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  1. 11 points

    General chat must come back

    General chat was a blessing, talking to your friends and enemies in one place was great, no one uses lobby chat, keep faction chat but also add back general chat, there's no reason for it to have disappeared
  2. 8 points

    The /who command needs to go.

    So, I wasn't sure if this note from our check-in history should be player facing so I initially left it out. After reading this thread though I've updated the patch notes to now include the following excerpt: /who is now a CSR only command and no longer accessible by players. This has been noted in the 5.8.5 Test Patch Notes posted today, 3/21/19.
  3. 3 points

    The /who command needs to go.

    It should not be available in zone and if you want it available in faction, could it please just return an number and not a list of names? The zone /who needs to go though. If spies want to spy, make them be deticated at that screen and have to follow the force they are keeping tabs on. I think it would inevitably lead to more fights because it would be more difficult to assess your numbers vs. their numbers and people might be less concerned with ensuring they have 2x numbers before they take a fight.
  4. 3 points

    General chat must come back

    Not just friends and enemies but new players asking question as well. IMO that was the most valuable part of General Chat-the ability to reach a wide audience of everyone online
  5. 3 points
    I'm torn though, I want to help support the game, but I don't to burn out in the process. I have no problem with taking a break, but I would be perfectly entertained if I felt I was making an impact. But maybe I'm not making an impact, that would be OK too, I just wish I had an indication of that if it were the case lol. I can respectfully say that you are probably my favorite tryhard in the bunch, Mandalore. I don't see the terminology as a bad thing necessarily, but maybe it is mainly offensive.
  6. 2 points
    The wife and I have kinda fizzled out on playing/testing for the time being, mainly in anticipation for 5.9 and the presence of bugs that we at least see as things that need to be fixed before we spend anymore time on it. I'm not going to go in depth on the whole list, but I will hit on the class balance issue. There are certain classes that have had the same broken skills/talents since we signed around the New Year, and then there are even more, a whole slew in fact, of skills/talents/entire branches (not necessarily discipline-based) that aren't worthwhile or effective by a huge margin. Combine this with the current guild-driven tryharding during campaigns that are, for the most part, the same from week to week (not really testing anything different from campaign to campaign unless a patch happens to hit -- 2 weeks is a pretty long interval to not crank some dials in between) and things get stale. You could really boil down what I mean with this paragraph with one sentence: for at least me, the game isn't developed enough to be interesting for very long in the current environment, and testing/providing feedback on things but seeing little to no progress gives a very futile feeling at the end of the day. With all of this in mind, would it be possible to start balancing classes now, or would that stress the ol' team out too much? I totally understand the consensus that ACE won't "balance until we have systems online" so it can be more efficiently done, but we have a lot of breadth within the class system that we're really not seeing in the game at the moment. For folks like us that like to test builds and build combinations, it's pretty sparse for the moment... At least fixing obviously malfunctioning skills or mechanics would go a long way. I guess my problem really has this root: I like testing, and up until recently I enjoy playing the game. It has huge potential and I'm not writing CF off or anything, but testing and not enjoying doing so makes you log off really quickly - especially when you keep seeing the same problems. Maybe my scope is too limited in "what I like to test", but it's totally within my power to pick and choose since I'm paying to test things lol. What do you guys think? There are a lot of other systems and mechanics being focused on at the moment, which is A OK. Does the current "meta" (hilarious to call it a meta with so many bugs/broken things in the game that people have to avoid or are able to take advantage of) help that process, or does it skew your data? I honestly don't know the answer to that. I may just need to shut my mouth and wait for 5.9 or 6.0... Would love to know the timetable on those though.
  7. 2 points

    The /who command needs to go.

    This /who pretty much makes faction able to know how much to lock a zone. We would see more chaos invasions or balance invasions with it gone. If you /who and see 50 people in your zone you are just gonna dodge (sadly). Being able to hide a raid in a forest and sneak attack would be a massive boon to pvp.
  8. 2 points

    The /who command needs to go.

