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    ... Those fights dont look that fun to me. Sure, it seemed you was having a blast but I cant see the other guys liking it. Most of those didnt even last, what, 20 secs? Heck, most of those guys were below 70% even before they could turn their cameras to see you. I just hope you removed the fights you lost. You lost only against a berserker in a fight you played poorly. That doesnt seem proper. You didnt even break a sweat on most of those. Just, stealth opener, power rotation, repeat. BTW those CDs are crazy low! It seemed only 2 powers had CDs big enough such that you wasnt able to use them non-stop. However in larger and more chaotic fights you have to play carefully or things can fall apart very quickly. That is true to all other classes too. Therefore I call BS on that. Now to proper video feedback. It was lacking in the weaknesses department. It seems almost like you are advertising the class. After watching it all I can see is Assassins will most likely be a bother to meet. Like, I can see the horde of cheapstakes doing all the embarassing things you did. Shame on you btw.
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    Minotaur Ranger Build - Theorycraft

    Wondering if anyone has had the chance to test a Minotaur Ranger Build? I am thinking a Stealth or Melee Get in close ambush and as you wreck your opponent and they try to get away, pull out the bow and finish them off. With the Minotaur Racial ability "Bloodthirst" mixed with the "Sustain" Ranger Q key ability, i think it might be possible to negate most of the crash (DOT affect of taking health away) and applying more healing during the crash. Bloodthirst heals you for 50% for all damage taken and after 8 seconds then applies the damage you took as a DOT over the next 8 secs. Sustain gives you up to 30% of your damage done as health and makes you temporarily invulnerable. The invulnerable would wipe the crash and keep some of that DOT damage from hitting you. Mix that in with immunity to frontal stuns and can finish off runners...seems like a fun build =)
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    Crowfall backers engage in the first non-sanctioned PvP Campaigns to try and conquer the world FULL STORY
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    TEST 5.8

    E ai galera Quem está jogando o TEST 5.8? Quais as vossas primeiras impressões? o que mais gostam e o que menos gostam? abraço
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    The Assassin is hyper powerful in open field small scale engagements. However in larger and more chaotic fights you have to play carefully or things can fall apart very quickly.
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    Ranger Race Overview

    I created a spreadsheet looking at the starting stats and racial abilities of the available races for the Ranger class. Some notes: 1) I dont think there is a "best race". Each has its strengths and weaknesses 2) Starting stats are going to be negligible in end game, they will even out between high end vessels, gear and training. 3) Movement speed buffs OOC combat are nice, but there are disciplines that provide that bonus and mounts, so it is not that big of a factor in my opinion. Even with the Scores listed below, I am having a hard time from picking between Elken, Half-Elf & Human for my Archer build. I am also intrigued to use a Minotaur in a stealth build! Ranger Races Overview Elken Starting Attributes DEX 40 Critical hit Chance 2.6 STR 60 Armor Bonus 0.4 INT 20 Attack Power 20 SPR 38 Final Damage Modifier 3 CON 60 Critical Hit Damage 120.8 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 1 Leather-working Trailblazer +25% movement speed in Survival Tray Support Power 19 Woodworking +25 Perception Stamina 101 Gestalt – Ability bar skill to see stealth for 15 sec Health 4430 Headbutt – small range charge 10m dodge GRADING STATS MEDIUM Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH – for Armor and Bow Other Race Benefits MEDIUM Cool Factor HIGH – Fear the Deer! Review Movement speed +25% +25 perception (good for archer) Charge ability isnt that great -wouldn't be on my power bars Cool looking Race – Fear the Deer! Overall Score MEDIUM Half-Elf Starting Attributes DEX 100 Critical hit Chance 5 STR 30 Armor Bonus 1 INT 52 Attack Power 50 SPR 68 Final Damage Modifier 1.5 CON 28 Critical Hit Damage 122.1 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 2.6 Necromancy Trail-master +15% movement in Survival tray Support Power 34 Woodworking Cloak Slot Stamina 103 +1 Power Bar Slot Health 4334 10m dodge GRADING STATS HIGH – Best Starting Stats Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH – Bow and Vessel Other Race Benefits MEDIUM Cool Factor MEDIUM Review Best starting stats of the available races (For end game this is negligible) Additional speed, which can be raised by Arcane Archer Cloak slot +1 power bar slot Good blend of stats and abilities Overall Score HIGH Human Starting Attributes DEX 38 Critical hit Chance 2.5 STR 60 Armor Bonus 0.4 INT 22 Attack Power 19 SPR 38 Final Damage Modifier 3 CON 30 Critical Hit Damage 120.9 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 1.1 Blacksmithing +1 Power bar slots Support Power 19 Leatherworking +1 Passive slot Stamina 101 Cloak Slot Health 4340 Ability to increase damage bonus 10% Passive ability to educe damage by 3% GRADING STATS LOW Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH Other Race Benefits HIGH Cool Factor LOW Review Low starting stats Extra Power Bar and Passive slot are very good Cloak slot Ability to increase bonus damage by 10% Overall Score HIGH Minotaur Starting Attributes DEX 68 Critical hit Chance 3.7 STR 32 Armor Bonus 0.7 INT 18 Attack Power 34 SPR 36 Final Damage Modifier 1.6 CON 34 Critical Hit Damage 120.7 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 0.9 Necromancy Immune to stuns from the front Support Power 18 Stoneworking Charge – short range Stamina 101 Bloodthirst, turn damage into a DOT Health 4352 GRADING STATS LOW Crafting Bonus for Class MEDIUM Other Race Benefits HIGH – Cool Mechanic with Bloodthirst Cool Factor HIGH – Minotaur RAWR Review Bloodthirst mechanic is cool – mixed with a melee or stealth build is interesting! Low starting stats immune to frontal stats – good for melee or stealth build Overall Score MEDIUM – Due to Racial, very unique Ranger builds Wood-Elf Starting Attributes DEX 40 Critical hit Chance 2.6 STR 28 Armor Bonus 0.4 INT 20 Attack Power 20 SPR 70 Final Damage Modifier 1.4 CON 30 Critical Hit Damage 120.8 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 1 Blacksmithing +25% speed in Survivial Tray Support Power 35 Woodworking Camoflage – can hide like in Stealth Stamina 103 Farthest Dodge Distance - 18m Health 4340 GRADING STATS LOW Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH Other Race Benefits MEDIUM Cool Factor MEDIUM Review Best Dodge Distance +25% speed Can Camoflage – but Rangers can spec into Stealth Overall Score MEDIUM
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    assassins should get more "risk options" for sure in future. or whole small scale will be between those classes... currently they have initiative, burst damage, CC (also unique), strongest DOT's, stealth (aka best escape), mobility, stable DPS if burst not killed the target, self healing synergy, access to alot of weapons (unique also). they impose battle where they want and when they want and able to end battle also where they want and when they want if doing right. remember, for pvp game with loot this is most important thing 80% of time you developing your character. someone would like to say they are bad on a big battle. dunno, I saw alot. they are as effective as most of melee classes under proper healing. someone would like to say what this class required right hands driving it - yes, like all other. someone would like to say they have anti classes. not sure here. not at this point. only if they fight vs anti major disc (antistealth and defence vs type of damage) but they will be rare, isn't it? I don't know how ACE balance defence VS damage in late game or in future but right now, especially at start, this class is too powerfull and have too much options. also right now all DPS promo classes seems best choises.
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    5.8 no LIVE HOJE 3ª feira

