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    Why is this not already a thing. Take a Skull Add in a rough Soulgem for the low quality ones. Or a polished soulgem of someone more worthy. Enslave them to an afterlife of Servitude Then put their thralls to work in your EK. Come Buy the thrall of Tark. On Srathors Lawn. Happy Monday!
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    Betting on frost weaver news this week.

    Quality memes like this should be in the official thread!
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    A lot of the discussion in this thread is why I try to focus so heavily on explaining to people what pre-alpha means. A LOT of the issues people are talking about aren't issues with the game - they are issues with the existence of time. There is a reason why things like starter zones aren't in the game in pre-alpha test stages - they are useless in pre-alpha test stages. To be clear, pre-alpha is the period in game development where basic features of the game have not yet been built, let alone added to the game. If the developers wasted time making a new tutorial zone every time they added a new feature - and we're talking basic features, like "crafting tables" and "armor types," then they would spend 3x as much time building new tutorial sections for every new feature as they spend building new features. All that would do is slow down development. As I am constantly saying, the point isn't "if you aren't having fun, find another game." I have literally never said that about Crowfall. What I have said, and what I will continue to say, is the same as in my signature, which has not changed in over a year: We are in pre-alpha. If you don't like it, COME. BACK. LATER. When we are no longer in pre-alpha. When the features you are upset by the lack of have been coded and added. When the bugs and stability issues you are lamenting have been identified and fixed. This poorly made socks all takes money and man-hours; it doesn't just happen magically, and pre-alpha isn't even the phase of game development where most of it happens in the first place. BE PATIENT. And for the love of all that is holy, if you're going to back a game that isn't out yet, do a little bit of research and save yourself some pain. Nobody - NOBODY - has bought this game yet. We backed it. We invested in its future. The game isn't out yet. It is not yet for sale. You cannot buy it, online or in stores. I cannot stress the difference enough. You have not purchased a product, nor was that what you agreed to when you handed over your money, and ACE has been absolutely crystal-clear about that, both legally and ethically. When I see complaints based on the idea that someone thought they had "purchased" a "game," it is all I can do not to reach through my monitor, grab them by the shoulders, and shake them until they understand the difference. If you clicked through all of the pages where ACE meticulously detailed what you were and were not paying for and when you would get it, but still came out the other end expecting a fully functional, finished product, downloadable as soon as your payment cleared, I don't know how to politely inform you of the reality, and there is a point at which I will cease to try.
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    game mechanics leans too far on gathering

    So as it stands.... I'd say 2 hours spent gathering 30 minutes crafting 2 minutes doing pvp I'd say. the priorities are WAY off i think it should be the exact opposite 2 hours doing pvp 30 minutes gathering 2 minutes crafting. I feel very strongly about this. and i think the community at large feels this way too. i could devise... many .. many ways to make this doable. one - abundantly easily accessible common gear i.e. shops two- rare resources that lead to advantageous gear at highly contested areas. and lets make them give some good bonuses eh? 3- reduce craft time 4. INCREASE durability on gear by... ALOT!!! "i gather resources to craft. I pvp to run away so i can not lose my resources i craft to build gear i gather resources to make cool gear i build gear so i can -- PVP -> desired mechanics i need cool gear to stay alive longer to farm more resources and build stuff in forts --> current mechanics at what point can i stop playing runescape
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    Steam Affiliation?

    Here is what ACE had to say about Steam in the past: Also:
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    While we don't get direct info we do have a better idea if whats being worked on. I doubt they have had a lot of time to work on Frostweaver although I do think Blair said a few weeks ago they did finally sit down and talk about the class. I also would love to see the last class but it's just going to be another food custarded non ranger class till they fix some of the underlying issues impacting the game. Adding FW now would be unlikely given all that they have been working on but I'll make sure I ask about them during the next live stream for ya.
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    End Game Raid Bosses PVE

    If you take a look at the Bestiary there are some big monsters planned. I'm hoping some of them are pretty hard. As Dolmar said, there is currently a Spider Queen mob. She has a mechanic where she cocoons and does a TON of reflect dmg. if you hit her 2 to 3 times when she is in this state you die. I'd like to see more mechanics where if you screw up you die on these big bad monsters we will get in the future
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    End Game Raid Bosses PVE

