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    In the end of the siege window all 3 factions ended up in the same map. It lead to a long mobile 3 way fight. Good fights everyone! ______________________________We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players!Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    Embrace The Sandbox.

    The points system, as an indicator of victory, runs contrary to the sandbox nature of MMO's. The more that you try to create a perfect system the more you go down a path of infinite balancing. Simplicity works and avoiding specific metrics for victory allow people people to play the game the way they want, like a sandbox. ---In a sandbox game, I can run a crafting guild that focuses on controlling trade and creating exclusive items. With a points system, I just need to chain craft what gives me the most effective/efficient points while supplying the grind. ---In a sandbox game, I could play as a small kingdom that wants to control a specific area for fun. I create my victory by controlling my small claim in the world. With a points system, the game tells me I am not winning. To win big you need to be big to get the most points. We see this playing out right now and this escalation will continue into dregs. Mark my words. ---In a sandbox game, We could have an empire that wants to just attack their enemies and protect their allies. In a throne game, do we need an objective other than combat and politics? Look at our damn boards and you will see plenty of motivation. With a points system, we must get to the top of a list and play the game in a very specific way to gain points. When you have that many minds put together, people will always find a way to game the points system. **This system leads, inevitably, to escalation, efficient/effective grinding of points that ignores all other gameplay, and "creative" use of the mechanics to farm points. ** Instead of points, create special objectives/quests for each campaign that can be completed at a player, guild, or empire level. In one campaign it could be a special recipe unique to that specific campaign must be crafted. If it was a lore rules campaign, it could be capture an altar of the opposing deity. These would be set objectives to add flavor for a campaign but not purpose. Changing up campaigns with special rules, unique designs, and special objectives is perfect for shuffling the cards. That is the grand promise of Crowfall. Players will find plenty of reasons to kill each other. This is not an over sized WoW battleground with one objective, is it?
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    It would take a pretty dramatic turnabout on some design decisions to bring most of my guild back. The vast majority of us have written Crowfall off and moved on completely. However, here's a list off the top of my head of what I think it'd take to get us back: Reduce the grinds to a level where a guild can focus primarily on PvP. Replace the godawful RNG-gated discipline-finding system (it's terrible in 5.92 still) with a proper crafting system for them Improve performance in large fights Remove the target cap on area-effect damage to let us bust stacks of players. The blob vs blob fights are custard terrible. Reduce out-of-party area-effect healing and shift the healing focus to self-sustain and party-only / targeted heals (more stack busting). Give better telegraphs so that we can get some player-skill based combat going with counterplays. Improve the combat UI or give us hooks so we can write our own (WoW was so good at this)
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    Oh we've been following "the plan". The problem is is that the game is that much of a chore to play right now that people cannot even be bothered to log in. I know it's testing, and I know that there are things coming down the pipe. However, right now people would rather watch paint dry than play this. There's only so much broken you can put up with before you tap out. I still log in, see if there's anything on the go and nothing. I've yet to find a PUG as there is hardly anyone around! I want to play and test, but just about everyone I know that used to enjoy testing this game would rather play literally anything else than log in. So it stands to say, what can the devs do to at least make this game enjoyable enough so that people start logging in. I do know that the current crafting trend (needing items to make better gear and those items are rare drops with durability) is a big, BIG turn off. There's enough to do with crafting as is. Our crafters were already burning out before these items were introduced. Then having to camp for these items, only to do it again and again? If they want realism, show me in reality where someone learns a specialized skill from something in their pocket, only to lose that skill when said item breaks? It's another time sink. They (the devs) think they are adding value when all they're doing is adding unnecessary grind. Then there's the mobs. What in the hell were they thinking? The mobs my character needs to level are unsoloable, period. Normally I would get a group, but no one is logging on! I can't get better gear because our crafters are not logging on. I'm lucky enough to have a blue vessel, because our necromancers are not logging on. And on the rare occasion that one of them does log on, they can't make the gear I need because they don't have these rare drops. Look, I get needing maybe a special drop to be able to make legendary/runic gear. Totally understand. But all qualities? Really?! And the added kick to the guts of the item having durability? Just make it a specialized skill, just like all other MMO's. Crafting in this game is a pain in the ass enough as it is. I've yet to see a dev respond to any of these posts so who knows if anyone is listening. I've certainly not received a single message regarding my concerns. It's all one way conversations, them talking and us taking it on the chin. At this stage of the game, the company should be more hands on, working with players in game to test their software. Instead, all I hear is crickets.
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    Howdy folks Going to try and stay away from my normal rants. Given the fact that many of the people I normally play with refuse to play the game in its current state, I was curious what would need to happen to get testers back to the table? It was only several weeks ago we had people queuing to get into zones to play. Now the place is a wasteland. Many of my guildies are off playing other games, waiting for change. What do you think that change should be? Obviously we don't want hand outs or to make the game easy, but in it's current state it is simply a frustrating mess. Frankly, I'd just be happy being able to level at a decent pace without having to worry about my gear falling apart after 24 hours of gameplay. I mean, I get it, PVP is part of the game and frankly it makes it exciting. What isn't exciting is that every time you die, the hit on your gear is bloody crazy! Dying is cool, dying naked after several deaths is not. Come on, share your thoughts!
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    Embrace The Sandbox.

