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    Putting balance aside for now, I want to talk about how the Templar fits into Crowfall’s combat. I will touch on three areas – Design/Role, Skills, Customization – and contrast the good with the bad; identifying what makes this class fun. Most of this feedback is directed toward ACE, with an emphasis on design philosophy and achieving “fun”. Feel free to contribute to that goal. Let’s try to avoid “in 5.7 Templar is so weak, buff plz”. Tell us what you like about the Templar; what really makes the class fun? DESIGN/SKILLS Originally designed as a tank with an area-control theme, the Templar certainly has a place in Crowfall’s large scale fights centered around defending and capturing specific points of interest. Many of the skills that form the “core” of the Templar are tailored made for that. However, there are a number of other skills that spark your imagination to see other possibilities as well. But first, what is the core functionality of how the Templar is supposed to work? In the most basic terms, the Templar uses their LMB attacks to generate PIPs to be spent on more powerful abilities; very similar to combo points. There are some skills that also generate PIPs (more on that later). While the theory is fine and is used for similar classes in other games with great success (WoW Paladin), it fails to deliver in Crowfall for a few simple reasons: You generate too few PIPs per time spent using LMB. This is compounded by the need to be in melee to even generate PIPs and the burden of only the 3rd attack generating PIPs. Devotion feels like a band-aid in this area (healing is a separate discussion). Most skills that spend PIPs don’t even feel strong enough to use. As a point of reference, most discipline skills do way more damage and cost 0 PIPs. Essentially, this amounts to the Templar’s resource system being completely ignored. This is, in part, due to the silly PIP generation of Divine Light. In a large group fight (which the Templar is designed for), every pulse of Divine Light can give you full PIPs. You literally cannot even get close to spending them as fast as you get them. Nor would you want to, because you should be holding RMB and spamming E like a good little Templar. Which leads me to the over-arching conclusion of the Templar: One Trick Pony. If your enemies are not standing in your Divine Light and triggering your Parry, then the Templar is neither effective or fun to play. SKILLS Great Swing 1 – Great Swing 2 – Great Swing 3 As above, the biggest problem is all the PIP generation taking place on the 3rd swing. (Suggestion: Each attack generates a PIP and then the spenders cost more PIPs to start the chain, but subsequent attacks in the chain are free.) Censure The biggest problem is how buggy this is. I would much prefer the vertical “jumping” element be removed in favor of a more standard “charge” implementation. Some other ideas could be to do something similar to GW2’s Warrior “spinning dash” skill. (Suggestion: Some way to customize our build and give this skill 2 uses – like racial dodges – would be fun) Reproach - Castigate – Radiant Sweep/Righteous Smash Long and slow. This combo sees limited use because skill 1 & 2 stink (a lot) and people need to be not paying attention to be hit by the third one. Radiant Sweep is obviously really strong, but Righteous Smash is lacking. The damage is weak and the resource generation is borderline useless (see DESIGN comments above). (Suggestion: Give the first 2 skills of this combo more damage or some other reason to be used, then buff the damage on Righteous Smash by a good amount.) Judgement – Execute Perfect. Unique, powerful in the right circumstances, and fun. Some of the most fun I have playing Templar is using this skill. Divine Light Very strong skill, really fits the Templar design and role. The PIP cost/generation mechanic needs to be overhauled. A single 2 PIP upfront cost and no additional cost/gain would be appropriate. Should be Holy Damage. (Suggestion: Would really like to see some build customization around causing some effect to enemies that either enter or exit your Divine Light, choose to have it follow your character, or cause other skills to be more powerful while in your own Divine Light) Devotion Really great skill. The best element being that you heal based on the damage you do. Very fun dynamic. The “Sin” dynamic needs to be looked at again as there is no synergy with other skills. (Suggestion: Emphasize this as the healing option in damage oriented builds and Divine Light stronger in supportive builds; base values/scaling need to be looked at to make that happen.) Holy Warrior Although I don’t think it works, the theory of this skill is great. Allows Templar to cut through heavy mitigation classes/builds/buffs in a way that others cannot. However, it feels like this should be an ultimate for offensive builds. Righteous Stand – Righteous Parry While this is supposed to be a class defining ability, it is simply too strong. It is the primary source of damage and crowd control. A re-design that gives the Parry a cooldown and removes the knockdown is probably warranted. Retaliate Uninspiring. Low damage, nothing unique (sin reduces cooldown is useless with stamina change). Also devalued because we currently spend a lot of the time holding RMB and therefore avoiding CC (especially true when it was bugged). (Suggestion: Have it additionally do damage and reflect the CC back to the player who placed it on you. Would allow some additional tools against ranged classes.) Brilliance Generic. No real synergy with anything. Should at least be holy damage, but something more impactful should be explored. CUSTOMIZATION There are many solution-oriented comments sprinkled throughout the Skills commentary above. But to define the problem, we lack the ability to customize our characters to a degree that can, in any meaningful or successful way, change our role. This is a more striking weakness on the Templar because of the complete lack of a ranged option (which I think is fine). The only real Disciplines in the game that help versus ranged attacks are the ones that give you ranged attacks yourself. It is almost a “if you can’t beat them – join them” philosophy. (Not counting the silly, cancerous “reflect” or “immune” to some specific damage type Disciplines.) Additionally, replacing your Templar skills with discipline ones makes you feel like “not a Templar” instead of a “different Templar”. That is obviously a larger game issue but seems exaggerated in the Templar. I would love to see a new take on a WoW-like talent system where you have to make choices, and everything seems powerful, but perhaps in different roles or circumstances.
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    Alternative Name in game: Houses!

