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    ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    ?WATCH THE VIDEO PRESENTATION ON YOUTUBE? ? LORE CRAFT OBJECTS ?The Lore Craft system is broken into three basic components. Thralls & Relics, Fittings, and Fascets. Thralls and Relics are the base placeable units. These are broken into Animate and Inanimate objects because Necromancers can craft the Thralls for both NPCs and Monsters, whereas each craft gets a library of Relics which they’re able to produce. Fittings nest into Relics and Thralls, and provide the functionality for those creations to actually do something. Whereas Fascets give flare and aesthetic customization to the interactivities to the models used by the Fittings and Thralls.Think of the Thrall as the Ring, the Fitting as what Type of jewel can be equipped, and Fascets as the actual stone that turns it into a “Diamond Ring” or a “Ruby Pendent”. All lore objects come in all rarities, and there’s an equivalent craftable by each of the varied artisans, so that there’s a reason for each craft to level the tree.? LORE THRALLS ?Though Lore Thralls and Lore Relics are very similar, (I.e. They’re nameable, and the cost of upkeep is dictated by the rarity) they’re unique in that only Monster and Lore Thralls can have Manner Fascets equipped to change their model’s animation and flavor behavior. Additionally, only Lore Thralls have ‘Approach Dialogue’ text, that creates a bubble over their head, containing a snippet of dialogue as the Player approaches. Lore Thralls can be used to begin quests, and end them, as well as provide merchant services.Curious on other functionality? Read on; there’s more information on unique functionality farther along in the post (Or watch the video above).? MONSTER THRALLS ?Monsters have a unique way of granting a quest. A fitted quest node will activate when the monster is killed. Additionally, they have two ways to drop an item. They can drop ‘Lore Item’s’ but also have an inventory of potential drops which are player crafted. Consumables, Gear, and Housing items can be set to drop from the mobs spawned by the node, and the EK’s Admin has control over drop rates, and whether the drop is unique to the player. They can also control the spawn distance from the node.The actual spawn location’s x and y, as well as the monster level and any mob-specific drops (Crafting Ingredients, Gold, XP, etc.) are all dictated on the server level. These are calculated based on the global ArtCraft tables, and based on the level of the Parcel which the Thrall or Relic was placed. That way a level 20 quest is created in a level 20 parcel with level 20 rewards. If however, the player chooses to place a level 50 reward onto that mob spawn, that’s without a doubt their right.Monster Thralls feature an Essence Fascet instead of a Manner Fascet. This allows a variant of the monster to be produced. So if the player wants to have the Spider emit smoke, or be made of lava and leave a trail behind them, then they need to equip a Smoke or Lava Essence Fascet. Otherwise it will be a boring old brown spider.? OBJECT RELICS?Not ever quest comes down to talking to someone, or killing something. Often a great story is based on finding an ancient relic, or reading a stone hidden in a forest. In these instances, it’s a crafted Object Relic that a player would turn to.Bearing the appearance of a regular crafted item, these inanimate objects have their own Lore GUI, and an aura in the world that denotes them as events. And just like the Lore Thralls, they can be used to Start and End quests, and as Merchants. There’s also potential here for ‘Storage’ nodes (as discussed in one of the earlier development videos) a Storage Fascet could be equipped and configured as Global, or Private, with the rarity of the stone dictating the amount of slots and options available to the player.Rather than dialogue, these objects have an optional description which can appear on mouse over in a tooltip, and or in the chat. Objects also have the power to have Music or Sound Effect Fascets attached to them. These will trigger on use of the Object or completion of the Quest step. There are other ways to have ongoing Sounds or Music, but we’ll get to that a bit later. Only ‘Effect’ Type Essence fascets can be equipped to Objects, such as Smoke, Fire, Steam, or Shadow. Unlike the Monsters, the variations on objects are crafted, so that there’s more freedom for the crafter to decide what to make, and more variation in the crafting process. It also increases the value of the Blueprints generated by the crafter.? MANNER, ESSENCE, and MUSIC FASCETS ?Essence Fascets cover a large breadth of effects. They can change the model on a Monster, alter the particle effects of Drops, and even shift the color spectrum of the environment around a given object.Manner Fascets change the way a Thrall behaves. They can trigger during a Thrall’s idle animation, or at each phase of the Model’s interactions, like Quest Turnin, or Shop Activation. Think of these at the level of Ocarina of Time NPCs. They do a basic animation central to them, and then, when you speak to you have a simple animation in response to what you’re doing with them.Music and Sound Fascets have a library available to each type of Fitting, as well as a category of Global sounds. They are meant to create Voices, Atmosphere, Music, and Sounds that reflect the objects and the story being crafted. Music Emitters are invisible to the Player outside of Edit Mode, and can create looping Atmosphere Sound Effects or Music in an AoE range around where they’ve been placed. They also have settings for frequency of repeat, and whether they’re constant, or trigger