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    I don't know if this would b easy technologically or not, but I think it would be helpful to add some information on the screen you click on before you enter the Campaign Server. It currently shows the Campaign End Date, I think it would be helpful to add the current season it is in and the time left in the current season. It would also be nice to show the seasonal affects on harvesting. Thanks!
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    my biggest complaint about day night right now, is the cycles are too fast.
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    Two large fights against Sugoi from last night (Balathan's POV):
  4. 1 point

    War Option?

    I would like an option to queue up for a war against someone else EK. You mark a day of the week you can do the war it ques you up to get read for it. When you get matched with someone else who has the same day selected as you, the next day that it happens in the following week will be the day you got to war. Connect the two EK temporarily and last man standing wins or whenever the flag goes down or something like that. Something a little fun with a max time limit of like 5 hours or something along those lines, i'm just spit-balling here. If you win you get their stuff or part of their stuff or whatever from all the chests and what they had on them. So it is kind of a risk reward sort of thing. You take the risk in fighting someone else and building up for it for the possibility of doubling your resources. You could even go like soft set rules where its just for fun and no one loses anything or gains anything just honor and the cloths on their back. Just a little something to get guild rivalry going, have some people make a name for themselves, and add some depth to EKs.
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    Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    Agree with this also, there isn't a good flow of gems/minerals in the economy currently.
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    I agree that the crafting recipe unlocks don't work very well in the passive training. The dev team talked about adding an active way to get recipes - they showed a preview of equippable scrolls on a livestream. A system like that would be more fun for crafting-focused players, so they can start crafting sooner.
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    Yet another @BloodyPointBlog TIPS video is up, this time, a brief one on how to equip Vessels: Short Link to Tips playlist: TBP.TIPS Direct link to topic video: TBP.TIPS/vessels Standard YT Link:
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    Suggestion: Parcel Token Upgrade

    These are the current numbers. We have always been told that land will come with more opportunities to build stuff (regarding both extent and density) depending on their size and rank. Besides the point that the token system is still pretty new (and so still needs basic balancing after the first experiences in the tests have been made), all the existing parcels currently only exist as Rank-1 parcels, with rank 2 and 3 (with probably more token) not there yet. And, the two biggest stronghold parcels are also not in the game yet (those for the mountain citadel and the palace). The point that we haven't heard anything at all about token adjustments seems to suggest that there is still a lot of work to do for ACE, with details/ideas that are not yet ready to be even mentioned. This said, i like the suggestion of individual token expansions that would allow people to do with their land exactly what they want to. And also the idea that we could (would need to) find such token expansions in the campaigns.
  9. 1 point

    Suggestion: Parcel Token Upgrade

    Ive noticed alot of people running into problems of not having enough building token spots for parcels in EK, Some have been trying to remedy this a little by trying to build there towns/cities on the boarder of 2-3 Parcels to maximise the tokens they have (Specifically the smaller tokens). I thought of an interesting idea that may work well in tying in EK, Campaigns and Crafting. There is a chart showing what tokens you get for each parcel but atm i cant for the life of me locate that chart but it is rather small Here my Suggestion What if we had parcel upgrade tokens (Clearly rename them to something better but for simplicity sakes ill call them this) that dropped/acquired during Campaigns these will come in 5 sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL) these items can only be obtained via Campaign and exported via spirit bank at the end of the campaign. This Parcel upgrade tokens can be used in crafting recipes in Stonemason to craft an item than you can use on a parcel (Preferable allowed them to be used on place parcels so you dont have to pick everythig up to upgrade them) once this item is used on a parcel it will game an additional building token for that size. This would allow player to slowly build up there EK into larger more condensed cities, Atm what player build seems like a little village but with this method this will allow player to turn there villages into towns then into Cities as they do campaigns. So there EK grows with each campaign and so does there prestige to a degree Also note: You can have the stonemason recipe require thing from other crafts to tie it together with another crafting tree I would love to see a system in place that allows for people to build up one area into a mega city over time and effort in campaigns instead of the current system where you just get a bunch of little villages thought parcels. Other possibilities This system could also be expanded with items dropping in the campaign from like boss monsters and things that would give you unique looking parcels that you cant normally craft. For example a golem boss may drop a Magic stone fragment that can be used in a Mine parcel recipe to make a new Mine Parcel this could be a mountain type Parcel with a Mining props out the front with a possible mineshaft leading underground into the mountain. This can be purely cosmetic or you could have it spawn a couple non slag ores in the cave that be be mined (The EK ores in this way would have a super long respawn like once or twice a day). Gives players who just wanna build a town or Trading hub a real reason to head into the Campaigns to try and obtain these items used to upgrade there EK to be more attractive than other people EK Think of it a trade war to get the nicest place to set up a trade hub inbetween campaigns
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    Making a truly impactful day/night cycle

