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    KIERLAN INFORMATION BY REGION EU - Begins 4pm CEST on Friday, May 17 | Ends at 8pm CEST on Sunday, May 19 NA – Begins 4 pm CDT on Thursday, May 17 | Ends 10 pm CDT on Sunday, May 17 FULL STORY
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    5.9. Disciplines by Sgt. Atreus

    Greetings Crows, Sgt. Atreus has done some nice work putting together all the latest on disciplines in 5.9. and we've decided to share his work with the rest of the community. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ai_itbqfeWeDgoBUH8CShE66IT-Yvw @AtreusThank you very much for the hard work sir! Enjoy everyone! /salute
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    Neue Kampagne und Update (17. Mai)

    Die neue, dreitägige Kampagne Kierlan und das vollständige Roll-out von Update 5.90 stehen kurz bevor! Infos zur Kampagne: EU: Startet am Freitag, den 17. Mai um 16:00 Uhr | Endet am Sonntag, den 19. Mai um 20:00 Uhr NA: Startet am Freitag, den 17. Mai um 23:00 Uhr | Endet am Montag, den 20. Mai um 05:00 Uhr Bei Kierlan handelt es sich um eine Standard-Kampagne, in der es Kontrollpunkte geben wird und die mit der Verkündung einer Siegerfraktion endet. Belohnungen wird es diesmal nicht geben, aber wer gibt nicht gerne mit seinen Errungenschaften an, richtig? Die kurze Kampagne ist konform mit unseren zuvor angekündigten Plänen für Update 5.90. Dieses Update, welches einige großartige Performance- und Grafik-Verbesserungen enthält, wurde diese Woche bereits für die Götterwacht aufgespielt. Mit der Kierlan-Kampagne wird es nun auch auf der LIVE-Testumgebung ausgerollt. _______________________________________________ //edit: Da es einige Verwirrungen darüber gab, ob Charaktere für diese Mini-Kampagne freigeschaltet werden müssen: Es gibt kein Embargo für Kierlan. Das heißt, alle Charaktere können sich frei von Welt zu Welt bewegen, ohne ihre Items zu verlieren.
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    I'm, going to treat 'harvester" "crafter" and "combatant" as unique people in this situation even though that isn't true, simply to illustrate my point. That idea is largely a fallacy as most players don't fit so cleanly in to one box. Vendors are primarily a tool of crafters, and crafters are the midpoint that stays in a safe place whilst combatants and harvester risk their neck in the world. Crafters need resources and drops, and output crafted items. Combatants and harvesters really shouldn't be expected to also run vendors, as they already have intrinsic gold sinks built in to gear and tools. Vendors are the crafter's primary gold sink, and as such it makes sense that they rather than the harvester should be the ones paying handling the vendor fees for the transactions of base materials. This approach also allows everyone involved a much more directed method of interaction, and buy orders in games like SWG and EVE were instrumental for the purpose of ensuring harvesters and crafters could efficiently supply each other's needs in a passive economy. buy orders in this situation effectively place the crafter at the center of the trade economy in the same manner that the crafter is at the center of the crafting economy, determining the needs for both loot and resources on a single platform and serving as a single stop point for buying and selling means everyone can fulfill these roles far more efficiently. Crafters really shouldn't be shopping for materials and loot. They should be shoping to see what other crafters are paying for those materials and loot, or shopping for components they need from other crafters. Every crafter's goal should be to be the default stop for their customers and suppliers rather than crafters feeling the need to supply themselves. Every harvester and combatants goal should be to find the best gear and get the bet prices for their loot and mats. Buy orders for base materials and loot accomplishes both of these and puts some much needed grease on the wheels of the economy while still ensuring bargain hunting and exploitation of limited markets can flourish.
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    Talent tree for Major disciplines

