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    Vanguard Minor Discipline Guide!

    We in the Vanguard want everyone to improve, and have easily accessible information about the game. With the death of Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement and Hand of Glory - we often get asked "Which minors should I go with?". So to help the new players, and refresh the memory of experienced players, we have created a short guide, with the currently available minor disciplines in the game. *Note that we have left out minors such as those who improve songs, and thorns - as we would not recommend them to anyone currently. Enjoy. Remember to click to zoom! _______________________________We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 1 support player! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
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    @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman Recent changes to your targeting system have been great for offensive ability targeting, but they have also largely eroded the integrity behind landing heal spells. Please help: Used to, in Scenario 1, you could land that heal with a left shoulder target easy peasy. You could even land the rescue when the enemy between healer and friendly was almost FULLY eclipsing the healer. Now, with the new targeting, that heal will not miss, but will auto target one of the nearest enemies even though you are clearly targeting a friendly. You'll see whatever target-side animation your heal does happen on an enemy. They do not gain health or benefit from any buffs or hots given by the heal. It gets worse. You'd think Scenario 2 is certain to land. Actually, even at greater Friendly to Enemy distances, that heal will go through the friendly and auto-target the enemy directly behind him with the new targeting system. As shown in Scenario 3a, in order to land that rescue, the friendly must find a path out of the enemies so that 1) there are no enemy within 3 meters and 2) there is no enemy directly behind them. The healer still needs to make a left shoulder heal. If the healer tried to heal the inside shoulder, shown in Scenario 3b, it would instead auto-target to the enemy accordingly. The enemy "snap-to" of heals is quite expansive. It feels to me that every enemy is running around with a 3-4 meter wide hitbox and the spells are auto-targeting to the enemy to whose center your target is closest. This is fine for pew pew. But you need to give your healer spells that same level of intended-target snap-to. They cannot be expected to try and navigate a system like whats currently out there and still be dependably effective. I know that @Hungry has already put up videos showing this, but if necessary, I can make videos to go along with each of these scenarios.
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    We need line items for mats. We need stackable books. We need the custard goggles to drop. We need some quality of custard life. We need a sort command that works in the bank. We need the ability to rename Characters. THIS IS INSANE! This is just flat out cruel. Please for the love of god, fix this poorly made socks.
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    A Beginner's Guide to Crowfall

    This is a video series aimed to take a fresh player who has never played CF before and walk them through leveling to 20+ in the new God's Reach zone. So this video series got thrown together pretty fast. There are no cuts for mistakes (even when I demonstrated I'm really bad at doing math in my head or accidentally said villien makes tools degrade FASTER 🤣) But I still took the time to break it down into sections so it's easy to navigate to the information you need. I will probably doing a much more formal series closer to release and potentially more informal ones to update this if too much of it's information becomes dated. FULL SERIES PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZqb8y5qt8eRErGjunUeNB4ucbXijqwxM PART 1 - https://youtu.be/Mh660IOTH3g PART 2 - https://youtu.be/KISBiQKL0Ec PART 3 - https://youtu.be/kkXK0HRSdMY PART 4 - https://youtu.be/-rgmsaPUYTo PART 5 - https://youtu.be/P52ETClU24g PART 6 - https://youtu.be/mmziJA3IxxM BREAKDOWN OF CONTENTS PART 1 Character Creation Faction Selection Passive Skill Training Gathering & Crafting PART 2 Your First Weapon Survival & Combat Trays Bandages & Hunger Skinning Attributes & Talents Slotting Skills PART 3 Sacrificing Faction Temples Mounts Local Banks Crafting Tables / Intermediate Gear Part 1 Non-Basic Resource Gathering PART 4 Recalling Spirit Banks Intermediate Gear Part 2 The Campaign Map Slotting Abilities 2 / Exploration Disciplines PART 5 Mid-Rank Mobs Crafting Bandages Wartribes Class Specialization Major Disciplines PART 6 Conclusion
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Vanguard played on the Balance faction in the Perstilyn Campaign! And the victory went to the Balance faction. Vanguard came back with a vengeance this campaign, after having acquired some new recruits to fill holes in our roster - our first goal this campaign was to get as many fights as possible, to create better synergy with our new players. We definitely achieved way better synergy - with these insanely motivated players, anything is possible (here's a fight from the campaign, where we showcase great coordination) : As the campaign went on we noticed that our enemies were demoralized, spending most of their time bunkering in their main keep. This gave plenty of opportunity to get practice, by attacking almost every siege night - and chaos stood their ground, providing lots of fun fights for us. It also gave us the possibility to screw around, have fun and try different things (such as destroying their entire keep with trebuchets): We then chose to go for the win, already having a point lead, we defended our 2 keeps from multiple failed assaults. The final big battle we had in the EU campaign was recorded by our very own @XeXeeD - and it was the final nail in the coffin for Chaos: Thank you to our enemies for giving us fights this campaign - especially the russians and BlackCanarios crew who by far were carrying the Chaos faction, by ruthlessly capturing every objective they could - Top chaos guilds: (Top chaos players): Thank you to our allies @Mogres Nordic Marauders and @Pestyphus@Darksilver@Kegelj Farewell - if you are looking for a german guild, you should check out these 2 guilds! Top Balance guilds: Top Balance players: Well played everyone! We are hoping chaos comes back with a taste for blood soon. Vanguard will spend the rest of 5.100 testing, practicing and preparing for the launch and wipe in the next big patch in 2020. We have currently 2 spots open for new members - whether you are an experienced player already in a guild or a new player does not matter to us. What matters, is how you show us that you have the motivation and mindset to improve and become a great player within the guild. Apply today - tell us why we should take you in, and what you can bring to the guild! ___________________________ In the off hours from the european campaign, we also visited the NA campaign, where we also played for the Balance faction. Participating in a few sieges, we aided Winterblades @Angelmar @damebix and HoA @soulein in achieving victory for Balance - check them out if you are looking for an NA guild with skilled and motivated players! Thanks for all the fun!
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    Prologue Caldera has been an active part of Crowfall since early August 2015. “We are the attackers, causing mayhem and murder. We are the crafters you will spend your funds on. We are laying siege to your castle and crushing your attempts to take ours. We are the refuge and protection from The Hunger that is creeping in on us all. “ We are Caldera - Playing with Fire! Avocation – “What does it mean to be part of Caldera?” “Real Life First – Full Commitment when Available Improvement – Team – Success Equality amongst friends, respect towards enemies…” The only thing you really have to do is take care of your real life. To balance between gaming and the rest of your life is your call. When you do come online and play with us, we want you to be fully committed ~ To Play with Fire. Strive for improvement. we will never be perfect. That doesn't have to keep us from trying. Learn from successes and mistakes, from your allies, your enemies, and yourself. Always ask yourself "what would have been a better way to approach this situation?" Don't be afraid to receive feedback, and don't be afraid to give it. Play for the Team. We are not a pile of solo players. The team is our strength, our motivation, our family. Always try to do what is best for the team, and in the long run the team will do what's best for you. We share our time, knowledge, and ingame goods. Aspire for success. While there is sometimes room to “mess around”, when it matters, we always play to win, no matter the odds. People will depend on you. Always play to the best of your ability, use your best judgement, and trust in your allies to do the same. We are all equal gamers and humans, and we treat each other as such. Being an Officer means taking up a responsibility for the good of the guild, no less and no more. Every voice matters. This even includes our enemies: be respectful, in victory or defeat. No flaming, harassment, bug using or cheating. What do we offer our members – “It’s a package deal!” A fun and friendly environment to achieve common goals in. A flexible hours guild with a hardcore mentality when it comes to the important stuff. (Casually Hardcore). A massive amount of in game knowledge to be shared to empower our guild members. A common progressive attitude towards the game where all guild members are recognized for their contributions. Applying – “Still here? Perfect.” Upon reading this, if you feel that Caldera might be a place for you then all you need to do, is click below: APPLY NOW Still not persuaded? If you wish to learn more about our structure and how we do things, then just click below. Read More! or Link to the original Caldera recruitment thread.
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    Regarding God's Reach graveyards

