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    Paladin (healing) Templar

    That first pip not doing its thing was a bug, while looking for the answer to this question, saw the problem and fixed it.
  2. 4 points
    Does this count as the news?
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    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    I've been holding off until Caravans and more features are put in as Alpha and such things will be out end of Summer 2018. However, I have participated in sieges and fort fights in the past and are part of my gripe with their design or lack of it. Forgetting the timer aspect (that is improving), the event itself is lackluster to me due to having played games that do more during or leading up to these events. Doesn't seem like they've added or improved upon Shadowbane's system from so many years ago. Blow a hole in the wall, kill a tree and or stand in a circle. Surprised they can't come up with anything more exciting or challenging. If combat and builds were top notch where fighting and what not were amazing I wouldn't be so let down, but neither is that good. Just seems like a rather repetitive experience without much complexity or strategy involved. In the moment it is still fun, but I'd rather have more fun in my fun. Maybe I'm greedy or have too high expectations, but where are the front doors being knocked down? Battering rams? Boiling oil? Ladders to scale the walls? Multi-layered inner walls/doors? Guards that can be placed or roam or are useful? World conquest or steps required to be able to attack a particular fort/keep (need to control x% to capture a stronghold)? Land design with choke points and ways to cut off enemies approaching/fleeing?
  4. 3 points
    Biggest thing Assassins lack right now is good anti healing, IMO. It was way overpowered in the 5.7 era of stackable 2,500 pt heal blockers but it got nerfed way too hard also. The disease toxin should do 50% more heal blocking than the poison toxin does direct damage and refresh instead of stack. So if poison toxin does 1,000 damage then disease toxin should be a 1,500 pt heal block. Would also be nice if toxin damage scaled either by weapon damage or by an experimental stat on the toxin itself. Having set, static damage levels causes balance issues also (strong early game, weak late game).
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    War Story: Siege of Laventhorpe Citadel

    The Siege of Laventhorpe Citadel From the perspectives of - Vunak (Ranger) and Enz (Druid) On the Balance Side Please Enjoy! We definitely did - one of the finest evenings of PvP we've had in a long time - Thank you Crowfall
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    adding greenskins crowfall

    i think goblins could be a chaos race but they could also be balanece depending on what type of goblins they add
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    10 things to do in a Campaign

    Sounds scary. I'd rather farm high quality materials in God's Reach and only log in for zerg fights.
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    And you prove my point gloriously as expected. You assume way too much and generally are so far off base and stuck in your own self stroking mindset you can’t see that.
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    I've suggested this before. Keep using the current re-spawn timer, BUT subtract one minute from the remaining time for every non-boss killed in the camp. If that becomes to frequent, then turn up the default delay. This way, if you are not part of a farming group you still have a chance to find and kill one, but if your group is actively farming a camp, the bosses will show up frequently enough to make it so you don't need to run from camp to camp.
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    Beta groups 1,2,3

    Yes, you can play together. There is currently no practical difference between beta groups 1, 2, and 3. All have equal access.
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    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    Too many people accept mediocrity. Its not just in gaming, but in every aspect of life nowdays. Pick any skilled trade in any part of the world and the story is the same... I tell the young people not to worry about global warming, they wont be able to make or do anything not involving a cell phone.
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    Welcome to the crowd.
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    there was a patch a couple days ago that disabled passive training from benefiting your character, it was hotfixed later that afternoon but it didn't show up in the notes until today.
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    Can Specialty Seals downgrade armor?

    It won't. The quality of the seals is not factored when determining the quality of the armor.
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    Thoughts on Tanks?

    My thinking was to just make a taunt minor disc that enhances your attacks to generate threat and another to reduce threat. No equipped passives or anything, just a built in function like elven eyes. These would be solid 3rd minors as most builds have a really hard time deciding what to do with that 3rd minor slot and end up taking elven eyes just because. It'd align pretty well with the situational power style they seem to want minors to have. Maybe give those discs bonus pve defense and damage respectively so they're a little more attractive as "farming discs" I'd prefer that freedom to be given to the players in stead of hardcoding it based on class abilities or taking up power tray space.
  16. 1 point

    Thoughts on Tanks?

