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    1X training isn't the answer. All that does is push the problem down the road further. 6 months into the game, new players will still be far behind, but will find it even harder to catch up due to the slower training. There are two aspects of the skills trees that need to be considered: the vertical and the horizontal. The goal should be to get players to complete one vertical branch quickly within their chosen spheres, then it can take longer to spread out horizontally. I've suggested this in the past, and I don't know if the tech exists to make it work, but what we need is variable cost skill nodes. And by that I mean the costs of the nodes change based on how much you have already trained. So take the crafting trees for example. You start out by training blacksmithing and it takes you X amount of time to reach the end of the tree. You then decide you want to train runemaking, but due to your previous training in blacksmithing, it now takes you 2X to complete the runemaking tree. Maybe it levels off after that and each successive tree takes 2X or 2.5X or whatever. The point is, new players can learn a single profession quickly, but it still takes a long time to master them all. The same can be done for exploration and combat, though those trees would need to be reworked to separate out the harvesting, armor and weapon types more. The basics trees would still exist as they do today, so players can learn a bit about the game before they have to make the choice on which crafting, exploration or combat trees they want to train first. But once they make their choice, they will be able to complete that tree fairly quickly.
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    I'm also in favor of 1x training going forward. I think it's important for the first couple months of Crowfall to be as good as they can be for player retention. 1x training and more frequent wipes would mean testing those first few months extensively. It also helps testers who come back to the game from getting too far behind everyone else when there's a lack of a catch up mechanic. So many new players who try Crowfall are told "You should probably wait until 5.11 in Feb when there's going to be a wipe before playing". IMO, it's a real shame that this is the case as the testing population could surely use an infusion of new blood. The nature of passive training buys time for ACE to address more of the "end game" and to add things like a catch up mechanic post launch. I'm just afraid the early game hasn't had enough of a look that people will write the game off and move on before we even get that far. The first couple month experience, performance, polish and balance are what should be focused on post 5.110. Gamers are fickle these days. Even I am guilty of game hopping lately waiting on the next big PVP game to launch. I can't tell if PVP MMORPG's aren't what they used to be in this early access age or if my expectations have changed over the years. I'm really hoping Crowfall is that next big thing and I hope the community can do everything possible to help ensure that happens.
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    The ACE Q&A for January is planned for Wednesday, January 8, 11 am CST. https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame
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    Why the hell are you scrubs talking about games other than Crowfall in this thread? GTFO. /signed everyone
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    @APE Let me clarify from my perspective: NEW WORLD That FAQ - has nothing about the GAME only about MONEY! All you get from the official sources are MONEY MONEY MONEY... The fan sites are fan sites - by fan info if you read on Crowfall there so much outdated info that is not even funny. On top of that is miss-understood info. So any player driven information needs the biggest grain of salt there is. So with 2 months to beta Amazon is spamming to get my MONEY while officially they are telling me absolutely NOTHING about their game. If I get packman online there is nothing to complain about as nothing was promised. There server size got reduced 10 times from original promise to current delivery - according to fans - if anything was expected from Amazon that was server size.... Like a Lucas Arts game without a Star Wars theme. I've seen that model of business and it will never get my support. Albion I've played the last Alpha and Beta 1. I did not touch it after Beta2, Beta 3. Played Live for about 1 week as many from the guild insisted. Major Development Flaws that tell me that those developers had no idea what they were doing: 1. The full game loop Any start of the game (land grab) could use a properly structured 500 man guild to be successful while a 25 man was doomed to fail. 3-4 weeks later you needed to kick 95% of those 500. The 25 GvG players were enough to hold and expand territories. The other 475 were an actual drag on the progression of the 25 - every resource they gathered, every mob they killed, every item they crafted was some sort of advancement withdrawn from the 25. When I realized I can't fix the above I stopped playing as my play is more about community management then actual pixels. And that approach was a community killer. Nothing in Crowfall is a community killer - all mechanics are actually community builders - rewarding people playing together regardless of their play time, play style and player skill. 2. Carleon - One city to lag them all. I cannot fathom how an MMO developer can change their multipath (progression from start to endzones through multiple actual ingame maps that was in Beta 1) to a Singlepath (Beta 3/Live if I remember corectly) (the whole world population would need to reach the city of Carleon) if they wanted to reach/touch endgame. The even more funny part is acting surprised that the one zone would lag and crash. We still have people playing Albion in KDS but not as KDS and while I kept getting asked to reconsider for the last 3 years there is no way i'll ever touch a software from those guys unless I see some 'lessons learned'. I'm getting long winded - I've been watching and playing mmos for too long and I have too many opinions 😋
