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  1. 4 points
    i'd like to hear about whats going on design wise with fog of war / cartography and map exploration
  2. 4 points
    There is currently no incentive to defend. We also need relics or faction buffs or zone buffs for controlling objectives.
  3. 3 points
    Blazzen of Lords of Death shares his thoughts on the strategic pros and cons of the capture point system in today's guest article. FULL STORY On Thursday, January 31, at 11 am CST, Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman will lead a live chat on this topic in the Official Crowfall Discord with @blazzen , @Angelmar (Winterblades) and DravoiX (Horizon). We hope you’ll join us!
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    Yep and this system further compound that fact, This system as it stand by it self promotes avoiding fbattles, there no reason to defend and points in the middle of no where that has less traffic is more valuable so basicly your promoted to back cap point that no one will ever be defending. the only good thing with the system as it stand now is the castle because there on a timer and cant be back capped. The game needs a territory system of some kind where u cant back cap the point system would go amazing with such a system too. Imagine if u cant capture other tiles unless u have a tile touching it this means back line point will be accumulating alot of points since they cant be captured. This promotes people pushing the terriroty line to the back to try and get those juicy built up camps and promotes people trying to prevent that cause the amount of point are back there. It also promotes conflict because people can see where the front line and where the pvp is at so people looking for fight will migrate there. Also means u cant instant cap forts and would have to push the territory to it allowing defenders time to mount a defence to actually defend it. As a catch up mechanic it doesnt realy do a whole lot either since the winning side isnt gonna stop capping in winter so if the other 2 factions are behind and capping as often as the winner the gap between the point wont change at all. Personally i would like to see a system where player kills would provide score (On a 30min cooldown per person so cant camp same person) so player who dies gets a debuff for 30 minutes so they dont contribute to faction score when somone kills them. You can only score points from faction ahead of yours so loosing faction deaths dont give anyone else points 2nd place only get points off first and first can get kill score off anyone. This allows for loosing faction to close the gap via kills since they have 2 sources to get it where winner doesnt. You can have players higher on the leader board worth more points when u kill them aswell so killing key players are worth much more than somone not contributing to the war. Overall the system doesnt do a whole lot to fix the problem alone however with a territory system to stop back caping and a method for loosing faction to close the gap it would become an amazing point system but till then it poretty rubbish imo
  5. 3 points
    Nah, night capping is a real issue. I for one quite like the idea someone proposed some time ago of scaling points based on the active population. I think no one would have a issue with that? Risk vs reward. Playing off-hours has less risk, so less rewards it is.
  6. 3 points
    I'm thinking the outposts should be linked, so you could cut off the supply lines and eliminate points the other side would get. Also to take a fort or keep, one outpost from the runegate up to the keep or fort would need to be taken. That way, people might be able to see them coming as outposts start to get taken. Also, the ones closer to your runegate become more valued, or if you wanted to go deep in the opposing land to take outposts next to their runegate, you could do more damage until the zerg comes to quench their thirst.
  7. 3 points
    1. The "issue" of "night capping" is something people just need to get the custard over. There will be players that don't play when you do, and their time is just as valuable as yours. Nothing you do should count more towards victory because of when it occurs and I'm against any mechanic that forces that to be so. 2. I'm also against any more mechanics that determine what locations/objectives are and aren't available to attack. If you don't want your enemy taking a fort when it's empty and you're online then you should plant your ass in that fort and stop them from taking it. It'd also be super annoying to have my choices narrowed to a couple of locations, all relayed to my enemies via the map, in which overwhelming forces can just be sat in knowing my choices are to either get steamrolled or decide not to PvP.
  8. 2 points
    I have been thinking the same thing would be very interesting. I see It being very similar to Risk you can't take a territory or tile you are not connected with.
  9. 2 points

