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    Transcendence is Recruiting! [NA]

    Who is Transcendence, and what are our goals for Crowfall? Transcendence (hereafter known as TRA), is a guild of adults (at least in age)who in our free time, enjoy playing this game of Crowfall, while learning and trying to improve in its many aspects. We are a guild who seeks to grow through quality of player--this is more about ones personality than their game-play skill. Though Crowfall is still in a pre-alpha state, we are striving to leave our mark on the community in a positive manner, through our decorum and guild personality. We also seek to leave our positive mark in the in game sense as well, by being active on the fighting front, and having friendly competition on the leader-boards. Our overall goal in Crowfall is to have fun. There is a fine line between taking the game overly serious, and overly casual, and we're trying to ensure we find our balance somewhere in the middle. Also, being a multi-national English-speaking guild it allows us to have players on at all times of the day. Who should apply to Transcendence? TRA has little patience for drama, and in a game of this nature, that's bound to happen. So if you thrive on drama, and seek to spurn it on, you're not going to find a lot of support here. If drama tires you out, and you just want to go crack some heads on the digital battlefield, or harvest the shiny things, or make the shiny things, then you may be in luck. TRA is of adult age ranges, which means people have jobs, families they care for, and real life troubles of their own. To this, we know that people don't always want to play Crowfall. Even when they do, real life may not simply allow it. We don't have any manner of required play time, or an expectation that you'll be all night every night. Do you have to play X class, or participate in Y activity? The answer to this is 'No'. If your only real desire to to mine ore, and that's the kind of thing that makes you happy, then mine to your heart's content. If you have the blood-lust that roils in your veins, and you'll find only satisfaction in crushing your enemies, and making their women weep in lamentations, then crush away. If you want to be armorer and quartermaster, taking pride as guild members harvest those tasty shiny things, or crush said enemies, by the gear you've provided--then put on that blacksmith's apron. Whatever your focus or interest, it's welcomed. If PVP is not at all your thing, you are not required to indulge in it--though we think it's a lot of fun, and we do invite you to join us. If combat is your sole goal, you are not required to arm yourself with a pickaxe, instead of combat axe--though any harvested material you bring in does help. When it comes to PVP, there are situations where some classes are more necessary and preferable than others. Does this mean we will force you to switch to said class? No. If you find the class that you love, and it's all you want to play and improve and master--than continue to do so. Though being flexible in class and build does allow the guild to be more impactful on the battlefield. I've read all this and I want to join. What's next? If you've read through our brief post, and the style of our guild seems to resonate with what you'd want, then we invite you to drop by our Discord: https://discord.gg/3PSmZtj Once there, find Nueby (our guild boss) and message her, and she'll conduct an interview. Why is the interview important? It ensures that your personality, and our guild personality, sync up well. The last thing you'll want to do, is be here a month, and not feel like you fit in well. It also helps you to know going into things, what as a guild we expect of our guild members, so there's no surprises along the way. If after the interview, you decide we're not the guild for you, then no worries. TRA tries to keep in good contact with our factional guilds (and some cross-faction), so that if you don't find what you're looking with us, chances are, we'll know where to send you. We hope to see you on the battlefield, whether as friend or foe.
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    Wow, you all have lots of good ideas! Keep them coming! I also wanted to pop in and comment on this. I know it sounds like alchemy is a lost art we haven't given any consideration to, but it's on my radar! I don't have solid dates or much other info that pertains specifically to alchemy just yet, but please know it's on my list of tasks to take on. Food items were a lot easier to create and come up with since there aren't any skill dependencies; Alchemy is a whole other beast entirely and I want to give it the proper amount of time necessary to create useful recipes that tie into our crafting flow properly.
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    Fun times on EU server

    Some good back and forth fights against chaos and order for the EU siege today. It's good to see Cal finally get a challenge on the EU server. I'll post the video once @Balathan has it finished. Fun times with 5 people, thanks for the hard carry from @Scorn. @Endless managed to not fall to his death so it's always a good day in HoA comms.
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    Balance: 2.5mill | Order & Chaos: 500k