    We've heard concerns from testers about the removal of graveyards from God's Reach a short time after The Fortunes of War was deployed to LIVE. Here's an explanation of what happened and the aftermath. It's not an intended gameplay design for graveyards to be available in God's Reach (GR). There are many factors for that decision, the chief among them being that the purpose of God's Reach is to be a new player/character area where young Crows enter the world, get their beaks wet and then fly off to bigger and better things in campaign worlds and trials. We don't want those young Crows getting too comfortable and settling into GR forever so we limit what's available there, such as the intentional absence of graveyards. It was an innocent mistake that caused graveyards to be included in GR when Fortunes came up on Monday. When we became aware of it, the decision was made to remove them in the patch that was about to be released. Our investigation showed that the number of body parts that were farmed and, consequently, vessels created did not warrant a wipe as there's not enough to turn the tide in the upcoming trail. Developing and testing a game is as much about processes as it is about game design and programming. To that end, we've identified how this happened and what we need to do to prevent it (or something similar) from happening again. This isn't the first time something went sideways, and it won't be the last. It's part of making games (one of the painful parts). Our continued pledge to our community is to always do our best to continually review and refine our processes, to carefully take all angles into consideration when addressing issues as they arise and to keep you informed about what happened, how we fixed it and what we learned from it.
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    [RP] Corvus Citadel Rallies!

