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    Couple of things here. I don't think that alpha players are "hardcore 12 hour a day players" in fact, NONE of my guild is that way. If you had to categorize or generalize this population it would be "people who played shadowbane" and "people who played shadowbane and then recruited other people" and the smallest portion "people who found the game on their own". I would not expect the demegraphic for this game to change much, so I would not expect the play characteristics, which is largely determined by someones demographic, to change much either. What I would see happening is larger, more organized hardcore guilds and gaming communities trying out this game... so it might in fact, be the opposite of what you say. The reason that we are progressing to "end game" as fast as we are is that we've maxed out all passive skill training in all fields and that has given us access to the highest level of materials and gear. It would be slower in a "release" game since the rate at which you gain skills is going to be slower. It's possible they are just testing the 'knobs' that control the drop rates, but ACEs dereliction in the area of change notes is the highest I've experienced in any pre-beta setting and it creates a negative experience whenever access to portions of the game are reduced. The reduction doesnt necessarily cause the negative experience, but the exposure to the reduction and the fact that we don't know if it was on purpose or is some bug - because again, change notes. We're here to test, and testing is great, but testing is a partnership. Information and progress are what they should be giving to the testers. In turn, we provide play testing and feedback. If we are not given information, we're testing from a position of ignorance and that diminishes our effectiveness, and in turn, their productivity and progress. But the fact that >10 people were ever on the test server at one time, even after being asked to test 5.90, shows you that tester/development relationship is also built on the ability to play, have fun and be competitive. If they do not maintain those, they will not have testers. Want further proof of this? Well lets look at this latest horrid release of 5.90 on live: Middle of the day on a Saturday and only 35 people online... I can snip it again at siege time if you're not convinced. TL;DR: You want the game tested? We need a stable environment to play and the opportunity for competitive play and reasonable access to gearing/advancement.
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    OH, BECAUSE IT'S END-GAME AND WE'RE MAX TRAINED MAYBE?!!! STOP NERFING DROPS TO OBLIVION, REMEMBER THAT WE'RE TRAINED!!!!!! There are 4 seperate passive talents that either aren't working or this is a micro-priorty focus on all the posting about drops, without the thought that most people are fully trained... *This isn't posted in bugs because every mention of it, brings out the nerf bat.
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    Has this: and gets 60% green on R9...
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    Video: First day as Vanguard

    We were hyped to get into some action together as a new guild - given we are a small crew, we still got lots of fun action. Here are some of the fights we had - with voice, enjoy! We are still looking for 1 support player and 4 flex players! Look us up at: Our recruitment thread.
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    5.9. Disciplines by Sgt. Atreus

    Greetings Crows, Sgt. Atreus has done some nice work putting together all the latest on disciplines in 5.9. and we've decided to share his work with the rest of the community. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ai_itbqfeWeDgoBUH8CShE66IT-Yvw @AtreusThank you very much for the hard work sir! Enjoy everyone! /salute
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    [NA] - Hax - Looking For More

    [NA] - Hax - Looking For More About: Hax has been together since April 2019. Our core has played games together for years and have cleared end-game content in a plethora of different titles. Our latest victories were in Mythic raids in World of Warcraft. This guild was created to become one of the largest guilds in the game and to lead the Chaos faction. We are looking for active players interested in making a large-scale PVP group with a team of supporting crafters and gatherers. Recruiting: Crafters - All PVP - All Gatherers - All Players looking for this type of guild should apply, regardless of our current needs. New players welcome! Message Bzra in-game or here on the forums for more info. To Apply: Click Here and search for Hax.
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    War Story of the Week: RealBlankspace

