharing servers between regions *except when the pricing is dramatically different or business models vary*, as it causes issues with the level playing field we want for the in-game environment, given our game has a player driven economy. On top of that there are server, bandwidth and customer service cost allocation issues that have to be worked out. We went through extra effort jointly with Travian for the EU and North American to be a combined service, and that worked because the prices are equivalent. Even though only a minority of customers likely will take advantage of the cross-Atlantic play, we wanted this option and it worked for us so long as we had equivalent pricing and business model. I hope this clarifies things.
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    Public EK Marketplace Inventory

    Hey thanks for the shoutout. And nice work on the data sheet. I put a slew of mid to low rang picks and knives up but most of them sold already. I will also do double cost of mats custom work, depending on time. I have most stuff mastered but at least 10 to 13 pips depending on vessels and such. I don't do necromancy nor Jewelcrafting though. But Anhrez does the jewelcrafting and sells some stuff. and Samiotis is the resident creeper/necromancer. So everything is covered. We do have 5-6 blacksmiths working mostly round the clock so it is not just me working Edwen into the ground. Also Invites with Judgement for crafting leadership if I am at the desk and pay attention. and if you have questions and I am in the public channel feel free to pop into the public section of UDL discord. www.undeadlords.net/discord/ Again thanks for the work on the sheet!!
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    I don't think Auction Houses need to be assumed to be universal, Albion Online used a local auction house system (specific to each city and town) that provided for the ability to make trade runs and make profit via arbitrage. This is essentially the same thing in EVE Online, of which Albion Online was inspired by as is apparently Crowfall.
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    Buy orders in the short term.... maybe some counter for the EK title that shows how many vendor stalls are in that EK and the %those vendors are stocked with goods. So you see: Joes EK, 4 vendors, 65% stocked Teds EK, 2 Vendors, 20% stocked Jills EK 5 Vendors, 45% stocked You get a better idea at least if there are goods to be browsed before you enter...
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    I learned about Crowfall in Oct 2017 and then bought in Nov 17th 2017 and have been testing ever since. Im a husband and a father and work 12hrs a day for 14days then go off for 7days. All of my free time (when I have any) is spent testing Crowfall. You guys have come such a long way. And I am thankful for your communication with the playerbase and keeping us informed. Just being able to test at this stage is good enough for me. Yes some things arent where they should be yet, and that's to be expected in a Pre-Alpha. But I enjoy the game everytime I logg in, hell even customer support is the quickest and most helpful Ive ever had to deal with since I started playing MMOs in 2000 Keep up the hard work! And thanks for making Crowfall! Xalon
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    Healing weapon mastery