    News from the front had reached Thimble mere moments ago. He had been busy helping run things at the Citadel and had been unable to help the war effort aside from the occasional flight into the Trial of Kane to quickly craft armor before he had to return. Raising the White Crow had proven to be a more difficult affair than anticipated, but the results would be worth it. As for the news from the front lines, it had been good, to say the least. In the face of overwhelming odds, three small groups of Corvus Citadel forces had managed to secure two keeps from the Winterblades and their vassals through the use of cunning tactics and swift decision making. The Balance faction began the night with three keeps, so their defenders were spread thin. Duffy Swiftshadow, Commander of the forces of Corvus Citadel, gave the order to the small group to assault Umbressa Keep, which was particularly light on defenders. Within minutes, the warriors of the Citadel overran the token defense and were able to destroy the Tree of Life and plant their own. Immediately, the band pivoted and marched at best speed to Rose Knights Grove Keep. The first to arrive were the scouts, and they reported back that the forces of Balance and Order were fighting over one of the Bane Trees outside the keep. Quig, Sergeant of Corvus Citadel, and Dirty, one of several Crowguard involved in the operation, quickly devised a plan while Duffy was commanding from the rear, helping the several recruits in attendance to catch up to the main force. It was a bold plan, and a risky one. Once Duffy and the recruits caught up, the small group of warriors began creeping along the wall of the keep, careful not to draw attention. Twice Grimmel, Corax Councilmember and forward scout, motioned for the force to stop all movement and cover their armor with their cloaks as they waited for a distant enemy scout to pass, hoping beyond hope that the scouts' attentions were always directed outward rather than inward toward the keep. Their luck held, as they were able to enter the keep through the breach without being discovered. Immediately they broke into a run, Quig leading the attackers in a glorious charge, straight to the objective: the Tree of Life. The brave warriors knew that they would only get one chance. Within seconds, Grimmel reported that the Winterblades were on to them. They must have had their own scouts watching the Tree of Life because their entire force turned on a gold piece as one and began streaming back toward the keep. The order was given to the warriors of the Corvus Citadel to throw everything they had at the Tree of Life in an attempt to take it down before they were overwhelmed. They grouped up, packing themselves tightly together, to maximize the effect of the beneficial magics of their clerics and other casters. The Tree of Life was nearly dead when the vanguard of the Winterblades slammed into the small force, but the phalanx held, though not without heavy loss. Zerst called out that he would begin the Resurrection Ritual, to try to save as many Corvus Citadel vessels as he could, to allow them to continue to fight. He was able to bring four of them back to life before he was knocked out of the ritual, more than anyone could have expected. Quig gave the order to blow novas, and one after another of the brave warriors gathered their energy and released it explosively, knocking the Winterblades off of the building. Finally the Tree of Life succumbed to its wounds. Quig and Grimmel, each with one hand on the same golden apple, dropped to their knees simultaneously, smashing the apple into the ground, causing a new Tree of Life to sprout, this one attuned to Chaos. The small band of warriors, half of which were green recruits wearing bits and pieces of hastily made armor, had done the impossible. Corvus Citadel had taken two keeps from the overwhelming forces of the Winterblades and their vassals. Thimble leaned back in his chair, taking two puffs on his pipe, the sun streaming in through a window illuminating the smile on his face.
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    I personally dislike this fort/siege schedule as it only fixed a few minor things like back capping, and created a slew of new headaches. 1 - yes night capping forts is dead.....bc no pvp allowed at 98% of forts lol, theres only one objective fort to fight over for 17 out of 24 hrs of the day.... in 6 zones......really, really, boring and anti sandbox feel going on. This also removes any strategy for map movement or control as you are literally forced and pointed to what you have to fight over or care about. This directly helps the faction with the more active player base as now they know exactly where to stack their troops and what they have to defend. (as admitted by most balance they are having an easier time keeping stuff capped)(reference scoreboard) The 5 man fort group now cant use geography and movement as a weapon to get around numbers, they are forced into non winning fights or, to not pvp and farm n craft to try to eliminate any numbers advantages with gear n vessel upgrades. Also now the “night capping” is just towers and gy’s, it definately still exists, as shown by wb roaming group doing towers last night at 2 am in marq with 7 dudes (not funneled to active fort bc forts are pointless still) This directly ties to why the campaign map is dead, pvp has no purpose for character progression or reward and you can make epics in gods reach and campaign temple and eks, why would any one trying to get geared up risk getting slaughtered when you have designed the game to have more safe havens than pvp locations? No one is on campaign because of this, it is by design advantageous to not pvp or be in pvp locations. 2 - i agree on back capping being dead and this being a good thing, shorter fort timers might make the last ten minute strat be less viable if fort windows were only 30 mins? more people might d up for 25 mins over 55 mins etc. 3 - reduced pvp siege burnout is now replaced with pvp boredom. fort locks and less towers have removed almost all campaign map participation, with a main reason being they are all still absolutely pointless for account/character progression. Why would me and a buddy go try capping towers when we could be farming up gear or vessels for guildmates or factionmates, there is no reward to pvp only risk and detrimental gear hits. The game in current format is minecraft with a 5 hr pvp window. 4 - circle standing time is much improved, good job 5 - Respawn cap points have all the same problems forts n towers do, usually they have no strategic purpose bc, capping alerts enemies to the zone, usually not near a valuable objective, and also again they do nothing for a characters development. gy’s are pointless, besides in siege zones during 10-11 if you dont have a fort. All in all im really surprised how vocal some are in support of these mechanics because it sure seems like its killing the pvp and world persistence. There are far to many hideouts for people to progress outside of pvp, and far to little pvp objectives with meaningful purpose that people care and want to fight for. Fights for just points on the scoreboard hasn’ t worked for 6 months. Make pvp have a purpose towards something and people will pvp, until then, this is what crowfall campaigns will look like.
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    Count me in the nervous group. Rather than improving the economy, I see this as competing with the economy before it's born. Master craftsmen will be competing with loot for market share on anything but their best work. Entry level craftsmen will be left out entirely. The harvesters that feed them will see lower demand for their goods, particularly after salvaging and refining is implemented. IMO, give us the tools for a real economy (a valued common currency, manufacturing & storage inventory), and we will fill the need for gear. Then change loot from finished goods to components that are better, or just different, than a craftsmen can produce but still require crafting to become useable gear. SWG's Acklay bones, Night Sister vibro motors, Krayt tissues, Geonosian power cubes and all the other loot only components made for incredible gear and were all well worth chasing and fighting over, while adding to the economy by demanding the best craftsmen and the best materials for assembly,
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    Dizzy Distortion needs to go.

    The dizzy distortion really needs to go. I get the idea behind the effect, but it really triggers bad motion sickness for me and I've never been bothered by visual effects before, and I'm sure it bothers other people too, considering the feedback on it during testing. I think it needs to either go, have a toggle setting, or be replaced with something like stars floating around your head or something like that. If you guys choose not to change it, then there needs to be some sort of heads up for players to understand this game has visual effects that might bother people.
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    War Story of the Week: Kunter84

    Congratulations to Kunter84 whose "Fun Friday - Cleric POV" video has been selected as the #CrowfallGame #WarStory of the Week! In the battle for Impius Keep during the Trial of Arkon, the underdogs of the Chaos faction bravely attempt to turn the tide in their favor. There are some helpful bits of strategy advice to found in the video, including these nuggets of wisdom: Don't let the enemy get behind you Fill the breech with fire Go for the squishy targets first What tactical advice do you find most helpful during a siege?
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    This is a fantastic patch for new and returning players. I highly recommend everyone brush up on the game if you're planning on returning for the "DREGS" like many people are planning on doing. There's some annoying stuff but overall it's pretty good.
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

    ❤️ @thomasblair. Just having fun.
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    ACE reacquires publishing rights

