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    That sounds like a great mechanic, as long as it was part of a build up to that climactic battle. One hit can decide a baseball game. One field goal, a football game. One over time goal a hockey game. AND one game, and any one of the above can decide the annual national championship (pick your sport). There are more examples of that sort of design than I can count. So the main point is great competition including professional level competition is often found to where exactly where "one" event can win or lose it all, preparation and planning notwithstanding. What isn't fun, is knowing who is going to take the championship 1/3 of the way through a season.
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    new races

    booksh-elves. must-have in every well sorted world.
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    So I did some testing on the cooking sheet yesterday and @vkromas hopped in and was chatting/answering some questions related to the cooking system including a bit of information on what is in and what isn't. Currently, seasonings are still not impacting the cooking(which is unchanged from when it was first put in). I did find some new quirks on the recipes and a few added recipes that were not there from when the sheet was first made by Jah and myself. I still have some more to test but you can see some of the updated information on our live sheet linked above. I'll be doing a full format update here over the next week or 2. The VOD can be found here: Apologies on the first part where I'm just gathering. Not all of the cooking mats are available on test so I was having to actually gather some of the mats. I'd done the mushrooms the night before but the herbs are a gripe.
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    new races

    I've been thinking there is plenty of room for more elf variants. Dark elves, blood elves, stone elves, ore elves, night elves, afternoon elves. The sky is the limit really.
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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Arkon

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    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    Here a quick suggestion for pve bosses spawn mechanics to hopefully promote pvp. Don't have bosses on a respawn timer but instead have normal mobs act as a place holder (either all of them or a couple in a camp) commander will of course have a higher spawn rates than say chiefs. This way people have a reason to kill trash mobs trying to trigger a boss mob to spawn instead of a small group running around spending 5 min in a camp before moving to the next one. This should promote some pve in the campaign and in turn promote some pvp
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    10 things to do in a Campaign

    The off hours in the Trial of Arkon 10 things to do in a Campaign for a PvPer Often a PvP player will be tasked with assisting in harvesting, or have an off hours interest in crafting. If that is not the case, then here is an example of what PvPers also can spend their time on. While most of it is actually nothing to do with the act of PvP itself - it's a build up for it. So here is my view of what a days work looks like. #Crowfall #Warstory.
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    Going ahead and creating a thread for this here since I apparently never did. I'm actively updating the somewhat original crafting combinations sheet. I have now updated the whole sheet for 5.100. A quick note on the values. They have been updated to what exists on live at this time and the numbers show the range from common quality(white) to legendary quality(orange). These are always changing so if they mess with some balancing pieces on the values, don't be super surprised if the numbers don't line up here in the near future. Check out our sheet here: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations While I've now updated the whole sheet for 5.100, that does not mean I didn't make a mistake or miss something. Shoot me a PM on the forums or on Discord if you run across something that appears to be wrong.
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    5.100 Feedback Reports for 7/30/19

    Top to bottom row. Rare, Epic, Legendary. These are all 6 xp each or 2g each. Values need to be adjusted because currently its annoying to spend the time junking these. I'd rather they didn't drop with the current values. These are grave goods.
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

    Its also not fun knowing that anything done in the first 2/3 of the match doesn't matter. In fact you can not even show up to the match until the last 1/3 then win.
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    Warstory: 8 v 20 Fight outside of keep

    The first siege in the Trial of Arkon, Order showed up with 20 people to start with, and we had not built our walls up. We met them at one of the walls. Later in the evening Order had even more people, and it ended out in a long stand off inside the keep. _______________________________ We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 1 support player! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
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    Warstory: 8 v 20 Fight outside of keep

    Anti healing doesn’t exist in CF and without it you were unlikely to kill an organized group with healers. In SB I could bring reliable anti healing mechanics: I could attack a healers mana, I could reduce stats, I could lower their restoration skill, I could block heals. I could do any of that and expose my target to a specific damage type and then just decimate them if they didn’t call for the removal of their shadowmantle. CF doesn’t have any of that so it’s hard to compare the two. tldr; CF healing is strong and if it remains strong we need reliable ways to counter it that aren’t over powered insta kills. It’s a delicate balance and I don’t envy Blair.
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    Well done! )) It`s for new player tip, but if u use other type of wood you get better bandages at least on the test server yesterday with the newest patch.
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    In-campaign storage: now even worse than before. Storage is a *massive* struggle now for gatherers, even ignoring the added space that war tribe drops might take. The world bank is substantially smaller than the old spirit bank, which was already pretty limited, plus you've removed local banks. This means there is no longer space to hold the quantities and variety required for crafting. Previously I could keep my working materials for a current request in my crafter inventory, a small stockpile of commonly needed items and food in the keep local storage, and then my spirit bank filled with stacks of resources of various type/quality (it takes 25 slots per resource type for one stack of each quality/type, plus more for the secondary resource types). This has added to degenerate gameplay like vendors as additional banks, extra vessels and accounts just for more storage. We keep hearing promises about how storage is going to be addressed "soon" only to have it be made worse and worse, with each update either increasing the variety of items or now also reducing the space we have to store that increased variety.
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