    Death is coming
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    This. This right here is my ideal plan. Will it happen? I sure hope so. Will it happen within the next update? Probably not, but I'm trying my best to get some more fun things out there to vary up buffs, procs, and make alchemy sexy again. I love the idea of transmuting stacks of things; I just don't know if it's doable at the moment. Let me do some more digging and see, but no promises.
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    Just saying Why is Alchemy not been given the same treatment as food that requires 0 skill? All these buffs would normally be regulated to Alchemy in any other game. While im glad that more stuff is being added .. Why is alchemy the skill that is forgotten? You mind as well do away with the skill completely roll ambrosia into a food product and put philosopher stones in necromancy....
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    James Goblin, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good alpha testers or bad. Why we logged in, or why we lost connection. All that matters is that We Played To Crush. That's what's important! Low latency pleases you, James Goblin... so grant me one request. Grant me high frame rates! And if you do not listen...then the HELL with you!
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    Excellent fights order

    Got my siege video done. Order POV. Potato plays! I was on a mission to find that pinata.
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    Fancy a cup of hot cocoa or some delicious borscht? FULL STORY
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    Is Healing Under-Powered?

    Currently, my druid heals for under 200 hp with each cast which is 3.5% or less of my druids 5700hp. This percent would be even lower when it comes to melee class wit plate armor on. Is this no too low to be effective in combat? Especially when I can heal myself for much more, using pips and the Q button
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    From my understanding centaur mounts will consist of horse shoes that get crafted or something like that.
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    A clock would be nice

    Could we get a clock ingame. I know there is on on the character screen, but one in the campaign would be nice. Thanks
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    I'd rather go pvp on a game that isn't a slideshow for me, I pop into crowfall here and there but most people like myself are just are tired of the lag/ping/slideshow when its large scale pvp so they went on to other games, for most of the people I play with, it has nothing to do with the guilds merging onto balance, its part of the game. making alliances is going to happen, its been going on since I started playing and will happen after launch. Same with people coming and playing/testing, they will come and go for various reasons. Also upgrading my toaster here pretty quick, when I do I will pop into crowfall and if it helps I will be playing more if its still the same I will still play here and there till the game can handle large scale pvp at what I consider a playable/fun state. When that happens also I can almost 100% say you will see a huge flux of players.
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    Absolutely it is hard to say what would have happened ... just saying there is opportunity and I would love to log in and see the table has been flipped.
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    I would be 100% okay with a complete lack of new consumable food/potion recipes until after factories are in. Food makes stacks of template items with no experiment effects and is great without factories. Alchemy, assuming experimentation affected end results would be a nightmare to upkeep and store without blueprints/crates due to the sheer volume of nonstacking items created and consumed since it's a much higher market velocity Runemakers already have this problem and its super annoying.
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    The same happened in SB. I don't think they are going to find a cure to this in CF. Eventually this game will cannibalize its population and they can mitigate this but never prevent it fully. These games reward time played at a very high rate and that reward shows in gear, vessels, player experience, builds resource to time ratios. It all adds up to Uncle Bob. Wiping campaigns will mitigate it somewhat but I can assure you those super guilds will recover faster than small time casual guilds. A wipe tomorrow would slow down HoA but we we would be back in blues and purples days/weeks/months before the competition because of time devoted and the skill system rewards time spent.
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    Well, only in the most trivial of senses. Willing assumes you have the *free* time devout to this goal. Sure, people could quit their jobs and sacrifice friendships and so on to play the game. It can be interpreted as willing, but that's not any metric to go by. I might be as willing as anyone to invest time, but I just don't have it. Or not enough other people who I want to play with / want to play with me. In these cases the game still needs to work, be playable, and fun. This is a well known issue and millions of dollars have been spent trying to correct for "no-lifers" / people who have significantly more time and better social frameworks with which to play. You also point out that the winning guilds are playing the way it's meant to be played, you're right, and what we're seeing is that the way it's Meant to be played is a losing framework. That's the point I think we're all talking about here. Uncle Bob is guaranteed to be invited over for dinner, and when he fouls the atmosphere and everyone leaves, why would they come back?
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    Balance: 2.5mill | Order & Chaos: 500k