    There will be rune dropers the same as there was in shadowbane and those should be harder to take down . Such as the spider queen currently is harder and does do a few extra moves. I believe as they get the A.I more advanced and cleaned up. the rune droppers will be much more difficult to kill . That should do it for most pvers.
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    OK. Let me do this in three chapters. As for calling me, regarding exploits: This is the second time you try to draw my attention to this thread by @ing me while connecting my name to a dupe bug in order to support your opinion. So, here I am. First of all I need to let you know that i don't appreciate the way the aforementioned happened. Second, there is no sense in @ing me about this sub-topic. I won't talk openly and in detail about issues that may endanger the game or the company, or about bugs that may change user behaviour or test results if commonly known, or about exploits of any kind no matter how small they are. If I find such an issue - and in the last three years I found some of them - I try to understand and repoduce it, to find the underlying issue and then inform the team as fast and comprehensive as possible, give them anything they need and don't stop pushing the matter until they understand how important this is or I am truly convinced that (and why) it isn't. Exploits are nothing to be discussed publicly. Why not? Just look at yourself. People freak out about them - and often tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. And even if it indeed may be a mountain, that's just the more a reason to keep it sub rosa. I made a mistake. By even just mentioning that there was an exploit. Just one single time. Without giving details. But unfortunately and obvisously saying enough to foster free interpretion (or not enough to prevent them). In the wrong chat. With the wrong people. This was an exception. I regret that deeply. Be sure it won't happen again. Though it's always good to know who you can talk to and to whom you can't. For somtimes hunting needs a team that can operate silently behind the lines. No matter if you hunt mammals or bugs. So, thanks for making things clearer. As for the sub-topic - EK wipe: What I sense most between the lines of your posts is basically "An EK wipe would be great. Just take a look at Kraahks EK, Ravenheart. And he mentioned a dupe bug. So add 1 and 1 together. Probably others used it and now they have more than me - an honest man who would never do such a filthy thing. Thats market distortion. So let's reset." I tell you, the scope of my EK has nothing to do with any bug. The backer level you can see next to my name is not my real one - i just always liked the ks ruby icon most. So, resetting the EK's, and if you want to the SB's also, will have no significant influence on the scope of my EK. Besides me having to redeem and find the time to place this small part of my stuff once more, of course. Adding to that, there are not many people who are willing and able to test EK's as intensely as i do. It's not more than a handful. The mentioned bug is not likely to be found by anyone but the most dedicated and equipped testers. And you can expect those to report and not to abuse them. But even if that wouldnt be the case, the possible influence would be insignificant. Of course it nevertheless can't be allowed to persist, though. So: There is no bug that i know of that would make any wipe necessary at the moment. However, in my opinion there is likely to be one regarding EK's/Ek assets in the nearer future. We know that the bigger parcels and strongholds are in the pipeline. Mega deeds and panels are in the making. There are massive changes regarding how walls are handled. The inventory system, especially regarding building parts, is suboptimal. This all calls for a soon-to-come EK wipe. Maybe they'll find another solution. Mabye it's just not worth it. But the next wipe will come one day. And thats ok, for this is testing and we are trying to help ... instead of only chasing only our own goals, aren't we? So, maybe we can skip this unnecessary discussion now and go back to topic. As for the topic of driving player economy: There are a lot of aspects to this and therefore also different opinions. I don't think there can be an overall solution for now. However, regarding this topic i see two major player groups. The organized and/or experienced ones (mostly old backers and groups), and the more unorganized/less experienced ones (mostly new single-playing pre-purchasers). To make it short: Split the EK browse window into opened and closed EK's. (or at least put the opened ones on top) Why should people browse through hundreds of EK's with all the same icons. It's boring. It's annoying. It takes time. If you want people to sell stuff on a big scale and create an economy, make it easy for them to get customers. Instead of making it a cinderellas task of "The good into the pot, the bad into the crop ... and maybe ... someday ... if you whish strong enough ... you may find a crystal shoe." Install a fixed cottage + stall + vendor on each EK temple parcel, which the owner can use for free. People may like to sell the stuff they dont need. The problem is, they cant. They would need to build a hamlet parcel for 9k non-basic resources first, and a cottage, and a stall, and a vendor. And then pay the vendor. And then they are not online and some day the vendor has -10k maintenance and how the hell is someone who didnt pay enough attention to pay maintenance meant to pay off 10k gold? Of course they wont. What they need is an easy way to sell stuff. Instead of one they would need to study three semesters of Crowfall for. Both isn't perfect, but i think both could drive the economy for the moment with not too complicated temporary solutions.
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    You can actively level your vessel and get better gathering crafting ect. Activity in game is king waiting on stats will still just put you further and further behind.
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    Item sink related to the skill tree

