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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    ____________________________________________________________________________ Guild discord: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Vanguard - "a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas" ___________________________________________________________________________________ Vanguard is a new Crowfall-only PvP guild, created by veterans from other EU guilds. We have a very ambitious vision of establishing a smaller guild, with a hardcore mindset. We do not aim to be a large guild, we instead aim to have a strong core of PvPers, that can make a difference when involved in fights. We are already active everyday practicing, theorycrafting, min/maxing. We are the kind of people who wants to get stream sniped, because we love the action. ____________________________ Why join Vanguard? We can teach you any class/promotion/build at a high level. Give you an environment that promotes personal development. A professional approach to the game, while still having fun. You will play in a guild with very passionate and motivated people. You will be able to influence and help in the guides we will provide to the community. ______________________________ What is Vanguard looking for? We are looking for players that share the same mentality and approach to the game that we have. We want players that: Spends hours theorycrafting and testing builds. Want to practice every week and improve their skill. Is able to take constructive criticism. Love to min/max and optimize their time. Is able to put their ego aside and take a loss. Plays more or less every day. What we are looking for currently: Recruitment is OPEN. 2 Flex players 1 Support player ________________________________________________________________ If this sounds like something you can see yourself doing, then apply to our guild. APPLY HERE ________________________________________________________________ Our goals: As mentioned we do not aim to become a large guild, instead we choose quality over quantity. We do not aim to win campaigns right away, instead we will use this time looking for as much PvP action as possible. We have some goals starting out: 1 - Obtain and keep a strong core of 10 very active players. ✔ 2 - Get scrim sessions up and running twice a week. ✔ This list will be updated as we progress. ____________________________________________________________________ FAQ: "Will you accept crafters and harvesters?" - No, we are only looking for PvP players. But we expect our members to pitch in with gathering resources. "How will you get gear?" - We have enough alt accounts to cover all professions, and there are plenty of options to outsource. "What will your end goal be?" - We want to be a force to be reckoned with, but we do not aim to be a large guild. We want to be the turning factor of fights. "Will you only accept experienced players?" - No, the most important factor, is that you have a will to learn and improve. If you have that mindset, then we can help you to become a great player. "Which guides have you made?" - While we have a lot of work in progress, we have had a very succesful guide in the past while we played in Caldera. It can be found here: Promotion Breakdown New Minor Discipline guide, for Patch 5.100: Vanguard Minor Discipline Guide
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    Hallo, ich bin Yirrin und habe frisch mit diesem Spiel begonnen. Mein Spielverhalten ist mittlerweile mehr casual. Es gibt Zeiten wo ich viel spiele aber auch Zeiten wo es weniger sein wird. Ich spiele MMOs seit dem es sie gibt und werde dieses Jahr die 50 erreichen. Ich spiele gerne Kleriker oder Magieklassen. Mein Fokus liegt auf Erkunden, Herstellen und sammeln. Bin aber auch für andere Schandtaten bereit. Ich würde mich freuen wenn eine Einladung reingeflattert kommt. Wie alt ihr seit, wieviel Erfahrung ihr habt oder ob es eine neugegründete Gilde ist, ist mir egal. Der Name muss ins Spiel passen und der Ruf der Gilde sollte in Ordnung sein. Yirrin
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    Kickstarter Questions

    The mounts are basically just a special skin, though they come with a figurine you can use to summon a mount. This figurine can be looted, yes. Even if not, it can be destroyed if it gets too much damage. But you will be able to apply the skin onto other mounts later. So you won't loose your reward (which is the skin). We have no new informations about how taxes and maintenance will work in the Eternal Kingdoms. So, no definite details about the so-called tax-free parcels, which are currently called farm-parcels. We will get there one day. (However, the basic idea was, that those land parcels would be able to somehow reduce the maintenance costs of buildings placed on adjacent stronghold parcels.)
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    Tutoriales [Encuesta]

    ¿Recuerdas como te sentiste cuando entraste por primera vez a Crowfall? El tiempo que pasaste aprendiendo cómo desenvolverte: Control del personaje. ¿Como funciona el árbol de habilidades? ¿Como funciona la artesanía? ¿Como debería distribuir mis puntos de habilidad? Ese es el sentimiento que tienen todos y cada uno de los cuervos que se unen a nuestra comunidad. ¿Que piensas les ayudaría a encontrarse en el juego mas fácilmente? Queremos tu opinión al respecto. Por favor, participa en la encuesta. Además, si hay otras ideas que se te vengan a la mente, déjanoslo en un mensaje en este mismo hilo. Gracias, TheUnknown.
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    Eternal Leadership

    As a mechanic, having the Leadership buff present is a nice idea, but the cost benefit analysis for it has a huge problem. Way of the Leader isn't worth a Passive Skill Slot, once you have access to various disciplines, as it doesn't give nearly as much. 37 more attack/support, 10% more critical damage at 2% more chance, Lifesteal and Thorns Bonus (which do nothing if you have neither). The non-combat variant is slightly more useful, as it can stack well with a couple of exploration disciplines, but only because you usually still have space left in that tray. In turn, I'm left wondering why this is even a passive. Wouldn't it just be a whole lot more fundamental if, like all of the other profession training you apply, it's just in use the moment you learn it, and stays forever? As is, it takes a lot of training to apply even a single point in most of the tree, so the expense is already really high. Making it automatic would make it feel more like a game feature, instead of being sidelined so much, considering other limitations like needing a party, and needing to keep together. And, again, it is the only tree across all professions that the entire tree does nothing if you do not expend a passive slot for it. If you want to hold a degree of replacing restriction, then you can just make sure that the Leadership buff does not activate at all if there is no valid Footmen in range.
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    [NEWS] L'Appel du Corbeau - 9e édition

