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    Faction-hostile zone/city

    To facilitate player-driven content, and help people learn PvP concepts, it would be very useful if there was the opposite of a free city in the campaign. A place where by default, everyone is hostile to each other, unless grouped. The same as a PvP enabled EK, this would allow guilds to fight each other, or spar against guilds of the other faction. Reasons for this over an EK 1) Campaign world characters are now locked and would need to burn imports and exports to join an EK 2) EKs are set to 12 player limits, which wouldn't allow for larger scale battles 3) We're in pre-alpha still, so having fewer barriers to test mechanics and gameplay of PVP is beneficial to the health and balance of the game. 4) Test is not always up so we cannot always rely on that server to perform PVP drills. Bonus points if loot is disabled in this zone and durability doesn't drop from time in combat or deaths, and dragon-statue resurrection timer doesn't apply.
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    Not a fan of high level GR. I think that mobs could give the same-ish XP no mater what level the mob or vessel quality is, and higher rank mobs could just drop more/better stuff and that would be the PvE progression. That way you can make GR low level, but still be a place to get decent xp to meet CW level requirements. Secondly, @monchiezz had a great idea that I thought merits posting. We need a map that promotes PvP. Is it possible for you to generate a slightly larger adventure zone and flood it with resources? A map like this would force everyone to fight during non siege hours in a single zone, would be fantastic.
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    @thomasblair@mhalashace@vkromas@ACE_FancyHats Bookmark this thread and come back to it when you're ready to iterate on Minor Disciplines! Minor Disciplines - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly This post is going to go through all Minor Disciplines available from the Minor Vendor in the Temple in 5.100 patch. I'm going to classify each and every minor into one of 4 categories: Good, Meh, Bad and Ugly Good - This Minor has use in almost every situation on at least 2 classes and synergies well with different builds Meh - This Minor has a good effect, but for whatever reason, you wouldn't use this Bad - This Minor has a very situational effect and doesn't synergize well with any build or class Ugly - This Minor has no idea what it's doing and doesn't need to be it's own Minor Each Minor will be classified based on my own judgement, and you're free to disagree with it. I might also add some of my own suggestions so that a particular minor might see more use if my suggestion were followed. Now that I've explained the rules, let's get started! Alchemy Techniques, Blacksmithing Techniques, Jewelcrafting Techniques, Leatherworking Techniques, Necromancy Techniques, Runemaking Techniques, Stonemasonry Techniques, Woodworking Techniques - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Assembly and Experimentation Caps. You'll want this at the high-end to craft really good gear. Stonemasonry Techniques is the only bad one, since Stonemasonry doesn't need stats currently. It'd also be nice if Woodworking Techniques granted the use of Weapon Weights in their weapons. Armor of Faith - Meh Gives you an active power that increases Personal Damage Modifier by 7% for 15s every 23s. If you're build already makes use of all your passive slots, but not your power slots, then this could be a Minor to take. Though 7% is not a lot, and you're probably better off using Sturdy or a power from a defensive Major, like Rune Caster. It would see more use if it were more potent, like it was when it was first introduced. Attention to Detail - Bad Gives a Passive that increases your Additional Risk Points Value by 1. The description of the Minor says it increases the Percent each Experimentation Point is worth, and the description of Addition Risk Point Value says it does that, but there's no indicator it actually does anything. The messaging is really bad with this Minor Use it alongside Helper Monkey and Risk Management, but once you get to high-end crafting drop it for Leather Scroll Case or a Techniques Minor. Blood Pact - Ugly Gives you an active power that changes your resource to Health for 15s every 45s. There is no situation, ever where this would be desirable. You're just asking to get yourself killed. Just remove this from this from the game. No one will ever run this in any situation Burning Hatred - Bad Gives you a Passive that spawns Health Orbs when you deal damage. It's a weaker version of Blade Master's Blood Price. Burning Hatred heals you for 1.8%-2.2% of your Maximum Health. Most players will nominally be around 10,000 HP, that's only 180-220 HP. A regular lmb does twice that. Blood Price, on the other hand, heals you for 63-77+28% Support Power AND gives you 100 Attack Power. Blood Price heals for roughly the same, but gives you more AP. Why would you take Burning Hatred over Blood Price, given the chance? Burning Hatred needs to be healing for about 5% of max HP, nominally, before it'd be considered. Careless Whisper - Good Gives you a passive