    Yes, I understand this is an early version of the day/night cycle but I just wanted to give a suggestion. Many games have a day/night cycle but they all fail to make any impact on anything. Its mostly just "oh I cant see as well as I usually do, and the moon looks nice" when the night falls. The best way to make the cycle have impact on the game is for it to be unpredictable. What I mean by this is, combining a weather system and the day/night cycle to give some unpredictable results. For example ( I will focus on the night cycle): Standard night time: Clear sky, light from the moon and the stars, almost as visible as daytime (like what we have now, all good) Cloudy night: Significantly darker than clear night sky, you will need a torch. Stormy night: Same as the cloudy night except your torch wont help much in the rain, so you will have to bring a lantern or something. Also your field of view is reduced so good luck. Of course these wouldnt catch anyone off guard as it cant go from a sunny day to a stormy night in a matter of seconds, but it would encourage players to plan and have different approaches for whatever they were doing, not just have it be the same every day. You might say these are just inconveniences but Id say they are more, immersive. This system could make some truly dynamic and unique scenarios as everything from harvesting to castle sieges would be impacted by it. Simple yet adds a THICC layer of depth to the game.
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    Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    Unfortuently for me no one selling what i need for my craft, since gems only drop from motherloads and only people going after gems or minerals atm seem to go after them there none entering the market that people dont need themself Would like to see another way to get minerals/Gems that is soloable just rare drops, like super low drop of normal nodes or mobs. This way people who dont need them get them from time to time so you may see them getting sold now and then.
  12. 1 point

    Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    This is a misconception alot of new players have - the passive training is permanent progression in the game, but I would certainly not call it the most meaningful. Have you seen any of the higher quality crafted vessels or gear yet? You really won't be able to harvest/craft everything for yourself, so not logging in to at least collect gold coins is putting yourself behind the power curve.
  13. 1 point

    Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    I myself am some what of a casual, I go hard when I get the chance though. The issue with trying to maintain balance between casual and hardcore with the skill system is that it hurts the Crowfall community as a whole. Hardcore players are the ones spending money in the cash shop and on the VIP every month, they're the ones at home all day streaming, they're going to be the huge guilds that drive campaigns. The hardcore community are the players that stick around through rough patches watching as all the casuals get bored or frustrated and move on to other games. Currently the skill system is the only form of meaningful progression in the game. Your vessel is temporary, your gear is temporary, everything aside from your skills is perishable. This passive skill system as it is, with no active component, rewards everyone as if they were a casual. The hardcore community will be severely lacking or non existent. Why be hardcore if there is no advantage to be gained? With the current skill system there is no drive for me to login every day. At some stages in the game there is an actual wall created by the passive skill system that prevents me from advancing my character in any way at all (this is the spot I'm currently in) aside from waiting for real time to pass. This will hurt server population, pvp contribution, and campaign attendance as we get further and further into the seasons. This skill system in its current iteration has the potential to kill the Crowfall community all by its self. Players want to be rewarded for the time spent in game, the Crowfall community needs the hardcore players. At the end of the day the skill system is inherently balanced, every skill tree has a finite number of points that you can invest and within 5 years every player could have every skill tree in the game capped. That wont matter though if no one is playing because we all forgot about Crowfall while we were passively gaining skill points.
  14. 1 point
    I wanted to suggest a simple change to the UI. Would it be possible to make enemies yellow or orange instead of red? I'm not colorblind but the red already fades with the current color schemes and since this games environment is heavily green it is not very colorblind friendly. I would even change allies to blue rather than green. There is always room to invest in an actual colorblind friendly setting down the road, but as a temporary fix I suggest those colors. They are easily distinguishable between any of the color blindness types. I wrote an article about this, so if you need some reinforced references here you go. May seem like a needless change but in all honesty it has the potential to improve UX for minimal lift.
  15. 1 point

    Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    The skill tree is so horribly designed in its current iteration that new players will run into this wall as the OP did, log off and not bother logging in for a week or 2. Skill tree needs a total overhaul from the ground up. I think it needs more parallel paths and less investment in order to move on to next tier. As it stands now its nothing more then a linear timegate.
  16. 1 point
    Interesting thought also, what if night gave a range debuff to everyone (not just visual, and actual -10 stat)?
  17. 1 point
    I think it could be darker than it currently is for sure, the idea of having weather or the moon influence that is interesting - also could be tied to zone biome (like marshlands being the darkest) and season (longer nights in winter).
  18. 1 point
    You do know the mobs change form and the night version is meaner, the loot drops go down, the Hunger crystals multiply with seasons, they chain and grow and a debuff is planned when near... yes weather and its effects should make debuffs, etc... more to come. It is already not cosmetic...
  19. 1 point

    Congrats, Crows! 50k backers!

    We won't have an open beta. Open beta is when the game is available to anyone who goes to the website and downloads the game. People who aren't registered on crowfall.com and haven't reserved their place in one of the test groups won't get into beta.
  20. 1 point
    First Gold Bow for 5.7 LIVE 7 weeks training... 12 pip 6 dmg (7-7) great, 4 dmg 2 stat good
  21. 1 point
    Assista agora à transmissão feita pelo nosso artista de arte Dave Greco no nosso canal #crowfallgame no #Twitch sobre design de arte usando o Photoshop Veja tudo aqui
  22. 1 point
    Sem dúvida.... muitas vezes ligo o jogo e nem jogo só para ouvir a banda sonora... toda a familia diz que é excelente mesmo.
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    Clerics # ability bars #?Maybe

    If the attack powers were at range then there would be a lot more decisions that would need to be made for Cleric builds. I would love the difficult decision between healing and attack and that would make the class more versatile while giving up the healing. Ranged and harvest tray is all that is needed for Clerics, just allow them to use more offensive skills at range to make them viable.
  24. 1 point

    Pick up the banner !

