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    I am a vessel of Arkon and I approve this message!
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    Feedback after a couple test sessions

    Hello, a small feedback after a couple test sessions in the past days. I played the game already at least a year ago. I am aware this is still pre Alpha, so my criticism of mechanics and the like is to be taken with a (big) grain of salt 😀 I reached about level5 (or 6?) so did not see much yet, and I only played in God's Reach. Now the game is much prettier, and the experience is much smoother. I think we had the opportunity before to test random recipes to see if something happens, I couldn't find it again but I liked it at the time. It feels weird to have to use wood to craft a pickaxe, even a level3 one. Having to equip the right gathering tool each time I wish to gather something else is a bother, I hope we will be able to equip all gathering tools later on and just use the right one when prompted (like Guild Wars 2 does for example). I had trouble making the difference between things to gather with the pickaxe and the hammer, they all look like big lumps of stone, I can't understand why one would be gathered with a pickaxe and one with a hammer. I found different stones (level1 and 3), they looked different enough that I know that I will differentiate them with time. I found different trees, but even the level1 looked different from one another. By itself it's not a problem, what bothers me is that different kind of trees gave me different woods. Fir and oak are different kind of trees that should give different woods, I know it's a game but it bothered me enough that I write about it. Combat does not give many options yet (remember, I'm not very high level) but feels ok. The leveling once logged off is pretty cool, I barely used the skill trees yet but they look intelligently made (going from one skill to another made sense). Still, despite all the bad points I wrote about I had fun and I'll keep playing 😁 The UI is mostly clear, but I have a bunch of things to sacrifice to the gods and I have no idea where, and couldn't find how to do it ingame.
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    Why not a system where instead of gold being used when dying you lose a percent of your vessels durability. No repairs but once it breaks at Legendary it will downgrade to Epic and so on. So lets say 100 deaths per rank giving you at legendary 500 deaths until you hit a common vessel again. The numbers could be tweaked for balance but I could see that being a decent way to make vessels always have high worth throughout campaigns and have a negative to throwing yourself at a keep to win it.
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    I agree with an across the board decay and repair loop for all crafted gear including vessels. Even if you lose your vessels head and someone has your skull it all gets magically repaired at a spawn point... Long term viability of Necro as a profession should include reparative surgery, did we hear whether 5.110 would have the blacksmith repair mechanic? that center line in the skill tree.
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    I really do hope water comes back, it really brings life to the world. A green world with dry creeks & lakebeds is just wrong. If water was a move speed debuff in the shallows & added a suffocating state with a dot in the depths, and everything else was unchanged, I'd be happy. When it comes to swimming animations & mechanics and special underwater combat rules I got to agree with JTodd, money better spent elsewhere.
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    funny thing is all that "discipline" is just me shouting random reminders during the middle of a fight that we be getting greedy/overextending.
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    Gotta salt my meats somehow.
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    Aye. I don’t mind the odds lol, it’s all fun win or get Zerged
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    It will be important that they get the scarcity right. The best materials need to be relatively scarce so that people have to fight for the right to harvest them. Right now high ranked resources are not scarce so there is no need to fight over them.
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    I am quite confident that we won't need to kill the same named discipline dropper 625 times to make a legendary disc.
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    It looks like you are presuming that Discipline-dropping mobs will drop white Disciplines. That is unlikely. They will drop higher ranks.
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    Gifting the game

    Welcome to the forums, you can transfer items (including game bundles) from your account to another account via the gifting system. Both accounts need to have 2-factor-authentification activated in order to use the gifting system. It's part of the functions you can find in your account profile. Have fun, good luck. Kraahk
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    What'd I miss?

    Guessing you missed the part in the forum guidelines about constructive posts.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    True. Still wish vessels decayed. For a game built around the idea of worlds ending, everything else should too. Did I miss the lore article on how ghosts magically transport their frankenstein bodies and tons of rocks to different planets? Between that and some God tier scoreboard in the sky with them caring how long someone stands in a circle, I just have to Vessels must have the same magic of the Walking Dead zombies. 10+ years in and they still walking around.
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