that, after 5 lmbs within 12s, Critical Strike and Critical Damage are buffed by 10% for 6s. Good on lmb-heavy builds to increase their damage, plus there's a visible indicator that tells you when the buff is active. Dig In! - Bad Gives you a Passive that increase your Anti-Critical Strike by 25% for 15s when under 25% Health. When you're low health, critical hits aren't what you should be worried about. Considering there are stats that increase raw damage when you're below 35% Health, Dig In! won't prolong your death. Field Surgeon's Rescue is what'll help you. If Dig In! made you immune to crits, or increased Final Mitigations at low health, it'd be a much more viable option. Elven Eyes - Good Gives you +20m Far-sight. Has no Passive or active Power, and Far-sight has general uses, so it's good to take when you've filled out both your Passive Slots and Power Bar(s), and have an empty Minor slot. Eminently Punchable - Meh Gives you a passive which restores resources when hit. At high levels, you don't need to work about your resource management all that often, and you get more resource from support classes. It might be good as a first minor when you're low level and resource management is something you should worry about, but that goes away as you gain levels. Explosive Thorns, Prickly Skin, Protective Thorns, Thornshield - Ugly These 4 Minors all revolve around Thorns, but Thorns damage is laughably weak. It also is functionally the same Retribution, which I'd argue is stronger because Retribution is determined based on your enemy's damage, while Thorns is dependent on some other stat that's not obvious. There's also no way to increase your Thorns, unless you're an Earthkeeper Druid. To make Thorns work, you have to go all into Thorns, but why would you take 3 Minors just to make 1 effect somewhat work? It's lunacy. These 4 Minors are better off as 1 Thorns major, but that still doesn't solve the issue that Thorns damage is weak and can be ignored by other players. Taking these Minors off Thorns and onto Retribution would also make them be more interesting choices. Finish Him! - Bad Gives a Passive that increases Execute Power damage. There's only 2 powers in the game that Finish Him! might work on: Templar's Execute and Ranger's Multipurpose Shot with Slashing Arrows/Quiver. The problem is: Execute only works on low Health Players, and the damage increase is not noticeable enough to tell if it even does anything. It also doesn't help that Slashing Arrows/Quivers give a chance to deal Execute damage. Your target will likely be dead before you can determine if you did Execute damage or if RNGesus said you rolled high on your damage. The messaging on this Minor is just really poor. Found Resources - Meh Gives a Passive that returns 2 Pips if you enter stealth with no Pips. In some ways, it's a weaker version of Agent Provocateur's Preparation Passive. With the current way Zoning works, you always enter a Zone with no Pips. Found Resources makes it so, if you ever engage into a fight with no pips, you can get 2 just by stealthing. Of course you could just wack a mob to get full pips, or if you're running Agent Provocateur, Preparation can give you full pips if you stay in stealth long enough. One of the few Stealth disciplines and something to take if you have full Passives in your other tray(s) Furious - Meh Gives a Passive to Champions that increases their Damage Bonus by 10% at Full Rage. Only usable on Champions and is overshadowed by stronger Passives from Majors Glass Cannon - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Damage Bonus by 10% and decreases your Personal Damage Modifier by 10%. If you're a Ranged DPS and have a pocket healer, the increased damage is not something the worry about. There are ways to counteract the increased damage that make this Passive a good choice. Helper Monkey - Good Gives a Passive that reduces the Assembly and Experimentation difficulty by 10. This helps to make it more likely to get good rolls during Experimentation Last Resort - Bad Gives a Passive that increases your Critical Strike by 25% when you're below 25% health. When you're below 25% health, you're on death's door. Getting more Critical Strike won't get you out of that situation. Might be good in close 1v1s, but those will be few and far between. Plus, it's not hard to hit the Critical Strike Cap, so this Minor will literally do nothing for you in that case. If it was Critical Damage, then you'd maybe see it, but you're still on death's door and you're likely not in a 1v1 where'd getting a Critical boost would turn the tide. Leather Scroll Case - Good Grants the Scroll Case slot. You'll need this to craft Runic Weapons and Horse Shoes Matching Leather, Matching Mail, Matching Plate - Meh Gives a Passive that increases your Support Power by 100 when you're wearing a full set of either Leather, Mail, or Plate. These are not bad Minors, but you likely have better Passives from your Major disciplines that overshadow these Minors and you can't slot it to get the effect. Minor Accompaniment - Bad Gives a Passive that increases Song Damage. Only has use with Troubadour's Consonant Chains and Dirge of Dissonance. This Minor is only bad because Toggle Powers (which Troubadour mostly consists of) are bad with the amount