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    Crowfall should find an exit strategy for leveling, as soon as possible. While doing a wonderful job to lift rewarding mechanics and introduce some fresh ideas in other areas of the game, the implementation of leveling is a failure. And for good reason, I’d argue, because it simply does not have a valid reason to exist in Crowfall; at least not in the traditional sense. Frankly, the leveling mechanic for Crowfall to introduce skills or ‘ready’ the player is just unimaginative design. I’d rather you drop the new player into an instance based siege with NPCs, introducing skills, combinations and some tactical foundations. The skill and mastery of which we exit from the introduction instance could provide us a baseline vessel. Perhaps, even a method to acquire a slightly more powerful vessel depending on our performance. The new player could attempt the instance (generated gameplay as to introduce elements of surprise) until they feel comfortable to dive into the zones and concept of real risk. Training dummies should also be converted into intelligent AI that can be dueled against. The player could select which type of class they wish to engage against when initializing a duel. Of course, I acknowledge that a single post isn’t going to cover all the design decisions required to create, modify or address issues in designing an alternative. However, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with this current direction of leveling as a means of progression or introduction to skills. You guys are better than this.
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    Loot All Button

    A loot all button would remove some of the frantic, under-pressure looting that goes on in some PvP situations.
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    unlocking a character from the campaign

    I'm not sure, but you will definitely lose anything you have in the campaign if you unlock. If you are trying to export stuff and you are out of exports, you can create a new character then bring both characters to a trade chest and use that to swap your stuff. Barring that, trade the stuff to someone you trust and then have them trade it back to your new character.
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    The Banewood

    Dungeon is kinda a generic term. It could be The Banewood forest home of the god causing the hunger. Skys the limit. As well as bringing the lore to life. All nodes and beast have 15% chance to drop rarer materials.
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    sorry bud looks like account problem that can only be fixed by the department you can try the NEED HELP on main website page on the bottom left, not sure if you have already tried that too good luck
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    Disciplines' 'Variant of' field

    "Variant of" isn't a new thing. Since we're able to name things, it's so you know what you're getting on a crafted item. For example, this sword I crafted a very long time ago. Groovin's Greatsword, Variant of: Two handed sword. Why it's on Discs, I don't know, since I'm pretty sure you can't rename them.
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    Weapon types

    Check the date... almost 1½ year old, things have changed...
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    Weapon types

    Huh? That’s not true at all.
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    Updated Vessel Info

    Once crafted, you place them in your spirit bank and then create a new character. Select the race of the vessel and you'll see the crafted vessel become an option. Once created the vessel item goes away and becomes a new playable character.
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    Haha Don't worry. I think those numbers have been this way, pretty much irrelevant that is, since forever. Which was one reason I wanted a more acurate report, to see if they changed at all.
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    Live version of test. What we all normally play on. Tankard cosmetics will be for doing 4 hours in the other test.
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    The white vessel should be the character's backstory. The reason they were chosen by the gods. Once you get the white vessel done, you should never have to redo the start from LMB with that Class. Other classes sure. Level again to 30. Once you get a new vessel after mastering your old one. You should start with the mastered stats and level up to the new stats. Getting familiar with the body and the new limits of that vessel. You should not lose capability.
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    Happy Birthday Checkyotrack

    I was 24 when these forums went up. I am 29 today. Is Crowfall out yet or what?
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    ... fill another experience point bar ... fill another experience point bar ... fill another experience point bar ... fill another experience point bar guess what we get to do again today! Kill (rats) or spiders or cats or zombies to ... fill another experience point bar /fin
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    I have not posted much over the last couple years as most people say what needs to be said already. Most of the big bugs we find go directly to support in email as to not perpetuate the faulty systems. But I think this case is special and needs a bit more attention - As I really "dislike" the current direction. I read that this whole thing came about because a few spoke out for the need for some type of Achievement satisfaction - I find it VERY difficult to believe this is satisfying in any way to anyone. So I just started framing out everything I would like to say about the leveling system and the current nerf and the total waste of time to try and even get a green vessel to 30.......but it would turn into a book and 95% of it has been stated in this and/or other threads. One thing i did not see mentioned though was the fact that this "Created Uncle Bob" or at the least a bigger divide between the haves and haves not - Those that had the logistics early on are all now running in Epic Vessels already and those that would like one will either "fail" or grind themselves into oblivion. My son and I will be fine but I really feel for the new guys taking a look into the game. If I was new, I guarantee that I would not play this game past lvl 15. This is not to say that that others should not…… just not “Me”. I would simply call the investment a write off and move on. I "heard" it mentioned that ACE/Blair thinks that now people will need to fight for the Leveling areas and creating this conflict is a desirable method to encourage PVP. Do I even need to explain how impossible it will be for a person to "PVP" without even having skills? The idea of a talent tree is fine but I honestly the full kit should be acquired by level 10 and rest some new gravy. For "Me", even aside from the recent 5.8.2 sacrifice nerf, I have not had any "Fun" at all with the talent system. To be honest, I think it is a joke and feel sorry for whom ever planned it out. Luckily, I believe ACE will see the foolishness of all this and fix it soon and if not soon – “We” will simply take a break until someone pulls head from @$$. I know ACE gets tired of only negative feedback so let me say – “My son and I are still with you and believe you are creating something quite amazing that we plan to enjoy for A LOT OF YEARS”. But recently, every time I see the “CF” acronym in my mind I think – Cluster Fudged. Just honest “Personal” feedback -
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    EXP and Leveling

