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    Leveling doesn't seem to fill any real need or desire from anyone from a gameplay perspective. As it stands, it makes no sense to run out into the campaign and start fighting until you have leveled to max. You are missing critical skills and stats that puts you at a massive disadvantage vs players that have leveled their vessels. What this translates to is a requirement for players to complete a task that some will see as a chore or barrier to entry in what is supposed to a PvP game. Nobody is going to put themselves at the massive disadvantage that not having your full range of skills/stats unlocked will leave you with, so instead you will have players farming the easiest possible things (AI) in order to level instead of doing what they came to do. Already in the test chat you have people decrying the fact that they are required to go out and harvest/craft sufficiently effective gear in order to get to what they really want to be doing....PvP. Add to that the chore of having to level up your vessel and you have this awkward feeling in regards to gameplay where you start to wonder "Is this a PvP game or not? Why am I having to do all of this Non-PvP stuff to play?" Remove skills from the leveling process, regardless of whatever else you intend to do. I understand the idea behind being able to take multiple talent paths to customize your vessel each time, but creating a chore to complete before you can play the game is not the way to go about it. Instead, I would suggest having leveling grant talents that are not tied to major things like skill unlocks and discipline slots (at least not the first Major/Minor). Instead, everyone should start with the ability to jump into a battle and be effective...though the level of that effectiveness will be based on several other factors....but being completely hamstrung is not fun and not encouraging players to go out and PvP. Ultimately, leveling should be something that occurs naturally as part of participating in the throne war that this game is supposed to be simulating...not a pre-requisite to participation. Requiring people to spend time leveling up from non-PvP activities before PvP is something PvE games do when they tack on a PvP mode...that should not be the case here. Edit: For some additional perspective, let's put the shoe on the other foot. Let's say you started up WoW or FFXIV and you're dropped in with one spell and told "You need to go PvP for a while to earn your skills, then you can go out and participate in PvE". This would be totally unacceptable and people would be rightfully upset.
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    BR Campaign

    I dont really care about playing with people from Br, you can allways speak english i guess, but playing with 180 ping its like a little bit disgusting. We cant pvp... its liteerally impossible.
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    Yeah, this is the biggest thing honestly. This represents a change in what they pitched when people gave them money. It's pretty bait and switch tbh.
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    I think it's important to remember their most significant design goal isn't just a for a good encounter-pvp game, but to get a "throne war simulation" going in each campaign. That's a lot more ambitious, and it has to include gathering, production, logistics, and higher order strategies needed to survive and prosper from the hunger-death of each campaign world.
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    It is interesting that long time fans seem to apparently ignore all of this or don't care. Obviously games change through development, but several changes seem to go completely against what the original concept was hyping. People can rationalize, excuse, accept anything but what they initially presented/sold is changing quite a bit. With the current system, I'd have no problem buying lvling boosts or lvl capped vessels from the store. I have no interest in whacking bad AI in sub-par PVE. I'm fine with active progression, but there are other ways to go about it. I've mentioned it a few times, but the FAQ/site could really use an update. Not sure about others, but I usually read the FAQ entirely before playing and especially before giving money to a company. Even if they can't update it fully, simply deleting inaccurate and outdated info would be a good move. Sad about this one: What's the point of Playing? I don't want to kill more rats, fill another experience point bar or collect another meaningless badge. I want to play a GAME, against PLAYERS where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose. -Early ACE
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    what is sad is this game was supposed to be without leveling up like in other mmo's. What was the motto? End game at the start or something to that effect. Now we will have leveling gating skills, dumbing down of classes for the masses and I suspect safe zones and more ways to grind pve for pvp power. All we are missing is a cash shop that starts out with 'convenience' items to marginally p2w. I still have hope, but skepticism has set in. It seems ACE is doing a 180 in a few area's. from their own mouth... How do you prevent seasoned characters from smashing new players? This is a fairly large problem for traditional (level-based) MMORPGs where high (or max) level characters are basically invincible against mid- and low-level characters. Numerically, this is often caused by power escalation: the low level warrior might hit for 10 to 20 damage while the high level hits for ~4000. In a game that is PvP-focused, this is obviously not going to be a fun fight for the low-level player. Level-based progression systems force their players into zones based on level brackets, which really segments the population. Since Crowfall is a very different game, we’ve approached this problem from a few different angles. First, we are using a skill-based system; there are no levels. Without levels, the difference between a “maxed” character and a starting character is far less severe. Second, we designed the game to have a much flatter power curve, meaning that your biggest gains for any skill (or attribute) come early and the remaining gains are all on a steep “diminishing returns” curve. Additionally, access to equipment will be largely based on acquiring it rather than an arbitrary “level” restriction. To add to this, the power curve for equipment has been dramatically “flattened,” as well. Power gained from equipment is much smaller than in a level-based game, but still meaningful enough that players aren’t running about naked. More action-related mechanics such as dashes and blocks will create opportunities for new players to avoid damage that isn’t based on a random number generator. Additionally, terrain and position make a huge difference, making the game much more tactical. Lastly, because we use passive training as the primary mechanism for advancement, there is no grind for player powers or camping of monsters to find that “one rare item”. Players will essentially have a full arsenal of powers to use from the beginning.