    If anyone really thinks that trying to play with account limits will solve anything versus aggravate your player base and drive people away hasn’t been playing sandboxes enough. At best you’ll get rid of the lazy spies and inhibit non conflict player actions, at worse you’ll solve nothing and drive away players and revenue.
  9. 2 points

    The /who command needs to go.

    dont need to worry about spies when you play order
  10. 2 points

    Rewards for defending outposts.

  11. 2 points
    Each 5.X is about 6 months on average so...hurry and wait is an appropriate slogan.
  12. 2 points
    See, calling it "metagame" ("the game above the game") when actually fixing some of the borked class mechanics/skills would wildly shift it around really kinda gives the actual state of CF class balance too much credit. The fact that the term is being thrown around at this stage of development is humorous to me; the "meta" is not some complicated culmination of experience with what works, it's a very simple few conclusions drawn from what race/class/disc combinations aren't bugged into uselessness/are broken or borderline exploits. Without balance being sought or established, it's hard to tell what should or should not be acceptable, so people roll whatever they can play CF most effectively with. The earlier part of what you said though I guess I can agree with lol... But I likewise would have rather they put off the recent wartribes addition until we got 5.9... That patch has been pretty much done, "waiting for the train [5.8 talent tree update] to clear the station" (JTC's quote from January) per ACE.
  13. 2 points
    Eh if you’re burned out then go do you and when you come back we will all be here still. Ain’t no shame in needing a break from pre alpha. It’s not even remotely close to finish so that can be frustrating and that’s okay. The only thing I’d advise is to hedge your expectations about players. People will do anything to win at all stages of development. I feel if people are overwhelmed by the 60 or so try hard players playing now then the game is going to legitimately suck for those same people when there’s hundreds or thousands of people try Harding it.
  14. 2 points
    This is how I imagine this post came about: Pann: Hey Blair, the players are upset about the horrid hungershard drops. Blair: Don't worry Pann. The players are just blithering idiots. Clearly, the real problem is that in their extreme stupidity they didn't notice the changes I made to the skill trees. They obviously didn't already train them before running around for hours fruitlessly beating down hunger crystals. Once trained they will realize the joy of spending hours hunting down the mythical r10 Hunger Crystals in the hopes of getting a halfway decent weapon additive. Imagine their absolute bliss when instead of getting that hungershard they have lost sleep hunting, they get a legendary sacrifice shard that is worth an astounding 1/3 of the xp you would get from the gold drop off a single r1 mob. All I need to do is write an article explaining to the players how utterly stupid they are and finish by telling them they should be rejoicing about this situation. Pann: Wow Blair, you truly are a genius. Blair: It is a burden I bear Pann. But I bear it for the players.
  15. 1 point

    [Petit jeu] - Le Trial Offline

    Chers Corbeaux! Aujourd'hui, j'aimerai vous proposer un petit jeu / défi entre les trois factions Ordre, Chaos et Balance. Défi: faites gagner votre faction! Règles du jeu: Votez pour votre faction ici Durée du jeu: 7 jours (jusqu'au Mercredi 27 Mars) Conditions de victoire: Ordre gagne si: 52% ou plus en faveur de la faction Ordre Chaos gagne si: 52% ou plus en faveur de la faction Chaos Balance gagne si: les votes en faveur de Ordre et Chaos se situent entre 49% et 51% Si vous voyez que votre faction est sur le point de perdre, faites appel a vos alliés! Nous annoncerons le gagnant dans 7 jours. Ikas
  16. 1 point

    Eure Stimme für eure Fraktion

    Heute starten wir außerhalb des Spiels einen kleinen Wettbewerb zwischen Ordnung, Gleichgewicht und Chaos. Herausforderung: Verhelft eurer Fraktion zum Voting-Sieg Wie: Stimmt bei diesem Facebook-Post ab Dauer: 7 Tage (bis Mittwoch, 27. März) Bedingungen: Ordnung oder Chaos gewinnen mit 52% oder mehr der Stimmen. Gleichgewicht gewinnt, wenn beide anderen Fraktionen zwischen 49% und 51% der Stimmen erhalten. Votet fleißig mit und ruft auch eure Verbündeten dazu auf, wenn ihr wollt, dass eure Fraktion siegreich hervorgeht!
  17. 1 point
    Join a guild to discover the bonds you can form with other Crows. FULL STORY
  18. 1 point