    I am not particularly sad to hear that Travian left. Through a long period of time I had a lot of sleepless nights due to them. And not those of the pleasant type. In my personal opinion things should have been handled very differently back in 2016. Whatever, that's cold zombie guts. This years new team was good, though. It's sad to see them go, they had a lot of potential. So, a shoutout to @Menja, @Ikas, @Fauno, @TheUnknown and @Cerus: Thanks for your work and the way you did it. And for what you tried to do, they way you did, even if it didn't always work out in the end. You would have deserved better. Alas, fate decided differently. I hope you had some fun with us. To all of you i wish only the best for your future. And maybe we'll meet again. In another story, another world, or even just in another campaign. Fare well.
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    This is great! Nice writeup @thomasblair! I really like the system for having prefixes, core attribute and suffix. Reminds me of rolling gear in Shadowbane. I like the stat choices for the armor too as they just make it so much more interesting than what we currently have. I also REALLY like that we will get armor/weapon drops from monsters. Aside from the more obvious pro's like allowing players to gear up quicker this also gives me hope that we may see equipped item loot in the Dregs after all. I could see people wearing "dropped gear" as an "everyday" type of armor and save the high end crafted stuff for sieges. That risk/reward component of not always wearing your best armor in fear that you might lose it is missing from the current faction campaigns in Crowfall and I certainly hope it appears in the Dregs.
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    Questions for the Devs!

    In the future, please run your Chaos/Order agreements through me first, and I can save you time and effort on how the next agreement will work out for ya 😁 And yes ignoring, breaking, and circumventing agreements/truces/NAP's that cannot be enforced, is the oldest ruse in the book. In simpler terms 'outfoxed' You can learn something by understanding the circumstances of the entire engagement including how Scarlett solo capped a keep. Or you can continue to build straw men about numbers and believe your own propaganda. Fact is fact, Scarlett took a keep as a single player and that has ramifications larger than who is grinding who down with numbers. It really was quite elegant how she has been setting up the Knock out punch for weeks, I'd go into more detail, but it's obvious I have lost your interest. Thanks for your reply.
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    Just wanted to Chime in here real quick because this is such an interesting thread for a host of reasons, but my main concern is how we as a community seem to be treating each other recently. First, let me start by saying "Thank You Jah!" for doing this and hopefully your efforts will bring some fresh blood to the game and revive some people that have lost interest due to current state of pre-alpha. So as we all know the current state of affairs is rough around the edges and it's clear Balance is more organized and playing to win. Not sure why this is a problem since it's a game and needs to be tested, also let's not forget without a hardcore player base to break/abuse/exploit everything this stuff wouldn't get fixed and would cause the game to fail spectacularly come launch. Second, I think lots of people are taking this whole thing way to personally except for Order who are way more relaxed despite there predicament and those are people I can easily get down with, so expect to see me flying Orange next Campaign on NA. Let's try not to take the #warstories as such a personal affront to our skill level and realize it needs to be phrased in such a way that will not only garner interest in the game, but also make it sound like there is more going on than there truly is. Half the people complaining on Chaos in this thread about numbers have no remorse about killing me 1v5+, but complain the instance they get outnumbered and start bringing up gear, time-played, and every other excuse for some reason. It's a PvP game you are going to die...LOTS..and most the time it's going to be massively unfair. Get over it or as Mandy always points out find a Guild or better yet Make one and get your own "unfair advantage," but either way lets stop beating this dead horse over and over on the boards it's just in poor taste and really makes people sound like sore losers. Also, if you are on the winning side aka Balance. You don't need to justify yourself or actions on the boards either, if someone wants to QQ just let them do it by themselves stop jumping into threads and even nicely explaining why the person is wrong/bad/misinformed or anything else because we all know people read text in "anger voice" and it just leads to further pollution of the boards and makes you sound like a poor winner which is even worse than a sore loser. On a personal note I've been enjoying the game solo this campaign and have found it both fun and rewarding for my time investment. There are lots of disadvantages to being a solo player especially one that is non-stealth, but overcoming those is part of the enjoyment for me and finding/pushing the limits of what my build can do is quite fun. I get killed quite often in fact I might have the most deaths in game at least on Balance side, but you will never see me on the boards QQing about some real or imagined disadvantage. I get better with each loss, I learn to adapt my play-style to fit the current state of affairs and who/how and where/when to engage/disengage from fights. If you take losses rather fair or unfair as learning tools you will enjoy the game quite a bit more and get better at the same time. TLDL - We all know the game is still in the "works," so let's not antagonize each other for sport when someone has a "moment"
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    Do you want a wipe?

    They should wipe it all on live. And go to 1x speed training and see the reactions. Keep the data for the trained on Test. But wipe all gear and banks on test as well. With free mats and training Test could be used to.... well... TEST!
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    The only moment in time where everyone will be on even footing is the day of release. Wiping the server constantly will not fix this problem you think you have.
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    Dear team, you do realize that it doesn't really look good, if you tell us you would inform us when you will wipe one week in advance ... and then you publish a news telling us you wipe tomorrow, righ'?
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    feedbacks and opinions