of CC that flys around during fights. You're going to spend most of your time recasting songs rather than engage in the fight. Otherwise, this would be a Meh Minor, as it's usefulness is tied to Troubadour. Mortal Sin - Meh Gives a Passive that increases a target's chance to be critically hit by 2% per stack, can only be used by Confessors and Templars. Because hitting Critical Strike Cap is not hard to do through other means and Minors, there's other Minors that you might want to take instead. Could be useful early game, where you can't get high crit chance, but late game it falls out of favor. Overwhelming Odds - Meh Gives a Passive that increases Resist All by 7% when 3 or more enemies are within 10m. Has general uses, but because most classes can reach their Mitigations Caps, this minor isn't all that. It's good early game, when armor isn't good enough to reach caps, but once that happens, Overwhelming Odds becomes less wanted. If it increased Final Mitigations, rather than Resist All, it would see more use late game. Project Management - Bad Gives a Passive that reduces the cost of a Small Re-roll by 25%. It's completely overshadowed by Helper Monkey, Risk Management, and a Techniques Minor. Only ever use this if you don't need Helper Monkey and/or Risk Management anymore Pound of Flesh - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Damage Bonus by 15% when your target's Health is above 90%. Good for opening bursts to quickly reduce your target's health. If your target is using Sturdy, it quickly gets them below the Sturdy threshold. Somewhat situational since it only has an effect at the beginning of fights, but not a bad pick Resolution - Good Gives a Passive that increase Damage Bonus when 3 or more enemies are within 15m. Will activate in most scenarios to increase your damage. Especially good with melee characters. Risk Management - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Additional Risk Difficulty Reduction by 10. This makes it so higher additional risks are more likely to result in good rolls on the item. Shadow's Caress - Meh Gives a Passive that increases Health Regen by 35 while in Stealth. Another rare Stealth Minor. Considerably weaker than Agent Provocateur's Lay Low. Only run this if you don't have a healer and aren't running Agent Provocateur. Shield Whiz - Meh Causes Shield Fighter's Throw Illusion Shield to bounce off an additional target and gives a Passive that applies a Snare to Throw Illusion Shield. Only had use on one Power in the Game, but it turns it into a ranged Snare, which isn't bad. Plus it combos with Illusionist. Only Meh because it's only useful to one Power on one Major Discipline Sparring - Meh Gives a Passive that increase Basic Attack Damage by 10%. Good early game, but with talents and gear, you can reach the Basic Attack Damage Cap, which makes this Minor useless late game. Spirit Whip - Meh Gives a Passive that bounces your Basic Attack to 2 additional targets with a 50% and a 25% damage fall off. In most situations, your enemies aren't going to be grouped up enough for the attack to bounce, and damage it does won't be felt that much. It'd be much better if there wasn't a fall off, or if it was less severe. Sturdy - Good Gives a Passive that increases Personal Damage Modifier by 33% while above 80% Health. Has universal value. You'd want this on practically every build. The sustain this gives you is great, and you should want to have this in your build. Sustaining Note - Good Gives a Passive that increases Song Duration by 6s. If you're using Bard or Troubadour, you should use this, especially to make twisting easier to accomplish. The Reaper - Good Gives a +0.5 Harvest Power Pip Bonus, giving you a full pip every swing. The only Harvesting Minor, and like Elven Eyes, it only gives stats, no passives. Take it if you're a harvester and your build doesn't need all your Minors or a Profession Harvesting Discipline Song Twisting - Bad Gives a Passive that allows you to twist songs to make a stronger one. Only bad because you'll more than likely be interrupted while trying to twist, causing you to very rarely get it off. If Toggle Powers weren't easily interrupted, this one would be Good for Bard or Troubadour builds Uniform Leather, Uniform Mail, Uniform Plate - Meh Gives a Passive that increases your Attack Power by 100 when you're wearing a full set of either Leather, Mail, or Plate. These are not bad Minors, but you likely have better Passives from your Major disciplines that overshadow these Minors and you can't slot it to get the effect. Weapon Finesse - Bad Gives a Passive that increases your Power Efficiency by 20%. A stronger version of the Mental Fortitude Passive you get by default. Power Efficiency caps at 25%, and it's likely you'll get close to the cap through talents and skills. Only in early game where you're using non-advanced weapons and have low Efficiency would this maybe be worth, but Mental Fortitude is good enough.
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    I was wondering if players from Russia or with 4g_ tag can create guilds and if no can they join other guild? Any info on how to make a guild would be highly appreciated.
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    visual noise: health bar options?

