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    With appropriate training, you should be able to achieve 100% chance to succeed on at least Uncommon and Rare items. Epic/Legendary should perhaps be impossible or nearly impossible to reach 100% success rate. Having an arbitrary RNG-based failure on a craft, even for someone who is an expert crafter with maxed trees, makes no sense and serves no game purpose other than to frustrate the players. This will be much more apparent when people are actually playing the game - more combat means more durability damage on items, therefore items will be degrading much faster than we are seeing now. The material sink should be gated by gameplay, not by RNG. TLDR: Farming enough materials for a green or blue item and having it flaw out due to 2% RNG even on a skilled crafter adds nothing to the game and only serves as an unnecessary random waste of materials.
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    What's going on everyone, StrangeReligion here from Midnight Nation! I am leading the chapter for our gaming community to partake in Crowfall! The throne war is shaping up nicely with a tangible gameplay loop we will be participating in with daily sieges at 6pm pst. In the spirit of Midnight Nation, we will be playing Chaos in order to share all the wealth and have fun. If you get disgruntled off when you lose, no need to apply, we're out here to have a good time first and win second. We have experienced shotcallers and raid leaders from Albion Online, Darkfall, DAoC and Lineage. Public Sieges(Advanced forum/reddit posts) will be announced to increase the likelihood of bang(Huge pvp fights) as well as hosted tournaments with cash prizes. Bounties & Achievements are also awarded for in game or cash prizes. I look forward to your apps and growing together. Discord: https://discord.gg/xR5mESm Crowfall Direct Guild Link: https://crowfall.com/en/guild/view/2b94e046-dbe8-413b-89cb-ab09d3d2d3b7
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    This cannot actually be working as intended. I have no healing modifier rings which could be used to get 30% more healing... Please ACE nerf this incredibly broken spec.
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    Winter landrush idea

    I'm all for more things to do and fight over in a campaign, but if people have to keep asking for things to fight over then there might be some design flaw with the game. Make it so that harvesting doesn't become crap during fall/winter and I bet you no longer see that drop off. Right now people aren't going to new campaigns because there is only the one. They push to get materials and when that dies down and people stop logging in after bonuses are gone, the rest fall out. Until only the most dedicated are left logging in for things. I worry this game is going to glorified battleground mode. There's a serious issue if people want to hop-skotch from world to world without sticking around. That tells me "big brother" is putting too much emphasis on "here's what we want you to do" and once players feel like they aren't a part of that, they aren't getting anything out if the world anymore. This is just as bad as worlds dying from stagnation; worlds dying because the game stops rewarding you for being in that campaign so people just ship. At this point you might as well stop pretending and make this game hunger dome or some other queue to play, very transient world. It's hard to say though because this is very basic, faction play without a big population. Only thing we really know is ability to harvest well dictates population as things currently stand. That being said, they really DO need more 'carrot' to play in later seasons if you are rewarded so well for playing in early seasons. Can't give people a carrot and take it away and expect them to have the same drive. Course spirit banking issues, and points meaning something could completely change that.
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    Why Do Not Divide Factions Into Races?

    Yes, it could happen - right now we are testing the core mechanics of the game. Later on, the game designers will be able to create all kinds of Campaign Worlds with different rulesets. There could definitely be Campaigns with race or class restrictions. Quoted from: https://www.pcgamer.com/how-crowfall-is-trying-to-redefine-open-world-pvp-in-mmos/
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    Why Do Not Divide Factions Into Races?

    It doesn't mesh well with the current fluff of the game to have a blanket faction-restricted races. As it stands, all the "characters" are actually ethereal spirits that inhabit host bodies and do battle on behalf of their gods. You don't actually create a Wood Elf ranger, identity and all, but your spirit takes a Wood Elf ranger corpse and inhabits it to do battle. That said, it could potentially result in a really interesting campaign where each faction had unique restrictions or races or classes, for sure.
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    I spent many years in WWII Online, a side V side campaign style game that experienced the problems the OP states. Over many years the game tried to address population imbalance with a plethora of mechanics designed to give the under pop side hope of turning things around. Side Locking / Spawn Delay, faster captures for under pop, more equipment availability, etc.. etc.. None of these 'handicapping' mechanics solved the problem and virtually all were not well received by the player base regardless of the side they were playing. IMO there are really only two things that work ... - Shorter faction V faction campaigns in general - A mechanic that ends the campaign if a side achieves an 'overwhelming' lead ... however that is determined or calculated. It is the start of the campaign that provides the opportunity for a fresh start, making new alliances, encouraging other faction players to join your cause. Players will eventually re-balance. A good example is the rise of Chaos these past couple campaigns. They did a forum marketing blitz and have picked up new players. A lot of people on these forums dismiss the faction V faction play, but I believe it is still an important part of the overall game. The game needs modes that make it easy for players to get into the game, join a team, and learn the game at their personal pace. etc... I view faction as a crucible for eventually creating more players who want to play dregs. So I don't think we can dismiss it and certainly need to make it a fun experience as well.
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    Necromancy might be to OP

    Purple level 30 Vessel On the left. White level 16 on the right. Yes it is better, but you are not running faster because you got new shoes man.
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    People keep parroting this idea of CC sucks because retaliate, but I can say from the receiving end it is not like this in practice. I get one retaliate off and then I'm stuck in everything else. The ONLY time this is the case is when using a power like from Juggernaut to CC immune. So makes me wonder if people are actually experiencing this, or are they just continuously parroting the same stuff being said. Vandal gets cheap shot. I'm not sure how much damage ambush does, but you can get a lot of stuff off in 6 minutes of unmitigated stun. If the damage of backstab is significant enough because of the 10% talent, then toxins being 30% stronger is significant enough to put the damage elsewhere. Also backstab suppresses on Vandal. Bleed on kidney shot is damage that cutthroat doesn't have. Sure if everyone is rocking a field surgeon, to clear all dots you could be in trouble. But you're already backing off to restealth. You will see the cleanse happen, and then it's on cooldown. I know you play Assassin a lot, but I can only speak on my experience on all my character when it comes to getting CC. You are not spamming retaliate to remove anything. You get it once you wait. You get hit and don't have all your stam, you wait. If it's being broken more than that, it's not retaliate. It's flash casted CC immune/breakers which can't really do anything about. It's a valid discipline choice or power that some classes have. Currently I haven't had anyone actually retaliate my Cheap Shot. So not sure if it's because they can't. Gonna jump into my EK and test it out right now. At the end of the day, Vandal gets 3 types of control. Retaliate without going immune and you can apply another and back off. I thought you were speaking on their ability to disengage compared to others, which is just the same. But you're talking application of damage each time.
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    Yet your video was a montage of stealth ganking unsuspecting noobs, a number without armor at all. I am sure those considering playing can't wait to experience it..... Hoot! That said, the music was great!
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    Lock Characters to EKs

    Yeah, this would be an excellent option. Characters who are not in Campaigns but are in EKs should require an UNLOCK similar to those in Campaigns exiting the Campaign.
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