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    Whirlwind when activated on a slope doesn't register hits at times. Please keep vessels locked to their campaign till the end of the campaign. We had fully geared max leveled solo players with epic mounts jumping from EU, where they maxed out, into NA at start rolling basically naked under level ten players in mass. Remove fire brazier from EK's. Players shouldn't be able to level so safely. At least force players to have to log into a campaign to level.
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    Bugs: -Templar's ultimate power Brilliance doesn't seem to actually make you invulnerable to damage. I was still losing hp even under the invulnerability effect. - Can't tell if devotion is healing -Canceling combos using righteous stand can sometimes have the next attack you use get canceled by righteous stand even when you are no longer channeling it. - Constant misses occur when using Templar Reproach combo chains, Righteous Stand Parry, and censure on elevated terrain (IE: The ramp leading down into Draco's Den) - Sometimes killing packs of spiders in Draco's Den made the corpses all disappear before being looted - Draco's Den mobs use their special moves ( ones with the red zones) sporadically and for unknown reasons. It feels like every 30 mobs kills or so A zombie would figure out it had a move outside of auto attack or a spider would try to spit on me. -Spider queen may have her special telegraphed moves hidden since they usually hit my Templar for about 150-200 damage each and then suddenly they do a flurry of about 2k damage with no indication why. Leveling feedback: As my 4th time through using natural progression I have to say things feel pretty decent. The newbie zone could definitely be built up a bit more and there could be a prompt telling you that using the rune gate is a 1 way trip, but it works as is. In about 7 hours I got a full set of intermediates, a stocked bank of supplies, and level 25 on my Templar. All in all leveling feels fast at the moment, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not so sure how this experience compares to a proper launch where every tree, rock, and pig will be picked cleaned for days if not weeks for miles around. I remember Albion online testing having a similar feeling progression curve until launch day where you could barely chop one tree an hour since so many spots were clogged with players. Problems like that may just be inevitable though, much like the early campaign chores of having to gather a supply cache of food and crafting materials etc. Progressing between monster ranks is going to need some type of feedback system so players know what activities are a waste of time and what difficulty their current character can handle. Right now it is just a guessing game. Maps could also use some type of marker or colored band system to show what ranks of mobs are present where. I had such a hard time finding rank 2-5 mobs I just farmed gold from rank 1 pigs and used that to boost myself up to rank 6 combat power. Overall though pretty entertaining. Templar Feedback: First off divine light needs to be accessible far sooner in the talent tree. PiP generation is awful without divine light to the point that harder fights have you doing basically nothing but parry + auto attack. Its not till around level 10 with divine light can you really start weaving skills together and feeling good about your character. The Fury specialization itself feels really good. Its amazing what just a few skills mods can do to spice up the rotation and add to overall game play. I love managing all the different CCs and debuffs Templar can put out combined with disciplines like scarecrow. I am a bit worried that Fury Templars will be a little to dependent on healers to shine as all the max health you get from passives and buffs leaves a massive HP gap that the Fury can not heal up themselves. Maybe that is just the price to pay for all that CC though. Big 3 mitigation Disciplines: Scarecrow is beating the pants off of Militant Mage and Mudman mitigation disciplines. Not only is piercing an extremely relevant damage type ( all the camps and outpost guards use bows), but the utility of an aoe stun and suppression are unrivaled. Scarecrow gets to be more than a one trick pony and I am hoping the slashing and crushing defense disciplines get that same treatment.
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    Feedback: Ninja-claming of forts & castles at the beginning of a campaign is way to easy and doable by a soloplayer. Guards should be hostile towards all factions on campaign start NPC monsters with weird behavior Fog of war is missing Can't see where my group members are when they aren't on the same mapinstance (no indicator at clustermap) NPC guards seem to have a 100% hit accuracy, maybe they should miss more shots or dodging their shots should be easier (currently only stepping out of line of sight works) Bugs: Flying mushrooms & plants
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    suggestion right after new campaign start out, you should give 1-2 villages to all 3 factions. ninja capturing is boring. especially for testing since there are alot of number issues
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    Suggestion Faction wide chat channels
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    ... Those fights dont look that fun to me. Sure, it seemed you was having a blast but I cant see the other guys liking it. Most of those didnt even last, what, 20 secs? Heck, most of those guys were below 70% even before they could turn their cameras to see you. I just hope you removed the fights you lost. You lost only against a berserker in a fight you played poorly. That doesnt seem proper. You didnt even break a sweat on most of those. Just, stealth opener, power rotation, repeat. BTW those CDs are crazy low! It seemed only 2 powers had CDs big enough such that you wasnt able to use them non-stop. However in larger and more chaotic fights you have to play carefully or things can fall apart very quickly. That is true to all other classes too. Therefore I call BS on that. Now to proper video feedback. It was lacking in the weaknesses department. It seems almost like you are advertising the class. After watching it all I can see is Assassins will most likely be a bother to meet. Like, I can see the horde of cheapstakes doing all the embarassing things you did. Shame on you btw.