    Congratulations to RealBlankspace whose screenshot has been selected as our Crowfall® War Story of the Week! FULL STORY
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    Hi everyone, just bought the game, looks promising, the cooperative aspect is sweet, maybe some good guild will see this and pick me up. hint hint... P.S. What are the most needed classes, and most useful skills? any other pertinent information would be mega helpful!
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    Yo no le veo sentido a este cambio y creo que es grave error. Mi sensación todo este parche es perdida ingente de tiempo por muerte. Punto 1.- Con cada muerte hay que viajar desde donde se muere <punto A> hasta un dragón <punto B> para luego volver al cuerpo (si se quiere continuar ahí / recuperar objetos del cadáver). A ---> B ---> A (cada flecha representa 1 minuto de tiempo con suerte) Punto 2.- Si no hay dragón en el mapa tienes que usar portal con carga de nuevo mapa x2 (uno al ir, otro al volver) A---> Portal (pantalla de carga) -----> B ----> (pantalla de carga) ----> A (mucho mas tiempo) Punto 3.- Desde la 1ª muerte son 3 minutos para resucitar. Que no se si es fallo porque a veces te alejas un poco del dragón, te acercas de nuevo y donde decía 2 minutos ahora dice "ya puedes levantar". A---> Portal (pantalla de carga) ---> <espera 3 minutos> ---> B ----> (pantalla de carga) ----> A (mucho mas tiempo) Punto 4.- Suponiendo la forma mas corta (que no tengas que cambiar de mapa) pero si que hay dragón hay que contar el death shroud A---> <tres minutos de espera> B ---> A + tiempo death shroud Me parce un tiempo brutal para continuar jugando, ademas de un paseo innecesario. Yo lo que haría sería 1.- Cortar "el paseo". Si te matan directo a un punto del mismo mapa (dragón y si no hay otro punto) con un cuervo muchisimo mas rápido y vuelves al cuerpo (o sigues desde donde levantas sin el inventario). Para penalizar lo que decís de batallas infinitas. La primera muerte que sea en 0 segundos, y por cada nueva muerte le sumas X segundos hasta un limite (no sea que en una gran batalla mueras varias veces y te juntes con 1/2 hora para resucitar). Y esta penalización que se quite cada X tiempo (si llevas 1/2 hora sin morir por ejemplo ya vuelves resucitar en 0 segundos y vuelta a empezar). O si cambias de mapa que se refresque. Con eso creo que estarían contemplado todo lo que decís que hay que controlar y sería una solución mucho mas elegante con una mejor sensación para el jugardor. Ya digo, mi sensación todo este parche es que en vez de un juego pvp estoy jugando al pokemon de gameboy donde lo que haces es andar, andar, bicho, andar, andar, bicho, andar, andar. Un saludo
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    5.90 LIVE Bug Reports for 5/17/2019

    Tested twice to make sure I am not crazy and confirmed that this pattern is broken.
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    Max skill training for harvesting means you will get the highest possible drop rate. If the loot tables are set up with the highest possible drop rate for purples at 1% (or whatever it is, IDK), that's all you will get at max training. Sounds like your issue is with drop rates, not training.
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    Crafting QoL suggestion

    can we have this ui back please? idk how it worked in the past but just make it this and let us click on each slot and give us the window to craft it instead of swapping tabs 100 times
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    Pretty much one thing, roll back 5.9 it's not even close to ready for live. I always tought May was the month we should test 5.9 on testservers, now we got this mess on live servers. The new death mechanic is the worst thing i have ever seen, flying around aimlessly to just end up with DS Map loading is instable and takes like 3 times longer This list would go on and on but most has already been mentioned....
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    What did they think would happen to a 3 day campaign on live, just to test the same stuff that should be tested on the testservers the whole month? Who on earth is intrested in moves like that, completely useless! My whole guild tested on the testservers but when 5.9 arrived way to early on live and that 3 day campaign came along, they were fed up and went to play/do something else. If they really want to run live AND test servers before release they need a better strategy. Put in the patchnotes what you actually patch and not only the "intresting" stuff, like Ble said, it's a partnership and we need the info Shutting down live/test servers and leaving them off without any further notice should not happen EVER Streamline releases and stick to it, patch LIVE only for small hotfixes and make release cycles from test to live 1-3 month Put test on a 1 week release cycle and get the live crowd to actually test the new builds, without a living LIVE crowd you have no userbase for testservers There will never be more users for testing if the liveservers are a playground for bugfixing, follow some commong release cycle rules and more people will acutally test on testservers while they can at the same time enjoy a working build on live.
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    Display error, report it in bug and feedback.
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    5.90 LIVE Bug Reports for 5/17/2019

