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    [RP] Thimble's Promise

    The forges within the Corvus Citadel had been a bustle of activity since the Trials had begun. Though Thimble was but a crow, he had mastered the use of hammer and anvil while inhabiting the reanimated corpse of a long dead knight. Long had he toiled in that vessel, sweating from the heat of the flames, his arms covered in soot. The body had required food and drink while working, but the Citadel had provided. Zerst, Master Chef of the Citadel, had been hard at work himself, creating endless amounts of his signature dishes: gerbil cream pies and gerbil juice. He claimed that there was a secret ingredient, but that he would never tell what it was. No matter; the products of his genius had helped Thimble and the other Crafters of the Citadel outfit nearly all of their combatants in armor made from rare ores gathered near the contested Goldenhorn ore fields. All of that was about to change. The Trial of Valkyn, the All-Father, had begun. The forge still needed tending from time to time, but Thimble had several very eager apprentices who were now skilled enough to take on most of the work. Now Thimble would be able to spend more time in the Trial, to compete to earn tribute with He Who Sits Upon The Dragon Throne, Valkyn the Ancient. He would burn, tear apart, and shred the reanimated bodies inhabited by the crows of Balance, and he would help lead the forces of Corvus Citadel and the rest of Chaos to victory. That was his promise, to himself and to his Brothers and Sisters of the Citadel.
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    [RP] Thimble's Promise