    Provoke skill in a disc: provokes a target reducing there dmg output by 50% on all targets but you. There should be a noticeable indicator for person taunted showing the target/targets that taunted him.
  17. 1 point

    10 things to do in a Campaign

    Sarcasm bro. I absolutely hate high tier resources in God's Reach. I honestly don't even care about the Spirit Banking right now...I just want people to kill!
  18. 1 point

    10 things to do in a Campaign

    You need to have World of Warcraft background to think like that, no way around it. You did not have a single day in Shadowbane when it was active from 2002-2009 or Darkfall. But hey they are testing the new patch - maybe R8 creatures were too high ranked in God`s Reach, but it`s actually fun when you are not completely safe inside a faction campaign farming R9 or R10, or Spider queen. You can even instant bank items without being near a Vault.
  19. 1 point

    10 things to do in a Campaign

    #11 skirmish and practice fighting other guilds to improve your skills in PVP
  20. 1 point
    No @Marth - I usually avoid the place - IGN have actually journalists for instant. sigh now I feel bad, @JamesGoblin - I like mmorpg to read up on new games, but it`s easy to comment negative if too many have an agenda for instant which is why I like gaming articles without options to comment on it.
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    @RhapsodyDownpour Hookchain - Pulls your target to you. (Gap Closer) - Before the fight has started, stealth is our gap closer. We really don't have a good gap closer once the fight a has started though. Using Disengage/Engage with a couple of quick 180 flips is about as good as we get. If an opponent can leap or charge away from the fight, it is difficult for us to close with them again. Using Chain/Net Pull to drag an opponent to a location where they can be dog-piled is a specialty already occupied by knights & myrms. Sand Swipe - Throw sand in the face of your target, lowering accuracy. - I am surprised we don't have access to either a blind or disorient. This is staple goods for the typical rogue/assassin kit. Exploit - Find the weakpoint in your opponent's armor. (Critical Hits if landed from Stealth, Bleeds for 1/8 HP over 10 seconds) - We have a few skills following this line of thinking. The cutthroat promotion gets some wicked crit bonuses to their ambush ability, the vandal promotion gives a bleed to Kidney Shot, and all assassin lines can add crit strike to backstab. We also have the ability to expose an enemy. While it doesn't help us a lot, other classes take great advantage from an exposed enemy. Dead Crow - Trick your opponent into thinking they've killed you. - Disengage/De-target - Yaga's gift from the vandal promotion is close to this. I still hear players calling assassins down in discord, only to have them re-appear a few moments later. Following Yaga's with Vanish & Lay-low allows for a nasty surprise while they're looking for your corpse. Shrapnel - Drop sharp pieces of metal to stop your opponent from pursuing. (Stun/Slow) OR Shadowbind - Use magic, forcing your opponent's shadow to trap them in a cage - The Agent provocateur discipline gives us and AOE slow from stealth. Diffusion with poison toxin applies a slow, and illusionist applies a slow on every 3rd basic attack. Crow's Malice - Cheap shot your opponent, slowing them down by 5 seconds. - If done from Stealth, increases the debuff time to 8 seconds. (CC) - Vandals have a cheap shot ability, it's an unbreakable stun. So we do have access to something similar to much of what you noted. What's important though is that we can never have all of them at once. It wouldn't just make assassin hard to fight, it would make us both impossible to escape from and nearly impossible to lock down and kill. Coupled with the ability to pick our fights from stealth and avoid fights we don't want, it would be completely imbalancing.
  22. 1 point

    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Found Guild. Thanks. Guild criteria: Region: EU. Balance Atmosphere: Want to find good place for farm, craft and maybe pvp. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual. Just 2-4 hours every day. Maybe more on weekends. Too old for Hardcore. (30+) Size: Any, but with active people Play-Style: DD/Support/Healer Commitment: Active participation in any guilds events. Experience: Started from Ultima Online, WoW 10+ years, EVE, Shadowbane, FF14, TES Online, GW, GW2, Lineage 2, Warhammer Online, AION, Age of Conan, other not so popular/fun MMOs. Played mostly in hardcore guilds but now want some rest.
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    I see you liking my post!