    Uncle Bob is that you? 🏳️ This is why popular competitive games have ranks and matchmaking. Putting a wide variety of players on the same field just shows the huge difference between some. To me it will cause more harm then good if the top few percent will be able to relatively easily roll those at the bottom (much like real life). Unlike real life, people can just go play something else. My hope is they figure it out before it's too late. Would be interesting to have a gear/vessel quality cap per campaign rules. To allow players to gradually move up the "super shallow power curve" vertical climb. Along with other (done before) mechanics to help balance out factions. Dregs hopefully pull those at the top away from factions and give ACE room to make them a bit more "fair" not that they every will be.
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    untill we go into launch or at least beta, it will be hard to judge as many people are not playing till then. Who knows how the factions will balance till then. Plus, victory conditions may change from campaign to campaign, so a large faction maybe used.
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    Is Healing Under-Powered?

    It simply depends on what the dev's feel they want healing to be able to accomplish. It's true, the numbers put out by our healing spells are a joke. The meta responds to this by putting two healers in every group. The best interaction in healing is the Rescue ability given by Field Surgeon. Also, I don't see Willow Wisp on your bar. One of the better burst healing (outside of Rescue) available to any healers. Lastly, for Druid, the right click heal orb > most other heals. As of right now, your damaged target and the healer need to work together to gain a positional advantage. In other words, during the time when you your heals are on cooldown, you should be smartly stacking a group of 3-6 orbs. When your target reaches half life you need to communicate your/the orbs location so that they can retreat to be healed. My impact is fairly low as a healer. I'm not going to "save" people consistently like I have done in many other games. This is not exactly "fun". I'm a participant in combat and I want my skills to weigh proportionately to that of the other participants. That being said, I do not think the fix is more/bigger green numbers. I think instead, healers need heal combos like melee have melee combos, and these combinations lead us down different paths offering different strategy abilities. Example: Ability 4 is a 200 point instant heal, press 4 again, get an absorb shield or press E to get a 6 sec damage reduction, if you pressed 4 previously, press 4 again for a Heal over Time, had you pressed E, press 4 again for a friendly target pull. In this example, one path is directed at small amount immediate burst dmg response whereas the other is an escalating response to sustained multi-enemy focus of your target. They could also create rotational synergy for weaker spells in the healing tree "When Soothing Winds is on cooldown, Willow Wisp will also knock enemies back from its point of impact" 45 second cooldown. As a healer, I hope to be more interactive and be offered decisions to make to successfully respond to different scenarios. I want the my ability set to give me the 2 things, 1) the opportunity to be impactful in combat and 2) the opportunity, through my decisions, to elevate me against my peer healers.
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    Valid point. Alchemy contains a very small set of highly potent buffs, and food contains a much larger selection of more varied? Less potent buffs. To more clearly define the roles of both lines, and express that alchemy is a primarily skill based line: Straight buffs: cooking Leave the harvesting buffs in both as the stacking interaction makes both valuable. Alchemy: In addition to necromancy mats, allow alchemists to: Transmute materials at a loss related to experimentation success. For instance "transmute metal" recipe that takes a 100 stack and a 1 stack, the resulting item being the metal type in the 1 stack in a stack size equal to the resulting experiment % This would allow a skilled, geared, alchemists with enough dust to get pretty high return rates while still ensuring transmutation is less efficient than straight harvesting. This would also make alchemists key economic litigators against bad resource spawn rolls or losing good resource territory. Proc, lifestyle, thorns, perception, farsight, stealth, disguise, and other effect potions. These can even overlap (and stack with) food buffs, but require more material and can be experimented upon for potency, duration, and other key stats. This means food remains valuable (because it stacks with alchemy buffs) and accessible (because it requires no skills) but positions alchemists as the skilled craftsmen of the buff world capable of extreme "magical" effects outside the realm of cooking.
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    Balance: 2.5mill | Order & Chaos: 500k