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    Minotaur Ranger Build - Theorycraft

    Wondering if anyone has had the chance to test a Minotaur Ranger Build? I am thinking a Stealth or Melee Get in close ambush and as you wreck your opponent and they try to get away, pull out the bow and finish them off. With the Minotaur Racial ability "Bloodthirst" mixed with the "Sustain" Ranger Q key ability, i think it might be possible to negate most of the crash (DOT affect of taking health away) and applying more healing during the crash. Bloodthirst heals you for 50% for all damage taken and after 8 seconds then applies the damage you took as a DOT over the next 8 secs. Sustain gives you up to 30% of your damage done as health and makes you temporarily invulnerable. The invulnerable would wipe the crash and keep some of that DOT damage from hitting you. Mix that in with immunity to frontal stuns and can finish off runners...seems like a fun build =)
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    Crowfall backers engage in the first non-sanctioned PvP Campaigns to try and conquer the world FULL STORY
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    TEST 5.8

    E ai galera Quem está jogando o TEST 5.8? Quais as vossas primeiras impressões? o que mais gostam e o que menos gostam? abraço
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    The Assassin is hyper powerful in open field small scale engagements. However in larger and more chaotic fights you have to play carefully or things can fall apart very quickly.
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    Ranger Race Overview

    I created a spreadsheet looking at the starting stats and racial abilities of the available races for the Ranger class. Some notes: 1) I dont think there is a "best race". Each has its strengths and weaknesses 2) Starting stats are going to be negligible in end game, they will even out between high end vessels, gear and training. 3) Movement speed buffs OOC combat are nice, but there are disciplines that provide that bonus and mounts, so it is not that big of a factor in my opinion. Even with the Scores listed below, I am having a hard time from picking between Elken, Half-Elf & Human for my Archer build. I am also intrigued to use a Minotaur in a stealth build! Ranger Races Overview Elken Starting Attributes DEX 40 Critical hit Chance 2.6 STR 60 Armor Bonus 0.4 INT 20 Attack Power 20 SPR 38 Final Damage Modifier 3 CON 60 Critical Hit Damage 120.8 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 1 Leather-working Trailblazer +25% movement speed in Survival Tray Support Power 19 Woodworking +25 Perception Stamina 101 Gestalt – Ability bar skill to see stealth for 15 sec Health 4430 Headbutt – small range charge 10m dodge GRADING STATS MEDIUM Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH – for Armor and Bow Other Race Benefits MEDIUM Cool Factor HIGH – Fear the Deer! Review Movement speed +25% +25 perception (good for archer) Charge ability isnt that great -wouldn't be on my power bars Cool looking Race – Fear the Deer! Overall Score MEDIUM Half-Elf Starting Attributes DEX 100 Critical hit Chance 5 STR 30 Armor Bonus 1 INT 52 Attack Power 50 SPR 68 Final Damage Modifier 1.5 CON 28 Critical Hit Damage 122.1 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 2.6 Necromancy Trail-master +15% movement in Survival tray Support Power 34 Woodworking Cloak Slot Stamina 103 +1 Power Bar Slot Health 4334 10m dodge GRADING STATS HIGH – Best Starting Stats Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH – Bow and Vessel Other Race Benefits MEDIUM Cool Factor MEDIUM Review Best starting stats of the available races (For end game this is negligible) Additional speed, which can be raised by Arcane Archer Cloak slot +1 power bar slot Good blend of stats and abilities Overall Score HIGH Human Starting Attributes DEX 38 Critical hit Chance 2.5 STR 60 Armor Bonus 0.4 INT 22 Attack Power 19 SPR 38 Final Damage Modifier 3 CON 30 Critical Hit Damage 120.9 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 1.1 Blacksmithing +1 Power bar slots Support Power 19 Leatherworking +1 Passive slot Stamina 101 Cloak Slot Health 4340 Ability to increase damage bonus 10% Passive ability to educe damage by 3% GRADING STATS LOW Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH Other Race Benefits HIGH Cool Factor LOW Review Low starting stats Extra Power Bar and Passive slot are very good Cloak slot Ability to increase bonus damage by 10% Overall Score HIGH Minotaur Starting Attributes DEX 68 Critical hit Chance 3.7 STR 32 Armor Bonus 0.7 INT 18 Attack Power 34 SPR 36 Final Damage Modifier 1.6 CON 34 Critical Hit Damage 120.7 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 0.9 Necromancy Immune to stuns from the front Support Power 18 Stoneworking Charge – short range Stamina 101 Bloodthirst, turn damage into a DOT Health 4352 GRADING STATS LOW Crafting Bonus for Class MEDIUM Other Race Benefits HIGH – Cool Mechanic with Bloodthirst Cool Factor HIGH – Minotaur RAWR Review Bloodthirst mechanic is cool – mixed with a melee or stealth build is interesting! Low starting stats immune to frontal stats – good for melee or stealth build Overall Score MEDIUM – Due to Racial, very unique Ranger builds Wood-Elf Starting Attributes DEX 40 Critical hit Chance 2.6 STR 28 Armor Bonus 0.4 INT 20 Attack Power 20 SPR 70 Final Damage Modifier 1.4 CON 30 Critical Hit Damage 120.8 Race Crafting Benefits Other Race Benefits Healing Modifier 1 Blacksmithing +25% speed in Survivial Tray Support Power 35 Woodworking Camoflage – can hide like in Stealth Stamina 103 Farthest Dodge Distance - 18m Health 4340 GRADING STATS LOW Crafting Bonus for Class HIGH Other Race Benefits MEDIUM Cool Factor MEDIUM Review Best Dodge Distance +25% speed Can Camoflage – but Rangers can spec into Stealth Overall Score MEDIUM
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    another druid thread

    why no basic or intermediate staff ? it's very painfull to play without it ...
