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    "War" does not mean "spawn and go PvP" That would be an arena War involves logistics, supply lines, and yes, training time and expenses. Encouraging players to develop efficient strategies to become "battle ready" is an intentional part of Crowfall's design. In fact, in the time span of a "real" campaign the game doesn't evncourage mass combat participation until fall, fully over a month after the beginning of the campaign specifically because the intent is that early seasons are used for farming with light PvP, and late seasons are used for PvP with light farming. Also keep in mind that vessel leveling is one and done. You choose when to replace vessels, and you don't need to level a vessel anew for each campaign your participate in.
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    We at Caldera love to test and theorycraft. We also love to help the community, so here we bring you a rough breakdown of each Promotion Class, for each class currently available! Are you in doubt which promotion class to pick? Or maybe which class to play even, then don't worry! We have broken down each promotion class showcasing their main objective and strengths. Enjoy! Assassin Cutthroat: Revolves around getting behind your target to do extra damage, your target takes 10% extra dmg while kidney shotted, and you have +20% dmg when using backstab from behind. Your passive increases your damage by 20% while behind targets. Blackguard: This is a more self sustain promotion class, you will have lifeleech, self-barrier when stunning enemies and reduced cooldown on kidney shot and Backstab. Your passive gives your Nature and Poison toxins 8% lifesteal. Vandal: This is the more CC/DoT heavy build, your kidney shot applies a severe bleed, you get the power cheap shot (stun from stealth), and your backstab supresses enemies if you hit it from behind. Your passive will save your ass (the hit that would have killed you, instead takes you to 15% max health and gives you 90% mitigation for 4 seconds) Ranger Archer: Ranged heavy pure damage, you can reduce enemy damage with barrage, and archers stake prevents movement reduction/root effects. You will gain suppression shot, and increased range (+9m), your rapid fire can expose punish targets. Your passive revolves around standing still and spamming basic bow shots. Warden: The talents lean towards full melee builds, revolves around traps (major burning damage and debuffs - including anti stealth), you gain forest step (melee teleport to targets), and you can buff your group with damage bonuses. You also reduce a lot of damage taken, both from your archers stake, and you'll be able to wear mail with this promotion class. Brigand: You are now a stealth/melee ranger, you gain a stealth tray with the Ambush power. Your archers stake will instantly slow in a big field, and you'll have an empowered cross slash to apply severe bleed to your target. You will also do increased damage behind targets. Your passive is a buff stacking up damage for your next Dagger spin, stacking 10 times (max + 250% damage). Duelist Slayer: Pistol duelist as we know it, increased range, resetting cooldown on flintlock shot and it can be used as interrupt, also gets a new ultimate which has half the soul power cost, and grants 2 dodge pips. Very mobile and high ranged damage. Your passive revolves around crits, stacking up a buff, which then can be consumed on either longer lasting buffs or extra dodge pips. Vanguard Scout: Stealth focused build, you gain increased damage from stealth, you gain a new "stealth poke" power, reduced cooldown on tunnel. Your passive gives you lifesteal while in stealth. Dirge: Full melee builds, you can open with a knockdown from stealth with ambush, your impale single target stuns at 5 pips, redirect pain also heals you over time, and you gain increased control duration. Pepperbox shot will debuff your enemy with reduced piercing mitigation - so you can deal more damage with your impales. Your passive makes you do more damage to targets under 50% health. Myrmidon Titan: High damage, revolves around the power Frenzy, where you can't die while it's up. This promo class has the Bloodthirst mechanic, striking bleeding targets will make you do more damage. While Frenzy is up, you will be able to interrupt people after using several different abilities. Battle Rager: Tanky build, more health, reduced berserk crash damage, gives you the ability to avoid berserk crash damage while using Whirlwind, and your passive increases your max health by 50% of the damage you avoid, by avoiding berserk crashes. Conqueror: This is a more AoE focused promo class, you have more CC, and CC immunity than in the other builds, you'll have a single target supress, your whirlwind will make you immune to CC, while everytime you apply a bleed effect you also slow the target, meaning you can Whirlwind through groups of enemies, slowing them all, without being able to be CCd. You also reduce enemies critical hit defense when you slow them (stacking 5 times, 5x3%). Templar Vindicator: This build is heavily focused on doing damage, you'll get several bonus damage buffs, while sacrificing survivability. Your execute move will no longer require pips, making you able to spam it like a melee dps. Many of your powers will have their survivability aspects removed in change of extra damage. And your passive is extra slashing damage based on your bonus fire damage. Paladin: This promo class changes the templar to a more support/healer build. Your parry will drain pips slower, you will have