    Hi all! I hope you are enjoying Crowfall like me ! I Start this thread to share with all of you a suggestion about the name that is displayed in game. Currently, giving a name to the character that we created in Crownfall does not help much, since you end up seeing the name of the account. I heard about this recently. A friend told me that it was like a punishment measure for those toxic players, because that way you could identify the player regardless of the character that was created. However, I think there is a better way to respect this and to make the game more oriented to the role play. And that is: Familiy names! My idea is that the account name is used as the surname of our characters, as if it were a house they serve. So if a player is toxic, it will be as if "that family" had no honor. Thus the name of the characters could be seen. I give you an example: My username is Valandril (As you can see in this post) I create a Druid named: Pathelin, and in the game would be "Pathelin Valandril". I create a Templar called: Uller, and in the game would be "Uller Valandril". I hope you have understood me, despite my English quality XD. What do you think?
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    Join Todd & Blair for the February ACE Q&A livestream at 12 pm CST on Feb. 7. FULL STORY Immediately following the ACE Q&A, we have a terrific lineup of some of our community's favorite streamers. All are experienced Crowfall players and are happy to answer questions and share their tips and tricks. Stick around and support your fellow Crows! 1 pm - 3 pm CST: Cremdalacrem 3 pm - 5 pm CST - CrusaderW 5 pm - 7 pm CST - xRufio801x 7 pm - 9 pm CST - That_Eriksson
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    Enter the Trials of Malekai to earn a crest accessory FULL STORY
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    The Banewood

    Keeps and the plethora of capture points. Why capture them? Just to say you won the campain. Two suggestions one a dungeon like darkness falls from DAOC. It was the most brilliant idea they implemented. Which ever side owned the most keeps and outpost gained control of the dungeon. In the dungeon you could earn a currency from mobs to get great gear. This gear wasnt near as good as crafted gear which it shouldnt be but it was sufficient to be pvp viable. Lower tier mobs would drop a currency that would give good gear for low lev players and deeper in mobs droped epic currency. This did two things the dominant faction was in the dungeon and not able to quikly defend keeps and when the next faction took control of the dungeon they could muster together as a group and kill the mobs along the way to kill opposing faction while they were in the dungeon farming when you got to thier quadrant of the dungeon. It made for some of the most exciting feelings on both ends. When new faction got in it was like lets go get them SOBs and on other side of coin you were like aww hell we better get ready for battle or get back up top to retake our keeps. The smaller capture points on map scattered about play a roll in weakening the defences of the keeps. More capture points you took less guards spawned and their damage and defence was lessened. This makes small groups important for the roll as well.
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    forum edit/reply odditity

    You're still a green K in my heart of hearts.
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    The Banewood

    I'll counter propose with the Acklay Rather than a dungeon only for the team that is winning, how about an open world dungeon that spawns on a schedule at a random location within the leading faction's home zone? The loot doesn't need to be a new currency, loot can be in many forms without hurting the player driven economy; gold, limited use recipes & rare additives leap to mind. High quality resource nodes & dense mob spawns on short respawn times can be scattered throughout the dungeon as well as a distraction to the unfocused. Being an open world event, just being the leader doesn't mean your team will automatically get the loot. We all know when the dungeon will spawn, and in what zone... So it ends up being a scouting race in the leader's home territory followed by a multi-faction raid fight getting to the bottom. Lots of opportunity for PvP in multiple settings.
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    Race Skill Tree