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    You can download the TEST and LIVE patch client from https://crowfall.com/en/client/ 5.8 Patch Notes and Known Issues After your playtest session, please share your feedback here and tell us about any bugs or anomalies you encountered. If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to Support@Crowfall.com. *Client logs can be found under your game directory in the "Download" folder. Your client log should look something like this: CrowfallClient_26452_[Computer Name].log
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    12/19/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.8 Welcome to The March to the First Campaign To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: 5.8 Live Feedback and Bug Reports For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.8 Known Issues Campaigns: Campaign UI has been updated. Slight modifications to diorama locations and additions to make the canyon seem more abundant in resources. Updated the text in the campaign description window. Increased the respawn rate of Knotwoods, Mushrooms, and Spiders all to 2 minutes. General Powers: Sprint Efficiency now properly reduces the cost of every tick and not just the first tick. Corrected Plate and Leather armor had their Sprint Efficiency values swapped. Disciplines: Plague Lord: Fixed a syntax error in the description. Class Powers: Knight: The Shieldmanship passive should now properly prevent Shield Bash from proccing itself. Chat: Fixed an issue where the group chat window would still relay messages after leaving a group. Sound: Added sound to end of campaign banners. Fixed an issue with music not playing through load screens. Added sound for wooden keep wall destruction. Added a new additional music track for Spring Day/Night. General Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where equipping and unequipping a primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot may occasionally cause the weapon to not be visible due to an index out of bounds exception.
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    assassins should get more "risk options" for sure in future. or whole small scale will be between those classes... currently they have initiative, burst damage, CC (also unique), strongest DOT's, stealth (aka best escape), mobility, stable DPS if burst not killed the target, self healing synergy, access to alot of weapons (unique also). they impose battle where they want and when they want and able to end battle also where they want and when they want if doing right. remember, for pvp game with loot this is most important thing 80% of time you developing your character. someone would like to say they are bad on a big battle. dunno, I saw alot. they are as effective as most of melee classes under proper healing. someone would like to say what this class required right hands driving it - yes, like all other. someone would like to say they have anti classes. not sure here. not at this point. only if they fight vs anti major disc (antistealth and defence vs type of damage) but they will be rare, isn't it? I don't know how ACE balance defence VS damage in late game or in future but right now, especially at start, this class is too powerfull and have too much options. also right now all DPS promo classes seems best choises.
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    5.8 no LIVE HOJE 3ª feira

    Pre-Alpha 5.8: 1ª campanha irá ser lançada hoje no LIVE Toda a história
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    Votação - colheita

    A experiência de jogar em grupo é muito benéfico e divertido em comparação a solo Um grupo de pessoal amigo é o suficiente, não é preciso guilda +20 jogadores para usufruir da experiência
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    another druid thread

    Ugh... I thought that I was missing something, and I guess I was... Druids have been changed pretty drastically since the last time I played. I was stoked to get back into testing, and rolled a new Druid, played most of yesterday afternoon and evening, and was frustrated most of that time. Not with bug, but just with how weird the class is now. I guess I'm just confused as to why the class had to be changed... it wasn't that hard to figure out. I ended up mothballing my Druid and rolling other classes just to try things out. Was really wanting that healer hybrid... Edit: Also, weren't there staves? I'm just left trying to figure out what happened to that class that I enjoyed playing that I thought had a ton of potential...
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    Feedback: The game is real: hype on board! Was afk for a good while and waiting eagerly to this day, this moment in Crowfall is Key and truly tothe bone. Crowfall 5.8 is the begining of game we all wanted since kickstarter and is REAL. Having a Blast in 5.8 since minute One! Great job everyone, Kudos to ACE and testing community Bugs Will Come later on...
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    NA Campaign ?

    15 mins
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    Some projectile attacks aren't showing up (Confessor fire balls), also encountered a player named Darivaster who we couldn't deal damage to. Not sure if this was due to latency issues or other reasons (like level and gear disparity). If was in fact a gear and level disparity which was the issue here, that might need to be re-evaluated. Especially since we had him rooted, piled on him, and still couldn't scratch him.
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    despite slotting it, was unable to use druid's class retaliate on my wood elf either on pve or pvp from a variety of effects and examples i've said my thoughts on druid at length elsewhere, both in the journey and end destination. big population on: and everyone pve farming level grind ¬_¬ 'real first campaign' suggestion: Add a castle [not just forts/keeps?]
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    Ranger Race Overview

    Elken gets a higher range cap, which can easily be reached EDIT: elk charge is very good
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    The patch went to LIVE today. Use the separate LIVE launcher to play on LIVE. When you join a campaign with a vessel that vessel becomes locked to the campaign. While locked in the campaign it can't go to EKs or other campaigns. You can unlock it from the campaign by clicking the lock button on the vessel in the lobby. Be warned that you will lose all gear and inventory on that vessel if you unlock. Spirit bank all your stuff before you unlock from a campaign. (Hit B while in the world to access your spirit bank.) EKs are working. Trying joining one with a vessel that is not currently locked to a campaign.
