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    how to rebuild passive tree

    So did go an ask them, and here where the responses. For reference this is from a Group of Friends on a D&D discord channel. #1 This was popular with almost my entire group, it was the feeling of perpetually being behind, no matter what you do you won't catch up to that one guy who started playing a year before you. #2 Another is the idea that you get something for doing nothing. A player will log in and just have experience to spend without working on a specific skill. #3 and the last one is that they don't believe they will have a decent plan for a "Catch up". A good comment a friend of mine made was if you can be caught up why even have the passive training in the first place.
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    Balance takes heads, Chaos kicks tails

    order was last but they are #1 in my heart
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    Tray Switching

    a smoother transition as well, feels real clunky rn like im digging in my pockets for another tray
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    Tray Switching

    That's a design choice by the devs though - so people can't just instantly stealth whenever they want.
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