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    Improvement to the camp/capture system

    Current Problem There a problem with the fundamental with the camp/capture system that simply put you can flip anything at anytime with basically no warning take the fort for example they get flipped so quickly you cant even defend against it most times because by the time u get over there it been taken. I feel i have a solution to this that will keep campaigns a little less chaotic bit and strategic Changes to the Territory system Key Points - To Take keeps during a seige your faction must have a presence in the area lets says own 25% of the Control points. - All Camps/Forts/Keeps are connected together (Refer to Fig 1 Below) - The capture points must always connect up with a Beachhead or a Fort to be able to progress this way you can cut off the supply lines so to speak and hault the push (See fig 2) - You can capture through runegates if you own points connect to it to the otherside that connects to your beachead Edit: - Free cities runegates shouldnt count for territoy These changes you should see more PvP happening fighting over control points instead of just flipping points where no one happens to be at/defending, you can also see on the map wether or not someone making a push towards your forts and able to muster a defence agaist it without it being flipped uncontested. Ive spend alot of time capturing control points these last 2 campaigns and its rare you actually get a fight cause no one knows your doing it which is kinda boring. There not a whole lot of incentive for people especially unguided people to cap them either adding a small reward loot table may help that like a hand full of resources doesnt have to be much like even 10-20 or a small chance for a gem or mineral would go along way that or boose guard drop a little to be inline with mobs. References https://imgur.com/a/8oPtWj9 Fig 1: (Red lines represent Connections that works both ways, Orange are one way connections these are connected from Beachhead runegates and Keeps, You can attack from castles but dont need surrounding points to assult keeps at siege times. Fig 2: Shows the supply lines have been cut and order can nolonger capture points using these locations so balance can take back this territory unless order can reestablish the supply line to the runegates
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    This is the first iteration of the mechanic. Things are bound to be wonky. It would be more helpful to suggest improvements, and Phalaphone did that, than to just complain that you don't like it and think ACE is going back on their word. The big problem as I see it, is there is very little intermediate content. You are either at 20+ will all your kit powers, and a set of white at least advanced gear, or your not effective. Let me be clear, that should not matter for large fights. From my experience this last weekend, we had a guy who was not level capped, did not have a mount, who managed through skill to get two kills in our 20+ v 20+ fights. It's not just DPS, and that's part of the problem. Many players are so used to the PvE roles in a groups, and the importance of DPS, they don't see how learning the skills, even if your less impactful in the fights, never hurts your side and is worth your time to do. A crappy mechanic with a full tool box is still a crappy mechanic. With how low the durability hit penalty is, there is no reason to avoid joining the larger frays. Even a guy just standing with everyone else or dead on the ground watching and listening to how the fight plays out, can learn something valuable.
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    Hey I said this in feedback but didn't make nice photoshop mockups. Good job! My version treats keeps a little different, as something you can always assault during the window:
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    I played a knight since long ago and now i roled a templar, cause its much more easy to play. I mean the knight is pretty tanky and has some interesting defense abilties but, they don`t help if you are not attacked. And you do little damage compared to other classes. I did some pve and the templar is so much more easier and convinient to play i have to say. Can really see a reason for the knight existence unlike they come up with some sort of protecion mechanic for the healers. This is just my first impression of both classes. And i had elekin race for both classes, which give you a second charge for both classes, but the parry of the templar is so much better then the block of the knight in my opinion.