    @Oaths thanks, I was so excited when I saw that thread. Alas, it's a dumpster fire of accusations and politics. No headway was made on the issue at hand and so now it's locked. My point is that CF is a competitive PvP game and we just got a taste of how mega guilds are gonna play it (@mandalore: no, dude, I'm not saying Balance is a mega guild, I'm saying when it goes live, the big no lifers are gonna step in and this will be a daily special. Just look at pretty much any CPvP game out there (Atlas, Conan, Ark, etc.). If folks think this was bad, there are guilds out there that will school Winterblades) I just don't know how more carrots are going to solve this issue. What happened (it seems) is that the other factions lost the will to fight. That's a huge problem. It's huge. It ends games and it's not just the players. Not everyone is part of a large well organized guild. Not everyone has the time to spend farming and staying up and the massive investment it takes to do anything in this game. That's a big problem because the 1,000 people who do are not going to be enough to support this game for 5-10 years. This is why PvP brackets were made, why millions of dollars are invested in "intelligent" match making, ELO rating exist, leagues, etc. It's because even though I like basket ball (I don't really), I don't want to play 1v1 or 10v10 with NBA players. I'll just stand there and watch them dunk. So how is this mediated? I dunno that multi vector rewards is enough to stop this from happening and motivate players who are being crushed to keep fighting. I did like the suggestion of the game assigning players to factions (a la match making in most games) would help break up hegemonies and prestacking but I dunno
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    Urban's Brew Alcohol Recipe, race affected All brews restore 5 food. Half Elf: Whiskey "A Hard Drink for a hard life" +1% to all mitigations Wood Elf: Mead "No Drop Sweeter than Gaea's own reserve" +3% out of combat movement speed High Elf: Champagne "Only a savage would drink it right away. Save it for a special occasion." +2% feast buff duration. Fae: Nectar "Deceptively sweet, Surprisingly dangerous." +5 stealth Half Giant: Beer "Battle Fuel! I'll have six!" +100 max HP Minotaur: Swill "Brutal, yet efficient." +2 minimum weapon damage Elken: Brandy "Warmth for the coldest trail and the longest hunt." Resistance to hunger shards Guinecian: Gin "Classy, right?" +1 experimentation (all) Centaur: Wine "A Toast! To Victory!" Deathblows do not require an axe, these deathblows do not produce a skull. Stoneborne: Ale "From hearth to table." +1 Assembly (all) Nethari: Flask of Pure Water "Pure as Arkon's gaze, without a trace of sin." +1 minute duration to crafted consumables (counts as water) Human: Mostly Empty Flask "Looks used" +12 food restore to crafted consumables (counts as a flask)
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    can we have a coffee addiction mechanic where if you drink anything besides that you get -50 stamina
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    Can we get some racial themed food? Would be fun to see some elvish themed cuisine for the filthy humans to illegally consume. Some hay for the horse people.
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    Excellent fights order

    We all put up a much better fight last night, than we did a few nights previous. Each fight is giving us a chance to look at where we did well, and what we need to improve on. I look forward to more good fights, and learning all the more from them.
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    Durability is Over the Top

    If PvP is more profitable, then harvesting is less, and somebody else's life sucks more. It's a zero sum game. SOMEBODY has to put in the time whacking nodes. Just because that somebody isn't you, does not make those resources magically less expensive/easier to get, it just means you personally didn't spend the time harvesting. "It will be easier when PvP is more profitable", is not accurate. If PvP is more profitable, without improvements to the baseline productivity of mice, then all that will mean is the churn rate on mice leaving game completely for the cats to starve goes up. The spirit bank the way it is, is probably all that is keeping any mice around at this point.
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    Pack Pig Mounts

    I was able to make a Pack Pig Mount for 90 hides and 25 dust. It said to place in survival tray, but it does not seem to work. Anyone else got this issue?
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    Are Centaurs considered to be mounted?