on player approach.? EMITTERS ?Just as there are sound and Music emitters, there are object emitters as well. These have multiple drop fittings attached to them. The goal being, that a Common Emitter will only have one Drop Slot, where a Legendary will have five. Making a rarer Emitter more diverse in zones where multiple quests have drops in the same place.The Emitter can be invisible, because the spawns of ‘Fruit’ or ‘Keys’ bear the model of their Fitting. The same can be said for the Fascets. They’re on the Fitting level, so the emitter doesn’t need one. That said, Rare and above Emitters have their own Fascets for addition of Music, and Sound on one Emitter, instead of having to have multiple stacked emitters.Also, items created by the Drop Fittings are considered ‘Lore Trash’. They exist on the Eternal Kingdom, and can’t be brought out of the world. Additionally, they can’t be placed in banks. They’re cosmetic, and only exist for the purpose of undertaking quests. There’s a potential here for a separate inventory page which contains only quest items that fit into these categories so as not to clutter the player while enjoying the player curated content. When these objects spawn in the world, they can have their own fascets. So that a Key dropped by a fitting could glow orange, and hum. Or it could be black, and the sound of crows plays when the player gets close to it. When the Lore Drop is picked up, the rarity of the icon in the player’s inventory is dictated by the rarity of the Drop fitting. If it’s important to you that ‘Balthazar’s Hat’ be a Legendary Lore item, then you’ll have to grab that fitting from a Tailor.? QUEST FITTINGS ?The Quest nickname will appear on the NPC’s dialogue screen. As will the icon showing the player what kind of Quest it is.You can see how many quest completions remain before the Fitting becomes inactive, as well as the Replenishment cost of adding to that total on the NPC which it’s equipped to. If Gold is at a premium, you can also sacrifice any of the same type of Fitting, at the same Rarity in order to fully repair the Fitting. Similarly to the rest of the GUI for Crowfall, the frames for the equipped Fittings slide out to the right of their Thrall when selected.? QUEST FITTINGS CONTINUED ?Prerequisites give the ability for a player to create a quest chain, or a Pre-Lore quest before a given set opens up. However, because that layers content, if a Prerequisite quest is either toggled off, or needs replenishment, all quests with it set as prerequisite will be toggled into the ‘Hold’ state. Restoring a Prerequisite quest or removing the prerequisite toggle from a quest will restore it to working order.Tabs of quest information, like the target, are available only in certain types of quests. Some quests are one-off, like Fetch Quests, and can therefore have their own turnin steps. Other quests require delivery of items, or for the player to collect a Drop. So they have Receiver node selection panels, or Drop node selection panels.A quest can toggle both its repeatability, and has its own Player crafted Drop Inventory for when the quest is completed. If a quest is repeatable, so is the crafted reward. If it’s not, then that item is only handed out once to a player. The rarity if the fitting opens additional storage pages here as well.These quests appear in a special quest tracker unique to the world. Some Quest types and Rarities open up an option to have Essences and Sound Effects or Music trigger on Turnin as well.Just like the prerequisites, if a quest has a mandatory Drop or Kill target that leads to another Fitting, and that fitting is disabled for any reason, then the quests that use it will be set to hold, and a hold reason will be available on mouse over of the Hold Error in the GUI. That said, a Thrall or Relic will be visible even if all of its nodes require replenishment from zero. So that the world doesn’t have missing patches, even if the advanced content is disabled.? OBJECTIVE FITTINGS ?Regardless of whether or not a Drop Fitting is junctioned to an Emitter or an Objective fitting, any Item based Quest, (Fetch, Gathering, Delivery, etc.) can be mapped to have its completion node be any available Drop fitting.For example, Gift Objective Fittings simply present a line of Dialogue when clicked which presents places one of the dropped items from the junctioned fitting into the Player’s inventory. When this same fitting is added to an Object Relic, it takes on the Italicized description characteristics, rather than the Dialogue characteristics of the Thralls.The Fascet slots automatically lock in the same manner when the content is or will not be available to the player with that connection of content. In essence, this system functions a lot like the AppInventor content from MIT. When nodes that can have multiple uses are attached, but a piece of content will not be used, the connection lego piece simply toggles to unavailable so as not to waste time or cause confusion.In this way, there are extensions to content as well. Library Drop Fittings create books similar to the Elder Scrolls novels. Which means that a player can, depending on the rarity of the fitting, create multiple pages worth of reading material for the players. A Legendary Library Drop Fitting with a scroll pattern would produce a Scroll item, that when clicked in the player’s inventory would present a five page, readable lore book with up to 1500 total characters of lore, as written by the admin of the Eternal Kingdom or one of his vassals.And, should that player have a player house within the Kingdom, they could even place that lore item into a Bookshelf which is compatible with them. The same system would apply to