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    Fix broken class.

    I explained what the issue was with centaur charge. I even said that anyone using it isn't at fault. Never once said anyone was an exploiter for using said skill. I guess we can't discuss anything because you guys go on defensive for some reason. You feeling guilty over things ?
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    Fix broken class.

    When your response to losing a fight is to accuse your opponents of exploits you should expect a hostile reaction. These accusations started in general chat immediately after we beat you in a fort fight. There was no ambiguity about who you were accusing. This thread came early the next morning. This form of "politics" is highly toxic and your guild should think twice before continuing down this path.
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    Here's the Crowmas stream schedule. Please share it with any friends you're keen to get into Crowfall. In addition to the starter packs, each streamer will give away five "Name the Place" tokens. (There aren't actual 'tokens'; it simply means you will have an opportunity to submit a name for a location in the game. Note that the name submissions are subject to approval by the Design team.) While I'm here, I want to take a moment to thank the growing community of streamers and the equally-important number of people who show up in stream chats to support the channels, answer questions and offer all kinds of assistance. We know that all of those efforts have a big impact on spreading the word about Crowfall.
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    Fix broken class.

    Not sure what the value is in dueling in such a game, especially a far from finished version. Even if everyone is playing 100% the exact same builds/comps, same passive training, same gear, etc it still just shows who can duel better which isn't a good representation of what the game and systems are supposed to take to win. The epeens are swinging anyway I guess. Definitely a satisfaction of someone resorting to "1v1 bro!" in a team based game. That is worth more then a win sometimes. It has multiple meanings.
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    [LoD] Lords of Death

    A few LoD (mainly Yianni and I) are still attending Fort/Keep fights while we all wait on 5.110 to launch in Feb 2020. Anyone interested in applying should head over to www.lordsofdeath.com where you can find our discord link and application form.
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    Fix broken class.

    Sort of like your accusations of me calling you exploiters. Garbage. So we can squash it here or keep going in circles until Pann issues us some warnings. Take your pick.
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    Fix broken class.

    Yes, it was definitely Eldritch and Spectre Legion making accusations after we beat them in a fort fight on Monday night. And then those accusations continued the next day in this thread. Denying it is ridiculous. Your behavior shows otherwise.
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    Was one of the better nights in awhile! Had a lot of fun.
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    A great fight all around. Balance put up resolute resistance despite fighting multiple fronts. I hope every one had fun, lets do it again soon.
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    Fix broken class.

    CC immunity has NEVER given physics immunity which is why these physics powers are so powerful and also why things like fall damage was toned down. CC immunity not granting physics immunity is not so much a bug as it is a feature that hasn't been implemented.
  11. 1 point

    Fix broken class.

    I've never seen ACE indicate that physics impulse powers are intended to be blocked by CC immunity powers. Should they be? Maybe. But that is a feedback discussion, not a "you guys are exploiting bugs" situation. If you think CC immunity should protect against pulls and shoves, then go ahead and suggest that in the feedback threads. Yep.
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    Fix broken class.

    Physics abilities historically drop songs and parry. Wild Charge has worked the same since it was added in the race/class split. Calling it a bug is hilarious.
  13. 1 point

    Fix broken class.

    You do know that Wild Charge IS a CC ability right? Just because the physics have been turned down doesn't mean they are turned off.
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    The plans are coming together nicely. On a whim, I went into the game last night and asked people to bring me their donations. I felt a bit like one of those Salvation Army bell ringers you see outside the shops during the holiday season. Not only did we get some incredible stuff for the giveaway, I had a really good time chatting with everyone. So far, we've got lots of great jewelry, crafting mats and lots of maces & axes. Someone generously donated an epic quiver; I'd love to pair it with an epic or legendary bow. Please DM or email me if you would be willing to donate one. Thanks!
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    Crowfall December Developer Q&A Edit

    My edited down version of the Crowfall December Q&A. Lots of good stuff here so there wasn't a ton to cut out. 2020 is looking awesome for Crowfall.
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    I say this with the caveat that y'all have overwhelmingly been a phenomenal group to provide support for and I'm insanely excited for when beta rolls around.
  17. 1 point

    What'd I miss?