    A few days ago the infected was set up on crowfall and I wanted to share with you my feelings since this launch and on the game currently. It's sure that I will push open doors and repeat things already said, but sting of wakeup call is always good! I know that the game is in development and that things will evolve but I give my player's opinion because crowfall looks more and more like a real game and lots of new players arrive and give up too quickly sometimes. In my opinion the first thing to do for the game got meaning, is to balance access to resources. Currently too many high-level resources are reachable. Indeed the god's reach should not have ranks as high, for the war tribes and for harvesting resources. A player who starts crowfall must start with the god's reach to learn the mechanics of the game but very soon he should be confronted with the infected. Indeed have a zone without pvp with as much benefits that the current god's reach is totally the opposite of the basic idea of the game (or at least what I understood). We could imagine that the god's reach offers resources up to rank 4 for example to access the lvl 15 and then, we would naturally go into the infected to continue the progression, but finally having the pvp aspect. Infected it could go to the 7th rank for example and the higher ranks would be reserved for campaigns. Restore meaning to the risk / reward choice is for me an important thing for the future. Then, after several years of testing and several reset we notice the same thing every time the passive skills have not been reset since a long time, new players have the impression of being faced with an impassable wall (which is not entirely true or totally false). The passive progression should be much more horizontal than it's now. The latest levels of harvest are a good example of what should be made for passive skils, a star-shaped tree. Like that a new players can "quickly" be good in ONE branch of the tree but will time to be good in ALL. This would allow new players to feel quickly useful (within a guild or not) and thus to have fun and the desire to play. So I think a restructuring of the "form" of progression would be important and really beneficial to CF. By doing this kind of progression, we can imagine a new player choose runemaker job and be an axe specialist then pick specialist etc... This would also allow the dev to "add" branches easily when the game will have several years operating. For the economy, I think we should remove the vendors from the temple and leave them only in freecity to give life to this area that could allow rp for those who likes and boost the trade of more players. Even if I admit that the top would have been an access to EK directly since the GR in order to give meaning to the ek but it may be difficult technically. Moreover vendor's location can become reward from campaign like that war will have sense and alliance between guild in a faction can be a negotiation for bigger guild which give 1 or 2 location to smaller guild for their help. For new players also a recurring problem is felt, a feeling of being lost when you start the game. I think a "tutorial quest" would be welcome to guide the players in their first steps and teach them the different aspects of the game. An example that marked me is a player who discovered that you could sacrifice after 3 days of play! The starting area of the god's reach would be perfect for that. We could even start the game in crows to understand a little better the lore of the game (I dream a little there). I think it should be the only quest in this game to understand who you are (ig) and how to play. You can tell me we already have the little bubble info but they are so fast that new player forget and dont take time to read it . Finally I will finish there because it is already long all that poorly made socks, in terms of fighting, the possibilities of having an impact when you're outnumbered are too low, indeed the lack of aoe (or their effectiveness) doesn't allow a small group to worry or kill a larger group unless it makes big errors. Even if @Belantis made a great post of the different strategies u can use, when u see big fights on the videos or stream u see ppl turning around and some fights become boring cause of that. (it's just an opinion and i can understand ppl dont feel like me on this point) thank you if u have read everything!
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    News cycle— disappointing —

    On June 20th Pann said we'd start seeing one news story a week and occasional blogs. News sounding like fluff for the general public and Blogs being more of what I assume most of us expect "News" to be. Been about 10 weeks since then and we've had 1 Q&A (2nd canceled), 1 "News" fluff piece, and 5.100 update info. Unless War Stories are considered News, they seem to have changed their plans without saying anything. Curious what you mean by "huge" as a post on ~2 game sites and an email blast is the typical milestone "big news" format. While companies are obviously always marketing, actual throw money at it seemed to be on hold until post soft-launch, at least that is what they've said. We aren't even in "alpha" yet so spending resources marketing to a likely minuscule group doesn't seem useful. Not sure how ignoring current population in hopes to make a big push to bring in a smaller group and then continue to repeat the cycle is smart business. Maybe it is just semi cash grab in some regards to get that initial $50 before people get bored and leave? Again this doesn't seem wise with the ripple it causes. Hyping up the Dregs prior to actually testing it at all or seeing feedback from the dwindling active fans seems like a poor move as well. Inviting in a fresh group or bringing back folks that have left to have them leave disgruntled after being exposed to yet another bug filled and broken update doesn't sound like good marketing. For a company that some claim "is the most transparent ever!!!!" I have to ask what they believe transparent means.
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    It's been debated at length that defenders usually have an advantage in these kind of siege games, given positioning and tactical advantage of being able to stay static versus an approaching force. However Crowfall takes this to another level. Let's look at the advantages that a defending force currently have at a Fort or Keep during a siege window: 1) Positional advantage - defenders are able to sit on walls or in fortified positions, and attackers must move to them. 2) Ability to launch defensive siege from walls or fortified positions - Ballista are another topic altogether right now. 3) High rank guards hitting attackers for 20% of their life per hit, from 100m away. 4) Respawn economy - Defenders are able to spawn nearby, without any penalty other than a timer. I'm going to focus mostly on point 4) in this post. Testing has shown that the first death penalty incurs a ~90 second respawn timer. https://gfycat.com/zealousmagnificentamericancreamdraft - Proof of 90 second respawn on first death. If your flight time is short, such as when defending a keep or fort, your first death is essentially meaningless and you can respawn quickly. Let's envision a scenario when you are the defending force at a Fort, and you venture outside of the walls to confront attackers. Let's say the fight is relatively even, and each faction loses 5 members during the battle. Given even numbers, this fight essentially means that the attacking force has already lost the battle. Defenders simply wait the 90 seconds, resurrect and are good to go, while attackers need to fly to the nearest spawn location, which may not even be in the same zone if you are sieging a Fort. So now each side has lost 5 players, and the attacking force is essentially down 5 members. It takes longer than 90 seconds to regroup, destroy a wall and be ready to push in. Defenders are now all alive, and can resume with their original numbers. Attackers must continue into another compromising situation: attacking the throne rooms, or killing guards. Some guards cannot even be reached at this stage, as they will be up on walls that in most cases, cannot be climbed, as most defending teams will not repair ramps, only ladders, which attacking teams cannot use. In the current game, generally you don't even bother with killing guards, because that gives the enemy team more time to resurrect and regroup. So the attacking team charges the throne room and the enemy players (and at least 4 guards). Should they manage to kill anyone that didn't die in the first attack, those players can resurrect 90 seconds later and rejoin the fight, however attackers cannot reinforce with new players. Most battles last much longer than 90 seconds, so it's not rare to kill the same person 3-4 times in one siege. See this video for part of an example. Just in this video alone: Bzra dies 2:15 Taloc dies 3:30 Samwell dies 3:45 Samwell is back in the fight visible at 6:00 Bzra is back in the fight at 6:05 Taloc is back in the fight and dies at 6:23 Although the POV person from the video dies, I can assure you that when we pushed into the throne room, we fought Samwell, Taloc, and many others that we had already killed multiple times again. The fight ended when uXa reinforced with superior numbers, but we would have likely lost the battle eventually due to pure attrition, an issue that the defenders do not have to deal with. In summary, defenders have too strong of an advantage in the current state of the game. Attackers must push through long range and sometimes impossible to reach guards, overpowered ballista with invisible spell effects, and advantageous defender positioning. Attackers also have to deal with respawning defenders who are able to rejoin fights at full strength, as Death Shroud doesn't apply when you resurrect at a Dragon statue. And on top of all of this, attackers have to succeed in eliminating the opposing force in one singular push, as they cannot reinforce in a timely manner. Defenders get multiple chances to win. All this combined means that for attackers to win a Keep, they must either vastly outnumber, out-skill or out-gear the enemy, or defenders decide not to protect the keep at all. There is no situation in Crowfall right now where an attacking force can squeak out a win and claw out a victory after a hard-fought, even battle. Suggestions Add a 3-5 minute death shroud timer from time of death. If a player resurrects via a dragon statue, they have the death shroud debuff until that time runs out. (Players resurrected by allies should not be given death shroud, ACE you have this one backwards in the current game) Remove MKIV ballista from the game or see other suggestions regarding eliminating targeting inside your own keep walls. Tune or tone down fort and keep guards. They are either too powerful, or have too much range, or both. We are not here to fight insane guards, we're here to fight other players. Having NPCs be so strong and possibly turning the tide of battles is not what we signed up for. Thank you for your interest
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    Howdy folks Going to try and stay away from my normal rants. Given the fact that many of the people I normally play with refuse to play the game in its current state, I was curious what would need to happen to get testers back to the table? It was only several weeks ago we had people queuing to get into zones to play. Now the place is a wasteland. Many of my guildies are off playing other games, waiting for change. What do you think that change should be? Obviously we don't want hand outs or to make the game easy, but in it's current state it is simply a frustrating mess. Frankly, I'd just be happy being able to level at a decent pace without having to worry about my gear falling apart after 24 hours of gameplay. I mean, I get it, PVP is part of the game and frankly it makes it exciting. What isn't exciting is that every time you die, the hit on your gear is bloody crazy! Dying is cool, dying naked after several deaths is not. Come on, share your thoughts!
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    In the end of the siege window all 3 factions ended up in the same map. It lead to a long mobile 3 way fight. Good fights everyone! ______________________________We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players!Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    The first evening in the Trial of Maeve. We decided to leave our keeps undefended, and instead chose the overwhelming odds of sieging the Order factions main keep as only 5 people. Enjoy the 4 different point of view video! ______________________________ We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players! Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    The increasing PvE Requirement

