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    Can't Play

    An update for those who care. I emailed the support services, they responded to fix my issue in a very timely manner. Everything is working now.
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    Aerynth Traders is open for business

    Aerynth Traders now has over 20 vendors from around the community and has reached an epic milestone. Since its opening we have sold more than 1 million gold worth of items to the community. Please take a quick look at our promo video below:
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    Aerynth Traders is open for business

    Hosted by the Winterblades, Aerynth Traders offers a wide range of products and services. Crafting stations, raw materials, components, and gear of all types!
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    Can't Play

    Nah, it was a person named David.
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    Versão jogo

    OI Esta semana gostaria de ter a vossa opinião sobre o que acham da versão actual do jogo? O que pode ser melhorado? Acham que esta versão favorece o pvp? Deixem aqui suas opiniões.
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    It's called an economy. The moment ACE decided to let VIP be a tradeable commodity, everything attached to it got connected to RL money. BUT The important thing is the shallow power curves and interdependence relationships designed into the professions. Sure you can probably sell a 'Crafting Basics' tome, and the subsequent recipes for someone who wants to jump start into a crafting profession for VIP/RL money, assuming ACE doesn't have a similar route to the same thing eventually, but that is not going to establish the person as a viable "crafter". That will take finagiling into the already occupied marketplace. Sure someone could spend real money on a bunch of combat tomes, push way into class levels, and buy an incredible vessel with the best gear. They will still suck in a group combat situation where they have not practiced team coordination. Winning is not a solo activity, and working together will be of a higher priority than vessel skills and stats. Arrogant but useless $$$ twink players will probably find themselves isolated, or jumping from group to group and they clash socially. I know the idea of it rubs a few of us achievers the wrong way who are used to the MMO paradigm of high level = ultimate power. The fact is achievements alone will not win you worlds, and missing those achievements won't make you lose them.
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    My love for RNGeezus grows with his love for me. Then again he always will give me cause to kick him from my bed... Moderate-Moderate 50-50 4 stat/2 dmg x2 = FAIL!
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    Amazing-Great 50-50 4 stat/2 dmg x 4 stat/2 dmg Now the challenge is to beat 500 SP!
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    I think a large number of the old SB folks recognize the need for foes on all sides in order to increase the fun factor (and to be clear, I'm certain others do as well).
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    The test is not over. The Live server is up 24/7. See this page for how to play right now.
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    Bride Of Valkyn