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    Putting balance aside for now, I want to talk about how the Templar fits into Crowfall’s combat. I will touch on three areas – Design/Role, Skills, Customization – and contrast the good with the bad; identifying what makes this class fun. Most of this feedback is directed toward ACE, with an emphasis on design philosophy and achieving “fun”. Feel free to contribute to that goal. Let’s try to avoid “in 5.7 Templar is so weak, buff plz”. Tell us what you like about the Templar; what really makes the class fun? DESIGN/SKILLS Originally designed as a tank with an area-control theme, the Templar certainly has a place in Crowfall’s large scale fights centered around defending and capturing specific points of interest. Many of the skills that form the “core” of the Templar are tailored made for that. However, there are a number of other skills that spark your imagination to see other possibilities as well. But first, what is the core functionality of how the Templar is supposed to work? In the most basic terms, the Templar uses their LMB attacks to generate PIPs to be spent on more powerful abilities; very similar to combo points. There are some skills that also generate PIPs (more on that later). While the theory is fine and is used for similar classes in other games with great success (WoW Paladin), it fails to deliver in Crowfall for a few simple reasons: You generate too few PIPs per time spent using LMB. This is compounded by the need to be in melee to even generate PIPs and the burden of only the 3rd attack generating PIPs. Devotion feels like a band-aid in this area (healing is a separate discussion). Most skills that spend PIPs don’t even feel strong enough to use. As a point of reference, most discipline skills do way more damage and cost 0 PIPs. Essentially, this amounts to the Templar’s resource system being completely ignored. This is, in part, due to the silly PIP generation of Divine Light. In a large group fight (which the Templar is designed for), every pulse of Divine Light can give you full PIPs. You literally cannot even get close to spending them as fast as you get them. Nor would you want to, because you should be holding RMB and spamming E like a good little Templar. Which leads me to the over-arching conclusion of the Templar: One Trick Pony. If your enemies are not standing in your Divine Light and triggering your Parry, then the Templar is neither effective or fun to play. SKILLS Great Swing 1 – Great Swing 2 – Great Swing 3 As above, the biggest problem is all the PIP generation taking place on the 3rd swing. (Suggestion: Each attack generates a PIP and then the spenders cost more PIPs to start the chain, but subsequent attacks in the chain are free.) Censure The biggest problem is how buggy this is. I would much prefer the vertical “jumping” element be removed in favor of a more standard “charge” implementation. Some other ideas could be to do something similar to GW2’s Warrior “spinning dash” skill. (Suggestion: Some way to customize our build and give this skill 2 uses – like racial dodges – would be fun) Reproach - Castigate – Radiant Sweep/Righteous Smash Long and slow. This combo sees limited use because skill 1 & 2 stink (a lot) and people need to be not paying attention to be hit by the third one. Radiant Sweep is obviously really strong, but Righteous Smash is lacking. The damage is weak and the resource generation is borderline useless (see DESIGN comments above). (Suggestion: Give the first 2 skills of this combo more damage or some other reason to be used, then buff the damage on Righteous Smash by a good amount.) Judgement – Execute Perfect. Unique, powerful in the right circumstances, and fun. Some of the most fun I have playing Templar is using this skill. Divine Light Very strong skill, really fits the Templar design and role. The PIP cost/generation mechanic needs to be overhauled. A single 2 PIP upfront cost and no additional cost/gain would be appropriate. Should be Holy Damage. (Suggestion: Would really like to see some build customization around causing some effect to enemies that either enter or exit your Divine Light, choose to have it follow your character, or cause other skills to be more powerful while in your own Divine Light) Devotion Really great skill. The best element being that you heal based on the damage you do. Very fun dynamic. The “Sin” dynamic needs to be looked at again as there is no synergy with other skills. (Suggestion: Emphasize this as the healing option in damage oriented builds and Divine Light stronger in supportive builds; base values/scaling need to be looked at to make that happen.) Holy Warrior Although I don’t think it works, the theory of this skill is great. Allows Templar to cut through heavy mitigation classes/builds/buffs in a way that others cannot. However, it feels like this should be an ultimate for offensive builds. Righteous Stand – Righteous Parry While this is supposed to be a class defining ability, it is simply too strong. It is the primary source of damage and crowd control. A re-design that gives the Parry a cooldown and removes the knockdown is probably warranted. Retaliate Uninspiring. Low damage, nothing unique (sin reduces cooldown is useless with stamina change). Also devalued because we currently spend a lot of the time holding RMB and therefore avoiding CC (especially true when it was bugged). (Suggestion: Have it additionally do damage and reflect the CC back to the player who placed it on you. Would allow some additional tools against ranged classes.) Brilliance Generic. No real synergy with anything. Should at least be holy damage, but something more impactful should be explored. CUSTOMIZATION There are many solution-oriented comments sprinkled throughout the Skills commentary above. But to define the problem, we lack the ability to customize our characters to a degree that can, in any meaningful or successful way, change our role. This is a more striking weakness on the Templar because of the complete lack of a ranged option (which I think is fine). The only real Disciplines in the game that help versus ranged attacks are the ones that give you ranged attacks yourself. It is almost a “if you can’t beat them – join them” philosophy. (Not counting the silly, cancerous “reflect” or “immune” to some specific damage type Disciplines.) Additionally, replacing your Templar skills with discipline ones makes you feel like “not a Templar” instead of a “different Templar”. That is obviously a larger game issue but seems exaggerated in the Templar. I would love to see a new take on a WoW-like talent system where you have to make choices, and everything seems powerful, but perhaps in different roles or circumstances.
