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    ACE Q&A for February

    Will this be the day that the trifecta of unholy evil goes carebear? First new world, then Camelot, and next Crowfall.. Pve raids announced? A pivot towards a more robust and safe environment where you can frolic through the fields of godsreach and gather to your heart's desire? A second game for phones that has a wonderful transparent development cycle? And most definitely is not going to ever ever be on kickstarter. Cats and dogs living together? No releases on some random Thursday at noon? Future Todd and Future Blair, drunk in a corner going why did we talk so damn much on stream? While Present Blair, and Present Todd, shake them and tell them to get to work? They still have a 724 foot mountain made of pebbles to move and only 1 spoooooon between them! (That only has 14 durability left) Obi wan Halash is our only hope.
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    [GERMAN] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    After the balance faction lead by the Nordic Marauders won the Jolmander Campaign, we wrote together a short review: Jolmander-Campaign - Review We would also like to welcome our new recruits @Snibril, @CoicA and @FearMe. We are still looking for active, german-speaking player, who want to join us in preparation for the upcoming update (guilds-vs-guilds).
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    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Nachdem die Balance-Fraktion unter Führung der Nordic Marauders den Sieg in der vergangenen Jolmander-Kampagne davongetragen hat, haben wir dies zum Anlass genommen ein kleines Review zu schreiben: Jolmander-Kampagne - Rückblick Willkommen auch an unsere neuen Rekruten @Snibril, @CoicA und @FearMe. Wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche nach aktiven, deutschsprachigen Spielern, die sich uns, in Vorbereitung auf das kommende Update (Gilden-vs-Gilden), anschließen wollen.
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    Grave Dominon - NA - Close Knit - Helpful - Returning Grave Dominion is looking for more members for our return to Crowfall. New players and Veterans are welcome here. We're a close knit crew that wants to expand a little. Very much looking forward to Dregs What we can offer: A friendly and very helpful environment Discord server A competent but chill group of players who like to improve and do well playtime in all aspects of the game (PvP, Siege, Crafting, Gathering, etc.) Teaching about the game, Mechanics and PvP. And more... What we Want: Players with a willingness / want to improve. Joining discord (voice not required but preferred) The ability to listen to shot calls and keep comms clear/calm during fights A want to help each other in the guild participation in sieges Here's a bit of our history and ambitions for Dregs We started this guild as a group of friends from another guild and have been through thick and thin inside crowfall, during its prime we were often at or near the top of the leader boards and come its downfall we still stuck together and played other games waiting for the day Crowfall would have its rise again, it looks like this update coming is that rise. We are excited for dregs and for the intense/thrilling competition with updates we were waiting for. We have always helped each other to the best of our ability and hope any new recruits return the help we give them to the rest of the guild. We are planning on taking dregs on more of a competitive level because it is what we have been waiting for but understand new players will still be trying to learn the game/go at their own pace so we won't be expecting much but if you want to get competitive with us you are more than welcome to. Contact me on these forums or discord to talk about joining Khenjin#3790
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    ACE Q&A for February

    Ya I know they said that over the weekend. A good marketing team would make the pivot to capitalize tho.
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    Guineceans Tunneling

    Unless ACE has changed their design drastically there's a good reason the ability works the way it does. Its a blink because its intended purpose is to tunnel under walls, and be only usable on terrain, not to move around a general area. It is also supposed to be the only ability capable of doing so. Non burrow teleports aren't actually supposed to be able to bypass walls and ARE supposed to be used for combat repositioning. its essentially supposed to be the crowfall version of Sapper's passwall from Shadowbane. It hasn't actually worked properly, like a few other speciality abilities they haven't got around to finalizing, but that's ACE's stated intention for that ability and why it functions as a click teleport rather than a move buff. It isn't intended to be a move buff or combat repositioning tool.
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    [GD] Grave Dominion is Recruiting -NA-

    bump, had quite a few new members join us but we are still looking for more
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    Balancing measures in population terms!

