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    If you have to survey the testing group for reasons to test then you’re probably not a good tester. We are here to break the game. Find exploits. Cheat and have it fixed. Report back what works and what doesn’t. You’re not playing an alpha, you’re testing it.
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    abolish skills and leveling

    If I wanted to play deathmatch in an FPS I would play that. No Progression = No Playing. The nerfing of games to satisfy casuals who then get quickly bored and jump to the next shiny thing is exactly why I am interested in crowfall and similar games.
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Ok here we go... So i login and i want to do some pvp Ok so first thing i must grind rocks and trees and make some stupid item so i can fast track to lvl 30 (done) ok i am ready ? no no no you must now grind either gold or necromancy to make a new char that i also have to lvl to 30...(ok Done) now i am ready? nope you must now grind weapons and armor and then you might be ready for a fair fight. Don't get me wrong that in the full game i totaly expect that people who spend alot of time playing the game will be stronger than me gear and experiance wise But this is pre-alpha ffs and yes you can go on the test server but come on who wants to play there ? And yes you could say JOIN a GUILD well i dont want to also if this game was fun to play then where are the 50k backers for this game? I am not talking 500 or 5000 it's 50,000 and at best (even when it's the start of a new campaign) on EU peek time you get 150 lol 150 that must tell you all you need to know about the state of this game. Devs if you want to advertise this game over the next year the best way you could do that is to make the alpha FUN! I log in and think f... that its far to much work to catch up when my stuff will be wiped at some point. I bet alot of players download this and think f... it i will just wait until launch and start there, grinding to test a game.....no thanks
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    Guild Bank and Guild Rank

    Guild Bank: With the game set up to require as much cooperation between different types of gatherers and crafters and as difficult as it can be to coordinate groups of people if we had some sort of an in game guild bank that anyone in the guild could deposit resources into (and preferably could be accessed via EK) then that would greatly simplify coordinated group crafting and get rid of needless hassle. If there was some sort of ranking system for withdrawing items from the guild bank that would be even better. Guild Rank: One of my favorite things from back in my Lineage 2 days was the idea of a guild rank with selectable bonuses. Being able to pour resources as a group into leveling your guild (which was insanely expensive and would require rare items in addition to gold) and gain passive buffs gave tangible value to being in a guild other than the existential benefits of group cooperation. As I recall the buffs could also be tiered by guild rank giving rewards to people who were promoted within the guild. I think if Crowfall implemented a similar system along with the option to choose between a small passive buff and perhaps extra member slots to grow a guild that had neared the player cap it would give a lot of value and meaning to guild membership. This would also help level the playing field between zerg guilds and more tightly focused small guilds. I know there is already a similar concept in the works with Relics, Artifacts, and blessings, but as I understand it those rewards would only go to the winners of campaigns. A ranking system that you could pour resources into as a guild would extend similar benefits to all guilds that wanted to work for it and not limit it to only the most powerful and largest guilds.
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    abolish skills and leveling

    Okay, you got me. Thought you were serious for a minute but you are just here to troll. Nice job, have a good night
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Was there really a need to post this when you already came to this conclusion?
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Trust me, all of the meaningful testing is being done by the main organized guilds as part of their theory-crafting and innate competitiveness, as they have been doing continuously for years now. This game doesn't need more testers it needs more devs to fix all the bugs we've found.
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    Due to the expansive nature of the Undead Alliance structure, Pest UDL has starting to hire contractors to help with his admin. For those looking for the primary guild experience theres the core of the 10 year old alliance: Undead Lords (70+)--the Knights of Myrkul, a death cult RP! Lords of Death (70+)--Another death cult. and Sinister (50+)--vaguely brooding folks that missed the memo on the naming scheme. For those seeking a more unique experience, UDL offers a full range of subguild options: TheBalance (not to be confused with the faction) for the discerning roaming killer. Obsidian for the stealth obsessed Screeling Mostly Harmless, for the un-ironically named. Mithril Warhammers for the dwarvishly inclined For the more independently minded Chaos member there is always Lords of the Dead (30+)(LotD, not to be confused with LoD)--another death cult not quite ready to make the jump to Undead Alliance. Any Elves, Former Elves, and Wannabe-Legolases wishing to join the Undead Alliance may contact @nerion and @MarsJust, UDL Chief Ministers for Elven Re-education and Immigration. @Ginko's door is always open for any new guilds that have yet to hear about a Death Cult near you! Preferred communication is through multiple PMs and spammed discord messages. Join the Undead Alliance Today! This-Message-Paid-For-Jointly-By-Ministry-of-Elven-Re-education and Zerglings-for-Chaos-a-limited-liability-advocacy-group.
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    Recherche des joueurs