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    Leveling is not a time gate. Its a wealth gate. The entire point of crowfall is to acquire wealth. The entire point of winning campaigns is to acquire wealth. That wealth needs somewhere to be useful for people that don't own or run an EK or it is effectively pointless. When leveling was "complementary" it was basically ignored and failed to function as an item sink. During that time we also had MUCH higher item decay rates. I'd rather have longer lasting items at the expensive of needing to invest more in vessels. Especially considering vessels are the only gear that never decays. Your ability to do literally anything in the game is contingent upon some combination of time and wealth. That's how RPG systems work. That's why you're playing an RPG in stead of an arena shooter or other genre where the whole point is maximum, immediate carnage with no set up time. Those games are cool. I like those games. I play them when I just want a casual bit of violence. Because acquiring and denying wealth, and exploiting techniques to rapidly gain and utilize it IS PvP and is the systemic imperative that sustains the basic desire to fight in the first place. If you don't NEED loot, then what's the point of it being in the game at all? Crowfall's XP system ensures that you actually have a use, a real one, for every scrap of garbage you pull off of another guy's corpse, and reinforces that the other guy actually has some garbage to loot. Having a bank full of trash is not a liability. It represents an opportunity to upgrade your vessel when you otherwise would have waited for a much better upgrade. It allows people who peddle in easy to acquire low level goods to still have a market after two months. It ensures that you don't get bored fighting over nothing and getting no reward from it. It gives you something to do when there is nobody to fight because there will not always be someone to fight. "PvP game" does not mean "PvP is the only thing you should ever do ever" It means that PvP is the constant threat while you do other stuff, and the end goal when you have done all of the other stuff. When you remove the other stuff, or make it "only cosmetic" or "not necessary" your PvP game sucks. GW2 found that out the hard way. That's why WvW is mostly full of people capping undefended objectives to farm reward tracks for skins to use in PvE .
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    They already did that 2 years ago, it was called the Hunger Dome.
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    Duelist in 5.8

    When I tested it on the test server, the HoT was healing for about 1500. That was off the shelf with no gear or any support power additions. Duelist definitely seem neglected right now, with a little bit of love they could become fun to play. Slayer- Seems to be a good spot. Nice run and gun game play, I see this build fighting on the outskirts on skirmishes, punishing people who stray to far from their healers. Not sure why their mitigations cap is so high however. Dirge - Pretty good sustain/tanky build. Combining the HoT with AP heal gives you nice healing abilities. The build really deserves to get mail tho and damage seems a little low. Vagnuard - I envision fighting against this guy would be like playing a game of pop-a-mole. I see this build popping in and out of stealth frequently, being annoying, creating distractions, whittling down enemies who don't have any anti-stealth abilities with them. I think to make this build successful soulpower cost on vanish needs to be lowered to atleast 500, maybe even 250 and and ambush damage needs to be raised up.
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    I have pushed updates for 5.8 to the public table. I have noted a few places that have not been fully updated including some values. The major sections that should still be accurate but have not been fully confirmed are the woodworking and leatherworking sections. The Jewelcrafting sections has been fully updated. The cooking section will be coming soon. There are quite a few combinations to test with it even though it seems like the system is only partially done. Most spices seem to do very little although there are a few that do matter.
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