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    This test environment will not fly as a "real" campaign... because all of the materials are free in vendor. and the wipe. There will be no harvesters nor small scale PvP The major guilds have already made late game gear and fought over forts If you free level and free mats there is no longer any motivation to test, nor would there be if the game is not for the long term. Do not expect the same number of testers to play as the last few weeks We are in a holding pattern until the actual LIve and long term campaigns I am sorry, we want to help, but you will not likely see higher populations in Test anymore... it is stale without harvesting but won't work for that without full length long term play. Catch 22
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    The biggest disappointment of today was that there was still vendors with all the free crap. We really thought 5.8 would hit live, with that weird first message. We had 20+ people ready at the time, just to be redirected into the test client.. Please announce days in advance when 5.8 is going live, and please fix your external communication, it's exactly this kind of crap that kills hype.
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    we played scribble for an hour while waiting. i drew a centuar.
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    Remove freebies or riot! No seriously, you will have a more healthy population on test server if u wipe it and treat it as a short term live server in the sense.
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    ^^ I've been testing the combat balance of 5.8 for a bit now, not really interested to do more unless there's some changes and shifts that necessitate doing so. The free materials completely dilutes the purpose of having resources in a campaign. Most people won't test actual progression of vessel levelling or farming/harvesting resources, even competing over those resources, when there is no need to.
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    You really should have communicated this out prior to announcing the servers coming down. There are going to be a lot of really disappointed people who expected 5.8 was today. Now it sounds like we're about a month away from the first campaigns? When you say "real" campaigns and unique rewards... we're still getting wipes before launch, right?
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    Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Top guild! Really nice people - always having a laugh and willing to go the extra length to help others! /salute
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    The 5.8 Assassin