    Yo, je recherche des joueurs, débutant ou non, histoire de ce monté un petit groupe pour jouer ensemble et découvrir le jeu et pourquoi pas monté une guilde ou en rejoindre une plus t ar d, un des buts est de connaitre plus ou moins bien le jeu pour être "prêt" d'ici à la sortie officielle. Voilà, je recherche juste des gens cool, peu importe la classe pour l'instant. Contact : Ici ou sur le discord Crowfall FR ou encore sur mon discord : https://discord.gg/gyBmXfA Peace
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    All of that’s reasonable for an mmo with a complex crafting system but that’s not what they want. They want a moba. They didn’t do their research about what Blair (the lead custard dev) is famous for making: Complex crafting systems. They hired Ralph’s koster to help him make it (another developer who makes complicated crafting systems). You’ve come to the wrong game if you want something else people and shame on you for not doing your research about who’s making the game.
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    The position of "I speak on behalf of the silent majority" is always a sign that a person should be ignored completely.
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    Midnight Nation Recruiting Now !!

    What's going on everyone, ShadeHunter here from Midnight Nation! Where leading the chapter for our gaming community to partake in Crowfall! The throne war is shaping up nicely with a tangible gameplay loop we will be participating in with daily sieges at 6pm pst. In the spirit of Midnight Nation, we will be playing Chaos in order to share all the wealth and have fun. If you get disgruntled off when you lose, no need to apply, we're out here to have a good time first and win second. We have experienced shotcallers and raid leaders from Albion Online, Darkfall, DAoC and Lineage. Public Sieges(Advanced forum/reddit posts) will be announced to increase the likelihood of bang(Huge pvp fights) as well as hosted tournaments with cash prizes. Bounties & Achievements are also awarded for in game or cash prizes. I look forward to your apps and growing together. Discord: https://discord.gg/xR5mESm Crowfall Direct Guild Link: https://crowfall.com/en/guild/view/2b94e046-dbe8-413b-89cb-ab09d3d2d3b7
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    I think you are in the wrong room, in the wrong game, and have the wrong idea of what we are building here. It is that simple.
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    Glad to be here!

    Ty, I've found a really good one at Corvus.
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    abolish skills and leveling

    Sounds to me Kim-lee that you may have purchased the wrong game for you, maybe you should have read up on the game before you brought it as what you are asking for is a completely different game that this game was never going to be 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    abolish skills and leveling