Holy Warrior faster, your Devotion is being enhanced so it heals you and your allies for 50% of the damage you deal. And most importantly, Divine Light no longer has a pip requirement, meaning you have a free healing circle lasting for 12 seconds. Your passive stacks up healing critical chance everytime you heal an ally. Fury: This is the more CC focused version of the templar. You'll have a slow, increased durations on CC, reduced soul power cost on your ultimate, a melee ranged root, and when you place down your divine light - you knockdown and daze on enemies within your divine light. Your passive increases your max health everytime you CC enemies. Confessor Inquisitor: A more traditional confessor build. This promotion class emphazises damage, you can gain extra basic attack damage after using Fervor, your fire tornadoes can hit the same target more times, your righteousness procs damage buffs, your singletarget stun combo doesn't consume the debuff that explodes with damage anymore. Your passive gives all your fire damage type powers a chance to apply severe burn to targets. Sanctifier: A special promotion class, this turn your confessor into a melee/tank, that excels in close combat. You'll be able to retaliate more often, your Fervor increases your physical armor bonus, your condemnation heals you each time it hits, your righteousness also applies a barrier to you, your hellfire auro deals 50% more damage, and your tornadoes no longer consumes the aura. You will be able to equip Mail/Plate armor, but you will also have your range reduced on your powers to 8m - but you get +20% damage. This build will probably be really strong with the focus orbs, so you can keep your enemies close to you. Fanatic: This is a CC heavy promotion class. Your condemnation will slow enemies, you won't consume Hellfire Shield/Aura when using your knock up/tornado combos, reduced cooldown on Fervor because it's a mana heavy playstyle, your absolution always slows your target. Your passive has a chance to trigger Cleansing Fire when dots are applied to you - cleansing all DoTs on you, while also healing you. Additionally you also apply Elemental Vulnerability to targets with your basic attacks. Champion Alpha Warrior: This build revolves a lot around getting critical hits, you will gain a lot of dominance stacks, both through your leap and basic attack crits. Your neckbreaker (ultimate) can now also benefit from dominance stacks. Your rend will reduce your enemies critical hit chance defense, meaning you have 7% higher chance to crit on them. Your passive increase your critical hit chance whenever you spend a point of dominance, stacking up 10 times. MOAR CRITS Pit Fighter: A very tanky version of the champion. Increased self healing and maximum health, Whirling Pain also applies a barrier, you will get the ultimate "Invincible Warrior" which makes you immune to CC/DMG (like every ultimate) but also gives you a barrier and a heal over time. And it only costs 500 soul power. Your passive gives you 100 attack power everytime you trigger a self healing effect - stacks 5 times. Barbarian: This is a very CC heavy build. Not only do you get +21% duration on your CC effects, you will be able to reset your blind combo, your leap does a knockdown, your whirling pain applies a slow and then suppress to multiple enemies, and the soul power cost of your Neckbreaker ultimate is reduced to 350. Your passive gives you +15% damage and +25% movement speed whenever you apply a crowd control effect. Druid Stormcaller: A full dps promotion class. Your life tray will be removed, in exchange for damage. You are able to instant buff yourself with Nature's Avatar (big damage buff), you will gain access to lightning burst (aoe lightning), and your faerie fire/faerie flames will be enhanced, so they also reduces the targets electric armor by 15%. Your passive will stack up a buff, that at 8 stacks will give you a lightning shield. Archdruid: This is the hybrid druid build. You will be switching a lot from life to death tray and vice versa. You have enhanced buffs, Bark Skin have 200% increased thorns, your Nature's Avatar is now an instant group buff, giving all group members increased offensive stats. You will gain the power Shroud of Darkness, and your Blight in enhanced, so your orbs deal 25% more damage when they explode. Your passive cites the way the build has to be played, if you successfully hit with more than 3 orbs when you use blight you get a buff, +75% dmg/healing for 20 seconds. So you will be exploding lots of orbs! Earthkeeper: This is the full support druid. You have lot's of selfhealing, everytime allies pick up healing orbs, you also get healed, your Bark Skin now only applies to you and heals you with a HoT. You gain access to Healing Rain. And your Nature's Avatar can now hit two targets when you channel, it will automatically apply to a nearby ally, 8m within your target. Your passive is an automatic Essence dump, which will then also replenish resources to group members. Can trigger every 45 seconds. Cleric Radical: This is a almost full dps cleric build. You will sacrifice healing on several abilities in exchange for damage. It also reduced the soul power cost of your Divine Order (damage ultimate) by 500. You will have increased range (6m), you will gain a power called Searing Light instead of Flash of Light, which works as an interrupt. Your illuminate will not heal buy replenish resources and increase your critical hit chance. Your passive causes your critical basic attacks to reset the cooldown of your Searing Light. Meaning you can spam interrupts