    forum notification/timestamp odditity

    Why don't you contact them about the devtracker and members online issue also?
  10. 2 points
    If you capture a fort and people are slow to take it back because the population is low during off-hours, that means you do get more points from it. As for whether or not "expectation" is relevant, I think you are getting hung up on just one definition of expectation. I'm not talking about the state of mind of the person who captures the point, I am talking about the probability that it will be quickly back-capped. The probability that someone will quickly back-cap after you capture it goes up with higher population.
  11. 2 points
    I get where you're coming from in principle but as a practical matter, is it better to piss off a minority of players or a majority of players. The way I see it, if the developers don't do anything to mitigate "night capping" then they stand to lose more players than if they did nothing.
  12. 2 points
    Others have said it but I'm going to lend my voice to the echo: the victory point values have reached absurd levels where being able to just check them at a glance (which is what I want as a player) is no longer possible. I have to actually stop and mentally check the values I'm looking at because they can't simply be parsed instantly like a smaller value might. These need to be brought down by a couple orders of magnitude *or* present it in some kind of graphical presentation. The raw number isn't important anyway, it's the value of my faction relative to the value of other factions, so a graphical representation might be better anyway.
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    Fae racials seem mandatory?

    Hey Crows. Been toying around with the Assassin these past days, and one thing about the current designs really springs to mind. Designing racials with certain classes in mind, seems to defeat the purpose of allowing other races to play this class. Especially in a pvp game where RP etc seem less likely. I realise balance isn't a thing in the game yet, but looking at the various racials, I simply can't see why you'd ever NOT pick Fae. The 70% stealth speed alone is incredibly powerful (and specifically designed for the Assassin. Let's not pretend that's of any use to Druids or Frostweavers) but when you add stealthed gliding on top it's like you're almost nerfing yourself by NOT picking them. And we've not even begun to look at what a gap closer (or creator) double jump + dash is. Being the only dash that can be activated mid-air, you cover WAY more than the 16 metres that are advertised. Need to disengage so you can re-stealth? Jump dash, jump dash, disengage, flip re-engage, jump dash. You're practically on another continent by now. Is there a hill anywhere close by you can dash off of? Then blimey, you just flew even further. Need to chase someone down? Same as above. You're faster than anyone... It seems to me that not only are Fae so obviously better assassins that nothing compares. Other races actually seem worse, simply by virtue of existing in a world where Fae assassins are an option. I can't think of a scenario in which a Fae assassin would lose to a non-Fae assassin, all else being equal? Am I wrong in this assumption? Have I missed something? I know that for Myrmidons etc, Half Giant was a no-brainer, but that might have changed with the damage immunity nerf. Suddenly that "no stun" and charge from the cow is beginning to at least look interesting. But for Assassins, what does a Half Elf or Nethari bring to the table? Nether Rush is cool and the hovering effect means it can be used to dash up cliffs etc if angled right, thereby presenting some interesting escape mechanisms, but that's it. The bonus to fire damage again seems like a racial made specifically for one class. Am I missing something here?
  14. 1 point
    I hope you guys enjoy this. I put a lot of thought and time into it. My aim was to make a PvP video that was fun and would hype people up to play the game. If you enjoy the video be sure to like it and SHARE it with your friends who might be interested in Crowfall!
  15. 1 point

    Crowfall: PvT Edition

    Its boring. Been saying this since the patch released. The "game" is "work" right now. Non stop harvest and craft. No direction, no lore, no REASON to pvp. Just more and more crafting/farming. Shrink the map(s), give CONTINUING "rewards" that carry onto the NEXT campaign, and populate MORE mob camps (with marks on the map of locations/tier) AND HAVE THEM DROP RANDOM WEAPONS/ITEMS/MATS. YES, CHANCE TO DROP ACTUAL WEAPONS OR VESSELS!!! Right now this game is just a work simulator, and I cant even log in anymore. Wrain
  16. 1 point

    Crowfall: PvT Edition

    I still think level 30 starting basic vessels would work.
  17. 1 point

    Crowfall: PvT Edition

    Greatly reducing starter vessel xp requirements would go a long way towards getting people out in the field and participating. At least tune it so the average Joe Crow can have all the skill points and a full set of intermediates by running around and collecting the beach head t1 resources in say...4 hours?
  18. 1 point
    Both Chess and Star Craft have slippery slope/snowball effects, usually any game where concession is a regular component of high level play indicates a probable snow ball mechanic. Any game where you get stronger for every small "victory" and your opponent gets weaker before the game actually ends has a snowball effect. Sirlin has a good article about it: Further Reading
  19. 1 point