Signs, Posters, or any other written object drop fitting.? MERCHANT FITTINGS ?Any Thrall which is placed into an EK (I.e. Converted from a Wearable Thrall into a Lore Thrall, or crafted as a Lore Thrall) has a Merchant Fitting Slot Attached. The rarity of the Thrall dictates the replenishment cost, as well as the number of Merchant Tabs available to the player to sell items in.The player can toggle whether or not the Thrall Merchant appears in the Market Board for the Eternal Kingdom (Local Auction House) on the Fitting Screen, or on the Lore Management GUI screen. From Uncommon Thralls on, Fascets for Manners and Sounds can be attached to the fitting for use on the shop.Additionally, the gold from sales can be claimed individually from the Merchants (So that Vassals can collect all of the gold, or from the Lore GUI. Lords and Server Admins can see only the Taxes they’re due on the merchants, and in the Lore GUI for Thralls which they have the ability to Move or Remove, but not the core gold amount. In this way, the administration of a section of land can Repair, Remove, or Move a Thrall which was not theirs, but not harvest Gold that belongs to their Tenant.Similarly, as an admin, removing a Thrall which was not yours (i.e. It belongs to a vassal who is subletting a part of the Kingdom) that Thrall is returned to the Lore GUI’s claim page. The Vassal can then choose to re-place the Thrall, or empty any remaining gold and items into their inventory, leaving the Thrall for later replacement or destruction. Once a Thrall has been placed In a Kingdom, it cannot be removed from that player’s Lore GUI, and can only be replaced or destroyed. In this way there is a constant demand for the creation and procurement of Thralls.? NPC VIEW ?When a Thrall is approached in the world, and is right clicked, any Manner or Sound Fascets on the Fitting will trigger. The player can then read their default dialogue with the NPC Thrall focused in the camera view. And available Fittings will show as options below the core dialogue and will show an icon, regardless of text that illustrates what the content is.For example, quests will appear in Yellow, with the Type Icon indicating what KIND of quest it is. Whereas shops will appear with the bag icon, in brown. Any contextual quest objects, like Gift receivers with a prerequisite quest leading to it will always appear at the bottom of the list, in green, to indicate what it is.In this way, there’s uniformity across kingdoms, regardless of the wording used. A player will always know what kind of content they’re getting themselves into.? QUALITY SCALE ?Quality on Lore Craft Items dictates the following elements: Color Quality of Dropped or Gifted Lore Items. Replenishment Costs Number of Completions until a Junctioned Item toggle off in the Lore GUI Quality of Fittings and Fascets that can be Junctioned. Pages of Content/Items for Library and Merchant fittings respectively. ? LORE GUI ? The LORE GUI is a diverse and functional one-stop-shop for checking the status of the EK’s lore system.Replenishment costs are visible on the left panel, for each type of node. The total number of which is dictated by the number of parcels in the Kingdom, multiplied by the per-parcel limit of that item type. Different Parcels will have different caps for the number of Thralls, Emmitters, and Relics. Which will in turn automatically limit the number of placed Fittings and Fascets, as that will be calculated by the number of parent objects.This menu is available everywhere within the EK, or from a sub menu on the EK load screen. That way a player need not log into an Online Eternal Kingdom in order to manage they Land Owner and Vassal replenishment. ? LORE GUI CONTINUED ? From this menu, Toggling On/Off of elements are is also available. So that, if a piece of content is not functioning correctly, and the manager of that content is elsewhere in the game, they can simply load the menu, and toggle the content to OFF, effectively removing that element from the game until such time as they can return to manage it in person.The Rarity of a placed element, it’s zone, number of uses, Element ID number, Replenishment Cost, Toggle, Removal Option, and in the case of Admin Views it’s Owner are all visible on this central GUI. There is room in this GUI for elements like ‘Flag Item as Not Working’ and Exact Coordinates on mouseover of elements name. A ‘Set Compass to Edit Location’ function might even be greatly helpful. As well as a ‘Has Prerequisite’ mouse over function that tells the player what Quest fitting was set as the prerequisite. But this expansive menu contains all of the base metrics and statistics on the elements placed using the Lore System throughout the game. ? LORE GUI CONTINUED-ED?Much like elsewhere in the Prerequisite system, toggling off a Fitting or Thrall which is set as the prerequisite of another Fitting will inform the player with a warning of the content which will be effected should that Thrall or fitting be toggled off. Continuing past the error will set all of those effected Fittings to the off state, leaving their Thrall or Relic visible with its base functionality, but toggling off the related nodes. Any player currently in the Kingdom, with that Fitting in their Journal, will receive an error message, and the Item, and any Lore Drops associated with that Fitting will be removed from their GUI so as to prevent broken Player created questing.This way, even if an NPC has its Quests toggled off as part of a disabled quest chain, the NPC and any unaffected Fittings will remain available, until such time as the quest has been restored, when it will be added automatically back to the player’s view on that Thrall.? PLAYER