    You won't get what you want any faster by waiting. Crowfall is a competitive game and by waiting until your skills progress further you are handing a first-mover advantage to your enemy.
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    I feel like this was directed at me and my 1 green marble
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    Food > PvP

    ^^^ This is a great idea. Make Con Great again!
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    Food > PvP

    When I think of 'the food problem', I am reminded of how I used to think of 'the Essence problem', and how difficult and annoying it used to be to manage Essence of a druid. These days, with all of the various powers that relate to essence management now working, with players being deep in training and having good gear, this is no longer a problem. If anything, it can be hard sometimes to gain essence - Essence Burn is a thing of the past for the most part. That said, as I mentioned before, changes can certainly be explored. Another option could relate to the Constitution Attribute - some of us have long felt that Con doesn't do enough when compared to the other attributes. I have thought that perhaps it could be changed to also buff a player's poison or disease resists. Maybe having it grant a hunge-related buff would be good as well.
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    Oi Brasil. Bem Vindo

    As an American in Brazil I am super pleased by this obviously Portuguese is not my first language but I am pretty fluent after living in SP 3 years now! I am loving the new ping
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    Murder of Crows AMA

    @Pann I met my wife on the internet long ago we been friends over 12 years. I took some vacations out here we got closer. I packed everything up and moved out here cause her sister has special needs and would not be able to uproot her. Been only speaking Portuguese 3 years but I can hold my own, almost fluent I'm an only child and work from home so it works perfect. We are expecting our first baby in September! Its been a great adventure and very happy! Can check it out on IG @that_eriksson also!
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    What direction is the game going?

    I logged in have to say I'm pretty lost on where the game is going what the direction is. It's like like a Game of Thrones and more like Mine Craft. Why am I punching tree's and building tools? to build better tools to kill more trees? The devs have created a less interesting player experience than that of the first hour in mine craft. I feel like this is becoming more like an Ark or Conan and less like the Game of Thrones, RPG, War Simulator we were sold.
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    Food > PvP

    In order for food to be important, for the related racial differences to matter, for the no stam or no hp regen states to be relevant, then hunger must have some significant impact. Obviously it should not be excessive like it is now, but it must be impactful. I think there are only three things wrong with the food situation right now which once resolved, will solve this 'problem'. First, the food system itself - from collection to crafting, is incomplete. We cannot even cook food at the cooking crafting station, to say nothing of mass-producing food at factories or collecting or harvesting it using the coming Gathering skill or Farming. This will change things significantly. Once that is in place, then we will see more sellers producing food at higher rates, and it will be treated like a commodity, just like anything else we see frequently bought or sold. I touch on this in the next Bloody Point video, but food is a big part of the entry level economy, and it is one which is not being realized fully right now - something I hope to see change. The last issue is that yes, food consumption is too extreme, in a moment to moment sense, when you are being active in combat and doing things like dodging or using stam. It is possible that this will be resolved once the 2 previously-mentioned issues are addressed, so that you have more food on your bar and it is simply a question of pressing the associated number - like having a power in your tray that refills your food (maybe food should be able to be slotted in any tray) - but it might be the case that the mechanic needs to be toned down or even modified... One way of doing this might be through the introduction of a food cart, or a pack animal, which you can load with food like a hippo, which you move to your area of operation, that generates a food-repentishment effect much like a campfire, but that is wider ranging and long lasting. Maybe even something that grants the effect over an entire parcel. This would open up gameplay, as finding and destroying the food cart would become important. Like many parts of Crowfall right now, I just don't think enough pieces of the puzzle are in place for us to make a definite judgment on it yet. Even though I feel it is too extreme and that there are issues to be resolved, we still have the power to solve this problem ourselves right now - if you have enough food on you, and slotted, especially Golden Apples, the problem is solved. Producing that food, having it on hand after field deaths and respawns etc...these too are things we can solved, but it is work. Do we want to do that work, or to have to? I do not know.
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    What direction is the game going?