    [Feedback] Prüfungen der Götter

    Seit der ersten Prüfung des Schattengottes Malekai wurden basierend auf dem Feedback der Community bereits einige Änderungen vorgenommen, die sich unter anderem auf das Belohnungssystem auswirken. Am kommenden Dienstag endet nun bereits die dritte Prüfung, und wir sind gespannt auf euer Feedback zum aktuellen Stand der Kampagnen. Seid ihr motiviert, teilzunehmen? Was haltet ihr von den Voraussetzungen, die erfüllt werden müssen, um teilzunehmen/in der Rangliste aufzutauchen? Was findet ihr toll und wo seht ihr noch Verbesserungsbedarf? Sagt uns eure Meinung und tragt dazu bei, die Prüfungen der Zukunft noch besser zu machen.
  19. 1 point

    General chat must come back

    I'm not sure how much I like segmenting the community. We're all going to likely end up in the same guild some day as proud "pre alpha vets" battling huge guilds that will inevitably come to this game. Putting up partitions between the testers doesn't really accomplish anything. Everyone likes to troll for a line or two after they kill someone, its a normal part of a pvp game. If there are profanity/harassment/vulgarity issues, we should be able to screenshot the chats an send them to the CM team for review. Lets not divide the player-base just yet. Not a good thing. General is a great tool for an alpha/beta community, make it so.
  20. 1 point

    The /who command needs to go.

    I support removing /who, it is a cheap way to gather intel and doesn't actually encourage playing the game. Real world scouting should be the primary way to gather intel.
  21. 1 point
    Sorry, I should have been more clear. The harvesting I did on TEST was in version 5.8.4, not 5.8.5.
  22. 1 point

    The /who command needs to go.

    Attempting to prevent multiboxing is a complete fools errand. So long as there is tangible reason to have multiple accounts, which Crowfalls system rewards... to an incredible degree if you're looking to be at all self sufficient, then people will find ways to multibox. Whether that be a way of running multiple clients on the same instance, running VM's or actually going back to the namesake and literally running multiple boxes. But to the point at hand, I'd advocate for a complete removal even when compared to just showing online numbers, being able to see spikes in active numbers, even without names, is a tangible piece of free intelligence.
  23. 1 point

    The /who command needs to go.

  24. 1 point

    General chat must come back

    Your selfless existence as a nolifer is infinitely appreciated, good sir.
  25. 1 point