    2FA issues

    I think the system where you generate your 2FA code (your phone or your computer) has its clock 30 seconds ahead.
  20. 1 point
    I'm not talking about faction balance. This is what I am talking about. Being the "last person to cap before prime time people sleep" or "first to log in before anyone else" tends to get you more points for a capture. Night-capping is often more rewarded by the points system than prime-time capping because you'll tend to hold the point for longer with a lower population.
  21. 1 point

    Crowfall: PvT Edition

    Actually soil is the fastest way to level now. 15 wood, 15 stone, 15 ore. 900xp. Also you can get all that from farming zombies and buying off vendors.
  22. 1 point

    5.8.2 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports

    got to like the irony of burning ex-trees to heal a tree, oh the trauma. see also: 'rescue' on trees too. ;p
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    to defend a fort, we have to be aware of the attack and have time to go defend. currently we dont. 2 days ago we were on a map, saw a fort under attack, when we arrived, they where gone. A scout give us indication that they where going to the nother fort, but we dont arrived in time. they were 20, we were 20 at the beginning of the marathon, but only 7 ( from 3 guilds ) when they jump on us after capping the fort. After launch, scout will be available ( i hope so ) but not in alpha, and never 24h a day. My solution : the fort cannot be attack while walls are full the walls cannot be down while the nearest camp/tower is to the defendant. camp/tower launch an alert : a vertical red light while under attack pros : people got much time to defend attack is not much slower and available 24h a day you can still fake an attack to lure some defender you still need scout to count enemies people need to stay on fort for 5 minutes to take all the camps cons : it's like an assisted mod harder to go sneaky not newbie friendly
  24. 1 point
    I've seen (mob) corpses shoot far into the sky, and become unlootable, that was fun. Aside from the poor performance (stuttering, lockups, general lag) I've been getting kicked to character screen upon first trying to enter the world / any zone, approximately 100%. Also, didn't see it mentioned, so...Druid ability Leech Seed, or Leeching Seed, I think it's called, is not applying a debuff symbol, and appears to not be applying either of it's debuff conditions, either. This might be an ongoing known issue, but i seem to recall it working fine in 5.8.
  25. 1 point
    Curious to know if anyone has thought about the people playing that are outside the NA or EU time-zone where the server is hosted? I'm expecting that ASIA/Oceanic players will be disadvantaged until there is a server in the region. By definition they would all be 'nightcappers', when playing typical after hours or weekend times. Would love to know Raph Koster's view on the whole strategy game issue.
  26. 1 point


    Creo que a pesar de la implementación que se le de a clanes en el juego, el tema de clanes es más profundo. Se trata de organización, comunicación. Estoy de acuerdo en todo lo que comentas, pero sin ayudas del juego un clan puede tener su vida y sentido tanto dentro como fuera del juego. Por ejemplo, los lideres de clanes se juntan para discutir temas diversos del juego, entre otras, como repartirse entre las campañas para que estas estén más disputadas. Que el juego tenga más o menos funcionalidades que ayuden a su gestión para mi es algo que vendrá pero no ha frenado este juego ni ningún otro de crear comunidades. Para finalizar, no tengo claro que la creación de clanes se abra de forma gratuita. Sin VIP en el roadmap van a buscar formas de conseguir dinero evitando el PayToWin y la creación de clanes puede ser una de ellas. El tiempo nos dirá...
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    @vkromas people are currently spamming campfires around the trees of life to our heal dmg done to them. Is this intended functions for campfire?
  28. 1 point
    It seems that getting the motherlode bug fixed is more of a priority than all the broken bits and pieces to all the classes. I'm sorry if my statement is wrong, but getting multiple comments from a dev concerning this and no comments concerning anything else... Seems the priorities are skewed a little here..
  29. 1 point
    A large group of balance just attempted to take our keep. Despite their exploiting of our bugged wall, they still lost.. Big oof.
  30. 1 point
    Another idea, I think, is attaching outposts/towers points to the keeps/forts. An outpost will send a pack animal and a guard to the nearest ally fort/keep and only once that reaches its destination will the points be cashed in. All the while, PvE mobs will wear down these caravans so that the further a camp is from a keep makes it less likely to cash in any points unless the road is somewhat guarded. At the least, it reduces the issue to the nightcapping of forts which act as the cash-in points.
  31. 1 point
    Not how time works. Depending on the time I go to work, I could either hit traffic or not, differentiating the value I get out of my time in the distance I cover depending on what time it is. Same applies here. Not all time is equal when talking about finite space/resources. And, from a gameplay perspective, why encourage a way of playing that exists to avoid PvP?
  32. 1 point
    I have to agree with moneda. Accomplishing the same tasks in a set amount of time should be rewarded the same no matter what time frame the player logs in and plays. I understand your point, but 2 hours of my time is as valuable, not more or less then 2 hours of your time. Please don't advocate restricting my points when I play at 1-4am. If the server is dead I sort of feel that I am already being punished.
  33. 1 point
    Que los vientos de gloria hagan flamear sus estandartes!
  34. 1 point
    Actually, their time is often more valuable than yours. They can cap stuff and expect to hold it for longer because there are fewer players on to backcap it right after. Similar to how harvesting during off-hours tends to be more productive because there is less competition.
  35. 1 point
    All 3 factions smashed into one keep space, going balls to the wall. The lag was real, but can't complain as everyone felt it. Overall I thought it was a blast!
  36. 1 point