    They need to role back to the previous version and spend another weeks/months on 5.90.
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    Likely the devs were surprised by how quickly people got to end-game gear. But here's the thing: The current testing group is not representative of the general gaming population. People who invest in kickstarters for MMOs to get pre-alpha access will generally tend to be the most hard-core, dozen-hour-per-day players. It should be no surprise then that they accumulate end-game gear in a few months, because they play in a few months more than a casual player plays in a year. Therefore, I don't think it's appropriate to nerf harvesting rates based on perceived progression speed of the most hard-core gamers on the planet. Additionally, this is what durability is for; easy come, easy go. Let people have their purple mats so they aren't afraid to equip purple gear.
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    It’s a buff that increases your crit harvest chance, stam regen, and OOC movement speed. Very good for getting high yields from harvesting
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    [NA] - Hax - Looking For More

    Can join us on CHAOS Help us fight the good fight !
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    5.90 LIVE Bug Reports for 5/17/2019

    Confessor-Inquisitor talent Perfect Storm "Enables your Hellfire Tornados to hit targets up to 4 times" does not appear to be working with the new change to controller. Even with multiple enemies in melee range, only one instance of damage is showing up. This is likely due to the new character controller and the change to tornado/hellfire blast knockback. I would like to see a different talent in place here anyway, as this one always felt unreliable and out of place. Case in point:
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    I think the big reason for the current system is to make sure people don't throw stuff up and leave it there forever. Technically, that could then be used too for additional storage (just overprice to insanity, and its easy storage). But having a bunch of vendors that are weeks old that are just sitting there without cares would make the free city really crowded very quick. So unless you have an idea for limiting this activity too, we're stuck.
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    This known issue hurts. I'll buy a beer for the developer that moves this up on the backlog and fixes it next sprint!
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    Still need to loot the group doobers or they will stay there forever.(stuff they already looted)
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    Neue Kampagne und Update Es ist soweit! Seit heute um 16 Uhr könnt ihr Update 5.90 in vollem Umfang auf dem Liveserver genießen und zudem die neue, dreitägige Kierlan-Kampagne spielen. Diese läuft noch bis Sonntag, den 19. Mai um 20:00 Uhr (NA: Montag, den 20 Mai um 05:00 Uhr). Alle weiteren Infos findet ihr in diesem Forenpost. Livestream mit Pann und Valkro Crashkurs für Hüllen In Crowfall habt ihr die Möglichkeit, eure eigene Hülle herzustellen, die als euer Spieler-Avatar dient. Am Anfang erhalten alle Spieler eine Standard-Hülle. Diese reicht auch völlig aus, um das Spiel spielen zu können. Wer allerdings die bestmöglichen Stats für seinen Charakter herausholen möchte, wird sich früher oder später für eine neue Hülle entscheiden müssen. Hochleveln könnt ihr euren Charakter, und in dem Fall eure Hülle, indem ihr mit einem Opferaltar interagiert, und dort den Göttern Gegenstände mit einem Opferungswert opfert, wofür diese euch im Gegenzug mit XP segnen. Ob ein Gegenstand einen Opferungswert besitzt, und wie hoch dieser ist, seht ihr im Tooltip des jeweiligen Gegenstands. Fragen und Antworten Q: Wenn bei der Opferung ein Level erreicht wird, gehen alle von den geopferten Gegenständen darüber hinausgehenden XP verloren. Wird das bald geändert? A: Das ist ein Bug und wir werden uns darum kümmern, sobald die Tech-Abteilung dazu kommt. Q: Wird der große Abstand bei den Werten grauer und grüner Hüllen in der Zukunft angepasst? Er ist viel größer, als zum Beispiel zwischen Grün und blau, oder blau und lila. A: Das geht Hand in Hand mit der Tatsache, dass wir generell noch am Balancing arbeiten müssen. Das umfasst nicht nur dieses Thema, sondern mehrere Bereiche. Q: Gibt es Pläne, alte Hüllen für die Opferung freizugeben, um so einen Teil der XP zurückzubekommen, wenn wir auf eine bessere Hülle upgraden? A: Benutzte Hüllen können nicht ins Inventar zurückgelegt werden, weswegen sie auch nicht geopfert werden können. Aber vielleicht finden wir da eine andere Lösung, die nicht ganz so verschwenderisch ist. Q: Weiß man schon, wann es Nekromantie-Beutel geben wird? A: Bald. Wir wissen noch nicht ganz genau, wann das sein wird, aber das ist definitiv eine Sache, die wir so schnell wie möglich im Spiel haben möchten. Q: Es wurde mal von einer Möglichkeit gesprochen, bereits existierende Hüllen aufwerten zu können (z. B. von weiß auf lila). Ist das immer noch geplant? A: Das können wir im Moment leider nicht beantworten. Es steht auf unserer