    What a remarkable knowledge of game business here! A pity the OP did not open his own kickstarter...
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    Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    When I heard about this weapons nerf, I had a different concern. Pre-alpha, work in progress, yadda yadda...I think they're jumping the gun, doing these adjustments before determining the final state of crafting. Right now, any random, including a full combat spec'd player, can for the price of a scrap metal access every crafting recipe in the game by swapping in and out the appropriate disc, which allows them to create anything they want. (This is a ridiculous system, but testing blah blah, I digress). If they stick to this, and indications are they will, when disciplines become very rare and sought after, advanced weapons (and gear in general) will potentially become very difficult to craft, and valuable. Why the hell would I go through the trouble and time to learn to, let alone craft a Sturdy Staff of Whoopin' when your hastily assembled Random Stick is almost as good?
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    Missing the multiple campaign solution here... at launch new players will have campaigns of their own with the r1 through r5 harvesting nodes for green mats but nothing higher.... thus, other than twinks for fun, better geared players will not be in the campaign... they will be in the dregs world with end game materials.
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    That's kind of the issue to be honest. New players can get advanced white weapons and armor easily ... good quality green gear won't happen for a long while. I've never bought into lowering advanced weapons so they are closer to intermediate weapons ... the difference between a non gimped green weapon (or armor) and a "good" white weapon/armor (and let's not talk about blue) is a way bigger issue if you ask me. Now, I understand that there need to be a difference between white/green/blue to give an incensive to harvest quality materials (and yeah there is a huge difference between farming white, green or blue materials) but the fact that you need green weapons AND armor to be able to stand your ground is a big problem for the new player experience if you ask me so I kinda undestand where the OP comes from. And while I do agree that new players aren't as useful as the big guilds for testing pre-alpha, we still need frest blood for plenty of reasons (server stability for example) and the bad press that comes with bad new player experience is also something to consider.
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    What i am trying to say is if you make testing the game a grind then you will limit the amount of people willing to test and this shows by the amount of players even in spring, I backed this for the pvp side of things so i will just wait until launch and see how it turns out.
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    Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    ok so ignore the vessels part So all i need to do is farm green mats in a pvp zone and not be killed by the gankers that are bored that there is no pvp and will kill anybody on site and take your stuff? that sounds great to me...
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    Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Let's talk about confessors shall we? I mean it's definetly a class that is supposed to have a place in large fights and sieges and for some obvious reasons 90% of them use the plate wearing spec. So yeah, plate and mail deals less damage than leather but the tradeoff is not nearly as close enough for it to be worthwhile (10% damage/healing for having less than half of the survivability). As for the specs themselves, with the passive equiped you get less than 10% damage tradeoff from the spec for again a lot more survivability (righteousness giving a shield anyone), the only drawback is the range and with how laggy large fights are, range does not help that much. Now, I still disagree with Puffs on one point : I consider that the weapon nerf is actually a buff for leather wearer simply because they will be able to survive longer which will let their healer be able to do their job before they get OS. That said, they will have to have a second look at the difference between the different armor class. Right now, the HP difference coupled with the resistance difference is just too huge compared to 10% bonus damage and healing.
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    Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Mischaracterizing how? Perhaps I am, but that would still mean there is an issue, even if my opinions on it are lacking. That's an extremely one sided way of looking at things though.. one that promotes the current meta. Why should leather wearers not be viable in large fights? I understand assassins simply because of how they play, they're not a good group fight class period, but rangers and duelists... why? Simply because as of now they're not that good except in siege? I would also argue that Duelists are in fact quite helpful in large fights. They have solid AoE damage and stuns in the Slayer promotion. This game is in pre-alpha, it's open to and will continue to change. That is a mentality which does not promote change, which could potentially be good for a few classes that many enjoy. Leather should be viable, it's a major part of the game, and leather as it is now should be receiving help, not the opposite. That depends on how you define tanky. I believe even an assassin in mail with 50% mits and 10k+ life fits that definition quite well. I don't think you understand what I said about constitution, my suggestion was to reduce health stacking from gear, buff con itself, and require tanks/brawlers to spend attribute points into con to get that health back, so they will have to sacrifice base DPS to remain tanky.
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    a Revision to Game Play.

    Everyone can train every skill, so everyone would eventually have stealth. That's just bad. You can't have every player with stealth. I know what you'll say next is that they could limit it so you have to choose, but that isn't a good solution either. Stealth would be too powerful and everyone would be forced to take it. Your idea about the classes isn't good either, as they don't have the time or money to do something like that before launch, and it's probably not something they are going to do post launch as it's a significant change. Stuff like that you can do when you are designing the game, but once it's live, it's a lot harder to do. These ideas are the product of you and your friend getting ganked. There's a much easier solution: bring more friends. If you want to be a harvester, join a guild and have people watching your back while you do your thing.
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    Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    When a group of 20 is fighting another group of 20-25 and the 40 man order zerg comes along, expect the other 2 sides to hit the bigger force.
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    [=CC=] Corvus Citadel

    Gratz to CC tonight. You guys more or less carried Chaos faction tonight. Held the last bane tree against counterattack . Glad to see new guilds getting organized. Congratz!
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    20 hour review

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    Discussion on Combat Speed

