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    5.8 Myrmidon

    First of all, new talent system is much more better than it was before. Need some polishing and more variability in future, but now all classes can have at least a couple of usable builds Back to myrmidon. Lets discuss changes, roles, bugs, builds and futures here? And ofc, do not blame me for orkish english or whatever below. I liked: 1) Taste for blood deprecated. This was a stupid "must have" passive which brings almost all to myrm. Before 5.8 only LMB give us burst unstable random but OMG damage. Now players should think about builds. Result: powers splitted between builds, new builds, new skills and mechanics. 2) Absolutely awesome Colossus Smash remake. You finally removed combo and made it one-step skill like I want since Big world. Gap-closer too big imo. Need some nerf (time will show). Result: I will always keep it on panel. 3) Now all races are be playable as myrmidon. There are some still favorites (HG) but its ok.. I hated: 1) Cast net -> Charge deprecated. Why? It was a nice situative skill. 2) Bloodied Swipe -> Gore combo still useless. It was on 5.7, it is even useless now. Reason is very slow animation, especially on Gore. Also need more tie to talent tree skills as update. Result: I will never put it on panel atm. 3) Neck slash - new skill. I do not understand this skill. Comment someone if I wrong. Mediocre damage with one charge which generated after using rage skills. Some low tie in deep talent tree as, for example, give addition to this skill - supress or flat reducing to crash damage. Ok, you can interrupt. But mechanic is so strange atm Result: extremely doubtful power, will probably not worth to eat slot. 4) Berserker, Vengeance and Frenzy are replace each other by the fact. I mean shared cooldowns makes other than selected promo class core power very situative and probably not worth to eat panel slot. This mean I do not need Vengeance if I am Battle Rager but sometimes Frenzy can be ok. Compared to some other classes, same skills are mostly usefull in every build (check out duelist skills in same tree for example) 5) Pulverize. With splitting class into 3, this skill importance can be divide by 3 6) Whirlwind still combo. Main and almost one dps skill required 2 seconds to loadup. Bugs 1) Cast net in team fights still hard to use. 2) Issues with tooltip cooldowns Berserker, Vengeance and Frenzy. Especially if you trying to use it together. 3) Sounds issues with some skills which makes impossible to understand what is going on. 4) Whirlwind sometimes does not activated. Overall: Berserker > Vengeance > Frenzy. Why? Coz there are now more ways to ingore crash damage (imo) while both - Frenzy and Vengeance working only if you HIT target. At the same time they have equal duration but not effect. Lets see what each line give us? Titan: DPS promo. Frenzy based. 8s duration. 12s CD. Only gives us +1.25% per second for each 100 damage we take or made. Damage bonus CAP is 40% + 15% slash/crush more to cap (I do not test over cap mechanics). Max +% to damage can be +40% or even more. Decent? Yes, but for 7 or less seconds, in practic even less. Required to be near enemies. This is not possible sometimes. Some races like HG already have possibility to increase damage %, stats also will help. Titan's passive gives us +2% to LMB dmg for 30 seconds with chance on each hit bleeding target (Blood thirst). UP to 50%. So, LMB damage is +40% for some time and +50% after some time and link to all time to battle. Also we can't die during Frenzy (8 seconds) and regen fury and buff whirlwind damage on each ww hit. Titan is pretty much old LMB based myrm. Can be playable with Berserker power. Frenzy is really situative atm. Without heal is useless. LMB + ww = only 2 skills for DPS, other slots for support self or group. OR take berserker. Frenzy need stackable crit bonus and less damage bonus. OR possibility to increase duration, for example, linked with Blood thirst. Battle Rager: Tank promo. Berserker based. But not vanilla myrm, this one have low damage. Berserker have the same old mechanics and regen all dmg you got every seconds. This mean you can be killed on low HP even with berserker on. But BR can decrease or prevent crash damage via Pulverize, HG skill, striking bleeding targets (Blood craze) and OMG while you whirlwind is active!!! Well, this class will be favorite to all myrm's players. On top of preventing crash damage, you can stack HUGE amount of HP based on enemies around or via Battle Rager passive which give HP bonus based on preventing crash damage (50% of this gamage). BR will be based on % of HP regen. Buff HP -> stack buffs -> whirlwind. Repeat. Boring promo, still no party skills. Does not need any buffs. Self-sufficient and balanced, massive fight based. Conqueror: CC based semi-tank Vengeance based which is heal you for damage you cause but not more than it was before activating this skill... Can be better than Berserker coz you does not need to think about crash damage, but to keep HP you have to dps, dps and dps. This can be a problem coz you are melee and not every time you have alot of enemies around to keep dps decent. Probably he can abuse +HP buffs. Conqueror's passive compared to Titan and BR is a joke imo. May be because you have immune to CC while Vengeance is active (8 seconds). And while WW is active. Also, you can aoe snare alot of ppl. Very usefull for party semi tank. I think now myrmidon role is pretty simple - aoe tank in the thick of battle. Other DPS and CC based classes imo can do better DPS and CC. At least now myrmidon for group fights may become useful (tank role) - not only grabber (net cast). Overall I think Templar is a better tank with more party options. Some tweaks need in future but I think BR and Conq very playable. Titan in some setups also ok but heal required. Anyway Myrmidon become more easy to play class. No need to taming now and explode for whole HP on lag or CC What do you think? Champion get nerfed in 5.8 imo, what about knight magic? Or true tanks is only templar and myrm now?
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    Need help with EK, New to game