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    I just saw a YouTube video on New World and it sounds like they changed the game a lot very recently. Forced PVP and survival elements have been removed. You can now turn on and off pvp in the open world function. You can now totally avoid pvp. There are now quest givers, 3 different factions, AI mobs that you can join others to kill. This sounds like it was all confirmed by Scott Lane who is the executive producer. Below is the link to the YouTube video. There are still a lot of PVP elements. It's no longer a full sandbox-it is primarily housing that is sandbox, supposedly. I haven't followed New World very closely so I will others that follow it more closely comment on this.
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    and they rush the launch with an incomplete game itll also be a dead game day 1
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    As Zybak said - In live game training at 3x or more means an an arm-race that will only benefit the players with in-depth knowledge and create a big gap between them and the new player population. Having it at 1x will mean more time for new players to get into the game and gate the 'old players/guilds' from taking too much of an advancement. I would suggest for example as a catch up mechanics 3x training Item shop for accounts that are behind in training but not be able to have more points then somebody that has been training from day one.
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    It’s been broke since 5.8. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Hopefully they get that and the other duelist bugs fixed. I miss my lil hamster
  10. 1 point
    The tide is about to roll back in. I'm excited. Bring on the Crowfall evolution!
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    Same could be said for any game in development or launched for that matter. Looking at the tiny community Crowfall manages and the very critical response outside of that small number, might come down to personal taste. Took me a bit to get into New World but it grew on me. Not exactly what I want in a MMO but it has a lot of promise for those into similar games. Overall the systems and engine felt a lot more polished and thought out then the swiss cheese design ACE has been doing and that was ~6+ months ago. Official: https://www.newworld.com/en-us/game/faq Non Official: https://newworldfans.com/about-new-world-mmo There is info out there and obviously more for those of us that play tested. However much looks to be changing by launch in May. I'll give it another go in the April beta to figure out if I want to play or not. Along with Feb's Crowfall update keeping me around anymore. Not sure what you mean by Albion devs having not idea what they are doing? They've made a lot of changes over time to make a more successful game. Unsurprisingly they couldn't see the future or know how fans would deal with everything. ACE has been doing the same like pretty much every game that has updates over time. Devs make something, people react, devs do other things. Feb update will hopefully show me if ACE has an idea of what they want their launched game to be as I'm still not sure.
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    export tokens

    There's no way to add tokens to an account, but you can trade items to trusted friends with surplus tokens, or add an account.
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    pretty agree with you on that. I think skills trees need more horizontal progression like the last part of exploration. With that a new player can be quickly good in one thing and feels usefull for his friends/team/guild, and an old player is just more diversified . And your idea to slow when u learn a second profession can be a good idea but there's other way too . Let's see what they announce wednesday
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    Lets be honest, if Dregs if a flop, game is donzo.
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    With the development velocity we hope for in 2020 I'm thinking it should be something like: 5.110 Wipe (already planned) in Feb. "Beta" Wipe. This is when we go from backers only testing (60k people) to anyone who signed up for testing (330k people). Guessing this will be sometime in Q3. Soft Launch Wipe - sometime in Q4. Hoping all of this happens within 2020. This is definitely more wipes than we've had recently as the last one was over a year ago but I also don't think it's too many. You definitely wouldn't want to invite 300k people to the game who haven't played before and not start them off on equal footing.