    The drums of war were beating a steady rhythm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G24_1FbBrbg). Corvus Citadel's warriors had joined forces with several other guilds pledged to defend the freedom of the Chaos faction. The forces of Balance had gained control of all three keeps, forcing all Chaos and Order crafting to be done in the safety of the Eternal Kingdoms. Now it was time to take back what was ours, and more. Thimble had been part of an advanced force into the area, days before the siege. They had set up camp near the magical gate leading to their temple, felling trees and busting slag to prepare for their reinforcements to arrive. Now those allies were appearing, banging hammers and swords on shields, the occasional roar of a champion drowning out all sound around them as they prepared their minds for battle. Finally the order was given. The massive force set out for Drachenfels Keep, the sound of dozens of porcine hooves creating a cacophonous roar. Most of the attacking force immediately began the assault, but Duffy, a member of the Corax Council of the Citadel, had other plans. He ordered the warriors of the Corvus Citadel and their allies Infernal to ride with all haste toward the portal to Hurijot. Once there, they leapt through the portal and made haste toward Storm Haven Keep, in the heart of territory controlled by the Balance faction. As they approached the keep, Duffy gave the order to Infernal to summon the great siege engines crafted in the weeks leading up to the attack. Immediately the towering wooden trebuchets began to coalesce into existence, followed shortly by giant balls of fire being launched at the keep's walls. Over and over the walls were struck, and though they weakened, they stood strong. The defenders manning the walls of the keep summoned their own engines of war in response; ballistae mounted on the walls, and their own trebuchets firing from inside their courtyard. Balls of fire the size of centaurs hurled back and forth, smoke trailing behind them, creating a lattice of streaking shadows on the ground. Thimble saw several of the defenders gathering on top of one of the corner towers of the keep. He used the wings of his vessel to propel him forward, and then began summoning the natural power that permeates all living things and focused that energy into orbs among the defenders. Having mastered the forces of Nature, he was able to see the orbs he summoned while the defenders were ignorant of their imminent demise. Once he was satisfied with the number of orbs, his focus strayed from Life energy to Death. With a smile on his lips, he summoned a Blight field, causing the Life orbs to become corrupted and explode, tearing the defenders' bodies apart. His attention suddenly shifted to the wall. It had seen so much punishment that it was beginning to crumble, bricks slipping off as the ones below them shifted. Another meteor-like fireball slammed into what by then amounted to little more than a pile of broken stones and blew a hole wide open. The wall was breached! The order was given to rush into the breach, no matter the cost. The forces of Corvus Citadel and their allies streamed in, instantly annihilating two of the Ranger guards who were trying desperately to stem the tide that was pouring in. Thimble threw orbs of Life energy in front of him as he ran, healing himself as he stepped through them, and laughed at the remaining guards who were targeting him. Duffy gave the call to charge directly into the room where the ultimate objective lay: the Tree of Life. More and more attackers piled in, and here is where the defenders were making their desperate last stand. Attackers fell, the crow spirits inhabiting them forced to fly back from the portal the better part of a league away. But for every attacking vessel that perished, two or three defenders met their end. Though the crows flying back were weighed down by the shroud of Death, far too many Chaos forces remained for the defenders to handle. The very life force of the Tree of Life was quickly extinguished, and Duffy himself was able to plant a new sapling using a golden apple harvested from the knotwood forest outside of Corvus Citadel. Word reached them of triumph at Drachenfels Keep. The forces of Chaos had done the impossible - they had taken two keeps from the vast and powerful Balance armies, led by the feared forces of the Winterblades. The Corax Council was under no illusion, however; the Winterblades were not a part of the fight at either keep. If they had been, the outcome would likely have been very different. Not for the first time, Thimble silently thanked the sacrifices of the spies who were able to relay the positions of the enemy forces.
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    Yeah, I'm not the hugest fan of healing in this game. As a healer, I'm not really having fun when I play besides the fact that I know I'm necessary. I'm not very impactful in the battle outside of the Rescue ability. There are no combos for me, no decisions for me to make. A good healer play is hitting a long distance rescue, yay. Next 45 seconds I'm using my 3-5 other random horrible healing spells that a bot could cast. I want to be able to make impactful decisions that save my team mates. I want barriers, damage reduction buffs, life pulls (group only), SOMETHING that I can do and after I do it, my team mates are like "wow, what a play, we'd have been toast if you didn't ________". This can be done without making us simply a counter to red numbers by giving us more green numbers.
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    Hallo zusammen, ab heute werden wir euch wöchentlich in Form dieses Newsletters über die wichtigsten Meldungen und Ereignisse informieren. Insbesondere möchten wir dabei auch auf Neuigkeiten innerhalb unserer Sprach-Community eingehen. Wenn ihr also selbst Projekte wie Events, Wettbewerbe, Spiele oder ähnliches für die deutschsprachige Community plant, und gerne in diesem Newsletter erwähnt werden möchtet, schickt mir einfach eine Nachricht. Hinterlasst auch gerne Feedback und Anregungen, falls euch irgendetwas fehlt oder ihr weitere Vorschläge zu interessanten Inhalten für den Newsletter habt. Neue Features In unserem neuen Video verschafft unser Creative Director J. Todd Coleman euch einen Überblick über die Veränderungen und Neuerungen im PvP-Bereich. Das erste Kampagnen-Update umfasst Echtzeit-Scoring-Mechaniken, Ranglisten, eine neue Starterzone und eine signifikant größere Kampagnenwelt. Valkyns Prüfung Die Prüfung des Allvaters hat diesen Dienstag begonnen und läuft noch bis zum 26. März um 22 Uhr. Um Valkyns Wappen zu gewinnen, müsst ihr euch für einen Platz auf der Rangliste eurer Fraktion qualifizieren. Das heißt, ihr müsst während der Belagerung mindestens einen anderen Spieler töten oder selbst getötet werden. Das besondere goldene Wappen erhaltet ihr, wenn ihr euch in der erstplatzierten Fraktion unter den besten 30%, in der zweitplatzierten Fraktion unter den besten 20%, oder in der drittplatzierten Fraktion unter den besten 10% der Spieler auf der Rangliste befindet. Alle Wappen von Valkyn – unabhängig davon, ob sie silbern oder golden sind – gewähren eurem Charakter einen Schadensbonus von 2%. Eine inoffizielle deutsche Übersetzung der vollständigen Ankündigung findet ihr auf der CFC-Webseite. Update der Hungerkristalle Die Hungerkristalle wurden bereits im Juni letzten Jahres ins Spiel eingefügt. In der Zwischenzeit hat sich aber herausgestellt, dass die anfänglichen Belohnungen für ihre Zerstörung nicht lukrativ genug waren, um Spieler dazu zu motivieren, sie aus der Welt zu entfernen. Darüber hinaus gab es auch ein paar Bugs, die dazu führten, dass die Hungerkristalle in der Herbst- und Wintersaison nichts Wertvolles produzieren konnten. Indem wir das System nun dahingehend verändert haben, dass es sich eher wie die anderen Sammelberufe verhält, konnten wir viele der Probleme und Ungereimtheiten ausmerzen. Hungerkristalle verfügen jetzt über ihren eigenen Reiche Ernte Sammel-Stat, den ihr über das Skill-System erhöhen könnt. Dieser erhöht nicht nur die Chance auf eine größere Anzahl, sondern auch die Chance auf eine höhere Qualität der Kristalle. Das ist vor allem für die Opferung relevant, da die besseren Kristalle benötigt werden, um qualitativ bessere Hüllen herzustellen. Hungerkristalle werden außerdem bei jeder Zerstörungsstufe der jeweiligen Abbaustelle, basierend auf eurem Stat Staub im Überfluss: Hunger, Ätherischen Staub generieren. Ein ebenfalls begehrtes Produkt der Hungerkristalle sind Handwerkszusatzstoffe für Waffen. Diese können bei der Herstellung genutzt werden, um die gefertigten Waffen zu verbessern. Die Chance, diese Items abzubauen, existiert nur dann, wenn ihr die passenden Fertigkeiten im Abbau-Skillbaum trainiert habt. Beachtet, dass die Hungerkristall-Stats nicht mit den Buffs und Debuffs der verschiedenen Jahreszeiten in Verbindung stehen. Auch im Frühling oder im Winter werden eure Erfolge beim Abbauen der Hungerkristalle also ausschließlich von den jeweiligen Stats abhängen. Die Hungerkristalle locken nun also mit vielen neuen Besonderheiten. Seid euch aber darüber bewusst, dass auch diese ihren Tribut fordern: Ihr werdet nicht nur eine ganze Menge an Spitzhacken und Hämmern benötigen, sondern in der Nähe der Kristalle auch deutlich schneller hungrig werden. Stellt also sicher, dass ihr genügend Werkzeuge und Nahrung bei euch habt! Deutschsprachige Streams Im Zuge der Streamerwoche hat @CrusaderW am Mittwoch für drei Stunden unseren offiziellen Twitch-Kanal übernommen. Während innerhalb der ersten Stunde das Spiel vorgestellt und mithilfe von @Surelia viele wichtige Features erklärt und diskutiert wurden, konnten wir in der zweiten Hälfte des Streams eine Verteidigung während der Belagerung mitverfolgen und einiges über die Handwerksberufe in Crowfall erfahren. Ihr habt es verpasst? Dann könnt ihr euch die Aufzeichnung hier ansehen. Wenn es euch gefallen hat, solltet ihr CrusaderW auf jeden Fall auch auf seinem eigenen Twitch-Kanal folgen und euch seine zukünftigen Streams nicht entgehen lassen! Streamt auch ihr regelmäßig Crowfall in deutscher Sprache? Schickt gerne den Link zu eurem Kanal, wenn ihr im kommenden Newsletter erwähnt werden möchtet! Eure Vorschläge fürs Forum Das deutschsprachige Forum ist euch zu unübersichtlich? Hinterlasst eure Vorschläge und Ideen in diesem Thread und helft dabei, den Bereich umzugestalten! Gildenmitglied oder einsamer Wolf? Auf unserem offiziellen Facebook-Kanal wurde eine Umfrage gestartet, bei der ihr uns mitteilen konntet, ob ihr eure Fraktion bereits in einer Gilde unterstützt, oder derzeit noch als Einzelspieler die Welt von Crowfall erkundet. Überraschenderweise scheinen ganze zwei Drittel der Teilnehmer noch zu den Alleingängern zu gehören. Für unsere Gildenleiter heißt das, dass es noch eine ganze Menge potenzieller neuer Mitglieder anzuwerben gibt. Die TEST-Belohnung dieses Monats ist der ansehnliche Krug des Neides. Ganz eure Farbe? Dann nichts wie los! Verdient ihn euch, indem ihr im März mindestens vier Stunden auf unserem TEST-Server verbringt.
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    Siege Mechanics & Bug Fixes