    Chers Corbeaux ! J’espère que vos avez passé une super semaine. La nouvelle newsletter est ENFIN disponible, oui !!! 😎 Je compte sur vous pour proposer des idées que vous souhaitez partager ou divulguer , des projets en cours, besoin d'aide, etc. pour notre Newsletter! 🎬 Q&A Live Sur cette vidéo, Thomas Blair, directeur design de Crowfall®, fait équipe avec le célèbre streamer Twitch Rufio pour une séance de questions-réponses. ------------------------------------------------------------- Narration visuelle La narration visuelle joue un rôle essentiel dans la création d'un monde et dans sa perception par les joueurs.Découvrez comment #CrowfallGame donne vie à son univers à travers l'architecture et l'environnement. Vous trouverez tout sur ce sujet sur ce lien. ❓ Quel tutoriel pour Crowfall Vous souvenez-vous de la sensation la première fois que êtes connecté à Crowfall? C'est ce que ressent chaque nouveau corbeau quand il se joint à notre communauté. Que pouvons nous faire pour aider les nouveaux joueurs, et leur permettre de ne pas rester noob trop longtemps Donnez votre avis ici ------------------------------------------------------------- De l'aide oui, mais en français! Un appel a la communauté pour lister les différents guides, wiki, sites, page/blog ou chaîne, etc. ou il est possible de trouver des informations et de l'aide sur le jeu en Français. Partagez ici ❔ Sondage Facebook Préférez vous affronter des araignées ou des morts-vivants ? Donnez votre avis sur Facebook!!!! Félicitations a Groovin, Histoire de guerre de la semaine:
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    For me, this should be the greatest focus when it comes to vessels is improving the leveling process. Overall, leveling needs to happen more organically while playing the game instead of just another grind to do before you can really play the game. Right now most people grind R10 Zombies to get levels. We can't even reach max level, even on a white vessel, in God's Reach without sacrificing gold. Vessels are not combat viable until level 25 when they can get the capstone talent. These are all issues that need to be addressed IMO. Sacrifice is the most glaring issue currently. White sacrifice items should give XP all the way to level 30 for a white vessel. Green should go all the way to 30 for a green vessel. Etc. The war tribe combine 10 into a sacrifice item thing needs to be revamped. Unless you have crafting skill, which many do not, the item goes flawed often. Just drop items that get sacrificed directly IMO. When sacrificing items we need the XP to carry over to the next level. Having to sacrifice the exact amount of stuff to complete a level otherwise you lose out on XP is not good. We need the "XP for all the things" patch where we will get XP for harvesting nodes, crafting items, capturing objectives, etc. This will help a lot with leveling feeling a lot more organic while playing the game instead of a grind that must be done before you can play. Not sure how to fix this one without a major overhaul but if you expect us to PVP before level 25 then we really need our characters to be combat viable at a lower level. This means granting abilities and such at lower levels or at the start. I've always thought the talent system should be about MODIFYING existing abilities instead of GRANTING them. Take a look at how Elder Scrolls Online offers different "morphs" of abilities. For example, instead of a talent granting Knight's Chain Pull you offer morphs that modify the distance, damage or cooldown time and you have to make a choice of which morph you want. The XP leveling curve needs to be looked at as far as vessel quality vs. campaign type/rank of monsters available as more campaign types come online. You have to go to higher risk campaigns to get higher quality resources. You should have to go to riskier campaigns to level higher quality vessels. You should be able to get a white vessel to level 30 in God's Reach easy but a green should be slow/difficult. You should be able to get a green vessel to 30 in 3 Faction Campaign easy but a blue should be slow/difficult. You should be able to get a blue vessel to 30 in 12 Faction Campaign easy but a purple should be slow/difficult. You should be able to get a purple vessel to 30 in Dregs Campaign easy but a orange should be slow/difficult.
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    I wasnt asking about the skill trees (Passive Training) i was asking about Talent Trees (Active Progression) Because i really hate that i have to waste points on certain things just to progress through the tree itself. Example, why is Go For Broke the first branching skill for duelist? I Dont like go for broke and ill never use it or even slot it on my character, Snipe and Ambush are way better skills in my opinion especially since i play dirge and stealth for me is more about a quick initiation before i go into brawl mode. Thats 1 Whole wasted Talent point, then if i dont plan on doing any exploration stuff im forced to take both exploration discs because they are located on the default line of progression (most of my characters dont even slot exploration disc, only my harvester which i havent actually made since the last wipe). Thats 2 More wasted talent points. Thats a Total of 3 wasted skill points i could have put somewhere else. And Tinnis asked an interesting question about what will happen when disciplines require Talent points to gain abilities. If they force you to go in a certain Order or Tree style approach, Thats even more wasted points if i only wanted 2 of the abilities from a major but they locked it behind the 2 abilities i didnt want. Thats another 2 talent points PER Major that are wasted also. For a whooping total of 7 Skill points wasted in crap im never gonna use. The game is supposed to be about choices. if i CHOOSE to not wanna have any bonuses to harvesting at all and dont wanna slot disciplines. Thats for me to decide, it shouldnt be forced on me to at least attempt to take 2 exploration disciplines if i dont want to. Therefor i should be able to CHOOSE to not take 2 exploration discs in the talent tree if i dont want to. I should also be able to CHOOSE not to take Go For Broke if it doesnt fit my playstyle and i wont slot it. I dont care if Go for Broke actually happens to be a good skill and that other can use it really well, Its my opinion that the skill is shyt and it my CHOICE to not take it. I shouldnt be forced to take it just because the devs said "welp lets put that skill here in the tralent tree cause clearly everyone would wanna use this skill".
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    Q&A-Stream mit Blair, Pann und Rufio Allgemeine Infos Springen während des Zauberns bewirkt ab 5.90, dass der Zauber unterbrochen und beendet wird. Die überarbeiteten Tempel sind nun auf dem Testserver, also schaut rein! Fragen und Antworten Q: Werden die neuen Handwerkskomponenten (wie zum Beispiel Waffenkopf-Gussformen) herstellbar sein, oder müssen sie von Händlern erworben werden? A: Eine der Änderungen in 5.90 ist die vereinheitlichte Herstellungsweise von Waffen, für die nun immer eine ähnliche Anzahl an Komponenten benötigt wird. Der Grund dafür ist, dass zuvor viele der Waffen unausgewogen waren, was ihre Eigenschaften anging, was einfach daran lag, dass sie zu viele oder zu wenige Komponenten hatten. Das Konfessoren-Buch ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür, da es für lange Zeit weniger Schaden verursacht hat, als andere Zweihand-Waffen. Aber Teil dieser Änderung war es, ein paar Komponenten hinzuzufügen, die nur von Händlern erworben werden können. Sie agieren als ergebnisverändernde Bestandteile von Rezepten und stellen außerdem einen unserer ersten "Gold Sinks" im Handwerk dar, die wir nun langsam einführen möchten, um zukünftig Gold aus der Ingame-Wirtschaft ziehen zu können. Q: Plant ihr, den Todesschleier-Debuff beizubehalten? Im neuen System fürs Wiederauferstehen an den Statuen fühlt er sich überflüssig an. A: Was uns hier Sorgen macht sind Wiederbelebungen von Spielern direkt auf dem Schlachtfeld und jegliche Mechaniken, die bewirken, dass man nicht dorthin zurücklaufen muss. Wir möchten sicherstellen, dass diese Art von "Zergen" nicht möglich ist und sind daher noch nicht soweit, den Debuff zu entfernen. Q: Gibt es für Spieler eine Möglichkeit, zu sehen, wie viel Zeit man im aktuellen Monat bereits auf dem Testserver verbracht hat? A: Leider nein. Aber keine Sorge, unsere Datenbank speichert die Spielzeit automatisch. Q: Werden Nekromantie-Schutzbrillen mit dem Update 5.90 ins Spiel kommen? A: Die sollten eigentlich vom Enbarri-Stamm gedroppt werden, der es aber leider nicht ins Update geschafft hat. Wir haben die Brillen daher vorübergehend anderen NPCs zugeordnet und werden sie voraussichtlich mit 5.100 wieder den Enbarri geben. Q: Der Zeitraum für den letzten TEST-Krug wurde um ungefähr eine Woche verlängert. Wenn Spieler nun also innerhalb der ersten Mai-Woche die vier Stunden auf dem Testserver absolviert haben, erhalten sie dann die Krüge von April UND von Mai? A: Der Testserver war im April so oft offline, dass wir den Zeitraum verlängert haben. Der Testzeitraum für den Saphir-Krug, der als Belohnung für den Monat Mai gedacht war, beginnt dafür aber erst am 8. Mai. Man erhält also nicht beide Belohnungen, wenn man im verlängerten Zeitraum getestet hat. Q: Die Drops beim Häuten von Monstern sind im Vergleich zum Erzabbau recht niedrig. Plant ihr, das zu ändern? Werdet ihr die Droprate