    I see you liking my post!
  24. 1 point

    new races

    Maybe a Lizard/Saurian Race? Bi-pedal Lizardfolk that are more bestial in appearance?
  25. 1 point
  26. 1 point
    Almost every disc needs an overhaul. Almost all of them are the exact same as when they were implemented two years ago. A large balence pass/addition will do wonders for the state of the combat. It seems like their focus over the last six months was getting the crafting and disc aqusition systemd into the game. Hopefully a major combat pass will come with the dregs or soon after.
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    I get why you feel that way... Mounts are faster then bard unless you twist.... 135% OOC speed = Pack pig = 1000g 130% OOC Speed = Bard = 1 Major slot and one skill slot 140% OOC Speed = Twisting + Bard = one minor, one major, one passive, 4 skill slots (and with recent changes to the engine it can only be twisted on combat bar and falls off out of combat) Movement engine needed to be fixed, so they fixed it, but it broke bard mechanics.... nothing was done to fix it, even after data was presented. People stop playing and testing because the state of the game is poorly made socks.. they overhaul loot drops and availability of runes.. to get players back. and destroy the viability of 4 skill majors... including bard and others... They keep making changes to the game that break the major. and don't seem to even consider it... and that is likely due to people like yourself who are all over the forums parroting group think ideals. Its a self perpetuating cycle... It sucks because its broken, so lets just keep telling the whole community it is worthless and discourage people from trying it. then the devs won't care if they break it more and make it more worthless, because the community doesn't care and you get to feel like you are right. im just gonna be the guy that keeps saying hey, this has potential. and give ideas on how to make it more viable. you can thank me later
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    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    I am not saying harvesting should be threat free. I am saying that we cannot rely on the cat/mouse paradigm in this game to generate meaningful PvP, this must be addressed through other avenues.
  29. 1 point

    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    harvesting without threat of being attacked is absolutely dreadful, especially since i do skinning, the possibility of pvp while gathering is literally the only thing i miss from being chaos
  30. 1 point

    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    That be a thing for more like unique world bosses rather than camp bosses imo. How ever this kinda of mob spawning announcement can cause an uncle bob scenario depending on its loot tables. Since often the more geared side at the time will generaly always get it since everyone knows about it.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/1/19

    Please fix this landscape collision in Keeps, occurs at most of these similar areas
  32. 1 point

    adding greenskins crowfall

    I know @JamesGoblin we had grobold king in SB a powerful goblin - so it make no logical reasons to exlude the goblin race in CF or maybe even a playable race in future updates. They have-had so funny noises too. (
  33. 1 point

    Faction Descriptions lead to imbalance?

    When people make false claims about faction populations, it is not "biased" to correct them. When someone claims that 90% of the population plays on Balance, what they are actually reacting to is the fact that Balance has been winning. What else could it be?
  34. 1 point

    Faction Descriptions lead to imbalance?

    So discussing how descriptions can influence new players to go one way or the other, and that one may appeal to a greater population than the other two is some how a commentary on why one faction wins over another... I wonder if you kids can ever look at something with an unbiased objective set of goggles on. And personally on the actual topic at hand, I agree the Order one could be written better. It does sound like your crazy cult types. Maybe that’s Staff’s obsession with it 🤔 And I have no idea on actual population numbers. But there are definitely more players organized and cooperating on balance than chaos. But we are chaotic so...
  35. 1 point

    adding greenskins crowfall

    This! Big bulky green blobs are always fun - although I am not sure it fits in this world...
  36. 1 point

    Lords of the Dead <NA>

    It's hard to believe that this thread was started in January of 2015, but here we are. Still testing bugs and harvesting salt from the tears of our enemies. Look for Paleone or Pkaoo most evening. Check Discord as well.
  37. 1 point

    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    Im amused you alluded to an analogy of team game with even sides, set rules and defined playing area to try to explain why play to crush finding and killing farmers is just like a competitive sport. (Spoilers they are not at all the same). A better analogy would be if the opposing team could show up to our practice with twice as many people, steal our ball and break out legs, and then get declared the winners. Again, I dont care that theirs risk and PvP. But I'm not gonna pretend the goals of the activities magically align, cause they don't. Which is one of the root problems of sandbox games and why you always run into this conversation about sheep vs wolves and how fair or not fair it is etc... You can either acknowledge that maybe their's something to the root of the argument, or you can keep claiming everyone is wrong and you don't understand why this keeps happening. If only we would just be better real PvP sandbox players!!! /s
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    Cant figure out about lifesteal in armour

    The lifesteal bonus does not give you lifesteal. It only increases the effectiveness of the lifesteal you get from other sources, such as class powers.
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    http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ Helpful resource!
  40. 1 point

    Suggestion for how pve bosses spawn

    Depending on what side of the equation you’re on for a given day dictates your goal. If you happen to be PvEing, your goal is to avoid the risk of PvP. If you’re looking to PvP, you have no risk and get annoyed that you’re bored. This happens because the two goals are the opposite of each other even if you accept the caveat of the game these actions take place in. I’m fine with the risk of PvP, I still don’t want to run into a fight when I’m farming, ergo I work to avoid it thus negating someone else’s desire to PvP me. You can complain that it shouldn’t be that way or that people should play another game. And yet here we are seeing the same old thing happen over and over again and everyone acts likes it’s some big mystery or surprise.
  41. 1 point

    3 Faction Systems Don't Work

    I think what we've seen in the Faction campaigns, in a way, is a Dregs-like campaign. Over time, guilds have slowly filtered away into being on two opposite sides. The difference right now, in a faction setting, versus the Dregs, is guild/player control over who gets to be under whatever shared banner. I think this factional campaign style shows how important Dregs will be for this sort of gameplay, and I think like many, I'm looking forward to it.
  42. 1 point

    Warden - thoughts?