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    if this game doesn't move forward fast its gonna be gg. I love this game and it has so much potential but I hate to say it but new world is in closed beta already and launches soon they're wont be a player base left to play this if that happens imo . but who knows maybe the game is further along then we know cuz ya know we don't get told poorly made socks so /shrug
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    Any information not related to dregs is a complete waste of time.
  18. 1 point
    another question, will u increase the max population per map for dregs? I hope and think it's yes (i maybe missed this information), but if it is, have you an idea of the next pop max ?
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    You're right, they were introduced in February 2016. Now that I think about it, I remember complaining about Knight mana regen and Blair telling me that it can be improved via skills. That's doesn't change the fact that there is little to no benefit to testing 1X training.
  20. 1 point
    sorry but skill exists since hunger dome even if it was useless at this time ! end of flood
  21. 1 point
    Skills were added during Big World, IIRC. They definitely weren't in for Hunger Dome and I don't think for Siege Perilous. The 10x training was on TEST and as I understand it, it's something they have to actually code and then create a new build for, rather than something they can just change on the fly. There are already people complaining that they can't catch up with the training at 3X, so I don't see how there is value in trying 1X again. Taking 3-6 months instead of 1-2 months to complete a single crafting tree probably isn't going to work for anyone. Combat skills take a long time right now. Making them take 3 times longer isn't going to help. We don't need to spend 6 months testing 1X to figure that out. I believe they said that there will be changes coming to skills in the next build, so let's see where that falls before we worry about making more changes.
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    They had x1 skills years ago. The skill tree's have drastically changed since then. Sadly, even the dev's have forgotten what speeds have been tried in the past, 2 streams ago the dev's insisted that there was never a speed multiplier above 3x since its not possible. Good times....
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    I didnt remember X1 was already test, i just remember X10 but whatever it's not just math, there's an other and important thing for me, it's player's feelings when they play and honestly i think in X1 ppl will to progress to slow i can be wrong but now that the community is bigger than years ago i still think try the X1 speed can be good to see if it needs a balance before launch. and ty for human info i missed that.
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    I got dev confirmation a while back that the bug is for sure in their system.
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    Will the duelist's impale be fixed by dregs? (Anyone can answer this, havent found an answer as to whether or not theyve worked on it yet) What things have to be in place for CF to be considered Beta? When will we have a FW preview? Specs, roles, etc. Guild banks, when?
  26. 1 point
    In dregs campaigns, and to a lesser extent factions campaigns, scarcity of resources will be handled by killing the players that are preventing you from getting the resources your guild wants. When the player population grows large enough to support it, there will be multiple campaigns available to choose from. GR isn't supposed to be a lucrative farming spot. In 5.100 the rank of mobs is tied to the rank of resources, and you need R8s to reach max level. In 5.110 this is supposed to be resolved. In EKs, scarcity isn't a thing. You have your own private EK instance, and you can farm R0 resources as long as you'd like.
  27. 1 point
    No, there is no scaling based on population, at least not for static nodes and mobs. In the next patch, we'll be able to get large amount of materials from POIs that can be transported to a refinery via a caravan and broken down into crafting resources. I guess it's possible that they could have the POIs spawn more or less based on the population, but I doubt it.
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    My knowledge is very limited to what I see in Twitch. Apologize if this is already covered. Will there be any up scaling or down scaling of resources/mobs in EK, GR, Campaign based on active population? How is over abundance / scarcity is being handled in the game world with fluctuations of population?
  29. 1 point
    Get rid of the R7 nodes/mobs in the temple safe areas too
  30. 1 point
    The high ranking nodes in GR is because the rank of mobs and the rank of nodes on the same parcel are linked. That will change in 5.110 and you'll see much lower rank resources in GR.