    Are Centaurs considered to be mounted? If not, then I guess Chivalry is useless, if so, then Chivalry should be on all the time.
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    Balance: 2.5mill | Order & Chaos: 500k

    The juice is not worth the squeeze. Why play in an unfun game with unfun mechanics and no quality of life. I have played almost non stop for coming up on 3 years. I have been hearing about factories that entire time. About how game changing it is going to be. /sigh I want a guild chest/vault that you can deposit into without another player having to be at the wheel. I want target dummies in an EK. I want a god damn repeat button for crafting. (thralls/blueprints) I want expandable player/vessel item storage for ek's (Placeable chests for personal storage) I need some quality of life or I can just go play another game that values my effort and time more.
  32. 1 point
    Most of us are doing the same thing we always do, which is farm the poorly made socks out of everything so we can continue to make better gear, vessels, and equip our teammates. I feel that attitude says more about the current status quo than anything. It's not like there were tons of fights happening all the time before this campaign anyway - and the bulk of the bigger ones we had were vs. HoA. We can still scrim vs them in EK's so not much as changed.
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    The missing link is an effective economy. The SWG meta took gear, doc buffs, entertainer buffs, and food buffs. All were exclusively profession sourced, but all were easily accessible through a functional economy. CF has the tools for us to build an economy, and it's beginning to recover from the last wipe. Assuming that growth continues and accessibility improves, I don't see making more items mandatory in the meta as a bad thing.
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    You're basically saying "if people can make gear then it's too powerful" All of the armor, weapon, and jewelry crafting trees affect combat. Their results are tradable. Their products are consumable. Alchemy buffs are no different aside from the method by which they're consumed.
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    Is Healing Under-Powered?

    I just have a hard time with the mana burn on earthwarden, if I want a healer, maybe cleric would be a better option.
  36. 1 point

    Is Healing Under-Powered?

    You cannot hear in the comms but look at this video where I've linked it at 1:54, I have directed Mjayed to a line of orbs by telling him the cardinal direction of those orbs from his position, I then start building orbs for Salamar, and I guide him right to them by telling him my position and to come to me. This is what I was talking about working together with your DPS. Edit: Then notice Mjayed return to the fight and get 1 shot by druid orbs. We can only do so much. 😃
  37. 1 point
    Alchemy is used for crafting items, if it gives buffs not accessible to everybody then it becomes the de facto pvp skill. These food items are easily made by most players. Not to say alchemy doesn't need a hard look at it in what it does but if you make any of the crafting time sinks give unique buffs they become required in the meta.
  38. 1 point

    Stealth speed changes

    As I told the OP yesterday when he was talking about posting it, I personally don't think anything should be taken away from anyone. A.K.A. nerfing any of the Fae aspects is less than desirable, the other races that can go assassin just need their own flavor and maybe a bump here and there.
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    I think he's referring to guilds that haven't joined the fun yet. I hesitate to even invoke the name, for fear of them appearing in numbers beyond measure, but if G***swarm or the like moves to CF, people will learn the true meaning of a zerg. They would have no need of siege engines. The mountains of their dead would crest our walls, with no end to the horde in sight.
  40. 1 point

    Currency for rewards???

