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    I've been following CrowFall since I've heard about it in the very beginning over three years now, feels like five. I used to be a huge shadow bane player and I've played nearly every mmo on the market. I feel like I have a decent cognitive ability to pick out and determine if some features that are poorly designed or underwhelming. Although I usually avoid social interaction and mostly keep to myself as a person and as a gamer I really feel the need to speak up about the current passive skill tree. Point blank the current system is very underwhelming. There are many controversial mechanics of it I can pick up and discuss on, but I'm not here to nitpick whats wrong and whats right. Neither am I here to send out my own agenda or vision. I understand as a long time backer of many games that we as gamers all would like to see the game in somewhat of our own vision especially when it's in development. I'd just like to raise awareness on the subject and see how many others on the subject agree with me or feel this way..... Other mechanics in the game I feel are innovative and spectacular. I feel like the dev team is holding the torch in many of these categories so to see the passive skill tree as it is, is quite frankly disappointing and I feel as if the dev team could definitely improve on this one. Here are some keywords I would like to use to describe the current passive skill tree so my claims aren't completely baseless: Boring, Linear, Static, Disappointing, Unimaginative, Indifferent, Outdated, Unavailing, Deficient.
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    App for Skill Access

    It will be great if we have an APP just to spend points on our Skill Tree...
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    Quick Question -Just Bought The Game

    There is no NDA. You are encouraged to stream.
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    I enjoyed my first experience with the economy, thanks for all your hard work Kraahk.
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    Test Server Access

    Thanks much!
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    Test Server Access

    https://crowfall.com/en/client/ test environment
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    5.7 VIP Training Guide

    Here is a spreadsheet that shows all possible race/class training combinations in 5.7 with the current VIP rules. Use this to get the most utility out of your account(s) in the upcoming 5.7 Live patch! 5.7 Class Combos See you guys out on the field! Edit: If you notice any incorrect or missing info please let me know.
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    Ore and Stone nodes combos/patterns?

    So one thing I've noticed is when I'm farming there always seems to be a @facerip nearby
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