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    Best way to regain

    Energy on Knight Class, cant seem to figure out how to replenish this resource
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    Weighing in .. The talent system is great . It creates diverse chars . It is not fixable you mess up take the penalty of making a new char. The leveling well at least it has people in the adventure zones. Either raiding or being raided. If we had boss mobs to be camped with greater experience/gold/sacrifice items it would help. As is the goal is to level to 20s and use the gold you gathered to level the rest of the way. Im okay with that. But, when we start using crafted bodies that exp cost so much more.things will get more and more hectic . If i remember correctly a orange body on test was over 5k a level. That is a lot of investment so you might want to make sure every talent is in place and you REALLLY want to play that vessel. Over all as much as i hate it and as lazy as i am . I think its a move in the right direction. As long as you can easily group farm/level and do not get the exp hit reduction. 0-30 level in an hour of farming is far easier than most games.
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    I had a few thoughts about Spirit Bank (SB) import/export rules, and how they might be made to better support the campaigns. One problem is stashing things into the SB temporarily to avoid losing it in PvP. This is a pretty poor use of the limited import/export quotas, but people do this to avoid a lot of the risk. Then, later on, they find themselves low or even out of exports. I think there's an easy fix for this. Once exported from a campaign, an item should not be importable back into that same campaign. The item would have to be tagged with the campaign id somehow, and the SB UI would have to grey it out, or otherwise indicate its status. One way would be to have two panes to the SB, one showing items which can be imported, the other showing items which have previously been exported from this campaign and that can't be imported back into it. It occurs to me that in some twitch streams I watched a year or two ago, there was a greyed out function on items in the SB that made them not re-importable for a time. maybe this could be leveraged somehow. Another issue is how to allow imports and exports to reflect faction success in these three-way campaigns, and in a way that might work in other kinds of campaign, too. One way would be to portion out import/export quotas by season and by faction success. Each player could start with a very limited number of imports; say just enough to cover a few pieces of gear, and no exports at all. The Spring season would be about accumulating materials and gearing up from in-campaign resources, not showing up out of the gate already resource dominant. However, during Spring, the factions would be able to earn extra imports for later use by taking and holding map objectives and by working up their overall campaign score. Say, a faction would earn an import point each time they took and held a Fort or Keep for 24 real hours, an extra import for being in second place daily, and a third for being in first place at the end of each real day. Points could be scaled if these are too few, of course. It would important to require objectives to be held for a reasonably long period, to avoid intentionally bouncing back and forth to rack up points. Perhaps, the points earned could increase the longer an objective is held. For example, 1 point the first day, 2 points the second day, 3 on the third, and so on. During Summer, players could use these import points earned in Spring to import if they needed to. At the end of Summer, any import points from Spring not used would be removed. Over the Summer, players would continue to earn import quotas, but also start to accumulate limited numbers of export quotas; again these would be earned in Summer, but only be usable in Fall. During Fall, more exports could be earned, and only a very few imports, and both of these could only be used in the following season, Winter. Winter would allow for many more export points to be earned, and in addition to the points earned in the previous Fall, they could be used immediately. Winter would be the season to really get in-game and put the hurt down on the other factions to earn the right to export the most and best things. One last modification would be to always give out a handful of Fall & Winter exports to everyone, because even the losers shouldn't feel completely ruined by having tried and come short. As it stands in the last few test campaigns, quite a few people lose their desire to play so much in Winter, because there's not much to harvest (and fewer harvesters to gank), and not much point to winning apart from the bragging. Now, that's all well and good, but to my mind doesn't push the sense of urgency to everyone to really push to win the campaign in the depths of Winter. I think making it critical to earn exports by large scale military success would help a lot. My final idea is to make different quality grades of imports/exports cost more points. For example, a grey/poor quality item/stack could cost 1 point, common/white could be 2 points, uncommon/green 3 pts, rare 5 pts, epic 10 pts, and legendary could be 25 points. These numbers are entirely notional to get the concept across. So, if one had 150 points, that's either a ton of poor or a lot of commons, but only a handful of legendaries. I can see this having some potentially bad side effects though, like focusing players on accumulating a lot of low quality wealth because it's easier to export. On the other hand, in terms of imports, players would be faced with the difficult choice between importing a lot of low quality materials at the start, or just a few high quality ones. Thoughts about these, or other ideas?