    Minotaur Ranger Build - Theorycraft

    Follow-up idea: Tie a lot of those aura/AOE buffs and CC to melee abilities that are relatively costly with regards to resources and/or higher CDs but with a solid effect or duration and then buff up general ranged damage. Could lead to a flexible class that in RvR combat would spend it's time diving momentarily into the "melee ball" to hand out some solid buffs/protection to the dedicated melee and then disengaging back to range while you recover resources/await CDs. Would make more sense as a mail wearer that you only want to spend part of your time in the thick of things. That said if they want to keep with the relatively hamhanded approach of having Archer = Ranged, Warden = Melee, and Brigand = Melee with essentially no incentive for tray-switching I'm fine with that too so long as there's *some* kind of coherent vision for the role the promotion is meant to play backed with a solid implementation. Tray-switching/stance dancing, and proper reasons and incentives to do it, would just be "ideal" I guess in my view on what I'd want from a Ranger.
  37. 1 point


    Desde mi punto de vista (lease "no tengo ni idea de las intenciones reales de la compañia"), el tema clanes está aún verde, y creo que simplemente se han implementado unos mínimos para que la gente de un mismo clan tenga alguna facilidad mas para jugar juntos. Y, es por eso, que creo que en algun momento habrá cambios importantes en el juego que tendran que ver con los clanes. Dicho esto, vamos a repasar un poco como estan las cosas actualmente... Ahora mismo no hay ninguna forma de crear clan. Es cierto, pagando en la tienda puedes hacerte con un clan, pero técnicamente lo que estás comprando no es un clan sino una reserva de nombre para un clan. Y para que la gente que ha pagado para reservar el nombre de su clan pueda sacar provecho cuanto antes, esos clanes se crean y pueden ser utilizados. Eso no quiere decir que siempre vaya a ser asi. En realidad, lo mas normal es pensar que mas adelante los clanes se van a crear automáticamente desde dentro del juego, y sin tener que pagar (... o pagando materiales/monedas desde tu inventario). Los clanes van ligados a la cuenta, no a la campaña. No, no vas a tener que crear un clan nuevo en cada nueva campaña. No, no todas las campañas van a ser de tres facciones. No, no estás obligado a estar en la misma facción que el resto de tu clan. Si, puedes encontrar gente del mismo clan en facciones distintas. Si, vas a tener las mismas limitaciones para interactuar con jugadores de tu clan de otra facción que con jugadores de otra facción que no sean de tu clan. Cuando se juega en grupo las cosas suelen ser siempre mas eficientes. Siempre es mas fácil que tengas con quien jugar, y siempre vas a sacarle mas provecho a tus puntos fuertes y minimizar tus debilidades, tanto a nivel táctico (es decir, en combate), como a nivel mas estratégico (recursos, crafteo, control de territorio,...). Pero eso puede aplicarse a cualquier grupo de jugadores que jueguen juntos habitualmente. Como decía, la cosa está verde, y aparte del canal de clan y de aparecer en el ránquing de puntuaciones de clanes, por ahora, no hay ninguna otra ventaja para los clanes. Todo eso es acorde a como está el juego ahora mismo... Pero se acerca la fase Alpha (la 6.0), y en la fase Alpha, entre otras cosas, vamos a tener las campañas situadas en "The Dregs", donde no habrá facciones predefinidas, sino que cada clan actuará de forma independiente (es decir cada clan será su propia facción). No resultaria muy inesperado que tuvieramos novedades sobre cambios y nuevas funcionalidades para los clanes "pronto"
  38. 1 point
    Healers needing other healers isn't "completely wrong". Healers lacking self sustain but still being able to heal other people is a solid strategy imo as it means I can't just stand there as a healer and damage sponge your damage ad nauseam. The only heal I can't target myself with (on a cleric) are discipline based rescues (by far the strongest single target heals in the game) and that's okay. As for champions being broken and op and strong; you're right. They are very strong, they def need an extensive balance pass and they will get that but is that more important than server performance? Nope. Is champions in game balance more important than working on 5.9, 6.0, guilds, frostweaver, dregs, banking, hunger, mob ai, crafting 2.0? Nope. They will fix it but until then we have a skewed testing environment and honestly that's okay as long as they keep pushing the game forward.
  39. 1 point