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    Class/Race identity in 5.8

    I have very clearly stated the intent of this thread in the very first post. If you want to win some battle of semantics I recommend you worry more about the points you're providng and less about characterizing mine.
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    Class/Race identity in 5.8

    Well, sorry. English is my first language so it doesn't appear like word salad to me. I can simplify it for you though. Passive training offered longstanding benefits on the account level providing direct benefits to a player's identity. With the removal of that system in favor of expressing a deeper more vessel defining trait system, the inhereted power of the old system is no longer available. Do you wish to engage this topic or do you want to go on another tangent?
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    When I joined the live campaign as Order I spawned above the crypt. https://prnt.sc/lwno7d
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    5.8 no LIVE HOJE 3ª feira

    oi dundum lamento informar mas nesta fase de teste, não haverá servidor BR, para conseguimos unir o maior número de players possíveis. Boa sorte e divirtam-se
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    Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.8 Welcome to The March to the First Campaign To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.8 Known Issues Please Note: Resources in this campaign are still relatively scarce, as we opted to restrict spawners to increase server performance. We are aware of the issue and will address it as soon as we can. New Items for 5.8 The first Campaign is here! Players can now win the Throne War! A new 10 zone campaign map has been created along with a new starter area experience. More details in “Campaign” below. A new vessel talent system has been introduced! Please see “Talents” for a more detailed overview. Significant updates to the player map! Campaign Leaderboard has arrived. Plants, a new harvestable resource has been added and populated throughout the campaign world. New plants include, button mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, ginseng, mandrake root, garlic, and wild onion. Plants can be collected by pressing F, which will spawn their associated doobers for pickup. A new mob, the Auroch, has been added and populated throughout the campaign world with a hunger variation that spawns at night. Player created vendors can now be placed within the Market parcel. An open vendor socket is required to place the vendor within the parcel. An event trigger system has been added that include tutorial tips and tricks to better understand the core game. New login flow and character creation has also been added. Character creation now occurs at the lobby level rather than at the entry point of a campaign. A Queuing system on login has also been created which include soft caps for factions, runegate teleportation, and campaign entry. Several new changes and updates have been made to the crafting system. Please see “Crafting” for a more detailed overview. Web support for guilds and guild banks have been added. In game support for Guild Crests. More training videos with an abundance of information have been created to also encourage a quicker ease of use for Crowfall. Combat logs are now visible within the player chat window. An expansion on the current social services aspect of in game functionality has been expanded upon including a guild chat channel and the creation of custom chat channels. Vendors now have an icon above their nameplate. Mount prototype testing is now in. There are a few crafting recipes that you can use to craft a mount. Currently, it just increases speed, there are no visuals yet. Resurrection of any kind (including temples) will now place a Death Shroud on characters. Death Shroud: Reduces max health by 75%, and sets damage bonus and healing bonus to -75% for 3 minutes. Tutorial videos in the Crowfall game client are out of date and have been removed. Campaign: New Beachhead area has been created. Please note that this area is still in the process of being textured and visually updated, which means “Temp” textures are currently being used. New campaign map “Roanoak” has been created with 10 zone clusters for US. New campaign map “Hyperia” has been created with 10 zone clusters for EU. A new map system has been integrated into campaigns and EKs. Press M to open! More zone aware toasting notifications have been added. A new leaderboard has been integrated into the map. Fix for resources coming in at minimum rank 2 (instead of rank 1). Banner map icons for outposts and camps added. Fixes to remove visible grid from parcel icons, and start of Beachhead parcel icon. Added new zone gameplay rules configuration (Noted below in “Siege Rules”) and set up a “free city” zone to be a sanctuary zone. Added a rule to graveyards that any graveyard in a sanctuary zone is usable by any player, regardless of factions. Also, players can join a campaign now with any number of characters. Runegates have had dragon temple's added to them. Siege Rules: New siege rules and scoring elements have been added. All keeps now become vulnerable to Siege across the entire campaign. The time frame currently for siege testing is a one hour window of sieging. Sieges are now defender vs. attacker. The defending faction must defend their land against all other attacking factions. Banewood trees now spawn in auto-generated locations fifteen minutes after the siege has begun. Three Banewood trees appear near the keep, if destroyed by the defenders the siege of that keep will end early (The Banewood trees are an optional siege mechanic meant to either draw out the defending faction from the keep or allow the attacking factions to gain more leverage). Changes to Tree of Life claim rules have been integrated. If the tree is destroyed within the one hour time frame of the siege, the next faction to plant a Tree of Life will own that keep. A more intuitive UI for siege scoring has been added to the player interface. You should no longer be able to capture a Fort or Outpost while in the bleeding out