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    Atlas MMORPG

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    Opiniones sobre Crowfall 5.8

    Hola a todos! Soy nuevo en el juego y es mi primer post. Llevo unos días jugando en plan lobo solitario con un asesino que tengo al nivel 20, explorando los mapas y gankeando. De momento no juego mucho tiempo ya que no quiero quemarme y prefiero dejarme algo de hype cuando el juego realmente se lance. La 5.8 es la primera versión que juego. No voy a comentar nada técnico o de bugs porque obviamente el juego está en desarrollo, dicho esto: -Creo que las disciplinas aportan una gran flexibilidad a la clases, ganando habilidades activas y pasivas en función de lo que equipes, con potencial para hacer builds originales y divertidas. La pega ahora mismo es que no he sido capaz de cambiar las que tengo equipadas por otras nuevas para probar. -Siguiendo con las disciplinas, espero que sea un bug y que lo arreglen cuanto antes, las descripciones. Cuando crafteamos las runas para las disciplinas es necesario que haya una descripción detallada de las habilidades que vamos a ganar con esa disciplina. En algunas simplemente pone que todos la pueden equipar. De acuerdo, ¿pero qué hace esa disciplina??!?! El único momento en el que aparecen los datos es en el último momento del crafteo, cuando ya no podemos dar marcha atrás sin perder los materiales. -Leveling. No sé cómo han planteado que los jugadores subamos de nivel. No encuentro apenas mobs para matar, algún grupo de cerdos t3, algunos mobs azules que están solos desde t2 a t4...Para mi lo más efectivo por el momento es encontrar un grupo de cerditos t2 o t3, matarlos rápido y usar el oro para sacrificarlo por xp. Y repetir eso una y otra vez. No sé si es lo que los desarrolladores habían pensado pero es lo más efectivo para mi. -En cuanto al pvp de gankeo, que es el único que he probado hasta ahora: he disfrutado de bonitas experiencias 1vs1 e incluso 1vs2 en este juego. Lo único negativo es la capacidad que tienen todos para huir del combate. Ahora mismo casi todos queremos pelear para testear las cosas y casi todos nos quedamos a pelear. El problema ha sido que si voy perdiendo y veo que no puedo ganar es muy fácil para mi simplemente correr, sacar la montura del cerdito y adiós. De momento esta es mi experiencia, en general positiva con algunas pegas como he comentado. Soy noob así que no tengáis muy en cuenta mi opinión Gracias y viva el Caos!
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    I think you are guys are getting confused. From what I saw you guys dont dislike the actual Lvling as much as you dislike being forced to PvE or grind. It sounds the same but it is not. The best option IMO is to make PvP stuff reward more XP, make it the most efficient way to level. The problem with that is people most likely wont be using their new untrained vessel in PVP. One idea that I will toss out here is making PVP experience items. Items that you get by PVPing with your max character that you can simply give to your new character to sacrifice for faster lvling. Skulls seems the most obvious choice. Are we able to sacrifice those as of now? It makes sense to me those would be worth quite a bit of XP. Another one could be items given to everyone who took part in a siege. Once the siege concludes the winners could get, say, a medal with the siege information and their contribution. The more you did in the siege the more XP the medals are worth. EDIT: Those items should somehow lose their XP value once a time limit pass. Otherwise people will just hoard those for weeks/months and not go out to PvP when they need to level a new character. Again, I just think some people here are hating the system instead of trying to improve it.