von Ätherischem Staub und anderen Materialien erhöhen? A: Wir sind mit den Droprates beim Häuten eigentlich ganz zufrieden, da sie doch recht ähnlich sind, wie beim Ernten/Abbauen anderer Arten von Ressourcen. Allerdings war die benötigte Menge beim Craften ein bisschen hoch, weswegen wir sie in 5.90 verringert haben, sodass sie nun mit anderen Rüstungsarten vergleichbar sein sollte. Das Gegenstück zum Ätherischen Staub sind hier Knochen und Blut. Im Moment gibt es für diese noch nicht sehr viele Verwendungsmöglichkeiten, was sich aber ändern wird, sobald wir mehr und mehr Rezepte (insbesondere Alchemie-Rezepte) hinzufügen. Q: Werden wir irgendwann im Laufe von 5.90 Leibeigene zu sehen bekommen? A: Nein, leider noch nicht. Bis Update 5.110 werden wir voraussichtlich alles haben, was wir benötigen, damit die Leibeigenen so funktionieren, wie wir sie gerne hätten. Q: Im Dev-Forum gibt es eine Diskussion zu XP im PvP. Könnt ihr dazu etwas sagen? A: Was wir natürlich nicht sehen wollen, sind Leute, die sich in einer Reihe aufstellen und große Fight-Clubs gründen, um sich gegenseitig zu killen und so auf dem schnellstmöglichen Weg XP zu farmen. Stattdessen werden wir XP für andere Aktivitäten wie Ernten und Craften hinzufügen. Q: Wird es noch Änderungen am AFK-Timer geben? Er hat viele Ewige Königreiche gekillt. A: Der AFK-Timer, der 10 Minuten beträgt, wurde hauptsächlich deswegen eingeführt, weil Spieler immer wieder in vollen Zonen AFK gegangen sind und so Slots für andere Spieler blockiert haben. Darüber hinaus liefen einige EKs die gesamte Nacht durch, weswegen die Engineering-Abteilung uns gebeten hat, das etwas zu dämpfen. Generell sollten wir den Timer für EKs aber auf jeden Fall höher als 10 Minuten stellen. Q: Wird es einen Anti-Fernsicht-Stat geben? A: Wir haben noch nie wirklich darüber nachgedacht, einen einzuführen. Wahrscheinlich könnte man denselben Stat einfach ins Negative schieben, um die Sichtweite zu reduzieren. Wir tendieren dazu, Fernsicht auf alles zu packen, was einen Bogen besitzt, der die Reichweite erhöht. Wo wir gerade bei Bögen sind: Die zwei Bögen, die von den Disziplinen "Arkaner Bogenschütze" und "Scharfschütze" kommen, waren dieselben, wie die Rekursivbögen der Kundschafter. In 5.90 wird jeder der Bögen einen anderen Stat bieten, der ihn begehrenswerter macht. Q: Kommen Köcher nur von Disziplinen? A: Im Moment gibt es sie nur von Disziplinen und/oder wenn man Kundschafter ist. Letztes Wochenende haben wir eine neue Art von Köchern hinzugefügt, die einen Stat besitzen. Ihr werdet sie in einem zukünftigen Update sehen. Q: Wie beeinflusst die Qualität eines Items beim Crafting den Prozentanteil der Rolls? A: Auf jeder Stufe, mit der ein Item hergestellt wird, gibt es einen festen Bonus auf die Stats basierend auf der Qualität der Komponenten und/oder Ressourcen, die dafür genutzt werden (5% für blau, 10% für lila, ... so ungefähr). Was ebenfalls von der Qualität abhängt, ist die Anzahl der Experimentierpunkte. Bei einem weißen Item könnt ihr in der Experimentierphase beispielsweise fünf Punkte ausgeben, während es bei einem legendären Item zehn sind. Q: Werden Raid- und Gruppen-Bosse immer nach einem festgelegten Timer spawnen? A: Alles hat einen Timer. Die Bosse haben allerdings einen längeren Timer als andere Durchschnitts-Monster, da wir damit im Grunde die Menge an Boss-Loot limitieren wollen, die ins Spiel kommt. Q: Gibt es irgendwelche Pläne, das Einnehmen von Außenposten interessanter zu gestalten? A: Im Moment gibt es keine, denn das Einnehmen von Außenposten wurde für ein bis zwei Spieler designt. Als wir damals alles durchgegangen sind, was wir für unterschiedliche Gruppengrößen bereits hatten, ist uns aufgefallen, dass es noch nichts für ein bis zwei Spieler mit ungefähr 15 Minuten Spielzeit gab. Das war sozusagen die Geburtsstunde der Außenposten. Sie zu erobern klappt auch als Einzelspieler mit wenig Zeit: Man loggt sich ein, nimmt ein paar davon ein, loggt sich wieder aus und hat nach alldem das Gefühl, etwas erreicht zu haben. Q: Wir können uns in 5.90 nicht aus den Zuständen "Angewurzelt" und "Unterdrückt" befreien. Ist das beabsichtigt? A: Nein, das ist ein Bug. Wir arbeiten dran! Q: Wann wird es beim Erwerben von Wachen mehr Optionen geben, als nur R10 für 1000 Gold? A: Wir werden wahrscheinlich mehr Arten hinzufügen. Was ihr bis jetzt gesehen habt, war nur ein Prototyp, mit dem wir prüfen wollten, ob es so funktioniert, wie wir es uns vorstellen. Falls die Wachen aus 5.90 entfernt werden, dann aus dem Grund, dass wir erst noch mehr Content um sie herum erstellen möchten. Community-Videos Bald geht es los und wir starten unseren ersten Testlauf! Mit dabei sind diesmal die Gilden Horizon und Corvus Citadel. Ihr könnt euch weiterhin für die kommenden Durchgänge registrieren, indem ihr das Anmeldeformular nutzt. Alle Infos rund um das Projekt findet ihr in diesem Forenthread. Umfrage zu Tutorials Ihr alle wart mal Anfänger und Neulinge, die die Welt von Crowfall zum ersten Mal entdeckt haben. Erinnert euch an diese Zeit zurück und teilt uns mit, welche Tutorials ihr euch damals gewünscht hättet! -> Hier gehts zur Umfrage.
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    Ahh memories. Most of the complaints that started this post way back when have been addressed over time. Or perhaps I have mellowed some too. Nah. Not mellowed, beaten down more than anything. When I made the post I had gotten up early. and just wanted to hit rocks for a half hour or so. So I went to the only place on the map that had rank 5 nodes. I at the time had on gathering gear. Which was useless because the potions I drank every 12 minutes capped me, but at the time noone knew that. We did not have the details page. We could only measure by results. We had a camera zoom in at the time that when you held down F to gather it zoomed you in on the node. There were no weak points to track either. And the noise it made with the Dink dink dink. was so loud you could track gatherers by it. From 500 yards away easy. There was no class/Race split I think back then. Memory is fuzzy on that. Hell I don't even think we had discs back then Certainly not the combat discs we have now + harvesting discs. We had 1x training speed not the 3 x we have now. And it was unrefined, still very raw. So much has changed. But I still think the risk of the wolves does not nearly match up to the risk of the gatherer/sheep. I do know over 2 years later that when I am serious about going out to gather I do everything in my power to mitigate that risk. I do everything I can to make sure that if/when I am jumped I get the greatest chance to keep my hard earned loot. Because I know I have almost zero chance of actually defeating the wolves. If it was a fair chance vrs a wolf then you are fighting a stupid wolf. But we need the draw of the solo gather vrs the solo wolves. We need the people out in the game world, doing things. All sorts of things, we need ambushes, and ganks and squad fights, and patrols. We need the wolves and the sheep to make the game dynamic and fun. That is the challenge for ACE. To give us the reasons to play and have fun doing so. And I still do not like even today how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel. It is needed, it is necessary, but it is really not fun with the effort and training required to get the tools that break so fast, through the choices of discs that are really very little choice involved. For ore smalls with a maxed toon. I use Miner and Lookout. With all bene harvest chance made gear. The nerfs to bene harvest duration and power and chance stripped out much of the fun of trying other things at end game gathering. I wish it had more of an impact when I harvested. I wish it was more fun. I miss the days before when I had the freedom to make a few different sets of mismatched gear to tune down to the exact stuff needed to make a GREAT harvester. I really miss the epic ore doober moneyshots of the early game with the +10 Crit amount potion when people could see what popped and would freak out. If I could change harvesting here is what I would do. Harvest on enemy controlled lands would be worth x2 points to the scoreboards. Harvest on contested lands would be worth x1.5 points. Harvest on your guild/faction controlled lands would be worth 1x points. More varied more powerful gear, coupled with training so that you can "build" on your skills like a combat spec. Bene harvest effects should last longer. When duration was bugged and capped at 3 minutes it was quite a bit more fun. Also that made skinning MUCH more palatable. Action harvesting buffs would affect your group. Making different people do different roles would make that interesting. Loot would come from multi bucket stats of the different people in your group. Not the person with the most damage to the node. Making people in a gathering group all have useful trainings. Hitting weak points would have an effect on the node destruction table. Each one hit would add to crit chance and crit amount. Making that minigame really add some excitement back into the actions you do. (not subject to player stat cap as well. Hit 5 weak points on a single node gets you a sploosh of doobers.) Give me an ability to hide some of my loot. Stashes with a treasure map. Locked chests buried in a hillside, advanced chest/storage/bag that only shows half the loot to be looted. (50% of that bags loot is shown when you are killed. Mats only.)
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    Kickstarter Questions