    I'm not sure how I feel about this system. It forces you to have your entire build planned out before you start, talents & majors, with no room for experimentation or error. If you decide that you don't like a talent, start over. If you decide that you don't like a skill from a disc, start over. Find out that something doesn't scale with quality the way you thought, start over. Make any mistake, start over. Starting over means a new vessel, new majors, and new minors. I don't think we should be able to change up our build at the drop of a hat in the midst of combat, but there needs to be room for trial and error without starting over.
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    According to the developers the reason we don't have guild banks is because the current implementation of storage is stored in the player record. Lack of guild banks or shared storage was never a design intent. it was just a matter of how they built the quick and dirty banking system because they weren't ready to prioritize a finalized version of storage yet. Storage is being reworked to be independent from the player record and we will have guild banks possibly as early as 6.0, as well as many other forms of shared storage. They want us to be able to store things and used shared storage. Its just too costly in the current system to add large shared banks because every bank exists on the player record, which would mean if you have one 500 slot guild bank, you are setting aside data table space on every single character for an extra 500 slots of inventory just to make it work, or adding another 500 slots to track to every account if you use the existing spirit bank tech. Its really just a matter of it not being finished yet moreso than a deliberate design.
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    I think that Dev’s need too- From scratch - alone or in a group of three- harvest the materials, craft an epic vessel with all the additives. Craft advanced weapons and armor, disciplines and jewelry Level that vessel to 30 and then fight in a few sieges.
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    okay, 16 cest
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    So I have to take issue with something that was said early in the live stream. Pann made the claim that you "never" need a vessel if you don't want one. While technically that is true in the sense that the game doesn't "require" you to make a vessel to log in and play but that's not really the full story and its disingenuous to make that claim in my opinion. If you want to be even mildly competitive against well quite frankly anything, rank 10 npc, players, etc you "need" to a vessel. the standard default one isn't really viable beyond maybe the initial learning phase in my opinion and this is coming from someone who doesn't have a vessel and is using the standard default one and its quite frankly painful but I don't have access to vessels for reasons at this time so it is what it is....... just my opinion
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    To be frank, this whole God's Trial vs. Trials of the God's thing feels much too much like the People's Front of Judaea vs. the Judaean People's Front. Much too complicated. ~throwingasandal~
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    Not the Hair!