    Let me start by saying: I got to limited sieges because of my play times, and some of these issues I have heard about but not seen. DO NOT refer to other players in this thread. If you ACTUALLY want changes, refer to the issue, not a person/group. ( @Pann doesn't need more work) Zone caps - Already been discussed in other threads, will hopefully see relief in 5.9 Alt Spies - I don't see this ever changing. Best change could argue for is to get rid of /who in zone. In person number/movement watching will stay as part of the game and any of the "fixes" for this will not be worth it IMO. Siege Equipment Placement - When there are more people at sieges, and often ones that you cannot communicate with, this will become more and more difficult. Is it possible to remove the restrictions on placing if a player is present? Yes a player may get stuck, but usually a "fake logout" will get you out of those, or perhaps it will push a player and that won't even be needed. Siege Equipment in use by incorrect players - There are some complaints of players getting into equipment and either purposely or unknowingly using it incorrectly. Would it be possible for siege equipment to be "owned" by a group instead of a faction? This would require more planning but also could help reduce this issue. Only concern would be a bad actor placing it himself(as a defender where spots are limited) and getting in it. Maybe the placer could "kick" or "ban" a player from using" as another option. Siege Equipment Hitting into ToL room - It is possible to use siege equipment to fire into the ToL room. This seems unintended. The whole power of siege equipment against infantry seems off and is one of the reasons elementalist is so often used(besides the fact half the classes do elemental damage they can't change). Perhaps balistas could only fire outwardly or reassess friendly fire with siege equipment(i think this would be far more interesting if hit ALL players and require more planning, although once again could be griefers who abuse it). Attackers Placing on Defenders Walls - As far as I know this hasn't been fixed, attackers can currently get right next to the wall and place siege equipment in defenders spots. I do not see this as a major issue(since defenders should be able to kill it pretty quickly), but it does seem like something that needs to be fixed. Also, sorry to bother you @vkromas, but do you know if the devs are looking into any of these issues? Are there any other issues with sieges currently? Any other fixes people can come up with? (Once again, talk about issues, not players/groups)
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    Leader board