  31. 1 point
    A better solution to this would be some kind of API plugin, so anybody could write an app to display this info. Or guilds could just slap a banner on there website, maybe even set notifications for members. The page https://crowfall.com/en-US/campaigns is a good start. I'd imagine its one of those things Tod would just shrug off, and say 'maybe once we get dev time'. It's one of those things almost necessary in a competitive pvp game. People will eventually come up with bots to do it anyway if the game takes off. But hey they gotta fill an hour, and its fun to hear em ramble on about hypothetical stuff. For my own question, I'd like to hear more about what kinds of parcel designs are in the works. To be honest, after a couple campaigns the worlds get pretty bland right now. Personally, I'd like to see more verticallity to them. For example, a canopy or ancient stoneborne tower with a control point to give better vision. Or just show us some Frostweaver gameplay, even if it is unpolished. I know for a fact some guildies have been salivating for that.
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    Will you test the X1 to skill training ? and any info about the catch up system for new player after launch ? Any info about the vip (as usual ...) ?maybe it's a time to discuss about that with the community ? for which functionality we are ready to pay a subscription? because curently multi account is so powerfull. what about human passive if all passive are active? what change for the different racial bonuses? like the others, more info about settings for alliances in dregs !
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    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    Yes, it was terrible then as well. That is my entire point.
  34. 1 point

    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    I can debunk what was just stated above. GW2's mass combat balance always was and still is a garbage fire prioritizing indiscriminate application of too-powerful aoe damage, buff, and sustain abilities which left no room for anything else but giant blobs of people all trying to huddle in or run away from aoes and left any build not in possession of those aoes completely useless. That meta was terrible for guilds and only fun for guild leaders who liked to scream BLAST FINISHERS NO OTHER FIELDS or GET IN BUBBLE or PUSH PUSH PUSH because the only strategy that existed was massive piles of people all doing the exact same thing regardless of class or build being led around by the two or three builds that actually mattered.
  35. 1 point
    educated guesses for a timeline... when will 5.110 hit TEST - will there be steps of accessibilty (pre-alpha 1/2/3..)? when will 5.110 hit LIVE? when will it be called beta? will there be a sanctioned campaign pre-beta? still waiting for that call the banners campaign bit more details on dregs settings for alliances would be nice.
  36. 1 point

    So, tell me about sieges ...

    Seriously. @Omen comments were more interesting then the last few years of comments & game news on here.
  37. 1 point
    You say that now.... 😜
  38. 1 point
    With dregs out next month those things are pretty much baked in. I would rather hear about things not related to dregs since those things are still in flux and have better chance influencing.
  39. 1 point
    I don't think there's much interest in anything that doesn't relate to The Dregs.
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    Is there a timeline yet for introducing launch quality graphics and will they be a separate package from the base game?
  41. 1 point
    Did you manage to sneak the Thief discipline in yet?
  42. 1 point

    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    Very nice overview of the classes. And I can just confirm what was stated above. The Oldschool Gw2 WvW Meta was awesome for guilds.
  43. 1 point

    Crowfall downgrading itself?