    When the cold came around again, I remembered. All those hidden rooms in my mind, where my memories ended up.... - Not forgotten,but certainly not remembered - Doors opening, that I don't even remember ever closing. All these moments started to come to the forefront of my mind again. Picture after Picture entering my awareness. So many Feelings coming with it. So many sensations. So many faces. All of it covered in dust - imaginary maybe, but still . Slowly the pictures become more clear, as I start to open up to the sensation. It might be cold here, but I still feel warm. Warmed up by the certainty, knowing where I came from, knowing where I am, knowing where I will go to. Gratitude filling me up. Gratitude for the times that made me. Gratitude for the gift of remembering again. Gratitude for the people that were in my life. Gratitude for the wake up call - a wake up call that I certainly needed . There might have been a lot of pain. There might have been a lot of frustration and I might have created part of the mess as well. But now - now that I remember more clearly then before - I can see more of it than ever before. I start to understand. Even with the cold around me, I finally can begin to see. These times needed to come to an end. A lesson, that I had to go through. A time that had to end, the same as this world. The same as this vessel. Even if it hurts. Even if it becomes colder, so cold that it feels unbearable. As it tries to take hold of my being, I let the memories fill me up. Not remembering all the pain, but instead focusing on the good in all of that mess. Focusing on all that made me, who I am - grateful, that I came closer, to who I wanted to be . Remembering my dreams, from a time long gone, remembering the feelings, I had forgotten so long ago. As the sensations fill me up and the cold tries to get a stronger grip on me, I let go. I let go of all the pain. Of all the beliefs I held for so long. Of all the situations that came after that decision. Of all the uncomfortable times that I endured. Of all the grudges. Of all the self talk I used to do. I understood. I really understood and I began to feel lighter - might have something to do, with my vessel disintegrating, but w/e . I guess, I should let the sensations be themselves, sometimes. As I began to separate as a crow, rising up - towards wheresoever - I finally felt better, compared to other times. I still felt warm - strangely enough. Seems like this is, what they meant with feeling peaceful. The dying world under me, began to fade and everything became brighter, losing color. So, I seem to drift around, I not knowing for how long. I only know, that I hold a picture in my mind. A picture of my past, not tainted, but still a nice picture. And I still hold that feeling inside of me. Not one of dread, nor pain, but hope. Startling enough. Suddenly I start to wake up from my trot. Unsure of what woke me. As I look around myself, I notice another crow. Haven't seen many , when I traveled to the last few worlds. Another crow flies up to us, joining us, as we travel through this in-between . More and more crows gathering with us, seemingly traveling the same way we do. This might become interesting. Usually just a few crows enter a world. Fighting for whatever cause. Leading on one side, or fighting as mercenaries, enjoying whatever they enjoy. So many crows in one place, this might be a very different world, then the ones I had visited before. Maybe there is even more hope, then I imagined. Maybe it is time, time to let that feeling of hope grow. Time to start a change, a change that will last. A change that holds peace in itself. A change that I enacted. As the wise say, the world is in urself, so start with urself. I guess, I will try. I will try once more. I will try, to make this something I can be proud of. Something, that will honor the memories I have. Something that will last, for as long as it can, for as long as we can make it last. Maybe even beyond this world. As I think about the future, or rather, about my vision our surroundings start changing again. Colors manifest themselves. Crows begin to form groups and depart into different directions. A world manifesting itself in front of us. And we slowly descend up on this new place. A place I want to create something up on. A place I want to help design. A picture , I want to make real. I think, this will be it. What ever the gods hold in store for us. I will face it. I will prevail. I will make my vision real. And I will enact the change I imagined. The time of the lone ranger has passed. It is time, to do, what is needed. For my vision can not be made true by a lone figure. Even tho every hero counts. Some things, just have to be done by a group, a group of like minded people. A group, that understands. A group, that is willing, to take it a step further. A group, that is willing to risk something. A group, that will let me use my freedom, so that I can create, what I desire. I think, I will help them as much as I can and they will eventually help me. I have to remember, for my past guides me, but shall never make me. I will let go of my old chains. I will build something new. And I need help, so that I can have the tools, that I need. I need help, from others, so that we can create something magnificent together. Something beautiful. Magical. It is time ! Where are u? Where are u? My comrades, my fellow fighters, crows of this world, crows of the same mind, let's gather. Let's place the first stone, let's take the first step, on our journey, the first creation in this world, let's create it together, the guild we want, the guild we need, the guild we envision. The place we can call home, the place we can be free, the place we can thrive, the place we want to protect, the place that we imagine. Come, gather around, gather with me, let me carry the banner, the banner of our cause, the banner of our group, the banner we hold dear. I will pick up the banner, I will hold it high, I will carry it , for as long as I can and beyond this world. Let me hold the banner, for it is the symbol of our beliefs. So that more will come, to pick up the banner as well, to fight for the same cause, to live for the same cause, and to belief and to feel and to live. For we are the crows of Corvus Sanctus.
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