    Your reward in this system is not based on your contribution or how well your team did. It is based solely on whether or not other people in your faction scored higher than you. If you're on the winning faction and contribute the same amount of captures as a player on the losing faction you could actually come away with less reward, as 30th place in a winning faction is gaining less than 5th place in a losing faction due to having less currency as a faction reward. Getting rewarded less for the same effort because your team won doesn't sound like a good reward system. Just because other people on your team are locking down 5/6 zones doesn't mean that your contributions in the 6th zone are necessarily any easier. In fact they may be harder if the losers are boxed in and turtling. Being on an abandoned faction and gaining 1st place for capturing one outpost while someone that captured 20 in the winning faction gets less just because he didn't capture 200 doesn't mean the first place guy had a more difficult time earning the reward. Under your system the 200th place guy may very well come out with a smaller reward just because everyone abandoned the losing faction due to the split of the higher winning pot not being sufficient to cover the volume of players. Scoreboard position is a bad way to assign rewards because it can not account for the actual difficulty of earning them at an individual or even guild level. There are far too many variables beyond kills, deaths, and captures to gauge the relative difficulty of earning score.
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    Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    I'm sure this has been said in one of the other 4 pages that I'm not going to read for brevity, but can you call it a Throne "War" game and not allow the factions to use any (non-glitch/exploit) means necessary to succeed? That's kind of what the origin of war is....if I find an advantage in strategy and/or firepower, I use it until it is no longer an advantage, and upon the appropriate counter measure being developed, I go back to searching for the next advantage to help my faction prevail. Now an unintentional exploit of a known glitch is a different story, but I feel like ACE has been extremely quiet on this subject for a reason. "nothing to see here, operating as intended, not the droids...etc.".... -Ayu
  42. 1 point
    I think it's expected and something to work around the best you can. It doesn't matter if it's against TOS or even bannable (although I personally think it would be silly if it was), people are going to spy. You just have to assume the enemy knows what you are doing, just like they should assume you know what they are doing.
  43. 1 point

    Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    I hope it's not bannable, little late for them to pull the trigger on that. I've got numerous active spies out and about right now. Hint: There's a reason you don't see Obsidian playing Crowfall
  44. 1 point

    Tank Champ is Both Fair and Balanced.

    I don't believe the baseline HP of Armor is subject to Experimentation, only the Additives. So Leather will always be 750HP behind an equally rolled piece of Plate, Mail will be 375 HP behind/ahead etc. I may be wrong. What Blazzen proposed would be great if properly implemented and we wouldn't see such issues as much. Pit Fighter only continues a trend that Champion has been following since Disciplines were first introduced. One I've tried to avoid since experimenting with it and seeing how 'dumb' it looks/feels/is. This got worse with the 'normalization of HP' (Melee getting 5k Base, Ranged 4k-Knight/Templar used to have 6.4 and Champ 4.2 base) Dominance made Champion damage only climb higher than it already was. Putting HP on Plate, and then even further buffing that HP only made the self Healing issue worse. Pit Fighter adds even more Healing and damage mitigation, while giving up most of the Dominance mechanic Champ damage still scales much better than a Knight/Templar for how good their survival ratio. Pit Fighter has so much self sustain that it barely needs Healing, a similar issue with Sanctifier and Righteous Shield (thanks for the 5s internal CD...) The survival to damage ratio is extremely problematic since the introduction of these large %HP Instant Heals which no other class gets.
  45. 1 point
    Another problem with armor is it actualy does nothing defensively appart from HP. most people wil be wunning 25-35% armor penetration since its basicly the only stat you should be rolling on weapons and armor (Unless ur going tanky then u get the crit chance reduction) but other than that. With that you will get about 15-20% armor pen from 2 weapons and another 15% from your armor. So you basically negating armor. As a Knight im only realy getting 10% or so physical reduction in green plate cause of the penetrations on everything.
  46. 1 point

    Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    I for one blame @mandalore
  47. 1 point
    Spying will almost certainly be a thing in every part of this game. Get used to the idea. Start working on countermeasures tactics for it. If you play like a clueless idiot, you will probably die like a clueless idiot.
  48. 1 point

    Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    lol, gotta love how this thread started from a completely diferent topic. The topic raised in the feedback thread was about the faction ruleset (what we have now) alts runegate parking. This thread was worded in a way to be as misleading as possible and here we have people arguing about something completely unrelated. My suggestion to everyone reading this: This whole thread is pointless. Don't bother.
  49. 1 point

    Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    The Dregs solves one problem-- the inability to kill a spy because they are on your faction. No, it doesn't solve everything. It does make a big difference though.
  50. 1 point

    Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    Good luck locating the naked stealth assassin scouts everywhere. Just keep popping that molehunter as you go then. Good gameplay! So much fun! Lets everyone just get 20 accounts and spread them around! This didn't stop from the spies being super effective in Albion as well, even with the threat of permanent ban those were everywhere.
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