    I have some concerns about the sacrifice system getting hit repeatedly with the nerf bat. Mostly that there doesn't seem to be any consideration for a replacement. Grinding mobs for EXP in crowfall is painful, especially in a game where PvE is supposed to be an incredibly minor part. Don't get me wrong, I am actually not opposed to a mixture of PvP and PvE, I think it can work really well. But the PvE mobs are really bad here. They are boring, stupid (in AI terms) and offer zero engaging content. They also don't give much in the way of exp and they fall off to nothing very quickly. With the gating of disciplines that are required for not yet implemented recipes (a temp fix that I don't mind given the pre-alpha status) and the gating of gear for classes until you hit nearly level cap (sub-class gear options) it's really painful to play right now. With the problem stated, here are my suggestions since this is a suggestion thread and not a gripe at the devs thread 1. Offer us a comprehensive fix to EXP and leveling rather than just whacking the (arguably) one section of EXP grinding that actually works and ignoring the rest. 2. If mobs need to play a larger more engaging role then please give them some love and slow down the fall off in EXP, or even eliminate the 0 EXP part of it letting them give a small but non-zero amount of EXP regardless of level. 3. Make it more clear which mobs will give EXP for your level. Other MMO's I have played did this by changing the nameplate color based on the comparison of the mobs level to yours. 4. Tie the mobs EXP to total attribute points instead of level. A low level blue vessel is going to have a much easier time with an R5 mob than a low level white vessel and that should be reflected in the EXP instead of just using levels. 5. Move the subclass gear options forward in the tree, like around level 15 and use the following levels to specialize into and get better at the subclass. This helps get people into the fight sooner as they can equip the gear they will actually be fighting with earlier while still leaving a reason to progress. 6. At least until the crafting stuff is all implemented open up 2 crafting discipline slots immediately.
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    An idea

    I teamed up with a random player today and had a great time capturing both our first camp and tower. We specifically sought out an R2 difficulty level and while basking in our glory capturing the point back from those filthy others, we discussed what sounded like a cool idea. What if after capturing our point back we were able to head back to our local fort and purchase a supply cart that would set out on a mission to increase the R level of the point we had just liberated? It would require our dutiful defense so the local brigands didn’t plunder it’s riches and if we were successful, the greatful guards would equip better gear and have a hearty meal, and gain an R level. Maybe tie in some sort of mild immediate reward to make it a bit more worthwhile than just making it harder for other factions to take it in the future. Anyways, just an idea. Have fun folks!
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    Damage barriers

    Having fly text for how much damage a barrier mitigates on each hit would be nice too, along with entries in the combat log so we can ensure that it's working correctly.
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    This is all old information. They recently announced that there will be no training difference between VIP and non VIP, with both getting the same two training lines. They wanted to take out all pay to win appearance, and completely remove money from the being better equation.
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    Can One Char Be a Crafter and a Fighter?

    That sounded not like you see it in one of the last dev-vids! VIP and passive Training are not releated anymore atm. No answers about VIP-effects atm.
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    Skill training is always active. As long as you train on it you will get the bonuses granted on any vessel (or char) you use. It is a account-wide thing. The only hurdle here is time. Like people said above you can train in 2 trees simultaneously out of combat, crafting or exploration. With no time loss since you would progress on both at the same time. EDIT: Removed innacurate info. Sorry guys, I have shamed my family.
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    Can One Char Be a Crafter and a Fighter?

    For skill training, you can train 2 of combat, crafting and exploration. So if you want, you can train both combat and crafting on the same account. However, you will absolutely want different vessels for each, as you will want to focus on different stats for crafting vs combat.
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    Weapon types

    This is what we can currently see from weapon disciplines [not all active]
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    It can not be overstated enough how poorly made socksty this leveling system is. Especially when you start getting to leveling vessels. Putting in xp for doing things like crafting and harvesting or capturing thing is not going to fix this. Not having your abilities seriously suck. Try being a druid and not having anything but an electrocute and a LMB until you're more than halfway through your leveling because Gaia's Wail is broken. And even those are on a big cooldown. Being level 30 with all your abilities for a while, then you go to level a new vessel--which is essentially a suped up version of yourself--but instead you are left with 0 goddamn abilities once again and now IT'S EVEN HARDER TO LEVEL! So you're stuck with nothing even longer. Is it too much to ask vessel grant your talents and the leveling is just to unlock what the new vessel gives--MORE STATS!?!
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