    I hate to repeat the broken record, but everything you want is solved by joining a guild. A guild will provide you the harvesters to protect, and the crafters to make gear with the gathered materials. Hopefully the guild system, base building, and concrete capture mechanics will come before the end of the year.
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    Reasons not to play a Confessor

    I've only played Confessor for PvP since I started playing this game. The most recent patch made combos even worse than they already were. It seems almost every other class brings something to the table or shines in a specific area except confessor. Without combos we cant even help with support CC.... we are just a liability to the group and healer now as he needs to focus primarily on this class just to keep him/her alive. I'm easily the first one targeted in every group engagment due to the low survivability factor. I still love the class type but its definitely time to try something else until they show this class some love. I know this is pre alpha and there is tons of balancing that needs to be done to all classes. This is not a rage post, just agreeing with the OP.
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    Food > PvP

    Assassin has a 2k barrier which was helped kill people at lower gear levels. I think the item scaling is more of an issue, in particular armor. They need to make discs scale linearly with gear. White discs should have lower stats, skills, and passives then green blue, etc. As for food its one of those mechanics I like in theory, but it's cumbersome during combat. Scale it back, or allow ways for players to reduce their food consumption through training, armor stat, or by using food created by cooking experts.
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    Beneficial Harvest

    Beneficial Harvest is a short time buff which can be triggered (only) after the destruction of a node by a specific chance. If triggered, you will see the buff in your usual buff list. You can increase the chance and the power and the duration of this buff via skills in the race and excavation trees. However, the buff will only be applied i you trained the [resource type] specialization. These: In order to do so, you need to train the first skill, just like Extintor said. It is, though, (at least currently) enough to train the first pip of this skill. You can also build/buy runetools with an additional bonus to beneficial harvesting. Ask your local runemaker. If you are more interested in harvesting, you might find this harvesting dev blog from 2016 interesting, where Blair spoke about the first version of it. Some things changed since then, but it's still an interesting read and provides some insights.
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    game mechanics leans too far on gathering

    There should be a time for solo and a time for group play. Not everyone can/wants to dedicate whole evenings to a game. Even after work most of us have things to do. Sometimes it just takes seconds, sometimes it takes an hour or the rest of the evening. A lot of that has to be done, but it is on a free schedule. In Black Desert Online (BDO) you can PvP all the time. It doesn´t matter if you miss a fight. There will be a lot more during the evening. If you have to go afk, you can always start to process something, which is almost as good as actually playing that game. In Crowfall you can play actively or... log off, because being online while cooking, eating or doing other stuff just depletes your hunger meter. Because the ratio between gathering, crafting and PvP is so far off, it would be nice if the PvP could be on a set schedule. BRB, my cat just found the mouse behind a cupboard he lost interest in yesterday... Hope you get my point now. ^^
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    Forts - zero value

