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    Crowfall is not ready for "Sanctioned" campaigns with permanent rewards. Here's why. Campaigns are cool. Its awesome to see it coming together. However there are MASSIVE blind spots on the project's status at the moment. In no particular order, here are the ones that I feel break the campaign model. Why does this feel like ACE is barreling headlong in to hype when they've been so careful to give features time to cook up to this point? What's the rush? 1: Teleporting through walls. This is supposed to be a thing duelists and only duelists can do on a long cooldown. Currently any character with a teleport can violate walls, which means violating the early warning system for forts and sneaking unintended classes and roles in to keeps. This issue is over a year old. And continues to largely invalidate massive portions of the fort/keep gameplay loop and the importance players place on maintaining walls and other structures. 2: Population Balance Limits This is just a necessary step for faction campaigns. Because faction campaigns are largely built around random people looking for a leg up by bandwagoning on to the largest blob, the most efficient method of winning is... joining the winning team. Without systems in play to somehow restrict the population, and with the heightened incentive of actual rewards for campaigns you're not only going to see the same blowouts we already have. You're going to see the severity of that pop imbalance multiplies by greed. 3: Talent Balance/disciplines You literally just increased the overall complexity of balancing your combat by a factor of 3. Clear problems have already emerged, and most players don't even have "midgame" gear and vessels to gauge how broken or not broken various permutations of stats+vessels+talents even are. You simply can not start offering permanent rewards in a system where the inherent class balance is so volatile. ESPECIALLY when you're literally changing the entire system again so you have no clear motivation to even balance it because that balance work will be null and void with talents 2.0 restricting the node and power choices further. 4. The Scoring and Scoreboard The scoring encourages avoiding PvP and nightcapping.. The scoreboard literally does not work to track the few things it is supposed to track. Campaigns are currently decided by who has the most patience rather than who has the best soldiers. Lots of people have suggested ways to modify this and I'm certain the ACE team is also on the ball with fixes. Making a "sanctioned" campaign the first test of these fixes is, quite frankly, a bad idea. 5. The Siege vuln window Having all vuln windows start simultaneously doesn't work. Defending owned assets is obviously higher priority for a faction than attacking enemy assets. It takes the same amount of time for each faction to successfully defend its assets by killing the bane trees. The current state of siege is that they don't happen because you're placing players in a situation where they are required to simultaneously defend and attack. Players aren't going to do that. Vuln windows need to be stepped so each faction has an opportunity to both attack and defend on separate schedules or you'll see a whole "official" campaign of... empty sieges. 6. Import/export metagaming The ability to export from anywhere in the world is ridiculous. The ability to import 200 items is ridiculous. Tying these values to a vessel to allow players to effectively access infinite imports and exports undoes the entire system. Anyone with an extra account or one trusted friend literally invalidates the entire system even if the import/export count was 1. If ytou want people to craft in campaigns, stop making it so easy for them to craft an infinite amount of stuff in EKs and import/export an infinite amount of items. 7. Objectives that matter/uncle bob Score only matters for wins. While I'm sure people in a sanctioned campaign will care about wins, keep in mind that your reward model for the final game is wins=exports. This means people with nothing to export have zero incentive to win. This leads to a slipperly slope of early capping resulting in HUGE point returns and an ultimately unassailable point advantage. Your "uncle bob" analogy is alive and well in the current campaign model, even in campaigns as short as 4 days. Your campaigns are not doing the one thing they were designed to do: create a competitive, engaging thronw war where victory seems worth trying for up until the end. I hope this doesn't come off as overly negative. I honestly just see a game that is much improved but not ready for competitive prime time, and a dev team that is increasingly concerned with putting forth hype to oversell an underdeveloped product. Crowfall IS gfetting there, but you're putting the cart before the horse.
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    @Anthrage shares tips on group harvesting FULL STORY
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    We are a multi-game and tabletop role-playing group. We are extending our activity into Crowfall, and we are looking for other people to join on in with us! We play a variety of games on steam, blizzard and origin, so it won't always be Crowfall either! So why should you join The Brotherhood? Because we play all sort of games, and our members determine those game, so you won't need to join half a dozen clans or guilds for each game you play. We are multi-game, and very flexible about that. So, with us, you keep the same friends, and play whatever games you want! What we offer is community first, games second. Our goal is to be a place where you can make friends, and have a welcoming community to be part of. We don't care if you're good at games, or bad. Here, it's just about having fun with the friends you've made! If you're intrigued by what we have to offer, and want to learn more, check out our website: https://thebrotherhoodofgames.com/ or, check us out on the Crowfall guild directory https://crowfall.com/en/guild/view/0045bfdd-ab64-4ef0-b025-755a412f1df1
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    Recipe unlock question...