    Weapon types hinting what type of weapon you should use with each advanced class. Cutthroat 10% Piercing damage. Blackguard 10 Slashing Vandal 10% Crushing... Why not just give the assassin a 10% damage boost in general - remove these boosts adn let ppl invent / creat their own specs based on Weapon Masteries.
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    Now that SOE is gone (long live Daybreak Games!) we should go ahead and have the Star Wars:Galaxies NGE discussion. I'll start with the easy part: The NGE was my fault. I'll also say that memory is an imperfect thing, particularly around emotional circumstances, so I won't say this is 100% accurate, but it's the way I remember it. I was running SWG starting before the Jump to Lightspeed expansion was announced. This wouldn't have happened if SOE had been happy with the size and thus profitability of the game. Expectations had been that SWG would be as big, if not bigger than EQ which at the time was ~500k players. SWG had briefly gone over 400k but settled down into a 200-250k level. The Holicron addition and hints on how to get a Jedi ended up slowing net growth of the game and undermined the in-game community as people tried to macro their way to Jedi. We had hoped that by adding the "Stars" in Star Wars (i.e. space vehicles and flight) that the game would grow significantly. But SWG had more fundamental issues around the combat system (which hadn't gotten nearly enough iteration before launch), and an overwhelming amount of bugs, balance tuning and missing features for the dozens of various professions was holding the game back. The team was constantly working against a giant backlog of these issues just to keep the players we had retained. SWG was a real masterpiece in many ways. The team, led by Rich Vogel, John Donham and Raph Koster, built an amazing game, both in scope and AAA presentation. It had a character customization system that was the state of the art for the time (and still better than many we see today). An amazing diversity of professions and skill trees. Some extremely innovative design and gameplay roles were first seen in SWG. Having a player council was a SWG innovation. Rather than using the EQ technology, and entire new engine was created to match the requirement of SWG. And this was all done for <$18m in <3 years (2 years and 9 months), launching in June 2003. This was and remains unprecedented achievement in building a AAA MMO. And like so many MMOs, it was launched far too soon for financial reasons, so there were plenty of problems at launch and beyond. After the Jump to Lightspeed expansion launched (Oct 2004), it was clear that our audience size was clearly <300k and that was not acceptable to SOE (or to LucasArts). We were working hard to fix the bugs, missing features and trying to make the audience happier so we could grow. But that was a slow grind, even though SOE had added significantly more development resources in 2004 when I joined the team along with my team that had been working on an unannounced SOE project. Elements of the SWG team had this idea that maybe we should build a second Star Wars game that was focused on the "War" in Star Wars. It would be large scale battle game for planetary conquest. That way we could have more people in bigger battles (the character customization in SWG was far too detailed to have lots of players on the screen without significant performance issues). We could have a game where people fought over planets and they'd be dominated by either the Rebels or the Empire until they switched hands again in a galactic strategy game. We could build a real twitch combat system that was less turn based and more visceral. It was a very exciting idea. I championed an idea to SOE and LucasArts that we build this game with a new team, sell it as a separate product, but actually share the universe with SWG. No matter which game you initially joined, your subscription would give you access to both games. You'd have a battle game and a role playing game all together. The battles would take place on new worlds, but the outcomes would affect who owned the SWG worlds, such that the worlds in SWG would change who owned the government buildings and towns, empire and rebel banners swapping out, storm troopers patrolling where formerly the rebel soldiers would have been found. And an overall strategy game at the planetary level, bringing the "Wars" to Star Wars. Management was excited about this concept until the cost of this new game was clear and neither company (SOE or LucasArts) wanted to (or were able) make that investment. But the thought remained that a Star Wars game with more "Wars" in it could be huge. A prototype of the combat and faction switching in a town had been built. That and the launch World of Warcraft game influenced the development of the Combat Upgrade (Apr 2005) and following New Game Experience (Nov 2005). The context at that time was that World of Warcraft had launched in November 2004, and so had Everquest 2. Everquest 2 clearly didn't meet expectations as WOW took off, even with their early shortages of product. Almost every other MMO in the market got less play and less acquisition as WOW took market share. So there were noticeable financial stresses on SOE and all the other MMO companies. I participated in the early planning for the NGE, and I was told to execute it over my and many others on the SWG teams’ objections. I failed as an effective communicator in my attempts to change this course. In March of 2005 my boss came to Austin for a visit, and I told him I was going to refuse to move forward on the NGE development and launch. I had assessed that it would be a breach of my fiduciary duty to do so. I believed (and told him) that launching the planned NGE would alienate the customer base, cause at least half of them to quit and lose the company 10’s of millions of dollars. At the same time I told him he deserved to have people that worked for him do what he said, and I was sorry I was being intransigent. A week later I was terminated, and frankly I was never happier to be fired. I don't blame my management, as I basically made them do it. Being in conflict with your management is never fun, but doing something you don't believe in is worse. I watched the launch and outcome of the NGE launch closely. I actually hoped that the NGE would work out, as that would have meant that I’d have to revisit my entire mental framework on working with MMO communities. But the customer losses were significant, and the blow to both the SWG and SOE brands was noticeable. Destroying player persistence, the professions they’d put months or years of work into, along with their identities, to make the game “better” for new customers wasn’t a win from my external assessment. Many of those alienated customers became activists against SOE due to their losses, and the bad feelings around this change to SWG continues with ex-customers to this day. I want to stress that everyone that I knew who were involved with SWG at SOE and at LucasArts were trying to do the best thing as they saw it for their companies and for the long-term benefit of the game. I just didn’t believe then or now that it was right thing to do from a customer stewardship and fiduciary standpoint. So I feel I am responsible for the NGE, because the impetus came from an idea I initially championed, which I as unable to deflect when it was being mis-applied (in my view) to SWG. Again, the lesson of messing with the core of a game design in order to try and grow revenue being a likely recipe for disaster was demonstrated to me. And I had yet another Forest Gump-type moment in MMO history in my career. It's OK to grieve a bit if appropriate for you. I don't want to see bashing of John Smedley or any of the other folks I know and respect at the former SOE. It's easy to demonize someone for doing something risky when the results turn out poorly. And we need risk takers to get innovation. What's more valuable is to figure out how to avoid making major mistakes in the first place, and coming up with more creative ways to solve these combination of game/community/business problems. Please keep the discussion constructive and on-topic. I'll be asking the mods to remove and/or move posts which are off-topic.
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    TEST was offline indefinitely. Then it came back up after an unspecified period of time. We are now being redirected to it.
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    So to sum up... TEST is offline indefinitely, but everyone is being redirected to TEST, so they can get the data they need from the Live environment...
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    Run a few un-official, un-sanctioned LIVE campaigns from start to finish to see how they work. We will likely start with very short campaign durations (e.g. a few days) and we will increase them as we feel more comfortable with the point scoring mechanics. This is what we want... LIVE campaigns, even if they are short. The question then is will live get wiped before the "sanctioned" campaigns or will passive training stay. In other words will Live become initially less permanent... remember that you added GRIND to the game, no matter how short and just for the sake of "new player experience", which is contrary to our kickstarter goal of passive leveling for the casual player. To grind or not to grind is what drives motivation here. Free materials=missing a huge chunk of the game loop and Wipes=testing environment.
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    I'm feeling the same!
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  15. 1 point

    Is 5.8 Going Live on Live Today?