    Not a lot are playing at all. The points system will lead to either escalation, people abusing it, and/or grinding away at whatever is the most efficient/effective points. This pigeonholes players into activities that are not fun or leads to rapid escalation. If the game continues to frame winning by points it will lead to long term problems. The great thing about sandbox is that it is like a basketball court. People could play HORSE, basketball, dodgeball and all sorts of other games on there. Right now the scoreboard, above the court, only awards playing one type of game. This will lead to the problems mentioned above.
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    Embrace The Sandbox.

    Are you telling me guilds will not do whatever it takes to get the most points and brag about winning campaigns? Edit- If I play in a WoW battleground, everyone is playing to get the most points. Sure, everyone has different roles in winning but by creating a specific metric you end up with everyone moving towards one specific goal. That is not very sandbox-esque. The escalation and much of the issues we see now stem from this.
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    PvP Support Tools

    Once you get a vessel to Lv25 (with your capstone talent) and have some good white/green gear, you are viable for keep fights. Better gear makes a difference, good group composition and execution makes more difference, but sheer numbers is rarely a bad thing. You are more valuable to your team fighting poorly than sitting on the bench, and you can't learn how to fight well if you don't fight.
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    Conqueror's Blade

    I tried it for the first time this weekend, and found the unit control the best part; It adds a sense of scale to the combat so you really feel engaged in a siege battle fighting through the narrow streets. Traditional MMOs have always just scaled of the number of players, who never want to stand in a shield wall for very long, but my NPCs never complain! So the clashes on the 15v15 maps feel much grander due to accompanying armies. Lots of old-school guild tags flying around so I'm looking forward to the open world territory control game heating up in the coming weeks/months. I believe it goes free to play tomorrow, so really no reason not to drop and and check it out, even if just for another point of game system design comparison.
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    I still play, but I’d probably play more if they implement a LOT of QoL features that’ve been piling up over the years. Most notably, experience-for-all-the-things, increased xp for tougher mobs, and points for harvesting
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    I'm a fan of being a tough critic myself, but I don't think the issue is that they haven't been listening. I appreciate what you're saying, but I think you're spinning them in too negative of a light. I think the issue is that they're really kind of slow in churning out the changes for reasons I'm sure are very realistic. But if you know you're slow and taking your time on purpose, the best idea is always going to be to plan everything to a tee, and it doesn't show that they've done that recently. A lot of the things they've pushed in since wartribes are probably going to be great once the full systems are there to support the entire construct, but for now they're half-baked and half-finished. Implementing things this way is harebrained, and that's what bothers me the most. If you follow them and listen to all of the planned features they've had since 5.8, there were a lot of things "in the pipe" that we still don't have. But then there were features like wartribes that were completely unexpected and unpolished at push that they've ended up locking a lot of content behind, and I still can't help but feel like they implemented things too quickly. This combined with little-to-no followup on their recent changes is really what has everyone complaining more, an acknowledgement would go a long way. We have had lots of info on what system implementations we will be receiving soon (bank stuff, claimable res statues), but nothing spoken in relation to the currently dying pulse of the community.
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    people were having fun and numbers were high when we could actually customize our vessels in the fashion we wanted to. Everyone hates the grind to customize not level. Having to pray to RNGeus to finish anything is one of the worst in any mmo I’ve played. And that’s what has driven players away. Come up with a better way to acquire discs that don’t rely on RNG!!!! Make aquiring discs a crafting process that requires multiple crafts. Don’t lock it behind RNG. That doesn’t mean make a new tool with super low RNG drop rate either. Essentially the classes on their own (without discs) are boring, don’t make me do a bunch of boring activities to make a boring class somewhat interesting....maybe if I happen to get a useful disc.
