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    Organisation Première Campagne

    Oyez, oyez ! Esprits Eternels Francophone, La première campagne qui compte vraiment, commence à la fin du mois. Ne jouez plus seul dans votre coin ! réinstallez le jeu ! invitez des amis ! Quelque soit votre temps de jeu ( même si comme tout mmo ça demande un investissement certain ). Quelque soit votre accent ( tout moqueur est puni sans délai ). Quelque soit votre poste favori ( crafteur, farmer ou pvplayer ). Nous jouons habituellement sur le serveur EU, en Balance, tout les soirs, 21h30 ( heure de paris ), il y a une organisation qui se met en place pour défendre ou attaquer un Donjon avec le reste de la faction. Lors du siège de Donjon, combat en Trifaction 40 vs 40 vs 40 avec arme de siège sont courant. Si vous avez une guilde, envoyez un émissaire sur le discord de la communauté : https://discord.gg/4zbKY5Z Vous cherchez une guilde, Rejoignez les [FROGS], la guilde communautaire ( passage par le discord obligatoire )
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    Thanks for doing this Given that we're in pre-alpha and trying to test features, why can't we respec vessels (for a fee, or free)? Having to level new vessels of the same class because of a misclick doesn't seem like a good use of play-tester time. Are there any plans for voice-chat? There are hints in game, and a great discussion in the General section.
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    All of this but especially the last bit. The game has to have a money sink, otherwise gold will just continue to come into the game and pile up. That helm that costs 2000 gold today will cost 2 million gold a year from now. As players accumulate wealth, leveling a new vessel will take minutes at most. Sacrifice a bunch of gold, get to 30 and fill out your talents and disciplines. People aren't going to be grinding for every vessel.
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    Vessel solution

    No they don't. Vessels currently last forever. You'll switch to newer vessels in order to upgrade quality and/or try out new specs when we become unable to remove discipline runes from vessels.
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    Confessor Talent/Skill Tree needs work

    I have to agree that it's a poorly thought out placement of skills. At the very least, there should either be a warning when investing in the range extension, or a refund of any points spent there when picking the final 8m skill. Also, to point out, platefessors lose 80% of their range, and gain Plate + 20% dmg. While plate does allow us to survive more hits, it also makes us take more hits. Is 20% damage worth 34m range and maybe 3-5 more swings? Hard to say. In terms of "you messed up, reroll" there's a thread about CW and SB and the "let us mess up our toons, it's fun". While I like the idea of less hand holding; 1) Don't set us up to fail (like the Confessor tree example). That's poor design, not poor choices. Most players won't be like "aaaah ya got me! Well played ArtCraft!". 2) Keep in mind that CW will need a healthy player base in order to survive, not just the 17 diehard SB fans. A good way to ramp up churn is to frustrate your players. Whether we like it or not, the current gamer doesn't have a long attention span with the vast number of options at their disposal. If we don't want CW to look like Albion, we need to make it easier for new players to get a foothold and actually participate in the game. I think it's pretty clear that the Devs acknowledge they need to rework a bunch of stuff, so it's good to flag these issues so they don't overlook it. Also, allowing Alchemists or whatever to craft a respec potion would be a good way to restrict it. You could bury it deep in the tree, and make it expensive. That way, you'll need to live with bad decisions for a while, but not have to reroll. Also, given that we're in Pre-Alpha, I don't really understand the point of no respecs. They give us all Discs for free, why not allow us to test these mechanics and builds for them without the hassle of leveling up a new vessel?
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    Crowfall Forum and Edit.

    You must be a Zucc fan
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    This one was so much fun,ppl flying all around,gf Caldera.
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    So let’s pretend they remove it for a moment. What personal progression is left? The game is just a moba without a system to progress with.
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    It's not bait read the 4th post of this thread. This was one of the many posts on the forums of people constantly complaining they were bored and had no idea what to do. They added leveling so new people would have a sense of progression and be eased into the game.
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    KDS vs Caldera
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    Todd and Blair will answer audience questions during live streams on Tuesday and Thursday. FULL STORY
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    Hey guys. I'm going to be doing an interview with J Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair on Thursday January 10 from 11am - 12pm CST. This will be streamed live to Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/zybak It will also be available later on my YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/ZybakTV This is not going to be a marketing interview and I plan on asking many of the tough questions the community has been wanting answers to. Please leave your questions however make sure they're not disrespectful.
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    You mean the account skills when you say passive traits? If so, I would like to remind you that would mess up folks that are involved in multiple campaigns. One can simply play a campaign with no imports but passive account skill differences would still be there. A player with maxed out account skills will have advantages over a newer player
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    When are they going to concentrate on the lag issues once you get 30+ people? When are they going to address the broken devtracker? Do they even know its been broken? Are they inclined to shallow out the gear power curve between common gear and legendary? Is there any plans to allow EK's to stay open without having account holder stay online?
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    Feel the burn tho :(

    more dmg than thorns. nerf. /s
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    Night time skinning improvement