    The fort capture mechanics have not been implemented beyond a very basic system. No one (including ACE) thinks the current fort mechanics are good, but their development pipeline does not have them being addressed until later in the development. ACE has decided there are more important systems to get into the alpha, and I would not expect them to change until at the earliest 5.9.
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    Not @ me I know but your answer seems to ignore a huge portion of what I agree with in this thread. ->Ahh you mean the server you have to BRING GEAR INTO? That means you have to have ALREADY SPENT 40-80 man-hours on resources in another server, crafted, and banked in order to import and "just fight". With how "valuable" Spirit Banking is, you have to see why that's an issue. I 100% agree a "just play" server would be awesome. Disable spirit banking on it, have "free gear" generated from the start and via the combat itself (better quality gear dropping off of enemies corpses based on lv difference or whatnot) and bam, instant action that's not "teh kraps." It might provide fun AND useful balancing information that currently locked behind a timewall. Little story: As a total noob first hour of gameplay I joined an abb server cause there's NO EXPLANATION about what it is...and got constantly naked-killed by the few other people online while i was still trying to push over a tree with my hands. It took me talking in allchat wondering WTF kinda manure did I just spend money on to finally (after the manditory ***-talking ***whits spent 5 mins degrading me for asking questions) to finally figure out that i needed to connect to a server with worse ping because it actually had a beachhead and rudimentary NPE. Ya Ya, "current dev state" blah blah->not having a signpost is just lazy development. It takes all of 45 seconds to write a string of text and have it displayed. Unrelated to above, but related to the topic: Myself and the ENTIRE GROUP OF FRIENDS who all bought/backed the game at the same time have dropped away from the game and testing of it for exactly the same reasons the OP listed. We occasionally remember to login and spend our max-bank skill points in hopes that once we have the skills between the entire group(in a month or so by basic math, if we remember/care by then) We MIGHT find that the investment/return is worth our time. If I'm to believe the bits of info I've gleaned, that means about 10 months of time once it goes gold. That right there is some psychiatrist's wet dream in self-infliction before we even get into the ability to do the actual early-midgame. On old hats and their blah-blah: just cause yer a white haired ex-marine in a rocking chair on your front porch yelling at the kids to "get off da lawn" doesn't mean your opinion is any more valid. Everyone paid, it's therefore everyone's lawn, and being a hooligan without being helpful is exactly that shotgun-rockingchair mentality that makes people wanna hurry you along to your grave. Maybe the VETERAN PLAYERS should try BEING PRODUCTIVE with comments like we talked about this part in "linked thread which was buried in locked subforums away from general view" instead of being elitist knobgobblers.
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    game mechanics leans too far on gathering

    Darwick, mind that this is my personal opinion, but beandip has been received the comments he received because he presented his feedback and handled other people comments to his OP poorly. I'm pretty sure if he would have been nicer he would have gotten more support. Mind also that trash-talking to players that have been spent years giving feedback to the devs and have been here since day one was one of the reasons that caused a chain-reaction. It's like if someone you have just met starts trash-talking to one of your friends. What will you do? You would normally join to defend your friend. The lack of basic understanding on how social behaviour works, and the of some basic understanding of netiquette and a mature way to present arguments is what lead this thread to degenerate. I assure that I have seen hundred of times lot of veteran players helping new players, assisting them and answering their questions and some of these veteran player came from the most hardcore-pvp oriented guilds that would cut off your throat in game but if you ask politely for help will gladly spend time to teach you what you need to know. Not to mention we (me and you and all the other kittens) do this on a daily basis in our guild.
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    I wasn't referring to myself when I pointed out your animosity toward vets. I came in here being a bit of a hooligan because of what I read from you earlier in the thread. Your disrespect and unwillingness to have reasonable discussions was the basis I started from, so I didn't expect any different. But...this also does sort of drive the point home, no? Edit: just to reiterate, I agree with some of what you've said and disagree with some of what you've said, but I disagree with how you've said all of it, and how blatantly unwilling you are to accept anyone who disagrees with any part of what you say might have a point. I've seen how you treat anyone who doesn't immediately agree with everything you say, and I'm not really interested in having a discussion if you continue to do so, as you have so far continued to do. Some of your complaints are valid complaints that have been addressed in other threads and by the developers. No need to rehash the same arguments over again. Instead, I've tried to provide with the tools to find the other discussions, those tools being A: the forums, and B: the link in my signature. And C: reading, I guess. Use them as you will.
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    Yes, and as other people have pointed out, the valid parts of your commentary have already got many many many many MANY active threads filled with productive discussion on how to further the game in the future. Why not go read some of those and educate yourself instead of arguing with someone you don't think is open to productive discussion? Edit: also, no, forums are not for bitching. The fact that people go to them to gripe notwithstanding. This isn't your dumpster when you're having a bad day, and if you try to treat it as such, expect some vitriol to come flying back out, because some of us recognize that the dev team works their ass off to make this game come to life, and would like to see them appreciated and successful when the game launches.
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    Not set on KEEPING it boring. Set on FINISHING THE BORING STUFF QUICKLY. Pre-alpha is ALWAYS BORING. Pre-alpha testing also does not resemble the finished game. What part of that is unclear?
  32. 1 point

    What direction is the game going?