    There really is no healing weapon mastery rune. All the weapon masteries are about damage but none are themed towards clerics healing. I don’t know what Druid’s use for sure but I assume it’s staff but isn’t that more of a hybrid do some damage and do some healing rune? Is this intentional or coming eventually but not in the foreseeable future (or as you guys say: soon). Most of the weapon masteries need a second pass. poorly made socks, I think a lot of the discs in need a second look with many of them being eh and a few being so clutch you could never see yourself not running them (field surgeon being the latter). Is that on the roadmap for something this summer? Any clarity from atop Mt. Dev would help me answer questions with some other trolls I know... @mhalashace @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair
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    Postponing the release to me is certainly not discouraging or disappointing. I had fears the game would be released like due to lack of funding before it is developed to a point where it will be appealing to the masses. Most people as you can see from the daily population want to see much more from a game then what has been developed and released to date. We current testers are certainly not the typical gaming consumer. There is an enormous amount of content promised and not even close to being in game yet. What is in game still must be optimized and polished along with the rest of the content still to be added. When I first heard that the intentions were to release the game in 2018 I posted a request, “what will the finished game look like?”. This was for the most part unanswered, but I was sure one of two things would happen, an unfinished and unstable game would be released or the date would be pushed back to 2019 maybe second quarter. This is the most reassuring thing I have seen from ACE and thank you for the clear statement. Our priority is – and has to be – to make a great game for you, our backers. Adding time to our schedule is never something we do lightly, but when given the choice between getting it right and calling it done, we will choose the first answer, the only correct answer, every time. I still cant say I know exactly what the finished game will look like but I am comforted knowing there is a real desire to get it right before calling it done. The concepts for Crowfall are amazing. Knowing this commitment is in place has me here for the long run and looking forward to 5.7 and beyond.
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    I had a massive post written about game economy being a misdirected goal, instead the focus should be on guild economy. What does the ratio of combatants to harvesters to crafters need to be, in order for a guild to be self-sufficient? An insanely important question, and one with a very imbalanced answer, IMO. I would hope for something like 40:5:5, but it's not anywhere close to that. The reason ACE should focus on this question is because their sustainable population is guilds, and guilds need to feel self-sustaining (for the most part), either through being able to make everything themselves [most games] OR by being able to produce and sell a surplus of something that someone else has a deficit of [best economy games]. When I got to that reasoning in the post, I realized that what was more important to say was surplus/deficit and regional-distribution of resources, so I scrapped that post.
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    Factories will help remove much of the manual labor involved in crafting. Beyond that, if you simplify the recipes, you take out some of the flexibility. A chest piece having 3 rings means you can put different stats on each of the rings. If it were only 1, then your choices would be more limited.
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    We do expect regional locks for this territory, as is common for almost all MMOs where the pricing levels for access and/or business model deviates significantly from our combined North American/EU service. Given we have a player-driven economy, allowing people to buy in at different pricing levels will unbalance the game and lead to undesirable behaviors that will hurt the level playing field we've promised for Crowfall. That said, anyone who backed us early in Russia will still be able to play in the North American/EU service as promised, and they will also get their backer rewards on an account in the Russian service if the player chooses to accept that. This access change for Russia won't happen immediately of course, but it will come later this year.
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    Don't confuse @jtoddcoleman asking for player suggestions with not knowing how to form an in game economy. He's more or less asking "what are some quick and easy quality of life things that we could do for you guys in the short term?" which is why big ticket items like auction houses aren't on the table. @Jah suggestion to filter out offline EK's from the browse menu was an excellent example. For what it's worth I think simplifying the crafting recipes would both make crafting faster and making gathering resources for crafting faster such that crafters/gatherers have a surplus of items/resources to actually sell. The reason there's no economy right now is because farmers only sell what crops are left over after they feed their families and right now there's not much if anything left over. Why does a Mail Chest require 3 metal rings? Make it 1. Most people stack all the same stats anyways. If you use axes you stack slashing penetration. Why does a Mail Helmet require 2 metal scales? Make it 1. Same reasoning. Why does a metal bar, or wood plank, require 3 stacks of 3 ore when stitched leather requires 3 stacks of 1 hide? Normalize it to 3 stacks of 1 resource across the board. Simple changes like this would lower crafting times and make resource more plentiful to where people actually had leftovers to sell.
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    Blazzen‏ @Blazzen85 Jun 16 Replying to @jtoddcoleman @CrowfallGame Add vendor stalls to campaign world beach heads. j todd coleman‏Verified account @jtoddcoleman Jun 16 as noted earlier in thread, not sure how to make it work ------ How to get vendor stalls in campaign beach heads So for this one, they can simply use the system as designed in Albion Online for crafting spots in public cities, you allow plots that can be bid on for ownership by anyway on a set timeframe, perhaps every two weeks or something. The winner of the bid gets control of the vendor, and the existing owner gets their inventory for sale put into their spirit bank or something. Existing owners could also get some kind of bid multiplier so that vendors don't change hands to often, or not if that isn't an issue.
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    Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Last evenings fights, enjoy!
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    We're still with you. You guys are the pros. Just keep making the money flow, and we'll continue looking forward to a well-baked game. It's been stated before, but MMOs live and die by how good they are, not by when they launch. Stay the course!
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    A "Trade" specific chat channel for each faction, or at the world selection screen. Make the world selection version a protocol that can be developed against, so players can build bots. I know it sounds silly, but I think letting people know it's ok to talk trade somewhere could encourage a bit more of it.
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Hello! I just got the game and I would like to play with some people! Server : NA About me : 26, French Canadian (I speak in english as well but with an accent) Time : I play in the evening and the weekends (Eastern Time - UTC -5:00) Experience : noob to crowfall but I played I lot of mmo in the past : wow, swtor, tera, gw2, bdo Other games that I play currently : overwatch, battlefield, the forest, rainbow six Im kind of an hardcore gamer if I have nice people to play with! my discord is : Elleahpar#2989
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    Glad to see you guys have secured additional funding (without giving up more equity which is even better) to give yourself more time to make the game we all love. Looking forward to the great things to come. 2019 will be the year!
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    mine for record (my tweets auto delete after a month heh) - allow crafters to write their own item "flair text" (possible exclude from poor/common. also auto display where crafted e.g. SRATHORS LAWN or MOURNING world et could go a step further for cw e.g. forged in the Keep of Ganelon in Mourning cw.....depends how much such names will be reused and if each cw will have unique name too - would also be nice if a crafter could choose to stamp the item with their guild name as well - do vendor's display owner names? perhaps a button on vendor interact that auto complete chat /w name. any plans for people to see offline whispers when they next come online? - also bein able to search ek lobby by names. and a "tag" system e.g. flag ek as "blacksmith" etc and let people filter via tags. - display guild crests/names above vendor heads or on stalls. any plans for player or guild to share vendors? placeable trade and storage chests in eks? placeable permanent campfires in eks? p.s. placeable training dummies too
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    13 Order VS 14 Chaos: Field of Reams

    A few of the Chaos seem to have disconnected during the engagement, but otherwise, was a good fun fight:
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    Lets see your Eternal Kingdom

    Some pictures from Ravenheart Crafting Area Market street Horse race gates Marketplace, with sculpture. Kind of. xD Me, pretending to work
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    Disclaimer: I'm from EU and not CIS (though that depends on Russia, if they wanna anschluss us, can't really do much), so more of an "asking for a friend" interest. (Thinking about it, I do have friends from CIS, maybe I can get them to play CF at release.. hmmm) I'm kind of out of the loop, what is the stance on region-locks? I faintly remember no lock for EU backers (aka can select NA) when Travian happened. FAQ says this: Regionally appropriate pricing foreshadows some kind of lock for me (and I can understand the reasons), but I'm not sure if there is an "official reply" to this question already and I just couldn't find it. If it will be covered later during the announcement then I'm satisfied, just wanted to know.
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    I'm a specialist at caring for the community. Yes, even you. <3
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