    For siege I’d recommend mino. People think minos are tanky things and don’t attack them as primary choice. You’re also more likely to get more consistent exposure to stun. For open world I’d recommend woodelf. The dodge is superior for both kiting and chasing.
  43. 1 point

    WTB for 10 million gold:

    Still relevant!
  44. 1 point

    How I feel :)

    I hate this game called Crowfall so much, it keeps me up at night and its so good that the Devs should get a Nobel prize already. High Five! I love the game!
  45. 0 points

    10 things to do in a Campaign

    I get instant killed when I try to enter the Chaos temple Rune gate as Balance in attempt to find PvP in the campaign. I know it`s to avoid camping other temples, but I like npc guards a lot better like R10 around the Temple area and remove instant kill effects when you are too close a hostile temple gate. But when Dregs is out I won`t bother with the faction system.
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    Is this really,what we wanted?

    Every world comes to an end eventually, when the never ending hunger takes over and every beautiful thing fades away. We don't know what and how it happens. We just know that the end is coming. Maybe even the endless wars will end - at least for some time. We do not know what will become of us, the crows. Maybe it will be just another world for us, where we go through the cycle again. To fight for something else, to fight, for as long as we can. I'm unsure, if it's a curse, or a blessing. But even so, there is nothing we can change about that - at least nobody, who pleaded with the gods, seemed to have found another way. So we are stuck here, which does not mean that it's a bad place to be, merely a fact - at least for me it is. There are also those, who dwell in inner confusion and pity, unable to come clean with the current state. Stuck in a state of mind, that does not allow for growth, or lasting happiness. Poor souls , I believe that they will find relief, eventually. All I can do is, to create the best possible atmosphere. To allow peace to take root, to allow no side to grow too overbearing. To give as much as I can. To offer a place to rest. To offer something that one can look forward to. To find something new, for others to explore themselves. To create a stable place. When we have a good foundation, we can work on something truly magnificent, something magical, something enchanting.Something worth protecting. When we have that, even the smallest seed should have a chance to grow, for light will shine on it. And as soon as everything can grow, anything is possible. This should be at least part of our dream, part of our bigger picture, part of our goal. But for now, we take, what we can take. Everything this world has to offer, is ours for the taking. Does it seem cruel sometimes? Yes, or maybe so. Not sure, This world grows fast enough and replenishes it's energy, even during such a hard time, when the hunger is creeping closer and closer. We crowd the animals together and decimate them in a very short time. Cutting them up. Nothing is left unused. But there are no marks of honor, no signs of glory. It is just part of the work. We don't even need that much, just some poking and they come running. When they stand close together, thinking they are about to catch some juicy prey, we attack. All of them at once. With swift and brutal attacks - uncaring - we massacre them. They don't stand a chance and it's not like they can ignore us. We can hunt them one after another, or we herd them together like this. Just some powerful magic and a few arrows, some blade swinging and they are dead. Doesn't take much from me and my comrades - it's just work. We take and take and we destroy, just like the godfather. We do also create, but what is born out of destruction is likely to destruct itself again, it is not stable. There is no harmony, not enough balance in the equation. Is there not some better way? Can't we make better use of the resources we have? For the time when the hunger comes, so we can fight longer, so we can hold on, so that maybe, we find a solution. Can't we tame a few of the animals? So that we can breed them and study the materials, we can gain from them, more. So that we can spend less times fighting and more time searching . More time, to care. To love, to live and to be peaceful, not bring it, but being it. Doesn't this world deserve our respect , our gratitude, our care? Why do we have to rob it, just because it grows so fast? But for how long? How long can this go on? Are we really better then the hunger? We take and take. Use everything we find , but just for our people. Everything seems to perish, even under our hands..... Can't we prolong this? Can't we find another way? Can't we find a solution? Or is there only more of the same? Can't we band together and seek, what we really want . Not some short pleasure, not something nice, but something fulfilling, something lasting. There should be something better.Something that even u can imagine. What do u need me to do? Where do u need me to go? Tell me, my friend. With what u see and what u experienced. Are u feeling well? Do u think others are happy? With everything u can see and feel here, Where do u want to go to? What do u want to do? Tell me, my friend, Is this really what we wanted?
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