with enough crit chance. Crusader: Your more or less full healer build. You will have lots of increased support stats, like support power, crit heal chance and crit heal amount. Your ressurection will be enhanced, bringing allies back with 40% max hp. This is the only build that will make illuminate heal group members. And your Hand of the Gods (aoe root) will also heal all friendly targets within it's deploy radius. Your passive will grant allies below 50% health a shield equal to 10% of their max health for 15 seconds. This can happen every 15 seconds. Arbiter: This build is more of a hybrid build, you will still get support stats like support power, but you will also gain more CC. your Holy symbol will now also knock down up to three enemies when it's deployed, your AoE has it's radius increased (double radius), and your Divine Order ultimate (if you choose to use it) will reset the cooldown of several powers. You will also be able to stun enemies, with your next basic attack after using illuminate. Your passive recovers mana and increases basic attack damage everytime you apply CC. Stacking 3 times. Knight Swordsman: An offensive build for the knight. Your shield slam is enhanced, meaning you are considered blocking while charging it up (free defensive), your Obliterate causes Bleed effects to have a 100% critical hit chance, your Oath of Will increases your crit chance by 25% for 15 seconds or till you crit three times. Your Pursuit(charge) has it's cooldown reduced by 50%. Your passive has a chance to grant you a buff when using any non-basic, non-shield power, while also wielding a sword. The buff will increase your Basic attack damage by 125% and your Basic attack damage cap by 50% for 10 seconds. Remember to wield a sword with this build! Secutor: This is a tanky knight build. You will have increased health, and several shield improvements. Increased damage on all shield powers, shield slam instantly enables shield bash when hitting a target while charged 2/3rds. Oath of Will reduces the cost of maintaining Block by 75%, and lose no additional stamina from big hits. Pursuit also applies a Barrier when it ends. You are able to equip Tower Shields. Your passive increases the Shield Bash damage by 100%, and all shield powers that damages an enemy will instantly enable Shield Bash. Sentinel: This is the more CC heavy knight build. You will gain stats with increased duration of CC. Shield slam can now suppress the target after charging more than 2/3rds. Chain attack will now also apply a slow to the target. Noble Blood will now also Root enemies. Pursuit will stun nearest enemy when it ends. Your passive increases energy regeneration, gives you a buff if you stun/knockdown enemies while wearing a mace. The buff increases your damage bonus by 15% and movement speed by 25% for 6 seconds. Remember to wield a mace with this! Thank you for reading all the way through! Check us out at https://caldera-hq.eu/games/crowfall/ ! See you ingame!
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    Leveling doesn't seem to fill any real need or desire from anyone from a gameplay perspective. As it stands, it makes no sense to run out into the campaign and start fighting until you have leveled to max. You are missing critical skills and stats that puts you at a massive disadvantage vs players that have leveled their vessels. What this translates to is a requirement for players to complete a task that some will see as a chore or barrier to entry in what is supposed to a PvP game. Nobody is going to put themselves at the massive disadvantage that not having your full range of skills/stats unlocked will leave you with, so instead you will have players farming the easiest possible things (AI) in order to level instead of doing what they came to do. Already in the test chat you have people decrying the fact that they are required to go out and harvest/craft sufficiently effective gear in order to get to what they really want to be doing....PvP. Add to that the chore of having to level up your vessel and you have this awkward feeling in regards to gameplay where you start to wonder "Is this a PvP game or not? Why am I having to do all of this Non-PvP stuff to play?" Remove skills from the leveling process, regardless of whatever else you intend to do. I understand the idea behind being able to take multiple talent paths to customize your vessel each time, but creating a chore to complete before you can play the game is not the way to go about it. Instead, I would suggest having leveling grant talents that are not tied to major things like skill unlocks and discipline slots (at least not the first Major/Minor). Instead, everyone should start with the ability to jump into a battle and be effective...though the level of that effectiveness will be based on several other factors....but being completely hamstrung is not fun and not encouraging players to go out and PvP. Ultimately, leveling should be something that occurs naturally as part of participating in the throne war that this game is supposed to be simulating...not a pre-requisite to participation. Requiring people to spend time leveling up from non-PvP activities before PvP is something PvE games do when they tack on a PvP mode...that should not be the case here. Edit: For some additional perspective, let's put the shoe on the other foot. Let's say you started up WoW or FFXIV and you're dropped in with one spell and told "You need to go PvP for a while to earn your skills, then you can go out and participate in PvE". This would be totally unacceptable and people would be rightfully upset.