    Could we get an easy way to locate our character on the Leader Board list, or at least arrange players with the same score Alphabetically. Notice That Bardok and myself have 1 death and nothing else, but Devonic is above Bardok
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    As far as i can see, the repair button dissapears when there is a new patch to download, should probably change that. And should probably make giving feedback easier.
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    Wait you mean to tell me that HoA and W are still using the weapons exploit even tho they asked everyone to not use them anymore? Who saw that coming?? OO that's right. We all did.
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    I didn't realize a 194 damage weapon was even possible.
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    Hey guys, I wanted to share my latest video with everyone. In this video, it's mostly just me rambling on about my current thoughts for the game. I'm loving the game and I've gotten to meet some really great people. However I think it's important that everyone remember to keep your morale up as we go through testing and things change. I talk a little bit about the importance of making friends and the social aspects of an MMO, and I also touch on the topic of the new campaign war (Trial 3), and the shifting population. I hope you guys enjoy. Thanks, Ceegore
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    Hunger Shards 5.8.4

    These are fast falling into obscurity, with the only reaction to them being, "Oh f***ing great! Now I gotta hit this so it stops c***-Blocking my farming route."
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    Talent tree reset

    I searched the forums (but not thoroughly) for similar topics but havn’t found any. I think it would be very tester friendly, and also usefull for new players when the game releases, to allow us to reset the talent tree for a fee (chaos embers/gold) Each time you reset your tree would increase the cost. So after the second time or so it would cost so much that it would be better to create a new character (unless the vessel is epic or legendary) and so limiting the ammount of resets. example, first reset: 1k gold second reset: 10k gold 10 chaos embers third reset: 100k gold and 50 embers. I think it would be even cooler to give the alchemy profession a potion that erases the memory. The alchemist profession would benefit and make it more of an immersive thing. The talent tree is not so unforgiving and hard, but it would allow players to explore different builds a bit easyer. I know patches that contain changes to classes and talents often include a talent reset. That might not happen as often when the game goes live though.
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    1.Mass make for example bandages and food. 2.Automatic stacking when right clicking from your bag too your bank or loot too bag etc. 3.Add a minimap!!! 4. Add drops on mobbs, rare drops that are worth alot of gold or are good weapons/armors // Majk
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    Skillzz with an extra z.
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    The biggest divide I see between new players and veteran players is that many veteran players are slaves to the meta classes and group compositions. The reality of class balance right now is that a mediocre skilled double healer group stacked with meta classes and builds is going to completely decimate a significantly better geared and skilled group. Combine this with the fact that the people stacking meta groups also generally have more experience in the game and better gear and you've got a real have and have-nots situation.
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    Siege Mechanics & Bug Fixes

    Yea I like idea of placer being able to bump people
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    Chaos embers!!!