    Just curious, some of our packages come with a Small Fort or a company garrison for example and tax free parcels. Does that mean that us Kickstarters won't have any upkeep for said small fort or company garrison as long as its on our tax free parcels? Another question, some of the items we get like Quarter horse Mounts etc, if we use those in a campaign they can be looted correct? I guess I would just worry that some of these incentives can be taken away. Any info out there on this stuff? Thank you, Tai
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    Somehow, I get the impression that gating the faction sieges so that only the powerful guild alliances in Dregs has any chance of making a meaningful impact... will not go well for faction sieges. At that point, faction sieges will just be another place alliances fight. Killing features probably isn't a smart idea.
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    If all we get is God's Reach, 3 Faction and Dregs then.... God's Reach = White 3 Faction = Green/Blue Dregs = Purple/Orange Point being, just as resources are gated by campaign band, I think leveling should be also. It's that way somewhat right now but I think the overall leveling curve needs to be modified.
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    Considering Fantasy Earth Zero had 6 factions, I expect it would work out similar. Which, is actually what ruined the game for most people, btw. The game quickly stopped being a 6 faction free for all, and quickly was a 2 faction competition with 4 mercenary factions that were way smaller and generally hated both. Considering the last campaign in the end was sorta excluding Chaos in the US server, they played the roll of the underdog in the end, it's been rough having even 3 factions working right. So... yeah, more factions won't actually work better. I honestly don't expect Dregs to be much more than a couple of alliances with an infinite sprawl of mercenaries too, for this same reason. That's usually how it goes.
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    It’d be like a minor league dregs campaign, I imagine.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Best of luck to Yumx and his crew… To those whom come across their path, be sure to be alert or get your ass handed to you in a nicely packaged box. Just remember… Just cause a wolf looses a tooth doesn't mean it doesn't know how to bite back
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    It seems like a lot could go wrong with that. That’s a lot of players agreeing to not stack sides and play fair. How would you even balance that?
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    WTB for 10 million gold:

    Eh, the experimentation success isn't so bad. The big issue is the ASSEMBLY fails..... seems like much higher than 2%, and I don't get why I could be a master blacksmith and not get this lowered to 1% or .1%. Seems like an UNNEEDED sink.
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    Hallo Yirrin, wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen Mitstreitern, mit denen wir uns in die Schlacht stürzen können und sind gerne bereit Frischling mit unserer Erfahrung zu unterstützen. Sammler und Erkunder bilden eine wichtige Stütze im Gildengefüge und wir freuen uns über jedes neue Mitglied, dass sich mit dieser Rolle identifizieren kann. Falls du Lust hast, schau doch einfach für weitere Infos auf unsere Homepage ( www.northlanders.rocks ) vorbei oder besuche uns auf unserem Teamspeak-Server ( "northlanders.teamspeak.de" ) und stupse eines der Mitglieder an, damit wir dich aus dem Eingangsbereich ziehen können. Viel Erfolg bei deiner Suche! Gruß Narak
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    It shouldn't be hard to do. It's just 12 factions instead of the current 3. No major mechanical changes needed other than maybe some new faction banners and such. The issue right now is the population wouldn't support it nor does the overall campaign cluster size (number of zones per campaign).
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    Willkommen Yirrin, und viel Erfolg bei der Suche! 😊
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    @vkromas Try leveling a druid of any quality, any promotion, from 1 to 30 without someone feeding you sac items or killing mobs for you. If you make it maybe you can explain why this class in particular (cleric to a lesser degree) is supposed to have massive amounts of downtime waiting for resources to regen while other classes can pull group after group of enemies and level without ever stopping unless their health gets low. I keep seeing people say "oh, now is not the time for class balance... that comes later" but someone at ACE put the time in to make druids even less effective at anything outside of blight bombing in the latest 5.90 build. INCLUDING LEVELING. Is the plan to just make the class so miserable to play that no one will miss it when it gets removed? I'm honestly at a loss for what the possible reasoning could be slapping more limitations on top of the problems that pre-exist with this class.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Just an hit and they know how to hit back, that's why they are still one of the best guild out there.
  25. 1 point