EDITING IN THE REAL WORLD ?Placed elements in the Lore system will appear to the Admin as editable only when the LORE EDIT functionality has been toggled to ON. Doing so converts all of the placed LORE items the Admin has access to into their Fitting icon, with a transparent version of the placed element, and where applicable, its range icon. These elements are highlighted by rarity, and thanks to a barrier disallowing overlap of these elements within a range of a few pixels, prevents them from stacking completely.When the element is clicked, a contextual window leading back to the item is presented to player, allowing them to make edits and changes to the physical placement or content of the Fittings.In the case of exchanging Junctions with other items, the Player can take unjunctioned fittings and fascets from their inventory and bind them to the EK to place them, or grab items from the EK’s Bound Lore Items page (EK Lore Inventory) and simply drag them to the junction to replace them. Doing so wipes any content in them, so should content be within the window, an error message will be presented to the player.Once the Admin is done making changes, those changes will be saved temporarily, but to appear in the world, the Done button must be clicked on the Lore Edit bar, and those changes must be committed to the world. Otherwise, the changes will never appear. This is to prevent accidental changes, but also to allow a creator to make multiple changes to Thralls, Emitters, or Relics before committing the changes.? CROWFALL RELICS ?This last piece is something slightly different from the rest of the system, and perhaps the most important part of using the Lore System to bring the whole of the game together as a united culture.Crowfall Relics come in Small, Medium, and Large. Once placed into the world, they take up an empty box, in which no other content can be placed. These sizes equate to an NPC with room around their feet, a small Building, and a Large Building’s worth of space.The player has no control over these elements once placed. Rather, ArtCraft can place any number of events, or game elements within them, up to the maximum confines of the available space. Everything from Seasonal Events, Quests, Server Curated Dungeon Entrances, Lore Driven Cross Game Quests, Tutorials, Special Vendors, Monster Spawns, and more.One of the largest problems plaguing a ‘Sandbox’ MMORPG is that there’s very little reason for players to explore the worlds created by others thoroughly. When a player who may not have the strongest crafters, or best quest design can create a kingdom that can be populated by segments of quests or events curated on the server level, then players can explore other curated content in order to gather special event elements and achievements that the admins of an Eternal Kingdom doesn’t have to directly control.This also allows for a regular rotation of new content and one off events as curated by ArtCraft into the game’s ‘Static Content’ which can span out of the Eternal Kingdoms and back again. From roaming Minstrals to Halloween Hauntings, and straight into Dungeon entrances that randomly open and close, ArtCraft retains an element of creativity which incentivizes admins to place them by discounting the Taxes on Parcels in which they’re placed, and access to unique rewards for the Kingdom for having players complete the content within their Kingdom.SUMMARYAgain, all of this is a loose collection of ideas which I brought together to give one possible view of Player Curated Lore in Crowfall, and the idea is given to ArtCraft freely to hopefully inspire this talented team.It’s my hope that I’ve produced something which is highly expandable, allows for quick toggling of bugged content without destroying the gameplay flow of the kingdoms, is crafter driven, and a constructive gold Sink.A concept that created a Cross Kingdom lore base and economy, but that confines player creativity to the individual kingdoms, to minimize the cross-world bloat of player curated content.And which is globally wired to events and achievements to provide players with an incentive to create something meaningful and to explore the creations of others.Thank you for reading/watching, and see you in game! (I'm happy to expand on any of these concepts; also, thank you/sorry for the typos or misplaced words. This took a lot to create, and there are bound to be mistakes in it.)
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    ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    I haven't finished delving through this amazing amount of effort and thoroughness. I will say that if they want to run a POST LAUNCH Kickstarter just to fund this I'm down day one! My favorite part of this is does something I've wanted since UO; player created and driven PvE/Quest/Content. Once the tools are in place we the players do all of the heavy lifting and fill the EKs with content for other players. Ace wont have to spend any additional resources to keep the content coming. We would basically be a free labor force. Our only pay would be the satisfaction of other players. Just a like the a mod community for a game we could keep interest alive with new content for other players. Also everything we need to build and sustain this would come from the CW. So the loop would only get stronger! Great job!
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    This is excellent work, and clearly of high quality. I do not think ACE will be doing anything of this kind for some time however, if at all. That said, if they DO, you've done quite a good chunk of the work for them - nicely done.
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    Shadowbane Players Where ya at?