    I don’t see being forced to level in God’s Reach as part of the problem with God’s Reach. You’re probably not going to take half-leveled vessels into combat, and if someone crashed your leveling party you’re trying to not die rather than engage in the fight. So I don’t see leveling in GR or leveling in the CW as any different: You’re not going to get engaging PvP out of it
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    Warstory: 8 v 20 Fight outside of keep

    @mythx I think all that stuff should go into a feedback thread somewhere, not here. And EA man .. We'd like to avoid lootboxes and what not. You can't compare an MMO still in pre-alpha, to a fast paced Battle Royale FPS. If everything becomes instant, why have animations at all? You have to realize you need a visual indicator of when an enemy starts casting a power, so you can react to it. Almost all powers does hit targets instantly when they are fired off.
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    You know it's bad when those 3 people all agree on a subject...
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

    here the changes i would make in regards to this Campaign Resource's Gods reach Up to T5 resources mobs loot tables should be altered in gods reach to not drop above green quality stuff. Green quality should be the standard for enterering campaign not blue+ quality equipment you can currently obtain there. Campaign world Temple - Should be the same as God Reach Campaign World Outside temple - R10 Resources should only be found in a few area's these area will be POI around the map this being the forest, the stone ravines, the iron Ravines (Should add another one for animals and split forest and animals up) - R9 Resources Should be located around the surrounding tiles of the POI with a few rare tiles scattered around. - R8 should be located around Forts and Keeps and uncommon throughout the map - R6-7 Should be general nodes scattered through the campaign - Graveyards i would like to see function differently than your standard nodes in the 4 graves within the GY will be a random rank between 6-10 with lower chance of being R10 for example coming up to a grave yard the 4 graves in them may be a 2 rank 6's 1 R7 and a 1 R9 grave. Mobs I currently like how the wartribes are atm although atm there tomany camps to population of the CW however i think its in a good spot when you get 50 people or so running round in each map atleast.
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    That’s a gross simplification of what happened, yes the season boost is a bit strong and may need tweaking, but the campaign was pretty clearly not a landslide. It’s disingenuous to say it was a single fight that determined the whole thing, sure that siege might have been the deciding factor, but there’s always gonna be a deciding fight in any close fight. It did not happen in a vacuum.
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

    This is a test phase, and some of the major things we are testing for this current iteration are leveling in GR, new magic loot drop system, account Vault + import/export. So yea, it is kinda designed to be the Trial of GR for testing purposes. The resource node ranks are tied to the parcels until they have additional tech to split them - we got the higher rank mobs for testing leveling in GR and the nodes have to match until some future patch. All the balance issues about node ranks and loot drops will be iterated on many more times in the future. The main thing to test and give feedback on in the CW is the siege window timers, new schedule put in for those (and fewer outposts) designed to lessen the impact of "night capping".
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

    Being forced to level in God's Reach is part of the problem.
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

    If you want more PvP roll Order. Complaining there’s a lack of PvP when you’re on the highest population faction is asinine. Split the powerhouses up, what is it that you’re so afraid of? We all get the same reward. Is it not being able to “crush”? Play to crush mindset destroys these games. We’ve seen the repercussions in past games and were seeing it now. If someone in Order complains there is no PvP then there’s an issue.
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

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    Alexa remind me to unlike oneply comments.
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    Whiskey Sipping random Ideas

    I'm partial to 'Ancient Megamilk'
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    Welcome to Crowfall! Current ranged damage classes I would suggest would be: Archer (Ranger) - long ranged (55-60m with a good bow) mainly single target. Inquisitor(confessor) - medium range (30-35m), decent aoe control on top of single target dmg. Slayer(duelist) - medium range (30-35m), combo points, double pistols, main dmg power is a frontal cone that also stuns up to 3 enemies. If you have any further questions, just PM me.
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    What melee classes would you suggest?

    Champion: Super easy and strong bruiser. Excels at jumping in on an enemy target and sticking on them with slows, high damage and self healing. Tank: High Damage: High Control: High Mobility: High Support: Low Myrmidon: Requires practice, but can be very tanky as well as high dmg. Excels at controlling and picking out targets with a low cooldown 30m range net - absorbing damage with Berserk and avoiding that damage with several abilities. Can also apply severe AoE damage with spins. Tank: High Damage: High Control: High Mobility: Low Support: Low Templar: Mostly tanky/support, counters other melee classes pretty well, and zone control. (can be built for damage). Excels at protecting your group from melee enemies, with parry (Right mouse button), while healing in an area around them (Divine light). Tank: High Damage: Medium Control: Medium/High Mobility: Low Support: Medium Assassin: Single target specialist (can be built several ways, dots, stealth harass, single target burst etc.) Excels at harassing from stealth (Agent Provacateur discipline), flanking enemies, popping up behind the enemy group and attacking the backline or controlling targets with stuns. Tank: Low Damage: High Control: High Mobility: Medium Support: Low Knight: Very strong tank atm, fits really well with Standard Bearer, when/if you can get the support power minor discipline from the Spider Queen. Can avoid CC by blocking. Excels at locking down targets with high amount of crowd control, you can: Shield stun, AoE Knockdown, Drain dodge pips with Shield bash, Slow on every 3rd basic attack, pull enemies back with chain pull. Tank: High Damage: High Control: High Mobility: Medium (if playing Elken/Centaur like most people do) Support: Low This is what I would rank them as atleast.
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