Wunschliste, ist aber noch nicht fest eingeplant. Q: Gibt es die Möglichkeit, den mit zunehmendem Charakterlevel abnehmenden Ertrag beim Opfern von Gegenständen nochmal zu überarbeiten? A: Ja, dazu kommen wir noch. Im Moment spielen wir immer noch mit den Zahlen. Was ihr zur Zeit seht, ist also nicht permanent und wird nicht immer so sein. Q: Wo finde ich die Materialien, um eine Hülle zu craften? A: Köpfe, Torsos, Arme und Beine findet ihr auf Friedhöfen, die in der Welt dynamisch generiert werden. Erkennen könnt ihr sie recht einfach – es befinden sich mehrere Gräber nebeneinander auf einer größeren Fläche. Sie unterscheiden sich allerdings auch nach Völkern – die Grabsteine von Steingeborenen sehen beispielsweise ganz anders aus, als die von Meeranern. Mit einer Seelenschaufel könnt ihr die Gräber ausheben und die sich darin befindlichen Körperteile looten. Optionale Zutaten wie Augen, Herzen und Lungen droppen bei den Kriegsstämmen. Q: Woher bekomme ich Ambrosia? A: Es handelt sich dabei um eine Alchemie-Zutat, die ihr als Alchemist herstellen könnt. Dazu benötigt ihr zwei Äpfel, zweimal Gemahlenen Halit, zweimal Gemahlenen Zinnober und zwei Prisen Ätherischen Staub. Halit und Zinnober sind Mineralien, die ihr beim Abbau von großen Steinadern bekommen könnt, wozu ihr allerdings eine Gruppe von Spielern benötigt. Halit erhaltet ihr aus Granit und Zinnober aus Marmor. Zusätzliche Infos aus dem Stream Im Moment gibt es einen Bug, der verursacht, dass Monster nicht die korrekte Anzahl an XP geben. Egal, um welchen Rang es sich handelt – es sind immer 50. Wir arbeiten daran, das zu beheben. Die Opferungswerte des Loots von Hungerkristallen, die aktuell recht gering sind, werden noch angepasst. Etwas, das schon während der Kickstarter-Aktion angesprochen wurde, ist das System der Charakter-Vorteile/Nachteile, durch das ihr bei der Charaktererstellung Vorteile gegen Nachteile eintauschen könnt. Zum Beispiel eine Reduktion der Geschicklichkeit gegen mehr Konstitution. Wir sind technisch noch nicht ganz so weit, das einzubauen. Aber es steht weiterhin auf dem Plan. Neue Spieler können zukünftig Kampagnen erst dann beitreten, wenn sie mit ihrer ersten Hülle in der Götterwacht Level 10 erreicht haben. Dieser Vorgang ist einmalig und wiederholt sich nicht mit jeder neuen Hülle auf dem Account. Der Wächter Fragt ihr euch, welche Geheimnisse und Geschichten sich hinter den Wächtern verbergen? Folgt Ser Merlida Clearthornes Expedition in die Sterbenden Welten und findet heraus, was die Aufgabe der eindrucksvollen, steinernen Kreaturen ist! Hier gehts zur Geschichte.
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    As others say, many of the concerns here are due to the game not being complete. But some of them are not. The following concerns have nothing to do with the incompleteness of the game (I'm adding my own concerns): Requiring players to craft vendor stalls, and then craft vendors, and then pay an upkeep is a VERY heavy price on participating in an economy. You need to specialize in about 4 different crafting disciplines just to participate in this way... but the point of the marketplace is so you can specialize in just ONE thing, and buy and sell to get all the other things. So the cart is before the horse here. Custom items cannot be easily priced and marketed as commodities with bid/ask prices. Buying and selling of custom items, each one being unique, is much less liquid and difficult for players, both mentally in terms of pricing and in terms of travelling to and from the vendors. This is a heavy drag on the economy. I argued this point way back when they announced the crafting of custom items. Commodity items (e.g. harvestables, basic tools/weapons/armor, foodstuffs, etc) have no more liquid method of being bought and sold, and in particular of being priced. A centralized (or regional) marketplace with bid/ask pricing would completely solve that. As it stands, they are bought and sold using the same clunky mechanisms under which custom items are bought and sold. I've never heard even a peep out of the developers that they intend to do anything about this. Some things they could do to improve the situation include the following. IMHO, even if they do all of these, the economy will remain heavily choked: Make EKs startable by anybody who wants to enter them Allow selling by consignment on any vendor that has it enabled. Provide temple vendors that sell by consignment Use something other than a limited slot inventory for vendors, so they can sell much more than you can see on screen. Create a commodity marketplace as described above Provide basic vendor stalls and basic vendors, easily craftable by people with no particular skill, which cost zero upkeep but which take a large cut of the sales. ... just off of the top of my head. All my comments above are related to my personal goal of being able to play this game solo. If they intentionally wish to exclude that possibility and require guilding and grouping then a choked economy is not a big deal... but I'll probably not play the game because I'm not a very social person.
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    Neue Kampagne und Update (17. Mai)