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    If they launch the game going down the path they are currently taking, they might as well shut the servers down now. The game is simply not fun anymore, testing or not. The whole point of testing is to find what works and what doesn't. I've seen this in several other games where the devs keep messing with the make up of a game, piss off the players, and then wonder why their game is shut down within six months to a year. If I was testing this for free, I probably wouldn't care as much. The fact that I've paid for two accounts means I can complain all I want. Pre-alpha or no, I want my damn money's worth and to get that, the devs need to start listening to all of the players, whether they be full time, part time, casual, hardcore, crafting focused or pvp focused. They were in a good space and then they started screwing with the game. Instead of listening to us then, they continued to make it worse. I don't know what the vision is for this game, but right now it's driving folks away in droves.
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    The only thing that is really needed is launch. Anything else has to step back behind that goal. If that means that testers are not happy with the current state (surprise) and that those who want to play instead of testing decide to come back later, so be it. Most complaints don't really matter. They are "maaah, i demand my fun ... and i ONLY have fun when i got this and that, so gimme that" complaints. I know those complaints well - if have them myself. But no game will ever be perfect for everybody, so the focus can't be to make everybody happy. The focus needs to be to get the game done. If you are running a marathon you may hear your feet complaining, but you need to keep on running if you want to reach he goal, even if it hurts.
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    Das steht jetzt noch nicht fest. Aber wenn die entsprechenden Updates dann anstehen, gibts dazu bestimmt eine News. 😊
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    Gold needs to be worth something to end game players if it's going to be be the currency of the vendor economy. End game players need to want gold badly enough that they'll trade that perfectly rolled legendary runic weapon of ultimate power to a potential rival in order to get their hands on a fat pile of gold. That value is not there today. Not that restoring gold sacrifice would create that value on it's own, but it's something. In a healthy economy where gold had value, we would be selling high end sacrifice items to each other for better returns than we get from throwing gold in the fire; but if there's enough gold in circulation that players want to throw it in a fire, let them throw it in the fire to get rid of it. Edit: Having a healthy economy solves many of the grind problems as well. Don't want to beat on trees and rocks to get resources? Don't have the skills to craft the gear you want? Don't want to farm for disciplines? Get gold and buy stuff. Gold sources should be ground level so that solo players with moderate gear can get about the same gold per hour farming solo content as high end players in groups chaining bosses. High end content should be where the stuff we want to buy comes from. Organized players will have access to stuff, but maybe not the right stuff, so they sell what they get and buy what they want. The question is, how to create that value for gold?
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    You will be able to build your own forts and keeps in the Dregs. Spirit Banks are changing in the near future. The embargo was always intended to be something that you get at the end of the campaign as a reward based on how you did in the campaign.
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    Why, it takes a couple days to level a decent vessel, gold isn't needed. Vers 9.2 durability loss on death changed from 30 to 10 Way too much the sky is falling. When things suck they most of the time fix it, just not overnight.
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    See I think part of the problem is in that statement "get Testers back" They need to stop thinking of us as testers and think of us as players. If they had a part of the game that was fun, and they have added things to make it not fun, well that should be a huge red flag. The excuse is "well the game is in alpha" I don't get this excuse, F that you should be testing at this point what is fun but despite the complaining of all the "players" of they keep adding these elements even as people are fleeing the game. Oh ya and um the grind, they need to lessen the grind so we can get to playing the game, most importantly roll back the gold nerf and the gold sacrifice nerf.
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    ¿Direccion que toma Crowfall?