    CHAOS DIVIDED “Dawn.” Standing high atop the castle battlement, the two figures made an odd couple. Half-Giant and Stoneborn, side by side. The former towered over the latter by at least three feet. Each was clad in black plate armor of similar design. An onlooker might assume relative size determined who was in charge. An onlooker would be wrong. “What of it?” spat the dwarf irritably. “Means the siege will start,” said the Half-Giant, staring down across the plain towards the eastern horizon. The first glints of sun flickered off the lances of the surrounding army. They looked like hundreds of red sparks in the gloom. “Not with an Elken in charge. Especially Bedlam…that rotten shank of venison.” The dwarf spat again. From the tower stairs behind came the sound of a door opening. Then hurried steps. A human rushed in panting and knelt before them. “Pardon, my Lords. A messenger has arrived.” “See?” sneered the dwarf. “They haven’t even blockaded us yet.” The dwarf turned to the kneeling man. “We’ll, who is it? Bring him up!” “No need - I am here,” answered another voice. A sharp-nosed man in a robe stepped forth. “Well, I’ll be damned!” exclaimed the dwarf. He elbowed his Half-Giant companion. “A visitor from The Devoted. Eamon no less!” “Eamon? The same Eamon who used to be in the Order of Chaos but then found religion?” replied the Half-Giant. “I don’t know…that Eamon was a thief and layabout…I don’t think The Devoted would let his kind in,” remarked the Dwarf. “They would if he donated a lot of gold to the Church…in exchange for protection from angry husbands,” smirked the Half-Giant. “Enough!” waved Eamon angrily as they burst into guffaws. He waited for them to subside. He glared at the still-kneeling messenger, who took this as his cue to hurriedly depart. “Baruk Stoneford. Ogram Head-Splitter. I weep to see the Order of Chaos has fallen into the hands of such leaders.” “Lord Baruk Stoneford, if you please. So, what’s this about? Be quick! We are busy!” “So, I see,” nodded Eamon, gesturing at the far-off glints of spearpoints. “I will be brief. My Lord Anaxis sent me.” The demeanor of Baruk and Ogram changed to serious in an instant. Anaxis was not only a Devoted, he was one of the highest ranking. A force to be reckoned with among the Elder Crows and that was saying something. Eamon smiled inwardly at their reactions. “I come from a Making…someone you knew I believe,” continued Eamon. “Beryl,” intoned Baruk. “He was a good man. We’ve both ridden with him.” The dwarf and half-giant each made solemn holy gestures. “Times grow dire,” said Eamon. “The Hunger advances. The Making keeps pace only so long as enough volunteers step forward. Crows willing to end their existence so that a new world can be created. Order, Balance and Chaos united to fend off the common threat. But what happens if we cannot keep pace?” Baruk and Ogram exchanged looks. Eamon had touched on a well-known question. But the search for an answer had split not only the Devoted and the three Orders, but every guild in the Kingdoms. Some wanted to keep the status quo, using only Crows who volunteered for The Making. Others wanted some type of lottery. Others pushed for more brutal solutions – forced conscription, culling those deemed weak and unworthy. The divisions were widening. The reason was an open secret. The Making was losing ground. Each year, at a growing pace, the Hunger advanced closer and closer to The Kingdoms. “We know all this,” said Baruk. “Why did Anaxis send you?” “My Lord Anaxis sees that Order and Balance, for all their disputes, remain intact. Chaos however has fall into civil war. He has two requests for your consideration. First, he offers to mediate an end to your conflict.” “Good luck with that,” said Ogram. “We’ve tried to reason with Bedlam and his followers. They are extremists.” “Yes,” nodded Eamon. “They want The Making fueled by the sacrifice of captive Crows. But perhaps there are other possibilities they haven’t considered.” “Well, if he wants to try we won’t stand in his way,” said Baruk. “What’s the other request?” “He needs your assistance in an investigation.” “Of what?” asked Ogram. “Of whom,” corrected Eamon. “You have both heard of the newest Crow, the so-called Bride of Valkyn?” “The girl who says the All-Father talks to her?” said Ogram. “We don’t know much except they say she’s a real looker.” The Half-Giant elbowed the dwarf beside him. “Perhaps,” said Eamon. “But we need more information. Our problem is that a follower of Malekai keeps her under close watch.” “If you’re asking us to kidnap her from Kitaara Red-Hand, no dice. We’d need an army and ours is busy right now.” “No, nothing like that…we just need someone placed in her retinue whom she will trust.” “Why do you care so much about a batty girl?” asked Baruk, a note of suspicion in his voice. “Lord Anaxis knows that often what matters most is not what is true or false – but what is believed. The unity of the Devoted and the Orders, the glue that holds together the hundreds of guilds and their countless followers, the very foundation of the Kingdoms, rests on shared belief. Undermine belief and you create cracks that, over time, will widen to shatter all.” Baruk and Ogram looked at each other again. Lowering their voices, they whispered for a minute. Then they turned back. “Alright - tell Anaxis we’ll do it. We know one of the Crows who helped her ascend.” Eamon started in alarm, his eyes widening. “Yuki?” the priest exclaimed. “No! That won’t do! Lord Anaxis would never accept that! Are you both mad?” Baruk laughed. “No, not Yuki. Don’t worry. Let us handle this. Go back to the Temple and – do whatever it is you do.” Eamon huffed and straightened his vestments. He bowed stiffly. “Very well, I will deliver your answer. Good day.” Baruk and Ogram watched the priest depart. Once he was out of earshot, they turned back to each other. “Well?” asked Ogram. “Well what?” said Baruk. “This stinks to high heaven. Anaxis is up to something. But for now, we play along. He helps us broker a peace with Bedlam. We help him with this mind-addled girl. Fair exchange.” Ogram nodded. He shouted for the messenger to return. In a moment, the servant was kneeling before them again. “Go find Two-Ton.”
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    [-W-] Winterblades

    Recent fight with UDL. Still learning the druid and I make a few mistakes, but this is quite the back and forth slog between us. Great fights!
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region:Eu Atmosphere: Any Casual/Hardcore?:this year i ll play casual ( i ll have the exam to join the university) then i ll play hardcore Size: any size Play-Style:i enjoy every style as far as pvp goes Commitment:i ll study as quick as i can, so i ll be able to spend every minute of free time in this game Miscellaneous: my faction is chaos Experience: mmo i played: wow, gw2, bdo, tera, a little bit of neverwinter, and some more f2p mmos that i don t remember:)) Voice-Chat services: discord, skype, team speak,
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    Clase preferida

    Muchas clases son viertidas sobretodo depende de la situacion, pero para mi la mecanica mas divertida es berserker del myr. me encanta poder saltar de los edificios y que me de igual
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    ¿De donde son?

    hola yo soy de españa un gusto tenerlos por aqui!
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    Yes its a limiting factor but that is like saying "The Spider Queen is keeping tons of people from theorycrafting with Surging Spirit because for some it takes two people to kill her" On the TEST server (when up for testing) the Crowfall team has a vendor with the materials needed to craft vessels on a vendor including all optional mats, so at times there are no body count gates and we even have more people testing them. Before each large jump 5.5 to 5.6, 5.6 to 5.7 they open up the TEST server and have all quality of mats including Gems (motherlodes) available in bulk for players to get crazy with. Till then people are testing with friends, guildies, etc and solid info and bugs have been found.
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    Those tons of people can form up into half a ton groups and harvest motherlodes.
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    That good combat feel comes at a price. The client still has way too much control allowing all sorts of hacking. The developers just recently had an 'e-sport' type tournament that was easily hacked allowing some players to fly around and pick up other players and sky-drop them.
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    Made out of the only legendary iron I had. The result is a a bit disappointing compared to my purple one lol
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    Give me eyes for my heads! I need additives that mean something... Cap bonuses are still VERY mehh...
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