    I was informed it isn’t really worth skinning at night. The harvest rate is so low. Leatherworking is the only class that took this hit at night. It is likely this was an unintended side effect of the night cycle.
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    Nice. Cool vids also. I'm dying to know how track is going to work. Will it be like in Shadowbane? Will it be similar? Will it be totally different? Will it just be the map making skill they talked about previously. It has huge implicating to balancing stealth and reveal.
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    The leveling system is designed very well in my opinion. - It gradually introduces new players to their abilities and additional mechanics. Remember that a lot of us have been playing this game for years at this point and don't realize how much knowledge we've accumulated over that amount of time. - Experienced players can blast through the leveling process on stock vessels. Even just purely killing mobs with no sacrificing it takes maybe 2 hours to hit max level playing with any sort of efficiency. - It gives the game a constant gold and resource dump. Epic and legendary vessels take A LOT of XP to level and also require high end sacrifice materials. This gives players moment-to-moment things to do when there's not a big event going on. Once disciplines get locked to the vessel you're going to see the value of gold and sacrifice items go WAY up!
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    What does a wipe say about the fundamental campaign mechanic? If you're saying that a wipe is necessary for an "even" playing field, then aren't you also saying that the concept of limited duration campaigns will inherently fail to create an "even" playing field? I thought the entire purpose of campaigns was to wipe the scoreboard every now and again and that this, in and of itself, was sufficient? In other words, the game mechanics can attempt to provide equality of opportunity, but not equality of outcome. If the spirit bank and traditional RPG character progression (e.g. skills) are too much for a limited campaign duration to correct, then doesn't the entire framework of the game need to be rethought? Again, the people advocating for a wipe have done nothing to detail how a wipe would improve playing conditions for any player, let alone the poor and downtrodden of Crowfall. However, we can rest assured that anyone who invested time into the game on the LIVE server, with the expectation of not getting a wipe until 6.0, will be quite displeased.
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    Vessel solution

    The vessel items have durability stats, as once vessels were going to degrade like armor, but once used to create a character it does not degrade.
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    Confessor Talent/Skill Tree needs work

    Ya sorry. I was rude. I had to much time testing stuff and since its not a hassle to level a vessel in a couple minutes to max (even without the archframes), I went a lil bit fast here. Its playerdepend. From a normal mmorpgs perspective its absolutly true, since leveling takes most of the time longer than a week to reach the max, which would be a huge loss of time with the current talent tree. As I started into 5.8 I was reading all the skills till the end before deciding whichone to pick. Since the passive of the tankconfessor clearly stated that picking this passive will reduce all his skills to 8 meters, I knew that I dont have to pick the rangeincrease in the first place (which is a mistake in the current state, but will be important soon). Other players are going in more blindfolded, without reading and planning in beforehand or grabbing info elsewhere... but this is also fine, since the timeloss is not that huge and these 3 points will not ruin your vessel, even if you dont get anything from that. On your second vessel of the same class you will even have more stuff you can skip, like the meteor and so on. Its a learning experience and a tiny issue in my view
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    Forts and keeps

    In the shadow and dregs bands, guilds will place their own forts and keeps. They will be limited to certain areas of the maps, but they will be free form placement.
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    The UnDeAd Legion

    Ramping up Recruitment for the first official Campaign. Please send me a Msg directly for more info.
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    Soooooooo Devs.......

    @blazzen mentioned it in another topic and I thought it was a good idea; lower the resource cost on items and lower the durability a little. The end of the day you create items a bit faster and quicker into pvp, but the demand will go up since items get used up faster as well so win win situation for both crafters & pvpèrs. But I`ve a notion it will come an additional game feature how to accuire items since it`s an mmo like treasure maps which you see in Sea of Thieves for instant.
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    Soooooooo Devs.......