    I'm guessing that the slow combat speed is very much like the generous hit cones for most hitscan abilities. ACE has gone on record several times that they want reaction skills and aiming to be important, but not so important you need to be essentially playing an FPS with FPS style requirements in terms of tracking, following, and hitting targets. The slower movement speed helps this philosophy, lowering the skill floor and ceiling by requiring a bit less of the players so that really godlike aim and curclestrafing is still helpful but not TOO helpful compared to someone who is used to more forgiving dps style systems. To be honest, I think normalizing run speed is a solid idea, and that pic run speed buffs should be applied to sprinting modifiers in stead.
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    Howdy all, I was recently asked on Reddit how to make better items in response to a post. I started the reply and it got sort of long, so I thought I'd throw it up here and link it instead. I'm sure I've missed some stuff so please feel free to make any corrections / suggestions, I'd really appreciate it! I should mention I joined in 5.8 so I'm by no means an expert and this reflects my meager knowledge. This primer will assume you have some idea as to which profession you're interested in. First off, here's one of the devs walking through crafting changes in the current patch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URZC4k0b_nM Watch it and don't worry if you don't fully understand everything right off the bat. It's still good to see the UI and all that. Generally, crafting improvements (making better stuff) come from 2 places: Account Training Your passive account training (click Skills at the top of the screen from character select or press esc, then the dumbbell icon from in game). There you begin your account training and can invest points in a particular crafting path (start this early!). To focus on crafting, select the crafting basics tree and start spending points to unlock the professions you're interested in. Once you get to the actual crafting tree node you want, you'll notice several branches you can invest in. All crafting trees have 5 primary branches, 4 of which split into 2. From top to bottom, they deal with: Experimentation Success Points Assembly Success Speed Recipes Mass Production Thrall durability Quality of Thrall How experiment points, success and assembly affect your crafting is discussed below. For now, we'll be mostly ignoring Recipes (since you currently get them from Disciplines), Mass Productions (not in yet?) and Assembly speed (currently set at 1s). Recipes come from Disciplines Pressing J will open your crafting menu where you'll notice basic recipes. Currently in 5.8 (and 5.8.1), all crafting professions are available to everyone by crafting and equipping the appropriate major discipline (hexagon shape). Once you have that, you need to find the appropriate crafting table. They are found in forts / keeps out in the campaign world, or in Eternal Kingdoms (EKs). Materials Matter When you find a table, you'll see all the different recs available to you. For example, if you're a blacksmith, you'll have the ability to make a Metal Bar. This requires 3 slots of 3 "non-basic" ore. Depending on the type of ore you use, the metal bar will take on different properties. Here is a useful reference: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ This concept of "materials matter" is general across all crafting. So you can make items with any old material, but the best, custom tailored items will require particular materials (found in campaigns). I've heard it said on these forums that the most basic materials contribute the most to an item with a diminishing returns on contributions from higher level components. Assembly Success and Experiment Points Once you've obtained the appropriate materials for an item, you can then start crafting. Each crafting stage has a success / fail (Assembly) chance based on the recipe, material quality, and your skill level (increased through passive account training and other skills like leadership, gear and vessels). If you fail the assembly, you lose 1 quality level . This can turn a set of blue materials into a green item, so assembly chance is important! If you succeed in assembly, you are allowed to invest experimentation points into the craft. This allows you to customize your item based on the properties that the base materials grant the item. Using our Metal Bar example, after consulting the Winterblades website, we see that using Iron in all the slots gives the metal bar Attack Power and Crit Damage. Thus, you will be allowed to invest experimentation points in Attack Power, Crit Damage, and Durability. The more you train your account in the appropriate crafting discipline branch, the more experimentation points you'll have to spend up to a max (this max can be increased through various means). But that's not enough. You then select how risky you want to be and based on that, you'll have higher or lower chances to succeed or fail at the experimentation leading to higher or lower bonuses for that stat. This is affected by the Experimentation Success skill in your account training (and other bonuses). Once you're settled on what to invest points in, and how risky you want to be, you roll the dice. You now have a final opportunity to modify the item by rerolling either the single (minor reroll) or all the experimentation rolls (large reroll) for a variable amount of Ethereal Dust. When you reroll, you are guaranteed a better result than the original roll. Finally, you customize (currently just naming the item) and that's about it! Summary Creating better items is a combination of having more crafting skill (assembly success and experimentation points/success) from your account training, the right materials. Do your research before you set out to craft an item. Ask your clients what they'd like, and make sure you're well equipped. Find out if someone you know has specced into Leadership, or can make you certain potions that can help with crafting. I hope you found something useful here, and if you spotted anything incorrect, please let me know!
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    5v5 Tournament