    They went out of their way in Kickstarter to make this a nonstandard mmo with heavy PvP. There are 50k backers who backed that vision. Are they not obligated to make the game they asked for our money to make? They went out of their way to appeal to the Shadowbane fans, the lead devs first mmo, and then time after time they deviate from that vision. They went out of their way to make it seem more PvP centric than PvE but somehow the game has ended up more PvE than anything else.
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    FYI - After the stream, I chatted with Blair about doing a write-up on the Discipline changes. He's in the middle of some high-priority work this week, but hopes to have a first draft done sometime next week. Stay tuned for that!
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    #Warstory - The Longest Siege

    The forces of House Avari and The Winterblades defend Umbressa Keep from the combined forces of Order and Chaos in an hour long siege. The Balance will prevail!
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    @Pann the reason you are seeing more and more desperate posts from some of Crowfall’s Biggest Supporters is when you don’t respond- Our minds begin to wonder if there is a future at all for the game. I could care less about videos and news with high production values — just forum posts about the state of the game are enough to help us keep the faith.
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    A Reason to Fight

    Despite the circus that thread is boogis does have a point, fighting to fight is great for the winners, i dont feel demotivated to seek out fights right now but the sheep will so we need to give them a reason to fight besides them being forced too, and one of the greatest ways i have seen a game pull sheep into pvp was ESO's pvp ranks, they locked the best stamina healing behind alliance ranks and the best shaders such as legate black and palatine white. Rprs enter cyrodiil to get some shaders, pvers enter cyrodiil so they can heal themselves in dungeons, continually creating a pvp cycle. Currently pvping outside of a fort or keep costs everyone, no one wins these fights in reality because nothing is gained, only gear dura being lost and a 2 minute fly back to a respawn for the losers gets handed out. If during these fights you gained say 1k pvp points towards your next rank even a loss wont feel as bad since you made progress and a victory will feel so much sweeter seeing 5k pvp points pop up at the bottom of your screen. For dregs i dont imagine we'll have a problem finding enemies to fight but incentivizing fighting in factions probably will be hard, adding pvp ranks with rewards will help alleviate faction stacking, avoiding fights, and backcapping in just one change. PvP ranks do promote zerging for points but they also promote small scale at the same time, in ESO i ran solo most of the time because i didnt want to split my points with others, the sheep i hunted had a chance against the greedy lone wolf as opposed to rolling in with the entire pack and getting a paltry amount of points. Another great thing with the pvp ranks was it also made fights around keeps or keep resources valuable due to extra points being rewarded to the victors at the end, a current problem we have with fort windows is chaos doesnt show up until the last 5 minutes, i bet theyd show up to try and fight before that if the longer we fought and the more died during the window meant getting more points to whoever owns it in the end. You can even reward special pvp ranks to winners of certain campaigns like "General of Cybele" for the top 3 guild masters on the winning faction. BUT we dont have to stop at pvp ranks, we can make harvesting ranks and crafting ranks involving the sacrifice process and giving it meaning past level 30. A problem crafters and harvesters will have is eventually they wont have something to do, whether it be because theyre stonewalled by passives or their guild just simply does not need more mats and the trader life doesnt appeal to them. Heres some possible examples for those ranks to hopefully keep them occupied during these downtimes. crafter rank 1- sac 5 white daggers with 90 max damage crafter rank 984- craft a blue dagger with x max damage with only 1 damage reroll crafter rank 200974883- sac 3 legendary 2h maces with +20% crit damage and 138 max damage harvester rank 1- sac 200 white ore/50 white leather/ 100 white wood/ 200 white stone harvester rank 984- mine x amount of nodes in 30 minutes harvester rank 200974883- sac 20 legendary halite and 20 legendary grave goods
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    Whats a point of winning?