    General chat must come back

    if im not online order has 0 guidance for new players, fortunately im a no life
  26. 1 point
    What about pulling in some more narrative stuff leveraging the war tribes and hunger crystals tech? If the Crow's job is to salvage scraps of the world lets say there was always a "hunger" team, right. That team consists of hunger tribes, slow burning hunger crystals, and altars so that every facet of play has a purpose in that area. Combatants have a score target for wiping out hunger's army, Gatherers have a score target for wiping out hunger's creep over the land, and crafters have a score target for sacrificing to the gods (effectively these sacrifices are basically exporting to the gods) Scoring is primarily a function of doing the work of a crow, dedicated to a specific faction. This is good for gameplay and mirrors lore. The gods or groups of crows all have a single overarcing goal, to slow the hunger and salvage as much of the world as possible, but they're competing over who's getting the MOST out of the scraps of the world being harvested. Grant zonewide multipliers to points awarded for these actions, bonus points for outpost capturing based on time, single flat point games for each keep/fort window, points for buidling/rebuilding allied structures, and global bonuses to the efficiency of these activities for your total cap bonus. Running roughshod over a zone will give your team a nice one time boost, but that boost is secondary to actually removing scoring opportunity from your enemies. As your faction (or player nation in dregs) owns the area, they are credited with the god's favor for accomplishing these tasks, no matter who accomplishes them. This gives enemies a substantial incentive to sabotage these operations by killing people and breaking down altars as they can't gain score from these activities in areas they don't own. From there its a matter of defining the "claimed" area of each map objective. Keeps claim a wide area, forts less, and outposts on the outskirts. this gives substantial context to outposts (take an outpost even in owned territory, you've just opened up a score funnel for your own faction there) This ensures people have objectives to do and that circle standing is a means to an end rather than the end itself.
  27. 1 point
    Honestly and truly, take a break. My entire guild peaced out for like a year and it was a net positive at combatting burnout during a patch cycle we weren't having fun with. Its easy to get burned out in a development stage where literally none of your achievements matter. its not like you can't log in briefly every 2 weeks for your shiny and run the new hotness on test for mugs. There are tons of games to play, no sense in playing one that's not fun. That said, even though I've been extremely vocal about certain class bugs ACE is gonna place priority where they feel its best for the game. currently that's finishing the entire economic loop since that's the context by which day to day play in a longer campaign is defined, and getting real deal data on player behavior while they work out the faction campaign reward structure. I'd argue both of those things are more important priorities than fine tuning balance. Its really tough to see what players farm, how much, and how they fight each other if you're constantly upending class balance in a way that makes people want to reroll. Economically at least there are strong reasons to farm most materials in a context that should theoretically be somewha representitive of release needs, and "the tryhards" are behaving like campaigns matter, which is important for accurately gauging macro level player behaviors when contronted with different scoring and reward models. That might not be fun if your primary interest is messing about with builds the same way farming for gear wasn't fun for my guild when we took our break. It sucks but just as our farm eventually got fixed and we came back, the balance will get fixed and you'll come back for one feature and be energized by all the other little things that made their way to live in the time between. At this stage of development its simply inevitable that someone's subjective favorite thing is gonna get passed over for a bit while core systems keep going online.
  28. 1 point
    Would like to see other campaign modes myself. Maybe some small ones to just test out various things. A map with lots of war tribes to see how they work, turn off imports/exports for it and see what affect it will have early game. Turn on imports later or on another map to see late game. Race wars, class wars, FFA (team) or even a siege map with near constant up time. Bonus points if you can manage to keep teams semi equal. Heck a zone with NPCs attacking or defending a fort/keep just to see if its plausible. Has there been a map with no import/exports? Faction wars are not really adding much imo. Already down to 2 factions with both sides getting stuck in a routine. Balance 50ish mans two zones, chaos puts 75+ in one. Chaos sends people to attack, balance tries to zone cap where we left. Balance attacks, chaos moves to zone cap another keep. Both sides have tried to delay banes going down, then pile in once they defend a keep. In short the only way large siege fight are going to happen is if one side risks losing a keep. Dont think raising the zone limit would change it much. It would still be defend/destroy bane then pile into open zones. Just a matter of how many can pile in.
  29. 1 point
    I’m a loud voice on the boards but I’ve made 1 siege in 21 days and I mostly play during the day right now. I’m on every day for morning and afternoon stuff though. I won’t be in the top 30% for balance and I’ve been rather fortunate that my guild lets me test whatever I want. I dig graves when I can to help Monchiezze out though. I will be a try hard when there’s more to test but it’s hard for me to commit family time to testing.
  30. 1 point
    rather have an ek patch or 5.9 1 week sooner than balancing patches that would just shift the meta from one op thing to another imo.
  31. 1 point

    Crafting Disciplines

    But, how can anybody craft the first runecrafting discipline without a runecrafting discipline or polish the first soulgem to catch the first thrall's soul without a jewelcrafting discipline?
  32. 1 point

    Crafting Disciplines

    You're not going to be able to swap discs on vessels.. You're not supposed to be self sufficient. You're supposed to be a part of the loop and need other people to do what you can't do. You need a guild.
  33. 1 point
    "When the Assassin’s gain entry into the Keep" and die to guards, because leather
  34. 1 point
    April fools should be kept to April 1st, not a build up.
  35. 1 point