    Hey, what's creepy about looking for people?
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    Obviously super late to make a Forum Post but just want to Get this out there for anyone Interested that doesn't know. Evert Friday Night @ 10pm CST I put on a 1 v 1 Dueling Tournament in My EK: FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS Rules are as followed 1. Basic weapons, no Armor, Basic vessels 2. Set disciplines at the beginning of the tournament and no switching - Any disciplines giving buffs for #of enemies present or Spider Queen Discipline. is banned 3. Tournament is Double Elim. Last night we just completed FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS 6 - Winners of Previous Tournaments include - Shadowboi, Hunt, Mjayed, and ZeFx If you are ever interested in participating Hit me up on: Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/redbeard_14 Discord PM - Redbeard_14#6281
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    ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    Count my money as well
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    ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    yeah the video was really well done that for one moment i almost thought it was an official one lol. Very well done.
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    ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    I have seen the whole video maybe 30 minutes after you posted it. I think they are all awesome concepts and I would love to make pve quests in my ek. I doubt they will find the budget to implement this but anyway good job i liked it a lot.
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    Say No to Shadowbane Style Mines

    Ok, I stopped reading this thread around page 8 (and didn't read each post meticulously), so forgive me for addressing the elephant in the room if it's already been addressed... Nyamo, do you mind if I ask how old you are, or what you do for a living? I only ask because I remember thinking very much like you when I was young, with little to no obligations, and a very flexible schedule. This may seem condescending, but I do not wish to be. My point is that the sort of 24/7 system you're advocating is simply unattractive to a majority of working folk that have multiple responsibilities and things to do other than play video games (work, careers that aren't hourly, families, other hobbies that don't involve sitting in front of a screen, the list goes on). Video games are fun, and I completely understand that for some, they're an entire lifestyle. However, the fundamental breakdown in this conversation seems that you feel just because something can be done to appeal to a very small niche of players--ones that want this game Crowfall to be their lives--that it should be done. Many posts have already tried to address the economic implications of this with you, but it is readily apparent you do not have a fundamental understanding of economic principles. I am not trying to belittle you; you would likely have to study these principles in school (or in your free time) to understand notions like opportunity-cost, scarcity, transaction-costs, etc. You are taking positions that make unrealistic presumptions about the way real-life economics bears out in practice. Your suggestions and desires work out just fine on paper, but would not work in reality (for many reasons already pointed out to you, which I will not retread them all). This argument is analogous to Coase's theorems (represented by everyone arguing against you in this thread), and his critique of Pigou's theorems (which you are representing in this thread). The short of it: Pigou's economic models assumed a world of no scarcity of resources, i.e., no zero-sum games, and no transaction costs or opportunity costs. If you don't understand what any of that means, that explains handily why you are not seeing the error in your reasoning. Again, I am not trying to insult you. I understand why you want this 24/7 system. Many, including myself, do not want this system; however, if you truly understood the aforementioned concepts, you yourself would concede that while you desire and wish for a 24/7 system, you understand and realize that it is not viable in reality. If there were enough demand to justify implementing a 24/7 system, the devs would do it. They're in the business of making money. I have not looked into their incorporation structure, but I think they are a closely-held corporation (not publicly traded). Nonetheless, they are fiduciaries to the shareholders, and have a duty to do what is in the best interests of the corporation. Even if they themselves wanted a 24/7 system, if they realize it is, say, a 5% niche of the target audience, allocating resources to that 5% at the expense of 95% of their target audience is not only logically foolish, but going against their obligations to their shareholders. Am I saying it is impossible for them to decide to do as you wish? No, of course not, there are breaches of corporate duties all the time. I am just trying to get across to you that even if ~10 of us in this thread wanted the exact same 24/7 rules as you, most of us realize that it is not viable, and thus probably not going to happen. As Maj already said quite early on, it is not a matter of trying to convince you to want what we want. It's about telling you "don't get your hopes up" because the writing (and hundreds of years of economic theory) is already on the wall.
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    5.7 Will there be a wipe?