    El juego a cambiado bastante tiene muchas cosas positivas IMO: Lo de la iluminación y las texturas del templo etc muy chulas. El performance ha ido mejorando muchísimo a lo largo de los últimos meses., las batallas grandes se sienten mucho mas fluidas. Las ventanas en los asedios muy practicas ayudan a centrar el pvp y dan algo de estrategia. Que los guardias estén de vuelta si mas no de momento se agradece, que se puedan fortificar y mejorar cosas es una idea interesante pero creo que están verdes muchos sistemas para jugar de esa manera en pre-alpha. El Crafting de armaduras se ha simplificado y se agradece, ahora es mas rapido hacerlas. Que al morir no puedas resucitar en tu cuerpo hace que los fuertes sean mas valioso eso me ha gustado bastante. las WarTribes son divertidas, chulas y útiles, la cantidad actual de campamentos que implica muchos mas raid boss esta muy bien. El aumento de la experiencia de sacrificio de algunos objetos es muy positva. El sistema de portales me tiene enamorado por la flexibilidad que tiene y como cambia las campañas Algunas cosas no me convencen, algunas ya las he comentado: Tener que andar hasta el fuerte al morir + el camino de vuelta me parece tedioso, teniendo en cuenta la velocidad del cuevo y que las monturas han sido nerfeadas. Que al morir tengas un CD para usar la estatua y al revivir aun seas 3m vulnerable. tener CD en el respawn me parece bien pero ser inutil para el pvp 3 minutos en un entorno de pvp abierto me parece un castigo horrible. Ha caído la recolecta de materiales de calidad alta lo que se ve resaltado por la velocidad a la que se rompe el equipo, mas en una pre-alpha el nivel de grindeo de este parche para el equipo de calidad alta es notable, 30 de durabilidad por muerte en una joyería que tiene 240-250 duele. El drop de disciplinas, gafas de necro, martillos, etc se tiene que ajustar. Que el oro no se pueda usar para subir pj's deja menos opciones y le quita valor al oro, quiza con poblaciones mas grandes cambie. Hay muchas cosas por venir interesantes: Muchas ganas ver las caravanas y el nuevo sistema de embargo pero que eliminen los bancos locales me parece controvertido veremos a ver que tal! El crafting esta muy interesante y supongo que con las fabricas la cosa mejorara mucho en cuanto a tareas repetitivas En general me gusta mucho el juego y creo que tiene mucho potencial, me gustaría verlo mas enfocado al control territorial, tener bufos por controlar una zona, mas puntos para revivir, que intervenga en la activación de puertas, algo en esa linea. que controlar un territorio valga la pena. Me gustaría ver mas de los EK, ciudades donde la gente pueda ir, comerciar luchar. Algún sistema de duelos seria interesante. Una UI de raid para mas de 5 personas seria util. PD: que los camps pueden tener Respawns me parece una idea maravillosa.
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    Some of us aren't privy to what's planned. If we could read these design documents we could offer our years of MMO playing experience to tell you what we think will work and what won't work. Before you waste time developing it. Allowing ressurection at the outposts is a great first step. I'm not sure you read this yet, but I wrote this up yesterday in the feedback section. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUES Capturable points Keep sieges still happen way to often to make them epic. The current fort siege schedule is nice, but each fort should only go live around 1x per day. WTF is the point of an outpost? These are useless. There's been a thousand ideas in the suggestion forums. Territory control, taxes... something. Current state of pvp PVP is supposed to be fun. PK'n people is supposed to be fun. Earning loot from Raid bosses is supposed to be fun. Stealing loot from other players is supposed to be fun. How about you combine and fix these things so people will play???? Currently we be pvp'n against mostly empty stuff. Taking a fort is 95%(made up number) of the time off of only npc's. Than while we run to get one of the other 2 or 3 live forts, the other faction maybe flips it back. Current map Running is a grind. Mounts are so damn slow. This map is really, really, really is painful. Huge worlds are great for newbs, so they can get stuff done. But they can also feel empty, and if people don't find pvp they get bored and logoff. So a proper balance is important. Suggestion for OUTPOSTS!! Tie