    Hi Blackheart666, Here's a few notes from a player that's been around a while. Please feel free to comment or question any of the points below: The question of older UI being better is certainly a matter of opinion. From a feedback perspective, it might be helpful if you'd post a screenshot of which UI elements you're referring to and why you prefer it. Regardless, they've already confirmed that UI/UX in general is getting a pass. According to a recent livestream, JTodd isn't happy with where it is either. I'l agree with you that the old version of the map was more functional, but it largely invalidated some of the exploration components of the game. There's no reason to go out into the world to search for resources if they're all listed for you at the touch of a button. Personally, I don't think the current version is likely to change before launch, though a waypoint or notation system would be a welcome addition. The race and class passive skill trees were removed with the introduction of Talents. The community wanted an active way to improve their character instead of relying on so much passive skill training. The Talent tree was the result and a lot of the power from the old race/class skill trees was rolled into it. Regarding the Eternal Kingdom, I believe what you saw was the original concept art for how they *want* to implement the EK's, but it has never been represented that way in the game. Although much of that functionality is in already, it's done through console commands without any UI (like coloring zones to assign individuals to manage). I won't rehash the passive training debate here, but they've already discussed their plans to introduce a passive training catch-up mechanic for new players. Additionally, there's already a lot of power you can actively add to your character just by upgrading your gear. Vessels, weapons, armor, discipline runes, and jewelry are all sources for the same statistics you can get through your passive skill training tree. The weapons and armor loot from npc war tribes was also created in response to community feedback. It creates a secondary source of equipment for those players who can't (or don't want to) craft it themselves. We're still awaiting the implementation of the Salvaging system that will potentially tie the loot and crafting systems together (that is, break down looted items and use their components in your creations). Also, don't overlook the existing economic solutions to the crafting/training problem. There are plenty of master crafters in the game presently, and even a brand new player can acquire the items (gold, dust, chaos embers, etc.) that all players will trade for. There's already a large variety of statistics you can put on your crafted weapons, armor, tools, and other items (for an idea of how much, refer to the Winterblades crafting resource). The part that hasn't been implemented yet is the cosmetic customization for gear. We've seen videos in the past of what they intend for armor recoloring, 3d model customization, and racial variants of the weapons and shields in the game. These just haven't made it into the game yet. All that being said, all of your feedback is still valid. I hope you'll keep it in mind when the Alpha version of the game launches in February. It will be their largest update of the game to date, so they may have already allayed some of your concerns. If not, be sure to remind them and help improve the game as they push toward Beta and launch.
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    Hi und Willkommen im Forum und in der deutschsprachigen Community. Erst mal zu deiner Frage: Es gibt ein StĂŒck ĂŒber diesem hier auch Unterforum fĂŒr Fehlermeldungen und fĂŒr Feedback. FĂŒr jede Testversion gibt es einen eigenen Thread. Das hier wĂ€re der aktuelle Thread fĂŒr Fehlermeldunge im 5.100 auf dem LIVE Server. Das wĂ€re grundsĂ€tzlich der richtige Platz, um solche Bilder abzulegen. Viele benutzen dafĂŒr imgur.com (wenn man deren direct link im Posting als Text einfĂŒgt, wird hier automatisch das Bild angezeigt). Davon abgesehen kannst du dich im Zweifelsfall natĂŒrlich auch an den Support wenden (support@crowfall.com). In diesem speziellen Fall sind die genannten Probleme allerdings schon bekannt. Die Lokalisierung ist ganz einfach noch nicht abgeschlossen. TatsĂ€chlich sind sie im deutschsprachigen Bereich sogar schon recht weit gekommen - im Vergleich zu den anderen Sprachen. Im Moment legen die Entwickler ganz einfach die volle PrioritĂ€t auf die Fertigstellung der Spielsysteme. Die Übersetzungen werden dann wohl erst im Rahmen der Feinarbeiten und Optimierung wieder ernsthaft angegangen. Außerdem war das Anfang des Jahres ja noch die Aufgabe des EU-Publishers. Nachdem ACE (die Entwicklerfirma) nun selbst in Europa publishen wird, ist durch die Umstellung natĂŒrlich ebenfalls mit Verzögerungen zu rechnen. Ich freue mich aber, dass mit dir jetzt noch jemand dazugekommen ist, der auch ein sorgsames Auge auf die Übersetzungen wirft. 👍 Weiter so. Und viel Spaß beim testen, Kraahk
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    can confirm the community crowfall discord is where i do 90% of my arguing and propaganda spewing
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    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    Thanks for this very useful overview!
  47. 1 point
    That elemental is just as surprised to see a frostweaver as I am.
  48. 0 points
    Crowfall was slated to launch at the end of 2016. At this rate they will need to redo the dated graphics and network code.
  49. 0 points
    I think our PCs might not handle this with the current optimization
  50. 0 points
    Guild bank info? Any more storage info? Will the dregs changes filter over to EK building or will that still be free form? Alliance guild limit? (As in how many guilds can form an alliance, and will there be nested alliances under a singular banner?) Alliance banking? Spinning up EK's from a list of accepted players, not just owner. AFK kick removed from Ek's?
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