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    He isn’t real, just a Bronze Age Human myth told to control the masses with guilt and intolerance.
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    I agree with an across the board decay and repair loop for all crafted gear including vessels. Even if you lose your vessels head and someone has your skull it all gets magically repaired at a spawn point... Long term viability of Necro as a profession should include reparative surgery, did we hear whether 5.110 would have the blacksmith repair mechanic? that center line in the skill tree.
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    Suggestions to make the game more fun

    To me it just makes sense to have some form of decay for a body that was pieced together using parts dug up from a graveyard. Even if I ignore them being transported across the cosmos between planets. Adds more value to gravedigging, necromancy, playing to not die in a fight, etc. I like a bit harsher design though, will have to live with no vessel decay and no full loot.
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    I would agree that ankle-deep water would help aesthetically. We don't need swimming or boats, but creeks and ponds would be good.
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    Fury class

    This sounds like someone who doesnt play the game - could be wrong. Its the "It's just not good enough for me" rhetoric. EVERY game develops a meta, its up the the devs to keep things fresh and cycle the metas with balance changes. But there simply isn't some magical balance where all things are equal. And this doesn't limit creativity unless you are a meta follower. Finding the new meta takes alot of creativity and a very sound general knowledge of a games base mechanics. This game has had its meta change even without changes from the devs. As the compositions change, the (consistently) losing teams will change their comp to give them a bigger chance at winning. If this works, the meta now changes until the other team can find a way to counter what they are doing. It keeps going. This game has VERY customizable charcters with discs. You can be a defensive support with runecaster, or maybe an offensive support with plague lord. The basic structure of how all this fits together is pretty nice. We'll see how they develop it.
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    Gifting the game

    Welcome to the forums, you can transfer items (including game bundles) from your account to another account via the gifting system. Both accounts need to have 2-factor-authentification activated in order to use the gifting system. It's part of the functions you can find in your account profile. Have fun, good luck. Kraahk
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    Fury class

    While there is room for more creativity in the disciplines available, the "meta" has been shifting around quite a bit in the last several campaigns. Debuff and buff and CC roles meant to enable specific angles of attack are starting to appear. It's becoming fairly diverse and interesting, imo. People just have to be unafraid to break the mold and have a group of people willing to assist your idea. There's been interesting uses of class combos for fire damage trains, "fire bomb" groups, piercing damage trains, anti-Frontline comps with shieldbreaker+troubadour, full ranged fallback/kite comps, pull-into-bomb comps, and more. There are for sure some core abilities discs you'll see everywhere, like pixie and elementalist, but there's still plenty of room for different builds right now and people are starting to get quite creative. Most of these builds surround a group strategy of how to get kills, rather then a single player with a specific build enabling an entire style of play.
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