    I want to propose a minor discipline called "Not the Hair" or "Don't Touch the Hair". I was playing in a group event and another player remarked that I was undergeared. Now, I had all master level armor and equipment except for one small point, I wasn't wearing a helmet. Of course not! How could I risk it disrupting the luscious cascade of fine tresses emanating from my scalp? A lot of MMOs address this by making headgear optionally invisible. SWTOR even charges a premium for the privilege. I really don't like that solution for Crowfall since it feels cheap and gimmicky, but I'd still like to have the option to not wear a hat or helmet without going into battle stupid. So I figured, how about making it into a minor discipline that removes or blocks the headgear slot in exchange for a bonus? Now, I'm not sure what exactly that bonus should look like. One thought I had was to add a unique retaliation so the user can respond appropriately to anybody who would date disturb the do. Another was to add a jewelry slot as a testament to vanity, but that's already been done. Perhaps other forum goers can contribute more ideas. Whatever the impact, though, it should be sufficient enough to warrant the loss of both an equipment and discipline slot.
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    Neue Kampagne und Update Es ist soweit! Seit heute um 16 Uhr könnt ihr Update 5.90 in vollem Umfang auf dem Liveserver genießen und zudem die neue, dreitägige Kierlan-Kampagne spielen. Diese läuft noch bis Sonntag, den 19. Mai um 20:00 Uhr (NA: Montag, den 20 Mai um 05:00 Uhr). Alle weiteren Infos findet ihr in diesem Forenpost. Livestream mit Pann und Valkro Crashkurs für Hüllen In Crowfall habt ihr die Möglichkeit, eure eigene Hülle herzustellen, die als euer Spieler-Avatar dient. Am Anfang erhalten alle Spieler eine Standard-Hülle. Diese reicht auch völlig aus, um das Spiel spielen zu können. Wer allerdings die bestmöglichen Stats für seinen Charakter herausholen möchte, wird sich früher oder später für eine neue Hülle entscheiden müssen. Hochleveln könnt ihr euren Charakter, und in dem Fall eure Hülle, indem ihr mit einem Opferaltar interagiert, und dort den Göttern Gegenstände mit einem Opferungswert opfert, wofür diese euch im Gegenzug mit XP segnen. Ob ein Gegenstand einen Opferungswert besitzt, und wie hoch dieser ist, seht ihr im Tooltip des jeweiligen Gegenstands. Fragen und Antworten Q: Wenn bei der Opferung ein Level erreicht wird, gehen alle von den geopferten Gegenständen darüber hinausgehenden XP verloren. Wird das bald geändert? A: Das ist ein Bug und wir werden uns darum kümmern, sobald die Tech-Abteilung dazu kommt. Q: Wird der große Abstand bei den Werten grauer und grüner Hüllen in der Zukunft angepasst? Er ist viel größer, als zum Beispiel zwischen Grün und blau, oder blau und lila. A: Das geht Hand in Hand mit der Tatsache, dass wir generell noch am Balancing arbeiten müssen. Das umfasst nicht nur dieses Thema, sondern mehrere Bereiche. Q: Gibt es Pläne, alte Hüllen für die Opferung freizugeben, um so einen Teil der XP zurückzubekommen, wenn wir auf eine bessere Hülle upgraden? A: Benutzte Hüllen können nicht ins Inventar zurückgelegt werden, weswegen sie auch nicht geopfert werden können. Aber vielleicht finden wir da eine andere Lösung, die nicht ganz so verschwenderisch ist. Q: Weiß man schon, wann es Nekromantie-Beutel geben wird? A: Bald. Wir wissen noch nicht ganz genau, wann das sein wird, aber das ist definitiv eine Sache, die wir so schnell wie möglich im Spiel haben möchten. Q: Es wurde mal von einer Möglichkeit gesprochen, bereits existierende Hüllen aufwerten zu können (z. B. von weiß auf lila). Ist das immer noch geplant? A: Das können wir im Moment leider nicht beantworten. Es steht auf unserer Wunschliste, ist aber noch nicht fest eingeplant. Q: Gibt es die Möglichkeit, den mit zunehmendem Charakterlevel abnehmenden Ertrag beim Opfern von Gegenständen nochmal zu überarbeiten? A: Ja, dazu kommen wir noch. Im Moment spielen wir immer noch mit den Zahlen. Was ihr zur Zeit seht, ist also nicht permanent und wird nicht immer so sein. Q: Wo finde ich die Materialien, um eine Hülle zu craften? A: Köpfe, Torsos, Arme und Beine findet ihr auf Friedhöfen, die in der Welt dynamisch generiert werden. Erkennen könnt ihr sie recht einfach – es befinden sich mehrere Gräber nebeneinander auf einer größeren Fläche. Sie unterscheiden sich allerdings auch nach Völkern – die Grabsteine von Steingeborenen sehen beispielsweise ganz anders aus, als die von Meeranern. Mit einer Seelenschaufel könnt ihr die Gräber ausheben und die sich darin befindlichen Körperteile looten. Optionale Zutaten wie Augen, Herzen und Lungen droppen bei den Kriegsstämmen. Q: Woher bekomme ich Ambrosia? A: Es handelt sich dabei um eine Alchemie-Zutat, die ihr als Alchemist herstellen könnt. Dazu benötigt ihr zwei Äpfel, zweimal Gemahlenen Halit, zweimal Gemahlenen Zinnober und zwei Prisen Ätherischen Staub. Halit und Zinnober sind Mineralien, die ihr beim Abbau von großen Steinadern bekommen könnt, wozu ihr allerdings eine Gruppe von Spielern benötigt. Halit erhaltet ihr aus Granit und Zinnober aus Marmor. Zusätzliche Infos aus dem Stream Im Moment gibt es einen Bug, der verursacht, dass Monster nicht die korrekte Anzahl an XP geben. Egal, um welchen Rang es sich handelt – es sind immer 50. Wir arbeiten daran, das zu beheben. Die Opferungswerte des Loots von Hungerkristallen, die aktuell recht gering sind, werden noch angepasst. Etwas, das schon während der Kickstarter-Aktion angesprochen wurde, ist das System der Charakter-Vorteile/Nachteile, durch das ihr bei der Charaktererstellung Vorteile gegen Nachteile eintauschen könnt. Zum Beispiel eine Reduktion der Geschicklichkeit gegen mehr Konstitution. Wir sind technisch noch nicht ganz so weit, das einzubauen. Aber es steht weiterhin auf dem Plan. Neue Spieler können zukünftig Kampagnen erst dann beitreten, wenn sie mit ihrer ersten Hülle in der Götterwacht Level 10 erreicht haben. Dieser Vorgang ist einmalig und wiederholt sich nicht mit jeder neuen Hülle auf dem Account. Der Wächter Fragt ihr euch, welche Geheimnisse und Geschichten sich hinter den Wächtern verbergen? Folgt Ser Merlida Clearthornes Expedition in die Sterbenden Welten und findet heraus, was die Aufgabe der eindrucksvollen, steinernen Kreaturen ist! Hier gehts zur Geschichte.
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    Neue Kampagne und Update (17. Mai)

    Da es einige Verwirrungen darüber gab, ob Charaktere für diese Mini-Kampagne freigeschaltet werden müssen: Es gibt kein Embargo für Kierlan. Das heißt, alle Charaktere können sich frei von Welt zu Welt bewegen, ohne ihre Items zu verlieren.
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    Arena PVP?