    Da es einige Verwirrungen darüber gab, ob Charaktere für diese Mini-Kampagne freigeschaltet werden müssen: Es gibt kein Embargo für Kierlan. Das heißt, alle Charaktere können sich frei von Welt zu Welt bewegen, ohne ihre Items zu verlieren.
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    Kierlan - Nouvelle campagne

    Chers Corbeaux, Une nouvelle campagne démarre aujourd’hui hui sur le serveur test LIVE! Cette campagne durera 3 jours, et se terminera le Dimanche 19 Mai: UE - Démarrage à 16h00 (heure de Paris) le Vendredi 17 Mai | Fin le Dimanche 19 Mai à 20h00 (heure de Paris) NA - Démarrage à 16h00 (CDT) le Vendredi 17 Mai | Fin le Dimanche 19 Mai à 22h00 (CDT) Kierlan est une campagne standard, ce qui signifie qu’elle aura des points de contrôle et qu’une faction sera déclarée gagnante. Cette brève campagne est conforme à celle annoncée précédemment pour The God Trials (mise à jour 5.90). Cette mise à jour, qui inclut des améliorations notables en termes de performances et de graphisme, a été implémentée avec succès sur le serveur de test God's Reach plus tôt cette semaine. Bon jeu! Ikas
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    5.90 LIVE Bug Reports for 5/14/2019

    I think I can help. There is both an intentional change and a bug: The intentional change was to stop the cancellation of the whirlwind by hitting the button again, because people were cancelling it accidentally. Now it should only interrupt via something like a dodge or interrupt power (not sure which, if any, those might be for a Myrmidon). The bug is that if whirlwind finished normally, no other powers are usable except dodges, jumps, and interrupt powers. We definitely understand how painful the bug part of that is, and are working to get it fixed.
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    Welcome to our world Eldandir. Have fun between us Regards Fauno
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    Hi everyone. Just bought Crowfall some days ago. I have played for a long time GW2 but high level game was not compatible with my duties as a father. The game seems to have some potential, but it was kind of difficult to understand at the beginning and it's sometime quite hard to find my way. I guess I need to read more beginners' guide. Anyway, happy to join you in this adventure.
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    It is a common reporting error, because 1% itself means multiply by "x 0.01". It could simply be saying that they are adding a x0.05 multiplier "(1+CurrentBonus+0.05)xRate" to the system, and someone just copied the exact number, but it could also mean that someone rendered to decimal twice, making it very very small. In either case, display error or formula error, this is very likely not intended.
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