    Guessing you missed the part in the forum guidelines about constructive posts.
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    Heyo! This is my first day back after a long, not-so-relaxing Thanksgiving break. I'm catching up on emails and DMs, so if I haven't gotten back you yet about your Crowmas gift, I appreciate your patience. So far, it looks like we'll have enough participation to be able to stretch out 12 days of gift-giving, but the more the merrier so keep those baubles and bits coming! Info about the actual event - how and when you can win - will be shared next week. Meanwhile, ask me your questions, Bridgekeeper. I'm not afraid!
  19. 1 point
    I think ill start with the 12 days of Crowmas and giveaway
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    Crowfall curious? Get answers here

    Depends if and what guild you are joining, with some classes you can get a good speed of farming monsters. But the game is more about party / guild play. Not necessary nor a good deal you can get the buildings by crafting in-game If you can't join the sieges ( I think both are 21:00 CT and CET) your PvP experience will be quite less. But there are guilds which could need you.
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    Hello there, I´m new when its about the ins and outs of Crowfall, but I like what I´ve seen so far. But I have some questions here that would help with taking the final step of buying or not the game. 1. As said before, it will be mainly focused on PvP content, but, it is also said that the materials are acquired trough mob drops. My doubt is, how do players go about it? Party expeditions or solo runs? The game is more about party play or solo? Or perhaps it has a well balanced flow? 2. I´ve seen the description of the content of the packages. Is it really a necessity or a good deal those items of buildings? 3. I don't really have a fixed time for gameplay, will any guild be willing to take me in? While my time is irregular I would love to take part in the progress and growth of a guild, get to know better those who I will be playing with and make some good friends if possible. Sincerely, Waterdrops.😊
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    It seems like the people forgot...

    Reading through the forums it become quite clear that people feel like they have signed up to currently play a game. Even though it's been up and running for a while now people seem to need to be reminded that this is still in an early development cycle. We are not "playing" we are "playtesting". That being said I've started to play a game while reading the forums where anytime I see the words "play" and "game" with more relevant words like "testing" "development phase" If u do that a lot of posts seem to make little sense and come across poorly. Then u begin to understand why the dev's might not feel the need to reply alot of these
  23. 1 point
    Figured it was worthwhile to paste the question here and share the answers. Q: Will you give away more then one gift per day if you have enaugh or is the amount you give away and so the amount you collect restricted? A: The more the merrier! It will all come down to how many items we have to give away for each server. Q: is it possible to gift bundles or only single items/itemstacks? A: That's up to the giver. If the intention is to have items bundled together, then that's how they will be gifted. Q: Will all giveaway be given over the stream of CrusaderW? A: No. I mentioned Cru because there were many times I would see him giving away "new player bundles" during his streams; these were all items he'd collected or crafted himself. I thought it was a really cool idea and it inspired me to see if the community could come together to do something similar over during the holidays. There are a few ways the giveaways could happen, and we aren't restricted to one way or another. We can mix-and-match. Certainly, doing giveaways during live streams is one possibility - and we have Crow Circle members on both the EU and NA servers. Social media, /r/crowfall and these forums can also be part of the fun. DebySue (aka "CC" as Todd often calls her during our streams) suggested doing trivia questions to select winners. There's still time to sketch out a good, FUN plan. As always, your suggestions are welcome. More than anything, it will come down to how many gifts are received. My hope is to have a big, luxurious 12-day spread of great stuff. Realistically, I know it could be combination of 12-days of giveaways total, but that there may be more for one server or another. We'll just have to see how it all shakes out.
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    There are quite a few old SB players waiting for Crowfall......
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    [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

    I highly recommend people check out the History link, especially those that may have "Grown Up" in Shadowbane. It's very well done. Entertaining and nostalgic, it's definitely worth the read.
  26. 1 point

    [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

    Proto was rockin the cute (or at least smooshy-faced) cat sigs a lot during kickstarter. He's uncharacteristicly a lurker these days... waiting for CF to be more of a game and less of an alpha test.
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