    I am on my phone so please excuse me if this ends up being a little rough. I would like to talk about gathering Chaos embers and hard caps on stats. We are starting to reach a point where we are gearing more towards having more pieces of gear purple then blue (some legendaries as well). They way the system is set up you are hard gated by chaos embers. To rerole an epic piece of gear you need at least 20-25 chaos embers. The big problem is the simple fact that inorder to get 20 chaos embers you can gather almost a full set of purple gears worth or purple ore. This does 2 things, 1 it extremely deflates the price of epic ore and 2 inflates the price of chaos embers. Most people still don't realize this and sell them for cheap, but this is even starting to happen. We also are not incentivised to sell epic gear because the price is just to expensive for TRULY rolled epic pieces. We farmed motherlodes at chaos keep on sunday for an hour and a half and got enough ore and stone for a ton of jewellery and armor, but we got 15 chaos embers. The system is set up in a way that is not even and we either need a way to better farm embers (one profession is a lot better than another) or lower the requirement for gear rerolls with embers.
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    Yea I really wish there was a friendly version of chain pull to pull out players that are in eminent danger. I will never understand them pigeon holing 40% of players into healers and then making so few type of healers with the least amount of skill / engaging game play.
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    Siege Mechanics & Bug Fixes

    Bumping people off is a really neat idea, since it doesn't restrict the use too much (everyone can try, even solo players) It would probably need a message to alert the bumped player, something like: The commander has forcefully removed you from this machine This mechanic can also be misused, but it is a good way to stop possible griefing from spies.
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    Tweak Drop Rates

    Rather not have green resource taking up space on the R10 loot table 😛
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    technically the system will randomly select only x1 of your equipped items to take a 'durability loss' against a tick every X seconds of being in combat stance. the older system was infinite durability if you didn't die, with very heavy durability loss tied to death instead. it had "slippery slope" issues. but yea, don't afk with your weapon out, or run around with it out when you don't need it [which is also slower movement etc] 😜 it is far from perfect, especially for healers or classes which have their resource generation/management tied to hanging out in combat mode... i would prefer it if they tied the durability system instead to the same mechanic they use to charge soulpower (fuels 'ultimate Q powers' use) - whereby it would only count when you either ATTACK, HEAL, OR ARE HIT for a few seconds around that.
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    A B2P or subscription model needs some sort of initial investment in order to play. Whereas a F2P game can be tried on a whim and players can justify quitting immediately due to no investment.
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    Hunger Shards 5.8.4

    I started playing Crowfall about 3 campaigns ago. I've never seen Hunger Shards as anything but an obstruction, I thought this was the intention of Hunger Shards as I've never known anything else. During those first two campaigns, I only destroyed hunger shards so I could farm the frozen resources around it. I have almost always immediately destroyed the sacrifice shards they drop, because they are worthless. I 100% agree with you Ble(:
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    Chaos embers!!!

    im getting 1-12 chaos embers in 20 mins solo mining atm
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    I use Blunt Things. Can I not be a victimizer?
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    RIP my good intentions friendly thread...
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    I feel like this suggestion is part of a larger topic that needs review. The Ranger's AoE arrow barrage damage is too low and should be boosted. There we go. Seriously though rangers with worthwhile arrow barrage sound great for breaking up stacks. If ranged abilities are boosted in general though, that would help a lot.
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    Direction a Crow Flies

    We raised this question/suggestion before. The answer was that the current state of the crow fly is a provisionary state. JTodd doesn't like it himself, so it is most likely to be changed before launch. It just don't have any priority right now. Simply not important enough, while the current state is working good enough for now. Anyways, thanks for pointing it out again. It helps to keep it in mind. 👍
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    C'mon, another thread deleted!?

    your wasting your time trying to argue your point with the forum warrior of crowfall, dude want to be a part of ACE so bad and this is why I try my best to stay away from the forums, lots of people will say "email" them with your complaint etc but you will get an automated thing unless your one of the old timers who seem to have a direct link to the dev's phone again your wasting your time with this post (sadly)
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    I'm a Spy in Crowfall

