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    Solo Fort Defense 1v4

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    We asked about it in one of the live streams and Thomas Blair said good question .. Then talked about druid balls for the next 5 mins...
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    What went wrong?

    My argument and is not that a small group should be able to beat out a larger group. Yes, that already happens at times. I've been on both ends of it. No issue here. What I'm suggesting is that ACE needs to look at the game mechanics to ensure that both sides, large or small are having a good time while playing. I will go out every day and get my ass handed to me without issue if in the course of that loss I'm enjoying myself. To me, this is a bigger issue. One that ACE... and most MMORPG's, battle with. How to make the game fun even when you lose. Previously, a year+ ago, I enjoyed this game, win or lose, more than I do now. And my Suggestion is that they take a close look at Crowd Control, because imo, this is what is killing the fun factor on either side. Honestly, if there where no CC at all I think this game would be hella fun! The act of taking ALL control away from a player is a very nauseating one. No one likes to sit there unable to do anything while you and your team gets crucified. If I'm getting rolled by double the force then allow me the chance to go down fighting to the death. Not get stuned, rooted, knocked down before I'm able to do anything.
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    What went wrong?

    Improving the AoE cap isn't going to help a smaller force vs. a larger force. Think about it: the AoE's from the larger force are going to hit all of your players as well, only they have more to throw around. Your DPS will increase, but so will will theirs. The result will still be the same in a straight up fight between two evenly skilled opponents. If you're imagining a scenario where you take on a larger but less coordinated force with this mechanic, that's already doable without it. The reality is that when ALL OTHER FACTORS ARE EQUAL (player skill, skill training, gear, coordination, etc...) numbers will prevail and should prevail. You assume that just because an opponent has more people than you, that they must necessarily be less coordinated than you. This is not always the case. When this game launches, guild leaders will probably spend a portion of their time maintaining relations with other guilds, crafting circles and bands of brigands. Putting together an alliance, getting them all to march to the same tune, and deploying them in battle will be a difficult task (if attempts thusfar have been any indication).
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    Skill Tree: Cost/Time Calculator

    Link What is This? A very valid question, this spreadsheet allows the user to input their current point allocation across all trees, along with their unspent points, the sheet will do it’s magic, and will spit out the lowest required cost and time investment needed to place 1, 4 and 5 points into each node, along with a cost and time value for maxing every node in the tree. How Does It Works? I want to keep this post somewhat short so more details are available on the first tab of the spreadsheet. Future Updates Right now i plan to keep this up to date, given I can get the prices for the nodes, I’m not going to spend time on something that is useless, just to have the tree change on me every time I make progress. I made this for fun, on my own, so in terms of update speed, I can’t guarantee a first day turn around, Crowfall isn’t my main game, so this is priority two. In saying that however if there is enough people wanting updates every time Crowfall makes changes to live, I will do my best. Cost Per Node I am unaware of any online resource that can give me the cost for every node in trees, this has resulted in the spreadsheet being incomplete. This is the only thing currently that is making this spreadsheet useless, without the cost for each node, nothing can be calculated so without help from the community, or who I would dub BEST dev, this project is pointless. So if you have the price for a node that is marked with red text in the Cost Per column let me know and i can can change it for everyone. Confirmation Needed Mentioned below are assumptions I need clarification on, they are the result of assumed bugs, or the lack of understanding of how the individual trees work, as I am yet to place points in the these trees. “Salvage Basics”, a node in the “Blacksmithing” tree, has no previous connections, is the start of a linear node chain that leads straight to the “Blacksmithing Mastery” node, and has no deviating path. Due to this, I assume it is available as soon as a player is able to place points in to it. “Harvest Beeswax”, a node in the “Exploration Basics” tree, seems to be available from the beginning, I did not place any points in this node before there was a connection to the node, so I am unaware if the node is available to the player from the outset or if it is a visual bug, It is implemented in the sheet as if it is a visual bug and requires a previous connection to place points in to. “Spirit” a node in the “Wood-Elf” tree seems to have the same circumstance as the previously mentioned “Harvest Beeswax” node, though in this case a player cannot gain points in the tree without first unlocking said tree. This node has also been implemented as if a visual bug. Bugs If you encounter an issue, anything from spelling mistakes to weird interactions, let me know along with any information that can enlighten me about the assumptions i've made, and any cost per node values and I’ll get it sorted as soon as I’m available. P.S. Chaos is best…. Fight Me!!!
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    What went wrong?

    Yes agree. I don't wont all CC to be removed, I think we need a DR/immunity system that is more intuitive and works better in large scale engagements. The benefit to improving Resolve immunity is that it doesn't impact small fights (as the resolve pool doesn't fill up) and forces larger groups to coordinate CC instead of spamming it on a focus target. Having at least few powers available that work for this situation would be good. This was the idea of Aurora Emitter (a really unique design) until it's damage got nerfed too much.
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    [-W-] Winterblades

    First gameplay with duel pistols. Enjoy!
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    What went wrong?