state. While mounted in a catapult, you should no longer be able to change trays. This means that the only tray visible is the Catapult Action Tray; The Survival and Combat trays are no longer accessible while in a catapult. Interacting with a catapult should now require a 1 second hold, which will break stealth so that you won't be able to enter the catapult while stealthed. Tree of life and banewood tree should now switch to the destruction state 4 when they die, and hang around for ~10 seconds to give time for the animation/FX to play. Character Creation: Character creation now occurs at the lobby level. Crypts have been removed from the maps and EKs. Switching your active vessel now requires logging out and logging into that vessel. More customization options have been integrated into the character creation flow (Heads, hairs, horns, and skin colorization). Talents: Talent Trees are accessed through a button in the Inventory window, pressing “N”, or in the ESC menu. Skills continue to be an account-based system while Talents are tied to a character. Each class now his its own specific talent tree. Skills that were race or class specific have been removed and integrated into Talents. Talent Nodes can grant powers, unlock discipline slots, grant recipes, grant stats, add or remove power trays, and grant equipment slots. Each node has an associated shape to show what unlocks with each talent. (circle = power, square = stat or power modification, hex = major discipline, triangle = minor discipline) Discipline slots are now unlocked through the Talent system. If you notice your discipline slots are unusable at level 1 this is not a bug. Two talent points are unlocked upon each successful character level. Three points are grant at 15th and 30th level. Removed automatically granted class combat powers from all classes, these are now earned via talent tree. Talent nodes can require multiple previous nodes purchased, vessel level, or total points spent in tree. Certain nodes will prevent the purchase of other nodes. (The promotion path nodes specifically). You will be warned before purchasing a node which locks out other nodes. Certain class powers were deprecated as part of the talent system implementation. The next phase of Talents will incorporate Disciplines more fully, generating multiple talent nodes for each discipline. If the player has unspent talent points, the talent button will now flash. Fully trained talent points change color to signify a completion in its training. Rearranged the text in all Promotion Capstone nodes to be much more legible. Rewrote description for Virtuous Light for clarification that it only removes the upkeep cost, not the initial cost of Divine Light. EKs and Vassals: Temples in EKs have been replaced with a Dragon Statue. Skills: The Race and Class Skill trees have been deprecated (The statistical power was migrated over to talents and racials). All players regardless of account status may train the same number of Skill Tree Banks. Plentiful Resources: Slag now grants up to 15% chance to harvest cutting grit. Skills: Passive - Way of the Leader is now granted via the skill tree. Crafting: Search functionality has been enabled. You can now search for available recipes using the Search bar. Expand all/Collapse all recipes toggle has been added to the crafting UI. Multiple new adjustments to experimentation. Players can choose how much Risk they want to add to an experiment from “No Additional Risk” to “Are You Insane?!” Increasing Risk will increase the difficulty as well as increase the amount of stat multiplier per each point spent. Players must allocate all available pips now before attempting to experiment, however each pip is rolled independently of the previous pips. Experimentation roll results are based on a shifting curve where the higher the sum of players experimentation stats and bonus values vs the experimentation final difficulty (Generally if your value is higher than difficulty value you will see better results, if you value is lower you will see worse results). Post experimentation players may choose to reroll the lowest 2 stats, or reroll the entire experiment for an amount of ethereal dust or chaos embers. (Rerolling higher quality items costs more dust.) Experimentation stats are now much easier to identify during the experimentation phase, including more detail on which stats are being altered. “Grade” and “Luster” are no longer experimental stats (ie you know you are experimenting on Attack Power). New cooking recipes have been added! Food continues to increase the players chicken ticker in addition to potentially providing a small buff. Players may have one active food (Dined) and one active drink (Wined) buff at a time. Reduced amount of experimentation pips for common quality items from 5 to 4. Assembly bonus values are now 0% for poor/common, 15% for uncommon/rare, 20% for epic, and 25% for legendary. Recipe Scrolls functionality has been added. Players can find and equip them (with the proper discipline equipped) and while the recipe is equipped they may craft that recipe. Recipe Scrolls may have a durability that decreases each craft. Upon reaching 0 durability the scroll with be destroyed. Reduced all crafting times to 1 sec. For 5.8 all non-basic Crafting recipes will be granted via the major crafting disciplines for that crafting type. (ie Major Discipline Blacksmithing grants the Blacksmithing recipes) Socketing the single discipline will grant all recipes which will be broken into talent nodes in 6.0. Skills will continue to display grants that they are no longer granting. Removed sacrifice value on gnocchi. Made it so any food recipe ingredient does not contribute stats or quality as this is redundant data. Outcome quality on crafted food items are forced. Crafted items that use Critical Hit Chance Modifier should now produce a negative (reduction) value. Stats: The Critical Hit system has been altered significantly. Each power now has a custom critical hit chance from 0-100. (Most are 0) Powers than used to be guaranteed critical hits are now set to 100% critical hit chance, and then adjusted by critical chance modifiers (Meaning it is possible to prevent criticals with