    It's been repeatedly suggested, but here's how I hope they balance Dregs: Lets say the campaign reward is The Badge of [insert cool thing here]. 1st place alliance gets 20, 2nd place gets 15, 3rd place gets 10, 4th & 5th each get 5. The exact numbers are just for conversation, but the important part is that there are not enough of them for everyone in the winning alliances to get one, and that not only is it not winner take all but the fall off can make 2nd or 3rd attractive to a smaller force. The guild leaders of the winning alliances are the ones who receive these badges, and they get to distribute them however they see fit. If a guild eagerly bends the knee at the campaign start and gives faithful service throughout, they might receive an equal share of the rewards. A guild that waits until mid campaign to pledge their allegiance to the guild that appears set to win anyway would certainly garner less. A guild that was forced into submission might receive very little of the campaign's reward, or even nothing more than permission to farm the land they've held. Its up to the players to negotiate their terms. At the end of the campaign, the winning guild leaders get the badges and do with them as they please. Do they keep to their word or not? Do they give the lion's share away to allies and risk the stability of their guild? Do they keep the badges to reward their guild and stiff their allies? How much support will that leader get in the next campaign, and from whom? Does pledging support to a 300 man alliance make sense when only 20 will get the big reward, or would you stand better odds as part of the 3rd place alliance with only 50 players? Do you want to be part of a big guild and even bigger alliance, or part of a much smaller guild hoping for 5th place? Do you trust that leader to reward you appropriate to your service, or might they stiff you when the winds change? The point is to use the real rewards of the the campaign to sew dissent and discord among alliances and within guilds, so that the political landscape is continuously shifting and next campaign does not look like this campaign.
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    By Lt. Surelia, The KDS Prophet speaks once more:
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    Crowfall Google trends timeline

    Just my opinion here, but I don't think this descending trend is only an issue of them stopping their live streams and diminishing their communication to backers overall. I mean, I'm sure it contributed, but if you look at that trend, it basically starts descending after 5.4. You didnd't show 5.3 there, but 5.3 was their first "jesus" patch, it was supposed to be the "first campaign world ever", guilds were super hyped, we had no clue what to expect. Turned out it was broken, with lame exploitable faction rulesets and performance was horrible. Needless to say it was disappointment for many ppl, and interest has just been fading since then. 5.8 is the major (and only) spike since then, and justifiably so. It was the next "jesus" patch, also super hyped, was supposed to prepare for and lead into the first "official CWs with rewards". Honestly it was a big improvement IMO. But also had poor performance, still lame and exploitable faction rulesets and other issues like zone caps and locks clustercustards. Turns out official CWs never happened after all, we had trials instead, and interest kept on fading. Guess it's time for the next coming of Jesus with 5.110 😉 hopefully this one will be good or at least lay a solid foundation for a good Dregs experience in future updates.
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    Nothing will ever beat this masterpiece:
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    ACE Q&A for February

    You're in luck!
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    Spectre Legion -SL- [NA] [Order]

    Still looking for the following classes Assassins (will take any type but prefer blackguards & Vandals) x 2 Slayers x 2 Either Champion line Alpha or Pit fighter x 2 New Video to go along with the bump
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    Balancing measures in population terms!

    Play to crush.
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    February is there! Few more weeks 😁 for incoming new patch, with allot of interesting new features! Can you handle the pressure? If you are interested in joining KDS fill in the application below.
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Looking to finally play the new patch, and finally unleash the new KDS beast. Going to be really interesting to use the new tools in a campaign.
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    KDS's Video Story

    KDS has given me so much since I joined, and enriched my gaming experience in a way, no other guild has done in my 20 years of gaming. The brotherhood, the trust, the fun that kds provides is something priceless and if the price to pay for it it is life itself, i would gladly pay that Price.
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    All you need for gravedigging is a shovel, created with Runemaking. As for the location, graves are found only in the Infected or campaign worlds. You'll have to explore a bit to find the type you want.
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    There are no Fae-specific graves. You'll want to check the Necromancy recipe for making Fae vessels. I believe they're made from all elf parts. The recipe can be seen when using a Necromancy crafting table in the temple.
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    #Warstory: Hiatus of Avari