    I'll let the question hang out for a while and see if anyone else has input, then post it up as feedback... I try to make sure the perceived issue is not just me being dumb before suggesting a fix.
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    Foreman actually creates a really nice and simple rhythm if you have enough people in the group. Hit, Hit, Take it Down, Hit Hit, Back to work-Repeat as necessary. With less people you may encounter more Stamina issues but Motherlode farming is pretty smooth once you practice it with your team.
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    Conselhos para coleta em grupo

    @Anthrage partilha conosco o top10 de coisas a ter e fazer quando coletamos em grupo. Dê uma verificada Veja aqui mesmo
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    Servidor br

    Bom dia pessoal, comprei o jogo ontem depois que vi em alguns vídeos no YouTube, no entanto nos vídeos tinha um servidor hospedado em SP, mas só encontro no jogo 2 servidores um EU e um US. Estou em algum modo de jogo "errado" ou de fato o servidor br deixou de existir???
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    Servidor br

    Bem vindo caranguejo Como respondeu e bem o BarriaKarl, neste momento de testes foi decidido "forçar" os servidores a ter o maior número de jogadores possível, por isso foi decidido não abrir o BR nesta fase de teste. De qualquer maneira, acredito que ele volte Entretanto só mesmo guerreando nos US ou EU, o que importa é o divirtemento e a glória. abc
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    Oh, desculpa a demora pra responder. Lembre sempre de marcar a pessoa se não mto provavelmente ela jamais saberá se não checar o thread pessoalmente. Eu não diria rivalidade. É só q embora mto parecidos Pt-pt e Pt-br não são iguais. Cada um possui suas particularidades. Quanto a tradução eu não posso dizer mto já q ainda não comprei o jogo mas vendo videos posso fornecer certas traduções q eu achei estranhas: tray -> bandeja: tipo, melee tray virando bandeja corpo a corpo, ignorando a parte corpo a corpo, eu acho que bandeja soa bem mal. Me parece uma tradução literal. Eu particularmente usaria algo como 'modo': modo corpo a corpo, modo survival, etc. Só uma idea, mas na minha opinião bandeja jamais. knotwood -> tábua de madeira: Okay, eu não entendo nada de madeira então eu não sei qual o termo usado para esse tipo de madeira que é cheio de nós, mas 'tábua de madeira' com toda certeza não é. Tábua pode ser traduzido pra 'plank' em inglês, então vc pode ver como essa tradução tá errada. Basic runestone knife -> Faca básica de pedra de runa: Okay, temos dois problemas aqui. Começando com o mais fácil, o 'básica' tá no lugar errado; estamos fazendo uma 'basic runestone' e não uma 'basic knife'. Então, ao menos teríamos 'Faca de pedra de runa básica'. O outro problema é a tradução de 'runestone', eu usaria 'Pedra Rúnica'. O final seria 'Faca de Pedra Rúnica básica'. Bem melhor IMHO. Cooking -> Cozinhando: Novamente uma tradução literal. Cooking, em inglês, pode sim se referir a uma categoria, mas pra mim 'cozinhando' significa uma ação que está ocorrendo. Soa estranho para uma categoria. Uma simples pesquisa no google pra ver qual a tradução que é usado em WOW me deu 'Culinária'. Beeeeem melhor. Acho q é isso. Isso tudo assistindo os dois mais novos videos em pt-br sem estar de fato caçando defeitos na tradução. Hey, @Athyllan, vc tem mais algum erro na tradução que gostaria de acrescentar? O povo das guilds também pode chegar mais. @Noura, @infernusdl, @asteiro. Bora botar os membros pra ajudar na tradução. Eu, BarriaKarl, pelo poder concedido a mim por mim mesmo declaro este thread o thread official de feedback à tradução.
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    We're on the lookout for Crows who wish to contribute scenes and stories of their First Campaign "crowments". FULL STORY
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    The UnDeAd Legion

    Recruitment You must be 21 years old - Our Discord gets pretty intense You must not be a druggie - We're sick of druggies trying to tell a story hogging our valuable discord time You must be a team player - You will be handed a pick-axe and will be asked for gold for whatever project we are working on... we work together for stuff. You must be able to adapt - Our leaders change their mind quite often (Which is why our mascot is a chicken with it's head cut off) We expect you to fail - So there won't be any hand holding or baby sitting, because the 500 failures before you had that treatment and wasted our damned time! No racists or homophobes! We are trying to ween these "Horrible" people from our ranks! Sloppy Decruitment Officer uXa
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