    You consistently drop GW2 in these conversations, APE. I have a LOT of experience with GW2. More than I'd like to admit. GW2 is a game which has consistently thrown its PvP community under the bus and struggles to update either of its PvP modes because trying to maintain what is essentially three separate games at once is a massive strain on resources even for a team with the full backing of NCsoft. The PvP is so bad in fact that after a single season it was literally removed from the esports world entirely because professional players from other games were using it to farm easy tournament money, despire ArenaNet investing poorly made socksloads of time and money in to promoting GW2 as "competitive" and chasing the esports crowd. They also tried to add a MOBA mode, which went nowhere. The WvW system hasn't fared any better. The population for WvW is so atrocious and its risk/reward so lax that its most common use is to... circle stand to farm for pvp skins to use on their pve characters or farms karma or xp for pve characters because its braindead easy. Not to mention GW2 has been bleeding staff and tis player base at an alarming rate over the past two years because its design is ultimately unsustainable given that its ingame advancement model is based around cosmetics, which is then fails to add to its content updates in any significant amount, opting in stead to keep loading them in to the cash shop. GW2 found out the hard way that attempting to make three separate games at the same time, even with ludicrous amounts of resources and an involved community that seems to want those things doesn't work out. That's why the lion's share of their updates now address the only portion of their community which could be considered "healthy" which is the PvE community. They regularly put out PvE content updates and even added raids and updated the challenge system for their high end small group content. Meanwhile PvP languishes because it was always a bad fit. Its a perfect example of why one game can't be all things to all people. They literally tried it and failed miserably. You've said yourself you don't live WvW despite WvW being, at least theoretically, exactly the game you want to play. As for the rest of your responses that state "Its a design problem" you're absolutely right. It IS a design problem, and the solution ot that problem is already in play in CF's case. That solution, to paraphase JTodd is "Make a specific kind of game for a specific kind of person that wants to play it. It might turn off some people but that's OK." I agree with that sentiment, for anyone making a video game. Figure out what your game is, and do that thing really well. You don't need to do 40 other things because chances are someone else is making a video game that does every one of those 40 other things really well and your version will be halfassed at best. Could they add hungerdome back in? Yes. Would it be any good? No. not without a significant amount of work. CF's thing, the thing, its trying to do really well, is create a dynamic system of campaign play which persists for three months in which loot and combat matter, and that has room for rules variants. Does it still need some love? Yes. Does its current deficiencies merit literally moving people working on nonfunctional systems to make new systems because some people don't actually want to play Crowfall when they log in to Crowfall? No. Advocating for a bunch of halfassed features is a really good way to end up with a game full of nothing but halfassed features.
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    Correction That's also the source of your confusion.
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    Every map change I am stuck on "Loading Zone..." and have to restart 1-10 times to get in. P.S. everyone has this issue.
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Sgt. Atreus has done some nice work putting together all the latest on disciplines in 5.9. and we've decided to share his work with the rest of the community. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ai_itbqfeWeDgoBUH8CShE66IT-Yvw @AtreusThank you very much for the hard work sir! /salute
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    5.90 LIVE Feed Back for 5/14/2019