    FYI, @Malphrus the reason you didn't get to see a siege, was there wasn't one. Order is so bereft of players right now, they didn't have keep walls up, so Balance just waltzed right in, put up walls for them, and waited for the siege timer to start. The other zones ended up so full, there was no way for a real fight to start. A 25 second siege might be a new record never to be beat. Also FYI, I was in the chaos group you followed. People get a bit testy when they think they are being followed to report positions/numbers.
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    Let’s not forget the dumpster fire that is radical and arbiter cleric. One is supposed to be damage but can’t sustain its mana long enough to do dmg (it’s being reported to me that the mana issue is working on test but I haven’t tested myself) and the other is a hybrid healer/damage/CC that doesn’t do any of them well enough to warrant bringing it in a serious fight. Not to mention that all of the training for 1h hammers is crushing damage but clerics were converted into fire damage (with all three specs of fessor and all three specs of Templar for a total of 9 specs poorly made socks on with Elementalist). If Radical actually worked I bet it would be an amazing mid range, aoe, sustained damage spec but it doesn’t so we can’t test it but it doesn’t work. It’s training doesn’t match its damage, it can’t sustain its mana Bc it’s auto attacks consume too much mana for illuminate to maintain and it’s too easy to resist its damage type. @thomasblair
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    German Dreamers Kleingilde Membersuche

    Hi @EbuiG, bewirb deine Gilde gerne auch im deutschsprachigen Forum! Vielleicht finden dort auch ein paar neue Mitglieder zu euch. 😊 Wir haben aktuell zwar noch kein eigenes Gildenforum, aber du kannst gerne unter Allgemeine deutsche Diskussion posten.
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    Hunger Shards 5.8.4

    Well you can get like half way through level 1 on a white vessel with those shards you picked up. This reward, per @thomasblair is all the motivation you need continue wasting hours of your time at hunger shards. There's even an article about it, so it must be true.
  37. 1 point

    Hunger Shards 5.8.4

    Ble, what is your plentiful stat for hunger shards? I'm at 3. I'm thinking that getting it to 5 will be a very good idea.
  38. 1 point