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    Always post the image link (right-click the image and copy link) instead of the post so that image is shown directly. EDIT: Yep, this idea seems way better than the implementation we currently have. I just hope the guys and gals at ACE used the one we have now as stopgap and are working on a better one.
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    there is two big problem around: 1) if you start map later you should go to the mob spawns in canyons (high rank of mobs) which are full of gankers and big groups (to reach 20+ lvl). you will get ganked all the time. 2) not any normal player wont go out of safe zone if he does not get minimum (mount, gear, needed skills which are given after 20lvl). and ofc wont participate in capturing/wars and such. true for current map size and for a small/solo players. and current class balance which are terrible as asssss ps. if you really think solo/very small scale players is nothing or this game is for zerg/group/guilds, well, this game will not success
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    What is the knockdown power on assassin ?

    use 'expose' 30 sec debuff on target from stealth, then hit them with diffusion while enemy using a power. its an interupt interaction
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    Yeah, this is the biggest thing honestly. This represents a change in what they pitched when people gave them money. It's pretty bait and switch tbh.
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    So add a mob grind just so people can have easy prey? Instead of actual strategic/skilled based PVP encounters. Ganking or attacking weakened/unprepared enemies is good in all in a game such as this, but you should have to put some effort and risk into it. Attacking likely lower levels/geared/skilled players while they are likely in-combat lacking health and cooldowns is low tier PVP. Ganking someone at 50% health in the middle of a fight with a spider brings me about -5.2 achievement points. Progression can come in many forms, be it stats, wealth, notoriety, leaderboards, etc. Leveling itself isn't an issue for me, but there should be multiple routes (more than we have now) and shouldn't be massively important to character options, at least not in the game design they initially presented.
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    what is sad is this game was supposed to be without leveling up like in other mmo's. What was the motto? End game at the start or something to that effect. Now we will have leveling gating skills, dumbing down of classes for the masses and I suspect safe zones and more ways to grind pve for pvp power. All we are missing is a cash shop that starts out with 'convenience' items to marginally p2w. I still have hope, but skepticism has set in. It seems ACE is doing a 180 in a few area's. from their own mouth... How do you prevent seasoned characters from smashing new players? This is a fairly large problem for traditional (level-based) MMORPGs where high (or max) level characters are basically invincible against mid- and low-level characters. Numerically, this is often caused by power escalation: the low level warrior might hit for 10 to 20 damage while the high level hits for ~4000. In a game that is PvP-focused, this is obviously not going to be a fun fight for the low-level player. Level-based progression systems force their players into zones based on level brackets, which really segments the population. Since Crowfall is a very different game, we’ve approached this problem from a few different angles. First, we are using a skill-based system; there are no levels. Without levels, the difference between a “maxed” character and a starting character is far less severe. Second, we designed the game to have a much flatter power curve, meaning that your biggest gains for any skill (or attribute) come early and the remaining gains are all on a steep “diminishing returns” curve. Additionally, access to equipment will be largely based on acquiring it rather than an arbitrary “level” restriction. To add to this, the power curve for equipment has been dramatically “flattened,” as well. Power gained from equipment is much smaller than in a level-based game, but still meaningful enough that players aren’t running about naked. More action-related mechanics such as dashes and blocks will create opportunities for new players to avoid damage that isn’t based on a random number generator. Additionally, terrain and position make a huge difference, making the game much more tactical. Lastly, because we use passive training as the primary mechanism for advancement, there is no grind for player powers or camping of monsters to find that “one rare item”. Players will essentially have a full arsenal of powers to use from the beginning.