    Since power queue has been removed, combat feels less satisfying, because you have to wait for current power animation to finish before you press next power . If you press it too early it won't activate. For some classes good timing is crucial: for example, Myrmidon wants to mitigate his crash damage with Pulverize as late as possible, meanwhile he is swinging axes. If he presses Pulverize before swing finishes animation, it won't go off, Myrm will have to release key and press it again, but because there are about 500ms to do that, he will miss crash and take big damage. Just a 1ms early will be enough to tank crazy amount of damage. I don't think it feels good. While I am on battlefield I tend to watch what enemies are doing instead of tunnel visioning myself/my target/my skillbar. But game forces me now. Another example is Templar Parry, once you used Stand and got hit, you activate Parry, but you can't press Stand again until Parry's animation finishes and animation is quite slow. Hitting RBM too early will result in no blocking for a few seconds, in other words not getting 50% mitigation bonus, which can be crucial for tank class in some situations. It would be great to have power queue back, so you can queue next power if current power animation is less then ~300ms to its end.
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    He's guessing. BS. People who want to lose will do exactly that. People who want to win will invest resources to try out new builds. Right now though, the disciplines are such an integral part of so many classes, you don't truly get choices. If the classes could stand on their own, with disciplines to supplement purposefully designed shortcomings in those classes, this would be an entirely different story. The only thing forcing cookie-cutter builds is a lack of classes being competitive with one another on their own, without disciplines. Needing _any_ discipline to be effective at your class is a failure of design and balance.
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    The big problem is.... The dev's dont seem to be playing the same game we are. Just like they didn't notice the colossal downgrade of the vessel because they used a philosophers stone. They are used to messing around in developer land with developer tools. I am glad that @vkromas Came into this thread and actually started reading. I don't think they have any idea how much work this game is and how little fun is left.
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    You say “one” and then in the next sentence “overall”. I think there is a disconnect there but if you had to choose just one thing, it would be as @ZYBAK mentioned, finding a guild. If a new player doesn’t gain an understanding that they need to seek others, “soloing” will lead to frustration, delay and disenfranchisement. They will simply, and rightfully so, move on. I do not, however, think that this is the full and proper solution for introducing new players to the game, it’s simply the only “one” thing that might possibly help them obtain an “overall” understanding of the game outside of a full tutorial/quest line dedicated to that precise goal. The brilliance of this game are the siege battles and secondly the OW PvP skirmishes. That’s your “hook”. The game is 100% different and 200% more fun when you get to that position. If I were making decisions I’d be creating an infrastructure of inclusion and education to get new players into that experience as quick as possible. Contrarily, the downside or barrier to this game is the early unknown, the getting smashed by gear/experience while you’re working on taking down your 5th knotwood tree. And the fact that there’s so much knowledge to be had that you don’t have - and primarily- that you can’t be successful on your own needs to be accepted. A few spiders, a few trees and some mushrooms are not going to keep anyone coming back. New friends, a place to go and talk to people, to learn from, and a community of folks working towards getting to a competitive gear/knowledge point and fighting together - well, yeah, I'll come back for some of that.
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    They will either improve experience for traders or we will create site with sell/buy orders, search and filters.
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    Every time I see Soulein post all I can think of is this:
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    A big part of what makes games rewarding for hard-core gamers is showing off their gear to medium-core gamers and below. Like it or not, you need medium-core gamers to be around to make the game fun for hard-core gamers. Medium-core gamers should not be expected to spend an hour or more per day loading between EKs and wandering vendor stalls, or meta-gaming advertising their EK on forums, just to be able to participate in any meaningful way. If they just want to lend a helping hand to their faction by joining a seige or contributing supplies to the war effort, IMO they should be able to do so without all the barriers, otherwise they won't stick around.
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    @vkromas I have been a guild necromancer from the start. And the guild gravedigger and alchemist ... I have done this process as much as anyone- Please read this In the livestream you had one of the most frustrating thing happen and they didn’t even notice.. this part of the problem- Making vessels as a developer on test is easy— on live it’s WAY TOO MUCH WORK!! Read on... Please First of all creating a vessel is a big commitment. Leveling Rare or Epic vessels let alone legendary takes a huge amount of time. We don’t want to do that over and over again. So you don’t want to continually upgrade and pve forever. We don't want to PVE at all. We are here to PVP and win the throne war. So we don’t want to make a vessel, we want to make THE vessel - one and done. or at least the best vessel we can to be competitive. So we spend a huge amount of time searching the world for the correct graveyard with the rarity level and race we need. Then we farm that graveyard until we have several sets of parts to account for flawed assemblies and extra additives. We farm zombies for hands of the correct rarity. We get groups together to farm motherlodes for minerals- this requires specific disciplines, specific tools, and potions. Those potions require rare materials ( bone) Minerals are a rare drop and in order to make ambrosia you need 4 halite of the same rarity and 4 cinnabar of the same rarity. This isn’t as easy as you think. You could farm motherlodes for 4 hours and get plenty of minerals of various rarities but not enough to make ambrosia ( 3 poor, 3 common,3 uncommon, 3 rare, 3 epic, 3 legendary = no ambrosia) and to top it off when you do get enough to make a batch it makes 5 ambrosias. and you need SIX to complete a vessel Luckily the rarity of the ambrosia doesn’t affect the rarity of the body part or vessel. But the rarity of the minerals used to make philosophers solutions/stone does effect the rarity of the vessel. Which happened in your livestream. You used Legendary parts and a low level philosophers stone and ended up with a low level vessel — a huge waste of time. People don’t even use philosophers stones because it’s near impossible to collect enough minerals of the correct rarity. and lastly you have now gated all the optional body parts behind acquiring a rare drop from a war tribe — requiring even more hoops and PVE in order to prepare for pvp. Assemble all those things plus optional food and potions, the right minor disciplines plus all the time waiting for skills to level. You make crating specific jewelry and armor. You make your first vessel — a necromancer crafting vessel — you can’t even use it to fight because its stats are min maxed for necromancy — in order to get better rolls on your combat vessel... On Leveling. Im wondering if any of you knew what us old timers ( the ones who backed this game from the beginning) loved about Shadowbane. We would be playing Wow if we wanted to pve. We backed this game because we enjoy player versus player siege style combat. But you have now made it impossible to avoid PVE if you want to be competitive at PVP