    Soooooooo Deeevvvs question cause its kinda ludicrous. Why does it takes around 400 resources to craft full leather set (300 Leather + 80 Ore) and full plate set costs a mere 250 or so resources (210 Ore +25 Leather roughly). Not to mention leather is a hell of alot slower to gather than metal........ Should be more around the 150 leather and like 50 ore or something since leather so much slower to get in comparison to ore, or buff leather drops and have it 200 leather and 35 ore to be more inline with plate.
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    Ulti feels underwhelming

    Would be kinda wonderful if sins could use 8sec i-frames, while being moved to the stealthtray 2 times in a row, isnt it? ----- The value from the confessor's ulti is the ability to reposition himself while i-framed and stealthed. This is more as a templar for example gets. To be able to use this twice in a row, is extremly strong and doesnt need to be adjusted. Prolly less handy in 1v1 - smallscale, but insanly usefull in bigger groupfights.
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    I wish I would have read this before making a stall that's now taking up more inventory space than needed atm. Here's hoping they fix it soon.
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    Sanctifier Advice

    I would just increase rapture for sure and get erudite up unless you want more elemental protections . You don't need the range increase especially with the change in 5.8.1 where you will be forced into 8m as a plate confessor. I play a leather Inquisitor so things are a bit different for me.
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    Sanctifier Advice

    You would be correct that none of the disciplines are amazing for us. Our base kit itself is very solid but that gives you flexibility in your choices. Why would you need to stand still for 12s? None of the troubador skills force you to stand still. No skills except for one of the confessor disciplines has a 3s requirement and with the way mobility is in this game that choice is a death sentence.
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    First Impression Recommendations

    Hey, got this game last week and played it quite a bit. I tried almost every class at least to level 10, and stuck with 3 of my favorites. The game is fun so far but has a few issues that I would love to see changed. And hopefully other players agree. Durability - I don't mind tools breaking, but weapons and armor durability should only go down when you die, in a more traditional MMO type, with the ability to repair you gear through vendor, or yourself. IF you can do this already i haven't found the person that can repair or know how to do it myself. There is no reason whatsoever for durability to go down from just equipping it. UI - this is the biggest issue i have. the UI is clean, it's nice to look at, it's easy to figure it out and see whats going on. However, it NEEDS to be split up, it NEEDS to be able to be opened while moving. What i mean is, Hit C to open character menu, I for inventory, K for skill ETC ETC. but open that window only. There is no need for the entire game menu to open every time you want to do something, making you stop all movement. I would live to auto run, and sort through my inventory etc. Gathering/loot- when hitting a rock or a tree or whatever to get MATS, it is fairly annoying when the piece flies off and some unpleasant person runs up and takes it from you. same goes for loot, all loot is open, and I wish it was locked. first come first serve just generates trolls, and a good example is a guy i met in the wild, said he was super low level and didn't know what to do. I invited him to a party and we just went mob hunting and tool some outposts. well he was super fast at looting and I saw items and gold disappear when i tried to loot. I hope that at some point loot gets locked to the character that initiates the attack first. along with skinning. And for resource gathering i REALLY REALLY would love to see the broken pieces fly into your character, or just end up in your inventory with a notification of what you got. Skills and Trays - never change these. They are perfect and will forever insure that no 2 characters have the exact same build. Tutorials - Needs better in game tutorials. not videos, although helpful in some ways. Enable mouse - Would love to see a keybind to enable the mouse cursor in game, to be able to hover over skills and players. holding F by a player kind of sucks, i would rather right click with a list of options i can click on. However, I personally am a big fan of tab targeting MMOs, and this is just wishful thinking. But Star Trek online has a really good option between action, and tab targeting. I would LOVE this to be added at some point, With an auto basic attack. I understand this is useless in PvP, so the ability or a hotkey to switch back and forth would be awesome. TAb targeting for PVE, action for PVP. again. this is my personal wish, and i am not complaining about the combat system. Gold - Take gold out of sacrifices, let us sell items to stores. so far gold seems kind of rare, and this game is tailored around crafting right. But for 1500 gold i can just buy a stack of anything. This makes me feel like gathering is just an early game thing, and late game you will just be able to buy the MATS you need, and go gather the stuff you cant find in stores. Crafting - please...let us craft in stacks. I dont mean gear, but cooking food, billets, leather etc. the basic stuff you need in order to make better stuff. Just add more time to the counter. If this is something you unlock later or something or is a skill, then let me know and disregard this part. Thats about it. so far I really enjoy this game, except the Chaos faction just sits and doesn't do anything lol. This MMO is so unique and different, it only needs minor tweaks and probably balancing. Definitely in the UI. This is the first game i feel happy to have been a supporter of. no regrets and i cant wait to see the final product.
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    This shouldn't be allowed

    While it is obvious that you guys didn't use any crowd control, the number of players there does point out somewhat of an imbalance. If it were a ranger or druid, they would have been deleted instantly. I've noticed this a lot so far in my PvP gameplay of Crowfall rangers. Essentially, if you get CC'ed/rooted/stopped for any reason, you're pretty much dead instantaneously. It seems somewhat unbalanced in that the squishier classes are constantly having to dodge CC in order to stay alive and get their damage off while the melee classes can withstand CC, heal themselves and still deal a ton of damage.
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    This shouldn't be allowed