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    Leveling is not a time gate. Its a wealth gate. The entire point of crowfall is to acquire wealth. The entire point of winning campaigns is to acquire wealth. That wealth needs somewhere to be useful for people that don't own or run an EK or it is effectively pointless. When leveling was "complementary" it was basically ignored and failed to function as an item sink. During that time we also had MUCH higher item decay rates. I'd rather have longer lasting items at the expensive of needing to invest more in vessels. Especially considering vessels are the only gear that never decays. Your ability to do literally anything in the game is contingent upon some combination of time and wealth. That's how RPG systems work. That's why you're playing an RPG in stead of an arena shooter or other genre where the whole point is maximum, immediate carnage with no set up time. Those games are cool. I like those games. I play them when I just want a casual bit of violence. Because acquiring and denying wealth, and exploiting techniques to rapidly gain and utilize it IS PvP and is the systemic imperative that sustains the basic desire to fight in the first place. If you don't NEED loot, then what's the point of it being in the game at all? Crowfall's XP system ensures that you actually have a use, a real one, for every scrap of garbage you pull off of another guy's corpse, and reinforces that the other guy actually has some garbage to loot. Having a bank full of trash is not a liability. It represents an opportunity to upgrade your vessel when you otherwise would have waited for a much better upgrade. It allows people who peddle in easy to acquire low level goods to still have a market after two months. It ensures that you don't get bored fighting over nothing and getting no reward from it. It gives you something to do when there is nobody to fight because there will not always be someone to fight. "PvP game" does not mean "PvP is the only thing you should ever do ever" It means that PvP is the constant threat while you do other stuff, and the end goal when you have done all of the other stuff. When you remove the other stuff, or make it "only cosmetic" or "not necessary" your PvP game sucks. GW2 found that out the hard way. That's why WvW is mostly full of people capping undefended objectives to farm reward tracks for skins to use in PvE .
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    Pvp Rewards

    I agree with this. Hopefully as we start fully testing the Campaign game loop in 5.8 and beyond we'll see some type of immediate reward system for capturing objectives or holding territory in addition to the accumulation of points for an eventual team win. It seems strange to me that in a pvp-focused game, pvp activities always feel like a net personal loss (gear decay) compared to pve or harvesting.
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    Once you get the intermediate gear, there really is not anything to do than just offline level. There is nothing to do in game to make you progress for your goal - what ever it may be. I used to go out and gather stuff - which I then tried to turn into better rune tools, in a crafting progression which too often fails. I didnt succeed. Bummer. The tools break again and in the end I was not able to get any better resources. The loop starts again. YES I KNOW THE PROGRESSION COMES FROM OFFLINE TRAINING - AND THATS' THE ISSUE HERE I can not do anything in game that would have any significant meaning in long run. The most important thing is to offline level. Once you realize that -the high rank nodes and trees drop the same basic stuff that I get from low rank nodes, then there is no longer reason to gather low stuff... -you can not progress your character with online gaming - so then whats the point? -all of your progression; getting better gear, crafting better stuff and so forth comes from offline leveling... -there is no point wasting any resources trying to craft better gear now as you will be able to craft better stuff once you just offline level (so why waste any resources either) Then you simply just stop logging in untill the offline leveling is done. Hell... you can even calculate how much time you need to stay offline and you don't have any reason to log in. Well I am sure there will be a lot of players saying I am doing something wrong and should do this or that... However this is my expression of the game as a new player and the developers should really have this feedback. So what to do to solve these issues: 1. make low level nodes drop something that the high level nodes dont drop (this makes economy viable for low trainer players as well) 2. Make meaningful online progression (you could gather same points you gather offline) 3. Make offline progression so that people need to login to select which specific perk they are training... now you can just stay offline and gather 200000 points untill you log in
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    Exactly. I was never trying to say that ACE should abandon putting in individual character progression. I was simply trying to say that, when the character progression is over (or so slow as to be essentially over), what will be left? For me, that is the core game for CF. The game is not a character progression system, in that character progression of all forms is supposed to be externally motivated by wanting to win campaigns. The hypothetical that keeps coming up about players who are not motivated by the core vision of CF is a perfect example of why MMOs have been going through such a rough decade. Obviously it is true that players are motivated by different things, that is why games needs to focus on what makes them fun, and have that be what collects and keeps its core player base. This is opposed to trying to implement systems for the sake of keeping players. That layer of veneer wears off insanely fast (see: Archeage, BDO, Albion, etc.). All game designers should put their vision before thinking about audience retention, or you are putting the cart before the horse. That idiom is literally meant to say, you have to have the thing that pulls in front of the thing being pulled. In this case, the game vision and design before the audience. I am, personally, really happy that ACE does not seem at all concerned by the current lack of community engagement and growth. But, then again, they have some great veteran designers who know a hell of a lot more than keyboard warriors like me. Edit: Albion Online is a perfect blueprint for what not to do for CF. By all accounts they had a fantastic PvP MMO in early beta, made a ton of changes designed to "keep" players, ostensibly based on data they were getting from their beta tests, then released a dramatically changed game, flopped pretty hard, changed back, and now have a good game without the population they should have. Please, dear lord, do not overanalyze or commit to player data from testing. It's a totally different situation. I, for one, play entirely different schedules and goals with games that are not released.