    Want to gauge interest in a tournament of 5v5. I've done these in many games and it's usually lots of fun. I'd like to do single healer, single champion and single stealther. This would ensure the fight happens with relative equal opportunity to initiate (vs 5 stealther), doesn't last forever (2 healers) and isn't a champ fest. I'd probably do a gold entry fee, then, depending on how many entrants, do a weighted split to top 2 or 3. Counter-discing would be allowed but you'd have to fight the tourney with the group you signed up with (same classes/characters). We'd get a chance at grabbing lots of great content for videos (and bragging rights!). Bueller? Bueller? Lemme know.
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    This is the point of the campaigns, right? Evolving rulesets, experemental stuff, turning knobs, and shaking stuff up. The ruleset details are pretty vague except we know about factions and dregs. We know that several campaigns will be running concurrently.You are assuming that it will be weeks or months if your guild is eliminated but we don't know and I suspect it will not. There isn't enough information to say no that won't work. To clear the air, I also agree with most of what you are saying. I agree completely that the players should decide. Thats why we didn't want to play for points, thats why so many SB vets are vocal about the points system, it sucks. (Back in our day...) we don't need points do determine a winner based on pre set conditions. You don't lose until you quit. If you piss off the server and get pushed out to a tiny Island in the middle of the ocean and have to live like hermits (opp anyone?) thats your hand, you get to play it. Reroll,disband, join another guild, suck it up and find a way to make it fun. Play to crush, Own the economy, control the most valuable resources, be mercs, be a jerk andinterrupt other peoples sieges. We all remember.
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    I understand that there may be things that don't make it in by launch. Todd mentioned taming during the livestream as an example. If we can still have pets, I'm not overly concerned that the taming mechanic has to wait unto post launch. That said, the list of things I think this game can launch without is pretty small. I think we can launch without the Infected and Shadow bands, and I think we can wait for the Bloodstone ruleset as well. These are just variations on the existing game that won't make or break the game at launch. Farming can probably wait as we have other ways to get food and those can modified to provide more food until farming comes online. Relics and artifacts can possibly wait too. Crafting needs to be completed, including the projects interface, factories, recipe drops and thrall capture and use mechanics. Caravans need to be added, and therefore, pets and mounts. Obviously the frostweaver has to be added, and there needs to be an evaluation of all classes, disciplines, abilities, passives and armors, not just for balance purposes, but to ensure that each class and promotion is able to fulfill its intended role. The Embargo system needs to be fully functioning. POIs need to be completed. I like the idea of materials from POIs being able to be broken down into resources and used for crafting, though they should only provide common quality resources, and the POI output should be affected by the seasons. This will put less of a burden on people to harvest unless they want the higher quality stuff. Obviously the war tribes are being added, but we need more boss mobs and other types of mobs. We still have yet to see the Bog Bear, Giant, Wyvern, Gryphon or Urgu. If adventure areas are being designed with any of these mobs in mind, similar to the spider canyons, then that will need to be developed as well. I think the Sentinels need to be added, more to improve the new player experience than anything else. Exploration stuff like tracking and cartography. Exploration needs to be more than just harvesting. Different biomes, completing all the parcels and buildings like the fallen colossus and the castle. The number of distinct biomes may be limited, but we do know they were working on a desert biome, so having at least a couple different ones will be good. More can always be added post launch. If the relics and artifacts aren't in for launch, then having the buildings that they are to be placed in is less of a necessity. And, maybe most importantly, performance has to be improved. Hopefully 5.9 will be a major step up, but I'm sure this is something that will be ongoing up to and beyond soft launch. I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but I'm hoping that a good amount of these things will be in for alpha. If all of that is in for launch and the throne war gameplay works in both 3 faction and dregs over the course of 3-6 month campaigns, I think we'll be fine.
