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    How to download live client?

    i did, i think i simply clicked something wrong initially. Thank you for your help though
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    Hey guys, I'm looking for support on a discord feature that is critical for Crowfall. In siege warfare games, you often have multiple groups doing different task for the same objective, and discord currently doesn't support anything to help that. I know this is slightly outside of the exact Crowfall beta per say, but it would benefit the game greatly if this function became available in discord. Thanks everyone for taking a look and helping ancillary Crowfall VOIP applications. https://feedback.discordapp.com/forums/326712-discord-dream-land/suggestions/35848183-global-ptt-permissions
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    How to download live client?

    Hopefully you got it resolved - if you get stuck on any additional technical or account-related issues in the future, send a quick email to support@crowfall.com for help.
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    Full Wipe

    I have a circle of enslaved mystics who scry into the minds of Blair, Halash, and Coleman.
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    Ok, let me start with: These answers are based on what I do know, what I believe to know and what I expect to happen based on those two. I will mix them up in my answers to make it more interesting for you. (tl;dr: no guarantees) 1. Do you mean race? Because the race is about the body, the class is about the job. There is no undead player race scheduled for launch. Maybe, if there are enough people who would love to have it, ACE may come up with an undead race in a future update (long) AFTER launch. Or a rotten state of vessels, maybe combined with a specific power tray. Or depending on the playtime/age of a vessel the oppotunity to use it's undead state. Whatever. The possibilities are manifold... after launch. Before launch they are extremly restricted. However, keep the suggestions coming. Later crows may praise your name for them. 2. Crafting vessels are in the plans for launch. You should be able to place a vessel at a factory to let it craft mass products for you. However, we haven't seen anything about this yet and hopefully it will happen before launch (pretty likely). Thralls as companions in battles have (up to now) not been mentioned regarding campaigns (and would probably only drop the framerate unnecessarily). I believe to remember that once one of the team said no. However, we are meant to be able to place guard thralls in our kingdoms and probably also at strongholds in the campaign worlds who will (just like mounts) join or start a fight under specific circumstances. 3. Character customization will come ... at the very end. We are still in basic function testing. Forget about being pretty for now - game development is a dirty business. But again no worries, we will get it as sure as Valkyn will return. (ok, let's say as sure as i believe that Valkyn will return - just to avoid misunderstandings).
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    Did someone say Pumpkins?
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    @Pann I honestly don't know how italian legislation put a stop on this web contests, since I believe similar contests are happening here for others video games. I supposed the monthly raffle was connected by some legal interpretation with gambling, but in this case ACE is proposing a competition requiring skill and art talent (both of whom I lack). I'm sure no prohibition exists when a winning is due to a certain amount of skill. As far as I know italian e-sport is a growing activity. The only peculiarity I can see is ACE has a trusted traders program for reselling assets. Is this the point? Can you address me about this matter? Many thanks.
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