    Both the race and class passive skill trees were removed... the class nodes were mostly rolled into the new talent tree but many race stats are just gone and the racial crafting stats are hard locked which severely pigeonholes crafting-race combos. Harvesting bonuses are no longer tied to race... I feel that the passive tree is now not only lackluster, but also diminished. It only delineates profession choices. Perhaps some racial skills should be there that give more options to races for crafting and harvesting and perhaps restoring some racial flavor... stealth, range, perception, tracking, far sight racial stats
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    This is the main thing. Level 10 should take 10-20mins to acquire,and give you the necessary class toolkit to PvP. The extra 20 levels should be about character refinement not whole pieces.
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    Que tipo de jogador é você?

    Um tal de Infernus...
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    Some of the changes we are testing in the 5.8 build: - All of the passive skill trees for Race and Class training got moved into the new talent trees that you progress with the active leveling + Divine Sacrifice system. Each Vessel (character) levels to 30 through XP gain, and you get talent points and stats to distribute at each level. - The account-wide passive training is now only for the 3 profession areas. Each player (nonVIP and VIP) can choose 2 lines to train out of combat, crafting, or exploration. Each tree starts out with basics and then gets more specialized, with diminishing returns as you train deeper into the trees. - Currently in the 5.8 testing we have 6 open slots for Vessels (characters) and an additional 3 that are locked. Crowfall is very alt friendly, assuming you have the time to invest in playing multiple characters. In addition to the active leveling and the passive training, you will also want to get some quality gear (armor, weapons, accessories, crafted vessel, discipline runes) customized to your character's specialization.
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    Chaos Siege Fite-Nite Feb 4

    Yo, I hear prealpha siege is super important. I don't know what's more hilarious cheesing a pre alpha siege or caring about the cheese. You all make me sick! Nerds!11!!1
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    IMO, both the leveling experience, and the rational behind it, is going to need a long hard look. If you're leveling a white vessel as part of a group that knows what it's doing, with good access to a broad range of level appropriate mobs, it's easy. A few hours of grinding & you're done. If you have Level 30 friends that are going to be chewing on high level mobs anyway, you can pretty much group up, go AFK, & get carried. If you don't have a good group to level with, good mobs to grind on, PvP challenging your noob's access to level appropriate mobs, or if you are leveling a crafted vessel... Leveling is painful. Frames were too easy, that needed to be fixed before the leveling system could be proven out. Soil was just begging to be afk macro'd. That leaves us with gold from established vessels & grinding r10s (if there are even r10s in the current campaign). High level mobs are supposed to be PvP magnets, so that's not a very friendly environment to be leveling in, and high quality vessels are limited as where they can gain experience. I would love to hear from JTodd & Blair how they want leveling to play out for both new players and for crafted vessels. If we're supposed to HTFU & learn to not be a noob while leveling our 1st white vessel from 1-30, and if we're supposed to bank gold until we can level our crafted vessels, so be it but I'd like to hear them say it. IMO, it's not going to be a good new player experience when you force new players to level up using the same locations & resources that you want guilds & factions to have wars over.
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    Race Skill Tree

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    The key for this to work and to have people wanting to hold objectives is give incentives other than points. Currently I think the only other reason to hold stuff is the crafting table acess? Oh, and the thrall bonus, right? There was also talk about upgrading our holds and that could be interesting. The more you hold something the more points it is worth, BUT the more time you have to upgrade it and make it harder to capture.
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    No one cares about the outcomes of the campaigns in these non-sanctioned CWs. We're going through the motions to give you data points, but mostly these CWs are for recovering from the character and item wipe in preparation for the sanctioned CWs. So by all means, make all the changes you need to mid-CW. Many of us are waiting for the dregs ruleset before we start worrying about meeting the win conditions. Faction play is less compelling.
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    Sanctifier Advice