the group bosses and raid bosses to the new outpost mechanic. Use the current siege schedule to control outposts going live. Each one should go live 2-3 times a day. Move the outposts into the wartribe camps. Whoever gets the final blow on the group boss takes control of the outpost. (In the future replace the final hit mechanic with one in where people must take an artifact off the corpse and run it to the nearest fort) Rewards - Group boss drops an inventory of loot equal to current raid bosses. Players may now ressurect at the outpost. Killing trash mobs in an outpost you own gives double XP and double loot. Suggestion for FORTS!! Each fort is surrounded by 2-5 outposts. Once all the outposts for a fort are flipped to another faction, the siege for the fort begins with one of the current raid bosses spawning in the throne room. If the raid boss is killed than the fort is taken. (Same last hit mechanic as the outposts, to be replaced with transporting an artifact to a keep.) It will take many hours for someone to take enough outposts to make the fort go live again. The raid boss disapears and the fort defended when the current fort holder re-takes an outpost. Rewards - Raid boss drops an inventory of loot equal to 5 current raid bosses. Players may now ressurect at the outpost. Killing trash mobs in an outpost you own tied to the fort gives triple XP and triple loot. A portal from the temple opens up into the fort and stays live until the raid boss spawns. Suggestions for Keeps!! Scale it up so at any point if all the forts tied to a keep are taken by an enemy (faction, guild, religion etc..) it will trigger a keep siege that evening. Options - Toss 1 to 5 raid bosses in the throne room to defend... Force people to hire them... Put even more loot on them... Discussion This system should be pretty easy to implement as everything is pretty much developed. Players affect when the big things in the world happen, and timers only affect smaller scale pvp. It creates hot spots on the map for people to go. Gotta level some newbs, go to an area where you own the fort, or take one. Beware, enemies can probably figure out what you're doing and raid you! With no more spirit bank, there might actually be loot there to take. It gives people rewards for small scale pvp in taking outposes, and promotes larger scale pvp when we get to the fort battle. It can be modified easily for the different server types. You could also tie the loot on the raid bosses to the war camps. 10% of all loot could build up on the boss etc..
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    i think if the devs would stop making a game they think is cool and instead start making a game we think is cool would be a good change
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    Game Designer Jonathan Pollard steps into the spotlight to talk about capturable respawns. FULL STORY
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    Little late: A freely captutable respawn point has a strong chance to negate the positive effects of the respawn changes. Currently it requires some prepping and staging work to maximize the respawn situation for a siege (tho a few forts overlap with their siege timer which is bad imo). This results in a couple positive factors: fort control now matters, incoming siege indicators allow some scheduling potential, and devaluing number advantages. By allowing freely captured respawns outposts/camps you negate almost every positive change the respawn mechanics have created for large organized PvP. Forts once again don’t matter for sieges, any area is now as good as the next for an attack, and most importantly numbers once again become a stronger factor for a siege as they are more likely to be able to control a respawn point. While there are some corner cases where it could work out interestingly, it’s far more likely to fall into the typical scenario where any force that can leave their defenses to win an open battle over a respawn point didn’t really need to “defend” their fortifications in the first place. (Much like we see at banetrees today) This creates the effect where any numerically superior attacker is free to attack when and where with no pre siege preparation, skewing force projection limitations and tipping siege back towards a blantant superior numbers advantage.
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    Resources and Parcel suggestion

