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    Due to the expansive nature of the Undead Alliance structure, Pest UDL has starting to hire contractors to help with his admin. For those looking for the primary guild experience theres the core of the 10 year old alliance: Undead Lords (70+)--the Knights of Myrkul, a death cult RP! Lords of Death (70+)--Another death cult. and Sinister (50+)--vaguely brooding folks that missed the memo on the naming scheme. For those seeking a more unique experience, UDL offers a full range of subguild options: TheBalance (not to be confused with the faction) for the discerning roaming killer. Obsidian for the stealth obsessed Screeling Mostly Harmless, for the un-ironically named. Mithril Warhammers for the dwarvishly inclined For the more independently minded Chaos member there is always Lords of the Dead (30+)(LotD, not to be confused with LoD)--another death cult not quite ready to make the jump to Undead Alliance. Any Elves, Former Elves, and Wannabe-Legolases wishing to join the Undead Alliance may contact @nerion and @MarsJust, UDL Chief Ministers for Elven Re-education and Immigration. @Ginko's door is always open for any new guilds that have yet to hear about a Death Cult near you! Preferred communication is through multiple PMs and spammed discord messages. Join the Undead Alliance Today! This-Message-Paid-For-Jointly-By-Ministry-of-Elven-Re-education and Zerglings-for-Chaos-a-limited-liability-advocacy-group.
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    Not really a practical solution. Even if I buy into the notion that solo players must be punished for having the audacity to attempt the playstyle they prefer, or those without a massive friends network must be left in the cold, how do you think that conversation would go? "Hey fellas, wanna stand around bored for hours while I bang on rocks? If someone shows up to murder me you'll get nothing from their bodies, assuming we prevail, cause they're combat types with literally nothing to lose. Sound fun, right, how bout it?"
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    [=CC=] Corvus Citadel

    Gratz to CC tonight. You guys more or less carried Chaos faction tonight. Held the last bane tree against counterattack . Glad to see new guilds getting organized. Congratz!
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    20 hour review

    Pros: Hand to hand combat feels great. I love the multi custom stat,skill tree+I guess vessel tree? Rewarding to farm and make my own gear. Harvesting buff and pinpoint mark makes farming more enjoyable. Tons of classes and races to make a unique feel for everyone Gameplay of siege weapons etc look cool. Though they show an assassin stab it 5 times and it explodes. Cons: Convinced a bunch of friends to purchase the game..needless to say we all ended up on different factions by accident. We couldnt play with one another which turned people away. Starting area bugged. Started on a cliff, fell died. gg Pop up hint boxes last 1-2 second. What'd that say? I dunno How come it's taking so long to harvest this rock with a pick? Hey Noob, you're using the wrong tool..oh.. Bugged trees and rocks Friends lost interest before we even tried pvp. argh Oh you need a guild for the next tier gear. I guess you can go farm and maybe ill make you an item New campaign starts, hey player x hows it going? want to party? im lvl 4 what level are you? I'm 30 and i can make everything. cya Where am I? Press M, 3-4second delay of loading. Yep this map is going to get me ganked. Can i put a marker on the map. No. Ah crap I'm going the wrong way again. Argh guards can see me in stealth. But they're looking the other way. We have eyes in the back of our head brah i have 60 wood..can i make 5 axes? No, one at a time. Oh Run away there's an opponent! I have a swift mount and he's two football fields away...Uh some how to catches up and snares me and shoves an axe in my heart. What the...but I have the fastest mount and you were so far away? 100 yard range on snare sniper rifle gun? Bye bye items. K thx Chased first opponent to their temple portal. Insta death. Congrats you lose everything and the dagger you worked so hard for..meh alt f4, when's new camp? Opponents glitching in some corner near our fort to take it over. k Hooray I solo'd an outpost. I'm going to cap this for our faction. Stealth, go watch a youtube video. No still not capped. wth..goo
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    In the next patch they are lowering the power of advanced weapons so that people dont feel like they have to be in advanced to compete. The other reason they are doing this is because runic weapons will be in the game and that will be above advanced. Everyone has to go to pvp zones and risk getting ganked to gather mats. The game will be no different in alpha, beta or release. It is a pvp game and ganking gatherers is a strategy and part of the game. The game is meant to play in groups but you can easily play solo. I played solo for over a year and just recently joined a guild, but i had no trouble playing solo. Anyone can manage to gather enough mats for advanced gear in 1 day as long as its spring. The whole group play is meant to be like this, Gatherers provide mats for crafters, crafters provide gear for pvpers, pvpers provide protection for gatherers. As i said earlier, everyone has to go through the same process as you. You eventually learn to be more cautious while gathering and when to bank as to not lose as much mats. Also if it is that big of a problem for you, you could always gather as a stealth class so that you are a lot more safe. The game has a steep learning curve and the new player experience is not there atm. If there is anything i can do to help let me know. im on na balance and i also stream to help new players learn. Hope you figure out the best way for you though.
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    How about we create many alts to grind and if we are under attack, just open the Spirit Bank and save all itens... Solution? Make Spirit Bank usable only on Facction Temple...
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    20 hour review