    @nblottie mass fights still result in a large degree of 'visual noise'. a large part of this is the excessively large health bars, but there are obviously many other elements going on as well. any possibility of a client setting option that would allow you to automatically hide a health bar when it is full? bonus if you can set: - separately for enemies, allies and group. - to only display when lower than a defined % - to only display when either damaged/healed/shielded within last ~5 (X) seconds - controls over the maximum size/width of the bar (probably 2-3 times as wide as it should be atm...) or alternative shapes such as a minimalist globe [e.g. tyranny minimal 'traffic globe' example]
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    Russian Situation

    It is a common practice for MMO companies to look for support and service in regions outside of their home territories. This is because it is often difficult, complicated and prohibitively expensive to start a local company to accomplish servicing a regional market. Speaking to Russia/CIS specifically many different MMO's are made available locally by Russian-based companies such as Innova, 101xp, gamenet, mail.ru and several others. As part of these deals, the company licensing the MMO normally gets the exclusive rights to benefit economically from that arrangement within their territory. They in turn agree to promote, host and service the MMO within the territory. When done well, the customers and both parties all benefit. In our case, AWS, which runs our servers is not available in Russia, and our action combat gameplay is much better with the lower latency that local servers provides. Also the market pricing differential is substantial. We believed a local company would make Crowfall more successful than we would on our own without help. Licensing fees from the partnership also contributed to the overall development of the game. Today new Russian backers are logging in through 4game and are playing on the EU servers in pre-alpha testing, while we work with Innova to bring up local Russian servers. We expect this to happen during Alpha testing. Our game is unusual in the MMO world in that we've been doing open testing throughout development cycle unlike most games that launch in their home market and only then start the process to moving to regions outside their home market by going to local beta testing with a game that was complete. Last but certainly not least, we've been impressed with our partners at Innova as we've worked with them over the last year+, and we're confident they will do their best to help Crowfall be successful in the Russia/CIS region.
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    Trial of Arkon : From two fronts