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    You forgot Frostweaver! That’s very important to the success of Alpha!
  34. 1 point
    I think this game will be a niche game and a good one too. If there will be a hardcore playerbase, i think this game has the potential to live forever - just like EVE Online. I think the best goal is to make a hardcore niche game with a strong playerbase. For me and many other it will be at least.
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    Given from many of your posts you are pretty focused on a single game rule set, that being hard core GVG mod. So lets focus on that. I guess if you take points out of the equation you would advocate something like as soon as a guild does not control any points they either swear fealty to another guild or they are out of the game. The campaign continues until 1 guild, along with their vassals, control every position on all maps, or perhaps x% of all positions. And frankly I like that. It is not about point ticks but actually taking and holding positions on the map. But that said, unless they also incorporate some kind position linking on the maps I think the tendency will be to continue to take the most points you can with the least amount of effort. Or said another way, fight avoidance as opposed to creating good fights. So unless they create some choke points I do not think it will matter if you do point ticks or positional control.
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    When Order was steamrolling because Winterblades didn't wanna play Ring Around the Outposts, a slew of the smaller guilds (Spectre Legion, CSC, etc.) went Balance in order to get themselves a good fight and provide some competition, which is counter to the popular narrative people wanna spin about players always choosing the winning side or whatever but it's true. When UDL decides they wanna compete over here again instead of Legends of Aria things'll be smoother for Chaos, but I'd just like for people to take this pre-alpha state a little less seriously. The game is not done, the sky is not falling, and the population doesn't actually need a guiding hand right now.
  37. 1 point
    DEVs should never create a full loot PvP game and let players balance the population among the factions alone. This is asking the players to crowd in the safer and more populous side. it is human instinct for self-preservation. Analyzing the current design I find it best to implement the system that creates hunger in the real world where the human population grows in geometric progression while food in arithmetic. That is, the larger the population in a faction guild, the more difficult it will be to supply everyone. I think it would be interesting to have a campaign with very limited resources to force the war bettwen cities. Limited resources without respawn and players divided into city maps belonging by small, medium, ou large guilds and resources arround. When the supplies run out (food mainly) the world war begins focused on steal another guilds and the last living city wins. We do not need campaigns with predetermined time. This is unrealistic and just forces players to stay in a bad environment. Players in larger guilds would have fewer resources per member due division bettwen all and each one could be killed by players in smaller guilds, but with more resources per soldier (best equipment due less division in guild). That is, there would be a balance between total population in one guild and individual power per member (inversely proportional). All guild members need to help each other and will have to hand over all collected resources to the Guild Bank that who will divide for all members a value into gold used to buy items. Of course, the player receives a guild score for contributing. There may be patents in the guild according to the player's score. The goal would be to create a guild capable of making its members individually strong and numerous, which would be very difficult in a world with limited resources and with very large number of players in same group. GREED, WAR and HUNGER like real world.
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    Seems like the stronger faction could use it to further increase their lead. I could gain points from assets and then burn down key poorly made socks to deny you what points you do have. How would you implement this in dregs? How would you prevent abuse?
  39. 1 point

