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    2FA and the I'm not a robot check

    If we have 2FA turned on, we're clearly not robots as we can't authenticate without entering a time-sensitive code. So why do you layer that silly "I'm not a robot" check on top of it? If 2FA is enabled, the "I'm not a robot" check should be disabled. The check is time consuming and can take longer than the 2FA code lasts in some cases.
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    I see we are short one class. Will it be featured on Tuesday perhaps?
  4. 2 points
    With big thanks to Caldera and the crew at Malekai.org, here's part two of our overview of the of Promotion Classes. FULL STORY
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    2FA and the I'm not a robot check

    Nice try robot, nice try...
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    Nothing should be considered community approved until JamesGoblin likes it. Zybak is only a pretender and rapscallion.
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    Wildcraft Cooking .. Wall of text

    I wanted to first say well done @thomasblair @DigitalChai and any others in the team. What you guys have added to the game adds far more breadth and depth to the game then i would have guesses with sneak peek we had those many months ago. Well Done Loving It: range of food buffs - I have maybe completed mapping 25 different recipes and I am just loving the fact that combat (healing, ranged, basic attacks, etc) gathering (plentiful +, +crit chance, etc) and crafting (oh how do I love me some tippers) all have something added not counting the Stamina, Mount Speed, and other Misc lifts Other items involved in the cooking - ore, Wood, Stone (flasks) Hungershards, Bloodworms etc range of chicken ticker impact - complex things give back more health. It just makes sense. From 10 to 35 food restore and i have not gotten into the most complex recipes secondary impact - the wilted scraps are white meaning there is value for the player who may not even cook, there is Dust and the item to be used by guild, faction or sold as part of the econ loop primary impact - well see above Liking It: I like the large range of items and the complexity of the recipes - Could there be a way to increase the stack size? If you are a gatherer and want to wildcraft gather you are facing a dire shortage bank space. Add in the spices/etc that come from drops boxes or vendors and the stacks of 10 or 20 we see just creates a lot of bloat Wine and mead are great, but would like to see Mead have a positive value and its debuff for dizzy I like that many recipes create things i can use or use in a more complex recipe - I think a pass is needed to re-align some of the order of things. Butter is a higher recipe (sous) then some of the places its used (head) , Gnochi (sous) Pesto Gnochi (head) Suggestions: expand on other item impact - I don't see wood grubs or Zombie guts ... could be fun to see other scrounged items leveraged like Bloodworms currently are I have not seem Stealth, Far sight, Perception .... maybe add some Positive Buffs that have debuffs added. Mead gives damage adsorb but you drop in far Sight or Perception A Community Contest to create the next best Recipe where players can name and work with team on the buff?
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    Mmmm Metal! No experimentation on the attack power values. Lift is back in. But there seems to be some stall areas. And damn from a base stat of 5 to 1.33 ouch
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    TEST Gaming plays Crowfall

    Allow me just the tiniest suggestion. You should be specific about the region of players you intend to gather (usually: North America, EUrope or worldwide). Members of a guild generally prefer join together with persons sharing their time zone. Good luck with your guild and game community.
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    Purchases will be restored until they stop doing wipes. Until then, every wipe also restores any purchases you may have made.
  11. 1 point

    TEST Gaming plays Crowfall

    Well, to start I would centralize that text: Discord: https://discord.gg/test Guilded: https://guilded.gg/TEST/games/Crowfall Website: https://TEST.gg TEST Gaming accepts all applicants! A description of your guild would also be helpful...
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    TEST Gaming plays Crowfall

    Welcome to the Murder! o7
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    That moment when Pann name drops Zybak and my eyes about rolled out of my head...
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    i always find it silly when people "complain" about the news after 3+ years of two+ updates a week. especially after a ) a major holiday b ) a large news release and c ) this is information that has not yet been presented in an official capacity to those that only look at 'official updates' [which will be many people who are not on the forums/tests] i'd be happy if ACE moved to a once a week update to save themselves the pressure myself...
  15. 1 point
    All of the promotion classes are pretty darn cool. Kudos to the designers for some great class design.
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    Snap Tests

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    I am an oracle, predictor of the future, my minds eye sees all.
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    100% of nothing is still nothing. The unmodded damage is too low to make that very appealing. Also, having Shield Slam knock the target back and then trigger Shield Bash seems kind of pointless since the target is now out of range. What is the point of Board and Board when Shieldmanship does the same thing, but to all shield attacks?
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    2FA and the I'm not a robot check

    It's only annoying because the website keeps logging me out.
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