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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/drakanowow/clip/FairTenderMoonSaltBae?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time after making Vanguard wait 40 min? for a fort fight, this happened. does this qualify as "only in crowfall" ?
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  2. Reading through the forums it become quite clear that people feel like they have signed up to currently play a game. Even though it's been up and running for a while now people seem to need to be reminded that this is still in an early development cycle. We are not "playing" we are "playtesting". That being said I've started to play a game while reading the forums where anytime I see the words "play" and "game" with more relevant words like "testing" "development phase" If u do that a lot of posts seem to make little sense and come across poorly. Then u begin to understand why the dev's might not feel the need to reply alot of these
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  3. THREAD UPDATE A new addition has been made to the original post. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. OP Highlights The first ROME Legion has finally been structured and concepted. Introducing LEGIO I AMERICAE, a North American cooperative of several ROME players. Four cohorts with unique identities, heraldry, specializations and rosters have been added under the guild's recruitment trailer in the original post. Cohort Titles FIRST COHORT OF LEGIO I: Phoenix Guard SECOND COHORT OF LEGIO I: Doomsayers THIRD COHORT OF LEGIO I: Astral Anvils FOURTH COHORT OF LEGIO I: Dragon Lords Between the four cohorts above there are a total of 27 vacancies. Apply to be a Roman today! Official rosters and a calendar update outlining guild events will come later. Thank you for your time.
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  4. I absolutely understand that. EK's are my main focus, too - has been since kickstarter, and will always be. EK's got no development love within the, well, about last one-and-a-half year. That's disappointing for those who are into kingdom building. Especially for those few mega-landlords, like me, who were planing big stuff. However, it's not my game, I'm not part of the team, I'm just a player. So, what to do when feeling disappointed? I usually tend to research the reasons and try to understand the decisions. Then reevaluate and check wether it makes sense to spend any (how much) energy into contributing to/working towards which kind of changes. Of course it may be more easy, if you've been into the topic right from the start and watched the path of development closely ever since. I think it is important to know, that the initial building related vision has been changed dramatically during the years. Why is that important to know? Because it means that they adjusted their initial plans and put a lot of the overall time and resources into creating the basics of a much much more extensive building system. That's not a bad thing for those interested in building. That's a good thing. They shifted the weight towards building. The initial plan was to provide us with parcels that had completely pre-build strongholds on them. We are far beyond that now. Is it finished yet? No. Do I care? Not the least. Since the decision for modular building a lot of things have been tested. For example: Free world building During the first "Builder World" tests I built a kind of chinese wall. JTodd later said in a later video that it was awesome and he didn't know this would be possible. Is it awesome? Yes. Is it part of the current playtest environment? No. Brick-by-Brick destruction In the early "Siege Perilous" tests, building destruction was tested on a brick-by-brick base. You can see more of it in this very interesting official video or this player video. Is it awesome? Yes. Is it part of the current playtest environment? No. Point is, a lot of things would be awesome. If it is not in, it's not because they didn't think about it, because they are lazy or just want to annoy us. In a lot of cases they even developed (and let us test) the basics, so they could implement stuff later. But they had to make decisions about what is most important for the game and what is needed most urgently. Building stuff is, by definition, generally not most important for a PvP game, though. Still they made building more interesting. Modular Centerpieces Extendable Wall Pieces Wall panels Design variations That's all so much more than what has been promised when they started development. Still, people are complaining. Builders complain "This part doesn't correctly connect to this part." PvPer complain "There are too many resources used for building." So, what to do? Builders (including me) NEED to understand, that the preamble for EK's always have been: "We are building a PvP game. Everything we build for EK's is based on what we need/want to have in the campaign worlds. So, campaign world use first ... then EK use." The campaign worlds are based on the idea that they will be generated procedurally. Each world looking different. Each stronghold looking different. The important thing for the game is, that the world builder system will be able to build unique strongholds on it's own, with a simple click. Wether WE will be able to do that is secondary. It will come later. This priority simply has to be understood. And, to be frank, at least I am completely fine with that. I can wait. After nearly five years following the development closely, I am pretty sure they did, do, and will do the best they can. They will need to make tough decisions, and had to do so in the past. Something may be implemented for launch, some will come later or never. Not everybody will be happy with the outcome. But that's just the way it goes. Not really a surprise. tl;dr: Personally, I am not really worried about things like the socketing system. These will surely be solved, once all the basic campaign functions and with that the first game loop is working well enough to allow them to focus on pure luxury. Which will happen eventually. This said, have fun, good luck Kraahk
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  5. No. All aspects of the game’s design needs to be tested. This includes stacked factions, hardcore vs casual interactions, and all the like. A lot of good data can be determined from the testing environment. Whether or not they choose to seize that opportunity is up to the dev team.
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  6. First round of squires have been initiated!
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  7. Hello, I just bought $49.99 pack today and I'm really happy to be one of an Alpha user. I wonder if it is translated with Korean language.
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  8. This game provides entertainment for the entire family.
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  9. McTan

    Balancing sides

    Any sense of punishing zergs should be done on the backend, when campaigns end. Not during. Crowfall, as an MMO trying to do a true victory mechanic has a wonderfully unique opportunity to punish mindless zerging, if they can brainstorm a solution wherein having massive numbers dilutes the reward. So, you can guarantee winning with a massive zerg, but there is incentive for people to leave the zerg and win smaller, or for zergs themselves to cull their numbers and create and inspire more enemies, in order to maximize their reward. These decisions are political, and therefore, worthy of the game. They can be driven by interesting counterbalancing mechanics based on numbers. A simple idea might be something like: Every unique player that contributes to your side's victory during a campaign dilutes the reward slightly. So, it might wind up that if you can finish third in points, but do so with half the numbers of first and second, you are actually winning numerically, when all is said and done.
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  10. Ble

    Population spread

    3 different (4 if you count EK) game modes, massive maps with slow invisible non-jumping mounts, all for 100 people? Or is it down to 50 now? Might as well be single-player.
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