    Crafting Harvesting tools

    Going to follow up on this. White tools will give you 4 experimentation pips to work with which you can max out quickly. (Don't worry about durability rolls) If your not looking for sub effects,(+crit chance etc), slag/knott/cobble is good enough to make a 4 pip tool. You can hit -22 with 4 pips. The negative here is confusing. It's a node armor reduction, so it's a minus, but really ACE needs to flip this so it's obviously better. You can get a better average on the results of 4 pips by training the experimentation success line at the top. The better the value, the more damage it will do to the node through the armor. Some nodes really need a high score (rank 7+), while some are fine with just about any tool. I divide based on +/- 15, with anything above 25 being "good". Green will give you 7 total pips, and a subsequent higher bonus average, but you need the more pips training line. You "can" get a tool to upgrade from white to green at the cost of 1/5 of a green wood through the parchment. If your into gambling, that's the way to do it. More frequent success at that cheap upgrade comes from the combine training line. I personally never waste green ore on a tool, nor dust on re-rolls. (Same dust as one re-roll will roll multiple tools) I will use green wood on parchment and stone on blanks, and only use green stone blanks on the green runes that are a lucky roll. (Green stone coming from surplus caused by mineral motherload farming.) Cheers
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    This week I RPd a Factory

    Step 1 Get Mats Step 2 Turn Mats into Components Step 3 Turn Components into Armor So Crowfall is a Sandbox game so often the content that is there needs to be created/provided by the players. I decided to give myself a 'Quest' if you will... Make 50 sets of Metal Armor (15 Mail, 35 Plate) This was something for me to do, keep me busy and focused and just for kicks... combined with the fact that Skill Training would be reaching abilities to make Armor Layers and Treated Steel. All the Crafting/Harvesting I did could be done with 2 accounts (I used more for bulk bank space) I was donated Meat and some Dust(For which I am grateful) but these could be farmed with a few extra hours Harvest. I also bought more materials than I needed (I originally planned on making 100 sets and forgot to change some of my math when getting Mats) I used ~105% Materials due to some Flawed Assemblies *Hopefully my math isn't too far gone with getting lost in the process, if it is so be it *Times have been rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour This was done over 5 days with an average playtime of 4-5hours a day for this project 6hours: Farm Gold ~80,000 1 hour : Purchase and Organize Materials 1/2 hour : Craft 1500 Coal(900 Wood-600 Dust) (300 crafts) 1/2 Craft 500 Carbon (300 Meat and 200 Dust) (100 crafts) 1 hour : Craft 200 Lacing Sinew (120 Meat 80Dust) AND Craft 200 Leather Padding (200 Lacing Sinew 1200 Hide) (400 crafts) 1/2 hour Craft 90 Metal Scales (1620 Ore 270 Coal) (90 crafts with Experiment) 2 hours Craft 210 Metal Plates (3780 Ore 630 Coal) (210 crafts with Experiment) 1 hour Craft 200 Treated Steel (1200 IronOre 400 Carbon) (200crafts with Experiment) 2 hours Craft 450 Armor Layers (2700Ore, 900 Hide, 900 Stone 450 Dust) 2 hour Craft 150 Metal Rings/Sheets (3300 Ore, 450 Coal 450 Armor Layers) (150 crafts with Experiment) 3 hours Craft 150 'Fillers' *Helm, Boots, Gloves* (90 Metal Scales, 210 Metal Plates 150 Treated Steel 150 Leather Padding 900 Dust) (150 Long combines) 2 hour Craft 50 Breastplates (150 Metal Rings/Sheets 50 Treated Steel 50 Leather Padding 600 Dust) (50 Long combines) Total Time Spent 20hours Total Gold used 74,250 Total Ore used 12,600 Total Hide used 2100 Total Stone used 900 Total Wood used 900 Total Meat used 420 Total Dust used 2830 I didn't get too many Flawed Assemblies so that didn't bother me, and it wasn't the time it took crafting that got to me either (though sitting for a minute watching the final cook isn't great) The Failed Experiments were really frustrating, I understand with Higher trained skills this will happen less but still I am really looking forward to BluePrints and Factories when things can hopefully Stack up on top of Clone Copies of themselves and not use so much Bank space! Final Thoughts: This was mainly to show how silly the vendor purchased resources are IMO. HOWEVER it was also a learning experience and I believe that if the prices are adjusted that there is no reason to not keep Vendors in AS LONG as their Prices are high enough so that Harvesters can get more from directly Harvesting a Node rather than Farming Monsters for Gold. Currently at 4.5 per piece it is too cheap (though not too far off) 10 would be Ideal for Whites, I can see the Potential to even allow Greens or Blues for 10/30x more Harvesters must expose themselves in the world for longer, must change RuneTools and Disciplines (which makes them weaker in Combat) and change their location. Gold spenders do not It takes Export slots to get these out of a Campaign to an EK, or risk Crafting in the Campaign itself. Also, buying mats from a vendor will not get you any Ethereal Dust while actual Harvesting will.
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    Crafting Risk Asymmetry