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    This why I say resources, though I should have clarified that I meant harvested materials rather than crafted goods. As @Jah points out, these materials don't have individual stats and can be traded automatically without the presence of both parties. Every uncommon silver is identical to every other uncommon silver. The benefit here is to get newcomers and underdeveloped characters involved in the player market as early as possible. Unless you're part of a guild that can equip you, harvesting and crafting are requisite to gearing up. With the addition of buy orders for harvested materials, these players can skip crafting if they're not interested in it and have an avenue to buy the gear that they want. As for priorities, as Thomas Blair says, there's only so many nickels to spend at a given time. Buy orders may not be a priority now but it's worth mentioning for when those nickels are freed up.
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    I wouldn't even try to make buy orders for unique crafted items. The UI requirements would indeed be unwieldy. I'd start with just buy orders for the various non-unique commodities. That, on its own, would go a long way. If someone wants a "Poison Dagger with at least 80 attack" they can go shopping for that themselves. If someone wants to buy raw resources, buy orders could facilitate that.
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    I think a big issue here is that there's no way to set up automated purchase orders. I'd like to see the option for vendor owners to indicate that they want to purchase n amount of resources @ x amount of gold. Then, players can visit that vendor and deposit these resources and receive gold deducted from the vendor until either n resources are acquired or there's no longer enough gold in reserve to pay out. This would give entry level characters an opportunity to earn an income before they're able to gear up and grind mobs in the adventure zone, and does so in a way that avoids more magic gold flowing in to campaigns. It's actually a gold sink, when you factor in taxes. Also, having a maintenance cost for vendors is important to avoid abuses. There has to be some risk involved in being a merchants so as to weed out players who aren't serious about the profession. This gives players more confidence that a vendor will have something of value when clicking on it. Otherwise, if you have a bunch of vendors set up but they're not routinely stocked by their owners, it reduces players' confidence in all vendors and they'll be less inclined to go shopping. Pasting the name of the shop or its owner over a vendor's head would also help players identify what vendors they want to peruse. Another problem with a low bar for entry is that it increases the potential for nefarious, wealthy guilds to claim all of the best vendor plots and sit on them to block competition. This is not a problem now, but it might become one as the population develops while plots remain finite. One way to possibly address this would be to auction vendor plots at the start of a campaign, at least for the safe zones. This would establish a kind of real estate market to ensure that the cost of entry scales with demand. It would also negate the first-come-first-claim pressure for merchants to log on immediately as a campaign starts and race to their preferred plot before anybody else can claim it.
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    I don't want an economic empire; I just want to be able to sell some chaos embers without jumping through a dozen hoops. I don't think that's too much to ask. Thanks VaMei, that's reassuring. Also, I didn't realize they changed the scarcity of gold. Has there been an inventory wipe since then, or are people still able to use gold they amassed from when it was abundant?
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    When gold was made scarce, vendor maintenance rates were not adjusted. We've made that point, hopefully it stays on ACE's radar for a future balance pass... Not to mention the listing fees... if I wanted to use my EK to say let my guilds blacksmith come in grab some ore off a vendor, and crank out gear without me having to trade him everything, or even be there hopefully... the 47 gold per stack listing fee would get steep in a hurry
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    Yeah, EK markets were a thing in prior builds. I ran a very successful one for a while. Now that we can place vendors in campaigns and with the AFK timer, the EK markets have fallen by the wayside. They haven't forgotten about them, though. They just aren't a priority right now.
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    There are indeed places to put up vendors be it the faction temple or free city or EK. I believe I saw a skill to train to reduce the cost of having a vendor up to though I could be mistaken on that account. I am confident all this will get fleshed out in the final product. Don't forget this is the testing and development phase of game development. I have every intention when this game goes though final wipe to build up quite the market EK where I will sell to Anybody who wants to buy from me. Sell to all sides and sit back, count my gold, and watch them duke it out and laugh. lol Seriously though, I am sure the large guilds and others will be able to supply themselves but there will always be the new players who are just starting and haven't trained things up and don't want to become another cog in one of the big guilds or smaller groups who needs supplies. should be fun can't wait for the game to get done
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    No need to jump start the test economy. The marketing tools for EK's is probably on the bottom of the list for ACE, simply because some have proven with the tools available players can make a vibrant EK trade center. (Current gold drought notwithstanding). The Winter Blades made over 5 million in gold with a EK trade center back in 5.6 I believe. If you want to make an economic empire, put in the work to make one. Don't expect ACE to hand it to you, because they can't. No matter the systems they provide, you are going to run into the pareto principle of economic distribution. No matter the tools given, you will be in competition with other players and guilds that have, and compete to use better than you, the exact same tools. ACE can't hand you a successful business, you have to build one. Oh, and last campaign there were open stalls in the main Chaos temple, not sure about the others. I did quite a good business making and selling tools. There is no restriction on vendors to types of goods. You can load up a vendor with any amount and type of product you want. Do I hope ACE eventually builds better tools, sure. But it's not really a top priority item right now.
  34. 1 point
    um no, not in my opinion, the economy was working fine last campaign, multiple vendors were stocked, I bought embers, discs, tools, even estoric runestones at this point of the game its working fine you just need to be able to figure out how to work with it, just my opinion though sounds like you are trying to lean towards an "Auction House" which will never happen, it goes against everything they are trying to do in this game which is force us to group for said resources and gear. An auction house would kill that whole idea in 24 hours In fact I think the whole reason they are hesitant to roll out a "Guild Bank" is all the resources are there in the eks for that, the EK could easilly be a central place for the guild to exchange their wares, leather padding, rivets, book chapters, the whole shabang that is currently being traded between players.. in my eyes that is what the EK is there for as much as anything. Another EK could be a guilds Merchant EK open to the public, and yet another could be a guild sparring EK pvp enabled with fortifications built in it... I think that is what they envisioned.
  35. 1 point
    There are slots in each temple where players can place vendors. There are many more slots in the free city for player vendors. You don't need to go to EKs to shop. And no, each vendor isn't limited to selling only certain things. You can place whatever you want on any vendor.
  36. 1 point
    So my lone vendor standing in a mass of 500 other vendors is going to get enough customers to make up for the upkeep? I don't think so. I also don't want faction chat spammed with a million WTB/WTS offers. I just want to sell some chaos embers to make some quick gold! It shouldn't be this complicated.
  37. 1 point
    This truly is a product of you being in a "testing environment" right now they need to get all the mechanics in and keep the systems working. As an example they just finished the mechanics on the villa and manors, being viable crafting/merchant buildings. Also at this state of the game how much emphasis are they going to put into not only EK's but balancing the economy, not a whole lot to be honest, stuff like that will come in alpha and beta
  38. 1 point