    Hunger Shards 5.8.4

    As a Caveat to the following article: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/shard-hunters You might want to also add "P.S. None of this actually works."
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    Buongiorno a tutti, come da tradizione trovando notizie interessanti nel livestream e non trovando altri a farlo, faccio un breve resoconto in lingua italiana delle novità in arrivo. Questa volta per la limitatezza del tempo a mia disposizione ho scelto come fonte del riassunto non lo streming stesso, ma un riassunto fatto da un altro utente tramite il filmato che vedete in questo post. [I used your summary to describe contents of March livestream. Thanks @Bzra ] Intanto si è affrontato il punto che ha dato luogo ad estenuanti discussioni in board, ovvero l'impatto sulle condizioni di vittoria della cattura delle postazioni in orari di scarsa presenza di difensori (night capping). Questo fenomeno ha portato a strategie di confronto dove l'attività di gioco consta di andare in cerchio di postazione in postazione per fermarsi solo il tempo necessario alla cattura oppure di girare in cerchio sperando di imbattersi in qualche sparuto gruppo di raccoglitori solitari della fazione avversa, unici bersagli possibili per confronti PVP. Ovviamente il gioco non è pensato di questo modo, altrimenti (ha scritto qualcuno) l'avrebbero chiamato CircleFall. Todd ha in parte attributo la situazione al fatto che non c'è ancora una popolazione sufficientemente consistente per rendere le mappe presidiate ad ogni ora del giorno. Comunque si sta procedendo ad aggiustamenti sulle meccaniche relative. In particolare: - I forti (fort) avranno anche essi una finestra di cattura, in modo che siano anche essi punti di scontro come i mastii (keep). Tali finestre saranno variabili in considerazione del giorno della settimana, della settimana e della popolazione di gioco (non è ancora deciso come). Verrà allargato a tre-quattro giorni invece il lasso di tempo tra i periodi di vulnerabilità delle keep, in modo che combattimenti di maggiori dimensioni e più difficile organizzazione non divengano troppo assillanti. - Il numero delle postazioni minori (campfire, watchtower) sarà ridotto. - Riduzione anche del tempo di cattura di una postazione per un singolo giocatore, ma riduzione dell'accelerazione data alla cattura dal contributo di più giocatori. Inoltre si fornirà ragione di impegnarsi per la conservazione di una postazione mediante: - maggiori informazioni sull'avvicinamento delle fazioni rivali alle postazioni anche tramite uno specifico canale - la richiesta di una spesa per vari upgrade (attualmente in TEST le guardie della watchtower devono essere acquistate). - ulteriori bonus garantiti dal possesso (in LIVE le postazioni delle keep danno già un bonus per la creazione oggetti). Stanno arrivando anche le già annunciate bande erranti di NPC. Come leggiamo nelle notizie, gli Aracoix sono in TEST. Con le bande sono previsti anche drop di armi e armature o reagenti specifici, ricette ottenibili da esse utilizzabili un numero limitato di volte, oggetti che consentiranno per un certo numero di usi di alterare ricette di oggetti esistenti per crearne di più potenti. Le carovane dovrebbero terminare anche esse il lungo viaggio verso il server di gioco. Anche per il frostweaver è in corso un lavoro di rifinitura. [ndRik: non ho certezza che vedremo ciò nella 5.8.* o aspetteremo la 5.9] Alcuni accenni sono stati fatti a contenitori comuni alle gilde e manichini per l'allenamento inseribili negli EK. Si è parlato inoltre di rendere la devozione ad uno degli dei del pantheon di Crowfall rilevante, ancora non si sa però cosa bolla in pentola. Sono state ipotizzate anche attività per i giocatori da svolgersi in un intervallo tre le campagne [ndRik: mi sono tornati in mente i tornei di cui si è parlato al kickstarter]. Un nuovo controllore dei movimenti è in arrivo, ma questo farà la sua comparsa solo alla 5.9. Cambierà anche il sistema delle armature, con la rimozione dei punti vita aggiuntivi per certi equipaggiamenti, che erano stati inserito come segnaposto. L'armatura in pelle dovrebbe diventare una scelta valida, mentre al momento si preferisce indiscutibilmente l'armatura completa. Annunciato anche un lavoro di rifinitura sulle mappe per equilibrare le risorse disponibili, ad esempio non ci sono abbastanza cimiteri. Inoltre si vuole rendere meno onerosa la raccolta di pelli. Accenni infine ad altri elementi, quali: sistema di recupero materiali (savaging), cambiamenti alla dinamica di morte e rinascita, personalizzazione di apparenza (skin) per armi e cavalcature (che ora non sono visibili), ricette runiche ad uso limitato, la possibilità di richiedere ordini piuttosto che cercare oggetti da comperare o di chiedere in pagamento specifici materiali. Vi ricordo che per chi entra in TEST c'è in premio un boccale (tankard) , a condizione di giocare per quattro ore questo mese. Invece per le disfide si ottiene un badge, purché sia faccia parte delle leaderboard (in pratica basta essere ammazzati da una guardia). Questo è quanto. Come di consueto, tutti libero di chiedere, dubitare, correggere e sbeffeggiare il sottoscritto.
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    Chaos embers!!!

    Get higher crafting, i can almost perfect roll purples without any rerolls. Legendary usualy roll around the 100-110 mark with no rerolls, rerolls will put them at 119-120.8% (120.8 is cap it seems) Full reroll blues usualy come out perfect score for me. Purple unrerolled comes out quite a bit better than these rerolled blues that being said i do have 158.7 experimentation skill or 173.7 with bontippers (195 is probaly the cap it seems but i found no possible way to hit that, may be able to squeeze 175 out but thats probs it)
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    Chaos embers!!!

    Spring != Summer != Fall != Winter
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    Chaos embers!!!

    picking mandrake and mushrooms etc...takes no skill and gets more than chopping trees
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    Chaos embers!!!

    Chaos embers are one of the things any level of player can harvest. I don't see a problem with setting up hooks for the little guys to have something they mostly don't need, but can provide the big guys with. There has to be bottle necks somewhere, and making higher end crafters feel obligated re-roll and burn chaos embers voluntarily is actually a pretty good one. The real issue is nobody can set up shops to purchase chaos embers from said little guys. I'm sure there are piles of them converting them to dust, or doing other things less valuable than putting them into high quality gear, that with a bit of economic connectivity grease would make both sides happy.
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    I might have skipped past a few pages but what is the system for applying?
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    If you are looking for a serious environment where strong leadership, good players and winning are your prerogatives, HoA is the guild for you!
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    Hy'shen Avari has been dominating in recent campaigns.
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