    EDIT: Doublepost because of ongoing forumbug...fix this alreasy gosh...
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    Necromancy might be to OP

    your better off spending your time getting a blue weapon and green armor over a vessel tbh. Sure they have more stats but they do very little overall compared to getting double the HP off a green piece of armor over a white piece for example.
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    It's interesting that you assume that nearly everyone will be in the dregs. I assume just the opposite: a handful of elites will slug it out in the dregs while the overwhelming majority of the playerbase (by number of unique accounts that log in per month, not by hours played--and yes, that makes a huge difference) will avoid it. If you are correct, then that just moves the question to being how to balance the dregs, and that strikes me as completely intractable. If there aren't limits to faction sizes in the dregs (or guilds or whatever you call the relevant concept), then the stable situation will be a small handful of enormous factions, and you have to either join one or abandon all hope of winning. In some campaigns, it could be just one major faction, which would be stupid and boring, but having more than two meaningful factions would never be a stable outcome. If there are limits to faction sizes, then the benefits to filling your faction with highly active players are both obvious and enormous. If one faction is full of players who play 5 hours per week, and another has the same number of players, but they play 40 hours per week, then the latter faction is going to beat the former because they'll pretty much always have far more players online. The stable outcome in this situation is that eventually the handful of players who play the most join factions or guilds or whatever with each other. The handful of players who can get into such guilds can compete with each other in the dregs. Everyone else--that is, the overwhelming majority of the playerbase--will know that they have no hope of ever winning anything in the dregs, so they'll avoid it. Most people wouldn't find it fun to play a PVP game where you know up front that you'll never have any chance of having any outcome besides losing horribly, and that's all that the dregs would have to offer most people. The only way that I can see to avoid that in the dregs is to have so many dregs campaigns and such large player caps per faction that there are generally only a few significant factions in a dregs campaign, and they're always starved for players, so that they'll accept just about anyone. Otherwise, you'll get a cascading effect where the worst players can't get into a viable faction and quit. Then the next worst players are now the worst players and subsequently quit for the same reasons. The playerbase then dries up with one tier after the next quitting when they realize that they have no hope of being competitive until all that is left is a handful of elites at the top. Maybe it would take several months for that to play out, but if you design a system where that's the only stable outcome, it's a question of when, not if. That's not to say that the dregs are bad. Rather, it's a simple acknowledgement that top-tier PVP is inaccessible to the overwhelming majority of the playerbase in just about every game ever. If the entire game is unplayable for everyone else, then the game will predictably be dead on arrival. The tiny sliver of elites who are the very best aren't enough to sustain a game unless they're all whales in a pay to win game, which doesn't seem to be the plan here. If the game is to be commercially successful, then you can have the dregs, but you also need to have something that works for everyone else. Which returns to the original question: how do they plan to balance factions? That seems easier to do than trying to make the dregs viable to more than a relative handful of hardcore players.
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    Apprenez-en plus sur les mécaniques de score et les points de capture pour la première campagne dans notre question/réponse du mois de janvier ! Notre Directeur Créatif J. Todd Coleman et notre Directeur Design Thomas Blair vous diront tout ! Lire la suite...
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    Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Capping has in its own right become an artform. From stealing a win with but an apple, to letting others help you cap. So -when- you cap, don't be so certain you're the one doing the capping mates!.
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    Something I'm curious about, is from what perspective the original argument comes from. Is it of the perspective of a long time player, who plays solely for the PVP--for which the leveling and time investment cuts into the hacking and slashing? A player whose done the leveling and the gear grinding time and time again, for which it's not a bit stale? As a recently new player, I don't mind the short level grind. It lets me get accustomed to classes and their abilities, as well as swapping out Disciplines to test out how skills work. I can see how if someone's been doing this for months upon months, the tedium might be there. Yet for those new like I am, it may be an enjoyable system (it is for me), and that doesn't devalue it, though ones perspective may differ.
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    I think the game should adopt the game mode of a Battle Royale as it was in the Hunger Dome, but with a progression system for players to feel motivated to play. It would be a Battle Royale with PVE elements: 1- The player chooses a faction; 2- The player goes to the Faction Temple and chooses when to enter the battlefield; 3- The system balances the lvl to the player when crossing the portal will be joined to his faction team and needs to collect resources by map, killing mobs, collecting chests and make foods; 4- The player begins to create items for him inside the map; 5- The player encounters enemies and fights with them. A kill = gold and XP. 6 - At the end of the game, the player returns to the Faction Temple and uses the items to craft and trade.
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