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    Tis my pleasure to be of assistance 🙂
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    A slight tangent, but still in the same topic, but I'm more curious to see how ACE is going to handle zone cap/locks in Dregs. Their zones clearly won't be able to support massive amounts of people, maybe not even as many as they intended to support at first. So they'll need zone cap/locks like Albion has for example. Guess we'll find out soon enough with 5.110. In 5.8-9 faction ruleset it was super cancerous how the 100-player zone lock was often hit 1 hour before the siege even begun and people could just stack alts in a zone to take spots away from the enemy.
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    I could see having some measure of faction balancing. Many 3 faction games have instituted various types of faction balancing controls to varying degrees of success. The Guild vs. Guild Dregs campaigns are the reason most people play Crowfall so there's what I'd like to focus on. There are several other good 3 faction type games available (ESO, GW2) already. A balancing measure in Dregs will be much trickier but there are things they can do. One game I'd point to is Conqueror's Blade which had caps on total guild size (75ish) and number of guilds in alliance (3). The biggest downside of Conqueror's Blade alliance system is that it hurt small guilds. If you couldn't field close to 75 players in a guild it was harder to find an alliance. This forced many small guilds to join under the same banner to hit that 75 player cap and then join an alliance. If Crowfall put in any sort of balancing measure in the Dregs I'd prefer it be a total player cap in an alliance. If for example the overall alliance cap is 100 players then you could have 100x 1 player guilds in an alliance, 1x 100 player guild, 2x 50 player guilds, 10x 10 player guilds, etc. This would allow smaller guilds to still be a factor in an alliance. Make the alliances have to work out how to allocated which guilds get how many players, recruitment, rewards, etc. It's okay, if not encouraged, for games to have mechanics that force conflict within alliances. You can't stop players from finding ways of working together outside of an alliance cap but it definitely makes it harder. Players that aren't in the same guild/alliance would be subject to friendly fire, guards would hit them in each others cities, siege engines would hit them, they couldn't use banks/vendors in each others cities, their victory points wouldn't be shared, etc. While you'd definitely still have massive "Goonswarm" type guilds with multiple guild/alliance tags it would at least make it harder on them. That's about the best I think we could hope for as far as balancing measures in Crowfall Dregs. Beyond that it's up to player politics to balance things out. Player politics to me are one of the most interesting parts of a Guild vs. Guild ruleset.
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    Balancing measures in population terms!

    Are these suggestions strictly for the 3-faction campaigns? I feel like the main draw of the game is the GvG/FFA campaigns, and I don't see how these suggestions could apply to them.
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    Balancing measures in population terms!

    Not everyone. CF is supposed to be a throne war, not a battle sim. We are supposed to build empires, forge alliances, and crush our enemies; not dabble at crafting/farming for fun & profit while waiting for the next random battle we've queued for to pop up.
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    Balancing measures in population terms!

    I'm curious why you would want to play CF Hunger Dome style if the combat is meh and if you don't find the group meta inspired? Myself, I'm not here for the PvP that takes place on the battlefield. There are a myriad of battlefield games out there and I hope CF does not become another fantasy reskin of what has already been done. I'm here for the nation building, the politics, the subterfuge, the things that will hopefully make this a Throne War instead of just another PvP game. What takes place on the battlefields, both large and small, is a necessary part of all that but it's not what brought me here.
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    @Hyriol @yianni @Dieec23 @ZYBAK @AiAiden @Naani @xRufio801x @ZemulusREX These are just some of the great people that have been in my Twitch chat helping me learn the game since I got it ~2 weeks ago. I know there are many more that I have not tagged but I wanted to make a quick intro post thanking these players & this community. Also MEGA HYPE for 5.11!!!!!
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    ACE Q&A for February

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    Crowhearts and Wingmen

    well, i have found a lot of friends while playing crowfall, i also already lost some. so valentine is bittersweet for me 😢😘
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    guild v guild will be determined by numbers again +ppl +rewards +ezwin
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    Balancing measures in population terms!

    i will forever remember the 9v9 where heartsteel single handedly won the fight and crippled the opposing guild permanently by making 2 people quit the game
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    I enjoy roleplaying as a lawncare service provider, taking care of the unkempt greenery surrounding the forts and keeps. When you log in and see that grass the same height each day you are witnessing the passion and effort put forth by yours truly (and my trusty John Elkene riding mower). It ain't much but it's honest work.
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    The necro... HP levels stated in this thread are not current. That aside, knights have a very important role in group fight: Controlling the Battlefield Pull: Some standoffs are not easily busted, but grabbing targets of opportunity into a dodge pip removal focus play is easy kill and quickly adds up. Ult: The Ultimate aiblity works now as a tool to gather enemies into a small area. Even if they react if gives you 1-2 seconds to AoE dump. Tankiness: They are tanky because they have plate, they also a superior block and have a barrier they can apply quite often. Increased Mount Speed: A very important utility when chasing runners and keeping a group from reforming after a retreat. Great class to bring a utility discipline. Since they do lots of basic attacking, they are a great class to bring a utility ability such as dodge pip removal, anti stealth and anti heal. They are not the target your enemy wants to kill. This in and of itself gives them innate sustain, allowing them to continually harass and coral the enemy.
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    KDS's Video Story

    ...Like William Wallace, will you be demanding that Braveheart is hung, drawn and quartered for this cringy effort?
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