    Why can't the game offer thralls to harvest for you, x time provides y resources. Harvesting is not fun and part of the strategy could be what thralls you send out to get what resources. When you first log into the game you get a basic thrall. When the thrall comes back with resources, then the actual profession of player crafting takes over. There are options that are more engaging for the player, and don't hurt the economy. The game needs more polish and hopefully that will improve the OPs and future players experiences.
  33. 1 point

    What direction is the game going?

    This is a whole other conversation. I'm also a strong believer in armor/weapons need to be scaled down. Too much of killing power comes from armor/weapons/training and not enough from player skill.
  34. 1 point

    What direction is the game going?

    My problem isnt harvesting so much as the time invested in harvesting. There is a good reason why other games trivialize this part of the game; it's boring. Lower the requirements on the upper tier of gear and you'll less likely to see these type of threads now and 6 months from now. Keep your head in the sand and responding with the "hurr durr, this game isnt for you" mantra and you'll find yourself playing a game by yourself. A lot of this stuff can be fixed with a better New Player Experience and adjusting some nobs and so forth, so we'll see where it goes from there. Crowfall isn't the only pvp focused mmorpg so the devs should be weary of this.
  35. 1 point

    What direction is the game going?

    True, but in Darkfall there was far less barriers to harvesting, it was way more inclusive and there were alternatives. Your character could effectively do everything which is a big difference from crowfall where you're basically forced to nut cup. Even with the accessibility and flexibility with character freedom the game died (not specifically because of harvesting, but the grind definitely hurt it among other things). Crowfall has replaced the "go out and kill 10 rats" quest grind with the "go out and hit 100+ of x node" grind. They're both boring, but at least the rats fight back and keep the experience engaging. All these experiences might change when the population is larger, who knows.
  36. 1 point

    What direction is the game going?

    I acknowledge most of the game isn't done yet, and I have a limited play experience. But all I can do is comment on what I've experienced in the game. I don't think it's inappropriate all to say my first experience in the game mirrored almost exactly my first 30 minutes in minecraft. When I watched the trailers on kickstarter and they used phrases like the intensity of a season of game of thrones but in a video game, and a mix between an mmo and and a strategy game. Never did I think I would log in and have to punch trees. Is it wrong to say I was dissapointed if I felt dissapointed?
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    Making it easier for people to play Crowfall solo will not make it "better". Group-focused play is a core tenet of Crowfall's design. Another tenet is the strategy layer that centers around resource control and harvesting. Your post suggests removing both of those tenets in order to facilitate people to do more PvP, bit the reality is it will just make the game more like ESO where a bunch of people run around disorganized doing there own thing in a world where nothing matters and everything is pretty easy to get.
  38. 1 point
    You kind of did though... Zatch has a guild of people to help him, hes trained to farm a specific thing, they have a division of labor to benefit off each others work and he knows what he is doing/where he is going. You're doing this solo, which you cant really do and then complaining about it. This game is about groups and communities, not this solo hogwash play and if you can't get past that then you wasted some money. Harvesting is a huge part of this game and a lot of people think the focus on it is too high (I'm one of them) but also understand you're doing it the hardest way you can and then whingeing about it.
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    You aren't doing it right. What you are doing is the equivalent of playing basketball with a deflated ball.
  40. 1 point

    Ace Dev Partners

    Most of the questions asked and answered in the last Q&A had quite a few of us scratching our heads too. They will only answer a question if they feel it has an answer; on this last round, so much was changing that they gave very vague answers so not to paint themselves into a corner. If you have specific questions, send me a PM and I'll post them in the Dev Partners sub-forum, as I've done before for others. Doesn't mean that we will get answers, and the answer we may get could be the same bland style you just saw.
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    ARIA "The Noble House" [EU]

    Welcome to Crowfall from Caldera. Looking forward to seeing you on the field of battle.
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    What direction is the game going?

    It's going to be a rough game for you... You don't seem to like, at least, half the game then.
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