    @Staff All I see is a condescending rebuke. The OP is very new, doesn't have a bunch of friends yet and is struggling. You come along and put him down for not doing 80hrs of research for everything he posted; gg you win I guess. Out of all these reply's it still doesn't alleviate the fact that ANY new players (except those with "veteran" buddies already playing) are going to be lost from the start. God forbid some new blood wants to help support Crowfall because it looks good, only to get #%&@'d when doing so. To craft a Confessor Book it takes 4 people! <--- This is really crappy. To play a Melee, all it really takes is a Smith. Factories? Realistically, people aren't going to be out farming mats, risking their asses to make their enemies armor and weapons. They will just save their precious resources for more gear and guildmates. Let's "try" not be an asshat and come up with better solutions to help retention of new players, instead of scaring them off.
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    I would like to join. Just started playing recently, but so far just really want to make me some Epic-Legendary equipment with Illusionist, Fashion Statement, and Hand of Glory. Also glad to see a merchant guild about.
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    Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    Of course it's going to happen when you roll into while two groups are already engaged I am fighting to win, of course I'm going to break the greatest threat on the field by any means necessary. This is an unspoken rule in any fight. I'll disengage my group to flank the larger force and force them to fight on two sides. Thats not a secret alliance or making deals with people in whispers, thats common sense and reacting to a degrading situation. It happens to all of us, like tonight at Tol Vendis while we were picking on Balance. You guys waited for us to breach and piled in behind to kill both factions, and a well played to you!
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    I'd like to be a Centaur Cleric that uses a Polearm
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    New player experience

    Early access review: Give me cooking foil and cooking sticks with a r1 requirement, what really are you teaching me when I can't regen? Slag the requirements, you're just being mean. It should be way easier to regen at a low level, don't punish me. I feel like I haven't made this point seriously enough, please cooking with slag kthnxbai. Architectural frames have an unfair advantage to leveling up. I barely played the game for less than an hour and spent the next six hours building frames, now I'm level 30. I didn't earn this, should I complain? How else can I get to 30? There aren't enough mobs
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    Rather than rewarding all who sign on, how about a consolation prize for the top scoring players of the loosing factions? Then you don't need to beat that other faction to see some rewards, just be among the top of your faction. That way it's still a contest with the same goals, and not a participation trophy for joing the loosing team and not trying to help them win, or worse helping them loose.
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    Zybak’s live stream

    Zybac livestream, huge thumbs up. anything else to do with Zybak, nope!
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    Templar talk.

