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  1. 2 points

    Esperando o 5.8?

    Eu to logando com frequência, mas mal posso esperar o 5.8 O Frostweaver será muito bom, to esperando as skills dele pra deixar todo mundo devagar @infernusdl, kkk. Acredito que bastante gente irá começar/voltar agora no 5.8, inclusive alguns amigos meus!
  2. 2 points

    Super annoying things

    You can increase basic tool duration with a disc. You can also increase basic tool duration by using white named wood. Getting a sturdy basic tool. There is a skill that increases basic tool durability 2-3 nodes in a fast training timeline. I do think all tools need to be about 3x more durability though. even now. Others disagree. Such is life.
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    Super annoying things

    Hey @idoll, whats your purpose? i'm just seeing ranting all the way around of your void comments... If you don't want to or don't know how to interact with people, Crowfall isn't going to be a good game for you... Instead, try to play singleplayer games. BUT if you want to cooperate with the game development and the community as well, we all appreciated your point of view, but we all agree that decay is a good thing to the game and there are MANY ways to decrease decay rate, like our community friends already said to you, but I'll say it again: Villen Discipline (Passive reduces the decay at 50% atm); Survivalist Discipline (You can use a skill with 4 gathering PIPS which boost your next 2 attacks in 100%); Gathering Skills (Slightly reduces the decay rate of tools and increase the damage to resource nodes); You can buy or craft better tools with Runecrafting, which are more efficient (More durability and more damage). A good Runetool costs 150G, just kill some PIGS R2 and you'll have it. I used to farm in about 4 hours with the same tool. That's the way the game works right now, with all due respect i say to you, get used to it or do something else. I hope you enjoy the game!
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    Esperando o 5.8?

    E aí pessoal? Muitos pvp? O que vocês esperam do 5.8? Que funcionalidades gostariam de ver lá ou estão ansiosos por ver lá? Têm conhecimento de algum jogador que esteja esperando o 5.8 para adquirir o jogo? Vamos participar pessoal, puxa, vejo sempre os mesmos... chamem a vossa galera e vamos fazer isto crescer pessoal. Vamos nessa.
  5. 1 point
    A preview of the changes and fixes coming in 5.8. FULL STORY
  6. 1 point
    This is a moot issue at best, any serious gatherer will be a stealth class period. The benefits of stealth for a harvester completely outshine anything else.
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    Esperando o 5.8?

    Espero ver novos mobs nessa versão
  8. 1 point

    Esperando o 5.8?

    Gostaria de ver o Frostweaver...
  9. 1 point

    Super annoying things

    Perhaps you could have suggested these things when they were pertinent to development a year or more ago, but now, however, the game is far past design phase content and into the third iterations of these mechanics. I have played plenty of sandbox mmos to know good design and have thoroughly enjoyed testing and suggesting sound changes, you have yet to state what you really mean in clear and concise words, you simply complain that an inconvenience annoys you and walk away. I cannot tell if you even understand the obtuse mechanic you suggest of having the UI guess your intent when you walk up to an item, resource node and simply LMB... you act as if it is too hard to pick a tool from your toolbar that corresponds to what action you intend to take, rather silly. For me, bad design won't let me hit a tree with a shovel, good design does and the result is a broken shovel... you see that sandbox play should let your do anything and it is your brain and not the UI that decides if it was a good choice... bad design doesn't let you make mistakes, good design does because mistakes are part of being human. There is nothing in your posts saying how it is bad design or why... I would suspect that you have not endured long enough to get to higher level harvesting to make such an evaluation. I have explained how you can make your tools last, maybe you should look a little deeper before proclaiming judgement without any experience. I fully understand that you may intend to do your guild a disservice and make some recommendation based on your personal misunderstanding of game mechanics. Your guild suffers then for your obstinance and pride, too bad. Now you can stuff your silly little epeen back in your pants, it's doing you far less than it was designed for anyway. For a scouting agent of a self pronounced "major guild", you do both a poor job of diplomacy and a worse job of evaluating. Someday you might lament your actions, or not... likely the game would be a little rough for you in any case. I have no cause to assume you could back it up. But I am enjoying this very much. p.s. I have really missed board warrior antics, where the hell is Protonix and Manshoon anyway.
  10. 1 point
    https://malekai.org/classes is a good resource for that info (also racial and discipline info).
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    New Music On Test

    I occasionally run the Test server even thought it says down for maintenance, and it does occasional updates to the server. The most recent update, I noticed has music different from the login of the Live server. Is that new going forward? It actually sounds pretty awesome! I know they did some music stuff on updates in October so I don't know if that had already been played/mentioned.
  12. 1 point

    Known Issue: Dev Tracker

    or we could just a service that won't break and is provided by the devs instead of some third party ;p
  13. 1 point
    I find the higher level resource tools and gathering to be fine also. Hence, why I suggested simply lowering the Hit Points of poor quality resources.
  14. 1 point
    Perhaps Basic crafting tools could have a higher durability, but I would suggest that poor quality resources take more damage by default. This would have the desired effect of allowing new players with no skills to avoid having to make so many poor quality tools but would not effect harvesting of white and above resources.
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    Dont even need to train decay reduction because if you use villien atm that caps you out on tool decay by itself, pretty silly tbh though. Remove the need of decay jelwery and skill tree pips unless you mining mother nodes since u probaly want forman and (mining/quarryman)
  16. 1 point
    It looks like 5.8 will be the starting point for me, finally a testing campaign and a game in playable state, good job team ~ and kudos to all the testers out there
  17. 1 point
    Agree, split it there currently way way to much benefit to just doing blacksmiths compared to other profession.
  18. 1 point

    ACE Q&A NOVEMBRO: demanda popular

    Estou ansioso para ver essas 11 páginas de Patch Notes! Que venha o 5.8! :-)
  19. 1 point

    Ajudas - Inicio

    Olá senhores, como estão? Estou no Crowfall algum tempo e presenciei vários iniciantes se sentindo perdidos no primeiro momento, eu por um outro lado estudei bastante o jogo antes de vir, mas as pessoas não têm esse costume. Eu acho que deveria ter um tutorial, que seja uma simples mensagem avisando a pessoa de que precisa derrubar uma arvore, depois criar ferramentas, fazer a primeira arma, dar algumas sequencias de golpes nos dummies e depois, como final, levar ela para a área de vídeos, onde irá explicar mais afundo o game se elas quiserem. Acredito que isso possa ser feito como se fossem Missões iniciais. Com o game induzindo o player no começo do jogo dessa forma, ninguém irá entrar e se sentir perdido novamente. O que acham?
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