    How do Sieges work?

    1st, you've got to get through or around the walls; Siege engines to make holes in walls or Fae/Guinies/Wood Elves to go over/under/through the walls. Then you need to deal with the guards, and they hit much harder than they used to. After that, you have to kill the tree, and it has much more life than before. Theoretically, I suppose a well built, geared, & executed 5 man team could do it if they were completely unopposed by players. In practice, I don't think a keep has fallen since 5.8.1. Lag has been a big part of that, but it's not as easy to take a keep as it was in 5.8.
  40. 1 point
    leave your in game drama in game, can a mod lock or delete this thread
  41. 1 point

    Take Heart, my Minos Brethren!

    Look upon the High Elf with pity, my brethren. Look at how they've fashioned us not in their likeness, but in their weakness. They made us with great strength, for they have none. They made us beasts of burden, for they possess no constitution. We can leap and interact with the world in the third dimension, while they butt their heads into only the second. We are all they hate about their lack of self. Take note of the armored helms they wear. They seek to adorn it with horns as ours, in hopes it might impart them courage. Look not upon the High Elf with disdain, but with some care for mercy, for we are all they will never could be.
  42. 1 point


    Hola Ryxpolis! Primero de todo bienvenido! Si has jugado al WOW te puede ayudar a entenderlo, pero ibas bien encaminado. Hay 3 facciones y luego cada facción tiene sus clanes. Los miembros tienen que ser de la misma facción para poder interactuar entre sí. En este juego es difícil jugar solo ya que se trata de especializarse en algo, y en cualquier crafting necesitas objectos de otros craftings. Si quieres, entra a nuestro discord (sin compromiso) y os echamos una mano. La idea de colaborar no está ligada al clan en un principio, pero siempre se prioriza claro está... Aparte siempre va bien contar con gente para montar eventos en el juego. https://discord.gg/KkFfVbj - somos Balance. Si quereis uniros a la guild directamente (siempre podéis saliros si no estáis a gusto): https://crowfall.com/en/guild/view/00c6b34b-c574-43fa-850f-b7cdd15fd6d5/ Somos unos cuantos pero no demasiados para mantener el grupo reducido y estar más a gusto. Lo bueno que tenemos gente que lleva jugando desde 2016 y sabe mucho del juego. Para crear un clan tienes que pagar el paquete de Clan, no se si es el de la reserva de nombre, pero se tiene que pagar. un saludo!
  43. 1 point
    Here’s something you might not have known: CF healers underperform at self healing. It’s impossible to rescue yourself and rescues are giant, game changing heals. So saying champions out self heal healers isn’t that shocking to me. I only play healers, I’m not sad I’m happy somebody has self sustain so I don’t have to heal them. I’m not saying champion is balanced, none of the classes have had serious balance passes. They could prob tone down some of the champ things to make it more manageable but that doesn’t change my initial statement: not everything needs to be balanced for 1v1. Duels and ganking are the low hanging fruit of CF, sieges and fort fights are where major balance issues should be resolved imo.
  44. 1 point