    I look forward to 5.8 on live. Sure there's a few things still broken, but as I see it, it's a lot of big steps forward, and only a few back.
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    Is 5.8 Going Live on Live Today?

    The hype is real boys.
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    No worries, something is coming for that. https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/interviews/crowfall-announces-monster-dynamics-1000013066
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    Dúvidas sobre craft e Gathering

    Ugh, Kra eu tenho quase certeza q só existe esse pó na qualidade básica e de q ele não afeta o resultado. O problema é q minha memória não é mto confiável e eu não consegui achar nenhum video ou texto q confirmasse isto. (E eu estou mto puto com isso, tá mto díficil achar informações corretas sobre crowfall.) No entanto mesmo q vc use um material de qualidade menor o resultado vai meio q fazer a média. Então mesmo com o pó de qualidade baixa vc deveria estar criando items verdes com certa regularidade. Quanto a segunda questão: Basicamente. No momento as receitas são desbloqueadas apartir do treino passivo (Há um certos rumores q isso vai dar uma mudada com crafting disciplines desbloqueando algumas receitas na proxima versão). Mas tem mais coisas q vc pode fazer para garantir melhores resultados quando vc tá craftando: Certas raças possuem bonus para certas profissões: Humanos tem +10 Blacksmithing e Leatherworking por exemplo. Obs: Pode favoritar o site do link anterior sem pensar duas vezes. Mto útil. Certos stats tbm afetam profissoes: Isto é deste thread criado em junho, então pode estar desatualizado. Há outras imagens lá.
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    5.8 Myrmidon

    I've been playing Titan but I use Berserk instead of Frenzy. Then it plays like the Myrmidon of old where you have to use pulverize, blood of the giants or ultimate to mitigate crash but you can do some pretty serious damage. Battlerager can be fun too but I've found that I don't really need the extra survivability I can stay alive well enough playing the DPS spec using Berserk and do a lot more damage. It's a riskier way of playing Myrmidon but so far has worked well for me. Conqueror may still have its place especially in larger fights where you can do enough damage to keep yourself healed via whirlwind. Last I checked Vengeance talent that was supposed to make you CC immune wasn't working and I haven't checked back on it since then. It was pretty nice not having to time a berserk crash while using vengeance though and the suppress on neck slash every 12 seconds was nice as is the AoE snare bleed. Just not enough survivability when compared to using Berserk but that may change when they fix the CC immune on vengeance. I too don't understand the "interrupt" portion of neck slash. I'm really not sure what that "interrupt" does. It's worth using for conqueror for the suppress but the other two builds I'm not so sure. I also really, really enjoy the new colossus smash. That changed the game for myrmidon's. Plagued by lack of mobility for so long this was a needed change. With talents into fury regen and power proficiency gore is no longer useful. That could change once talent points are required to put into discs it may be harder to buy those things. I'm not too mad over losing the net charge since we got colossus smash. The net pull needs to work more reliably though. It seems to only work about half the time. Check my YOUTUBE channel (link below in signature) for some Myrmidon videos. Most of them are the Titan spec while using Berserk.
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    We're on the lookout for Crows who wish to contribute scenes and stories of their First Campaign "crowments". FULL STORY
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    Is Release any closer

    Yeah but when we put out $ in 2015 BECAUSE they stated it would be in beta in 2016 and released in 2017, we expect that to happen or in many cases feel lied to and scammed, losing trust in the game and the developers. This is trust that in some people's eyes can never be regained, and it's evident by responses on YouTube videos and other gaming forums all over the web. If you put $ down on something else in 2015 because you wanted to get the first 2017's released and in 2019 you were still waiting you'd be screaming bloody murder. Saying they "have to lie" to get buy-in is pretty damn sad and a poor reflection on the entire industry.
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    Is Release any closer

    I haven't logged into it in a long while, I keep track of the updates on youtube though and it looks like it's becoming a game. I don't want them to rush, but Summer does seem like a long time away for an estimated guess. WOW Classic releases around then also. I just want a version where there will be no more wipes and something to invest time into.
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    is it live? i ran patch and launcher still saids 5.7, and just tried to log in, can't so has maintenance been longer? ty
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