    Welcome to the forums. Like BarriaKarl said, parcels have limited space for buildings (called token) of a certain size (xs/s/m/l/xl) and type (civil/military) which is specific to the parcel type. Here is a list of the current limits in 5.7 You can only place buildings on a parcel, if your vessel is currently on it and the limit is bigger than 0. Open your inventory to see the remaining tokens on the current parcel (in the order as mentioned above). Only Stronghold parcels (=those in the list above) provide tokens. Resource parcels (like the woodland grove) don't. The whole token system is not yet refined. It's just a first implementation. There is currently not a single parcel that would allow to place the full stronghold which it was associated with. So, don't worry if you run out of tokens ... thats normal. If you need more tokens, you need to build a bigger parcel. This can be done via Stonemasonry-Geomancy. You can use smaller stronghold parcels as components. The overall resource cost is shown in the list above. More informations can be found in the official EK FAQ for example. Hope this helps a bit. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    Atlas MMORPG

    Looks interesting https://store.steampowered.com/app/834910/ATLAS/
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    Votação - colheita

    Tem toda a razão BarriaKarl... é o que faz estar a ajudar amigos lol Link corrigido. Obrigado pela chamada de atenção
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    Need help with EK, New to game

    Before you get to the point where you are placing buildings on parcels, there are a few things you have to do, if you haven't already. First, you have to import your purchases into your spirit bank. You do this by clicking on the purchases button in the lobby. Once that is complete, you then log into your EK, open your spirit bank (B) and move the parcels and buildings into your inventory. I imagine you have already done that. The next step, before you can place any buildings, is to place parcels. You can't build on the default parcel (the one that includes the statue) because it doesn't contain any tokens. To place parcels, they must be in your inventory, then press ESC and click on the castle icon on the menu on the left hand side. This will bring up the kingdom editor, where you can drag and drop parcels into your world. You can then move and rotate them however you want, as well as give names to each parcel, rename your EK, set it to public or private, and turn PvP on or off. When you are done, hit submit and the world will reorganize itself based on your settings. At that point, travel to the parcel on which you want to build and open your character sheet to verify the tokens that you have within that parcel. As the other noted, you will have different types/amounts based on the parcel type. Larger parcels will have more tokens than smaller ones. If you have an available token for the building you want to place (you can see the token that is required by mousing over the building deed), just right click the building from your inventory to place it. Also be sure to check out the command list. Click on the question mark in the upper right corner of the chat window. A new window will be displayed that shows all of the various chat commands, including the commands for managing your EK, such as inviting nobles and vassals, and granting tokens to those nobles and vassals.
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    Champion 5.8 good enough?

    As a champion main since 5.3 . Champ in 5.8 is in a great state right now, the meta won't probably have a place for him but now he is in its most balanced form we've seen so far. As far as the promotion trees go, yea the pit fighter is the safest, the cc path is good if you have strong tanks and healers that can keep you alive, that's when you can shine.The crit path is bad tho, it doesn't have enough damage nor survivability.
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    Need help with EK, New to game

    What the-, where all the helpful people at? I cant help ya with the specifics, but all I can think of is that you are going over the parcel building limit. Parcels have a maximum number of civil buildings and defense buildings so it might be that. That said a Screenshot would do wonders in figuring out what is going wrong.
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    Ajudas - Inicio

    Olá boa tarde, eu sou novo no crowfall e estou perdido haha. Pegando embalo no que o(a) Noura disse acredito que deveria sim ter um informativo para o que fazer no jogo, logo quando entra, por exemplo, estou jogando a 3 dias E o q fiz foi entrar no jogo e craftar minhas ferramentas e meu ser e armas (básicos), dos disso já não sei o que fazer para proceder no jogo O que preciso para craftar armas melhores, caso seja ferramenta, onde posso craftar ferramentas melhores, eu posso pegar todos os materiais ou devo ficar em um específico, e assim procede para a minha evolução em si.
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    Se prepare ...

    Este mês daremos a todos os Corvos informações muito importantes para o sucesso da grandiosa Campanha Mundial. Veja aqui
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    The 5.8 Assassin

    It would really be interesting if the tree of talents were similar to the path of exile. Giving more freedom, however, is more difficult to balance.
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    Se prepare ...

    Eu também já testei e posso dizer que está sensacional.. Estou ansioso para ver isso no live.
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