    I was thinking in terms of a larger force trying to push through a chokepoint created by a smaller force and how an AoE cap may limit a smaller forces ability to hold a keep from a larger force. I agree it doesn't have much impact in the open field fights which is what we're mostly doing right now. Smaller AoE's with no target cap would raise the skill ceiling I think by requiring better aiming while rewarding skill shots on groups that clump up. This may help a bit with how powerful the ranged AoE CC is if it's a bit harder to aim but be more rewarding when you nail a bunch of people with it.
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    State of the Knight 5.7.1

    Yes, we can steer the charge and do stuff like you showed in the video. The difference is that now we HAVE to do that in order to connect. In the past, we were able to do that, but we had total control over when the animation ended. We would press and hold the button and when we released the button, the charge would end and the stun would happen. The only reason it changed is because they made massive changes to the movement controller and haven't been able to replicate the full functionality yet. Regarding Shield Slam, I wouldn't call it a defensive ability. The knockback isn't that useful outside of knocking someone off a ledge and the damage is pathetic given that we are rooted while using it, we have to charge it, and it is guaranteed to crit when charged over 66%. It counts as Block while using it, but it costs 344 energy. Here is a video showing the damage from a fully charged Shield Slam. I am using advanced weapons. I also used Dazzling Blades from the Blade Master discipline to contrast the difference in damage. Dazzling Blades costs 21 energy to use, does not require charging and can be used while moving. Like Shield Slam, it hits 3 targets. It also reduces the targets' crit chance by 40 for 15 seconds. So tell me, if you had to choose between these 2 abilities, which one is going to be on your bar?
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    Stealth OP. Toxins OP

    remember, this game is not about 1v1! ppl told me this poorly made socks every time.... and keep farming solo most of the time. _____________ a lot of ppl complaining about "there is a multiple ways to counter DoT", "there is a multiple ways to counter stealth" but somehow there is not and this very depend on party only (discs which are rare on soft launch) while stealth have 2 classes and 2 races for free. stealthers can restealth in seconds again and again and be there unlimited time. Get bored? Get stealth. Found gatherer? Kill him and get stealth. In current game statement there is NOT alot of ways to counter stealthers especially with small groups, else you will nerf self group in some aspects. Stealthers was designed as explorers, scouts - not as free farmers, banks and harrasments, right? Some1 told me what if ACE nerf stealth, those classes become underpowered. Well, armor mitigations can lvl everyone, both - duelist and assassin have CC, burst damage, dot damage, escape and pretty much everything most of the classes have inc free 100% escape. I do not want to call remove both - stealth and toxins. I do not call to nerf it like "/10" like ACE did usually. I call to made some fix into something of this to make you think about actions while playing this classes. How? Well, I made some suggestions. God, if no1 here see any problem with this, well... you will see later. When will it be too late and the negative will be more massive than one topic
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    Solo Fort Defense 1v4

    Fake news Good video though!
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    What went wrong?

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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    What went wrong?

    I preferred the old Hungerdome immunity system - all the CC added into a single resolve pool and at a certain level you got a 10 sec window of total CC immunity. That was easy to understand, and was impactful in large group fights because it created a real strategic window (immunity = do I flee, or fight, or heal?). It's not a problem so much with 1v1 or 2v2 because there are limited sources of CC. The problem shows up when larger organized groups focus fire targets. You barely notice the diminishing returns and the short immunity for one type, and then get hit with another type of CC, and so on, in a chain until you are dead.
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    What went wrong?

    @Brightdance this is an issue I brought up to the developers almost a year ago today. The list below are the issues I brought up then. Still very prevalent. Confessor knockdown is the biggest offender (should be narrowed to 5m wide by 30m long instead of the current 15m wide by 30m long) but there's lots of Ranged AoE CC out there. The retaliate for stamina change helped some with this but the stamina cost probably should be 50 instead of 75. I'm not sure how the DR system works I honestly can't recall it triggering full immunity at all lately. Maybe it changed when the retaliate change went in? This is an issue that will become a bigger deal once we start seeing larger sieges where a smaller force will need to use chokepoints and AoE to kill a larger force. With a 5 target cap on AoE it really limits a smaller forces ability to deal with a larger force. It makes literal zerg balling a valid tactic as is commonly used in Guild Wars 2 WvW which also has a 5 cap on AoE abilities. Since Crowfall has collision detection I do not see the reason for the cap. Scale the AoE size. The ballistas in siege perilous did have a zerg ball buster shot. Maybe when get those back it'll make fortifying a keep against a larger force more of a possibility. We've been round and round so many times on friendly fire but it doesn't seem Crowfall was built with FF in mind. I will say that we haven't tried friendly fire since the change was put where the target closest to your reticle (instead of just the target closest to you) is hit by the ultra wide ray casts this game uses. That may help some to make friendly fire viable but there's still a slew of other issues. I'm not a fan of the 5 man group immunity - I think if/when they do friendly fire it should be FULL friendly fire like Darkfall. Still a huge issue. The hit scan is basically as wide as the character pill which means you can basically miss a full character pill to the left or right of the target and still hit them with a ray cast ability. This makes the overall "strike zone" basically 3 character pills wide. A lot of the CC in this game is ranged and if it were harder to aim it then it would make a smaller force of better players have a shot at a larger force of lesser players. This has gotten a lot better than it used to be but there are still issues particularly when fighting just inside or just outside of a fort/keep parcel. I think there probably should be a timer upon death that you can't respawn until it ends no matter how close you are. Then if you die again within a certain period of time that timer gradually increases. Vanilla WoW had this for world PVP to somewhat dissuade graveyard rushing. That's something I've been meaning to bring up lately. The assassin toxins really need to scale somehow. I think a stat on the toxin that could be experimented on to scale the effect would be interesting. I'm also not sure the 2,500 damage heal blocker from the disease toxin should stack (I believe it stacks up to 3 times for 7,500 heal absorb which is nuts!).
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