the proper stats.) Added new stats for critical healing. Critical Healing Chance: Modify the chance to score a critical heal. Critical Healing restores more Health. Critical Healing Chance Cap: Increase the cap on your Critical Healing Chance statistic. Critical Healing Amount: Modify the bonus damage healed by Critical Healing. Critical Healing Amount Cap: Increase the cap on your Critical Healing Amount statistic. Critical Hit Healing Chance Modifier: Modify the chance that Critical Healing happens to you. Negative values decrease the chance Critical healing effects you and positive values increase the chance. Stats can now have a min and max value (Denoted as a Floor and a Cap in the Detail UI section of the character sheet). Food Meter will no longer decrement based on stamina usage or taking damage in combat. Energy, Fury, and Essence for Stormcaller Druids will now stop regenerating below 70% food. (Just like the Mana users!) Druid Orb Refund: Now refunds a portion of the Base and not Total cost. Disciplines: Most Discipline powers that damage enemies are now enabled to critically hit. (Who knew you couldn’t crit with a Discipline power?!) Updated Destroyer tooltip so it's clear you only get healed when the barrier breaks. New crafting Major and Minor Disciplines have been created and can be crafted. Discipline Shield fighter - Molon Labe passive has been altered to cause Blocks to reflect elemental damage instead of reducing big hit amounts (this includes cleric blocks and shieldmaster blocks). Master of Bows: Now requires "Equip Basic Bow" to equip. Master of Bows: Added power Binding Arrows, removed power multishot. Arcane Archer: Removed power Binding Arrows, added power multishot. Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab 2 now applied a 20% Melee Power Damage debuff for 15 sec. Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab and Slow Demise Combos have had their damage values updated to account for Pip cost (both increased substantially). Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab and Slow Demise part 1 cost 1 Pip to execute. Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab and Slow Demise part 2 cost 3 Pips to execute. The Master of Pistols discipline is no longer available (Most of its functionality has been migrated to portions of the Duelist Talent Tree. Expect this to happen to all Weapon Disciplines as part of Talents Phase II). Poisoner: Switched poisoner cleanse to stomp major poison group instead of minor. Agent Provocateur: Lay Low: Increased base cooldown to 30 seconds. Lay Low: Healing values changed to a flat 30% of maximum health from a flat value + weapon damage. Mail Proficiency: Deprecated this discipline. Plate Proficiency: Deprecated this discipline. Black Mask: Can once again be used by Rangers! They will be granted similar but slightly different versions of both Shadow Mantle and Call Darkness which use energy and have a fixed duration. Deprecated Master of Sickles Discipline and folded it's powers into the Druid Talent Tree. Deprecated Master of Mystical Staves, worked its powers into the Druid Talent Tree. Shieldfighter: Molon Lobe can be slotted into a power tray. Inventory and Equipment: Short swords are now considered swords instead of daggers. Item tooltips will now sort stats alphabetically. UI and Chat: Harvesting actions now look better written in the combat log. Fixed an issue where switching chat tabs could not be used after the window had been minimized. Added an Unread Indicator to show if new messages appear below the current lines of text. General Powers: Block no longer reflects elemental damage by default. Adjusted cooldown and duration of Thornshield. Items: Reduced Template values for Basic Bows Distance by 5m, Intermediate Bows Distance by 2m, and Advanced Bows by 3m. Quick pass on re-writing power descriptions for singular verb agreement since the name of the power appears automatically as the subject at the start of the sentence. Pass through all powers in the game to make sure the cooldown tooltips are accurate. Rangers/Assassins with both Bow and Melee powers trays should no longer be placed into the melee tray when they are in stealth and attempt to go into the ranged tray. Added Buff status effect for when Walk mode is toggled on. Reduced baseline cap values for Attack Rating and Support Rating. (This will echo through all crafted items.Expect lower stat values for AP and SP on items) Lowered attribute and coefficient values that contribute to attack rating and support rating. Harvesting powers no longer animation lock the character in place while swinging. Expanded the transition out of combat resource generation pause to all mana users, energy users, fury users, and druids with essence regen. Food Hunger will now affect all mana users, energy users, fury users, and druids with essence regen. Punching / Basic Attacks while stealthed will now remove the player from stealth properly. All Bow types Basic Attacks now take into account the Basic Attack damage stat. All Bow types Basic Attacks now take into account Ranger Double Shots talent. Charged Bow Basic Attacks now generate combo points for classes which use combo points if those attacks are charged greater than 66%. Attacks that can cancel that current ability and its animation are now referred to as "Flash-Cast" abilities. This property is now called out in the ability's description. Class Specific Powers and Adjustments: While many classes needed adjustments to their powers for their powers to work with the new talents, not all did. Many bugs may have been fixed when the talent portion was added. A large pass has been done to bring in the distance of ranged combatants. Statistic Ranged Distance Bonus - Set baseline cap value to 20. Statistic Ranged Distance Bonus Cap - Set cap value to 45. Multiple new powers have been created for all classes that are accessible through the talent trees. Please see classes below for a more specific list of new powers. Many old powers were not re-added to the classes. Assassin: From Behind Damage bonus should function with discipline powers. Diffusion should now re apply the disease DoT instead of the nature DoT when the target is diseased. Fixed issue