    Sorry to interrupt the show, but I'm gonna shut it down. This thread makes my head hurt and I think my eyes are bleeding.
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    During patching and while I was logged in, my scanner kept blocking API.MIXPANEL.COM outbound. I checked on this site and it does analytics but has also apparently had a history of taking more information than it needs, such as passwords, etc. What's the purpose of this within the game? Is there any actual reason I should unblock this?
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    Druids use earth magic from the gods, Elken are men cursed to be deer for violating nature’s sacred groves. Makes sense to me.
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

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    Been saying this since the start. You have a "CRAFT-SIMULATOR" that has absolutely ZERO fun involved. Stop and think about what brought MMO's to top tier AAA status... 1. LORE. It united you and your guild/faction of players to a common cause. It was interesting, unique, and you carried a sense of pride behind playing there. This game has a fragment of that. You walk around in places named some ridiculous name because someone "purchased" the right to do so. 2. The classes are dry, stale, cookie-cutter builds that basically let you "fail-safe" your character. What caused WoW to lose its playerbase of die-hards??? Welcome to the pruning and dumb-downed removal of talent tree's. (aka character creation/personal design). UO had it, Shadowbane had it, DAOC had it..but nope, not this game. 3. GRIND!!! Grind grind grind grind grind for what? To hit your lvl cap, then rinse, repeat, and do it again on another body/vessel. Sorry, but I said this was dumb ages ago and it still sits the same. You want war and engaging players? FORCE IT! Put up mob camps with rare drops, runes, weapons/armor etc so people go there and fight over it. 4. No sense of character attachment whatsoever. I have no connection with my toons and can really care-less about them. In the end i know its a throw-away and i'll just have to build a new body thats a "prettier color, green, blue etc" so who cares. DAOC kept players because each RR mattered...this is just another wasted crafting simulator experience. Noted Improvements so far: 1. The music/atmosphere has gotten alot "darker". This is a good thing, noticed this right away after running around for 2 minutes. 2 big thumbs up for bringing this over...Hoping to hear more. (especially if you bring back the desert lands...that music was top-notch!) I'm sorry for being harsh, my friends and I had VERY high hopes for this; but its NOT nor is it even in the same tier of Shadowbane. I'll never understand how this even happened. The majority of pre-backers in this game wanted nostalgia back. I still have my old Shadowbane lore/strategy guide I flip thru time to time...was so deep in complexity with builds, races, stats etc... Feel free to browse my old posts. Either this. dev team DROPS all this ridiculous grinding/crafting or you have yourself a busted farm simulator. Wrain
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    Upcoming Discipline Changes

    Pros: Newbies will be able to get disciplines by just farming gold. Cons: All you are doing is pushing back the grind to advanced vessels. We keep stating how the grind is getting worse and worse. We get to keep the same grindy RNG for green/blue vessel and now for a purple vessel we will need to farm 3x the same discipline? Grind x3. I understand that minors and majors will be easier to farm in upcoming patches, but why are you making it HARDER in the mean time if we want anything above blue? The disciplines will have the same stats, so what is the point of adding this extra step in? Can you give them better stat line items? A guild mate put it best, its like you are telling us to test a horse+cart and only giving us the cart first and telling us to push it. Guess what, its heavy, we don't want to. Give us the horse(the improved loot tables/thrall system) at the same time as the cart(requiring disc quality = vessel quality). One suggestion if you want to do this change, go ahead and make whites refinable or add a high cost gold item to refine them. Give us something to reduce the grind we keep mentioning. Also, how will blacksmith and other crafting discs work? Skinning and other base harvesting discs? @thomasblairplease provide guidance or some sort of response. EDIT: incase you didn't know, white quality discs will be buyable in upcoming patch but only EQUIPABLE on white vessels or lower. You can still get disciplines the normal way and will need to to equip for blue and you will need to refine the blue to use for purple.(3x the disc)
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    See I think part of the problem is in that statement "get Testers back" They need to stop thinking of us as testers and think of us as players. If they had a part of the game that was fun, and they have added things to make it not fun, well that should be a huge red flag. The excuse is "well the game is in alpha" I don't get this excuse, F that you should be testing at this point what is fun but despite the complaining of all the "players" of they keep adding these elements even as people are fleeing the game. Oh ya and um the grind, they need to lessen the grind so we can get to playing the game, most importantly roll back the gold nerf and the gold sacrifice nerf.
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    Crowfall is not a PvP game.