    Representing Order, KDS and Caldera faced the forces of Chaos and Balance... using the defensive capabilities of the keep in an attempt to defend. Attacked from two fronts #Warstories #Crowfall
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    @Wilbur @Phr00t https://bitbucket.org/amaranth2517/crowfall-parser If you are interested in contibuting to project, ping me in Discord. 12/17/2019 Repo url changed as I transferred project to another account.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/9/2019

    please see suggestion thread with regards reducing the visual noise of health bars https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25972-visual-noise-health-bar-options/ tl;dr a client option to auto hide bars when they are full would work wonders as would a reduction it their size
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    Please, why autotargeting, its a gamebreaker for me!😥 Tabtargeting / autotargeting is no skill an so early 2k in development Im waiting for Alpha before testing again to avoid being burned out, see you soon.
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    Trial of Arkon : From two fronts

    The ballista becomes stronger for the defenders the fewer people there are It's really risky to split a force up as an attacker and send 2 of 10 people to clear them out
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    visual noise: health bar options?

    All good suggestions. Side note: More use of collision and physics could also aid in keeping friendly and enemy players more spread out to decrease the clutter be it health bars, bodies, or FX going off, along with adding to strategy.
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    I hope it goes away. Hit your shots or miss. The end.
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    War Story of the Week: Galvia

    When I began my work day this morning, one of the first things I saw was a message that Marth had sent last night. It read, "There was a massive fight tonight. Hopefully someone sends you footage, was easily 70v70." I asked around and it was Galvia to the rescue. He was still in the process of getting the video prepped for YouTube, but hurried that along and shared the link. My favorite part of the video is when he admits that he was getting so salty that he switched off the audio. That's not to say that I enjoy Galvia being unhappy, but rather that it's a great sign that the game, even in pre-alpha, can evoke that much emotion. Not all War Stories are success stories, but boy howdy, can those feels be real. What’s been your favorite Crowfall moment so far?
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    Thanks! I'm on the case.
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    visual noise: health bar options?

    Get the "Dead South" to do your sound track. Just sayin.
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    why is this 'auto target' a thing again?
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    Trial of Arkon : From two fronts

    Was a fun evening - good fights! It feels like sieges are scaled for a lot bigger numbers than what we get on EU, the technical parts of sieging seems more fit for 40+ people on each side.
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    Vindicator Tree needs some love

    I wonder how busted it would be to have Vindicator's whole shtick be removing these caps when you activate holy warrior. So these stats that over-cap normally, instead give you incredible stats for a short time. Of course, the cooldown and charge time would need looking at, and maybe some number tweaking, but it could be real neat. Kind of like how Alpha Warrior Champ gets guaranteed crits. May be too gimmicky though.
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    It's in the pipeline, but I'm not able to give an ETA for when it will happen.
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    No, guild stuff is handled by web site and Innova has do it themselves. The last time I asked @Pann about it on stream about 2 monthes, she said that RU was handled by Innova, and I think they have no idea about their progress on the issue.
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    Submitting feedback and bug reports feels about the same as hitting a fort wall, ToL, or bane tree, no feedback whatsoever until it's dead. edit: this is obviously an exaggeration but it does get frustrating not knowing what is seen or not. TY @ACE_FancyHats for adding reactions in the bug threads, it makes a huge difference just knowing that someone read the submissions.
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    Faction Descriptions lead to imbalance?

    Except, perhaps unexpectedly, that doesn't seem to happen. Of course, certain guilds would say it was happening regardless.
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    Farming in the EK

