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    October 2018

    lol. Pann, I won't assume all of my transgressions, aka warnings, are forgiven. But still, I am anything but reformed and rehabilitated, I just pace my timing of being a complete jerk in your world.
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    Combat needs to be more accessible

    It is more a symptom of the seasons not properly interacting with the win conditions. If all of your harvest yield for an entire Campaign were held until the outcome was determined then nobody would have the gear we have now and everyone would be fighting to place high enough in the rankings to get to keep the better part of it. We need to start talking win conditions and how they will work. Will we see towers and camps in real time on the map and the front lines changing as they do? This would tell players where the action is even without toast messages. Also limiting our accounts to a single campaign and not having free farming ability in dead servers will make a huge difference. We just all need to be dropped into the same damn fishbowl with no way out but to fight.
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    October 2018

    I think you all forget what last year at this time was like waiting for 5.3... we had no game, no disciplines, and the race class split was consuming all of the devs time. We are in so much better a place as a game now... relax.
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    October 2018

    There's nothing wrong with quoting Tom Petty!
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    October 2018

    First, I want to say thank you to all of you who are still checking in. To quote Tom Petty (RIP), the waiting is the hardest part. The team is busting butt to get 5.8 ready for TEST. Although I don't have an ETA to share with you yet, I can tell you that every day we're making great progress as we undergo rigorous internal testing. Our goal is to get it into the best shape we can before we make it accessible to the first wave of external testers. I know that the most diehard Crows have been unhappy about the October news updates and I take responsibility for it. It's my job to create the news calendar. There was a method to my madness, though. Every time I have to ask Blair, Melissa, Todd or someone else on the team to contribute something for an update, that takes time away from the work they're doing on 5.8. At this critical point, even 30 minutes of diversion away from 5.8 is too much. A secondary consideration is that as new Crows come into the community, we need to reintroduce things that you have known for a long time but they haven't seen yet. For that reason, there will be times when we repurpose older content that may be old news to you but that they are seeing for the first time. I'm wrapping up the calendar for November now and I think it will make you happier since it's a better mix of new and older content, this includes info drops about 5.8 changes.
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    How to price your wares?

    IMO... Having motherloads as the only source of gems is a broken mechanic. Community harvesting should be required for community construction, fortresses and siege weapons, but not for individual gear. Think of the old timer photos of 20 men standing on the 30' across tree they had just harvested. That's the level of effort it took to build cities, navies, factories, and national railroads. That's not what it takes to make a bow. If it's intended as a means to persuade us to test group harvesting it works, at the expense of jewelcrafters, but it should not go to release that way.
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    Part 2 of Episode 3 in the Starting Out series is here, with our look at Intermediate Gear! In this video we get our first look at the Campaign World beyond the starting area Beach-head, as well as some non-basic resource nodes. We also show additional Experimentation options available for non-basic gear:
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    Did someone say Pumpkins?
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    TRICK! or TREAT? #crowfallgame #monstermonth twitter search if you are looking for the collection of crowfall images, see these two albums from Handies http://imgur.com/a/BcdKz - Album 1 http://imgur.com/a/zuzS0 - Album 2 Also a handy site for making gifs here https://ezgif.com/maker
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    Can we use external links? For example can we tweet an imgur gif?
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    The third entry in the Starting Out series is up now - Intermediates! This section is broken into two parts, with Tools and some crafting details in Part 1:
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    Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    As I told you in Discord...I hope you sent your attackers a nice thank you card for providing your channel with pvp content. I can't imagine someone trying to stream a pvp game and then complain when someone went out of their way to provide that very content you were looking for.
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    October 2018

    Kind of figured that but this is the longest dead spell i can remember in testing activity, 5.8 must be massive in additions being made.
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    Bless you for trying Pann. Feels like interest/activity has basically fallen off almost completely.
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