    Resources Changes - Remove all resources from keep tiles - Parcels surrounding keep tiles are all now R8, 9, or 10 this is just to move the resource a little bit further from the keep so you can dodge 3 times to safety for example but there close enough to keep value on the keeps> - Remove all Mothernodes from normal tiles more on this later (Along with adding Tree and animal mothernodes) - Tiles around fort should be R5-r8 New parcels - Added New parcels, Mines, Dreadlands, Forest (Already got these) Quarries, Farmlands/grasslands each with specific resources in. - Mines will contain Mothernodes and i feel it should be a parcel with tunnels with rooms and things through out with a couple of entrances simply to add a new type of terrain to fight in. Should aim to get atleast 1 low/mid level one and one high level ones in each faction area (This tiles could replace some of the mountain tiles to be a little more playable space. - Forest should similiar to what we have now a little less animals in than currently and add tree mothernodes in there some small bushes to hide in may be interesting aspect aswell. - Dreadlands are desolate parcel that contains large dead creatures (Leather mothernodes) along with a some other animals in. - Quarries i feel should be similiar to the ravines we have currently in layouts - Farmland/grassland are your tiles to obtain your plant food supplies. You wanna make these somewhat different fighting terrains from eachother mines for example are maze like tunnels and caverns that can be entered from a few location, Ravines you can drop in from the top to ambush, forests have plenty of hiding spots with bushes and tree and things to be sneaky, farmland could have high wheat field and things that can make it hard to see people through and so on. Biomes/Climates Each map should have a different climate/biome where you can only find 3 types of each resource in there should be 5 different types and should be able to see what resource can be found there via the map if your familiar with albion you would know how this system works to a degree. - All these biomes will contain 3 of each resource type of various quantities so one type of wood/ore/stone/leather type will be common, uncommon and rare where the other 2 would not be found in that map. Crafting changes - Change the recipes that use a specific type of resource for example u must have iron to make plate armor to take any metal however each metal will give different bonuses this simply to make iron for example being the most important thing in the world when it comes to plate armor. - For example Iron - Higher Physical resistance Copper - Higher Organic resistance Silver - Higher Magic resistance Tin - Balanced resistance Gold - Slight offence stat bonus (Or you could make this no bonus to combat however slight boost to drop rate/harvest rate quality) This gives more customisation and doesnt make certain material more reliant than others atleast when it comes to armor constuction (Obviously do the same thing with leather persoanly wouldnt mind seeing wooden armor type aswell since there doesnt seem to be to much need for wood compared to metal and leather)
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    Definitely feels like that sometimes. There are consistently reported bugs that have carried over from patch to patch that aren’t even in the known issues. The next few months they are really going to struggle to hold players, their competitors are almost ready to open their doors. Wonder if they’ll survive, current direction they’re heading brings doubt.
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    Arcana Scrolls: Where to get/craft?