    Seems to me like your almost deliberately setting yourself up to fail. Find friends. Not every trip ends in a fight. In fact, most don't. I've wandered around unmolested for hours. If you are a really dedicated crafter, what are you doing traveling anyway? Camp at the forts with the tables. Focus on EK crafting. Set up shop, buy your mats off other players, and craft in total peace. Wait to travel from the portal until other players are heading out, doesn't even need to be a guild mate. Pick a stealth class and sneak around with your stuff, and don't go if you see danger. Get there once, use the chests. You don't have to pull the contents out when the forts flip, just wait until it flips back to your side. Forts sell the basic mats, so you can do naked, with all your gold farmed in the safety of the beach head on the boars, in your spirit bank, pull that out when you get to the fort. That covers all but the more complex crafting things like necromancy, alchemy, and gem making. If you picked one of those as your profession, and are not planning on joining a guild, you have picked a very tough row to hoe. It also doesn't matter what you train skill wise, if your not a PvP player, you are not going to have the skills to PvP with any skill or gear, so you are naturally giving yourself a disadvantage that no amount of changes to game systems would fix. There are all sorts of avenues to recourse. Most of them social. If you don't like being social, I'm not really sure why you think picking a very social profession will be fun for you.
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    Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Hey Crows! So, as the title says, this post will be about the upcoming nerf to advanced weapons in 5.8.1, a nerf which will drastically reduce the max damage advanced weapons can deal. While I no longer have access to the test environment, or even live for that matter, I have heard from those that do, that an example of a blue light weapon has 84 top damage, for perspective a well made common pistol caps out at around ~110 top dmg. This is cause for great concern in my opinion, especially for leather wearers and the game's current meta. I'm going to go right into it with specific points as to why I believe this nerf will do more harm than good. 1.) The current meta in the game is to wear mail or plate armor and stack as much health and mitigations as possible. Many players already have 50% mitigations, combined with how much health you get from plate (instead of con's poor 3 per 1 point yield), you can easily not only reduce an enemy's damage by half but have a health-pool of over 10k. This weapon nerf will have all player's damage naturally reduced by almost half, in a game setting where being tanky, regardless of class, is the best path. 2.) Leather wearers' main source of validity at the moment is their extreme DPS. They die in a few seconds if caught (even by tanks), but can kill just as fast. This nerf will reduce a leather wearer's damage by ~half, while their survivability remains the same. Leather gear needs a buff to offset this change, there is simply no reason as of now to want to use leather, even less now that this nerf is going to occur. Leather was just nerfed, and now this nerf is going to indirectly nerf leather again, strengthening even further the tank meta (apology for the repetition). 3.) This nerf will make healers magnitudes stronger, while weakening DPS classes/promos, and strengthening tank promotions. The removal of iframes is a good step in my opinion, but I am not alone in my concern of healers ending up being gods (like every other god forsaken RPG). 4.) Fights will now last much longer with not only every class outputting less damage, but healers not having to heal as much damage and burst. Isn't this the opposite of the reason Death Shroud was implemented into the game? I understand there's a difference between dying / not rejoining a fight and a sustained fight, but this will potentially make fights last an eternity. Healers may be vulnerable during their ults, but when they can spam heals with no worries of resource risks, not have to deal with up to half the regular damage? Everything about them strengthens besides their ult, including CC (especially MS Control which is already the strongest CC) of other classes to help peel for them on top of their natural utility / mobility. I'm posting this because not only am I concerned for the way this may steer the game, but I'd also like to hear other people's opinions. I'm especially interested in ways we could go about making this nerf better all around by, for example, buffing leather gear, or perhaps reducing the health bonus of plate / mail armor and making constitution more valid so that those going tanky have to sacrifice base DPS stats to become more tanky. Please keep in mind that I am posting about this without access to test. I would most certainly be on test to well, test this if I was able, but at the moment it is not possible for me. So here I am, on the forums! I plan to follow and play this game for a long time, as I truly enjoy it so far. If others that have played test to see how this implementation works when applied, I strongly welcome a reply! Thanks for reading, Puffs out!
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    a Revision to Game Play.

    This is the suggestion forums.. I am making a suggestion. They can chose to ignore it, or whatever, but it is still something I think would be a good idea.
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