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    As the First Campaign goes live we are celebrating with our Community via Crow Links. FULL STORY
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    IMPORTANT NOTE: New Non-Sanctioned Campaigns will kick off today (Thursday, December 20): EU at 2:30 pm CST and US East at 9:30 pm CST. Before the current Campaigns end, players need to take items they want to import into the new Campaign and place them into the Spirit Bank. This includes any weapons or armor that is equipped on your characters, items on your vendors and items stored in local banks. Disciplines that are equipped on your character are safe and will not be lost. JTC reflects on what we've learned so far from Campaigns and how this learning will impact future Campaigns. FULL STORY Update: looks like we are having trouble with import/export settings -- so we're going to hold off on restricting imports until we can get that fixed. Thanks! -- Todd
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    "Just want to PvP" isn't how the game is designed. Combat characters have a gathering type, and that's mob drops. if you're engaging in an open PvP MMO and you think any player will be doing "just harvesting" or "just pvp" or "just crafting" you're not being realistic. Players will most certainly PvP over objectives, farming spots, and just for fun in the early seasons. The point being made is that less of them will do so, largely because less of their enemies will be present to require it and the early seasons are the only time untrained harvesters can actually harvest a decent amount of material. "Time to level" and XP are intentional systems to require "spin up" that players are encouraged to bypass through sacrifice, as sacrifice is an important secondary item sink to prevent the grafting economy from being overrun through hoarding. Now, should we maybe start at level 1 with more than one skill? Perhaps. However you're already 2-4 powers in in the first 10 minutes of leveling. Should we obliterate the scaling XP requirement for higher tier vessels or the requirement to re-level when replacing them? No. Without that XP requirement there is no point to sacrifice and you end up needing to rebalance the gathering/crafting economy to be ever grindier. On top of all that, this is literally only an issue for the first character on an account in exactly one campaign ever. From that point forward you can use max leveled characters to simply provide sacrifices to level all that follow, and go ahead and start every campaign with a max level character.
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    Not a fan of starting with no abilities (especially in pvp), but I like the idea of active progression (long as it's sane and doesn't require you to give up your job). The game can't revolve around just siege based pvp. Get people out there doing different stuff, leveling, harvesting etc. I need people to gank.
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    I think this could be pretty easy. In the individual rankings, can you put the player(Doomshadow) at the top instead of having to scroll through potentially hundreds of other players, to see what your individual contribution is? Or have your character separated from the scroll, this way it will be easier to compare to others. (And yes, I know, the more you contribute, the less you will have to scroll!)
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    I suggested this in the stream -- racial food effects, and special variants of drinks and foods from otherwise unique ingredients, like "Golden Apple Juice" and "Golden Apple Pie". Valkro took notes from a number of peoples' suggestions in twitch chat In terms of races, one could also have optional ingredients sometimes add a racial side effect, like a plus for the cooks race, and a minus for the others.
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    Question on how to progress

    You'll also want to gather mats for your armor and weapon upgrades. If your wearing leather armor, gather 300 hides from animals, 100 non basic ore (not slag), 50 non basic wood and 50 non basic stone. If your wearing plate or mail switch the hide and ore numbers. If you are a bow user, you'll want 100 non basic wood. Note: all of these mats can be gathered in the woods around your temple. Once you've gathered the mats venture out to a close fort you own. Create the crafting discipline you need (for the reciepes) and the minor discs "attention to detail" and "helper monkey", slot their passive abilities in your survival bar. Then use the appropriate crafting table to craft your gear. You will want the real armor (not intermediate) and a real weapon(s). The health gain for a plate wearer is almost 4k health.