    Suche eine deutschsprachige Gilde (Order)

    Willkommen Krähe!
  26. 1 point
    Hallo Yrrin wir die Gilde der Freien CROWS HEARTS würden dich gerne aufnehmen allerdings sind wir für die Balance tätig. Ich schicke dir eine Einladung wir sind eine sehr offene Gilde mit flachen Strukturen,die Spielfreude steht bei uns ganz oben und der Ruf der Gilde ist mir sehr wichtig! TS: 16265.zap-ts3.com Discord crows hearts/crowfall! LG solairre
  27. 1 point

    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Good luck with it a hard hit for Caldera ;( cerious who is in the guild
  28. 1 point
    Next build it will. (also won't heal them while in stealth)
  29. 1 point
    Guys I don't appreciate you trying to hijack my thread. When you get your own war story article, then I'll allow it. So come back once you've got a seat at the table of champions. Thanks,
  30. 1 point
    50 is the hard cap on this stat. (even Cap increases have a limit) That UI widget is having debuffs added to it. (We will see if it makes the 5.90 release build) Will look into the campfire stealth healing, dropping a campfire should pop them out of stealth however (please verify if it does). Since these craftables have no stats, and don't contribute their quality value to the assembly quality roll, they were flagged as a forced outcome "common" with no serial numbers so they stack.
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    I backed Crowfall and ACE because it was presented differently. FAQ still says "Since the game does NOT use a standard advancement mechanic (kill monsters = gain experience = level-up) and instead uses passive training (skills increase over time) it poses the question, “Why fight monsters at all?” If I wanted to PVE grind, there are tons of other games that do it much better (no offense to those working hard on these systems). As is, leveling vessels seems like a time sink for the sake of time sinks. While I'm sure new players can actually learn from it, I don't see a need to re-level multiple times even with different classes once people understand the basics. Also seems like it is a way to encourage PVP but this typically turns into ganking. Attacking when one side is engaged with mobs, low health, likely not prepared to PVP (lacking gear, lvls, disciplines, etc), and overall at a greater disadvantage. Isn't the point of leveling and doing PVE to get to a point where we can PVP competitively? Due to class/talent design, some are simply not as ready to PVP at least not well or not how they want. The side with more players, better gear, and likely skill will win and result in the other side that was trying to progress being run off. Then we have no PVP and the side that likely needed to PVE to progress, not being able to do so. Of course if there are campaigns designed to cater to different tiers of players this will be less of an issue (less power gap), but I don't know what is planned. Even if we could grind away in perfect safety, it still doesn't do anything for me. Grinding AI is grinding AI. Traditional themeparks have dungeons and what not that incorporate more intricate situations where groups need to work together quite a bit which can be fun, but just holding down LMB and facetanking one mob after another isn't thrilling IMO. Not sure I'd like to see PVE be more complex but if we are supposed to be grinding mobs post lvl 30, it might need to be a bit more exciting. Unless it is just an eternal grind system just for the sake of it. Beyond actually leveling, sacrifice should be a viable option where EVERYTHING can be scarified for what it is worth. I don't like diminishing or zero returns in this area. If I'm essentially trashing something that cost me time/effort/resources to obtain, it should give me something back. Since this is not a full loot game, we don't have high end items falling from the sky to sacrifice. Maybe have have player heads worth a percent of their total character value (gear/vessels/disciplines)? Which could be another form of currency. There should be some carry over from Vessel to Vessel. As others have suggested, some sort of upgrade or transfer process. If I only want to play XYZ forever, I shouldn't need to "re-learn" all the same talents over and over. Nor end up deleting my previous character/vessel with no virtual value taken from it beyond the goods times I had. When we can obtain basically all options in the talent trees, it removes choice and specialization which at one point seemed to be a big deal to ACE. We should have quite a bit more to choose from as there are lots of stats/attributes floating around, but we should have less points to spend then options to require choice. Allow greater point investment into each node with diminishing returns after a soft cap. Also mentioned before, give us more choice in talent selection. Why do we have to take X to get Y if we have no use for X? Seems like some classes have 5+ nodes dedicated to Crit chance/dmg. I'd rather have quality over quantity, condense those to 1-2 nodes and add in things like run speed, mount speed, far sight, chance to proc anything, etc. Overall I like the basic foundation of these systems but they need more to them, most of which already exists and needs to be added together.
  32. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    Only show pins if you have a map item in your inventory, and let that be a lootable item. That sounds amazing!
  33. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    Our guild has a discord channel where we put screenshots of various important locations (r10 resources mostly) and that got me thinking - it'd be quite cool to let people put "pins" on locations they find important and make maps in order to share these pins. It would help a lot with exploration, allow solo players to be useful explorers, create new trade opportunities and with public banks/vendors even enable geocasching.
  34. 1 point
    Wood grubs arent dropping What the hell is a weapon head mold.. Who makes it? Players have been complaining for forever on how hard it is to get ready to pvp.. now I have another hoop to jump through to make a decent weapon?
  35. 1 point