    2FA issues

    Check the time in your system.
  45. 1 point
    You realize these mechanics are all in game, right?
  46. 1 point

    [-W-] Winterblades

    The final campaign of 5.8 ended early, but not before we took all three keeps!
  47. 1 point

    [GER] Northlanders rekrutieren wieder!

    Stealth Operations with Caldera!
  48. 1 point


    Leveling is not a time gate. Its a wealth gate. The entire point of crowfall is to acquire wealth. The entire point of winning campaigns is to acquire wealth. That wealth needs somewhere to be useful for people that don't own or run an EK or it is effectively pointless. When leveling was "complementary" it was basically ignored and failed to function as an item sink. During that time we also had MUCH higher item decay rates. I'd rather have longer lasting items at the expensive of needing to invest more in vessels. Especially considering vessels are the only gear that never decays. Your ability to do literally anything in the game is contingent upon some combination of time and wealth. That's how RPG systems work. That's why you're playing an RPG in stead of an arena shooter or other genre where the whole point is maximum, immediate carnage with no set up time. Those games are cool. I like those games. I play them when I just want a casual bit of violence. Because acquiring and denying wealth, and exploiting techniques to rapidly gain and utilize it IS PvP and is the systemic imperative that sustains the basic desire to fight in the first place. If you don't NEED loot, then what's the point of it being in the game at all? Crowfall's XP system ensures that you actually have a use, a real one, for every scrap of garbage you pull off of another guy's corpse, and reinforces that the other guy actually has some garbage to loot. Having a bank full of trash is not a liability. It represents an opportunity to upgrade your vessel when you otherwise would have waited for a much better upgrade. It allows people who peddle in easy to acquire low level goods to still have a market after two months. It ensures that you don't get bored fighting over nothing and getting no reward from it. It gives you something to do when there is nobody to fight because there will not always be someone to fight. "PvP game" does not mean "PvP is the only thing you should ever do ever" It means that PvP is the constant threat while you do other stuff, and the end goal when you have done all of the other stuff. When you remove the other stuff, or make it "only cosmetic" or "not necessary" your PvP game sucks. GW2 found that out the hard way. That's why WvW is mostly full of people capping undefended objectives to farm reward tracks for skins to use in PvE .
  49. 1 point

    The 5.8 Assassin

    This is a terrible comparison for two reasons, one it isn't 100% true in wow (mage, warlock, sub/as rogues, etc look the same) where depending on the tier and expansion holy can look like either like ret or prot. The other major reason is that functionally a ret paly and holy paly fulfill two different rolls. You play against a damage dealer differently than a healer. Here especially with the assassin all three are damage focused (with the blackguard being a little more cc heavy and durable). While each style will require different approaches to counter the best, they all function in a similar role so it is much more important to see the class rather than sub class. I think it is around cutting down middle ground builds. If you look at the specific weapon trainings (one handed weapons for mace, sword, etc.) they tend to line up to certain play styles. Crushing in general tends to focus on cc where as slashing is damage. It seems like they are trying to focus players into certain styles like pure cc for blackguard rather than letting someone choose a sword and find a middle ground of damage and cc. By far the worse case of this is the knight where you must wield certain types of weapons to proc their sub class passives. I would welcome these restrictions being removed to open up more gameplay choices.
  50. 1 point

    The 5.8 Assassin

    Attolis, some major changes coming to Disciplines in 6.0. I'd hold off on trying to find good combinations post-talents. It'll be short lived. I'm hoping for a ton of them to be deleted and replaced with interesting alternatives myself. It could be as minor as a few tweaks though. We know for sure Weapon Disciplines are being deleted in 6.0 though. We also know that players will have access to two gathering and any two of crafting or combat disciplines going forward. Should make for a more diverse field.
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