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    Anyone knows how that score is calculated? And if it has (will have) any use? I also suggest the DEVs break the capture category based on types. Just a 'Capture: 9 (5, 3, 1)' kinda thing would be enough.
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    cool screen. cycled through 'Most X' stats [still wip for that to work though]. for the ~2 day 'non sanctioned' campaign. [collect rewards did nothing] p.s. surprised my pure healing druid stole a kill ;p
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    @vkromas It looks like both Boar and Elk Meat Kebabs buff Plentiful Harvest: Stone, but I haven't found any combos for PH: Skinning. Discriminating against us carnivores, or do I need to keep digging? While making my Kebabs, I found that if you use button mushrooms as the produce along with a meat, you get Mushroom Kebabs. Not a problem, but it was unexpected.
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    When you posted this you could set all three of your brigand traps in stealth. Brigands got stealth trapping fixed and two additional traps as 5.8 came to live. Did you actually try to put your traps on your stealth bar?
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    I don't care about the balance implications as much as i care about granting camo as a class ability pretty much poorly made socksting on the major race advantage of guinecians and wood elves. If you want camo, play a wood elf. That's the trade off.
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    Question on how to progress

    Oh didn`t know you could sacrifice gold.
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    fun video to show off fae and canyon p.s. lol you can death blow from stealth? honestly the 'new' stealth is far too trivial to weave into compared to the 'old' stealth the original duelist had... new = instant and mobile [+dodge cancel] vs old = few second rooted delay/animation video example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMLfSrmcrpI and zero % chance to see a stealther even right in front of your nose without an active shadow sight effect is too much....
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    Showing off how the Assassin can be effective at disrupting large groups as long as you play the situation right.
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    I just watched the December Q&A video. I read every news release. I email updates on the game to my friends. After your kickstarter video I bought a backer pack. Each video you put out is consistent in conveying your competence to make a game and your seasoned gamer experiences to make a game fun to play with friends. Very cool. My friends and I are all over 35 years old. We have full time jobs and families. We're probably not going to be in on any of the pre-release testing or posting on the forums, but we're here and we're excited. Glad to hear you're testing and balancing. We'll be rocking campaigns when the game goes live. We'll be throwing money into the effort because it's going to be a worthwhile hobby among friends. All your work - we're invested. Keep rocking. We'll be there. I just wanted to send you this note in response to your Dec Q&A suspicion that we're out here unseen. We are. Keep rocking.
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    The 5.8 Assassin

    This is a terrible comparison for two reasons, one it isn't 100% true in wow (mage, warlock, sub/as rogues, etc look the same) where depending on the tier and expansion holy can look like either like ret or prot. The other major reason is that functionally a ret paly and holy paly fulfill two different rolls. You play against a damage dealer differently than a healer. Here especially with the assassin all three are damage focused (with the blackguard being a little more cc heavy and durable). While each style will require different approaches to counter the best, they all function in a similar role so it is much more important to see the class rather than sub class. I think it is around cutting down middle ground builds. If you look at the specific weapon trainings (one handed weapons for mace, sword, etc.) they tend to line up to certain play styles. Crushing in general tends to focus on cc where as slashing is damage. It seems like they are trying to focus players into certain styles like pure cc for blackguard rather than letting someone choose a sword and find a middle ground of damage and cc. By far the worse case of this is the knight where you must wield certain types of weapons to proc their sub class passives. I would welcome these restrictions being removed to open up more gameplay choices.
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    IMO: the two biggest problems with Crowfall

    @Barab @McTan Hammers High! Having been on the receiving end of these roach assassins I have to agree with some of your points. As others have mentioned, tracking will go a long way to help dial back the effectiveness of stealth ganks. When leveling of discs comes in we will likely be able to increase the effectiveness of mole hunter. I think Ace should adjust keep/fort guards to have a mixture of dmg, including weak dots, and potentially stealth detection. As it stands right now you can equip scarecrow and get 15 seconds of pierce immunity which is plenty of time for assassins to get off a gank and utl out to safety.
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    So... Is it true that, all of us who suffered the screen shaking on the first 5.8 tests, will get a milkshake exclusive recipe? No? What about a "coconuts mount" for the mount prototype with actually no visual mount? Had to try...
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    CF assassin's motto in pvp looke like this coub:
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