    Kraahk, what's the point in buying parcels and expanding the EK if i can't have non-common resources ? I don't need tons of space for vendors and rank 1 resources are for the first 5 or 10 levels. If I'm right, at a certain point of the game we can craft the parcels, so why we have to spend real money to get only parcels with rank 1 resources ? It's the entire concept of expanding EK that is nonsense to me. I know there's "The Wonderful PVP" , but the description of the game say i can be a merchant or a crafter. But as i see and read here or in the game, if I don't do pvp, I can't be anything, because the resources I need are in the pvp territories . In this way only pvp-oriented players are encouraged to develop. In this way you can lose a large part of pve-oriented players, only because they will be constantly attacked by pvp players during the collection of resources. And not all players want to play in a guild to be protected. I see so many possibilities but just as many forcing in the individual playing method. This is still my humble opinion.
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    [GERMAN] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Nordic Marauders still searching for more german speaking crowfall players. Newcomer and veterans both are welcome in our ranks. We have maxed out crafters in every profession, do pvp trainings and have strong thoerycrafters if you need some advice for crafting or pvp.
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    Minerals and gems

    I agree with you. Moreover, I think ACE's apparent decision to push character building to the vessel rather than the crow does the same thing, but way worse. All real character building in CF is behind a massive crafting wall. Think about it. edit: gear is often placed behind a crafting wall rather than dropped from mobs. It was in UO and it will be here completely. Fine. But why the hell would you do that with all of the ways to build your character? That I don't get.
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    Faction-hostile zone/city

    im willing to bet theyll use those same silly point systems. theyve made no attempt to address it in factions i doubt they are willing to admit its flawed. if play to crush is the idea, then territory control and destroying the bases of your enemy should already be integral parts of the game. there really is no "crushing" aspect to this game. you take my fort/keep, oh well, get it back in 'x' hours. how is that play to crush?
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    So instead of beating people you want the devs to tell people who they can and can’t play with? The devs going to tell people what guild they can be in?
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    I know piece of it are collected independently but several pieces are formatted word for word how I put it in ours. Hell, all of the resource color coding is identical with the legends being completely identical as well. Your combinations are in the EXACT same order as they are on our sheet. Your legend is fully identical when it is included, most obviously on the leather sheet. You have the EXACT same errors I did on the jewelry page. The EXACT same errors I had on the runemaking page. Here, lets just go and show instead: Here are the Winterblades Sphere cuts prior to me fixing them on the live document(Hint, it involves the polish effect): Here are yours that you copied: Here is the Alchemical solutions with the one weird green box that I think Grad put in for some reason on the Winterblades sheet: Here is your direct copy and paste of that exact same weird coloring: Here is the coloring from the leather working legend vs what I actually have colored on the sheet(Also the combination order: Here is your sheet with the EXACT same difference in coloring and order: Oh, you also have Soft Soft Soft wrong on your sheet because I had that wrong on the live sheet when you copied and pasted it over. Apparently you didn't bother to actually check that. It is crit healing amount. Might want to "collect that data". Here is one of the longer of the combination lists on ours:' Here is yours that is in the exact same order: All of the combinations on your sheet are in the exact same order as they are on the Winterblades sheet. Taking a look at our biggest page, the cooking page, I'm not even seeing a single difference between them. Hell, you even have the weird testing I did with seasoning with the rustic roasted Auroch when I was trying to determine if they were doing anything(Fun note, they haven't up to 5.8.5). I haven't actually checked for 5.9. I'm honestly kind of surprised you doubled down on this considering how much you actually copied. You definitely did update some pieces but to say you collected it all is a lie unless you consider copy and pasting to be collecting which I suppose it is in a way. If you're interested in getting involved in the project, I'm 100% down for working with people on this. It takes a lot of time to gather this information and try to keep it up to date between patch changes hence why I've been slow to get this one updated. Just don't try to claim that you didn't blatantly copy something and try to pass it as something you did almost all of work on because you didn't and it is obvious you didn't even bother put much time into trying to make it look like you did. Edit - Oh I forgot. There wasn't even an embedded shout out in the sheet when I made my first post earlier. I know because I copied the sheet to see if you would try to throw in quick changes like that. Here is the copy at the time of my posting: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yAt8888mB5j_7d1R1OpdBGviT-BF0PMwum0DPtVcxcc/edit?usp=sharing
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