    The answer to the power curve is to add more practical bonuses rather than straight up stat bonuses on everything. Doing things that impact play rather then just make a number bigger so you do more with it. First, remove the obscene leveling required to be even slightly competent in PvP. Theres no reason for it. "Its to help people learn their class better blah blah blah" is not an argument if people play a class long enough they will figure it out. Make some method of transfering xp when making new vessles, or change the system so level 1 characters can actually be viable just with less overall options. Hell just make all Basic Starter vessels start at level 30 (or 25 if you really want to make them have some grinding to do). Basic vessels already have trash stats (what is it like +6 or +10 in all stats compared to crafted vessels?) So why not just let them start at max level so people can actually try different things out, and just have the leveling come into play with crafted vessels? Cause not many things will drive more new people away then coming into the game spending a weekend leveling a class and realizeing they dont like it and having to start all over again from scratch. Second, add more Stuff like this (old image but i liked what it offered), stuff that isnt expressly tied to Rarity of the gear or pure stat boost but slightly augments how certain skills function. (This might also help with the always wear plate dilemma if that is still a thing since the HP nerf, if different pieces of different types of gear effected skills differently in a meaningful way. idk if the plate issue is still a thing or not anymore though). Add augments to gloves, helmets, and boots too so people can mix and match the specific bonuses they want. and more horizontal options like i mentioned in the lower part of a really old post (before promotions were added) things that change gameplay or play style slightly. More new skill type things rather than things that expressly boost an already existing skill. Boosting skills power just feeds more into the power gap between a slightly lower level vessel and a slightly higher one, but access to new skills just give the higher level person more options and utility (and more choices for what to slot vs what not to). My thought on this is that classes should be viable with or without their promotion. Promotions should only offer different style of play + more options but dont become the backbone of what is needed to be competitive PvP wise.
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    Hallo Yirrin, wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen Mitstreitern, mit denen wir uns in die Schlacht stürzen können und sind gerne bereit Frischling mit unserer Erfahrung zu unterstützen. Sammler und Erkunder bilden eine wichtige Stütze im Gildengefüge und wir freuen uns über jedes neue Mitglied, dass sich mit dieser Rolle identifizieren kann. Falls du Lust hast, schau doch einfach für weitere Infos auf unsere Homepage ( www.northlanders.rocks ) vorbei oder besuche uns auf unserem Teamspeak-Server ( "northlanders.teamspeak.de" ) und stupse eines der Mitglieder an, damit wir dich aus dem Eingangsbereich ziehen können. Viel Erfolg bei deiner Suche! Gruß Narak
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    [CONTEST] - Crowfall WarStories

    Hey Kraahk and the others of CoR. Just wanted to say that's really a noble move you you. Thanks 👍 Hope we keep up that spirit as a community. And I hope to see you in game anytime soon!
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    Campaign Scoring has changed or broke?

    We don't have any reasonable way to restore the points (the data may be logged but it would take a significant effort to determine what points weren't counted and it still might not be fully accurate). We feel that resources are better spent trying to get the new 5.90 version out as soon as possible. Given that all three factions were relatively close in score when the fix went in, and given this is still pre-alpha, we made the call to allow the campaign to continue to completion rather than reset it completely (which was our other choice). We felt like this approach was the "lesser of the evils". It's not a lot of comfort right this minute, but every bug that we find now is another one we are much less likely face after the game launches, and for that we are grateful to all the backers who participate the tests. We couldn't make this game to the quality level we all want without you!
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    the hell did i just read
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    I don't know what y'all mean, I've never messed up a date in my life. The patch and wipe happen Wednesday, April 10 and the new Trial starts Thursday, April 11.
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    Didn't realize "dungeons" in an open world MMO could be so controversial. Let's look at it like this, can we even have a "throne war" without a living world to navigate and conquer? Can players feel engaged solely upon objective-based player vs player nodes on an on-demand basis any and every time they log in? No. Definitely not. And I am sure I am not the only one who would've abstained from ponying up the money had my interpretation of an "MMO" been "content that is only playable when other players make it possible", yeah, no. The opportunity of engaging other players should be massively rewarding, and the pinnacle of experiences to be had in crowfall but the outcome of not having much to do without them would make this game DOA. War tribes and dungeons create hurdles and attractions that will draw player engagement through need or want. I'd think the benefit of driving players towards similar places to create conflict would be obvious. To everyone else implying better design around pure-PvP objectives would somehow gaurantee a consistent flow of players to provide said content, uh, Age of Wushu, anyone?
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    Design Suggestions

    Chinese bots would have a hard time selling anything anyway, if gold stays as it is it is near worthless, im talking worth less then Venezuelan money worthless, not to mention there is 0 dropped unique gear and crafted gear is way way way better then dropped gear, every guild big and small worth their salt has dedicated crafters to get their gear for free, gathering resources wouldnt be easy for chinese bots either if they decided to enter the market, in dregs itd be physically impossible for a bot to gather any meaningful mats with literally everyone gunning for their skull and would be impossible to hold any mines if they do make their way into this game, and in factions is also hard with there being 0 safe territory and having massively reduced drops in the later seasons for new accounts which the bots and farmers would need due to constant banning, and let us not forget that theyd actually need crafters themselves for picks and such seeing as basic and intermed picks cant scratch the higher nodes, sure they can farm mats in gods reach and EK's but i dont think chaos embers will be dropping there forever, and that leaves just dust to sell which they could get pretty easily in eks but ACE can probably tell which eks have real players and which have bots running the same path for 108 hours straight A lot of bot farmers exist in games because those games have safe zones that drop valuable items, crowfall doesnt have that, there are no safe zones with mats higher then r5, and there are no super rare drops, the only things that exist that could be called rare are things like necro goggles which require a coordinated group to get and something tells me bots cant coordinate that well vs a raid boss in the campaign world with players roaming around, and to magnify these issues even further, theres a $50 barrier for every account they use, with how easy it would be to disrupt these bots and how easy it would be to tell them apart and ban them its not worth it for anyone to try and game the system this way
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    it’s really annoying having to wait for BOTH the Rez Timer and Death Shroud
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