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    You get better in things by doing them. In PVP you can gain progression with your own skills. so you might not notice the problem here. In farming you get zero progression with your actions and you are stuck with your crafting or harvesting goal... you can not do anything. Its a computer that gives you points per second - all you have to do is wait. The problem is that people will have goals with the progression the game is offering - not only to buy better gear to fight in PVP... you have to take it in consideration that it is so, and people want to be able to affect the result - FEEL the result even more than just seeing it happen. The dopamine dose... the feeling when YOU... YOURSELVE progress and are able to make a weapon of dreams.. maybe sell it on market trying to make profit to buy more resources and do another of those weapons... I think you have balls to come claim to me that I do not understand my goals in this game. If I have a goal to be able to farm lvl 10 nodes... I do not want to sit on my hands and wait... no... I want to do something to be able to do it. And if you claim that buying better tools is the solution... well... then I do not know why I am even playing if all I have to do it buy my way to my goal. Thats not the purpose of a game. The purpose of the game is also the journey. Not just instant gains you can get by doing nothing...
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    Ok ive had a thought in regard for active progression since alot of people seem to have a problem, with the current passive gain. We leave passive gain as is (Well how it works) it does need reweorked with what it offers but that another topic But we also add a new system let call them mission for this example Missions Each week in a campaign you can pic 3 missions from lets a list of say 10 random ones (they only give mission u can complete when it comes to say crafting/harvesting it will only give u those options if u have that crafting or mining in the passive skill tree) The missions will range in difficulty and will provide rewards based on difficulty and what kinda mission they are, these rewards only last during the campaign and reset after the world dies so there temporay progression so people dont get to far ahead Some mission and rewards can be as followed. Craft 30 Ruby rings (if your learnt the jewlery crafting tree, could reward +2 Experimentation for jewlery crafting as a reward that will last till end of campaign Kill 75 zombies gain increase dmg agaist undead Kill 250 of any mobs gain 2% increase drop chance from mobs Harvest 500 iron ore Gain 1.5% drop rate of Sapphire And so on you can do pretty much anything here and since they reset each campaign its a constantly thing for people to try and complete to build characters each campaign and you dsont need to worry bout over doing it overtime as benefits build up like the skill tree.
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    But the point is that you get the progression in something you feel is fun... not a daily quest. The system works following: -you play a game and do the things you like... you get the XP from there. There is max cap so you do not have need to play more than what is considered normal. so nothing would change - just that there would be reward doing activities you like doing - and differentiate your character in the market.
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    I am adding it here, since I am quite sure it would disappear in the other thread I wrote it out. Problem: -with no online progression people get demotivated and do not see point in some activities (offline progression is the most important) -if you grant online progression people see it as a time sink, which will require you to play to be able to compete -people with crafting / farming profession goals get turned off with the idea that you can not ever be the "best", when everyone is progressing the same with offline progression So solving this issue: Make maximum XP cap / day to achieve from online activities. Make different activities to grant points in that specific field. All points could be used to progress what ever mastery you want, but conversion from activity points to another activity points would result in a loss of points (ie. -40%). This would allowe people to specialize with their online activity. -you can get maximum number of XP points / day (that is just point cap)-all activities generate XP (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting): each of which generate XP to that specific mastery pool -the max cap is global - the sum of the different points (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting) is the max cap... -the points that you gather can be used to boost any mastery - however converting PVP xp to boost crafting would result in a loss of points (-40%) -(PVP-> class?, PVE->race?, crafting->, "farming"->exploration...)
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    yeah... so fighting in forums over how the game should work is not about making the game better, but making it better for your guild... makes sense now But I guess its normal... people in MMO games fight in forums to make their class / race / guild what ever aspect better. Its frustrating though, when you are trying to think the game in bigger picture. People are food for the PVP. They also pay for your fun... since the more theres money - the more there usually is fun.