    The problem is they need to "git gud" just to kill this one class. They wouldn't have had to for any other would they? Does that seem fair? All I know is they need to change something if they don't want a huge majority of the population playing one class.
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    @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel

    vessels as it is not so strong, but new players mostly do not count whole things. dirty calculation overall basic vs geared player (compared to def and attack stats): vessel gives about +4-5 flat basic damage (from AP) + 4% to damage + some crit chance and HP (300+) advanced weapon gives +60-90 flat basic damage + 3-8 flat basic damage (AP bonus) + some crit/crit damage armor gives avg 10-15% flat mitigation + HP (900+) accessory can give 60-90 AP (middle ones), so +6-9 flat damage right and good class to 30 lvl, promo/talents right and good disciplines total is minimum 20-30+76-117 (=96-147) basic damage + decent crit chance and damage + 8-10k HP + over 20% mitigation just from gear and lvl 30 vs 20-30 basic damage, basic crit, 5-6k HP and 10% mitigation. lets take a look at typical opener https://malekai.org/powers/ambush-assassin 181-272 + 227% weapon damage basic: 226-340 damage per ambush plus some miltupliers advanced: 398-601 damage per ambush plus multipliers almost x2 difference just with flat damage from skills. plus crit, plus bonus damage, plus blablabla
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    Cloak Slots

    So it's just a jewelry style stat stick, OK. I guess my real question was WHAT stats? I'm assuming not the neck/ring roll tables as that would make it redundant with those bonus slots. More impactful than the neck/ring slots due to being a singleton nonduplicatable slot? Unique unreplicatable gear based bonuses? Basically the real question is "why is this slot a compelling feature for race selection compared to the alternatives?" Or "What makes cloaks different than jewelry?" Or "How will this make half elves less boring?"
  35. 1 point
    Aye Krakken, in agreement with you 100%. Its unfortunate but "money" is what governs gaming now. The "artist/creator(s)" sign their lives away to hopefully at least get a portion of what their dream was. @mandalore is one of the few people I just don't even bother responding too. Found my old original post 6 months ago that caused a wave; got a good laugh at his old posts on that as well. Aka, his post-to-like ratio is enough evidence of long-winded spittle.
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    Beefcake Loading Screens

    I hope this is beefcakey enough for you, @Mikki
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    The farming/crafting side of CF allows for more depth to the overall game by allowing groups to win by more than just their capability to make a bigger zerg and wash over their enemies. Look at even one of the most popular PvP games in the world, League of Legends. Despite being just a MOBA, LoL matches routinely last over an hour and have a lengthy farm/soak phase during the first half of the match where players are basically laning and accumulating gold, getting fed - rather than just jumping straight into fights like say - Heroes of the Storm. Many would say this gives LoL much more depth to its game where matches can be decided by more than just mechanical skill. I mention this to underscore my first point, that by having a component of the game that leads to power ramping augmented by essentially non-combat activities allows players with a multi-faceted skillset succeed at a level surpassing their linear-minded foes (perhaps good at straight up PvP but not much else). In short, by asking for crafting/harvesting to be drastically reduced you're saying you'd rather play checkers, than chess.
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    Do dots stack???

    DoTs of different types do stack, and some of the same type do as well. Minor Bleed can stack up to 3x Moderate Bleed replaces Minor Bleed stacks with slightly higher damage than 3stacks of Minor (with =AP) Severe Bleed replaces all stacks of Minor/Moderate Bleeding, most of the time dealing more damage. (A Severe Bleed from someone with less AP than who applied the Minor/Moderate may not actually yield an increase in damage) The Bleed Cleanse from Knife Fighter will cleanse these. Friar has the only skill that can add Bleed Mitigation, other skills that add All Armor do not add Bleed Armor. Moderate Corruption and Severe Corruption are similar. Poisons from Basic Toxin and Poisoner do seem to stack, they do not replace each other. The Poison Cleanse from Poisoner will cleanse these, but not Corruption or Disease even if they are caused by a Toxin. Disease stacks up to 3x, similar to Moderate Bleed though higher damage Electrocution, Severe Burning and Frostbite (from Frost Arrows-not Scarecrow) all act as their own DoT as well. All of these DoTs can Crit upon application from my experience as well, allowing some substantially high damage per ticks to occur. Purgative from Field Surgeon will cleanse all of these.
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