where Toxins where proccing multiple times when toxin apply stat was above 100%. Deprecated power Curse Weapon, Added power “In the Zone”. Increases your Power Efficiency by 20% and increases your Hit from Behind damage by 10% scaling the duration with pips spent. Toxins - Now flagged as equipable so they display in Red if your class can't equip them. Poison Toxin Weapon Damage now scales properly against a poisoned target. Nature Toxin primary target hit damage is slightly higher. Updated tooltip strings on all the toxins. Cleric: Cleric Hammers and magical ability damage are now considered damage type Fire instead of Crushing. Cleric Block: No longer automatically heals allies. Tuned Cleric basic attack costs up a little bit more. Added Radical passive which resets the cooldown on Searing Light on Spirit Hammer crits. Confessor: Only gain the Zealotry resource when they also have Master of Arcane equipped. Concentration passive power now grants The Righteous if the user is at max Zealotry and gains further zealotry. Range on Absolution, Flames of Truth set to 25. Absolution and Flames of Truth can now be modified by Range Increasing Stats. Confessor New Power - Arkon's Fury , Deal damage and apply an elemental vulnerability to the target. (it's like an armor break for elemental damage!) Master of Arcane Redemption: Increased base damage, reduced range to 25m, added a power blackout, increased cooldown to 9s. Master of Arcane: Reduced range to 25m. Druid: Druids now wear Leather armor. Reduced Druid Final mitigation caps to match that appropriate of Leather. Substantial rework to the Druid Class: Druids now fundamentally start out as a Damage Class with the ability to Promote into a healing class. Sickles replace Two Handed Mystical Staves as the Druid default weapon. Essence Generation is now a default function of the Druid Class and may change based on promotion. Stormcaller passive will now spawn orbs inside the caster instead of the target. Call Storms can now be used with a Mystical Staff. Deprecated Nature's Grace Combo Chain. Deprecated Forest Whispers Passive. Faerie Flames: Removed DoT from power. Faerie Flames: Added - Blocks target from entering Stealth for 30 seconds. Forest Whispers: Changed armor mitigations from 35% to damage reduction by 35%. Barkskin: Increased base amount of barrier granted. Barkskin: Barrier component is no longer linked to the thorns component. (this means the thorns will last the full duration even if the barrier is knocked off.) Bark Skin can now be placed in the Death Tray. Weather Sense should grant a shield equipment slot. Increased resource cost and cooldown time of Stars Align. Stars Align reduced Damage Bonus from 30% to 20%. Might of Blight Should provide the 25% Orb damage bonus. Stormcaller Orbs should benefit from +Orb healing increases now. Reduced Force of Natures healing Orb bonus to 50%. Archdruid Talent Node now also is granted Wil o Wisps power. Flow of Nature Talent node is now a flat 50% increase to Orb healing. Removed Nature's Avatar from Nature's Cornerstone Talent. Added Nature's Avatar to the Chain Avatar Node. Focused Sparks: Stacking Crit buff now requires the Plasma Spark talent. Call Storm: Electrocution DoT now requires the Weather Sense talent. Swapped talent position of Dream Away and Magic Dance. Duelist: Main-hand Pistols are now available for the Duelist to use without requiring the use of a discipline. Duelists can now equip pistols in either or both hands. It isn't necessary to have a special Offhand or Mainhand pistol. Duelist basic Pistol Shots have been revised to feel snappier. Impale now does increased instant damage to targets under 50%. Knight: Knight Resolve now also regenerates Energy over the 4 second period. Myrmidon: The Charge combo ability following Net Pull has been removed. Removed resource cost from Bull Rush racial. Ranger: Reduced Flare Range to 35m. Laceration tooltip now indicates it hits twice. Cross Slash 1 tooltip now indicates it hits twice. Cross Slash 1 2nd hit now hits for appropriate damage. Rapid Fire: Reduced Shot count to 7, removed stacking critical hit chance and removed the exposed knockdown. Ranger Rapid Fire: Adjusted base damage and weapon damage upwards to account for less arrows. Gleeful Strike: Passive has been updated. It now Increases your Power Damage Bonus: Melee and Power Damage Bonus: Ranged by 10%. Additionally, while the Melee Power Tray is your active tray, all critical hits you land have a chance to restore Energy. Removed passive Energy Regeneration. Laceration tooltip now indicates it hits twice. Cross Slash 1 tooltip now indicates it hits twice. Cross Slash 1 2nd hit now hits for appropriate damage. Flare Arrow is now limited to the Ranged Power Tray. Templar: Added stat for Moral Prerogative. Moral Prerogative enhances Righteous Stand to increase its channel duration by 50% allowing more time before another Pip is spent. Corrected an issue that would prevent Templar Righteous Parry from activating when Righteous Stand was re-used while a Righteous Parry opportunity was still available. Increased Holy Warrior cooldown and reduced health buff slightly. Zealotry can generally be gained by only one source at a time but the amount earned was increased so gains will be much more consistent. Reduced the extra gain by hitting a target with Sin. Templars can no longer equip the Surging Spirit Minor discipline. The Fanatical talent for the Paladin Promotion class now also causes Holy Warrior to heal your most injured group member in addition to yourself while scaling with Support Power, in addition to its existing effects. Martyrdom now also improves Support Power by 250 per point in addition to its existing stats Templar promotion class Paladin talent Profound Devotion now also enhances Devotion so that the healing scales with Support Power. Race Specific Powers and Adjustments: Racial Dodges are no longer modified by cooldown reductions or increases. Elken: Ranged Distance Bonus changed to Ranged Distance Bonus Cap and set to 5m. Fae: Faerie Fire: Removed erroneous instant damage from power. Faerie Fire: Added Blocks target from entering Stealth for 30 seconds. Bloodline: Tooltip reflects 50% movement speed boost