    [Pasatiempo] - El Trial Offline

    Buenas, hoy comenzamos un pequeño concurso entre Orden, Caos y Balance. Desafío: Haz ganar a tu facción. Reglas: Vota por tu facción Aquí. Duración: 7 días (Hasta el miércoles 27 de marzo) Condición para ganar: Gana Orden: Con 52% de votos o más par su facción. Gana Caos: Con 52% de votos o más par su facción. Gana Balance: Si consigue entre 49% y 51% de los votos para las dos facciones ¡Si veis que vuestra facción está por perder, llamad a sus aliados! Vamos a anunciar el ganador en 7 días.
  36. 1 point
    Together, these two things reinforce a loosing cycle. people who don't play, don't learn, gear up or team up people who don't learn, gear or team up, don't win people who consistently loose don't play Beyond farming for stuff that will be wiped, players that are actually playing are learning what works well and what does not, finding a guild that fits well for each of us, and how we can best fit within that guild. Guild officers are building and refining teams, learning how to best wield those teams, refining guild doctrine, and forging relationships within their guild and with other guilds. Players and guilds that wait until they feel the juice is worth the squeeze are going to be cannon fodder to guilds that have been on the ground all along. Stuff that is wiped can be quickly reforged if the gears are already turning. Building and tuning the machine takes time.
  37. 1 point
    Yeah. Right now I think the current faction community is too split among guilds on Chaos at least. I don't trade with the rest of the Chaos, I feed resources to my guild and my guild supplies me with what I need. A guild that produces only leather would only have so much value because for the most part if a specific major guild is experiencing a leather shortage, they will start encouraging their own members to fill that need, and only deal with a leather focused guild as a last resort. I think you might see that change if system changed so that guilds started to do most of their gathering in the vicinity of forts they control instead of all over the map. Mechanics like inventory weight, the complete and utter death of the current way spirit banks work right now, and more reason for a guild to make a fort their "base of operations" would probably help with this a ton as if guilds tend to stick to one location for prolonged periods of time they'll need to do more trade to get the resources that are scarce in that area.
  38. 1 point
    True PvPers want PvP. A test of skills. What true pvpers want is a game that encourages PvP of all sorts. Talents, crafting and discs added to the skill factor and strategy. Rewards are for the weak I would like to see focus on getting class skills/items working properly. For instance knight ult slingshot or ranger quivers. Once it all works properly things can be balanced properly. Common gear should be more viable. other than that rare -> legendary is not that big of a hurdle. Coordination takes more importance here Small vs large guild viability is completely up to the faction community. A small guild could focus on bringing in leather to the faction. We all know it’s a pita. For doing that more skilled crafters would lend their service to make their gear in exchange for supplies. The mechanics to make the game more noob/solo/small guild friendly already exist. Make it what you want it to be. Hundreds of scenarios you can come up with to make everyone viable.
  39. 1 point
    I think high places defeated endless all the time till the fall dmg patch hit.
  40. 1 point

    Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Hello! I am a new player here in Crowfall and I'm looking for a friendly EU based guild to be part of.
  41. 1 point
    The number of each type of class doesn't necessarily mean it'll be an equal split for what people actually play. Take healers for example. 3/30 promotions = 10%. Actual healer % is probably closer to 30-40%.
  42. 1 point

    Cant place anything in EK

    Definitely sounds like something is bugged - if you also cross-posted in the Testing Feedback then QA should get the info.
  43. 1 point

    Cant place anything in EK

    Re-posted this in the testing feedback area as I'm sure this is a bug, don't know how to delete my post though Curious if I'm just an idiot but I just managed to build the capital parcel and it says I cant place anything due to not having the correct tokens. Here's and image of whats goin on https://imgur.com/AllMExW On top of this after I place the capital parcel I cant place any other parcels. Keeps telling me that they're in the wrong place even though they're connected propperly. EDIT- After messing with it a bit I found out its only the capital parcel that I cannot build in AND the invalid placement issue only happens while the capital parcel is placed. Kinda sucks considering how long it took to make.
  44. 1 point

    I'm a Spy in Crowfall

    This zone cap meta is the best!
  45. 1 point

    Loot All Button

    A loot all button would remove some of the frantic, under-pressure looting that goes on in some PvP situations.
  46. 1 point

    Race Choice

    Yes, but if you role Minotaur you can use your racial charge/knockback to stampeded into battle alongside your fellow bovine brethren and create epic amounts of chaos in the name of the holy cow. +frontal stun immunity is stupidly useful on an up in your face harasser like a myrmidon.
  47. 0 points
    I was thinking about 80% the same thing before I even hit the discuss button
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    You pick one title dummy...
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