    Pre-Alpha 5.8: 1ª campanha irá ser lançada hoje no LIVE Toda a história
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    Votação - colheita

    A experiência de jogar em grupo é muito benéfico e divertido em comparação a solo Um grupo de pessoal amigo é o suficiente, não é preciso guilda +20 jogadores para usufruir da experiência
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    NA Campaign ?

    15 mins
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    Ranger Race Overview

    Elken gets a higher range cap, which can easily be reached EDIT: elk charge is very good
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    The patch went to LIVE today. Use the separate LIVE launcher to play on LIVE. When you join a campaign with a vessel that vessel becomes locked to the campaign. While locked in the campaign it can't go to EKs or other campaigns. You can unlock it from the campaign by clicking the lock button on the vessel in the lobby. Be warned that you will lose all gear and inventory on that vessel if you unlock. Spirit bank all your stuff before you unlock from a campaign. (Hit B while in the world to access your spirit bank.) EKs are working. Trying joining one with a vessel that is not currently locked to a campaign.
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    Class/Race identity in 5.8

    I have very clearly stated the intent of this thread in the very first post. If you want to win some battle of semantics I recommend you worry more about the points you're providng and less about characterizing mine.
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    Class/Race identity in 5.8

    Well, sorry. English is my first language so it doesn't appear like word salad to me. I can simplify it for you though. Passive training offered longstanding benefits on the account level providing direct benefits to a player's identity. With the removal of that system in favor of expressing a deeper more vessel defining trait system, the inhereted power of the old system is no longer available. Do you wish to engage this topic or do you want to go on another tangent?
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    5.8 no LIVE HOJE 3ª feira

    oi dundum lamento informar mas nesta fase de teste, não haverá servidor BR, para conseguimos unir o maior número de players possíveis. Boa sorte e divirtam-se
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    Em marcha para a 1ª Campanha

    Novos tempos e bem excitantes estão chegando..... Veja tudo aqui
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    This is not just a "cry" or "nerd rage" post it's how I feel on my first campaign at all... I started farming things, I couldnt find mobs to leveling my guy and I have to craft items and sacrife like a farmer and I got ganked by a high lvl and late for 2 high lvls guys. "Ohh but you are just crying" Cmon, I was explaining about it on General chat, but I found a lot of "experts", maybe ACE is loosing some big talents there. The game is just on pre-alpha and some guys are not helpfull and toxic. You should take care with it. I just think maybe we could have a initial zone "around our Teleport/portal" with mobs and resources and coudnt get ganked until lvl 5, not before I could learn something about it, like skills, talents and etc... Thanks for the game but maybe I'll wait until beta or release, I lost my "excitement" to play in less than one hour because some guys on General chat, who has 100% conviction they are gods or experts.
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