    Nice looking temple :)

    Pretty work, congratulations to the graphic team
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    Erinnert ihr euch an das Gefühl, als ihr euch zum ersten Mal in Crowfall eingeloggt habt? Die Zeit, die ihr damit verbracht habt, euren Charakter kennenzulernen? Als ihr noch nicht wusstet, wie Skillbäume funktionieren, wie ihr craften könnt, und wie Skillpunkte verteilt werden sollen? Das sind die Fragen, die jede neue Krähe hat, wenn sie unserer Community beitritt. Daher möchten wir von euch wissen, was wir tun können, um Neulingen den Einstieg leichter zu machen! ________________________________________________________ *Hinweis: Es handelt sich hierbei um die generelle Frage, wo Spieler am Anfang am ehesten Problemen gegenüberstehen und ohne Hilfe nicht wissen, wie es weitergeht. Wir beziehen uns dabei nicht speziell auf eine bestimmte Art von Tutorials (Videos, Foren-Guides, Ingame-Tutorials).
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    Mit Kraahk-Sicherheitshinweis. Gut gespielt. Für die Normalo-Neuspieler sieht es so aus: Sie kaufen das Spiel und laden den Launcher für die Testumgebung runter. Wenn sie sich vorab informiert haben, haben sie vielleich sogar den Gildenrabatt mitgenommen. Mit etwas Glück laden sie auch den richtigen (LIVE) Client runter. Sie klicken wild rum und landen in God's Reach oder einer Kampagne. Task 1: completed. Dann rennen sie durch die Landezone, killen ein paar Spinnen, kriegen mit, dass man leveln kann. Also laufen sie weiter herum und killen noch ein bisschen. Die meisten finden das Portal zum Tempel. Manche checken sogar, dass es dort Mittlere Werktische gibt, an denen man mittlere Gegenstände herstellen kann. Und dann fängts an aufzuhören. Bis dahin haben die Spieler ihren aktuellen Körper auf Level 4 bis 7 hochgezogen, sich (vielleicht) einige mittlere Gegenstände gebaut und fragen sich: Öh, und jetzt? Die kleinen Monster geben nicht mehr genügend EP, die bei ihnen lootbaren Gegenstände nicht mehr genug Opferpunkte (falls sie die Möglichkeit des opferns überhaupt wahrgenommen haben. Sie wandern durch die Welt ... aber da ist niemand. Gehen sie in die reguläre Kampagne, werden sie von den Pro's oder den Tribes plattgemacht. Stärker werden sie aber auch nicht. Entweder sie finden selbst heraus, wie man über die Handwerk trotzdem weiterleveln kann, oder sie sind offen genug in der Community zu fragen und sich Gruppen anzuschließen. Wenn ich raten müsste, würde ich schätzen, dass die meisten es an diesem Punkt dann eher vorläufig bleiben lassen. Deswegen wäre an diesem Punkt (Übergang Tempel/freie Welt, Level7/Level10+) wohl der aktuell beste Punkt um anzusetzen. Entweder durch eine Anleitung, wie man (selber) weiterkommt - oder wie man sich Gruppen anschließt (wozu es dann natürlich erstmal genügend freie Gruppen geben müsste).
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    [CONTEST] - Crowfall WarStories

    No, thanks YOU - for your entry. It was very entertaining. Ah, yours. I meant yours. ~kraahllum~ ~kraahllum~
  39. 1 point

    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Status Update: In the last 6 months we've had quite a story developing within KDS. A story of fun times and especially new friendships. At the start of November we were like 5 active players and we ended up in March - April with 30-35 active players. We've explored the game together on all it's aspects but especially on the PvP side. We've increased the bonds with our allies in Caldera but we've also expanded our good relations up to an alliance with Nordlanders. I would like to say Thank You both to all KDS and to our allies for the good times we've had so far. 5.9. is around the corner and it brings many new exciting features. I personally look forward to what the future brings and I know for a fact that no matter the outcome we will have fun /salute
  40. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    At one point, I believe they even had some Cartography built into the gameplay. I don't think it was in there very long, but I am sure I remember it.
  41. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    That is unfortunate.
  42. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    Here we go, he didn't expressly state that they were abandoning cartography but he basically stated that he's choosing not to worry about it right now:
  43. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    Back in February, I believe, JTodd basically said they weren't going to be messing with the scouting/mapmaking/fog of war mechanic at all before launch, if ever. Let me see if I can find that quote. It really disappointed me honestly, because I followed this game for so long and that was really one system that stood apart to me. Talk about a role/specialization that would allow a niche for small group or skillful solo players to pull off...
  44. 1 point

    DPS cleric players.