    I like the Vindicator promotion class, though I still have 1 talent point that I haven't spent because I haven't decided yet whether or not to buy Blazing Light. The big issue with it though is that the caps on bonus damage are set at 40% and it's ridiculously easy to blow past those caps. I have 28% fire damage bonus just from talents. I get 9% from Fiery Perdition, 9% from Blazing Judgement and 10% from Vindicator. Vindicator also gives 10% slashing damage bonus and the Vindicator passive modifies my slashing damage bonus by my fire damage bonus, which means with just 3 talents and 1 passive, my slashing damage bonus is 38%. Fiery Devotion buffs Devotion to give 15% fire damage bonus. I only get 12% of that though since it caps at 40%. Because of the Vindicator passive, that 15% also gives me slashing damage bonus, but I only get 2% because of the 40% cap. Warrior of Vengeance buffs Holy Warrior to add 30% slashing damage bonus while removing the max HP increase. Again, my slashing damage bonus is 38% without it, so I'm only getting 2% benefit from the talent instead of 30%. I've I'm using Devotion at the same time, I'm already capped and not getting anything from the talent. Just the Vindicator talent/passive combined with Warrior of Vengeance puts me over the cap. The talent gives me 10% fire and 10% slashing. The passive gives me another 10% slashing. Warrior of Vengeance gives me 30% slashing, putting me 10% over the cap. This is an inherently flawed design. I don't know if they intended to give the spec that much damage and forgot about the caps or what, but something has to change. They need to have Vindicator increase the caps by a lot, change the damage bonuses to penetration, or remove some of the damage bonuses and gives the spec something else, because right now, most of the potential is wasted.
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    There are plans for more "boss" type mobs, as well as war parties, which are roving bands of mobs. We will also see more types of mobs added to the game. There is one boss mob already, the spider queen. She drops 2 or 3 different minor disciplines. In the future, all minor disciplines will drop from mobs. I'm sure they will add more character customization, but I don't think body styles will be part of it. Changing hair and faces isn't that much work, but changing bodies means they have to adjust not only armor models, but possibly animations as well. I don't think it's in the plans. They will no doubt add more weapon types to different classes, but we aren't likely to see any until after launch. There's only so much time and money to get everything done. We are still waiting on the Frostweaver class. That is the last class to be added, but again, there's no reason they can't add more races and classes post launch. I'm sure they will add more disciplines too over time. They will probably do a pass on the current disciplines at some point and we may see some changed, removed or added. They plan to have different biomes. They talked about it a bit in the Q&A video back in May.
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    If you want to play solo in this game, you have to be smart about it. You can't just go out into the world and expect that you won't get attacked. There are many things you can do to mitigate your risk: 1) As has been mentioned, you can level your vessel to 30 within the safety of the starter zone/temple if you want to. There are places for vendors in the temples and as we get longer campaigns and the economy gets going more, you will start to see weapons and armor for sale, so you'll even be able to gear up without leaving the safe zones, if you want. It won't be easy--rank 1 pack pigs don't drop much gold--but you can do it. That's the tradeoff. You can hide behind the walls and take longer to level/gear up, or you can risk going out into the world for quicker gains. 2) Harvest using a class that has stealth. While harvesting you will be vulnerable, but you can remain hidden while moving about the world. 3) Scout out the area you want to harvest before you begin. Know which nodes you want to hit and in what order you want to hit them. See if there is anyone else in the area before you begin. If there are outposts in the area that your faction doesn't own, consider taking them before you begin so you have a fallback position. Having the guards at your back might not save you in most cases, but they can't hurt. 4) Harvest close to a fort or keep that your faction owns and make use of the local bank often. Getting killed isn't a big deal if you just banked all your stuff. Alternately, you can look for locations where no one is likely to find you. Look at the campaign map and see if there are any outposts that haven't been captured. You can tell because the circle around the zone won't be fully filled in. If an outpost hasn't been taken, that means that people don't go there much, if at all. The area might only have low rank stuff, but you'll be at less risk. 5) Make sure your tools are good enough for the nodes you are harvesting. If it takes you 2 stamina bars to destroy a node, that's twice the amount of time you are exposed. 6) Improve your harvesting skills and/or use potions and food so that you can afford to take combat disciplines instead of harvesting disciplines. Equip yourself with advanced gear. Give yourself a chance to fight back if you do get attacked. 7) Pay attention to chat. There may be reports of someone in the area. Maybe someone just got attacked nearby. Ask in zone chat if anyone has seen anything and you if you see something, report it to your fellow harvesters. Maybe you got lucky. You just finished off a node and dropped into stealth before a group of 3 enemies came running through. Let other people know about it. 8) If your play time is flexible, try to harvest when there are less people playing, or switch to a less populated campaign, if that's an option for you. None of this is a guarantee that you will be safe while harvesting in the PvP areas, but they will certainly help your chances. If all else fails, look for other people who want to harvest and work with them. You still won't be 100% safe, but a solo player looking for kills is more likely to pass you by if there are 3 or 4 of you rather than just 1. I have done a lot of solo harvesting in this game. Yes, I have gotten attacked and killed, but not that often, and I have managed to escape or even kill the attacker on occasion. Don't expect the game to protect you. Learn to protect yourself.
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    Crit Chance = Crit Heal Chance?

    They are 100% separate stats. There is very little a healer gains from a weapon (besides a templar). The crafting stats for healers are woefully under represented. (Blair is the dev in charge of crafting, thus the tag for ya) @thomasblair
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    Crowfall's Beginner Q&A!