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    I think you went too narrow minded right there - and you are not trying to see solutions to the problem. They could just as well generate XP caps per day. So after a one or two hour of gaming / day you would no longer progress. Or certain maximum XP cap / day. Actually now that I said that... it would make a lot of sense and a damn good system. So the idea; -you can get maximum number of XP points / day (that is just point cap) -all activities generate XP (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting): each of which generate XP to that specific mastery pool -the points that you gather can be used to boost any mastery - however converting PVP xp to boost crafting would result in a loss of points (-40%) There you have it. Your problem is solved and we created a way for players to specialize themselves with the activities they do. BTW - should I make new topic about this to make sure that the developers have noticed this idea?
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    Here are a few suggestions the Dev's should at least discuss in the interest of fairness and equal opportunity. Many will not like the first topic but here goes. Suggestion 1: Split Blacksmithing into 2 separate professions or sub classes - Armor smiths and Weapon smiths. Its a bit unfair how Blacksmiths hold the ability to do so much right now. They craft the only armor players want at this time, chainmail and plate. Need I mention they make the majority of weapons not including what Wood workers make as well? Simply put, they are the unchallenged demigods of current Crowfall crafting community. Break their dominance! Suggestion 2: Since the Dev's butchered leather armor's damage/healing modifiers, we Leather workers are stuck making components and nothing more. There is NO market for leather since the armor stats are crap, plus capes and bags haven't been introduced. Even the non-existent 'law of equivalent exchange' should have been applied. "To obtain, something of equal value must be lost." (FMA/FMAB) They took something away and gave nothing back which destroyed the entire profession. I pride myself on being one of the top 5 loyal Leathers workers. I aim to be the best but I cant do anything except crank out 14 experiment point components... how utterly unfulfilling! Either give leather crafting bonuses, perhaps add a +1 to dash counters, give back the modifiers that were nerfed... do something! Suggestion 3: I know this is something I have constantly hinted and flat out asked the Dev's for, give Skinners access to creatures/mobs that will drop common to legendary soft hides. To be honest, if Skinners had access to soft hides, my second suggestion 'might' not be a big issue at all. Soft hides would at least enable Leather workers to focus or even specialize in making high quality crafting armor. Example: A friend of mine was jealous that I was rolling better stats on leather armors for crafting. Recently she crafted a blue chest piece which blow away all my bragging rights because it was made from higher quality materials and great rolls... I think a small part of my love for the game died thanks to limitations the Dev's are ignoring. For the sake of my sanity, make the bears omnivores that drop soft hides! {Might be able to dismiss this suggestion due to mention new mob in 5.8 but not yet confirmed by an ingame ACE as of 10/4/18} Suggestion 4: If people have complained about the difficulty in getting cutting grit, that should entitle Reaping Specialist harvesters to get added chance for blood and bones to drop. It should be their unique contribution to the crafting world. Since mothernodes are unique to excavation and requires skill, tools and potions; bone could/should be removed from crafting basics and be accessed only in the Reaping skill tree just like heart wood. In my opinion, Plethora of Meat: Animal could be removed. Any dedicated harvester will get a ridiculous amount of meat in Spring and Summer. {Seriously, I don't have those two meat skills and I still gathered enough meat to fill an entire crypt. I next loaded up my friends and when they said no more, I must have sacrificed 13-16 or more full stacks for experience just so if I was jumped while harvesting, the ganker wouldn't get a sweet score by looting all the excess meat. I had no spare banking space} Yes, I can guess these are very profession specific suggestions so let me be the first to say they may be one sided. I only have two accounts and haven't tried others because Leather working, Leadership and Skinning is where my passion for this game rest. I also have done my research on the majority of the other crafting profession but lack first hand knowledge. Luckily, my friends and fellow crafters helped me understand how they work. I welcome anyone's opinions or criticism. If you think I'm wrong, state your opinion and change my mind!
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    Assassin Greatsword?

    Unfortunate. Was hoping they would allow it like how they have added the Mail and Plate proficiency runes. Hopefully they do the weapons as well so I can backstab with a greatsword.
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