    You obtain them by killing the War Tribes scattered around the map. Look for the bosses and get a group to help you kill them.
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    PvP Support Tools

    Great idea. ACE had the same. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/worlds-worth-defending
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    Here throughout development As we have stated, Caldera has been part of Crowfall since 2015. Here is some of the footage we have gathered in the stages of development we have been part of. Enjoy : Patch 3.0 Playlist Patch 4.5 Playlist Patch 5.0 Playlist Patch 5.1 Playlist Patch 5.2 Playlist Patch 5.3 Playlist Patch 5.4 Playlist Patch 5.5 Playlist Patch 5.6 Playlist Patch 5.7 Playlist Patch 5.8 Playlist Patch 5.9 Playlist
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    god dam this sounds cool i mean it wouldn't be necessary for me but it would be cool.
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    New Player! Required HELP

    There are now vendors on the test server that will buy stuff for gold. It was something they originally said they wouldn't have, but I guess they decided that it was needed after all.
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    My opinion on it, is just get rid of the motherloads. Leave the small nodes so the newbs and less connected players can harvest something with some protection, just make the groups head out into the world if they want the special materials like minerals and gems.
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    This is another good reason to have these desired items be craftable from many mats that are more likely to be dropped. it's easier to distribute loot after a war tribe run.
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    i would personally get rid of all the resource node in front of keeps. Right now everything you need expect leather is in front of keeps. We harvest in front of keeps we don't even own. If resources were placed around forts then people would fight to take over the fort for a resource harvesting spot. People would be using the forts for harvesting area and would actually be around the forts to actively defend them. With the change to banking forts would be a great place to go. Since you will have protection from the cats. Since currently the one harvesting is only person with something to lose. The guards would give them protection a extra incentive to take the fort. Yes you wont get much material from killing someone since a bank so near. But at least you beadle to take over there harvesting location. For how much everyone wants the rank 10 resources it doesnt seem we really fight over areas to control them. If stuff was in front of forts instead of keeps smaller groups could then fight over locations. You would feel you defended your harvesting spot or lost your harvesting spot. So you could have forts with mostly ore, some with lots of stone or wood. Stretch it out. Unlike now you go to one keep for all your resources needs.
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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Maeve

    Correction: Chaos vs. Scarlet.
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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Maeve

    I just find it funny the game realy is just chaos vs Order with balance just getting in the way and ruining the fun fights
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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Maeve

    HoA and W are playing Crowfall like it's Shadowbane, simply put. Many people don't realize it, but the thing that separates Shadowbane and Crowfall (and EVE) from the rest of the genre is that the game is meant to have a bunch of RTS elements which drive the PvP. This is why JTodd uses a Risk metaphor to describe the game and why he chose to include the campaign system in the project. In an Real Time Strategy game, you have to manage your economy (harvesters and crafters), upgrade and level up your units (leveling and rune-hunting) build an army that can effectively counter what your opponent is bringing (intentionally built 10/20/30+ man groups) before you push their base and burn it to the ground (sieges). I've tried to get many people in this game to play this way, and it's often been met with intense hostility. Almost every guild/community I've encountered wants nothing to do with this playstyle and refuses to leave the pure RPG mindset. Winterblades is the only other guild that "gets it", and that's why we're allies. Unsurprisingly, considering they've played on a Shadowbane emulator very recently, and never lost touch with the vision of what sets Crowfall apart from other games. I've always pushed House Avari towards this playstyle, and I make sure that everyone who joins our ranks understands that we're doing something different. It's not for everyone, but the people who embrace it enjoy it a whole lot.
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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Maeve

    The zerg cries are humerous. I'll remind everyone of the first siege we had after HoA joined balance. It was Winterblades (37) vs. Chaos (60ish) and chaos get pounced. HoA wasn't even there. That was one guild against a whole faction. The continual complaints about us working as a team and being organized are hilarious. Yes, this is a pre-alpha, but its a game we've been playing for over 3 years. Why shouldn't we take it seriously and play the game the way we want to? Ultimately, this is all in preparation for "launch" but I'm sorry, I'm not going to test a game for 3 years and not get enjoyment out of it.
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    Why training is important

    its ok friend
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    Why training is important

    <wipes away tear> I think I got some ethereal dust in my eye...
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    The Trail of Maeve continues... Battles have been fought, lines have been drawn. Who will triumph and win Maeve's favor? Check out my Warstory:
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    It was such an awesome fight! I will see what I can do with the footage
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    hope there will be a nice story to your victory of today, great 3 faction fight, gratz on the win in the end!
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    Gold for glory, crowns for stories

    The spoils of war aren’t always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many, securing a prestigious place in history is equally important. The history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories. There are a number of ways to tell your story: through videos, gifs, screenshots and battle reports. You can then share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #crowfallgame and #warstories) or the Crowfall forums. Each Friday, we will be select the “War Story of the Week”, awarding 500 crowns to the creator. We look forward to reading your story soon!
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