while stealthed. Guinecean: Made extra guinecean ring slot available. Racial Burrow will no longer be granted to duelists (since duelists have access to the stealth power tray). Racial Saltpeter rounds will no longer be granted to non-Duelists. Activating any power will now remove Guinecean racial Burrow. Activating Guinecean racial Burrow will also deactivate active toggle powers. Stoneborn: Adjusted cooldown on Stoneskin. Stoneskin: Changed armor mitigations from 50% to damage reduction by 50%. Wood Elf: Camouflage: Interacting with an object, taking damage, or using a consumable will now shut off the toggle. This power is surrendered if the user has a Stealth Tray granted to them. NPCs and Mobs: When an NPC does the majority of damage to another NPC, or gets the killing blow, no corpse should be generated and no xp should be granted. Spider Slam now does damage type crushing. XP Diminishing Returns functionality has been added. There is now a falloff point with leveling XP granted by mobs and through sacrifice. XP won’t instantly go to zero, it will now gradually decrease as you progress through your level. Sound: Fixing issue with Druid blight burst sounds (Wailing Spirits) stacking and getting really loud. Implemented batch of Ranger power sounds. Sounds for Ranger basic attack arrows. Sounds for Ranger Barrage and Rapid Shot powers. Implementing hit sounds into all basic bow attacks a player can use. Adding hit sound for Ranger Forest Step. Adding variations for Guinecean death sounds. New Elken and Guinecean versions of Knight male noble blood power shout. Elken death sound now has "VO". Further spacing out the additive tiers of Druid Blight Orb explosion sounds (wailing spirits). New layer is added every 2 orbs instead of every 1 orb. Implementing sounds for certain Champion powers. Mostly hits. Also second tier versions for Ultimate Warrior. Updated to Druid LMB power. Less loud. New sounds for Champion Hurlbat, Ranger Concussion Shot (AOE part). Fixing issue with Fae jump sounds being 2D instead of 3D. New hit sounds for Champion Rend and Hurlbat. New VO for Guinecean version of noble blood Knight power. Implementing sounds for eating various food items. New VO for Elken version of Knight yell power. Update to Wolf morph day into night sound. Fall Damage now has sound. Lobby UI polish. Setting certain button sounds to only play when interactable (not greyed out). Fixing issue where other players' Fae jump sounds had too big of an audible range (P2 event was playing P1 sound). Adding new Music track for Lobby playlist. Ongoing pass on Lobby sounds. Adding more different music tracks to Temple (Beachhead) playlists. Environment: Several adjustments have been made to terrain shaders and environmental items to better increase performance. General Bug Fixes: The Crypt parcel has been removed from campaigns and EKs and the crafting recipe for this parcel is no longer accessible. Food related resource and test vendors have been added to forts and keep parcels. New stylized icons have been added for several inventory items. Map Icons should no longer display as a black texture. Updating the number of items granted by the necro test vendors and also added ambrosia as a necro additive. Setting guild hall to be craftable in 5.8 with the new socket changes added. Updated spider dioramas with newer webs. Stoneborn corpse should no longer remain after rez. Changed the range on the Outpost Guards to 25m with a max of 50m ranged attack. Adjustments to fix memory leaks and overall server performance. Dramatically reduced the amount of experience required to level starter and lower quality vessels. Fixed socketing issues between gatehouse and wings. Updated keeps to prevent players from placing keep on themselves in EKs. Performance improvements for lower end shaders. Medium still looks pretty good. Basic looks "less good". But it does less, so it may be worth it. Guild crest should now display on the player’s nameplate. Bandage use will now remove Stealthed characters from Stealth. New jewelcrafting icons have been added to the gem creation phase. Skills: fix for combat basics tree not loading sometimes. Updated the burial mound assets on harvestable graves. Fixed Centaur female hair clipping on harvesting. Some tuning to harvesting transitions. Fixed a typo in some stats that made harvesting hungershard additives impossible during fall/winter. Players are no longer asked “To Find a Tree to Harvest”. Harvest nodes are now backless; they are no longer vulnerable to “From Behind” attacks. Fixed an issue where floating windows being dragged would be clamped to the wrong y-positions. A “Loading” indicator has been added for entering an EK or a campaign. Fixed an issue where the wrong player count was being displayed for EKs and Campaigns. Fixing an issue with the Stoneborn's knife floating out of his hand during the skinning animation. Backend Projectile FX adjustments were made for further stability adjustments. All FX now playing properly from all perspectives.
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    Em marcha para a 1ª Campanha

    Novos tempos e bem excitantes estão chegando..... Veja tudo aqui
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    This is not just a "cry" or "nerd rage" post it's how I feel on my first campaign at all... I started farming things, I couldnt find mobs to leveling my guy and I have to craft items and sacrife like a farmer and I got ganked by a high lvl and late for 2 high lvls guys. "Ohh but you are just crying" Cmon, I was explaining about it on General chat, but I found a lot of "experts", maybe ACE is loosing some big talents there. The game is just on pre-alpha and some guys are not helpfull and toxic. You should take care with it. I just think maybe we could have a initial zone "around our Teleport/portal" with mobs and resources and coudnt get ganked until lvl 5, not before I could learn something about it, like skills, talents and etc... Thanks for the game but maybe I'll wait until beta or release, I lost my "excitement" to play in less than one hour because some guys on General chat, who has 100% conviction they are gods or experts.
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