    This is what I was getting at when commenting that late comers to the game are actually good for the test right now. It is a gauge for how soft launch and later will be. If ACE has good catch up mechanics, or such broad training regimens that new players still feel valued, then coming late to the game will not be an issue.
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    super excited !!

    my brother got an account for me and I can't wait to play ! the game looks really cool
  13. 1 point

    super excited !!

    Well it was very lovable from your brother to buy an account for his "littlesister". I hope both of you have fun in game!
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    5.7 Will there be a wipe?

    I doubt they will ever wipe after their softlaunch begins. However, they will have catch up mechanics for new players to get through some of the early stuff faster. Creating a game system where new players are put into campaigns that are friendly to the issues new players have will do wonders for player retention.
  15. 1 point

    5.7 Will there be a wipe?

    I agree on everything. But my thoughts are not limited to this. At the moment we are "just" testing there is no NPE implemented yet and new players feel already "lost" from the very moment they put a feet here. Granted that is their "fault" for not researching that the game is in "pre-alpha" and we are here to "test" and this is not even a game... nonetheless this has a lot of side effects, like people ending up being unsatisfied, leaving the game and then blaming the development in other gaming communities/websites etc. So, while it is true that this won't be the case anymore at release, at least at release we will have a finished game and the whole experience will be different. If sometimes we can do something to "cheer up" these new players that could have surely done a better research before buying a game in pre-alpha (insert random hate here, cause this seems a common trend now) I think that the community will benefit from it in the long run. Of course my consideration may be wrong, but this is how i think on the matter.
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    Sorry for Ranting and I did go to the Suggestion section on the forums to add a Suggestion about it.
  17. 1 point

    Will EK get wiped?

    This was asked and answered buy Pann today. Everything will wipe skills banks eks, a complete fresh start when 5.7 goes to live.
  18. 1 point

    Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    Give them mittens
  19. 1 point

    Skill Training Redux

    Thats seems reasonable. I was under the impression we'd have to complete the unlock of the full tree before it.
  20. 1 point

    Skill Training Redux

    That isn't true. You only need to train 4 nodes in the Blacksmithing tree to start crafting plate. That won't take anywhere near a year.
  21. 1 point

    Additional VIP Benefit

    Post launch, TEST server access could be limited to VIP players. I don't know if the plan is to have the TEST server up all the time, but even if not, giving VIP players first crack at new content is a nice reward that doesn't unbalance the game.
  22. 1 point
    Pretty much. There is no "choice" if you are forced to four pip everything to get where you want. When this training slows down, this will be extremely painful. Not to mention having to train a crafting and harvesting line to train the final node....
  23. 1 point
    I prefer the Shadowbane skill system much more than this one and agree that the current design is both too linear and too long. If this system stays in place this game will have fewer options than Shadowbane and that is a step back. Adjust or scrap the current system, please. Give the player more choices. Either break up the linear paths or change it so some of the skills per each tree do not require pathing. Have some of the pathing block out other choices entirely so there is specialization.
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    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    When you're hoping for a meaningful gameplay update.
  25. 1 point

    Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    I think these systems create synergy. We fight over the harvesting resources. We fight over the locations where crafting can be done. We protect harvesters and crafters from getting repeatedly ganked by PvPing alongside them. People that want to go it alone will have an uphill struggle, but that is a necessary side effect of create a sandbox pvp game with a robust economy.
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    5.7 Will there be a wipe?

    Yes, there will be a complete wipe - skills, Spirit Banks, EKs -- when 5.7 is deployed to LIVE. I'm nor able to give an ETA yet on when that will happen, but we're really close. Please watch for snap test announcements and pile in if you can. That will help us get 5.7 LIVE-worthy much faster.
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