    Arena PVP?

    Alright. With the formalities out of the way. I would love such a concept, but I feel like it's important that it's not seperated from the campaign world, so not like a different realm/instance or EK for that matter. You should still be made aware of the situation on the battlefield to have the greater goal in mind - the total victory for your faction/guild/alliance. That's why I also like the idea of it rewarding you with faction score. It could be a fight pit in the free city, where traders for example can randomly run past and watch for a while or fight themself. No judgment. I would also like a "borderless" FFA pit in the temple, similar to the one they added to the gw2 pvp lobby at some point, where you can simply walk through the invisible boundary and attack anyone that's in it. Just for poorly made sockss and giggles or practice. BUT enough with the daydreaming... I'm pretty sure we're not gonna see anything like that until maybe a year or more after launch, if the game ever gets that far.
  39. 1 point
    @vkromas Try leveling a druid of any quality, any promotion, from 1 to 30 without someone feeding you sac items or killing mobs for you. If you make it maybe you can explain why this class in particular (cleric to a lesser degree) is supposed to have massive amounts of downtime waiting for resources to regen while other classes can pull group after group of enemies and level without ever stopping unless their health gets low. I keep seeing people say "oh, now is not the time for class balance... that comes later" but someone at ACE put the time in to make druids even less effective at anything outside of blight bombing in the latest 5.90 build. INCLUDING LEVELING. Is the plan to just make the class so miserable to play that no one will miss it when it gets removed? I'm honestly at a loss for what the possible reasoning could be slapping more limitations on top of the problems that pre-exist with this class.
  40. 1 point
    My Main question is will there be another pass on Class/Talents, sometime after frostweaver is out, that would make it so classes started with their base kit (Similar to 5.7 and before) with the talent system itself being more of a way to pick and choose new skills+stats for each class on the way to each classes promotion. Locking core class features behind a 15 level, level gate is kinda bland and i see no real reason for it. Why does a druid (supposedly) have to wait to level 15 to heal? why does an assassin have to wait till level 15 to stealth? Why do the talent trees force players to take certain things to get through them? What if i dont ever plan on touching a resource node, why are 2 of my Talent points gotta be wasted on exploration disciplines (although with the scout/thief disciplines that showed up briefly in test, that might sway my opinion in having exploration discs depending on how they function)? What if i dont want a specific skill and that skill is the one you put right at the starting point of a section where it starts branching off? Now i gotta sit there and take a skill i probably wont even slot just because of the way the devs decided they wanted to set up the skill list which is another completely wasted skill point.
  41. 1 point
    There are two issues I see with vessel system which need attention. First, you will upgrade your vessel as game progresses and when you upgrade vessel, you lose all your skills, talents, attributes and health bonuses, because you create new character. You have to go out and level it to 25th level at least , before you are competitive again. Imagine Dirge, wearing plate armor, upgrading his vessel from white to green. He won't be able to wear his plate until 25th level. Healers won't be able to heal until 17th level, because they lack talent for Support Power. Yes, we want to go out and find fights while we are harvesting/ganking/farming/killing bosses/capturing objectives, but we absolutely don't want to be facerolled by leveled character, because our 5th level vessel can't do anything than PvE. So here is suggesion: introduce upgrade vessel mechanic, so instead of creating new character, you just upgrade vessel on existing character, you keep all your talents and skills, but your level, attributes and health bonuses are reset, so you need to level it, but you are somewhat competitive. New vessel could be automatically leveled by XP of previous vessel, e.g upgrading from white vessel would add 15k XP to new vessel immediately. Second, when people play game for a few years, grave diggers and necromancers will be at the top performance to craft legendary vessels. Once player got and leveled his legendary vessel, he won't need necromancer services anymore. It would be great if vessel becomes disposable as any other "gear". Its durability could decrease in combat and after death and once it reaches 0, your character gets some kind of "death debuff", which reduces all stats to 0 or something. Then it should to be replaced or repaired with help of necromancer.
  42. 1 point
    Last we asked on dev partner it’s still on the table. This was a few months ago.
  43. 1 point
    I hate to be the guy that's complained about the same thing for 3 months but... In terms of balance passes on all the the class vessels, what are we waiting for? Frostweaver? Making attribute choices matter like @VaMei mentioned is definitely a step in the right direction, but there are so many sub-types of classes out there that are just not viable for a whole list of reasons easily searched on the forums. New ones pop up week by week saying the same old things. i get that a game is being built from the ground up here, I appreciate that fact, and I know you guys don't want to double your workload and then have to turn around and rework it when adding new systems... But you're going to need a pretty engaging core to this game to keep player retention up, a core that is composed of varied/impactful class and combat choices. On the surface it looks great but after wading around the pool and discarding a few uselessly maxed vessels, you can see why the "meta" (if it can even be called that right now) is the way it is. Blair keeps stating that balance is an "on-going process throughout the life of a game". I can agree with this, when do we get to consider Crowfall alive enough to be worthy of this privelege? EDIT: and before anyone jumps me, I'm not looking for MOBA-like rock-paper-scissors balance, I'm just entreating that we actually have meaningful vessel options. The groundwork is already laid out but we still have the same broken mechanics/skills/dynamics and it will remain that way until an actual first look is taken.
  44. 1 point