    @Doc, I'm not demanding that the thread is answered in a particular way, only that it's not answered in a totally off topic way. That's called DERAILING. And it's considered poor form in ANY community. @Ape. So the interesting thing about dps cleric is that it's Ulti is on half cost, and has a very strong up time. Because it affects basic attack as a mechanic in a meaningful way, it integrates with MANY minor disciplines in meaningful ways. There are a lot of on last hit apply effect's available there. It also increases the blind rate significantly from the associated synergy skill, but you won't see that being a big effect with out combat training due to low crit chance, that's however changed partially by buff rotation, as the recast from multiple clerics will ramp crit for the whole team up... 3 clerics in group will maintain a solid crit chain for this for 15-20 seconds as an example. As to the crit chain, there are other classes that can take advantage of having a resulting ridiculous crit rate for that initial engagement phase. If they also take advantage of the on last hit minor discipline effects, there's potential in that. Yet to be explored however. So in essence, with 2 DPS clerics, and a heal cleric, you've got double blinds firing with a 3rd less meaningful one, high on hit stuns going into a grouping, along with relatively condensed damage output, though not huge. Adding that flash cast into the 3rd hit on repeat does significant boost tho. I would suggest that 3 DPS clerics increase the blind rate, but the extra on hit effects won't necessarily stack well, and will likely over cast on the same targets primarily. However, you're starting to get to a CC spam rate (Heal cleric should use the dps ulti if you go 3 dps clerics) where it could potentially outpace the Retaliate spam/Stam regen spam, if qued in with a 5th class that's able to find a rotation that includes aoe CC whilst taking advantage of the on hit effects. This is highly questionable though, you're talking about condensing a burst engagement in under 10 seconds that needs to proc off about 20 CC events to overwhelm the stamina/retaliate power, which is essentially 3 basic attack chains from each cleric, aoe snares, and the 5th class member is going to have to do some heavy lifting for THAT to work. Fortunately, whilst that might not work CURRENTLY, it's pretty assured that the retaliate, stam regen rate will be mitigated as the game progresses, as it's almost a meme in how excessive it is. So lets take the CC/stam/retaliate factor out of it for now and push back to 2 DPS cleric and a Heal cleric, all running DPS Ulti. That's a wide spread of on hit effects, some passive almost inconsequential stuns (though breaking attack chains for some classes can be nice if you're not wasting your own cast cycles to interrupt theirs), Those on hit effects can pair with something like templar aura on hit heals, or simply stack effects like bleed and poisons etc for other classes. It's at a point at THAT point where you CAN theory craft it, but when the test server allows for actual free vessels and free disciplines, it's best to USE it. That moment has passed right now, but it'll come again. As to how to play the situation, there's a lot of options there, in that 2 dps + 1 heal cleric have 3 shields that heal, and you can body block engage for your 2 other class members. Or you can void off the shields entirely and go for a dash and dump approach. It's really up to what you're able to think of, and what the fight sitaution is, what works in seiges isn't what works in skirmishes etc. I understand that mostly ONLY seige combat exists right now, but that's not what we're going to be dealing with by release. As to the dps cleric being immobile, I'm curious as to what the exact meaning of that is. It has VERY few animation locks, most things can be done on the move. If it's meant that it's immobile because of shield, well shielding is optional, so there's choices to be made there. As a complete side note, the range of Majors they can take is very different than other dps classes, and while a white vessel can not multi spec, a gold with combat training is vastly more capable. I find that people look at white vessels and limit them selves to 1 stat cluster, but actual use case for theory craft should call on 2 to 3 stats. Lots of classes have everything they need contained in 1 stat, and perform super well at low quality, other classes "want" more stats and wont perform with out quality vessels/training etc.
  45. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    Map making and Fog of War were planned a long time ago. One version of the map actually had more things visible as well. Could be they just want the basic map visible to all now to make it easier for testing, but no idea what their future plans are. Seems they want to make "Exploration" more than Harvesting so hopefully we'll see more eventually.
  46. 1 point

    [CONTEST] - Crowfall WarStories

    Ourses ! The precious is all ourses !
  47. 1 point

    exploration - mapmaking

    Exploration tree could have unlock pin slots, the ability to reveal resources on there maps and things like that. (Also feel the game should have fog of war at start so you have to locate everything at start so explorers can get larger reveal distance aswell and things.
  48. 1 point

    Last upgrade ruined the game

    This SPRPG game should be easier for Single Players to Role Play Game in it.... Pretty much every time the topic is brought up by the devs its "this is a cooperative game". Find friends/guilds. It's absolutely an intentional characteristic of Crowfall design that playing this game solo sucks.
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    12 faction? Is that even on the table anymore?
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