    1.) Q: I just logged in, what do I do? A: The first thing you should do is your passive training, which are account-wide talents. Click Escape, then on the icon that looks like a dumb-bell, and choose! If you plan on PvPing, make sure the first slot is Combat, and the other is up to preference. Have a look! Points will accumulate even while offline. After this go hit trees until you have 3 knotwood, then click on the icon that looks like a pickaxe/hammer, and craft a Basic Axe. Put this on your survival tray and farm some more wood to either make a Basic Hammer (to farm stone if yours requires it) or your classes' respective weapon, or if you'd rather jump right into it? Buy one from the vendor across the bridge with the 40 gold in your inventory. Go level! The level cap is 30. (I recommend crafting a weapon because later on it will be used to craft a better one) 2.) Q: Why am I not regenerating health and/or my class resource? A: You're most likely hungry, eat something in your inventory. You probably have some apples from harvesting wood or meat from killing animals. If you have meat, go to your crafting menu and under Basic Survivalist, find the Meat Tartare recipe (You do not need a fire). Otherwise, just right click on the apple. 3.) Q: How do I make gear? A: If you've taken the rune portal out of the starting zone, you've been to the temple! If not, run to the end of the starting zone, and go through it. Here is your faction's main city, if you go straight until you see the fire and then turn right, you'll find crafting benches. These crafting benches are for intermediate gear & weapons only. All classes can use leather, mail and plate is only advanced, and there is poor/common/uncommon gear. Grey, white, and green. 4.) What is a discipline, how do I make one, and when do I get to use one? A: A discipline are items that you can craft then equip by going to crafting menu and making them under "Pre-Alpha Discipline Test Recipes." These either give you extra abilities/passives, or allow you to obtain a certain profession for all its recipes. There are at this time: Major (Crafting & Harvesting discs included), Weapon Mastery, and Minor disciplines. You can unlock the ability to use your first disciplines at level 5 by putting a point in each talent. You can replace a discipline by destroying it (drag it off menu). 5.) Q: How do I make better armor/weapons than intermediate? A: You have to go to a siege/adventure world, go to a keep or fort, and use one of the advanced benches. After you're there, you must have the profession's major discipline equipped to obtain its recipes. I highly recommend doing any major crafting in a keep, even though keeps themselves aren't 100% safe... simply more safe than forts. 6.) Q: How do I obtain nonbasic resources? A: The three basic resources are Knotwood, Slag, and Cobblestone. Anything that is not one of these three, is nonbasic. All nonbasic resources will glow in the world and are quite easy to see. These have ranks just like creatures, from 1-10. 7.) Q: How do the seasons affect me? A: As the seasons go on, resources become more and more scarce. Spring and summer are the best seasons to be harvesting. 8.) Q: How do I level up more swiftly? A: Most experience comes from sacrificing items, and especially gold. Be certain to split the stack of gold for the exact amount of experience you need, or you'll waste what isn't used. 9.) Q: Where do I find creatures or higher level creatures? A: First off, make sure you're not trying to level in a "siege" world, these are mainly for PvP. The type of world you want is an Adventure world, which has a few named locations with a lot more creatures to fight! They will be levels R3-R10. 10.) Q: How do I split a stack? A: Shift + Right Mouse Button. 11.) Why am I dying to creatures that are way below my level? A: Creatures go by ranks, not by player levels. Eventually they will also no longer give you experience. The trick is to multiply the creature's level by 3, and that is when the creature will no longer yield experience. Remember that it's always best to be in a group but if you prefer to go solo? Level up until you can handle R6 or R7's, and then farm those until level 21. After level 21, most of your experience will come from sacrificing gold. 12.) Q: What is a spirit bank & how do imports/exports work? A: Currently your spirit bank is an account-wide bank accessible by clicking B, however it has a finite amount of imports (taking items out) and exports (putting items in). The amount of imports and exports you have reset after a campaign, and may fluctuate with each new campaign. While the spirit bank is account-wide, imports and exports are character-based. A new character will have that campaign's max of both. 13.) Q: How do I join a guild / add friends? A: At this time, there is no way to join a guild or add friends in-game. To join a guild, look through these forums and apply! To make friends... be nice. 14.) Q: Do I get experience for capturing enemy outposts & camps? A: At this time you do not, but you will however get your faction's gratitude. 15.) What happens when a campaigns ends, and what to do then? A: When a campaign ends, a faction wins and receives rewards (not yet)! Each one of your characters will be locked to this campaign. You unlock your character by clicking the lock at the bottom right of its box, and putting in the pattern. Upon doing this, all of your equipment, inventory, and items in bank (not your spirit bank) will be wiped from existence. I surely hope you spirit banked your items before the campaign ended! 16.) Q: What happens when I die? A: When you die, any player regardless of faction may loot your inventory. 17.) Q: How do I navigate and change between chat tabs, reply to a whisper, invite, and leave a party? A: You press tab to swap between General, Zone, Me, and the Combat Log. Commands are as follows: /whisper name, /r (reply to last whisper), /invite name, and /leavegroup. To scroll up and down in the chat, click escape and scroll up or down while your cursor is on the chat box. If anyone has any other questions they've seen in general chat that they'd like me to add, go ahead and reply with it -Puffs
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    Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    I don't have any pics of the death alliance but I do have this one of the 'ol rainbow alliance, formed to crush the Death Alliance which was UDL/DHL/OPP/TB/TSP/acronym/acronym/acronym KAPOWE, feast your eyes on this little gem. It proves nothing nor contributes to this conversation other than tickling that ol nostalgia gibbler. Thats the city of Pleasure, Capital of DHL. and THAT is a pretty big rainbow zerg. Yes I played a wizardry wizard, leave me alone. @damebix who are those blue shields with the white sword?!
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