    "deed use failure"

    Just adding to what Arkade said, the first tokens are granted by the farm parcel. Here is a list. (Resource costs are outdated, but tokens should still be the same.)
  45. 1 point

    You Can't Be Serious! (leveling)

    One player's convenience is another player's P2W. The more grindy a game the more this is true. Can definitely see CF being F2P in the future with a more questionable cash shop and VIP.
  46. 1 point

    Fist of the Empire [FoE] (NA)

    As a proud member of the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and as one of the top scorers on the server I can honestly say that FoE is great for beginners and hardcore gamers alike because we hardcore gamers enjoy mentoring and helping new gamers. When I first started playing Crowfall I hated it because I didn't understand how anything works. The learning curve isn't hard but the game is not intuitive, you definitely need to join a guild to learn how to play. Favor to Malakai, Glory to Chaos.
  47. 1 point

    [Entries] Crowfall WarStories

    Meine Geschichte von der Erstehung der Gilde Horizon Ähneld sehr den normalen Tagesablauf in crowfall
  48. 1 point

    Fist of the Empire [FoE] (NA)

    Drink moar have pvp
  49. 1 point

    Fist of the Empire [FoE] (NA)

    Group of us FoE have been enjoying the new crafting campaign. Has been nice to face others with gear around the same stats as we are able to craft up. We are always looking for like minded gamers to come join us!
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    Fist of the Empire [FoE] (NA)

    More beer
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